"The Sugarman" is a drug lord in Riverdale, handling the likes of Jingle Jangle. It is revealed that there have been different people assuming the identities, as stated, over the years there would be many "Sugarmen", each taking over the previous, the most recent person being Robert Phillips. The Sugarman's associate was Clifford Blossom.

The Black Hood tasked Betty Cooper to find the Sugarman in "Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof" so he could give him "swift, brutal justice", but Betty protested and ended up handing the Sugarman's identity to the police after discovering who he was instead of outing him to the Black Hood. He was revealed to be Robert Phillips, an English teacher at Southside High who claimed to be against drugs himself and gangs like the Ghoulies. He notably became the current Sugarman after Clifford's death. After being jailed for his crimes, the Black Hood visited Mr. Phillips in his cell and pointed a gun at him, killing him.

The Sugarman was also a tale spun by Penelope Blossom to scare Jason Blossom and his sister Cheryl as children.

Notable Sugarmen

Name Status Active Occupation Image
Robert Phillips
Sold Jingle Jangle to the Ghoulies, and some Northsiders as well.


Season 2

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