Can you imagine this all that’s left of the Church of Night and the Academy, a handful of witches and warlocks [...] Perhaps we’re the Church of Lilith now. I don’t know but as High Priestess, I figure it out.
— Zelda to Hilda[src]

Zelda Phiona Spellman is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Miranda Otto.

She is a witch who became the High Priestess of the Church of Night after marrying Faustus Blackwood, who abandoned the coven only after poisoning them following the return of the Dark Lord. After a religious crisis following the coven departure from Satanic beliefs, Zelda founded the Order of Hecate to lead survivors of the Church of Night and hedge witches as their High Priestess.

Character Description

Zelda is the harsher of the Spellman sisters who helped raise Sabrina, though her sternness and tough facade might be hiding a more…mothering soul. Unlike Hilda, Zelda claims that she has never known love—her devotion to the Dark Lord is all-consuming—which is why people looking for a love-potion go to Hilda; those looking to make a spite-jar go to Zelda[2]

Zelda Spellman, Sabrina’s sterner witch aunt the other being Hilda. Proud and devout, Zelda believes there is no greater honor than serving the Dark Lord as a member of the Church of Night. She is the family’s disciplinarian, fiercely protective of Sabrina, and very much Cain to Hilda’s Abel.[3]

Early Life

When she was sixteen, Zelda signed the Book of the Beast, pledging her allegiance to the Dark Lord and joined the Academy of Unseen Arts, where she was put through the Harrowing. When Hilda went to Academy, Zelda submitted her also to the school's Harrowing, a form of hazing for new witches, making academic life difficult for her little sister.

Due to her love for babies, she along with Hilda, became midwives. Zelda delivered many babies into the Church of Night and was considered the finest midwife their coven has ever seen, and she often reveled in the sin of pride because of it.

When Sabrina was three days old, Zelda acted as a witness for her brother, Edward, in signing Sabrina's name to the Book of the Beast, promising Sabrina to the Dark Lord's service. Soon thereafter, Sabrina's parents would die in a plane crash. Sabrina was the only survivor because she was transported to her aunts, leaving her in their care. When Diana's family tried to gain custody of Sabrina, Zelda threatened to rip of their faces should they ever approach Sabrina.

At some point, Zelda's nephew Ambrose was arrested for a conspiracy to blow up the Vatican, and when he refused to give up his co-conspirators, he was sentenced to house arrest under the watch of Hilda and Zelda. After Edward and Diana Spellman died, Zelda and her sister became Sabrina's guardians and raised her.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


Zelda and Hilda tell Sabrina her parents would be proud of her

On the morning of Tuesday, October 28th, Sabrina walks into the kitchen carrying a box containing the bat she killed the night before. She greets Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose. Hilda asks Sabrina how she slept, to which Zelda responds by saying "tempestuously". Sabrina remarks that she was restless the entire night as a result of her upcoming dark baptism. Hilda presents Sabrina with rabbit's feet to help her sleep at night. This prompts Sabrina to tell her aunts and cousin about the bat that flew into her room. Hilda informs Sabrina that she can bury the bat in the pet cemetery by the sundial in the garden. She also presents her niece with a concoction meant to cleanse her body of toxins in preparation for the dark baptism. Zelda tells Sabrina that she has to choose her familiar before her dark baptism, and shows her options from a registry sent by the Witches' Council. Believing the practice to be dehumanizing, Sabrina offers up an alternative: she is instead going to summon a familiar through a spell she found in the Demonomicon. Zelda then asks Sabrina what her baptismal name will be. Sabrina has decided that it will be "Edwina Diana", in honor of both her parents as she is about to walk the Path of Night. Hilda wishes that Sabrina's parents would have been present to see the young woman their daughter has become. Zelda corrects her sister by saying that Edward and Diana would have been proud to see the young witch Sabrina is becoming.


Zelda learns of the incoming customers

After getting a call at the mortuary, Hilda informs Zelda that a young man has been stabbed and that his parents are coming to see them. "Praise Satan", Zelda responds, asking if they want a closed or open casket. Even if they can’t use his flesh, they need blood for Sabrina’s baptism, and human blood is always preferable, so, the timing is perfect.

Zelda and Hilda meet with the Kempers to discuss funeral arrangements. They Kempers couldn’t have children, so they had to adopt Connor. Mrs. Kemper hands Hilda a photo of Connor and asks if they can make him look as he does in the photo.


Zelda and Hilda insists that Edward and Diana's death was an accident

Sabrina shares with Hilda her disdain for the students at the academy, especially the Weird Sisters, who cursed her, though Sabrina claims to have washed it off. However, Hilda isn’t so sure. Zelda explains they cursed Sabrina because they’re jealous as Sabrina’s the daughter of a High Priest. These sort of attacks are precisely why Sabrina needs a familiar. Hilda then makes Sabrina break an egg to test if she truly washed the curse away. As it turns out, she didn’t. The egg is bloody red. A blood curse is what Sabrina is inflicted with. Untreated, it will slowly eat away at Sabrina’s health, will, and sanity. Hilda recommends a regimen of salt water baths and reversing candles for a couple weeks. Sabrina recalls what the Weird Sisters said about her mother and father. So, she asks if her parents accident was truly an accident. Hilda and Zelda explains that it was. Sabrina’s parents were flying to Italy. Edward was giving a lecture at the Vatican when their plane went down.


Sabrina asks to postpone her baptism

The following morning, Wednesday, October 29th, Zelda questions why Sabrina would prefer a feral familiar over one bred for service. Sabrina explains that Salem doesn’t serve her. They’re in a partnership, in which they’ll both protect each other. Hilda, on the other hand, is just happy that Sabrina has a familiar and that she’s purifying herself for the baptism. Speaking of which, Sabrina informs them of the club she’s starting at school for the girls to protect themselves and she’s hoping they could postpone her baptism, but Zelda will have no talk of such. Sabrina’s also asking because of Harvey, who she’s taken the next step in her relationship with. Furthermore, she has reservations about saving herself for the Dark Lord. Zelda explains that he gets to decide what Sabrina does with her body because it’s witch law. Covenant. Still, Sabrina questions why this is. And if Zelda won’t answer, she’s like to talk with someone who can help her understand so that she can make an educated choice.


Zelda tells Sabrina that she will give herself over

However, as far as Zelda is concerned, the choice has already been decided. It’s their right and duty to serve the Dark Lord. Zelda is furious that Sabrina would even consider turning down the Dark Lord when the rest of them signed his book proudly. She accuses Sabrina’s behavior being that of her mother’s influence. Hilda then asks if Sabrina doesn’t want to be a full member of the Church of Night. Sabrina thinks that she does, but she can’t seem to reason why she has to give up her mortal life to do it. Zelda states that it’s witch law. The Path of Night or the Path of Light. But not both. However, Sabrina points out how her warlock father married her mortal mother, which nearly got Edward excommunicated, Zelda informs Sabrina. Zelda then reminds Sabrina that singing the Dark Lord’s book is what her parents wanted for her. Hilda backs this up.


Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discover a witch's mark on Connor

Ambrose performs an autopsy on Connor Kemper. While doing so, he notices a witch’s mark on Connor’s right arm and decides to alert Hilda and Zelda of his discovery. When Ambrose pokes the mark, it doesn’t bleed, however, Zelda is skeptical. Nonetheless, if Connor was murdered by a witch hunter, then they’ll need to bring this to the Council’s attention. Another reason for Sabrina to walk Path of Night. Witches without covens are easy pickings. While on the subject, Hilda agrees that Sabrina should be able to speak to someone should she want to. Someone as close to the Dark Lord as reasonably possible. Zelda doesn’t respond, only looking to Ambrose to complete the embalming process so that they can get every single drop of blood out of Connor’s body for Sabrina’s anointment during the baptism.

Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose await Sabrina's return home along with Faustus Blackwood. The High Priest of the Church or Night. Dark Lord Satan’s representative on earth. He informs her of just how special she is and how she’s been chosen. Having learned that Sabrina is having doubts about her baptism and that she may in fact not be signing her name into the Book of the Beast, he’s come to convince her otherwise.[4]

Father Blackwood asks Sabrina about her doubts surrounding her dark baptism. Sabrina says she is not really sure, and so Blackwood goes on to explain the ceremony. The Dark Baptism is the most sacred, unholy sacrament the witches practiced for centuries. The oldest of their rights. Sabrina is worried that once she signs the Book of the Beast, she will give the Dark Lord dominion over her soul. Blackwood reassures her, saying that this is only one of several possible interpretations. Blackwood explains that all religions have symbolic gestures and demand sacrifices. Signing the Book of the Beast is more like a pledge to abide by the devil's commandments. Sabrina then claims that she is not an evil person, making both the priest and her aunts laugh because none of them is evil. Sabrina is still firm in her disbelief, stating that the Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil. Blackwood corrects her immediately, saying that He is the embodiment of free will and that he goes beyond the mere concepts of good and evil and the infernal punishment of the "False God".

Sabrina questions the concept of Hell. Father Blackwood explains that if she accepts the Dark Lord's gifts, then she won't die for a long time and that Hell is for mortals. Blackwood suggests to Hilda and Zelda that Sabrina needs an immediate shift in thinking since she has been tainted by mortal ideology. Sabrina adds that she is worried about her boyfriend, who Blackwood deduces is a mortal. Blackwood tells Sabrina that they are intrinsically incompatible as mortals grow old and die faster than witches. Sabrina replies that her father married a mortal woman and Blackwood specifies that he was High Priest and had obtained a special dispensation from the Dark Lord himself. Despite this, it was still considered a controversial union and Blackwood also denies Sabrina's concerning assumptions about the death of her parents. According to Blackwood, it was an unfortunate accident.


Father Blackwood and the Spellmans analyze Connor

Sabrina has another question about a terrible vision she had after biting the Malum Malus to the horrot of Zelda who replies "You did what?!" Blackwood replies that its use is wildly inaccurate. Father Blackwood extends the invitation to be baptized and joins the Academy of Unseen Arts where Sabrina can find answers to her many questions. And if she decides to leave, she will be free to choose. Before leaving, the priest makes sure that Sabrina will be in the forest the night of Samhain for her baptism. On his way out, Ambrose asks him to stay a little longer and shows him the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. The dead man has a witch's mark on his right arm. Blackwood immediately inquires about his parents and discovers that the boy had been adopted by mortal parents. Blackwood takes the opportunity to point out how a witch without coven ended up on a table at the mortuary. Ambrose is worried that there may be witch-hunters, but for Blackwood this is highly unlikely.

Later that night, Hilda tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood was Edward's mentor, before he surpassed him and became High Priest. She also tells Sabrina that her father was very good looking and charismatic. He could have become a movie star but he received his call very early, he was only six years old. Sabrina then asks Hilda if she ever had doubts about her dark baptism. Hilda signed her name in the Book of the Beast when she turned sixteen, because girls didn’t have any options back then. She adds that she sometimes dreams about burning down the Greendale WoodS. She then wishes Sabrina a lovely sleep and leaves the room. Unbeknownst to Hilda and Sabrina, Zelda is eavesdropping on their conversation. Zelda calls Hilda a fool and says that she will be her death of her and that she herself will be Hilda’s death.

Thursday, October 30th, Sabrina comes downstairs to find Harvey sitting in the kitchen with Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose. Ambrose admires Harvey's drawings, to which Harvey replies that he's fond of graphic comics and novels. Since Sabrina couldn't celebrate with him on her actual birthday, he came by to ask her aunts if they could celebrate the following day, him, Sabrina, Rosalind and Susie. Harvey then walks Sabrina to school.


Zelda buries Hilda

While Hilda gardens, Zelda approaches her from behind and strikes her with a hammer, killing her almost instantly. She then buries Hilda in the Cain Pit, a grave on the grounds of the Spellman Mortuary which has the ability to bring witches back from the dead. As she covers Hilda's grave, the Kempers arrives, the mortal parents of the dead witch.

After the meeting with the Kempers, Ambrose informs Zelda that Connor was a witch and he even suspects he had an iguana. When asked about Hilda, Zelda tells Ambrose that she killed her and buried her in the yard.

Zelda sits on the front porch as Hilda rises from her grave. With each slaying, it takes Hilda longer to resurrect. Hilda is upset that her own sister keeps killing her, however, Zelda believes it was well deserved after Hilda decided to encourage Sabrina to do anything other than join the Church of Night. If Sabrina doesn't sign her name, then they would've failed Edward and the Dark Lord. Zelda advises Hilda to keep her regrets or doubts to herself as Sabrina has no real choice in the matter. Unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, Sabrina has been listening in from the other side of the porch.

Friday, October 31st, Halloween. Sabrina’s birthday has finally arrived. Hilda is preparing Sabrina’s ceremonial dress, which is actually her mother’s wedding dress. Initially, witches were only allowed to wear black to their baptism, but that hasn’t been the rule for years. Hilda assures Sabrina that there’s nothing to fear.

Zelda has taken the liberty to call Sabrina’s school and excuse her. The day before her baptism should be spent in contemplation, reading her satanic verses. However, Sabrina hasn’t even had the time to say goodbye, not that Zelda is concerned.

Hilda and Zelda visit Farmer Putnam,]], from whom they purchase a black goat named Black Narcissus that they then take into the woods.


Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina sprints through the woods in her mother’s white wedding dress. As she passes under the threshold, her once white dress magically turns black. Sabrina passes through the blue flames and arrives at her baptism, where Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, and many others are in attendance. Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina's forehead and reads Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.

Sabrina attempts to escape but she becomes entangled in magical possessed vines, though she manages to narrowly escape. Ambrose and Salem are sitting on the porch as Sabrina comes screaming for help, with the coven not far behind her. Father Blackwood demands Sabrina’s signature, but she refuses. She believes that there’s another path for her, similar to that of her mother and father’s. When Father Blackwood orders Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha to take Sabrina, Ambrose informs them that a circle of protection rings the house, and no witch save for a Spellman may cross it. Any unwelcome witch that tries shall burn. With that, the coven retreats. Little did they know, Ambrose was bluffing. Zelda and Hilda brush right pass Sabrina and head inside.

