I was actually thinking I could maybe wear a suit to the dance. Because I'd feel better in a suit. Uh, I feel more myself in boy's clothes. Actually, dad, I don't think I'm a girl at all. Even though I look like a girl, even though I have a girl's name, even though you've always thought of me as a girl. I'm a boy. I feel good when people call me "he" and "young fella". Like Rozʼs grandma did. I can't keep going on as a girl anymore. I just can't, dad. [...] Theo. Maybe you could start by calling me Theo. After Dorothea.
— Theo to his dad[src]

Theo Putnam (born Susie Putnam) is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Lachlan Watson.

Theo is a member of Baxter High's WICCA club and The Fright Club. He's also one of Sabrina's best friends.

Character Description

Susie Putnam, one of Sabrina’s friends at Baxter High and a founding member of the school’s newly formed WICCA club. Brave and optimistic despite being bullied at school, Susie lives on a farm at the outskirts of town and deals with a terrifying supernatural threat at home.[1]

Early Life

Theo was born as Susie Putnam in Greendale, but identified as non-binary from a young age. He would later identify as a transgender boy. He was raised by a single father as it's unknown what happened to his mother. However, through most of Theo's adolescence, he and his father have been caretakers to Jesse Putnam who apparently snapped one day after a shift in the mines. Despite being friends with Harvey, Theo wasn't allowed to tell him about Jesse since his father owns the mines and Theo's father knew that Harvey's father would deny any apparent wrongdoing. Theo then started attending Baxter High and found a good group of friends sticking by them. Despite his friends, he has endured bullying by members of the football team.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

High School is a Living Hell


Susie panics as she sees the football players

After seeing Night of the Living Dead at the Paramount, Susie and her friends Roz, Harvey and Sabrina are heading to the exit where Susie panics as soon as she sees Billy Marlin and other Baxter High Ravens in the crowd. Sabrina notes that something is wrong, but the kids are distracted by meeting Ms. Wardwell, one of their teachers at Baxter High. Sabrina invites her to join them to talk about the film at their favorite bookstore, but the teacher politely refuses.

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Susie are still discussing Night of the Living Dead. Harvey thinks it was just an old horror movie, but Rosalind and Susie argue that the film was about both zombies and the Cold War. The collapse of the nuclear family represented by the zombie girl eating her family. However, Sabrina points out that maybe Harvey missed all the details for the film analysis because he was too scared to watch the gory scenes.


Susie's crying in the locker room

The following day, Susie is crying in the locker room with a busted lip when Sabrina bumps into her. Some guys from the football team apparently beat Susie up and lifted up her shirt to she if she had breasts and were actually a boy or a girl. Susie, however, refuses to tell Sabrina the names of the players.

At the school's cafeteria, Sabrina and Roz inform Susie and the three of them being preparations. Susie hopes that they aren’t going though all this trouble just for her. Sabrina and Rosalind explain that the club is long overdue as 53% of Baxter High is female. So now, they all have a legitimate sisterhood backing them up. The name of the group is WICCA — Woman’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association. Sabrina is then called into Ms. Wardwell’s office.[2]


Susie is beaten up

At school, Carl Tapper, Billy Marlin, Ed Dursley, and Seth Grinwis continue to harass Susie after she told them to stop taking down WICCA posters. When one of them refers to her as a dyke, she attacks, but is quickly punched to the ground. Sabrina arrives with Harvey to find Rosalind and Susie just outside the school. Susie had been suspended and Roz was supposed to be taking her home. Sabrina wanted to report the four boys to the police and press charges, however, it was Susie who started the fight. With that, Sabrina is forced to take matters into her own hands, but she needs Susie to give her the names of the football players.


Susie at the Halloween party

That evening, Susie goes to Roz's Halloween party at her home since her parents were out of town. Susie is dressed up as Eddie Munster, and is in the kitchen when Sabrina and Harvey arrive. Sabrina is worried about her friend, but Susie replies that she is much better and is ready for a second match. Afterward, the party sings Happy Birthday to Sabrina and then they all go out to watch the eclipse.

Next day at school, Susie, Roz, Sabrina and the other girls attend the first proper meeting of WICCA. "Ms. Wardwell" also attend, because she's the school advisor for the group. The meeting is abruptly stopped before even starting because Sabrina is summoned in Principal Hawthorne's office. [3]


Helping Roz

On the school corridor, Roz informs Sabrina, Harvey, and Susie of the latest problem at Baxter High. She went to get The Bluest Eye by African-American Nobel and Pulitzer prizes winner author Toni Morrison approved for class only for Mr. Garland to reject it as her book had been deemed problematic. Susie wants to take the fight to Principal Hawthorne with WICCAʼs help. And so, Sabrina, Rosalind, and Susie confront Principal Hawthorne, who claims that they don’t ban books at Baxter High. However, the book Rosalind proposed has graphic passages. Certain topics and titles have no place at the school.


Investigating the banned books

Being shut down by Hawthorne, Sabrina, Rosalind, and Susie head into the library to investigate as Rosalind believes that Principal Hawthorne is lying about not banning books. They confront the librarian Ms. Curtis with their suspicion as they can’t seem to find any of the supposedly controversial books that should be in the library. Ms. Curtis reveals that a few years ago, there was a “soft purge of bad books”.


WICCA’s won!

Susie and Rosalind are handing out lists of all the books that had been removed from Baxter High. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell, who's actually Madame Satan in disguise, informs Sabrina and Harvey that WICCA are making their voices heard. Principal Hawthorne arrives on scene to inform them that he called the PTA and the school board about The Bluest Eye. They were reviewing the matter and would come back to him with their thoughts.


Finding out Roz's illness

Next day, Sabrina arrives at school, where Rosalind and Susie inform her of the upcoming town hall meeting where they could present their case to the PTA, but it was scheduled in three months. Rosalind reveals that there is something deeper at the root of her mission. She has Myopic atrophy. In about three months, maybe less, Rosalind will be completely and totally blind. She counted how many books she could read in that time, and that’s why every single one is important.

Later, Sabrina brings Roz to the library, where "Ms. Wardwell", Susie and the other girls of WICCA wait to read The Bluest Eye. Sponsored by WICCA, the ladies had arranged a secret book club, which they hoped Rosalind would lead.[4]

Susie and her friends are at Cerberus Books discussing movies. Susie tells them that her dad is going out of town for the weekend to the farm expo. Roz suggests that they have a girls' night. Susie is hesitant as she's not really at ease when emphasis is put on the word girl. Roz tries to get Sabrina to back her up. Sabrina lies to her friends and tells them that she too is going to the expo.


Horror movie night

That evening at Putnam house, Susie's house, she and Roz are watching Carnival of Souls. Suddenly, a bell rings from somewhere upstairs and Susie explains that it's her sick uncle calling because he needs something. They both go upstairs to check on him. Horrified, Rosalind asks what happened to him. Susie tells her that her Uncle Jesse saw something in the mines and that's why he's sick. Susie asks if Roz will stay with her for the rest of the weekend and Roz says she will.


