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The Dark Circle, formerly known as The Red Circle, is a group club formed by Archie Andrews, in an effort to track down and find the Black Hood. With the Black Hood still out in the wind committing countless crimes in both Riverdale and Greendale. Archie took it upon himself to organize a group of students to hunt down the Black Hood, as he saw Sheriff Keller's efforts weren't as efficient.

However, with new information that has been gathered, it is speculated by certain individuals that the Black Hood is from the Southside of town, since most of his victims that were targeted was from the Northside. Resulting in The Red Circle and the Southside Serpents to becoming enemies. The Red Circle was later disbanded by Archie per Mr. Weatherbee's request. However, they did in fact return, but under a new name — The Dark Circle. This time around, instead of protecting the town from the Black Hood, they were doing Hiram Lodge's bidding.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

The Formation of The Red Circle

Archie forming The Red Circle

At some point during the afternoon, Archie invited a group of boys to meet up in a classroom at Riverdale High School. Most of the boys were the Riverdale Bulldogs, with the exception of Dilton Doiley. Archie addresses the group that they are being targeted, that this time it was Moose and Midge who were victims of the Black Hood, and that their girlfriend or family could be next. He proposes that it's time that they start doing something about it; that he wants to form a "watch group". He elaborates, telling them that the purpose of the group would be to focus on Riverdale High, more specifically, "its students, its faculty and staff, its parents," and where they all hang out. In forming this group, he wants to add an extra circle of protection around them. Reggie speaks up, believing that they should take to the streets, but Archie dismisses the thought, even though those were his initial thoughts as well. Archie clarifies that he wants them to patrol town; to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the police. Dilton asks what should the do, should they run into the Black Hood, if they are not going to use violence. Archie admits that they are not vigilantes and for them to call the Sheriff. Reggie proposes that they should call themselves "The Watchdogs", but Archie already has a name picked out; he dubs them "The Red Circle." He inspires the group, insisting that they're no longer waiting for the next attack, but protecting their own. Reggie hypes the boys up, cheering after hearing Archie's speech.

Archie and The Red Circle send a message to the Black Hood

The group later meets up in a garage, assuming they're at Archie's house, they are seen in red ski masks except for Archie and Dilton Doiley, who was recording Archie as he spoke. They are recording a message to the Black Hood, calling him a coward, thinking that he can attack them from the shadows. Archie states that Riverdale is a lot stronger than he thinks and "The Red Circle" wasn't afraid of him. He closes the message with that he is but one man while they are "legion" and they're coming for him.[1]

Serpents vs The Red Circle

After Reggie received word that the Riverdale Bulldogs team was suspended due to The Red Circle, Reggie cut ties along with the rest of the team from The Red Circle, with the exception of Dilton, who remained loyal to Archie, by staying by his side.

Reggie and the Bulldogs speaking to Archie

Later that day, back at the Andrews house, Reggie came by along with Dilton and the rest of the Bulldogs, bringing a few boxes of Pizza's over. They later take a seat in the living room of Archie's home with Archie and Veronica. Where Reggie informed Archie that he heard about what he did for him when Mr. Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller found the hood mask that he used to prank on Archie. As he continued to tell Archie that he could've told Weatherbee that he owned the mask instead, but he didn't. Later telling Archie, that in "the book of Reg", that made him a top-tier loyal badass. As he informed Archie that he and the guys were talking earlier and came to the decision that they wanted to keep "The Red Circle" going, telling Archie that they're here for him.

Serpents arriving at Archie's house

However, their decision was interrupted when Veronica heard engines revving outside of Archie's house, to later find a group of Serpents arriving at the front of Archie's house, approaching his front door. Not long after, Veronica warns Archie that trouble had arrived. Later approaching the door, only to find Sweet Pea, stating to him, if he thought he was going to get away with sticking a gun in his face in front of his boys, and not expecting any payback. Reggie later approached the door to back Archie up. Archie then tells Veronica to stay instead, as he tells Sweet Pea, if he wanted a fight, they'll fight. As Sweet Pea later asks about his gun, as Archie asked about his knife. Which Veronica later interrupted their conversation, informing them to not use any weapons. Stating if they insisted on fighting with each other, they had to settle rules.

Archie swinging at Sweet Pea

Both sides were later outside, as they stood in the rain preparing for the fight, as more members from both sides later arrived at the scene. Archie and Sweet Pea are later in a standoff, as Archie walks slowly towards him, he looks Sweet Pea straight in the face, later swinging at him, as he took the first punch, declaring war. Later, each member from both sides ran towards the other, as they attacked each other. As the two sides fought, Archie spotted Dilton pulling out a pocket knife, and was thrown down towards the ground not long after, by Sweet Pea. Before Sweet Pea could continue, Veronica intervened by firing Archie's gun into the air, provoking the Serpents into retreating and ending the fight. However, the Red Circle did not make it out unscathed, as Dilton was stabbed in the leg, and had to be rushed away by Archie to the hospital, which Dilton telling Reggie to tell the doctors that the Serpents stabbed him for no apparent reason.[2]





Season 2

Season 3


  • Reggie originally suggested for the group to be called "The Watchdogs", however, Archie suggested that they call themselves "The Red Circle" instead.[1]
  • The group took its original name from the "Red Circle Comics", an imprint of Archie Comics, launched in the late 1970s as a fantasy/horror imprint but switched over to superheroes in the 1980s.
  • Some of the Red Circle comics are featured in "Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods", stored in the box where Archie hid his gun.
  • The Dark Circle is named after the 2015 imprint. Just like Reggie's Dark Circle is more violent than Archie's Red Circle, the contemporary imprint revamped the Red Circle Comics with more mature content.

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