Monday, November 3rd. Sabrina enters the kitchen. She is greeted by everyone except her aunt Zelda, who is disappointed in Sabrina as she humiliated them in front of the entire coven and dishonored the Spellman name. However, Sabrina reasons that all bets were off after Blackwood lied to her face. Sabrina also informs Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose how she possibly saw the ghost of her parents during the ceremony, who told her to run.[5]

Sabrina returns from school to home to learn from Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose that she’s received an Infernal Summons. Sabrina’s been charged with an offense, a Breach of Promise. She made a promise to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast and then broke it when she ran away. Now she will be judged and tried in front of their coven. Sabrina reveals that she saw the Dark Lord after he took possession of Hawthorne and threatened her. Still, Sabrina refuses to pledge her loyalty to him. Zelda informs Sabrina that not only has she been summoned, but Hilda and Zelda have been as well. All three are on trial as it was their duty to see Sabrina down the right path. Guilty until proven innocent is witch law. They had been stripped of their powers, meaning they will age and rot rapidly until a verdict is reached. It had already started as one of Hilda’s teeth have fallen out. Sabrina’s trial is at midnight, and she is expected to attend.

Sabrina asks Ambrose if there was any way for her to fight the trial as she never promised the Dark Lord that she would sign the Book of the Beast. Ambrose informs Sabrina of lawyer and occultist Daniel Webster. He’s mortal, but is rumored to have beaten the Devil himself.


Father Blackwood asks Zelda to be his wife's midwife

As High Priest, Faustus Blackwood is tasked with being the Dark Lord’s prosecutor. Zelda hopes they can settle this without a public trial, but Blackwood informs her it’s too late for that. However, if Zelda could get Sabrina to admit her wrongdoing and beg for forgiveness, then she may be excused. With her powers taken away, Zelda continues to age. As Blackwood strokes her hair, a lock of it falls from her head. Madam Satan watches from the coroner, though doesn’t expose her position until after Zelda leaves. She reminds Blackwood that Sabrina has been put in her charge. Madam Satan eased her to the alter, but it was Blackwood who failed to get her to sign. He denies this, blaming Sabrina’s reluctance to sign on Madam Satan, who informs him not to underestimate Sabrina.


Court begins

Just outside the church where the trial is being held, Zelda instructs Hilda and Sabrina to admit their wrongs and accept their punishment before the court. Sabrina stands accused before the Infernal Three for Breach of Promise. When the accused is confirmed guilty, she will abandon her mortal life immediately and upon her death, she will burn for 333 years in the Pit. Daniel Webster enters the church as Sabrina’s counsel, stating that she pleads not guilty.

The court takes a recess, during which time Zelda scolds Sabrina for hiring Webster. She remembers how he used to sniff around Edward many years ago. Edward was the reason Webster came to Greendale. He taught Webster witch law and offered him comfort when there wasn’t any. Webster is hoping to return the favor.

Court is back in session and Father Blackwood interrogates Sabrina, ultimately accusing her of breaking her promise to the Dark Lord. Webster counters that there were no contracts, thus no case. Father Blackwood submits the Book of the Beast as evidence. In it is Sabrina’s name, though it was submitted only a few days after she was born. Additionally, Blackwood calls Zelda to the stand. On the day Sabrina’s name was written into the book, Zelda accompanied Edward into the woods, with baby Sabrina in his arms. When they reached a clearing, he placed her on an altar and signed her name into the Book of the Beast, promising her name to the Dark Lord.

Court adjourns and the Spellmans return home. Sabrina now realizes that her aunt Zelda’s strong-arming her to sign the book was her attempt to cover up the fact that Sabrina had already been pawned off to the Dark Lord. Ambrose tends to a rapidly aging Hilda as Zelda explains that Sabrina was never supposed to find out. Edward needed a witness. He had struck a bargain with the Dark Lord. With permission to marry Sabrina’s mother Diana, Edward would sign Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast.


Zelda and Hilda take the stand

Court is in session and Webster calls Zelda and Hilda to the stand. Both are certified midwives. They’ve delivered many babies in the witch community, including Sabrina. Given Sabrina’s dual nature, he argues that she’s only half subject to the rules of the court. He demands a jury of mortals and a change or venue.

Ambrose receives a surprise visit from Luke, who reveals that much like Ambrose and Connor, he too is a warlock. They then proceed to hookup.

If Sabrina’s dominant nature, witch or mortal, is to be determined, Father Blackwood wishes to test her with human laws, such as subjecting her to trial by water to see if she floats or sinks and stripping and examining her in front of the coven for a witch’s mark.


Father Blackwood offers Sabrina a deal

Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, and Webster return home where they discuss their next course of action. Webster questions if Sabrina has a mark. Before she can answer, Father Blackwood interrupts and reveals that he pleaded to the Dark Lord on Sabrina’s behalf. He has offered a path. He will wave Sabrina’s punishment in the Pit and allow her yearly visitations with her mortal friends so long as she ratify her signature in the Book of the Beast and withdraw from Baxter High to begin her studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts. They’ll await her answer the following night in court. Zelda encourages Sabrina to take the deal, but Webster insists that it’s a trick.

Sabrina comes home with a decision. She informs Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Webster that she’s decided not to take Blackwood’s deal. Instead, she’ll submit to his exam as she doesn’t have a witch’s mark. When they find out that she doesn’t have it, Webster will demand a retrial in human court, and she’ll demand that Zelda and Hilda’s powers and youth are restored. Once Sabrina and Webster are gone, Hilda jumps to her feet in anger. She heads upstairs, telling Zelda not to wait for her and to ensure Sabrina makes it to court. As it turns out, Hilda has a secret of her own. Inside a chest, Hilda has a baby record book.

Court is in session. Sabrina, Zelda, Blackwood, Webster, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha are in attendance. Just as Father Blackwood is about to begin Sabrina’s examination for a witch’s mark, Hilda interrupts with new evidence which Webster submits to the court. Sabrina’s name is printed onto a baptismal certificate from the Holy Mother Church of Greendale, witnessed by Diana and Hilda, meaning there is competing claims upon Sabrina’s soul. However, Webster argues they have a binding contract notarized and dated one day before Edward inscribed Sabrina’s name to the Book of the Beast, therefore rendering Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast null and void. Father Blackwood and Webster are summoned to the courts’ private chambers.

Just outside, Zelda questions how Hilda could witness Sabrina being signed over to a Christian church. Hilda explains that Edward had no idea that Sabrina was baptized and Diana had asked her to keep it a secret. With that, Sabrina denounced any and all secrecy within the family and asked that her aunts do the same.

Back in the church, Father Blackwood announces that due to conflicting contracts, baptism, and breeding, the Hellbound Court of Greendale decrees that Sabrina shall retain her mortal life on the condition that she also attends the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as weekly Black Mass. Sabrina accepts the court’s decision. With a ruling in effect, the court restores full power to the Spellman family.

After the final ruling, Sabrina invites Webster over to celebrate, but he declines. She thanks him nonetheless for helping her win and gives him a hug. Before parting ways, he advises Sabrina to take advantage of her qualified victory to learn everything she can about her adversary and fight for what’s hers.

Later that night, Zelda informs Hilda that she’s been excommunicated from the Church of Night for her part in Sabrina’s Catholic baptism. She’s cast doubt on their faith in the Dark Lord, for which he was vengeful.[6]


Zelda reminisces about her years at the Academy

As it is Sabrina’s first day at the Academy of Unseen Arts, Hilda gives Sabrina some protection charms because she knows how cruel girls can be. She then suggests that Sabrina could take Salem to the Academy,Zelda Says that only babies and ninnies take their familiars to school. Zelda tells Sabrina about how her years at the academy were the best of her life. She remembers the books she read and the friendships she cultivated, she and Edward constantly argued about philosophy and would engage in debates. Hmm, really? Sabrina asks, because they were on the same page about signing Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast. When Hilda offers to drive Sabrina to the academy, Zelda refuses, reminding her she's still excommunicated. She’s not allowed within spitting distance of the academy or any other Church of Night, property for that matter. Hilda decides to hug Sabrina before she leaves instead, earning a huff from Zelda.


Sabrina and Zelda in Blackwood’s office

Zelda and Sabrina have a meeting with Father Blackwood. The High Priest tells Sabina that familiars are not allowed at the Academy and that as such Zelda must take Salem home with her. Blackwood also asks Sabrina if she's happy at the Academy. Zelda believes she is but Blackwood doubts it as Sabrina has been complaining about her schedule. Zelda asks Sabrina what that is about. When Sabrina tells her what classes she's been given, Zelda agrees with Sabrina's complaints on the grounds that she's not being challenged. Sabrina tells Zelda that she wanted to study conjuring but Blackwood says that it's too dangerous for her. Zelda tells him to test her so he pulls out an Acheron Configuration. It belonged to Edward Spellman. Blackwood tells her that if she can solve that puzzle then she can take the classes that she wishes. After she leaves, Blackwood asks Zelda to be his wife's midwife because she's miscarried twice before. Zelda agrees although she hasn't helped with a child's birth in years.

Sabrina calls her Aunties. She tells them how students are being harrowed to death by other students. They tell her that they'll be right there. Zelda meets with Father Blackwood and he says that he'll look into it. Zelda has Sabrina take them to the children. Zelda asks the children what they want and Hilda says that she thinks she knows what they want. They want permission to do something about what happened to them.

As Sabrina’s immersion is over, she returns home to her aunts.[7]


The Spellmans entrap the demon inside the house

Zelda is in her room reading the Satanic Bible while Hilda is reading a novel. Suddenly, Sabrina runs into Zelda and Hilda's room and tells them she's released a demon into the house after having solved her dad's Acheron Configuration. They rush downstairs where Ambrose meets them after having heard all the noise. Sabrina tells Ambrose about the demon. Zelda tells her niece not to worry as they have protocols in place. The four of them grasp hands and perform a sealing spell to trap the demon within the Spellman Mortuary. The demon appears on the staircase and Ambrose asks what it wants. It tells them that it wants revenge on the Spellman Family and then freedom to give other people nightmares. Zelda quickly grabs an empty urn and uses it to trap the demon within. After the Spellman's sit and have some tea. Sabrina learns that her Dad must've trapped the demon long ago because it had been tormenting him and giving him insomnia. They go back to bed, but unbeknownst to them Batibat has managed to lull them to sleep.


Zelda dreams about losing her sister forever

In Zelda’s dream, she is reading to the children about the false god and Adam and Eve when the Weird Sisters appear. They tell her that The Dark Lord will be coming to dinner at her house tonight. She tells Hilda and decides to roast a child in his honour. The Dark Lord arrives but decides to only eat Hilda's vegetable pie since Zelda roasted a Child of the Night. The Dark Lord eats and dances with Hilda only further enraging Zelda. Once the Dark Lord leaves Zelda hits Hilda on the head with a shovel and kills her. She takes her to the Cain pit to bury her. She is inside washing up when The Dark Lord returns and asks where Hilda is. Zelda explains to him that this is just a game the two of them play and that Hilda will come back. The Dark Lord tells her no that this time Hilda is gone forever. Zelda starts wailing and crying at the Dark Lords revelation. The Batibat appears and tells Zelda that if she gives it the spell to unlock the house it'll bring Hilda back. Sabrina enters her dream and tries to wake her but fails.

Zelda wakes up from her dream after Sabrina has trapped Batibat in a web (a dreamcatcher). This time they seal the demon in a mason jar. Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda are all on edge because Sabrina walked through their dreams, seeing all of their darkest nightmares. Zelda apologises about her cowardly behaviour, but Sabrina reassures her that it was only in that terrible dream. Sabrina tells them that she hardly remembers any of it.[8]


Zelda checks the health of Constance’s baby

Zelda listens to the heartbeat of Constance Blackwood's baby in the womb. She reassures Father Blackwood that all is well, when starts asking too many questions she sends him out of the room. Constance tells Zelda that she's lost two children before and that Blackwood wants a boy heir. Zelda hands her a jar to pee in and tells her that they'll know soon enough.


Zelda receives news of a possessed Uncle Jesse

Sabrina returns home and informs Zelda and Hilda of a possessed Uncle Jesse. Zelda tells her that they don't meddle in mortal affairs. However, she does tell Sabrina to tell her friends not to touch Uncle Jesse because then the demon will be able to prey on them too, psychologically. Sabrina tells her that they all had to touch him in order to tie him up, and they’ve all been having hallucinations ever since. Not getting anywhere with her aunts, Sabrina heads upstairs.


Zelda and Hilda sit with Ms. Wardwell

Zelda and Hilda sit with Ms. Wardwell, when Sabrina returns home. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina she came because she fears she's putting herself in danger. Sabrina asks her if her aunts know what she is. Ms. Wardwell admits she's told them everything. Zelda adds that she wishes she could say she and Hilda were surprised but they knew their brother well enough to know this is exactly something Edward would have done, though she still finds it insulting that her brother wouldn't think they were up to the task of protecting his daughter themselves. Sabrina tells them that she will go to the Catholic Church and ask for help for her friends. It just so happens her father wrote a rite expressly for that purpose. Ms. Wardwell offers to help Sabrina with the exorcism by using one of Edward's spells that is a Church of Darkness counterpart to the Catholic exorcism. Hilda decides to go along as well, and when Zelda admonishes her for considering, Hilda excuses that she is excommunicated, so her actions will hold no consequences before the Church of Night. So, the three of them leave a fuming Zelda behind, who paces up and down worried about Sabrina.

Ambrose arrives, bringing with him the results of Lady Blackwood’s urine sample. However, Zelda is still fixated on the situation with Sabrina. She refuses to put her safety in the hands of a “spinster schoolmarm and a British batwit.” Ambrose urges her to go and see to it that Sabrina is safe herself.


Zelda, Hilda, Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell perform an exorcism spell

Sabrina, Hilda, and Ms. Wardwell stand before Uncle Jesse. Sabrina says the spell but it doesn't seem to be working until Zelda arrives to help. Uncle Jesse throws up the worm and Ms. Wardwell quickly whisks it away. She throws it down a well along with a sealing stone to keep it there. Zelda tells Sabrina she came for educational purposes. However, she also tells Sabrina she's grounded for disobeying her. The four of them head home, but not before Sabrina thanks Ms. Wardwell for helping her.

Upon returning home, they find Father Blackwood waiting for them inside. He threatens to excommunicate them all for having performed an exorcism. Zelda saves the day by telling him the test results of the urine sample she took from Constance: He's having twins.

The next morning, Hilda receives a call from Mr. Putnam, which Zelda overhears. He tells her that Uncle Jesse died sometime during the night.[9]


Zelda schools Sabrina on the Feast of Feast

Sabrina returns home and asks her family why there are organs hanging on the front door. Zelda tells her that it's a message from the council and that her family has been selected to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Zelda explains that the Feast of Feats is one of the coven's holiest holidays and celebrates the sacrifice of one witch: Freija. She had killed herself so that the coven would have food until spring. Zelda tells her that fourteen witches families have been selected and each must choose someone to represent them. Those representatives will have to draw straw and see who will be deemed Queen. Whoever is Queen will be the main course for the Feast of Feasts. Zelda tells her that only she and Sabrina can participate since Hilda has been excommunicated. Zelda will be the representative. Sabrina is against the whole idea and tries to get Hilda and Ambrose to back her up. She doesn't want to lose any more Spellmans. Zelda tells her that she and Hilda have participated many times, but never declared the Queen. She believes they will be rejected again this year.