Horrified by Uncle Jesse

Next day, Harvey goes over to Susie's with Roz. Harvey asks Susie why he didn't talk about his uncle and Susie replies that his father forbade him from mentioning it and because Harvey's father owns the mines that made him sick. Harvey goes up to talk to Jesse who attacks Harvey and Susie has to knock him out to get him to stop. Later, Harvey, Susie, and Roz decide to go back upstairs to check if Uncle Jesse is okay.[5]


Susie and Roz in Sabrina's dream

Susie appears with Roz in Sabrina’s nightmares caused by Batibat, a sleep demon. In a first nightmare, Susie and Roz are close to the lockers when Sabrina is bullied by the Weird Sisters Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas dressed as Baxter High cheerleaders instead of old-fashioned dresses usually worn by students of the Academy of Unseen Arts.


Susie and Roz in Sabrina’s nightmare

Later, Susie is once again near Roz in another nightmare. This time Sabrina dreams of marrying Harvey, but due to her dual nature as a mortal and witch, the dream soon becomes a horrible nightmare. Susie, Roz and other students accuse Sabrina of being a witch while Harvey tries to strangle her before imprisoning her in an iron maiden.[6]

Who Am I?


Susie is haunted by a demon

This time, it's Susie's time to have nightmares. At Putnam house, Susie is brushing her teeth when she sees Uncle Jesse standing behind her in a ghoulish manner. Susie is shaken by the vision, and goes and checks on him and finds that he's still tied to the bed.


Discussing demon possession

At the school cafeteria, Harvey, Susie, and Roz tell Sabrina about Uncle Jesse. They think he might be possessed by a demon. Sabrina tries to play it off but Roz tells them how she saw Uncle Jesse at her house in a kind of freakish, disturbing vision. Both Harvey and Susie say the same thing, alerting Sabrina that her friends might be right to be worried about a supernatural cause.


Susie argues with her dad

Back at home, Susie's dad decides to send Uncle Jesse to a mental institute where he can get the proper help that he needs. Susie objects and tells her dad that she wants to see the facility before they send him there. Susie is shaken by the possibility that Uncle Jesse is severely suffering due to his gender non conforming personality and believes she's going to suffer the same treatment, locked in a mental asylum.


Susie doesn't know who she is

Unfortunately, Sabrina's exorcism cast out the demon but killed Uncle Jesse in the process, or so said "Ms. Wardwell". After the funeral, Susie receives a visit from Sabrina who is surprised to find Susie wearing a skirt. Sabrina tells Susie that she has never seen her wear a dress, but Susie is very distressed by the death of Uncle Jesse and what it means questioning their own gender identity.[7]


Discovering Dorothea's belongings

After Uncle Jesse's death, Susie and her father look through some old family stuff and find a portrait of one of their ancestors, Dorothea Putnam, together with her journal. The woman in the photo is dressed in masculine clothes, and has a proud expression that greatly affects Susie. Joe knew that Susie might have been happy to learn about her, and this stuff could turn out to be useful in the history assignment about tracing their ancestors.


Visiting Nana Ruth

Later, Roz and Susie go to visit Roz's grandma and Nana Ruth refers to Susie using masculine pronouns, which leaves Susie surprised but happy at the same time. Roz asks her grandma how the Walker women get "the Cunning," a word used to indicate their visions. Her grandma tells her that they were cursed by the other witches in Greendale with blindness. She doesn't know if the blindness brought on the Cunning or if it was something that was already there. Roz's grandma tells Roz that she is going to go blind but that the Cunning will help her see things that will save her life.

That night, Susie dreams of Dorothea standing next to their bed.[8]


Susie and Roz helping at the mines

Harvey and his brother Tommy are involved in a tragic mining accident at the Greendale Mines. The whole town rushes to help, including Susie and Roz. They set up a buffet and serve the workers. Harvey emerges from the mines and tells Sabrina that the hole to get to Tommy is too small and that he can't fit through it. Sabrina tells him to not go back in there because he's bleeding. Susie overhears their conversation and, guided by Dorothea, Susie slips into the mines to try rescue Tommy. Sabrina takes Harvey to his truck and looks at his hand. She says he needs stitches and goes to get a doctor. While there she learns that someone slipped into the mines.


Susie with Tommy's helmet

Roz comes running up because she can't find Susie. They push through the crowd and find Susie all dirty from having been in the mines. In her hand she holds Tommy's helmet. Mr. Kinkle takes it from her and Harvey says that they have to keep searching. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they will but not today. He sends everyone home except the workers and rescue workers.

Later, Susie is in attendance at Tommy's funeral at the Spellman Mortuary with their friends to support Harvey is his grief.

In the middle of the night, Susie wakes up to find Dorothea's ghost standing in her room. She tells Dorothea that she did what she asked. Dorothea asks how it felt. Susie says it felt scary but really good as well.[9]

Susie is in her room talking to Dorothea about the past of Greendale and how actual witches used to live there. When her dad knocks on the door, he asks who she's talking, but Susie replies she's talking to no one.


Susie is harassed by schoolmates

At Cerberus Books, Susie tries to steal Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf, a novel about a character transitioning through genders across centuries, when she get pushed around by Billy and Carl who, as usual, don't miss the chance to bully Susie whenever they can, harassing them. Hilda, one of Sabrina’s aunts who works at the bookstore, intervenes. According to Hilda, Carl has a crush on Billy and when Billy was at the summer camp he was molested by older boys and that it wasn't his fault when his parents didn't believe him and blamed him. This, however, does not give them reason to bully Susie. The football players leave the store, ashamed of their dirty secrets revealed, and Hilda tires to comfort Susie but she's also ashamed of the accident and leaves.

Back at home, Susie talks to Dorothea about the almost attack at the bookstore. She mentions how Hilda Spellman saved her. Dorothea asks if the Spellman's are still witches, leading Susie to questing what her best friend Sabrina hid from her their whole life.


Susie and Roz talk about witches

Roz and Susie are at Cerebrus's Books. Roz tells Susie that she thinks that the curse and the witches are all true. That she thinks that Sabrina may be a witch. Susie says that she thinks all the Spellman's are.[10]


Confronting Sabrina

At Baxter High, Susie and Roz confront Sabrina in the bathrooms. They want to know the truth about witchcraft and Sabrina can no longer lie. Sabrina comes out as a witch but, unlike what she feared, Roz and Susie support her and the three friends hugs.

That night, Dorothea wakes up Susie. Susie goes to her window and sees the ghosts of the thirteen witches known as the "Greendale Thirteen". Dorothea tells her that she cut them down from the tree that they were hung from and buried them on their property. Dorothea believes that they are back for revenge. Susie asks how they can stop them but Dorothea has disappeared.

All the mortals of Greendale gathered at Baxter High. All the coven goes to seek shelter at the Academy. All except the Spellmans. Sabrina can't find Harvey at the school and Susie can't find Roz. They both go to find their friend. Susie goes to Nana Ruth's house searching for Rosalind and finds her friend wanting to stay with her ill grandma during the dangerous attack of the Greendale Thirteen upon Greendale.


