Each fall, Riverdale High hosts a Variety Show. But this event is no mere student frolic.
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The Variety Show is an annual fall event in which students of Riverdale High School showcase their talent.


Archie Andrews auditioned for the 75th annual Variety Show, but soon became nervous and made many errors. As the host of the event, Kevin Keller allowed Archie to take his time, but he did not need it as he stormed off stage. Archie believed his stage fright was based in his need for a team, or at least a partner, like when he played football in front of crowds, so he asked Valerie Brown if she'd sing with him. Unfortunately, Valerie had to decline his offer because she was a Pussycat, meaning Josie would never allow it. Thanks to Veronica Lodge, who spoke to Kevin, Archie had a slot in the Variety Show if he still wanted it. Veronica also offered to sing with him, which he accepted. Archie's father Fred informed him that he would be attending the event with Hermione Lodge and had bought tickets for all the guys at Andrews Construction to see him perform.

After an argument with Josie McCoy, Valerie quit the Pussycats. She went to Archie and they practiced a song together in the student lounge, called "I Got You". To Veronica's surprise, she had been replaced, which she was not too pleased with, calling him a "Ginger Judas". Veronica immediately went to Josie and Melody Valentine and told them that their search for Valerie's replacement was over. It wasn't long before Archie and Valerie saw her again, strutting down the hallway with Josie and Melody, cat ears in place, the newest member of the band.

The day of the Variety Show, Archie had to let Valerie go, because he did not want to be "the guy that broke up The Beatles". He revealed that Josie's father Myles McCoy was in town, which Valerie realized was the reasoning for Josie's recent attitude, and with that in mind, she could renegotiate. Val and Josie reconciled, and she rejoined the group in time to perform. The foursome performed Donna Summer's hit song "I Feel Love" to great applause. The only person who was not impressed was Josie's father, who left in the middle of the song, which crushed Josie.

Following the Pussycats' performance, it was Archie's turn to get on stage, but before doing so, he had a brief discussion with Veronica, where they both apologized to each other for their earlier actions. Archie nervously took the stage alone that night, and sang one of his songs, "I'll Try". He performed his song amazingly, and left the entire crowd impressed. He left the stage and entered the hall to be pleasantly greeted by the other performers and players on the football team, as well as Valerie, they hugged and shared a kiss.[1]






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