Zelda at the Feast of Feasts selection ceremony

At the selection ceremony, Sabrina interrupts before Zelda can grab a piece of paper from the box. She tells the coven that she will be representing her family instead unless Zelda wants to admit that this whole thing is barbaric like her brother declared. Zelda relents and lets Sabrina choose. Sabrina chooses the paper and burns it but Prudence ends up being chosen as Queen.


Zelda is angry at Sabrina

Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda is angry with Sabrina because she came close to becoming Queen. Sabrina tells her that she didn't think Zelda would let her go through with the drawing. Hilda is just happy that she was spared but Zelda tells them that Sabrina was chosen as a handmaiden. This means she has to do whatever Prudence wants for three days. As if on queue, Prudence arrives with a duffle bag.


Zelda calms down a hysterical Lady Blackwood

The following day, Zelda gets a call from Constance Blackwood, who later arrives at the Spellman Mortuary and is taken downstairs to be examined. When Sabrina returns home, she assists Zelda. Lady Blackwood is having a panic attack and fears that she's going to lose her babies. Zelda asks if she's done any spellcasting lately and Lady Blackwood says that she has but that she had to. She looks at Sabrina and says that She knows what she means. Sabrina doesn't but says yes anyway. Sabrina asks who is plotting against her and Lady Blackwood says it's the Weird Sisters. Zelda asks why and Lady Blackwood says because they would've hurt her children. So, she hurt them first. Kill one and the others are of no consequence.

Sabrina is curious why Lady Blackwood would think that. Zelda says that maybe Father Blackwood has other children. He wouldn't be the first high priest with bastard children. Sabrina asks how that would harm the twins. Zelda explains that then they all would have the opportunity to take over the throne as high priest.


The Spellmans host a dinner with the Weird sisters and the Blackwoods

Father and Lady Blackwood, the Weird sisters and the Spellman family sit and have dinner at the Spellman household. Hilda is in the kitchen making dessert. Sabrina brings out dessert in which Hilda has added a truth potion. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her--except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children. Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls.


Zelda at the Feast of Feasts ceremony

They attend the Feast of Feasts ceremony where Prudence sits upon the throne of skulls. Father Blackwood walks in and begins to tell the coven that there will not be a Feast of Feasts but another witch named Mildred steps up, slits her throat and falls before the altar. The coven look to Father Blackwood for permission and after a moment of suspense, he gives it to them, much to Sabrina's horror. The witches begin to attack the body and tear it apart as they eat.

Zelda and Sabrina arrive home. Sabrina asks Zelda if she had been picked would she have let them do to her what they just witnessed. Zelda says never as she walks up the stairs.[10]

The following day, Zelda comes storming in looking for Hilda but Sabrina reminds her that she's working at Dr. Cerebus bookstore. The phone rings and Zelda receives a call telling her that there has been an accident in the mines.


Zelda informs Sabrina that there are no survivors

The next morning, Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary at the same time Hilda does. Zelda tells them both to come inside. They sit at the kitchen table as Ambrose tells them that he astral projected into the mines, Zelda watching over him, and found no survivors. Sabrina wants to tell Harvey but Zelda says that they can't interfere or else bad things will happen. Zelda explains that the laws of Churches of Darkness states that the natural order must be preserved and that they can't reveal themselves to mortals. As such, they must be like Cassandra. Ambrose asks if she was close to Tommy but Sabrina says that she only met him a few times. She starts to cry because she knows that Harvey is going to be devastated.


Zelda and Ambrose at Tommy’s funeral

At Tommy’s funeral, Zelda welcomes the guests. Ambrose asks her if mortals ever realize life while they’re living it, every fleeting, precious moment. They don’t, poets and artists, maybe, but not like they’re much better, Zelda replies. She starts tearing up, to Ambrose’s shock, but she merely replies it’s due to pollen. After straightening up, they head into the main room. Roz sings at the funeral before Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.

Zelda arrives outside just in time to diffuse the situation before it escalates. She prevents Mr. Kinkle from punching his son, and tells him to leave as the guests are too.


Zelda confesses her failure to Father Blackwood

In the evening, Father Blackwood arrives at the Spellman Mortuary to see Ambrose much to Zelda’s surprise. As he's leaving, Zelda pulls him aside for Satanic Confession. She admits to Blackwood that she fears that her family is moving away from the Path of Night. She kneels before him and continues to tell him that she feels like she's failing everyone. Blackwood tells her that he feels fear to and confesses to her that he hasn't had sex in a long while. They look at each other before they begin to kiss.

The next morning, Zelda is in the kitchen as Hilda enters. She’s leaving for work. Hilda notices her good mood and comments on it, to which Hilda asks what she's going to do today and Zelda says that the High Priest is calling. Later, upon Blackwood’s visit, Zelda pulls him aside and tells him that he's going to have twin sons. Zelda tries to kiss him but he tells her that she forgets herself. Blackwood tells her that they're going to spank each other and suffer in exquisite ecstasy.[11]


Zelda receives promising offers from Blackwood

Zelda is pulling on her clothes after having been "punished" by Faustus Blackwood. She feels as if she’s been positively reborn in fire. Blackwood says Penance of the Flesh is one of the purest forms of worship, offers them both punishment and pleasure. He asks Zelda to be his twins Night Mother and offers her a position at the Academy. Zelda happily says yes to both offers.


Zelda reveals the good news to her family

As they sit for breakfast the next morning, Hilda receives a call at the Mortuary telling her that the bodies of the miners have been found. Zelda asks Sabrina how Harvey is. Sabrina says that Harvey is doing fine. Zelda says that she'll be here to accept the bodies and Ambrose says that he'll handle them after he returns from the Academy. Zelda informs them that she'll be at the Academy later too, revealing that she’s the appointed Directrix of the Satanic Choir. Zelda tells them that good things are coming, she can feel it in her bones.

Zelda is directing the choir at the Academy while Father Blackwood watches. Suddenly, Agatha walks in and collapses. Blackwood demands to know what's going on. Prudence, Nick, and Dorcas tell them everything and how it's all Sabrina's fault. Blackwood goes to kill Tommy to restore the balance but Zelda tells him that she'll do it because Sabrina is her responsibility.


Zelda scolds Sabrina for resurrecting Tommy

Sabrina returns home to find all the Spellmans waiting for her. Zelda is pissed at what Sabrina did. She also asks how Sabrina how she knew what spell to use as Ambrose told her that he didn't give it to her. Sabrina admits she took a Book of the Dead from Ms. Wardwell's office to which Zelda retorts "Oh so you're a thief as well as a murderer!" She tells Sabrina that she's going to fix this but Sabrina is still adamant about crossing over into limbo and getting Tommy's soul. Zelda tells her no and Sabrina says that she isn't her mother. An angered Hilda steps in but Zelda says that it's fine. Sabrina is a grown-up witch and she must learn that everything has a price. Zelda tells her to not come crying to her when everything blows up in her face. Zelda and Hilda walk away.

Later at the mortuary, Hilda catches Zelda punishing herself. Zelda says that they should've never taken Sabrina in. Sabrina arrives home later and finds Zelda waiting for her on the porch. Sabrina collapses on the stairs and begins to cry. Zelda comes down and hugs her. They sit there for a while as Sabrina cries.[12]


Zelda encourages Sabrina to go to school

At the Spellman Mortuary, Sabrina refuses to go to school because she's worried that she'll see Harvey. Zelda gives her a balm that Hilda made to ease her pain. Sabrina asks Zelda what she's supposed to do. Zelda tells her to go about her normal routine and that tomorrow she'll do it again and again until it hurts a little less.


Father Blackwood summons his coven to an important meeting

As a tenebrous presence looms, the Church of Night is summoned by Father Blackwood. He stands before them and says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.


The Spellmans prepare to save the town

Sabrina asks Zelda and Hilda why the Greendale Thirteen would be angry at them. Zelda tells her that it's because the coven had decided to sacrifice them in order to appease the humans and their bloodlust. Sabrina says that she isn't going to go to the Academy. Zelda agrees that they should all stay and protect the town. Ambrose asks how they're going to protect everyone. Zelda says that they should gather them all in one place. Hilda tells them that Dr. Cerebrus told her that the town is to gather at Baxter High during severe weather or tornados. Sabrina says that all they need now is a tornado. The four of them gather around a table and summon the different winds to them. It works and the warning sirens can be heard going off. Zelda prays that the mortals will heed the warning.


Lady Blackwood goes into labor

The witching hour comes upon them and the Greendale Thirteen attack. The witches all begin to chant protection spells. Sabrina asks if the spell is working and Zelda says yes before she disappears. She reappears at the Academy because Blackwood has summoned her there. Zelda is angry for having been taken away from her family but Blackwood tells her that Constance Blackwood is in labor. Lady Blackwood continues to go through labor. One of the babes is pushed out but something is wrong because Zelda doesn't show the baby to Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood tells Prudence and Zelda that her children must be preserved no matter what. Later, Blackwood enters the room to find that Lady Blackwood is dead. Zelda tells him that he only has one son because the baby had consumed his brother in the womb. Blackwood holds the child and names him his heir.


Zelda kidnapped the Blackwoods’ baby girl

At the mortuary, Zelda tells Hilda that she took Lady Blackwood's first-born child because it was a girl and she feared what Blackwood would do to her. Hilda tells Zelda that she's moving out of their bedroom.[13]


The Spellmans light the Yule log

As the Christmas season begins, Sabrina is helping her aunts to set up their Yule tree. Aunt Zelda Spellman has gotten baby Leticia several presents. Ambrose Spellman points out that Zelda technically kidnapped Father Faustus Blackwood's daughter. Zelda responds that their official cover story is that Leticia is a relative from the "old country" whom they are raising. Sabrina tells her aunts that she wishes she could have celebrated one Solstice with her parents. Hilda tries to cheer up Sabrina with the prospect of food and gifts while Ambrose says that he will like to read A Christmas Carol. Zelda lights the Yule log, saying that they must keep it continually burning in order to ward off malevolent elements on the shortest day of the year. Zelda leads the family in saying the Solstice blessing.

Zelda and Hilda arrive in the living room to find the Christmas tree has fallen. Zelda relights the Yule Log while Zelda discovers Sabrina and the Weird Sisters conducting a séance. Diana disappears. Zelda is furious with Sabrina and orders the Weird Sisters to leave.


Zelda scolds Sabrina for going behind their back

Sabrina denies quenching the log during the séance. Zelda is furious that Sabrina chose to conduct her séance on the eve of the Solstice. Sabrina tells them that she encountered her mother trapped in Limbo. Zelda says she and Hilda would have helped her if she had told them so. Zelda says that she would have done anything for her brother’s wife. Ambrose says that he has checked every corner of the house and thinks that whatever entered the house may have left when Zelda relit the Yule log. Zelda thinks whatever entities entered the house may have been hidden. Zelda allows Hilda to share the room but warns her not to snore due to the presence of Leticia.


Zelda plays with Leticia

The following day, on December 21, Aunt Zelda plays with Leticia. Zelda chats with Hilda. Sabrina apologizes but Zelda makes a Shakespearean quote likening an ungrateful child to a serpent's tooth. Sabrina counters that Zelda kidnapped babies and that she only wanted to contact her mother. Sabrina denies putting out the fire. Zelda accepts Sabrina’s apology and says that they can contact her mother after the New Year.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Zelda and Leticia are disturbed by the noise. Zelda tries to comfort Leticia but the spirits switch on the sewing machine, sewing the message "We have the baby" on a quilt. The spirits kidnap Leticia and hide her around the house. Zelda and Hilda search the attic before heading down to the front hall. Following the baby’s cries, they head into the living room and kitchen. While Zelda searches the living room, Hilda searches the kitchen and finds Leticia inside the oven. Hilda comforts Leticia. Ambrose joins them, having bound the corpses and every hatchet in the mortuary. He tells them that they have an infestation of poltergeists. Shortly later, Sabrina returns and asks what is going on.


The Spellmans find out Yule Lads have invaded their home

Later, Zelda and the others discuss the Yule Lads home invasion. The Yule Lads won't leave until their mother Gryla tells them to. Zelda explains that Gryla was a witch who made a pact with another witch from her coven during a famine. They would eat their own children to survive. They cooked and devoured Gryla's son first but the other witch broke her pact. Devastated, Gryla spent the next millennium finding children to add to her family, taking an interest in orphans. Zelda says that they have to summon Gryla to make an offering.

Zelda tells Ambrose that he has to leave during Gryla's visit because she hates men due to her abandonment by her husband. Ambrose says that he has been invited for a Solstice party with Luke Chalfant. Zelda says they have to hide baby Leticia. Sabrina offers to look after Leticia in the mortuary.


Gryla visits the Spellmans

Later that evening, Zelda allows Gryla to visit their home after she agrees to abide by their rules. Zelda and Hilda ask Gryla to take her Yule Lads home in return for an offering of fresh-baked Christmas solstice cookies, a cone of sugar, a pound of marzipan, some mince pies, yummy teacakes, and fruit jelly. Gryla agrees to drink gin with Hilda and Zelda. After drinking gin, Gryla summons her “children” home. However, their movement awakes baby Leticia. Gryla claims that she has a greater right to the baby since Leticia does not belong to Zelda. Zelda protests that she is a midwife but Gryla counters that a midwife is not her child. The Yule Lads bring Sabrina and Leticia to them. However, the ghost of Diane Spellman appears and tells Gryla to leave the baby alone.


Gryla and Zelda have a contest to keep Leticia

Diana says she will decide who owns the babe. She explains that Sabrina summoned her here with the help of the angel Lucia and the demon Lucy. Possessing their authority, Diana sets up a contest where the winner is the one who is able to pull the baby out of a circle of salt. Gryla and a reluctant Zelda accept Diana’s terms. Zelda and Gryla hold the baby’s arms. Unwilling to hurt Leticia, Zelda concedes and says she won't tear the baby to pieces. Diane grants Leticia to Gryla, who offers to give her a home. Gryla leaves with Leticia and the Yule Lads. Hilda asks Sabrina and Diana how they could do that. Sabrina reveals that they did not give Leticia to Gryla but that they used a Changeling trick to disguise Ambrose's teddy bear as Leticia. Sabrina says that her mother appeared after Leticia cried out and taught her the spell to make the switch. Zelda thanks Diana, who disappears.


