Many years ago, I was a very different man. My life was in tatters, So I left it behind. And I walked in the desert to die, Till I stumbled upon a tree on a hill beside a farm. I was in death's clutches. And somehow I stumbled to the door of that farm, and I knocked. When I woke, I was in a white room. I was being tended to by a kind, elderly farmer. And I said "How can I repay you?" So she put me to work on her farm. I ploughed those fields, and I sowed them with seed, and I watched them grow into something beautiful. I felt reborn. After that, I made it my sacred duty to open my own farm, where I could welcome lost souls wandering in the darkness.
Edgar Evernever to Betty[src]

The Farm, despite initial belief, is not solely a safe haven located upstate, but a group of individuals who share the same beliefs and are led by Edgar Evernever. The group is often referred to as a cult, though Polly is persistent in her claims that they are nothing of the sorts and that they "healed" her.


After discovering that she was pregnant with Jason Blossom's babies Polly informed the father, and together, the two of them were going to run away upstate to raise their children at the farm, where they would be free of persecution. On July 4, 2017, Polly and Jason packed their bags in preparation. They had planned to meet on the other side of Sweetwater River, in Greendale. However, Hal and Alice discovered Polly's plan to run away, and before she could, they had her admitted into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.[1] Jason was far less fortunate. Making it to the other side of Sweetwater River with the help of his sister Cheryl, only to be kidnapped and tortured by the Southside Serpents in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm, and later killed by his own father, Clifford Blossom.[2][3]

After escaping the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a much further along Polly was still very much intent on raising her and Jason's children at the Farm, but at the time, she lacked the funds to do so. And so, she remained in Riverdale, in her childhood home, along with her sister and parents. That is until Alice began antagonizing the Black Hood, a serial killer terrorizing the streets of Riverdale, forcing Polly to revisit her plans of leaving town. After calling the Farm and learning that they still had room, Polly packed her things and left Riverdale to ensure the safety of her babies.[4]

Months later, after giving birth to the twins, who she named Juniper and Dagwood, Polly returned to Riverdale, but only to gather her belongings as she had no intent on staying. The leaders of the Farm believed it to be best if she severed all ties to her past life, which included her family. On the Farm, there's no stigma for Polly's babies, unlike in Riverdale.[5]

Polly made her way back to Riverdale once more after getting a call from her father, informing her of Clifford Blossom's will-reading, from which she inherited a fraction of his fortunes. Some days later, Polly prepared to leave Riverdale again, but this time not for the Farm. She claimed that she was heading west, possibly San Francisco.[6]

After learning that her father was the Black Hood, Polly came back to Riverdale, to forgive him for his wrongdoings. She explained to Betty and Alice that at the Farm, they were taught that forgiveness is the most valuable gift you can give. After Alice took Polly's advice to visit Hal in prison, Polly offered to introduce Alice to a friend of hers from the Farm, who healed her when she was broken after Jason's death, and he can heal Alice too, to which Alice accepted.[7]

In between that time and Labor Day of 2018, Alice met Polly's friend, that being Edgar Evernever, leader of the Farm, and Alice became a member of the Farm herself.

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Polly and Alice with the Farm

The Farm has gathered in the backyard of the Cooper house. Polly, Alice, Juniper and Dagwood are amongst them. Unbeknownst to them, Betty is watching from the porch as Polly and Alice hold Juniper and Dagwood over a fire and lets them go. However, instead of falling in, Juniper and Dagwood float above the flames. Betty, seeing all this from the porch then collapses. She begins convulsing and is unresponsive to Alice's calls to her.[8]

Evelyn Evernever, the daughter of Edgar Evernever, has started her own student chapter of the Farm at Riverdale High School. Betty attends one of the meetings, and she tells Evelyn that she’s come to learn more about the Farm and that she came to ask about Ethel Muggs, who told her that Evelyn had been helping her with her seizures. Evelyn says that she’s been trying to with her dad’s teachings as she has to get Ethel off the medication. Evelyn then asks if Betty is on any medication, which Betty claims she isn’t, but she is considering it as she’s still having convulsions one or twice a day. Betty is hoping that Evelyn’s dad could help, which Evelyn is thrilled to hear.


The Farm awaits Betty's return

Polly, Alice, and Evelyn, along with half a dozen members of the Farm, sit in the living room of the Cooper house, awaiting Betty's arrival. Evelyn told them that Betty was finally ready to meet the Farm. Betty was under the impression that Edgar would be joining them, to which to the group laughs. Alice and Polly explain that there are certain levels one must first attain before meeting Edgar. First, Betty must start by meeting a few "Farmies". This will be Betty’s first testimony, which is essentially an open, non-judgmental conversation about all the bad things she’s done in her life. Evelyn reveals that between Alice and Polly, the Farm has gathered much information on Betty, such as her dark kinship with her father and the role she played in disposing of a dead body in her kitchen. Betty is in disbelief that her mother shared this information regarding Chic and the shady man with the Farm.


Betty accuses the Farm of bringing Gryphons & Gargoyles to Riverdale

Alice tells Betty that everything spoken at the Farm is kept in confidence. They all know each other’s secrets. They also know about the wake and the webcamming. Feeling cornered, Betty changes the subject to Evelyn being present at both her seizure and Ethel’s, and how the Farm showed up in Riverdale at the same time as Gryphons and Gargoyles, which made Ben Button and Dilton Doiley kill themselves all to appease a creature only known as the Gargoyle King, which Betty suspects may be Evelyn’s father. Evelyn claims that the first time they had ever heard of Gryphons & Gargoyles was from Alice, leaving Betty to wonder how her mother knows about the game. Alice attempts to drive the discussion away from her past, stating that it’s too soon and that Betty isn’t ready. Betty then becomes dizzy, as if she’s about to faint, but she keeps her balance.[9]



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Former Members


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  • Many former patients of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy have become involved with the Farm, because of Polly, roughly one month following their escape. Coincidentally, Alice didn't become involved with the Farm years after her initial stay, although Polly did have a hand in Alice becoming a member. 
  • The cult-like storyline playing a role in the third season is partially inspired by the Netflix television series Wild Wild Country.[11]



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