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I, Clifford Cochrane Blossom, being of sound mind and body, do here inscribe the terms of my last will and testament. Firstly, ownership of Thistlehouse will stay with our beloved matriarch, Roseanne Blossom.

Thistlehouse is the current residing place of Cheryl and Rose Blossom after their old family residence, Thornhill, was set ablaze and destroyed by Cheryl.


Following the Thornhill fire caused by Cheryl in an attempt to purify the evil of her relatives, the Blossom family moved to Thistlehouse, the guest house. Since then, Claudius Blossom had returned to Riverdale, taking up residence in Thistlehouse. Some time later, at the reading of Clifford's testamentary will, it was declared that the house was going to his mother, Roseanne. Cheryl was able to separate herself and Nana Rose from Penelope and Claudius, who were plotting against them and tried to kill Nana Rose to inherit the house. As a result, Penelope and Claudius no longer live in the guest house.[1]

After the tragic events of The Farm, Juniper and Dagwood were entrusted to the care of Cheryl and Nana Rose by Alice Smith.[2]

Thistlehouse has a private ancestral chapel dedicated to the Blossom family and regularly visited by family members until the property was inherited by Cheryl.[3] Since then the chapel has become the hiding place of Jason Blossom's taxidermed body. For a short time only Cheryl had access to the room locked by a gate until Toni discovered the secret.[4]

The late triplet Julian allegedly haunted the attic and, with the return of his twins Jason and Cheryl to Thistlehouse, resumed his haunting through a doll that Penelope used to comfort herself with when Cheryl and Jason were infants.[5] It was later revealed that Penelope was behind the alleged haunting, as she was jealous of the relationship between Cheryl and Jason and wanted to drive her daughter crazy.[6]




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