Roz reports that Susie's gone missing

Shortly later, Roz visits the Spellmans and tells them that Susie has been missing since last night. Susie’s father Mr Putnam has spoken to the police. Roz also confides with Sabrina that she experienced one of her Cunning visions while visiting the Knight of St Bernard mall where Susie was working. She thinks that Mr Bartel is a demon and has been taking children and dipping them in wax. Hilda points out that Bartel is the name of a Yule demon. Zelda is able to track down Mr. Bartel’s address using the Greendale White Pages. Zelda warns that they will need help from Gryla. Sabrina points out that Gryla will be mad but Zelda reassures her that Gryla would side with them if they lead her to the lair of a demon who preys on children. Rosalind agrees to babysit Leticia while Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda leave to confront Mr Bartel and rescue Susie.

After being rescued by Gryla, Susie finds Sabrina, Zelda, and Hilda outside. Sabrina embraces Susie. To avoid startling Mr Putnam, Hilda has baked some enchanted shortbread cookies that will convince Mr Putnam that the past twelve hours were a dream. The Spellmans leave with Susie.


Zelda has decided to send Leticia away

Returning to the Spellman home, Sabrina finds that Ambrose is feeding Leticia with milk. He explains that he teleported Roz home before her parents began to worry. Due to the recent events, Zelda reveals that she has decided to take Leticia to Dezmelda after the winter holidays. She says that Ambrose is right that they can’t keep Leticia from Father Blackwood forever. Zelda fears that Gryla might return next week. Hilda asks about returning Leticia to her father. Zelda rules that out and responds that Dezmelda will teach Leticia the “old ways” as is her birthright.

On Christmas Eve, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose and Luke are joined by Sabrina in the living room. They drink a toast to Satan while Ambrose reads a passage A Christmas Carol.[14]

Part 2

Zelda, Hilda and Ambrose comment about Sabrina's choice of clothes and loud music as she enters the kitchen. Sabrina tells her aunts about her plans to spend more of her time at the Academy of Unseen Arts, having obtained indefinite leave from Baxter High's new Principal Mary Wardwell. Zelda plans to take up a teaching position at the Academy.


Zelda meets the other faculty members

Father Faustus Blackwood introduces Zelda to the other faculty members. He assigns her to teach ancient tongues and sacred scripture. Father Blackwood has assigned his daughter Prudence to serve as Judas Blackwood's wet nurse and scolds her for letting the baby cry. Zelda calms Judas and chats with Prudence, asking if she has been giving him goat's milk.


Zelda and Hilda recall Edward's days as Top Boy

After Sabrina nominated herself for the Top Boy election, Zelda and Hilda recall how Edward served as Top Boy. That appointment changed his life. A straight shot from Top Boy to High Priest. Ambrose tells Sabrina that he and Luke have been invited for a party to celebrate Nick’s nomination as Top Boy at Dorian's Gray Room, which is reserved for men. Zelda says Sabrina is too busy for her studies. Sabrina asks Ambrose and Luke if they will support her. Luke is unwilling, but Ambrose says he will wait to see how she will do in the three challenges first.

The following morning, Zelda and Sabrina visit Father Blackwood to request a postponement due to the demonic attack, which is why Zelda has given her a witch-whistle and blinding powder. Father Blackwood refuses to grant Sabrina's wish, but gives her time to compose herself.


Sabrina and Zelda deny cheating

At the Desecrated Church, Zelda's in attendance in support of Sabrina for the Inquisition, which Sabrina ultimately wins, answering questions that not even Zelda knew the answer to. Afterward, Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of cheating, which is punishable by lashing. Sabrina says she wants to change the traditions at the Church of Night, but Father Blackwood insists that the position of High Priest has always been held by a warlock. He vows there will never be a High Priestess. Sabrina refuses to back down. Father Blackwood warns he will seal the Desecrated Church to ensure that no external forces can interfere with the Boil and Bubble challenge. Sabrina vows to study for the test.


Sister Shirley confronts Zelda

At the Boil and Bubble challenge, Sister Shirley confronts Zelda about her relationship with Father Blackwood, which Shirley remarks as being shameful considering his wife just died. Some are even saying Zelda had a hand in her demise. During the Boil and Bubble, Father Blackwood briefs Nick and Sabrina that they have to make potions. Each adding a component. Whoever adds the wrong ingredient with the wrong phraseology loses and must drink the spoiled concoction. Sabrina places the blind white eye of a cave-born shark into a brew, causing it to bubble. The brew putrefies and Sabrina is obliged to drink it. She vomits it out. Several people cheer for here.


Zelda questions the status of her relationship with Faustus

Zelda tells Father Blackwood that some members of the coven oppose their relationship. She asks Blackwood to clarify their relationship. He tells her she is one of his disciples and his son’s Night Mother, as well as his night maiden. Zelda asks if he wants to make her his Top Lady. Blackwood says there is a mourning period they must respect given Constance's recent passing. Zelda says she will tone down their relationship until he is ready to legitimize their relationship.


Zelda at the final challenge

During the Conjuring test, which Zelda and the Weird Sisters attend, Sabrina and Nick strike a deal to expose Father Blackwood. So, they draw circles on the ground and seal them together in hopes of summoning the Plague Kings and getting answers. Sabrina accuses Father Blackwood or a member of the coven of sending high demons to attack her. The Plague Kings identify themselves as Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson. Sabrina demands to know who sent them to kill her. The Plague Kings claim they operate independently of Satan and the coven but that they wish death on the "half-breed" Sabrina because of the chaos she will bring. "The half-witch must not ascend," Nick questions the demons, but Father Blackwood banishes the three of them.[15]


Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose warn Sabrina against resisting the Dark Lord

Zelda, learns that the Dark Lord visited Sabrina during the night to call on her to do his bidding. Zelda is upset to discover that she slept through the Dark Lord's visit. She tells Sabrina that the task he asked her to perform is a sacred obligation between her and the Dark Lord and that doing such a task would prove her dedication to the Path of Night. Zelda then tells Sabrina that she must perform the task or suffer the consequences, such as bad things happening to her and those around her. Evil has a way of spreading very quickly, Hilda adds.


Zelda agrees to be co-director

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Zelda arrives Faustus Blackwood's office just as Sister Shirley Jackson exits. The two witches are unhappy to see each other, and Shirley leaves. Father Blackwood tells her that the Academy is presenting a play for the coven's edification and diversion — The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar. He tells her that he wrote a new adaptation that Sister Shirley did not approve and asks Zelda to be the new co-director and elocution coach to the production, which she accepts. 

At the Desecrated Church, Zelda rehearses with Nick and Dorcas, while Sabrina watches. Sabrina suddenly starts repeating "I won't do it" out loud, with the others looking at her, asking who she is talking to. She answers that she was talking to no one and they all leave for lunch. 


Zelda is almost killed by a falling gargoyle

In Father Blackwood's office, Zelda gives her opinion about his adaptation of the play. She specifies that in the sacred Satanic texts, Lilith provided for herself and did not wander helplessly in the wilderness as written in Father Blackwood's adaptation. He seems upset, and Zelda leaves his office. In the hall, a gargoyle statue almost falls on her from up above, pushed off by Sister Jackson.


Zelda is pranked by Sister Jackson

At the Desecrated Church, Nick and Dorcas continue their rehearsal. Zelda interrupts and tells Dorcas that she is not translating the words correctly, though she is very impressed with Nicholas' performance. Zelda tries to speak but a frog pops out of her mouth, much to Prudence and Agatha's amusement. She holds the frog and asks the students which one of them did this to her. Prudence tells her that the frog is Sister Shirley Jackson's familiar. 

In the Spellman's kitchen, Zelda is preparing to cook Sister Shirley's familiar to send her a message, so she will find her footing at the Academy. Hilda carries the frog away, telling her sister that the familiar is innocent. Sabrina arrives, asking for Ambrose. At the mortuary, Zelda and Hilda make a doll to use against Sister Shirley, cursing her with earworms. 


Zelda threatens Sister Shirley

Zelda is confronted by Sister Shirley at the Academy. She accuses Zelda of having an inappropriate relationship with Father Blackwood, to which Zelda tells her to throw herself off the balcony. And because Zelda cursed her with an ear-worm, Shirley does exactly as instructed. She heads up to the balcony and stands on the banister, ready to jump to her death. Zelda shows mercy and issues a warning to Shirley and anyone else who dares cross her.

At the Desecrated Church, before the entire coven, Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, and Prudence included, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar, with Ambrose playing God, Agatha playing Stolas, Nick playing Lucifer, and Sabrina playing Lilith.[16]


Zelda schools Sabrina on Lupercalia

Zelda explains to Sabrina that Lupercalia is a lusty, pastoral festival started by Roman witches under the reign of Caligula. It was named after the Lupercal, the cave where the twin founders of Rome Romulus and Remulus were suckled by a she-wolf. While it was once associated with fertility and health, Hilda explains that it is now associated with sex. Zelda explains that it will be a hunt organized by Father Blackwood. The festival consists of three events: the Matching, during which one is paired with a random warlock. The Courting, where the two spend the night in abstinence. And the Hunt, a run through the woods which culminates in a frenzy of orgiastic carnality. Sabrina asks if it is voluntary. Zelda says it is voluntary but encourages Sabrina to do it. Zelda claims that Lupercalia is a symphony of sensuality and pleasure, and not of shame and regret. Hilda is a bit concerned and thinks Sabrina is not ready. Sabrina understands Hilda's concerns but is keen to give it a try due to her new relationship with Nicholas Scratch. Zelda gives Sabrina a book about the festival.

At the Academy, Zelda chats with Father Blackwood, who comments about her youthful appearance despite her advanced age. Father Blackwood opens the Matching ceremony.


Zelda and Father Blackwood celebrating Lupercalia

Later that night, Zelda and Father Blackwood participate in the Courting ceremony; they will go into the woods and disrobe and anoint themselves under the moonlight, absorbing the potency of Goddess Selene. As Prudence passes out anointment baskets with items inside such oysters and figs, Father Blackwood warns the couples to stay on the path due to the dangerous creatures in the woods. The couples head into the wood. Zelda notices an extra anointment basket and Blackwood replies that it is a shame to let it go to waste; hinting at their romantic relationship. Zelda and Father Blackwood spend the night together as a couple despite the terms she set that the keep their relationship professional. Zelda and Father Blackwood hear a wolf howling. Zelda says that it is strange for there to be wolves this close to town. Sabrina and Nick grown concerned and leave.

Zelda finds Hilda weeping at home because Dr. Cerberus declined her advances. Zelda encourages her sister to try again. She tells Hilda to seduce him by placing a glamour on herself in order to win over Dr. Cerberus.


Zelda considers Father Blackwood's proposal

Father Blackwood summons Zelda for a meeting, telling her that he wants to formalize their relationship. Unlike Constance, Zelda assures Faustus that she would see him realize his ambitions as High Priest, as she did for her brother Edward Spellman when he was High Priest. Father Blackwood reveals that it was her brother who rebuked him when he asked Zelda for her hand in marriage. Father Blackwood claims that the Dark Lord has ordained their relationship and presents her with two turtle-dove hearts; a proposal of marriage. Zelda says she will consider his proposal and respond.


Zelda tells Hilda that Faustus proposed to her

Zelda tells Hilda that Father Blackwood has proposed to her. Zelda confides that she does not love Faustus but respects him. She tells him that she is going to accept his proposal for power, not power. Zelda intends to restore the family’s name and seek her own glory in the process. Hilda tells Zelda that Dr. Cerberus an incubus; a sex demon. Zelda proposes chaining him with Damascus steel in order to tame the sex demon.[17]


Zelda reluctantly agrees to a reading

Zelda visits the book shop. She rebuffs Dr. Cerberus's greetings and demands to see her sister. Zelda chides Hilda for not being at home where Father Blackwood was waiting to taste the seven wedding cakes she had offered to bake. Zelda is frustrated that she is trying to derail their wedding. Hilda suggests that Zelda do a tarot ready with Mrs. McGarvey. Zelda is initially hostile, but McGarvey comments that the former is a powerful woman and wins her over. After picking the High Priestess card, McGarvey tells Zelda that an obstacle stands between her and the altar; a secret. McGarvey shows her a card of a female hermit.


Zelda discovers that Dezmelda ate Leticia

In the vision, Hilda is dressing Zelda in a black wedding gown. Zelda says that she can't marry Father Faustus without telling her the truth about what she did with baby Leticia by hiding her with Dezmelda. Zelda believes she can make Faustus understand. She visits Dezmelda to fetch Leticia. She is greeted by a young Dezmelda, who tells her that the Goddess of Youth blessed her and made her young again. Dezmelda turns out to be 400 years old. She explains that the Goddess blessed her after she consumed the marrow of an infant witch. Zelda is horrified that Dezmelda consumed the baby and became young again. Dezmelda demands that Zelda invite her to the Black Wedding in return for keeping her secret.


Zelda demands that Faustus stop kissing Dezmelda

At the wedding, Zelda is congratulated by Agatha and Dorcas. She asks them about the whereabouts of Father Blackwood, but they don't know. Ambrose and Prudence tell Zelda that Blackwood is inside his office. Zelda finds Father Blackwood caressing Dezmelda. He claims that Satanic law allows him to snog as many women as he wants on his wedding day. Zelda demands that she stops but, Blackwood demands one good reason to stop. Several wedding guests laugh from the outside.

Zelda is upset and dismisses it as a filthy trick. McGarvey warns her that some secrets should remain secrets.[18]


Zelda assures her family that the Spellmans will rise

Zelda reassures the family that her marriage to Father Blackwood will be the re-making of the Spellmans. Zelda is delighted that the Anti-Pope, the leader of all Churches of Darkness himself, is traveling from the Vatican Necropolis to officiate their marriage. She believes this is an honor from the Dark Lord and looks forward to becoming Zelda Spellman-Blackwood. Hilda wishes she could be there. Zelda reassures her that she will use her influence to convince Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication and that she will have a role as the "maid of dishonor." Salem growls, and Sabrina tells Ambrose to leave her familiar alone. Ambrose demands that Salem regurgitate Leviathan, but Sabrina assures him that Salem didn't eat Leviathan. Hilda realizes that Ambrose is truly upset about Luke's death and tries to comfort him.