Susie sends a ghost away

The witching hour comes upon them and the Greendale Thirteen attack. The witches all begin to chant protection spells. Roz's grandmother's door is blown open by one of the witches. Susie tells the witch that she is Dorothea's descendant and to please not harm her friends.


Wondering it Sabrina is still a friend

When all the horror is over, Greendale go back to its daily life. At Baxter High, Harvey, Susie, and Roz sit in the library. They wonder if they're still Sabrina's friends and how they can cope with the supernatural world.[11]

A Christmas's Terror


Young Susie and Sabrina with Santa

Years ago during Christmas week, a younger Sabrina Spellman and Susie Putnam are lining up at the local mall in Greendale to pose for photos with the mall Santa, Mr. Bartel. Mr. Putnam chats with Hilda Spellman about the disappearance of local children. Mr Bartel poses for photos with Susie and Sabrina. Susie wishes for a truck while Sabrina wishes that she could see her mother.


Susie as Jingles

Years later, Sabrina meets with Rosalind and Susie to enlist their help in the séance. Her mortal friends feel uncomfortable and have other commitments. Roz is having her cousins over while Susie is working full-time until Christmas Eve as the mall elf Jingles. Susie describes Mr. Bartel, who is playing Santa, as the Grinch.

Later, Roz meets Susie at the mall and tells her that she looks amazing as Jingles. The mall Santa Mr. Bartel reminds her that her break is over. Susie introduces the children to Santa. Roz experiences the Cunning and senses something is wrong with Mr Bartel.


Susie is attacked by Mr. Bartel

Later that night, Mr. Bartel compliments Susie for her work. Susie takes an interest in Mr. Bartel's wax structures of children. Mr Bartel tells Susie that usually he has to go out and find the children but is happy that this year the child came to him. He then covers her head.

Later that night, Susie awakes in Mr Bartel's lair and finds herself chained to a table. She screams in terror.


Mr. Bartel is a demon!

At Bartel's house, the demon tells Susie that the wax is almost ready. He tells her that she will make a splendid addition to his collection. Before he can gloat, the Yule Lads enters his workshop, startling him. Gryla soon joins them and confronts Bartel for his crimes. She pins Bartel by stabbing his hand with a knife while the Yule Lads laugh. Gryla frees Susie and asks her if she is alone in the world. Susie responds that she has a father. Gryla allows her to leave while she punishes Bartel.


Susie is rescued by the Spellmans

Outside in the snow, Susie finds her friend witch Sabrina and her aunts Zelda and Hilda outside. Sabrina embraces Susie. To avoid startling Mr. Putnam, Hilda has baked some enchanted shortbread cookies that will convince Mr Putnam that the past twelve hours were a dream. The Spellmans leave with Susie.[12]

Part 2

Adjusting to his true identity


Susie is worried about Sabrina

In the school library, Susie, Roz and Harvey talk about Sabrina's absence. Roz says that she needs time to sort things out. This year, Harvey's trying out for basketball. He and his father played together over the break. He'd been doing better since the magic eggnog Sabrina conjured up. Susie wishes to join Harvey on the boy's basketball team.

At Baxter High, during the try-outs, Susie encounters hostility from some of the boys, particularly Billy and Carl, who reject her because of her non-binary gender and insist that it is a boys' team. Harvey comes to her defense, however, Coach Craven doesn’t want to allow a girl on his team. And so Rosalind reminds Susie that when others go low, they go high.


Principal Wardwell, Susie and her friends vs Coach Craven

Susie, Harvey, and Rosalind request a meeting with Principal Wardwell to inform her of Coach Craven's refusal to allow Susie to try-out. Wardwell confronts Coach Craven about his refusal to let Susie try out for the basketball team. Craven agrees to allow Susie to try out despite her lack of skills.


Coming out to his friends!

Harvey and Susie try out for the basketball team, and Rosalind cheer them on from the sideline. Susie performs terribly, and Billy and Carl even knock her over. So, Sabrina uses her magic to help Susie shoot the ball through the hoop. Principal Wardwell notices Sabrina's incantations. Susie is overjoyed and Harvey and Rosalind hug her. Susie then reveals to them that she, or rather now he, identifies by his male identity, "Theo."[13]

At Baxter High, Theo hesitantly enters the boys' locker room, passing by several boys who stare at him. Billy Marlin and Carl Tapper tease Theo. They sit and wait for Theo to take off his clothes, laughing at him. Frustrated, Theo slams his locker and leaves the room.


A mean joke

In the girls' locker room, Sabrina runs into Theo. He tells her that he still has to change in the girl's locker room because of Billy and his friends making fun of him. He asks Sabrina if there is "some witchy way [they] could take care of Billy." She gives Theo a small rope with the power to make Billy fall each time he pulls it. As Sabrina takes off her shirt, Theo tells her she has claw marks on her back, which she discovers from looking at the mirror.


Theo breaks Billy's leg with a spell

At Baxter High, in the boys' locker room, Theo opens his locker and sanitary napkins and tampons spill out on the floor. Angry, he storms out, demanding to know where to find Billy. Sabrina walks quickly in the hall, looking for Billy. Just then, Billy trips and falls on the stairs, breaking his leg. Sabrina sees Theo holding the magic rope at the top of the staircase. Later, Theo tells Sabrina how angry he was. Angrier than he'd ever been. He wanted to hurt Billy and make him suffer. He could hear a voice telling him to do it, that "it would be so easy." Sabrina realizes the words were whispered in Theo's ears by the Dark Lord.[14]

Theo and Roz already made plans for going together at the Sweetheart's dance when Harvey asks Roz to go with him, and the three of them decide to go together.


Theo comes out to his dad.

At the Putnam house, Theo tells his dad that he is planning to attend the Sweetheart's Dance with Harvey and Roz. His dad asks if he wants to wear a dress, but he decides to wear a suit because he feels more comfortable with himself in boy's clothes. He does not think that he is a girl at all. Joe refers to him as Susie, but Theo replies that he is not a girl even though he looks like a girl, have a girl's name, and his dad thought of him as a girl. Joe misses his daughter, but Theo replies that he feels good when people address him as a male. He adds that he can’t continue being a girl. Theo pleads with his father to call him Theo, after Dorothea. His dad is still a bit confused, but accepts his son’s request and agrees to take him to get a new haircut.


Dressing for the party

As Harvey shows Theo how to tie a tie, Rosalind arrives and compliments Theo on his new haircut. Harvey is speechless at the sight of Rosalind in her dress.


Theo accepts Billy's apologies

At the Sweetheart's Dance, Theo doesn't have a date. He is greeted at the punch table by Billy, who genuinely compliments Theo for is haircut. Theo apologizes to Billy, who in turn apologizes to Theo for being so mean to him. When Theo asks why Billy is apologizing, he explains that the doctor told him that he was lucky that he did not break his neck on those stairs. He says he is tired of bad things happening to me. Theo accepts his apology.[15]


Getting a tarot reading

Theo visits Cerberus Books and is startled by Mrs. McGarvey. She claims that her tarot cards can provide answers to his questions. So he looks into the cards, they look back into him. The first card depicts a knight. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he is on a quest to seek the grail that is just out of reach and find himself. Theo asks if he will get there. Mrs. McGarvey presents a card showing a compass; the wheel of fortune tarot.


