Usually, it happens when you're 12 or 13, but my parents wanted the same monsignor who baptized me. Monsignor Murphy, he's a friend of the family, to confirm me, as well. [...] During the ceremony, Monsignor will ask me to renounce Satan, which, of course I will. But otherwise, you mostly do things in advance. Like picking a sponsor. I asked my abuelita. And performing charitable works. I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen, if you'd care to join me.
Veronica telling Archie about the confirmation.[src]

Veronica's Confirmation Ceremony is a religious rite of confirmation typically meant to represent a coming of age. Veronica's was postponed due to her parents wanting the same monsignor who baptized her.


Preparing for the Confirmation


Veronica being fitted for her confirmation

After running several errands for Hiram, Archie returned to the Pembrooke to find Veronica being fitted by her mother and Terry for her beautiful white confirmation dress. She told Archie that confirmation ceremonies typically happen around the age of twelve or thirteen, but her parents wanted the same monsignor who baptized her, Monsignor Murphy, to confirm her, as well. Fortunately, he's a friend of the Lodges. The ceremony is a big deal to her entire family. A lot of them were coming in for it. During the ceremony, Monsignor will ask her to renounce Satan, which, of course she will. But otherwise, most of what was required of her was done in advance. Like picking a sponsor and performing charitable works. She had asked her abuelita to sponsor her while also agreeing to volunteer at a soup kitchen, which she hoped Archie would join her for. Hiram then enters the room to the sight of Veronica in her ceremonial dress, and was amazed with her beauty. He was just as excited as her for the confirmation. With her being confirmed in front of their family, he was the happiest and proudest father alive.

In the student lounge with Archie, Veronica invited Betty, Jughead and Kevin to her confirmation ceremony. Usually those kinds of events were strictly for the family, but since the confirmation was all about Veronica and they are her chosen family, she managed to pull a few strings and reserve them a pew. They were expected to adhere to a specific dress code, Catholic chic. Dresses for the girls, veils optional. And coats and ties for the boys.


Hermione with Veronica's gift from the St. Clairs

Veronica returned home to find a gift awaiting her. Hermione told her that it was a confirmation present from the St. Clairs. Veronica questioned what would make them think that they had the right to send her a gift after everything that went down between them when they were in town. Hermione explained that it's what families that are in their line of business do. Even when they're at war. They give gifts to show respect Or, in this case, to try and make amends for the events that had transpired. Whatever the gift was, Veronica wanted no parts of it, instructing her mother to burn or regift it. As she was leaving, Hermione told her that Simone St. Clair called to follow up on this gift and that during that call, she said that Archie paid Nick an unfriendly visit. Hermione asked Veronica if this was true. Which it was.


Sierra and Josie apologizing

The next day, Josie and Sierra stopped by the Pembrooke to offer an apology after Pickens Day. Admittedly, Sierra had misgivings about some of the decisions that Hermione and Hiram were making which admittedly was wrong and inappropriate. Given the stressful times, neither Veronica nor Hermione held any grudges. In fact, as proof of this, Veronica invited them both to her confirmation. Sierra graciously accepted as this made giving them their gift that much easier. The gift of which she spoke of was Josie's offer to sing at Veronica's confirmation. While Veronica already had plans to sing herself, Hermione accepted Josie's offer for her so that they could perform a duet. When Veronica asked Josie if she knows the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, Josie told her that she could learn.


Archie and Veronica volunteering at a soup kitchen

At the soup kitchen, where he and Veronica were volunteering to feed those in need, Archie told Veronica that her father invited him to his poker game to serve drinks, bus tables and cut cigars despite those games being private, consisting only of her father's inner-inner-circle. When Archie asked if there's a reason that he shouldn't go, Veronica pulled him to the side to explain that this floating poker game is a long-standing tradition. It's been happening for decades. It's incredibly high stakes, in every sense of the word. Archie's going to have to be extremely careful around the other players. Veronica just wanted to make sure that he didn't get hurt because while the other players are old friends and relatives, they were old school, much like Hiram; Industry Titans that Archie doesn't want to cross.


Veronica confronting her father about Archie

After leaving the soup kitchen, Veronica confronted her father in his study over inviting Archie to work his Casino Royal. She was worried that he might find out all their family's secrets even though business isn't discussed when the family gathers for such sacred celebrations as a confirmation ceremony. However, knowing her father, he had an agenda, and she wanted to know what it was. After hearing about how Archie took initiative with Nick St. Clair, Hiram wanted to see how he'd handle himself in a room of his peers. If their relationship persisted, at some point, they may need to bring Archie in. And while outsiders aren't traditionally brought into the family, Archie might be an exception due to him being more like them than he was initially was given credit for. However, Veronica disagreed. She said that he is nothing like them. And she didn't want him to be compromised. With that, Veronica was given a choice, either they bring him in, or he would stay on the outside, forever.