Zelda agrees to ask Father Blackwood about his last name on Prudence's behalf

Zelda sees an apparition of Constance Blackwood while hanging out bed sheets. Prudence arrives and asks Zelda to petition the High Priest to grant her the Blackwood family name. Zelda is reluctant, but Prudence reminds her that she helped her to deliver the twins and kept Leticia's existence secret. Zelda says she will speak to the High Priest but can't guarantee any promises. After Prudence leaves, Sabrina demands to know what she was doing here. Zelda tells her to mind her own business, but Sabrina insists that they have a family meeting.


Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose learn that Edward visited Sabrina

Sabrina recounts with Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose her encounter with her father’s ghost. Zelda is dismissive of Sabrina’s story while Hilda quips that there are a lot of haunting near weddings. Zelda explains that there was an independent inquiry conducted by the Witch Council into her parents' deaths, which they concluded that the plane crash was the result of mechanical error. Zelda believes that the ghost is ill-informed. Sabrina then mentions that her father’s ghost told her to finish his manifesto. Hilda recalls the manifesto, but Zelda dismisses her father’s manifesto as nothing more than romantic musings about "mortal-witch intermingling." Sabrina is annoyed with Zelda for not taking her seriously, but Zelda responds that Sabrina was drinking absinthe in the afternoon when her visitation occurred. Zelda refuses to discuss the matter and relieves Sabrina from her bridesmaid duties. Zelda is more concerned about the spectre of Lady Blackwood, which she saw wandering the cemetery with malicious intent. Zelda tasks Hilda with dealing with the ghost. Zelda will only take her account seriously when he sees Edward's ghost herseelf.


Zelda and Father Blackwood discuss their wedding

Father Blackwood and Zelda are discussing the seating plans for their wedding reception. Zelda petitions Father Blackwood to lift his excommunication on Hilda. Blackwood replies that Hilda witnessed a Catholic baptism. Zelda says that her sister has been atoning for the past several months. Blackwood agrees to lift Hilda's excommunication and asks if Hilda will be keeping her company the night before the wedding should she be visited. Zelda then makes a second appeal on behalf of Prudence.


Zelda asks Hilda to stay with her until the Dark Lord's arrival

Zelda tells Hilda that she has convinced Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication, allowing her to serve her duties as Maid of Dishonor. Hilda tells her that she has sent Lady Constance back to the grave and reveals Sister Jackson as the real villain. Zelda wishes that she killed Sister Jackson, but Hilda assures her that she will take care of her by sorting out their differences over tea and biscuits. Zelda gives her one more important duty, to attend to her if the Dark Lord arrives before the wedding. Zelda fears that the Dark Lord will visit her the night before the wedding and claim her for himself, as it is his right to do so with all brides. Hilda vows to do anything for her sister.

The Judas Society stands guard, with Ambrose as lead as the Anti-Pope, Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood and Zelda. The Anti-Pope compliments Zelda's beauty and accompanies them into the Academy. Prudence speaks with Zelda, but she apologizes that her father won't budge despite her efforts to give Prudence the Blackwood name.


Zelda waits as the Dark Lord approaches

Zelda is anxious about the Dark Lord's arrival, but Hilda tells her sister not to worry. Zelda says it is the greatest honor to be visited by the Dark Lord. He only picks the most devout brides to christen on their wedding eve. Hilda suggests that the Dark Lord might choose not to visit. Zelda agrees, but then they are startled by the Dark Lord, who enters the bedroom. Hilda slips out while Zelda stands as the Dark Lord approaches her from behind.


Hilda, Zelda, Dorcas, and Prudence find the Anti-Pope's body

That night, Prudence attempts to stab her father in while he slept. However, the two are startled by a Dorcas' screams. Zelda demands to know who is screaming. Father Blackwood, Zelda, and Prudence enter Enoch of Antioch's chambers to find that he has been hacked to death. Blackwood strikes down two of the Judas Society stalwarts guarding him. Despite Zelda and Hilda's pleas, he tries to strike down Ambrose who manages to teleport to safety. He orders the others to find the traitor.


Zelda plans to move forward with her marriage to Blackwood

Sabrina asks Zelda if she believes that Ambrose murdered the Anti-Pope. Zelda says that the Ambrose was covered in the Anti-Pope's blood with a dagger in hand, and that he spirited himself to safety when confronted. Sabrina believes that Ambrose is innocent, but Zelda points out that Ambrose is the same warlock who plotted to blow up the Vatican. Father Blackwood says that they now need strong leadership and should go ahead with the wedding. He announces that they will hold a joint-wedding and funeral.


Zelda and Faustus get married

At the desecrated church, Father Blackwood officiates over the funeral of the Anti-Pope and announces he will conduct his own marriage to Zelda. Hilda accompanies Zelda down the aisle as Prudence takes stand at Father Blackwood's side. Blackwood offers a blood sacrifice to the demons of marriage and lust: Astaroth, Furfur, Hathor, Ishtar, Saleous, Uvall, and Vassage. He and Zelda drink the blood of a sacrificed being. Hilda sheathes Zelda and Blackwood's hands with a cloth. Blackwood reads their marriage vows. However, the wedding is interrupted by the ghosts of Edward and Diana Spellman, who denounce Faustus Blackwood for murdering them and the Anti-Pope. Blackwood sees through Sabrina and Nick’s trick and removes their glamour. Before the Judas Society can take them away, Sabrina denounces Father Blackwood as a fraud and accuses him of murdering her father and the Anti-Pope. Ambrose appears and tries to kill Blackwood, but Prudence magically restrains him. He is then subdued and captured by the other Judas Society boys.

Zelda confronts Sabrina for ruining her wedding day. She informs her that Ambrose has been locked in the Witch's Cell for his crimes. Zelda also informs Sabrina that she and Nick have been expelled from the Academy. Finally, Zelda tells Sabrina that Blackwood married her in his office.


Father Blackwood and Zelda leave for their honeymoon

Sabrina and Hilda watch from afar as Father Blackwood announces that he and Zelda, formally known as Lady Blackwood, will be escorting the Anti-Pope's remains to the Vatican Necropolis. He and Zelda also plan to have a honeymoon abroad. Blackwood tasks Prudence with overseeing the Academy and protecting their family name. Prudence replies that he can rely on her. Before they leave, Blackwood reminds Zelda that a wife walks behind her husband. Sabrina and Hilda watch in dismay.[19]


Zelda by Father Blackwood's side

At the Academy, Father Blackwood tells Sabrina that he and Zelda were recalled from their honeymoon to deal with the emergency caused by the witch-hunters. After interviewing her classmates, Blackwood tells Sabrina that she has displayed some miraculous abilities. Sabrina responds that she was only saving her fellow witches. Father Blackwood tells her to address him as his Unholy Eminence due to his status as Anti-Pope. Methuselah reminds Blackwood that he is only Interim Anti-Pope. Blackwood asks how can a first-year, half-mortal student levitate, resurrect the dead, and kill angels. To dissuade Blackwood from asking her about those miracles, she asks if he really wants to open that lid. Father Blackwood takes offence, but Sabrina responds that he should be thanking her. Methuselah thanks Sabrina for her work, but tells her to stay within Academy walls while the Council investigates the matter of her miracles. Hilda gets permission to spend time with Zelda.


Zelda asks to be addressed about Lady Blackwood

Zelda shows Hilda a present from Father Blackwood, a music box based on Leonardo's designs. Zelda insists on being addressed as Lady Blackwood and that Father Blackwood be addressed as "His Unholy Eminence." Zelda is enamored by Blackwood and says her husband is a marvelous dancer. After briefly dancing, she serves Hilda some tea. Hilda raises the matter of Ambrose and Sabrina but Zelda replies that her husband knows best on these matters since he is the Anti-Pope. Zelda asks Hilda if she takes sugar with her tea. The sugar reacts with the tea, stirring up bubbles. She is behaving out of character.


Zelda is ordered to kill Leviathan

Dorian Gray calls Father Blackwood and informs him that Sabrina and Nick found Ambrose’s familiar discovery. Blackwood is delighted by the news and asks Dorian what he owes him for his allegiance. Dorian replies that he is merely a spectator. Blackwood tells Zelda, who appears to be in a trance, that a mouse is in the Spellman household and orders her to find the creature and eviscerate it. He orders Zelda to do the same to anyone who tries to stop her.


Zelda kills Leviathan

At the Spellman Household, Zelda searches for the mouse. The entranced Zelda prowls the house for Leviathan. Zelda finds him in his cage and carries him down. As he squeals, she forces the mouse through a grinder. While Sabrina and Hilda are arguing, Hilda hears something being ground to shreds. Zelda grinds Leviathan to death. Sabrina and Hilda confront Zelda, who responds that one must not simply keep a mouse in the house. Hilda realizes that Zelda is under a Caligari spell, an old spell that warlocks used to control wives when they got "uppity." Hilda realizes that Father Blackwood must have put a spell on her during their honeymoon and that he must be controlling her with a music box in a chamber in the Academy. Zelda begins cleaning up the remains. Sabrina uses her new-found powers to beam the music box into the Spellmans' kitchen. Zelda wants to get squashed lemons to freshen up the room while Hilda and Sabrina fiddle with the enchanted music box. They find a picture of Zelda and break the mechanism. Zelda quickly snaps out of her entranced state as the music comes to a stop.


Zelda leaves with Leviathan

Zelda says that it was torture being conscious while Father Blackwood made her dance to his infernal tune. she was aware every second and yet unable to make her own choices. Zelda acknowledges that Sabrina was right about Father Blackwood and tells them they must act quickly. Ambrose's impending execution is just one step in his plans to topple the Spellmans. Blackwood wants Sabrina to manifest her new abilities in the presence of the Council so that they can burn her as a heretic. Zelda warns her that the Council is comprised of extremely powerful, albeit old, warlocks. She tells Sabrina not to underestimate them. But the three of them together stand a chance. Zelda now has to return to the Academy and play the role of the biddable wife in order not to arouse Father Blackwood's suspicions. And Sabrina magically returns the music box to the Academy. Zelda departs and takes Leviathan's remains with her.


Prudence, Father Blackwood, and Zelda at the execution

The following day at the desecrated church, the Church of Night have gathered for the execution of Ambrose. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as plan. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Hilda has interfered. She holds a pair of pruning shears and a decapitated poppet of the Infernal Bailiff. Father Blackwood orders Sabrina to carry out the execution. Before Sabrina can do it, the Dark Lord appears. As the congregation bows, he asks Father Blackwood if he is so blind to His will. Fearing he knows about his treachery, Blackwood stutters for a respectful response only for Satan to tell him "Silence Pretender." Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release.


Father Blackwood is stripped of his title as Anti-Pope

Father Blackwood meets with Methuselah and the Council. He tries to make a suggestion only for Methuselah to tell him he may not do so. Blackwood tries to bring Sabrina up again only for Methuselah to reveal that they disagree with his assessment that Sabrina is a threat. He adds that what did become clear is that Father Blackwood has displeased the Dark Lord and declares that as such he is stripped of his title of Interim Anti-Pope. Zelda maintains her ruse and serves Father Blackwood tea.[20]

Faustus Blackwood addresses the Academy of Unseen Arts regarding the the Witches' Council turning its back on them. Father Blackwood is willing to shield them and to guide them back to the old ways. The Judas Society unveils a statue of himself and renames the Church of Night to the "Church of Judas". He commands them to look to the Five Facets of Judas for salvation and exaltation.


Zelda warns Hilda of Faustus' plans

Zelda contacts Hilda using a mirror and tells her sister about Father Blackwood's "ruinous" plans for the Church of Night and its witches. She explains that Blackwood wants to remold the Church of Night based on his own misogynistic beliefs and to separate from the other unholy dioceses. Zelda tells Hilda to talk to Methuselah and the Witches’ Council, hoping that they will put a stop to this madness. When Father Blackwood approaches Zelda, she lies that she is making herself beautiful at front of the mirror.


Zelda urges Faustus to spare Elspeth

Elspeth is dragged to Father Blackwood's office by several members of the Judas Society. They tell Father Blackwood that she tried to abandon the Church of Judas and seek out the "Apostate" Sabrina. Blackwood demands her execution but Zelda asks if it is wise to martyr this girl. Prudence supports Zelda and says that executing Elspeth would provoke an uprising. Blackwood agrees but orders the Judas boys to throw Elspeth into the Witches' Cell. Elspeth is dragged sobbing into the cells. Blackwood orders that she also be starved. He orders Zelda and Prudence to take their leave


Zelda brings Elspeth food

At the Witches' Cell, Zelda brings Elspeth a basket of food and tells her that she will find a way of getting her out. She reassures Elspeth that not everyone subscribes to Father Blackwood's draconian gospel. Prudence catches them and denounces Zelda as a traitor, warning that Zelda will be spending her last days here once she tells Father Blackwood. Zelda warns that they will all end up in the dungeon. but Prudence claims that she has Blackwood's name. Zelda replies that so does she and says that Blackwood's only wish is to subjugate them. Prudence replies she is a Blackwood by blood, but Zelda argues that she helped her to hide Leticia. Zelda tells Prudence that she knows the truth of her father’s barbarism before walking out.


Zelda threatens to kill Prudence

Zelda enters the room, asking Blackwood how she may be of service. Also present are Prudence and two Judas boys. Prudence steps aside and Father Blackwood is shown with Leticia. Blackwood denounces Zelda as a traitor and demands to know how long the Caligari spell has been broken. Blackwood is furious with Zelda for lying to him by claiming that baby Judas consumed his twin. Zelda begs for the babe but Blackwood refuses. Prudence responds that Blackwood is her father. Zelda uses magic to summon a knife and threatens to slit Prudence's throat. She demands that Blackwood let her and Leticia go. Blackwood flatly tells her to kill Prudence because he has his legitimate daughter in his hands. He vows that Zelda will not be leaving the Academy at all. Zelda lets Prudence go and drops the blade. Blackwood orders the boys to take her away.


Prudence frees Zelda

After dinner with her father, Prudence breaks into the Witch's Cell to set Zelda free as she was right about Faustus. Zelda offers Prudence and Leticia asylum at the mortuary, but Prudence is unwilling to leave Judith, Dorcas and Agatha behind. Zelda vows to go to the Council to end this lunacy.

Zelda returns home and tells Hilda that Father Blackwood has lost his mind. She tells her sister they must convene the Council at once. However, Hilda reveals that she killed Methuselah, who is covered in a spider's web. Zelda warns the Council will demand blood atonement for this.[21]


Zelda and Hilda discover that the Dark Lord is free

Sabrina returns home with Nick and Ambrose. Zelda asks her where she has been all night, scolding her for the troubles she put them through. Sabrina warns Zelda and Hilda about the events about to unfold in Greendale. "Ms. Wardwell" manipulated her into fulfilling a prophecy meant to bring about the end of the world. Because of her, the Dark Lord has assumed his true form and is in Greendale. Moreover, the Gates of Hell are about to open, releasing the hordes of Hell.