Theo breaks into the Spellman house

Theo experiences a vision of himself in his room. While coming to terms with his new masculine identity, Theo is visited by his ancestor Dorothea, who tells him that Putnams do not settle. Theo says that no doctor in Greendale who can help him. Dorothea suggests turning to the witches and taking what he needs. Theo sneaks into the Spellman household in the late hours of the night and steals a "Gendered Spell of Metamorphosis." He mixes the ingredients into a paste and applies it over his body. Theo is unsure whether the spell will work, but Dorothea tells him to sleep and dream of the boy that he will become. The following day, Theo is awakened by the alarm clock and finds himself having more masculine characteristics.


The spell's drawbacks

At Baxter High, Theo is praised for his sporting prowess by Billy, Carl, and the other basketball players in the locker room. When Theo is alone, he notices that his right hand and arm are turning into wood. Theo returns to the Spellman household and confesses to Hilda that he stole one of their spells.


Drastic measures

Examining the situation, Hilda tells him that his flesh is petrifying into wood and that plant-based spells can be tricky. Theo asks if there is a way to stop it. Hilda says she can either reverse the spell's effects or just cut off his infected arm. She tells him that it is a "Sophie’s choice." Theo refuses to give up his new body. Before ling, his dad arrives with an ax and asks his son if he is sure about it. Hilda gets Theo to bite on a piece of rubber while Joe, Theo's dad, chops of Theo’s infected right arm. Later in bed, Hilda reassures him that he will be better. Theo finds that his legs have turned to wood.

Theo is horrified by his vision. Mrs. McGarvey reassures him that it is a warning not to steal. She counsels him to seek help from others that can help him reach the prize that he covets. Theo thanks her and take his leave.


Group hug in Roz's vision

In Rosalind's vision, the doctor tells Reverend Walker that the operation is difficult and expensive. He warns that it is not entirely successful. Rosalind says that it is okay if they cannot afford it. Her father says he supports any decision she makes. Roz consents to the operation. Following the operation, Roz can see her dad and all her friends. She is embraced by Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo.

In Harvey's vision, Harvey is drawing a hanged man in the Baxter High's library when he is confronted by Rosalind and Theo. The former has experienced a vision and learned that Harvey has received an invitation to a summer internship in Rhode Island.[16]

Mysteries Unsolved in Greendale

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-24-Theo-Harvey-Sabrina

Updating Sabrina on Roz

At Baxter High, Theo delivers a presentation about the Children's Crusade in 13th century Europe. He explains that as the children paraded through Europe, they offered each soul the choice of pledging their faith and joining the mission or burn in the fires of Hell. After class, Sabrina chats with Theo and Harvey in the corridor and asks about Roz. Harvey says that he has to go to the gym. Theo tells Sabrina that Roz is going through a brutal time since she lost her sight.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-33-Theo

Theo reminds that Sabrina is a friend

Next day at school, Theo asks Rosalind and Harvey where Sabrina is. Roz hatefully replies that she left again. When Theo asks why, Harvey venomously replies it's because they couldn't trust her. Roz says that witches cursed her family and that Sabrina may have made her blind. Theo speaks out for Sabrina and says that she is their friend and a good person. Harvey tells Theo to name one good thing Sabrina's done. Theo reminds Harvey she saved the town to which he retorts "from witches." Theo also reveals that Sabrina got him on the basketball team and points out that Sabrina stopped Harvey’s father from drinking himself to death.[17]


Sabrina's update on her miracles

In the Baxter High library, Sabrina speaks with Theo and Rosalind, who have been informed about what has happened with the angelic hunters by Harvey. Sabrina thanks Roz for saving her life, as it was Roz who warned her of Jerathmiel. Considering that she saved her cousin life by touching his wounds, Roz asks if Sabrina can heal her, explaining that her dad had talked about sending her to a school for the blind. Roz is scared that if she goes there, she will never come back. Sabrina reassures Roz she doesn't need spells.


Roz is healed!

Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo take Rosalind into the bathroom. Sabrina turns the sink on and touches the water. She tells Roz to wash her eyes out with the tap water. Harvey and Theo lead Roz to the sink. Roz washes her eyes and suddenly she can see again. Roz is amazed and relieved that she has regained her sight. She thanks Sabrina and hugs her friends. They are joined by Aunt Hilda, and Roz tells Hilda that Sabrina lifted the curse on her. Hilda then tells Sabrina that she has to return because they have been summoned back by the Council at the Academy of Unseen Arts as Zelda and Father Blackwood are back from their honeymoon. Roz then kisses Harvey after Sabrina has left.


Theo and Harvey investigate the mines

At Kinkle house, Harvey shows Theo several boxes that his father gave him as well as a map of the Greendale Mines from 1910. He explains that it charts all the tunnels except Tunnel 13. He is curious as to why it is sealed. Harvey also shows Theo a log from his great grandfather, who served as the mine's foreman at the time. Harvey reads from the log and recounts his ancestor’s encounter with a mysterious woman dressed in white. Harvey tells Theo that he heard a woman’s voice calling from Tunnel 13. Theo says that it sounds like an adventure and reassures him that he is not hungry. It seems as if she's a guardian of something.


Theo in the mines

Harvey and and Theo break through the barrier in Tunnel 13 and explore the cave. As they enter, Theo finds bones and likens it to the movie The Descent. Theo has doubts about the secrecy of their trip. Just then, Harvey is attacked by the woman in white. A struggle ensues but Theo kills the woman by stabbing her in the back with a pickaxe. Harvey recalls that the journal says that the woman was guarding something. Harvey recalls that the journal said she was guarding something.

At the Spellman Mortuary, Sabrina gathered mortals and witches in the garden for a great revelation. She's about to jump from the rooftop with her broomstick and fly in the sky. Harvey and Theo, however, arrive just in time to avert it. Harvey, who tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Theo reveals that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see.


The group makes a terrible discovery

Inside the mines, Harvey and Theo show Rosalind, Sabrina and her boyfriend, Nick, a mural of Sabrina around several candles. Harvey asks Sabrina what the mural means. Nick explains it's a prophecy. Sabrina realizes that she is the Herald of Hell and thinks that it means that she is evil.[18]

Mortals on Hell's Gates


Theo, Harvey and Roz think about Hell

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina and Harvey are shocked by the revelation of Sabrina as the Dark Lord's Herald of Hell. Roz thinks they should not worry but Sabrina thinks that it is no coincidence that the mural depicting her is centuries if not thousands of years old. Nick says that it is definitely apocalyptic in nature while Harvey says that he should go and seal back Tunnel 13. Theo adds hide the White Witch witch that he killed. Nick vows that he and Sabrina will get answers. Sabrina gets Harvey’s permission to show the drawing to someone that might help them.

