WICCA, or Women's Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association[1], is a club formed at Baxter High created and led by Sabrina Spellman. Theo Putnam is also one of the founding members.[2]


Due to the overwhelming harassment of young female students, Sabrina, Roz and Susie formed WICCA to ensure the safety of their fellow classmates. Sabrina cast a spell on Principal Hawthorne to keep away from school long enough for her to legitimize the club by going to the assistant Principal, Ms. Glover. Sabrina also volunteered Ms.Wardwell as faculty advisor. And before long, the club started gaining new members.[3]

Rosalind Walker, concerned by the lack of sex education at Baxter High, began collecting signatures starting with her friends Sabrina, Theo, Robin, and her boyfriend Harvey. She also pointed out that Riverdale High School even has condom machines in the bathrooms.[4]

In time for the school elections, Sabrina and Rosalind run as student representatives. Oppose to them, Billy Marlin and Carl Tapper, prominent Baxter High Ravens and jocks. Sabrina and Rosalind's agenda is to give voice and protection to the oppressed and outcasts, and to take care of providing funding for clubs other than the football team. For example, the astronomy club. They run their campaign as "teen witches" in honor of women harassed through time for their power and independent thinking. After winning the election, Sabrina and Rosalind begin to take note of the students' requests and steps to take.[5]





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  • The acronym of the club is spelled as Wicca, a form of modern pagan witchcraft.
  • Rosalind and Sabrina running as "teen witches" is also a reference to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.



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