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This article is about Tom Keller, who resides in Riverdale. You may be looking for his Rivervale counterpart, Tom Keller (Rivervale).

Don't lie to me, boy. Betty was here earlier, looking for you. We had a talk about what you've been doing. With everything that's going on right now, I need to know you're safe. You hear me? You hear me? I know that there's certain things that we don't talk about, maybe its time that we start trying. Okay? Okay son.
— Tom to Kevin[src]

Tom Keller is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Martin Cummins.

He is the father of Kevin Keller and the re-instated sheriff of Riverdale. He initially resigned from the position following the return of the Black Hood, who many believed was the deceased Joseph Svenson. However, after learning that Jellybean Jones was the Auteur, he was re-instated by Hiram, and with help from FP, Jughead, and Archie, found Jellybean's accomplices.

Early Life

Tom grew up in Riverdale and attended Riverdale High School alongside Fred Andrews, FP Jones, Alice Cooper, and Hermione Lodge, among others. During which time, he began dating Sierra McCoy. After graduation, Tom was made Sheriff of Riverdale. He also has a son, Kevin and a yet to be named ex-wife who is stationed at a Naval Base in Bahrain.

Throughout Riverdale

Physical Appearance

Sheriff Keller is a middle-aged man of average stature, around 5' 9" in height. He has tan skin, grey hair and hazel eyes. He also has a tattoo on his left arm. Along with his other physical features, Keller has a muscular physique that he maintains by working out which he claims he does not do for vanity, but for discipline and to push his limits. He has only ever been seen in his Sheriff uniform, therefore, an accurate description of his everyday wardrobe is currently unavailable.


Not much is known about Sheriff Keller other than he seems to be very serious about his work when it comes to obtaining the law. He is accepting of Kevin's sexuality, and encourages him to find "any nice gay guys at school."


Sierra McCoy

Tom Keller and Sierra McCoy kissing

Initially, the relationship between Tom and Sierra appeared to be strictly business. With him being the town's Sheriff and Sierra being the Mayor, it was perfectly normal to see the two together, however, due to them spending a lot of time with each other and their prior relationship during their high school years, at an unknown point, they started to redevelop romantic feelings for one another and began having an affair. With Sierra's distant relationship with her now ex-husband, Myles McCoy, and Tom's absentee wife, the two grew closer, thus leading to their current relationship and rekindling their high school relationship.

Kevin Keller

Kevin and Tom hugging after having a deep and emotional conversation with each other

Tom and Kevin share a close bond. When Tom became aware of his son's sexual orientation, he was very accepting and supportive of Kevin. Due to the threats constantly facing their town, they have a lack of interaction, but they obviously care for one another. After receiving word of Kevin's activities in the woods from Betty, Tom became more worried about his son's safety, admitting that there were certain things, such as Kevin's sexuality, that they never fully talked about. However, given all that was occurring, Tom was willing to start trying to be more involved in Kevin's life, as a concerned parent.


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