Now brace yourself. The apartment is small. A pied-a-terre. But "Quality, always."
Hermione to Veronica[src]

The Pembrooke is a luxurious apartment building located in Riverdale. It is owned by Hermione Lodge, who currently resides here with her daughter, Veronica, as well as her husband, Hiram. They live in apartment 330.


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  • The Pembrooke is filmed in a historical building called the Permanent Building. It is located in Downtown Vancouver and can be hired out for parties and weddings.[1]
  • In the comics, Cheryl and Jason attended Pembrooke Academy (name taken after the rich neighboring community where they used to live), which is now the name of the building where Hiram, Hermione and Veronica live.
  • The Lodges' apartment at the Pembrooke was the only piece of property in Hermione's name, while all the other family properties in Hiram's name were impounded at the time of his arrest.


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