Roz questions why Harvey said those specific words to Sabrina while Theo heads off, feeling a bit of a third wheel when Roz and Harvey get all romantic with each other.


Theo stands up against "Sabrina"

At the Putnam house, Theo receives a visit from "Sabrina", claiming that she has a "fun idea" to help his transition. Unbeknownst to him, that's actually Sabrina's mandrake doppelganger. The mandrake offers to transform him into a real boy. Theo counters that he already sees himself as a real boy. Mandrake Sabrina offers to change his body but Theo replies that he does not need to change his body to be a real boy. The mandrake offers to end the confusion that she is a girl on the boy's basketball team.

Theo replies that the boys on the team respect him for who he is. When the mandrake asks why he won't let her fix her, Theo pushes her away and tells her that he is not broken. The mandrake tells him that he has been awfully mean and summons magic.


Theo's under a mandrake spell

In the Greendale woods, Theo is woken up by the ghost of his ancestor, Dorothea, who tells him that he must kill them. Theo awakes to find himself in a forest clearing with Roz and Harvey, who are lying beside growing mandrakes. Theo manages to free himself from the branches just as he sees Harvey’s mandrake doppelganger starting to rise.


Theo saves his friends

Theo climbs out and strikes Harvey’s doppelganger with a stone in the head, wounding it and causing it to froth. He then crushes it on the head with a stone. Theo does the same for his doppelganger, crushing it in the head with her shoes before it can emerge out of the mandrake. He then approaches Roz's mandrake, crushing it in the head with his shoe. After crushing the mandrake, she tells Roz and Harvey to wake up.

When Harvey asks what is going on, Theo thinks that Sabrina was trying to duplicate them but that she has killed the doppelgangers. Roz tells them that it is not Sabrina but something like a twin. Just then, the mandrake approaches and lets out a high-pitched scream. The three flee as the mandrake stumbles upon her dead "friends" and wails.


Theo's uncomfortable with romance

Some time later, Theo finds that Sabrina is not receiving their calls. Harvey quips that he is not going to eat another vegetable. Roz tells Harvey that she loves him and the two kiss. Theo drinks from the glass, visibly uncomfortable with them being so intimate and feeling again like a third wheel at his friends' date.[19]


Theo, Roz and Harvey team up

Theo, Roz and Harvey arrive at the Spellman Mortuary to meet with Sabrina, and she why she wasn't answering their calls. Sabrina reassures her friends that she is the real Sabrina and not the doppelganger. Harvey demands to know what is going on. Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord is in Greendale and that he wants to jumpstart the Apocalypse by opening the Gates of Hell. Harvey deduces that the Gates of Hell are in the mines and offers to help. Nick advises him to sit this out but Harvey convinces Sabrina to let him and her other friends help. Despite Nick advising against, Sabrina tells her friends to locate the gate and find a way to keep the Dark Lord's forces from opening the doorway. Harvey suggests dynamite and Sabrina approves of the plan. From the Mortuary, Zelda calls Sabrina inside, but not before Sabrina kisses Nick goodbye telling him to be careful and stick to the shadows.

At Kinkle house, Roz frantically paces as she asks Harvey how they will stop the Gates of Hell from opening. Harvey tells her that his dad has a lot of dynamite for controlled explosions. Assuming they can find them, Theo adds. Roz reassures her friends that she has the Cunning and that she has been practicing. Harvey tells his friends to grab everything they need. The three set out with guns.


Theo and Harvey in the mines

Later in the mines, the three of them enter Tunnel 13. Roz touches Sabrina's mural and seizes a vision of the Gates. She says she can lead them to the Gates.

Theo doesn't think that dynamite will work. Harvey asks Roz to do her cunning vision. Roz approaches the Gate and touches it with her hand. Roz is overwhelmed until Harvey shakes her out. Roz says she saw runes and symbols on the Gate and thinks that these will keep them locked, likening it to a protection spell. Harvey realizes that they can draw paintings to keep the Hordes of Hell of bay. He asks Roz if she can help. Roz tells him she can help and transfers her powers to him. Harvey rapidly draws several symbols while Theo pastes them against the Gate.


Ready to shot demons

Shortly after, the three friends realize that the Gates of Hell are opening. Harvey proposes running but Theo thinks they don't have enough sigils. Theo tries to block the gap of the gates but is almost grabbed by the demonic horde. Harvey and Roz free him. Theo asks if the sigils will work and if Roz's cunning is right.

Sometimes later, Lilith finds Harvey, Roz, and Theo have succeeded in using the sigils to hold back the demonic hordes. Lilith is pleased with the mortals for keeping the Gates of Hell from opening. She then brings them to the Spellman household.

Upon Lilith, Roz, Harvey and Theo's arrival, Sabrina's hope for the future is restored. She will require everybody's help. Nick's task is to fix the Acheron Configuration. She and her friends will proceed with a "glamour to end all glamours." Finally, Lilith's job is to trick the Dark Lord into thinking that everything is going according to plan.


Theo, Roz, Harvey and Nick at the Masquerade

At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. Lilith claims that the aristocrats of Hell and Sabrina are awaiting her word. She has arranged a treat for Satan, a "bal masqué" of the flamboyant flavor he so loves. When signaled, the glamoured guests come down the stairs singing and dancing with their masks on. Afterwards, the Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her "Sabrina Morningstar, Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows, and Queen of Hell". The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.

Lilith finally steps in and restrains the Dark Lord before he can harm Sabrina. They will need a stronger prison, and the answer to that is the human body, as it was created by the "False God". Nick volunteers in Sabrina's stead, reasoning he is the best binder and conjurer since Edward Spellman so he will be able to contain him. He confesses his love for Sabrina a final time, before trapping the Dark Lord in his body. The demon-possessed Nick tries to attack Sabrina but is knocked unconscious by Ambrose's sleeping spell.

They later watch Lilith entering the Gates of Hell with Nick, now the human prison of the Dark Lord.


Fright Club's next stop: Hell!

Later at Cerberus Books, the group sit in one of the boots. Sabrina tells them that all her life she believed that she was half-witch, half-mortal but that she has realized that she is something else. Theo asks her what she is going to do. Sabrina says that she doesn't know but will figure it out including finding out about her mother's side of the family. Sabrina thanks her friends for saving the world and says they can work together against the forces of Satan. Theo thinks they are like a club now. Harvey proposes the name "The Fright Club".

Shortly later, the real Ms. Wardwell enters the shop and tells them that she woke up from the most vivid and incredible dream. She recalls seeing the Night of the Living Dead but that she is famished. Sabrina realizes that this is her second present from Lilith. Sabrina tells her mortal friends of her mission. Salem meows, prompting Sabrina to call her group five. She tells them that her mission is to go to Hell and get her boyfriend back.[20]

Part 3

Operation Handbasket

It's been a month since the Dark Lordʼs defeat. At Baxter High, Theo, Roz and Harvey are concerned about Sabrinaʼs well-being and her obsession to free her boyfriend, Nick, from Hell. Harvey suggests that she join their garage band, and Roz recommends she sign up for cheerleading as "it can't be all Hell, all the time.", but Sabrina turns them both down. Ms. Wardwell enters the class. Billy and Carl question her return. Wardwell explains that she’s merely returning as a teacher, no longer the school's principal. She shares with the class how she’s found herself drawn to Danteʼs Inferno, detailing the poet’s epic journey to Hell.

