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The Northside declared war today. Your old man ain't here to call the shots. And yeah, I'm his right hand, that makes me de-facto leader, here and now. So, things are changing Jones, either you change with them or suffer the consequences.
— Tall Boy to Jughead[src]

Gerald "Tall Boy" Petite was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Scott McNeil.

He was a former senior member of the Southside Serpents and FP Jones' right-hand man. Following FP's incarceration, he stepped up as the de facto leader of the Serpents. It was during this time that Tall Boy and the rest of the Serpents gave Jughead a Serpents jacket, providing him membership of their gang. After welcoming in Jughead, he served as Jughead's adviser for a short period of time, with Toni, later taking his place, guiding Jughead into the Serpent world. Now that FP has been released, Tall Boy no longer reigns over the Serpents. However, his days as a Southside Serpent would come to an end after Hiram Lodge hired him to decapitate the statue of General Pickens, and setting it up to make it look like Jughead was the culprit. Tall Boy's actions were exposed, and therefore he was exiled.

Tall Boy was also a copycat of the infamous serial killer, the Black Hood. Hiram Lodge hired him to attack the town hall and attempt to murder Fred Andrews. It was initially believed that Sheriff Minetta and his officers killed Tall Boy, after an anonymous tip lead them to the suspect, when they attempted to question him but the confrontation resulted in gunfight. However, it was later revealed that his death was faked and been hiding out in Athens while posing as the Gargoyle King. He was exposed by Jughead, FP, and Archie. While being held by the Serpents, Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty, the latter shot him.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

After the arrest of FP Jones, and his refusal of taking a deal of a lighter sentence in return for implicating other Serpents, Tall Boy and other Serpents visit FP's trailer to let FP's son Jughead Jones know that they would have his back for as long as FP was gone. Tall Boy then offered Jughead a leather Serpent jacket, to which Jughead accepted.[1]

Physical Appearance

Tall Boy was a middle-aged man. He was very tall and big built, with long straight brown hair and blonde highlights, as well as a short trimmed beard with some gray hair in it. He had a hoop earring on one side of his ears as well as a nose ring on the same side. He also had green eyes


Tall Boy was initially presented as an ally. A fellow Serpent that Jughead could go to when in need of help. However, he would later prove to be disloyal and untrustworthy, proven when he attempted to merge the Serpents with the Ghoulies while FP was in prison. He also had little respect for FP, their leader. Tall Boy felt that the Serpents were going soft under FP's leadership and was willing to do anything to get rid of him and Jughead, even working for Hiram Lodge.


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