Sabrina reveals the Dark Lord's plans to Zelda and Hilda

The Satanic Bible does not speak of the world being destroyed and remade into a Hell on Earth. However, it makes perfect sense for Sabrina. The Dark Lord wanted the Churches of Darkness to serve him so he kept the truth from them. But this time it's not just Greendale at stake, it's the world. Zelda vows to protect Sabrina at all costs, as she may be the centerpiece to all of the Dark Lord's plans. This makes Sabrina think her father knew. Zelda takes offense about Sabrina's insinuation of her father conniving with the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord needed her because she was a girl who represented the two tribes, Sabrina explains. He wants to rule over witches and humankind, so why not have her father marry her mortal mother? Even if that is a possibility, Zelda vows to not let Sabrina be the Dark Lord's Queen. Ambrose returns with the Demonicon, announcing that he has found something useful; the Melmoth spell. It involves carving a sigil into her soul, which will keep her hidden from the Dark Lord provided she's constantly moving.


The Spellmans realize that Ms. Wardwell is Lilith

Lilith warns them that nobody can run from the Dark Lord, as she's experienced that herself. Startled by her presence, they all turn to her as Sabrina explains how "Ms. Wardwell" has been plotting against her with the Dark Lord. Lilith tells Sabrina to come along but her aunts and Ambrose assume a defensive stance. Terrible odds for a witch, Ambrose says. But she is no witch, at least not a full witch. Sabrina deduces that "Ms. Wardwell" is actually Lilith. Lilith reiterates the Dark Lord's demands and warns that the Dark Lord will destroy everything and everyone in his path should she resist. Sabrina acquiesces despite her family's protests. She explains that she needs answers about her father and mother. Hilda warns Sabrina that she will be like a lamb led to the slaughter.


Sabrina reveals to her aunts that the Dark Lord is her father

Sabrina returns and asks if her father would have ever offered up her mother to the Dark Lord. Zelda says that Edward loved Diana and would never do that. Hilda says that might be true. Ambrose and Zelda react with shock, but Hilda reminds Zelda that she was Diana's midwife. Hilda tells Sabrina that her mother struggled to produce a child so that she and Edward went to the Dark Lord who blessed them with a child. Hilda then recalls that Diana came to her and was worried about Sabrina because she thought that the baby wasn't Edward's. Zelda is shocked and asked why the Dark Lord would do such a thing. Ambrose explains that he has read apocryphal books on Satanic lore and that the Dark Lord perverts the Holy Trinity by siring a babe of witch, mortal, and infernal blood. He deduces this was part of the Dark Lord's plan to instigate the apocalypse. The Dark Lord tricked Edward and used Diana. Sabrina vows to defy Satan and says that she will always be a Spellman. She vows to fight the Dark Lord but admits she doesn't know how. Lilith returns and says she has an idea about how to fight the Dark Lord.


Zelda, Sabrina, and Hilda plot with Lilith

Zelda questions why they should trust Lilith, and Hilda asks how they can defeat the Dark Lord, a fallen angel, a creature of the cosmos. While the Dark Lord is powerfully ageless, she reassures them that she has seen Satan bleed. She tells them that she knows his weak spots if they wish to listen. As Sabrina is currently powerless, the Spellman family will be the secret weapon. The Dark Lord will be expecting her in the woods alone, but Lilith reassures Sabrina that she won’t be alone and unarmed. She asks if anyone here knows how to smelt. They turn to Ambrose, who wields a blade of pure iron. Lilith says the blade won't kill the Dark Lord but will distract him and that they have to do exactly as she says.


The Spellmans fail to stop the Dark Lord

Sabrina must exploit the Dark Lord's greatest weakness: his arrogance, pride, and ego. Lilith explains that the Dark Lord has two wounds on his back which have never fully healed, where his wings were ripped from His body. Lilith’s plan involves Sabrina trapping his foot with a horseshoe so that Hilda and Zelda can stab him in the back with daggers forged in Megiddo, where Christianity was born. The Spellmans carry out Lilith's plan, but the Dark Lord reveals that only the Spear of Longinus can kill him. He points the daggers at Zelda and Hilda's neck and throws Ambrose to the ground. The Dark Lord forces Sabrina to pick up Gabriel’s Horn in return for sparing the lives of her aunts. Sabrina grabs the horn from that altar and blows. He warns Sabrina not to defy him again and tells the Spellmans they are expected at her coronation.


Zelda is the High Priestess of the Church of Night

Prudence teleports herself and her Sisters to the Spellman household. Prudence begs Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose to help her sisters and reveals that Blackwood poisoned the entire Coven. She tells Zelda that they are still alive and are at the Desecrated Church. While Hilda and Prudence attend to the Weird Sisters, Zelda and Ambrose teleport themselves to the Desecrated Church. Later, Zelda and Hilda watch the handful of witches and warlocks that have survived Blackwood's mass poisoning in pity. This is what's left of the Coven. Hilda asks what they should do since they don’t have a Dark Lord to worship anymore. Zelda says that they are now the Church of Lilith and that as High Priestess she will figure it out.[22]

Part 3


Zelda announces to the Church of Night that it's time to reopen the Academy

Sabrina joins the coven downstairs for breakfast. It’s been a month since the Church of Night collapsed at the hands of Faustus Blackwood. Sabrina takes a seat next to Elspeth, Melvin, Agatha, and Dorcas, as her aunt Hilda prepares the meal. Zelda announces that it is high time to reopen the Academy of Unseen Arts and resume worship in the Desecrated Church, where she will serve as Directrix.

Alone, Hilda asks Zelda who will say Black Mass and who they will say it to. "Not the Dark Lord.", Sabrina interjects. She regrets allowing Lilith to take Nick to Hell with Lucifer trapped inside of him. As Sabrina leaves for school, Hilda informs Zelda that Sabrina leaves the house early every morning to presumably cry at the gates.


Zelda learns that the council is coming

Hilda interrupts Zelda from destroying Faustus’ statue to inform her that the Council called. They’re convening an important meeting, and it’s Father Blackwood’s turn to host. The Council is unaware of the events that have transpired within the last month and should they find out what the Spellmans did to the Dark Lord, they’ll all be punished.


Zelda and Hilda pray to Lilith

Dorcas, Agatha, Melvin, and Elspeth take knee at their bedside as Zelda leads the coven in prayer. Afterward, Zelda confides in Hilda. She’s having difficulty praying to the Dark Lord, who wished for their enslavement. Hilda proposes they tell the coven the truth and pray to Lilith moving forward. However, Zelda can’t bring herself to do it. Besides, they have a more immediate problem with the Council’s arrival. Hilda claims that she has the perfect recipe for them.

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Zelda and Hilda prepare for the arrival of the Council. Hilda is using a glamour to disguise herself as Faustus. She’s also baked a honey cake to influence the Council.


Zelda decides to tell the students the truth

Zelda offers the Council members honey cake as Hilda, posing as Faustus arrives. They wish to discuss Faustus’ absence from last month’s intercoven meeting. There is one other point of order as well. Some of the members of the wider council have reported a loss of power. They question if Faustus has experienced such symptoms. Hilda say that she hasn’t and suggests that they pray to the Dark Lord for guidance. They explain that they have, one even claiming that he spoke to the Dark Lord just that morning despite the Spellmans having him imprisoned. Afterward, once the Council has left, Zelda and Hilda discuss the matter in which the Council lied and claimed to have spoken to the Dark Lord. If Zelda is to rebuild the coven from the ground up, then she must tell them the truth about the Dark Lord.

Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, Elspeth, and the remaining members of the coven take a knee at their bedside as Zelda and Hilda announce that they will be praying to Lilith rather than the Dark Lord, alarming the coven.[23]


Zelda has big plans for today

Zelda enlists in Hilda’s help with running the Academy. However, Hilda had plans to see Dr. Cee, not that Zelda is concerned, as they have an assembly.


Zelda leads the coven in a prayer

Zelda holds an assembly for with the coven. Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth watch on as Zelda recalls how her brother Edward stood on the same spot she is and told his students that there’s no limit to what they can achieve with hard work and dedication. Zelda stands before them with a message of equal hope. With Hilda at her side, Zelda leads the prayer to Lilith. Unbeknownst to them, Lucifer sits in the dungeon just beneath their feet, angered by their abandonment of him. Lucifer opens his mouth as dozens of beetles crawl out and escape through the break in the salt circle.


Someone calls Zelda a bitch

Agatha, Melvin, and Elspeth are among the dozen witches and warlocks seated as Zelda teaches class. Zelda hears laughter behind her back, but every time she turns around, the class is silent. She looks to the chalkboard to see that someone has written "Lady Blackwood is a bitch." She demands to know the witch or warlock responsible. When no one fesses up, she dismisses the class.


Zelda and Hilda learn that Elspeth attacked Melvin

Zelda is in disbelief that one of her students called her a bitch. She doubts that they would’ve shown Father Blackwood the same disrespect despite him being a bitch by both Zelda and Hilda’s account. Melvin enters bloodied and bruised. He claims that Elspeth tried to kill him.


Zelda slaps Agatha

As Zelda teaches a class, Agatha starts laughing hysterically. Zelda demands that she stop. When she doesn’t and even goes as far as calling Zelda a bitch, Zelda slaps Agatha in front of the entire class, forcing Hilda to intervene as Elspeth and Melvin comfort Agatha.


Zelda and Hilda realize that the Dark Lord is present

Hilda makes Zelda a cup of tranquility tea. Zelda regrets having slapped Agatha, explaining that it just happened. Hilda discovers that the cream for Zelda’s tea has spoiled despite it being fresh earlier that morning. Zelda explains that curdled cream in a witch’s cup can only mean one thing. The Devil’s afoot. Melvin then enters the office and present them with a beetle found in Agatha’s hair. Meaning the Dark Lord is certainly near. Hilda then pulls a beetle from Zelda’s hair, concluding that it was actually the Dark Lord who struck Agatha.


Zelda tells the students to look for the Dark Lord

Zelda and Hilda inform the coven of the Dark Lord’s presence. They send the young witches and warlocks on a mission to search the academy in groups of twos. Melvin and Elspeth are among them. Zelda warns them against engaging should they find the Dark Lord or sense his presence. And Hilda warns them to rush back to the lobby should the flame on their candle burn blue.


Zelda and Hilda confront Sabrina

Sabrina returns home, where she is confronted by Hilda and Zelda after they discovered that the Dark Lord is chained up in the dungeon of the Academy. Zelda also informs Sabrina that Cassius stopped by to deliver books on soul transference, so they know what she’s planning. Sabrina explains that she couldn’t just leave Nick in Hell. She owed it to Nick to at least try and get Lucifer out of his body and into someone else’s. Zelda questions who Sabrina had in mind that could possibly be strong enough to act as a prison for the Dark Lord, to which Sabrina has no answer. Ambrose and Prudence teleport in the room with Father Blackwood as their prisoner, presenting the Spellmans with a new prison for the Dark Lord.


Zelda and Sabrina perform the soul transference spell

Sabrina visits her father at the Academy, who upon first glance determines that something is different about Sabrina. She replies that she dragged her first soul to Hell. Lucifer asks how did it make her feel. She replies that it made her feel like she’s capable of anything. The infernal bailiff brings Faustus in. Closely followed behind by Zelda, who intends to assist Sabrina with the soul transference spell.[24]


Zelda denies that she is getting sick

Downstairs, in the kitchen, the Spellmans discuss Nick’s state of mind. Hilda asks how he’s doing and inquires about his foot. Ambrose explains that the malformation is a remnant of having the Dark Lord inside him. Given enough time, it should revert back on its own. Zelda imagines that Sabrina’s reunion with Nick last night must’ve been worthwhile given they slept in the same bed, but Sabrina claims that they didn’t have sex. Zelda then addresses the fact that Sabrina went to Hell without her permission. Zelda then asks Ambrose to return to the Academy as a teacher. Ambrose declines her offer as he has been illuminated to everything that he does not know during his time abroad. Magicks beyond his experience and imagination. Ambrose wishes to be a master of the mystic arts, and the only way to do that is through research. In that case, Zelda appoints Ambrose as the Academy’s librarian. Zelda then sneezes. Hilda suspects that she’s coming down with a cold, but Zelda has never been sick a day in her life. Nick joins them in the kitchen to take Sabrina to school. Zelda reminds Sabrina that after school, Sabrina is excepted to return to the Academy.


Zelda tells the students not to fly without supervision

At the Academy, Zelda discusses a leadership opportunity with Prudence. She wants to designate her Prefect of Students. Her duties would be administrative as well as teaching. Melvin interrupts to inform Zelda that Gerald is dead. She suspects it was through the Dark Lord’s influence, but Agatha and Dorcas inform her that Gerald tried to fly, but he fell instead. Prudence then looks over to Elspeth, who appears to have caught a cold. Zelda orders that she be taken to a warm bed. She also says that henceforth, there is to be no unsupervised flying.


Zelda tells everyone to act normal

Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence convene to discuss the Church of Night’s current state of crisis; a warlock dead and coven members stricken with fevers and weaknesses. Zelda appears to be getting sick as well, which is a great worry for Hilda. Zelda suspects that they may be under attack, perhaps from another coven. Hilda recalls the Council mentioning a loss of potency. Until they know more, it will be business as usual. Hilda will tend to the ill. Distract them so that they don’t start asking questions. Zelda states that they must stand together, and they will prevail.

Zelda returns to the classroom to find Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth reading "Buxom and the Beast." Elspeth explains that it’s a witchy romance novel written by Hilda, which loosely reflects Hilda’s relationships with Dr. Cerberus, and Zelda’s means to end it.


Zelda confronts Hilda about her novel

Hilda is reading the book out loud to several witches and warlocks when Zelda arrives and scolds her for her cruel depictions. Hilda reveals that Cerberus helped her get it published. Zelda reminds Hilda that they’re in a moment of grave crisis and her responsibility is solely to the Academy. However, while Hilda is willing to help the children in whatever way she can, the Academy is Zelda’s calling, not hers. Hilda only has a duty to herself, which she plans to fulfill by joining Dr. Cerberus at the carnival. Bitter of her sister’s decision to put herself over the coven, Zelda erases the book of any writing.[25]


Zelda and Hilda prepare for the Hare Moon

Hilda and Zelda bake goods in preparation for the Hare Moon, which Sabrina remarks isn’t even a real holiday, rather an excuse to eat pie and drink wine at a picnic. It’s a symbolic gesture, giving thanks to rabbits. While this is admittedly true, Zelda explains it’ll give the coven a moment of reprieve and a moment of distraction from their waning powers. With Sabrina as the coven’s youngest living member, she has to be their symbolic hare and must walk into the woods and release the pardoned rabbit whilst singing a song of summer.