Veronica's confession

After sleeping on the ultimatum presented by her father, Veronica gave her confession to Monsignor Murphy at the church. It had been some time since her last confession. Veronica started it with asking for forgiveness as she had sinned. The Bible says gossiping is a sin. If that's true, then she's guilty. Also, she admitted to being, on occasion, disrespectful to her parents. But what she was most worried about was that she's doing something terrible to a person she loved i.e. Archie. Not only was she constantly withholding the truth, she feared that she was leading him down an unrighteous path. As someone who's known her family for longer than she's been alive, Veronica hoped Monsignor Murphy could understand her concern. And she prayed that he could offer some advice. "Ten Hail Marys, five Our Fathers." He said, before ending the confession.

Confirmation Ceremony


Veronica's ceremony

On the day of Veronica's confirmation, all her friends and family were in attendance for the event, from her mom and dad to Archie and Betty. She walked down the aisle in her white dress, singing Bitter Sweet Symphony alongside Josie. Upon reaching the altar, Veronica is given a cracker to eat and anointed by Monsignor Murphy. "Do you, Veronica Cecilia Lodge, renounce Satan and all evil works? And do you walk in the light of the Lord?" Before replying that she does, Veronica glanced over to her parents with a look of uncertainty. Just behind the two of them was Archie, and in seeing him smiling back at her, Veronica gained all the reassurance she needed to go through with the ceremony.

Post-Confirmation Party

Afterward, at the post-confirmation party at the Pembrooke, Sierra congratulated Hiram and Hermione on a beautiful service. With the sales finalized, she informed them that they were currently the proud owners of what was previously Southside High.

While Betty was off looking for Jughead, Veronica took Archie to meet her abuelita who couldn't help but pinch Archie's cheeks given his handsomeness.


Betty and Jughead discussing the Serpents and his mistakes

Betty found Jughead upstairs, looking over the staircase balcony. She commented that it wasn't like him to neglect a free buffet, which concerned her. Jughead told Betty about the Serpents' meeting to determine whether or not he would be kicked out the gang. He revealed to her that he messed up badly in breaking one of the Serpents' code. Jughead went on to tell Betty about the Snake Charmer and how she suckered him and his dad into delivery drugs, forcing him and the younger Serpents to find her, grab her and cut her. The worst part was that none of it even mattered because she was back. Every decision he had made since they broke up, including their breakup, only made things worse. Betty then got a call about the flyers they put up regarding the head to General Pickens' statue.


Veronica telling her father that she doesn't want Archie to be a part of their family

As they slow danced on the dance floor, Veronica thanked Archie for being there for her. She needed to see his face, even calling him her beacon in the night. Had he not been there, she didn't know what would've happen. Hiram then cut in on their dance as he wished to have the next dance with Veronica. After thinking it over, Veronica told him that she had decided that she didn't want Archie brought into their life.


Hiram calling in a hit

As the king pins plotted at the after party, Archie approached Hiram to tell him what he had learned. So the two of them head up to his study where Archie revealed that Poppa Poutine was planning to make a move against him. At the poker game, Archie overheard him say that Hiram was getting sloppy and that action needed to be taken. Hiram thanked Archie for delivering this message. He then sent him back downstairs to ensure that Veronica was having a good time. Once Archie was gone, Hiram made a call which would ultimately result in Poppa Poutine being found in his hotel room dead from a gunshot to the back of the head.


Veronica kissing Archie

Once Archie came back down to the main room, Veronica pulled him to the side to ask what he and her father were talking about. Much to Veronica's surprise given what she had told her father about not wanting Archie involved, Archie claimed that they were simply going over a few details for his internship. While she loved him, they couldn't continue dating unless he knew the truth about her family. She wanted to protect him from this but everyday he was getting deeper and deeper. The truth is that her father is as Archie put it, a mobster. While she wasn't going to put it so baldly, it wasn't just what he is, it's what he's planning to do in Riverdale. SoDale was just the beginning. Veronica attempted to tell Archie the full scope of her father's plan, but Archie wasn't interested in hearing it because he didn't need to know. He loved Veronica, and there was nothing she could ever say that would change that or make him regret being with her or scare him off. Surprised with his response, Veronica gave Archie a kiss.

After the party, Veronica received one last gift. She opened it to discover the head of General Pickens' statue. Realizing that it was actually for her parents, she called them over to deal with the head which was wrapped neatly in a box.[1]




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