The guys are practicing in the garage, using "The Fright Club" as the name of the band, at Kinkle house when Sabrina arrives. She tells them that it’s time for "Operation Handbasket." Meaning, they’re going to Hell to save Nick. While humans aren’t allowed in Hell, Sabrina explains that there’s ways around that. At the Spellman Mortuary, the gang bathe in "ghastly water", water that has been used to wash up corpses, to keep the demons from smelling them. They also have to wear dead people’s shoes for only the dead may walk the paths of Hell. Salem wishes to join them, but Sabrina fears that he would bring every hound of Hell down upon them, from Barghest to Old Shuck.

They arrive at Dorian's Gray Room, where Dorian Gray takes them to the hellscape. He reminds them just how dangerous the Inferno can be and advises them to make their way to the City of Pandemonium as quickly as possible. Also, the incantation he gave them to transport them back to Earth will only work if they’re holding his flower. With that, Sabrina tells her friends that she loves them before passing through the portal.

The Fright Club arrive on the Shores of Sorrow. They take notice of the souls of the damned, who are trapped in cages on the shore and drown over and over for eternity as the tide comes in. They cross paths with a mysterious handsome young man, who informs them that all blood flows to Pandemonium. Follow the blood-red road where it flows and there, they will find Lilith, Queen of Hell. Lastly, he warns them to never wander from the road.

They arrive at the Field of Witness. Where souls have been strung up on crosses and tortured; eyes picked out by the crows. Theo discovers that his uncle Jesse is one of the tortured souls. Theo strays off the road to free him. Jesse reveals that Lilith sent him to Hell. Theo pleads Sabrina to help him. Sabrina places a protection spell on Jesse and vows to free him.

Theo is stuck with the image of his uncle Jesse tied to a post and being eaten alive by birds. Before long, they arrive at the Forest of Torment. Before passing on to the City of Pandemonium, they have to find Dorian’s flower of evil. Sabrina and Roz goes one way and Harvey and Theo head in the opposite direction in search of the flower. Harvey and Theo hear screams and repeated chopping of wood. They cross paths with the Woodsman, resembling a tin man with his heart piercing out his chest. He attacks Harvey as Theo rushes off to find Sabrina and Roz, who have safely recovered the flower of evil. Meanwhile, Harvey fends off the Woodsman with a pickaxe. Harvey is no match. Luckily, Sabrina arrives and performs a spell to rust the Woodsman. He’s frozen in place, and Harvey realizes that the Woodsman is his brother, Tommy. He asks Harvey why he killed him and tells him that he’s been waiting for Harvey to join him. Sabrina then shoots the Woodsman, explaining that it wasn’t actually Tommy.

Still shaken by the encounters, the gang is suddenly faced with a brick red door labeled Baxter High. Inside, they come face-to-face with Principal Hawthorne, who is much more demonic in appearance as opposed to the last time they saw him. He demands that they take a seat, and when they do, they are locked down to their desks. Hawthorne introduces his special guest; Roz’ Nana Ruth. She claims Roz was the death of her. She blames Roz for using her cunning gift to help witches. Hawthrone decides to start with Roz for their "anatomy lesson."

Roz screams for help and begs for mercy as Principal Hawthorne prepare to use her for their anatomy lesson. Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo watch helplessly. However, before they can start, Lilith’s demon minion interrupts and informs them that Lilith no longer wants for the children to be tortured, but instead for Sabrina and her friends to be brought to her.

Once in the Throne Room, Sabrina finds Nick chained to the feet of Lilith’s throne. Lilith informs Sabrina that certain protocols must be followed. As for Nick, who seems to be incognizant, Lilith explains that he and the Dark Lord are struggling for power on the inside.

Lilith invites Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo to take a seat at the dinner table. Roz advises her friends from eating the food as she can see what it truly is through her cunning; rotten and maggot infested. Sabrina questions why Lilith still looks like Wardwell, to which Lilith replies that she’s grown comfortable in Wardwell’s skin. She offers to show them her real face, her green one, but Sabrina declines. She only wants to free Nick and Jesse. Sabrina assures Lilith she'll find a different prison for her father. Lilith agrees to allow Sabrina to take Nick under one condition. The hierarchy of Hell is in a state of turmoil. The Infernal Kings refuse to recognize Lilith’s authority because she’s not a Morningstar. But it would calm the dark waters if Sabrina publicly crowned her the Queen of Hell to legitimize her seat. Sabrina reluctantly agrees.

Lilith introduces Sabrina to the underworld community as Sabrina Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. In his absence, Sabrina has come to declare Lilith the official Queen of Hell. Among the demons there's is also the mysterious guy who helped them. His name is Caliban, and he's a Prince of Hell made of clay form the City of Pandemonium. He challenges Sabrina's authority. The Fright Club watch from the side of the room and support Sabrina's claim to the throne. She then informs Lilith that she’s ready to take Nick home, as well as Jesse Putnam, who Lilith releases and sends off to Heaven. Lilith warns Sabrina that while she may have bought herself some time, the Kings and Caliban will return to challenges her.

With the evil flower in hand, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo return to Earth with Nick. After giving Dorian his flower, they take Nick to the Academy and lock him in the dungeons with chains forged from Damascus steel and a circle of salt.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo reconvene at Cerberus Books, where they discuss Sabrina’s claim to the throne. Sabrina insists that she’s not moving to Hell, but her friends aren’t so sure. Sabrina admits that she’ll have to play the part for a while, but her heart is with them. Moreover, she agrees to sign up for cheerleading with Roz. A strong gust of wind suddenly blows the front doors open, though Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo don’t pay it much attention.[21]

The Fright Club is rehearsing in the Kinkle's garage when Sabrina interrupts to call a Fright Club meeting, during which time she informs them of her duties to drag souls to Hell. She reveals that Jimmy Platt, the ice cream truck guy is up next. They don’t tell her what he did, and so Sabrina is forced to figure it out on her own. However, she called the meeting because dragging Jimmy to Hell, assuming he deserves it, could be the key to saving Nick. When Sabrina finally drags Jimmy’s soul to Hell, it’ll leave behind his freshly dead body, which if they move fast enough, they can use as a new prison for the Dark Lord. Sabrina’s relying on her friends to follow her in the Spellman Mortuary hearse to collect Jimmy Platt’s body after Sabrina takes his soul.

They, then, tail Jimmy Platt’s ice cream truck in the Spellman Mortuary hearse. Harvey is having second thoughts, but Sabrina assures him they must go through with it. When they see Sabrina walk away and Jimmy’s body slump dead, that’ll be their cue to steal the corpse.

