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Whyte Wyrm was a bar located on the south side of Riverdale. It was the local hangout of the Southside Serpents until it was purchased by Hiram Lodge.

Years later, the Whyte Wyrm now operates as a dance club after being relocated to La Bonne Nuit by the reformed Southside Serpents, led by Toni Topaz.


The Whyte Wyrm was a bar located in the Southside of Riverdale owned by bartender Hog Eye, and used as the local hangout of the Southside Serpents.

Joaquin guided Archie, Kevin and Moose to the Whyte Wyrm in the Southside after some thugs attacked Moose and destroyed Andrews Construction's equipment. The plan was to recognize if those thugs were Serpents, and then report it to Sheriff Keller. Once there, however, Archie got into a fight with Mustang. The then leader of the Serpents FP Jones intervened, sending the boys away but not Archie. He had already called Fred as soon as the boys had set foot in the club.[1]

It's basement is where Jason Blossom was murdered by his father. Jason made a deal with the Serpents. Transporting drugs across the border in exchange for help leaving Riverdale. FP held Jason hostage, but after Clifford shot him, FP, Joaquin and Mustang had to clean up and get rid of the corpse.[2]

The Whyte Wyrm continued to be a base of operations for many of the Serpents' activities, including as a simple post-school retreat for young Serpents. It was used for FP's Retirement Party, where Betty performed a strip tease - her initiation into the gang.[3]

After the Serpents were driven away from their homes, the Wyrm was purchased by Hiram Lodge from his daughter in exchange for ownership of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. He wanted it for its strategic position. The Wyrm was being used as the base of operations for the Ghoulies' Jingle Jangle dealings until Hiram moved it following Veronica's discovery of the drug lab.

The building was abandoned over the years, and a new Whyte Wyrm was opened by the reformed Serpents led by Toni Topaz in the old venue of the closed speakeasy La Bonne Nuit, under Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The new venue served as a dance club and bar, run by Toni with the help of Fangs Fogarty and Sweet Pea. Archie visited the club after returning to Riverdale, and was updated on recent developments by his friends.[4]

A common hangout for the Serpents who now work for the most part as truckers, the Wyrm is also often a meeting place for the Northsiders left in the ghost town. Patrons are also invited to karaoke nights.[5]


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