The Spellmans are at fault for their loss of power

At the Academy, in the library, Ambrose explains to Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda that it’s their fault the coven's powers are waxing and waning. The Pendle Coven suffered a similar power loss in 1612. It seems they offended the Dark Lord in some way, and so he withdrew his gifts from them a little at a time and then all at once. They merely offended him, while the Spellmans on the other hand, dethroned and imprisoned him. The Pendle Coven never got their powers back and was wiped out by witch-hunters several months later.


The Spellmans confront Lucifer

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda confront Lucifer after discovering that he is responsible for their loss of power. Zelda demands that he restore their power. He agrees to do so only if they set him free. When they refuse, Lucifer reveals that Sabrina is Queen of Hell, despite Zelda and Hilda being under the impression that Lilith was queen. Sabrina explains that she doesn’t precisely have claim to the throne. She’s being challenged by a prince of Hell named Caliban. Zelda refuses to allow Sabrina to dedicate herself to Hell. Sabrina claims she did it to save the realm, but Zelda claims Sabrina did it for selfish reasons; power and because she has a savior complex. Zelda even accuses Sabrina of choosing Hell over the coven, which both Sabrina and Hilda denies. Ambrose interrupts to remind them of their more immediate concern that they’ve been rendered powerless by the Dark Lord. They need a new source of mystic energy. Sabrina surmises that as Queen of Hell, she should have access to the same powers Lucifer does. Since that Dark Lord’s power is infernal, it must come from Hell. Sabrina will claim it and use it to power the coven. Zelda approves of Sabrina’s plan, but only if Ambrose accompanies her.


Zelda learns about Hilda’s engagement

Zelda and Hilda question why Sabrina constantly lies to them. Sabrina being the Queen of Hell changes everything. It’s the lies that bother Zelda above all else, the family is seemingly riddled with them. Hilda takes this time to share with Zelda that Dr. Cee proposed to her. Zelda claims that she’s not mad, though she accuses both Hilda and Sabrina of deserting her, the family, and the coven in their greatest moment of need.


Zelda hopes that Hilda’s idea works

Sabrina returns home to Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda with the small vile of angels blood, much to their disappointment, as Sabrina explains that Dorian drank the rest of it. Unfortunately, that won’t be nearly enough to replenish the coven’s power. Hilda suspects if they use it another way other than drinking it then they may be able to energize the coven. Hilda recalls something she did when she was a student at the Academy. She took a moon bath. It’s a ceremony that witches used to perform during the celebration of the Hare Moon. They would rub their bodies with oils and bathe in the moonlight. It was meant to be a symbolic rebirth. Light from the moon was meant to replenish them. But if they take that angel's blood and mix it with certain oils and then rub it onto their bodies and bathe in the light of the Hare Moon, the symbolic rebirth could be literal. The moonlight would activate the angel's blood, which in turn would allow their skin to actually absorb the energies of the moon. Hilda takes the blood to preparing the anointing oils. Zelda then thanks both Hilda and Sabrina.


The Church of Night celebrate Hare Moon

The entire coven gathers in the Greendale woods and sings as tradition would require for the Hare Moon. They form an aisle, which Sabrina walks down the middle of while holding the hare. She then walks the hare into the woods to pardon it. There, she crosses paths with a mysterious group wearing strange masks. Sabrina returns to find that Nick has joined them. However, she is being followed by the mysterious group wearing masks.


The Church of Night meets the Pagans

The Church of Night is confronted by Pagan witches who are looking for somewhere to celebrate their holiday as well; Ostra. Zelda and Hilda invite Pan, Circe, Nagaina and the rest of their coven to join them. Elspeth asks if they should say a prayer of thanks to Lilith, much to Pan’s surprise, who questions why they wouldn’t pray to their Dark Lord. Zelda tells Elspeth that no prayer is necessary. Pan explains that his coven prays to others.


Zelda tells Pan that her coven comes from the old country

Pan asks Zelda and Ambrose how long have their people have been in Greendale. They reply that they’ve been there for generations, stemming from the old country. Zelda asks where Pan’s community hails from. She deduces that they’re drifters. She hopes that Greendale is just one of many stops and that they’ll be moving on soon. Pan isn’t sure, explaining that there’s something about Greendale that makes him want to set down roots.


The Spellmans perform a spell

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discuss the Pagan witches they’ve crossed paths with. Zelda claims that they only seek to cause chaos. She thought that they were gone from the entire country. Ambrose thought that Pagan witches died out entirely when Satanic witches ascended. When Christians came to power. Sabrina suggests conjuring a storm to make them leave as they still have to take their Moon bath. The Spellmans join hands to conjure a storm and make it rain. The clouds darken, but they fail to conjure the storm. Pan notices the Spellman off behind a tree holding hands, but doesn't react.


Zelda tells the pagans it’s better if they leave

Dorcas is bitten by a snake and falls to the ground. Nagaina takes her leg and sucks the venom out. Nick returns with the snake after cutting it in half. Nagaina is enraged, referring to Nick as a murderer and explaining that it was the snake’s home they invaded. With that, Pan, Circe, and Nagaina decides to take their people and leave. Zelda agrees, stating that they were there first. Pan retorts that the pagans were there first, before the false god. Before the Dark Lord, the old gods reigned, and the pagans worshiped them. Now, something has happened and their time has come around again.


Zelda sends Dorcas with a peace offering to the Pagans

They gather to discuss their recent run-in with pagans. Zelda asks Nick what does he have to say for himself after killing a snake in front of Nagaina. Ambrose points out that they probably worship snakes. Nick is unapologetic. Zelda informs the coven that pagans are not to be trifled with, especially not while they’re without powers. Hilda suggests sending an offering to make amends. She asks Nick to give them her Moon pie, but he refuses, exclaiming that he’s done enough to protect the coven and storms off. In his place, Zelda asks Dorcas to take the pie. She agrees and Prudence offers to send Melvin and Agatha with her, but Dorcas turns down the security. Prudence sends Agatha nonetheless.


Zelda glows in the moonlight

The rest of the coven, save for Nick, Agatha, and Dorcas, apply the sacred oil all over their exposed body as the moon peaks. The coven lays down on the ground and forms a circle as Hilda explains why they honor the Hare Moon. It’s light will shine on them, and they will reclaim their power. Hilda looks to the moon and asks that it bless them with its gifts and energies. They offer their bodies in exchange for their magicks multiplying in the spirit of the Hare. The coven holds hands to seal the circle and their skin glows blue.


Zelda orders the coven to return to the academy

The moon suddenly darkens above the Church of Night. Ambrose remarks that an eclipse would be impossible at such a time, leaving Zelda and Hilda to conclude that they’re under attack by the pagans. The moon bath won’t work under the eclipsed moon. Zelda orders Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Melvin, and Elspeth to gather their belongings and return to the Academy, even with that meaning leaving Nick and Prudence’s sisters unprotected and lost in the woods. Zelda explains that once the coven has fortified behind their walls, only then will they plot their counter-attack.


The witches are confronted by the pagans

The Church of Night reconvene in the dormitory, where they will sleep together so that everyone is protected. However, they discover that their beds are infested with snakes. Melvin then informs the coven that the pagans are outside. They open the Academy’s doors to find Pan, Nagaina, Circe, and the pagans hidden within the fog. Pan warns them that their time is over and that the old gods are returning, as well as the old ways. He tells them to either bow and pray to their gods or be killed. They have three days to decide. The pagans disappear, leaving behind a crazed Agatha and a petrified Dorcas.


The Spellman’s decide to free Lucifer

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda retreat to the main office to discuss their next choice of action. The pagans are a clear and present danger. And they are without strength. They have no other choice but to free the Dark Lord. There will be hell to pay for their actions, but he’ll crush the pagans under his hoof. Sabrina volunteers to go down and talk to him.[26]


Zelda and Hilda encourage Sabrina to participate in the second regalia challenge

The second challenge of the Unholy Regalia is about to commence. Sabrina and Lilith arrive at the Academy to find Prudence, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Elspeth, Melvin, the Plague Kings, and Caliban awaiting her. By Infernal Law, the Kings declare that the second quest begin. Sabrina and Caliban must seek and retrieve Pontius Pilate’s Pontius Pilate's Bowl. Sabrina attempts to postpone the challenge, but Lilith informs her that by not accepting the challenge, she threatens the existence of the Church of Night. Sabrina is at fault for that the balance of the cosmos being tipped, the pagans returning, and her coven’s loss of power. It’s all a direct result of Sabrina’s refusal to claim the throne. However, if she can uncover the Unholy Regalia, she may stand a chance of replenishing her coven’s energy. Sabrina is reluctant, but with an attacking front the pagans nearing, Zelda orders her to accept the challenge and win, for the sake of the coven.


Zelda decides to summon the hedge witches

Zelda and Hilda discuss their current dilemma regarding the pagans. Should they surrender, it spells certain doom for the coven. But with their powers waning and the Academy's defenses all but eroded, they stand little chance of defending themselves against the pagans' might. They wonder what Edward would do. As Zelda has her back turned, Hilda starts to choke and a web shoots out her and grabs a cookie off the plate. She then recovers and reminds Zelda that in a time like this, Edward would call on other witches for help, such as Dezmelda. He'd send out a distress signal to other wayward witches. A summoning spell to assemble the disenfranchised hedge witches. Zelda doubts they have the power to enact such a ritual. However, Ambrose and Prudence interrupt to inform her that they could use the stones buried beneath their clearing to amplify their energies to enhance a distress signal. With a fortified coven, they might stand a chance against the pagans.


Zelda gathers the coven

Dorcas, with her energies, should complete the circle of stones that’ll hopefully allow Zelda and Ambrose to summon the disenfranchised hedge witches. As they prepare, Zelda gathers the coven.

The boil on Hilda’s face has grown immensely. She squeezes it and baby spiders come crawling out. She hides this from Zelda with a rag, claiming a toothache. Zelda tells her it’s time for the summoning ritual.

Sabrina arrives just as Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the remaining members of the coven prepare to summon hedge witches for help against the pagans. Ambrose informs Sabrina that Nick is fine. He’s even applied leeches to suck the toxicity out his body.


Zelda and the others summon hedge witches

Their powers are depleted and their pagan enemies are closing in. Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the coven will use the very last of their natural magicks to call upon the wayward witches to join them as they stand within a circle of ancient stones. Together, they have the power to amplify their energy to broadcast their message. But it is up to them and their psychic intention to set them in harmony. As the Church of Night sends out a distress signal to any wayward witches, Agatha interrupts the summoning ceremony and breaks one of the stones in half with a sledgehammer. She then turns her attentions to Dorcas, but Prudence tackles Agatha and puts her in a choke hold as she explains that the Dark Lord freed her. With Agatha having interrupted the summoning ritual, Ambrose is doubtful any witches received their request for help. Melvin then arrives to inform the coven that the pagans killed Elspeth. Surrender was never an option. The pagans want to kill the Church of Night for their blood.


Zelda starts to lose hope

The Church of Night has nearly run out of time. Zelda and Hilda discuss the pagans’ intentions to kill them as their ancestors did to the pagan’s after the Unholy Wars. Hilda tries to tell Zelda that the pagans did something to her. She can feel herself changing, but Zelda doesn't listen. Zelda contemplates fleeing to the mountains, but she ultimately refuses to run. Ambrose interrupts with what he reveals to his aunts to be a jar containing traces of the Dark Lord's essence that they removed from Nick’s body.


Ambrose, Zelda, and Sabrina are confronted by the hedge witches

At the Academy, Ambrose and Zelda mix the Dark Lord’s residue with salt, thieves vinegar and Hoyt’s Cologne to create a warding resin that Ambrose has painted over every door, jam, and crevice. However, this concoction won’t keep the pagans at bay forever. Sabrina arrives and offers an extra pair of hands. Ambrose, Zelda, and Sabrina are then confronted by the summoned hedge witches, including Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, and Mambo Marie. Gryla demands to know why they were summoned against their will. For this act, she declares that everyone in the Academy will die.[27]


Zelda welcomes the hedge witches

Zelda, Sabrina, and Ambrose welcome Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, and Mambo Marie, who claim they were summoned against their will. Zelda explains that none of them are safe on their own with the arrival of a community of pagans, including a Gorgon and the great god Pan. Mambo Marie advises her fellow witches to at least hear the Spellmans out as opposed to attacking them. They face a common enemy and are forced to unite in order to survive. Zelda pleads with Gryla to hear her out and tells Sabrina to fetch them some food and drinks.


Zelda invites the hedge witches to start a new coven

Gryla points out that the Church of Night has always turned their kind, hedge witches, away. For centuries, they've had to brave the wilderness alone. She questions why she should help them. Zelda explains that their numbers are depleted. Their magicks non-existent. They need strength, and if the wayward witches agree to help, the Academy could be their home too. They could make a new coven together. Mambo Marie admits that there is wisdom in what she says. Better to be united for what is coming. As for the Dark Lord, he’s still at large but trapped in a flesh Acheron, with his strength muted. Zelda asks that the witches stand with them against the pagans when they come in three days. She tells Pesta to poison the soil around the Academy so if any pagan touches it, they'll shrivel with disease. As for sleeping quarters, Zelda has arranged for them to stay at the Desecrated Church and tells Sabrina, Prudence, and Nick to prep it.


Zelda blows Lilith off

Lilith arrives at the Academy in search of safe haven from the Dark Lord. However, Zelda informs Lilith that they’re more concerned with the pagans at the moment. Lilith offers to help, but Zelda doesn’t trust her and turns Lilith away. Lilith, no longer seeking the help of the Church of Night, realizes she needs the help of a good Christian if she's to hide from Lucifer.


