He called the house where they happened, the Devil's house. He'd go to that place day and night for hours, trying to put the pieces together. If you ask me, my father lost his mind in that house.
— Margaret Howard about the "Devil House"[src]

The Devil's House, formally known as the Conway House, was once the family residence of the Conway family, located at the edge of Fox Forest.


40 years ago, in the late hours of the night, four members of the Conway family were brutally murdered in this house when the Riverdale Reaper came in with a shotgun, killing each of them in cold blood. Only one family member survived that night, Joseph Conway. After escaping through the window while his family was massacred, Joseph watched from afar as the killer exited his home, covered in his family's blood. In order to protect him, knowledge of Joseph's survival was withheld from the press and his last name was changed from Conway to Svenson.

The lead officer on the case, Sheriff Howard, would come to call this home "The Devil's House", where he spent many days investigating the massacre from.



  • Jim Conway †
  • Mary Ellen Conway †
  • Tommy Conway †
  • Sue Conway †
  • Joseph Svenson


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