Sabrina returns to the hearse to inform Harvey, Roz, and Theo that Jimmy tried to offer her a child sacrifice in exchange for an extension on his contract. And Sabrina can’t just take him to Hell because he’s keeping a little girl trapped somewhere. Sabrina vows to personally burn Jimmy Platt’s soul herself, but first she must see her father.

Harvey and Theo meet back up with Sabrina and Roz after returning from the police station where they found a missing person’s report for a young girl named Lucy Anderson that went missing three days ago from a playground. If Roz had something of Lucy’s, she could use her cunning to possibly find her. Lizzie and the Ravenettes interrupt to invite Sabrina and Roz along to get their nails done at the mall. It’s a cheer tradition. Sabrina and Roz turn them down, claiming that Sabrina is taking Roz to the doctors for an eye check up.

While running through the halls of Baxter High, Theo runs into new student who introduce himself as Robin. He helps Robin gather his belongings and shows him to his locker. Robin claims to have moved from a tiny, boring town. After Theo helps Robin open his locker, he asks Theo if he’ll be attending the pep rally, which he will be.

At the pep rally, Theo asks Robin if the ice cream gut said anything off putting to him. Robin claims he didn’t.[22]

Thobin: A Blossoming Romance

In an empty classroom, Harvey tells Theo that he, Roz, Sabrina, and Nick will be at opening night for the carnival. Theo is considering asking Robin to go with him, but he’s hesitant, as he’s never asked anyone out before. Harvey suggests that Theo asks Robin to come to the carnival with all of them, as if it were a group outing. After a while, they’d slip away, allowing Theo and Robin to be alone. Harvey then confides to Theo that he thinks Roz is ready to have sex, which he isn’t sure he’s ready for. Roz then arrives and asks what she missed.

After class, Theo finds Robin in the library and asks him to come to the carnival with him and his friends as a group outing. Robin agrees.

Theo, Robin, Roz, and Harvey attend opening night of the carnival as planned. Sabrina arrives with Nick, who she introduces to Robin. A brief exchange then takes place between Nick and Harvey, before being interrupted by Professor Carcosa, who welcomes them inside.

Theo and Robin ride the Berlanti Ferris Wheel. Theo says that he’s cold, and Robin puts his arm around him. As Robin goes for a kiss, Theo take a step back. He's hesitant but then reveals that he wasn’t born "Theo" and that he didn’t always look the way he does. Robin accepts Theo for who he is, revealing that he very much likes Theo as the two share a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel.[23]

The guys sit in the library, and Sabrina double checks with Nick to make sure he’s still coming to the flashmob. Harvey then informs his friends of his father’s hook-up with the snake charmer from the carnival. Theo suggest they investigate the carnival. He, Roz, and Harvey agree to join him, but Sabrina has plans with her family, and Robin chooses not to join. Just as they were talking, Aunt Hilda arrives to take Sabrina to the Academy.

Some time later, Theo, Roz, and Harvey sneak into the carnival, which almost appears deserted. Roz plans to sneak into the snake charmer’s tent to touch something that belongs to her so that her cunning may reveal who she is and what she wants. Harvey and Theo play lookout. Outside the tent, Harvey and Theo are confronted by Carcosa, who informs them that the carnival is closed for the day. Roz then screams and runs from out the tent. The three run away from the carnival.

Harvey and Theo take Roz, who is shivering uncontrollably, to his garage. Harvey then leaves to get Sabrina while Theo stays with Roz.

As Roz's conditions worsens, Harvey grows impatient. He grabs his gun and plots his return to the carnival to find out what happens to Roz, against Theo’s advice.

Some time later, Harvey returns to the garage and Theo informs him that Roz has turned into a stone statue like those that Harvey saw in the snake charmer's tent.[24]

At the Kinkle's garage, Theo and Harvey show to Sabrina that Roz has been turned to stone. Sabrina reveals that the carnies are pagans,similar to witches, but from a different time. Some have powers, others don’t. But they’re all dangerous, so Sabrina pleads with Harvey and Theo to sit tight.

Theo contemplates taking some kind of action as they wait for Sabrina, though Harvey is unresponsive. Robin arrives and sees Roz in statue form. Theo asks him to wait for him outside as he talks to Harvey, who tells Theo to get rid of Robin as they can’t afford anyone else finding out.

At Cerberus Books, Theo comes to Robin's defense as he’s being bullied by Billy and Carl. They take his cap, and he warns them to give it back. But when they find out he's Theo's friend, they apologize and they return Robin’s hat. Theo and Robin then grab a booth, and Theo explains that Billy and Carl are getting better. However, they were less cool when he was transitioning. As for Theo's dad, he was hesitant at first. But he’s come around, unlike Theo’s friends, who have been supportive from the start. Theo then asks about Robin’s family, but he deflects.

At the Putnam house, Theo and Robin make out, but Theo takes a pause after realizing that he still doesn’t know much about Robin. He asks about Robin's family and where he grew up. Robin claims that his family moved around a lot. Anytime he made friends in a new town, they’d eventually end up moving again. He tells Theo that he was adopted by a military family and that he’s nothing like them. Theo explains that in his life, he has experienced the opposite, with his family’s roots in Greendale dating back generations. Sometimes Robin wonders what it would be like if he stayed behind for once. Theo then gets a call from Harvey, who informs him that he and a couple Ravens are planning to trash the carnival, forcing Theo and Robin to intervene.

Theo and Robin arrive at the carnival to find that Circe has turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. Harvey has them sitting in the back of his truck. Theo offers to take them to his father’s farm.

Robin, Theo, and Harvey return to his garage, where Roz remains petrified and Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric are still pigs. As Theo prepare to tell Robin the truth about the happenings in Greendale, Robin reveals some secrets of his own to Theo and Harvey.[25]

War against the Pagans

Theo, Robin, and Harvey return to his garage covered in mud after sheltering the Ravens-turned-pigs at the Putnam's farm. About the same time, Sabrina arrives and they tell her what happened. Robin also reveals that he’s was part of the pagan tribe and that they’re planning a slaughter that he will not be party to. However, he doesn’t want what they want. The pagans came to Greendale to resurrect the pagan gods, starting with the oldest ones, the Green Man. Sabrina asks Robin how do they stop them. Robin reveals that the ultimate resurrection of the Green Man can’t happen without a virgin sacrifice. Which is why Robin got close to Theo and Nagaina got close to Harvey. Roz is the only one not a virgin, which is why they turned her to stone, as well as because she could use her cunning to stop them. Robin reveals that when the Green Man’s head scrapes the sky and the ripe fruit falls from his arms, he’ll be resurrected. Caliban interrupts to propose a deal. He knows of a Pygmalion spell that would turn Roz back to flesh. And if Sabrina comes with him to find the spell, he’ll outline his proposal to her. Sabrina agrees and leaves with Caliban. Mr. Kinkle then calls Harvey into the house for dinner.

Some time later, after Sabrina found the spell, and she reassembled Roz with Harvey's help, Theo and Robin offer to help carry Roz.