Zelda is distrustful of Mambo Marie

Prudence assists Mambo Marie as she teaches the coven a Haitian dance of protection. However, they are interrupted by Zelda, who is not pleased nor is she amused. Zelda calls Prudence into her office to scold her. Prudence informs Zelda that Mambo Marie is no stranger. Prudence and Ambrose met her in New Orleans. She helped them find Blackwood. It was Prudence who invited Mambo Marie to Greendale. Separate from the summoning. She just happened to arrive at the same time as the hedge witches, but she is certainly not one of them. They are in the fight for their lives against the pagans, and if they’re going to survive it, they’ll need to adapt, Prudence explains, after having witnessed Mambo Marie’s magick firsthand. She doesn't get power from the Dark Lord, she gets it from somewhere else, and if they could learn where, maybe they too could gain power. However, Zelda is stuck in her ways. Never in the history of the Church of Night has an outsider been allowed to lead a ceremony. Prudence accuses Zelda of only inviting the hedge witches because they can't challenge her status. Zelda explains that Mambo Marie is Catholic.


Zelda befriends Mambo Marie

Mambo Marie interrupts and apologizes if Zelda was frightened by her ceremony. She promises that the only spirits she invites in are the ones she knows and trust. She introduces herself as Mambo Marie LeFleur, Vodouisant of the Fourth Ward. She takes Zelda’s hand and sees her mèt-tèt. He is beautiful and powerful. While it is true, Prudence invited her, Mambo Marie has been waiting for an invitation all her life. Her mèt-tèt told her, long ago, that something was coming. Something very old and very evil and that if she could summon her courage, she might play a role in helping to beat it back. Zelda admits that she’s wary of newcomers but is in no position to refuse help and asks her to stay, as their honored guest.

Hilda calls Zelda and tells her that she killed Dr. Cerberus. She asks Zelda to bring a gun to Cerberus Books.


Zelda kills Hilda at her behest

Zelda arrives at Cerberus Books with a shotgun in hand. She finds the shop covered in spiderwebs. Hilda slowly approaches Hilda from the darkness. Hilda reveals that the pagans turned her into a spider woman and that is why Zelda has to shoot her. Zelda points her gun at Hilda fires.


Zelda wants her family to talk honestly again

Zelda buries Hilda’s body in the cemetery. Unbeknownst to her, Mary Wardwell watches from the nearby woods. Afterward, she returns inside, where she, Sabrina, and Ambrose discuss how Hilda killed Dr. Cerberus and how if Hilda told them the truth about her metamorphosis, they could’ve simply had Circe revert her back rather than Zelda having to kill her and bury her in the Cain Pit. It’s for that reason, Zelda demands they start talking as a family again. If Zelda’s hunch is correct, Hilda should rise from the pit as her normal self. Lastly, Zelda tells Sabrina and Ambrose that they’ll dine as a family and return to the Academy with Hilda to combat the pagans once she rises.

While waiting in the parlor for Hilda to resurrect, Zelda hears a knock at the door. She answers. Mary Wardwell pulls a gun from her jacket and shoots Zelda in the chest, stating that "this is for Adam."[28]


Zelda‘s family finds her bleeding on the floor

The gunshot fired by Mary Wardwell echoes throughout Spellman Mortuary. Sabrina and Ambrose find Zelda bleeding out on the floor. Ambrose runs for help as Sabrina stays by Zelda’s side. He returns with Prudence and Mambo Marie. They take Zelda downstairs into the embalming room and remove the bullet. They’re going to need great strength if they are going to save her. While Zelda remains alive, she is stuck in limbo, Mambo Marie explains. All they can do is burn the violet candles and wait to see if Zelda can find her way back. They are startled by sudden loud wailing.


Zelda informs Hilda that they are in Limbo

While trapped in limbo, Zelda finds herself back in the Spellman house, where Hilda is whipping up breakfast. Hilda waits for Dr. Cerberus to join them, but Zelda reminds Hilda how she transformed into a giant spider and killed him. And then, Zelda killed her. Hilda’s buried in the Cain Pit. And then Wardwell shot Zelda, who deduces that they’re in the Nether Realm. They have to find a way back to stop the pagans. However, they are speechless at the arrival of their brother Edward.


Zelda believes that Edward is supposed to guide her

Zelda and Hilda ask if Edward knew the truth about Sabrina's lineage; the Dark Lord is her father. Edward admits that he did. He and Diana made an appeal to the Dark Lord, begged for a child. He didn’t tell Zelda and Hilda because Sabrina needed to find her own path, as Zelda must find hers now. Edward will guide her as he always has. Zelda recalls Mambo Marie saying that everyone has a mèt-tèt. A spirit that’s been with them all their lives and guides them. Zelda concludes that’s why she’s in limbo; to find a solution to all their problems.


Zelda looks at the page she couldn’t see as a young girl

Edward takes Zelda and Hilda into the past, when they were students at the Academy. Time exists simultaneously in the Nether Realm. They’re simply visiting a memory of Zelda and Faustus studying in the library. Zelda questions what Faustus is reading that has him so upset. He says nothing and tears a piece of paper from a book and throws it in the trash. Zelda and Hilda retrieve the page, but can only make out the moon symbol inscribed on the page.


Zelda finds another clue on Sabrina’s baby blanket

Edward guides Hilda and Zelda back to the Mortuary. Back to the day of the plane crash that killed him and Diana. A younger Zelda and Hilda find Sabrina crying on the floor. They pick her up while concerned for the well-being of Edward and Diana. As they leave, Edward shows Hilda and Zelda the blanket in Sabrina’s basket, which has a half-moon stitched on it.


Zelda sees the future and realizes what she has to do

After exploring their past, Edward takes Hilda and Zelda to see their future. They enter a room, where a group of witches are standing vigil, praying for a safe crossing to the afterlife for a much older and dying Zelda. Sabrina tells Zelda that she loves her and couldn’t have asked for a better mother, before telling her to rest and let go. Edward then gestures towards the framed photos on the wall of the new moon, half-moon, and full-moon. Maiden, Mother, Crone. She realizes what Edward has been attempting to show her. It’s the three phases of the moon and the three phases of a witch’s life.


Zelda returns from Limbo and gets killed by Faustus

Zelda returns to her body and awakens with the answers to the coven regaining power and defeating the pagans. However, she’s too late. Before her stands a banshee. She looks over to her left to see Faustus standing over Mambo Marie’s body. He then stabs Zelda in the chest, killing her.[29]


Sabrina warns her family that Faustus and Agatha are coming to kill them

Sabrina teleports into the embalming room to warn Ambrose, Prudence, and Mambo Marie that Blackwood is on the way to kill them. Sabrina insists that they leave or else they’ll all die. They relocate to Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina tells Prudence that the hedge witches are locked in the Desecrated Church. If she brings them to Dorian’s, they might be able to bolster Zelda’s strength. Ambrose questions how Sabrina knows all of this, but she can’t tell him. Sabrina the leaves in search of her friends.


Zelda wakes up with the solution to their problems

Sabrina returns to Dorian’s, where Ambrose, Prudence, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, Melvin, and the coven have gathered. Zelda awakens with the knowledge of her to repower the coven and defeat the pagans. Zelda then asks about Hilda, who hasn’t resurrected from the Cain Pit. Zelda saw the future, and Hilda lives to be an old crone. Zelda will use what she learned in the next life to drag her back into this life.


Zelda prays to Hecate to restore the powers of her coven and resurrect Hilda

Zelda returns to the Cain Pit, where she buried Hilda, and with the help of Sabrina, Roz, Pesta, Dezmelda, Gryla, Mambo Marie, Sycorax, Mother Hubbard, and several other witches, call on the Triple Goddess Hecate. Ambrose, Melvin, Salem, Harvey, Robin, Theo, and Nick watch from the sideline. All the witches and women present gather in circle around Zelda as she invoke the Goddess. The wind suddenly stops blowing and Hilda’s hand rises from the dirt.


Zelda and Hilda consider giving Mary Wardwell to the pagans

After digging Hilda up, Sabrina, Zelda, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, Robin, Nick, Melvin, Roz, and Harvey discuss the pagans and just how they intend to stop them from implanting everyone in town with the Green Man’s seed. Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. However, Robin explains that in that case, the pagans will get seeded and offer themselves up. Also, they still need their virgin. Along with Harvey, there’s still Ms. Wardwell, who Zelda recalls shot her. Sabrina will track down Ms. Wardwell while Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby to put the entire town to sleep.


Zelda tells the coven to drive every pagan out of Greendale

After stopping the Pagans from resurrecting the Green Man, Ambrose and Zelda catch up to Pan, who transforms in front of them as his gaze is madness incarnate. However, before they can be driven insane, Prudence stabs Pan with her sword, killing him.


The Spellmans celebrate their victory over the pagans

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda return home, where they celebrate their victory over the pagans. Ambrose assumes that Sabrina will be going back to Hell to finish the third and final challenge, but Sabriba claims that she’s already won the Unholy Regalia. However, she does have to go back to Hell to finish her business there, and she’s not sure when she’ll be back. Zelda and Hilda start to cry, as Queen of Hell is not the life they had planned for Sabrina. Sabrina says her goodbyes and leaves.


Zelda and Mambo Marie kiss

Zelda informs Mambo Marie that they are now the Order of Hecate, worshiping the three-in-one. Mambo Marie tells Zelda that there’s an even darker presence on the horizon. She must harness her coven’s maternal power for protection and prepare them for war. Zelda asks if Mambo Marie will be sticking around. She replies only if she’s welcome, and in a surprising turn of events, Zelda and Mambo Marie kiss.

Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose sit quietly around the dinner table, all feeling Sabrina’s absence. Sabrina then teleports home and reveals that she changed her mind. She no longer wants to be Queen.


The Spellmans see that the cuckoo clock has fallen from the wall

The Spellmans eat dinner as a family. Zelda complements Hilda on a well prepared meal and comments that it’s nice to have things back to normal. Ambrose retorts that it won’t stay like that for long in Greendale, as everything has consequences, and there are always loose ends, looking to Sabrina, who unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, created a time paradox. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM, the cuckoo clock on the wall begins chirping and suddenly falls off the wall.[30]

Physical Appearance

Zelda is a middle-aged woman with red hair, green eyes, and a glamorous fashion style that resembles that of an old Hollywood movie star - elegant necklaces, fur, and sunglasses. Her makeup includes pink lipstick and black mascara, and she is regularly seen with her golden cigarette holder.


Zelda is a glamorous, stern, proud, and sometimes haughty, but still softhearted witch, devout to the Church of Night. She follows the rules of the Church but is also willing to break them, to protect her family. Although she often abuses and kills Hilda, Zelda genuinely loves and cares about her; one of her greatest fears is losing her forever. Despite her devotion to the Dark Lord and the Church, Zelda has standards about certain things and even took Faustus Blackwood's daughter away because she was afraid that he might harm her because the baby was not a male heir. Zelda is willing to always do the right thing, proven when - despite her aversion to mortals - she and her family, summoned a tornado to lure them all to Baxter High to protect them from the Red Angel of Death. Zelda is also the one who comforted Sabrina the best after her breakup with Harvey Kinkle, showing that she's also able to be emphatic and maternal to her niece. She considers herself an oath breaker and an abomination because She loves her family more than the Dark Lord.

One of her most defining traits is her maternal soul. Zelda cares deeply for children. She considers Sabrina a daughter and would kill anyone who tried to take Ambrose from her. She also has developed an attachment for Judith Blackwood after she took her from her father. She once used magic to protect Harvey from his father and saved a bunch of young witches including Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth, after Father Blackwood tried to poison them out of spite. Whenever Zelda gets particularly annoyed, by someone she tends to get very sarcastic.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands, or even gestures.
    • Astral Projection: Zelda is capable of astral projecting her spirit from her body.
    • Containment: The power to contain a being in a given area.
    • Demonic Exorcism: Zelda is able to perform an exorcism, with the help of other witches.
    • Atmokinesis: The power to control the weather. An example is when she and the other Spellmans created a tornado in order to lure every resident in Greendale to go on the Baxter High's basement.
    • Warding: The power to place protection spells and wards on places and people, shielding them from harm.
    • Teleportation: The ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move and control things with the mind.
  • Mind Control: The power to control another person's actions, thoughts and feelings.
  • Mediumship: Zelda is able to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead.
  • Longevity: As a full witch, Zelda ages at an especially slow rate.


Hilda Spellman

Zelda and her younger sister Hilda have a quite turbulent relationship, with Zelda frequently killing Hilda when she is annoyed by her. Despite this, Hilda and Zelda genuinely love each other. Zelda apologized to Hilda for all the suffering she put her through at the Academy of Unseen Arts, and she comforted her after she was rejected by Dr. Cerberus. Hilda showed that she loves her sister when she poisoned Shirley Jackson because the latter mistreated Zelda out of pettiness.

Sabrina Spellman

Zelda loves her niece Sabrina like she is her own daughter, she constantly worries about her and has high expectations of Sabrina. They often have arguments when it comes to the Dark Lord and certain witch traditions, but Zelda would always choose Sabrina’s well being over the Dark Lord‘s will. She made it clear that she wouldn’t let Sabrina be sacrificed at the Feast of Feasts, and was horrified and disgusted when she learned that the Dark Lord wanted to make Sabrina his Queen.

Prudence Blackwood

Prudence has a great amount of respect for Zelda, for her devoutness to the Dark Lord and the Church of Night. She helps Zelda hide Faustus Blackwood's daughter Leticia to protect her. After Zelda marries Father Blackwood, she became Prudence’s stepmother. In that time, Zelda showed Prudence how Father Blackwood was a ruthless misogynist who would let her die if he had to. When Father Blackwood poisoned the entire coven, Prudence immediately went to Zelda and her family and begged them to save Agatha and Dorcas.


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  • Zelda has a familiar in the shape of a dog named Vinegar Tom.
  • Zelda likes contact sport and movies.[31]
  • According to Zelda, all the Spellmans have been baptized under a Blood Moon, ie. October.
    • Sabrina's Dark Baptism was special because it coincided with the eclipsing of a Blood Moon, which is stated to only occur once every 66 years by Zelda.[4]
  • Zelda loves babies because they do not disappoint or leave. They have sweet-smelling heads, and plump, juicy flesh, and an endless potential to serve Satan.[32]
  • Zelda considers Ambrose a disgrace and a burden, and Sabrina the golden apple of her eye.
  • Zelda smokes cigarettes as an homage to Satan.


  • In Archie Comics, Zelda is the kinder of the two aunts.
    • In the 1971 comic series, she was plump and had green hair. She wore stereotypical witch clothes.
    • In the 2014 comic series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reinvented her as a slender, sinister brunette. She's the wickedest of the two, who is quite often making subtle references to cannibalism.
  • She is the blonde, austere and science-minded aunt in the 90s sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, although she's the easy-going, curly blonde aunt in the 1996 made-for-TV movie that launched the sitcom.


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