At Baxter High, they glue Roz together. The spell suggested by Caliban call for Harvey to plead the goddess Aphrodite and for him to give up his love for Roz. Harvey is hesitant but do it anyway because he want to save Roz. However, the spell doesn't work and Caliban says that's because theirs is not true love and he loves someone else. Robin, then, reveals that Circe can be able to reverse it because she has great powers of transformation but it's too dangerous. And without magic, they’re no match against her. However, Sabrina knows where they can borrow magic.

After kidnapping Circe with the help of the hedge witches and Salem, Sabrina and her friends meet at the Academy of Unseen Arts, where they force Circe at gunpoint to reverse the spell on both Roz and the Baxter Ravens.

Some time later, Prudence informs them that the Circe is in the dungeon and the boys are back home, having forgotten about what happened. Harvey welcomes Robin into the Fright Club.[26]

At the Putnam house, Theo and Robin sit on the edge of the bed in Theo's room. Theo is nervous because he didn't think he would ever meet someone who accepts him as he is and he never thought he could have a relationship. To brush off this thoughts from his head, Robin undresses and takes off his hat, showing his pointed ears and revealing that he is a hobgoblin. Sitting down next to Theo again, he asks if he feels like taking their relationship to the next step. Theo nods because virgins are needed for the sacrifice.

Next day at school, Ms. Wardwell enters the classroom and orders the students to settle down. Mrs. Meeks then announces over the intercom that Baxter High has been invited to the Final Night Festivities at the town carnival. Free admission and rides. Roz, Harvey, and Theo are then called into the Principal’s office. There, they are confronted by Pan and Nagaina. Harvey, Roz, and Theo hide in the library. Pan and Nagaina transform into their true forms and tell Harvey, Roz, and Theo about the return of the Green Man. However, one last thing is needed for him to rise; the innocent blood of a young virgin. Just as Nagaina is about to find Harvey, Robin arrives at super speed and whisks him, Roz, and Theo to safety.

Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin reconvene in an empty classroom, where Theo explains that Robin saved them, and he is a hobgoblin. They have to leave Greendale and convince as many people as they can to leave with them. The Green Man is coming back and all who are flesh will die. Harvey, Roz, and Theo refuse to leave. They need Sabrina if they stand a chance to defeat the pagans, but she’s in Hell. Roz believes that they can use the magic marker she uses to message Nick to make contact with Sabrina.

Later, in the garage, they are joined by Nick, who explains he is the only one to receive messages from the magic marker. The Fright Club explains the situation to him. "All flesh fails when he flowers", Robin says. He explains that first the locals are "seeded." They're implanted with a spore, something they eat that can grow inside them. Theo believes that’ll be through the caramel apples they're going to give away. And then, when the Green Man is ready, when he's ripe with the blood of a local virgin, that is when he will bloom. And then comes the pollination. It'll be the end of everyone in Greendale. Pan, Nagaina, Circe, and the pagans barge into the garage and capture them. Nagaina reminds Harvey of what she told him when they first met, that once she has a virgin’s scent, they can’t hide from her.

Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin are taken to the carnival by the pagans, who kill Nick and Robin, and entrap Harvey inside the Green Man as his virgin sacrifice. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe remove the hoods from Roz and Theo so they can watch. Theo and Roz scream helplessly with their hands bound and mouths gagged. Harvey pleads out for help, but his prayers go unanswered. Harvey is killed as the vines of the Green Man stab into his chest. And with that, the pollination begins. Roz and Theo scream for Sabrina to come and save them, unaware that she is encased in stone.[27]

The remains of Theo, Roz, Harvey and Nick have been wrapped in weeds over the decades and Sabrina looks at them sadly.

End of the Erased Timeline

Sabrina appears in the garage just before the pagans arrive to kidnap them and warns them of the danger. Sabrina and Nick then teleport everyone to Dorian's. Here they meet with the other witches who are waiting for the awakening of Zelda, lost in the Nether Wolrd. Shortly after she wakes up, and finds that her sister Hilda is still dead.

All of them go to the cemetery next to the Spellman Mortuary. Theo, Robin, Harvey, Salem and the Academy's warlocks watch on the sidelines as the girls and women gather in a circle around Zelda. She invokes the Triple Goddess Hecate to resurrect Hilda.

After Hilda comes back to life, Sabrina, Ambrose and Zelda inform her of what has happened. The group then waged war against the pagans at the carnival. After deceiving them, glamorizing Pesta with the likeness of Ms. Wardwell to destroy the statue of the Green Man, the witches kill and cast the pagans out of Greendale.

In Theo's room, Theo and Robin cuddle up in bed. Theo asks Robin if he’s staying in Greendale, and he replies that he has every reason to stay.[28]

Physical Appearance

Theo is petite, standing at 5'1 and has bluish-gray eyes. Even as a young child, his haircut has been the one constant throughout his lifetime until Theo got a buzz cut to make him look more masculine. 


Theo is a young student at Baxter High and one of Sabrina, Roz and Harvey's best friends. Independent and courageous, Theo is on a journey to discover an identity that can better define emotions, sensations and desires that characterize him, defying the binary gender norms of male and female. Theo's journey, however, is not at all easy and some more than others are willing to make it even more difficult. While Sabrina struggle with her witch nature, Theo is going through hell at school where football players are constantly harassing him for not fitting a specific idea of gender roles. For example, they lifted Theo's jumper to see if he had breasts or not. Physical and verbal abuse are part of Theo's daily life, despite Sabrina and Rosalind's attempts to make things easier and Principal Hawthorne turning a blind eye. He is also facing a distressing situation at home where uncle Jesse, who always struggled with his own gender identity [7], became horribly ill after witnessing something in the Greendale Mines and Theo's father decided to send him to a mental asylum that triggered painful emotions in Theo.

Despite Theo's best friends using feminine pronouns didn't bothered him, Theo seemed delighted when Nana Ruth and Dorothea used masculine pronouns instead, taking their comments as compliments and foreshadowing his upcoming step in embracing a more fitting gender identity to express himself. Also with the help of Roz, Theo comes out to his friends Harvey and Sabrina who since then, adjust to the use of male pronouns without too many problems.

Although Theo is a human, supernatural events didn't cause much of a shock. Indeed, conversations with Nana Ruth but especially with the ghost of his long-dead ancestor, Dorothea Putnam seems to have helped Theo discover new sides of his personal identity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Limited Mediumship: After going through his ancestor Dorothea Putnam's personal belongings, Theo is able to see the ghost of Dorothea and is able to communicate with her.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Theo is figuring out his gender identity, but currently identifies as a man. [29]
  • Lachlan Watson influenced Theo's "queer journey". In the original script, Theo identified as a transgender man and came out in the first few episodes. After conversations between Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lachlan, writers decided to develop the character's journey to a slower pace. [30]
    • In Part 2, Susie undergoes the first steps into transition, starting from using masculine pronouns and naming himself Theo, after his ancestor, Dorothea Putnam.
  • In the course of the series, Theo has been bullied and misgendered (using a word that doesn't correctly reflect the gender with which they identify) either intentionally and unintentionally by several characters such as Principal Hawthorne and some Baxter High Ravens.



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