You can't just sit here all day using my internet. You have to actually order food, not just coffee. And then you have to pay for said food. My grandfather did things his way, and I do them mine. And the first rule of my diner is no running tabs.
— Tabitha to Jughead[src]

Tabitha Tate is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Erinn Westbrook.[1]

Tabitha is Pop Tate's granddaughter who arrived in Riverdale after leaving behind a six figure job in Chicago to take over Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe hoping to franchise the iconic diner. She has since made a number of changes and implemented various rules. Tabitha has recently begun to grow closer with Jughead as they investigate the alleged Mothmen sightings.

Character Description

The ambitious, entrepreneurial granddaughter of Pop Tate, who has come to Riverdale to take over Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe in the hopes of franchising the iconic diner, even as the town around it struggles to survive.[1]

Throughout Riverdale

Season 5

Meeting Archie

Tabitha is working at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe when Archie arrives. She offers him a seat at the counter for some coffee. She also welcomes him to head downstairs to the Whyte Wyrm, where the Serpents are performing.

Tabitha attempts to convince Squeaky to stay, even offering her more shifts at the diner, but Squeaky remarks that she is done with Riverdale before parting ways with Tabitha.[2]

Pop's Retirement Party

Tabitha turns Jughead down

Tabitha is approached by Jughead, who is hoping to fill the open waiter position. However, Tabitha states that he’s over qualified. She then goes on to tell him that he can’t sit around the diner all day. He actually has to order and pay for food. While Pop Tate may have run the diner a certain way for years, Tabitha explains that she has rules of her own, the first being that there are no running tabs.

Tabitha hides Jughead behind the counter

Pop Tate and Jughead sit in a booth and discuss his time running the diner. Pop admits that the thought of no longer working at the diner is a strange feeling despite all of the wild happenings of Riverdale. Jughead glances outside to see debt collectors approaching the diner. He drops to the floor behind the bar and asks Tabitha to cover for him. The debt collectors enter moments later in search of Jughead. Tabitha looks over to Pop Tate before informing the two men that she hasn’t seen Jughead. After the two men exit, Pop Tate offers to pay Jughead’s debt, but he respectfully declines, as he doesn’t wish to take Pop Tate’s retirement money. On his way out, Tabitha concedes and tells Jughead that the waiter job is open if he’s still looking for employment. Jughead accept and asks Tabitha to call the two debt collectors in a couple of days to inform them that he’ll be paying them back with his earnings from the diner.

The following evening, Tabitha attends Pop's retirement party, where he is celebrated by the town of Riverdale.[3]

The Mothmen Chronicles

Tabitha is interviewed by Jughead

With the diner essentially empty for the night, Jughead asks to interview Tabitha for his book, claiming that it’s about Riverdale and those who inhabit the small town. Tabitha reveals that she left a six figure CEO job in Chicago to run Pop’s. Tabitha would rather become the CEO of her family’s business as opposed to working for for some random corporation in a big city. She intends to grow Pop’s into a larger franchise. The gas pump she installed out front for the truckers driving the night shift is only the start. A group of Jughead’s students then enter the diner, recognizing him as their teacher.

Tabitha tells Jughead about Old Man Dreyfus

Tabitha and Jughead play a game of darts at the Wyrm, where Tabitha reveals that she has the next subject for his book — Old Man Dreyfus, who lives on and runs a junkyard up the Lonely Highway. He came in today for a plate of pork chops and Tabitha asked if Jughead could interview him, to which he agreed. She then tells Jughead to ask him about the Mothmen.

The following day, Tabitha exits the kitchen to find Jughead working on his 'Moth Men chronicles.' Jughead reveals that all of Old Man Dreyfus’ buddies from the mines are dead of cancer. Jughead admits this could be a coincidence or maybe they were all exposed to the same radiation on the spaceship. Tabitha asks Jughead what comes next. He reveals that he intends to track down the articles previously mentioned by Dreyfus. Tabitha offers to join him, much to Jughead's surprise.[4]

Tabitha discovers that Pop Tate may have had an encounter with the Mothmen

Tabitha reads an article given to her by Jughead regarding the Moth Men and Old Man Dreyfus. Four of the five miners detailed their mysterious encounters. Tabitha isn’t so quick to believe the story until Jughead reveals that he found another article from two months later detailing how a group of residents saw unexplainable lights materialize and hover in the dark skies. Pop Tate is quoted among the witnesses.

Tabitha and Jughead asks Pop Tate about the lights in the sky

Tabitha and Jughead interview Pop Tate at the diner about his eye witness account of the flashing lights in the sky all those years ago. Pop Tate recalls the evening clear as day. It was one night about 50 years ago with very few people in the diner. All of the sudden, he could feel a type of electricity in the air before all the lights suspiciously shut off. The diner was nearly pitch black but far from silent as a jukebox played, gumballs poured out of the machine, and a toy monkey frantically clapped cymbals. A strange yellow tinted light shined into the diner from outside. Pop Tate walked out to the parking lot to take a look, but the lights were gone. Some said aliens, but the most credible explanation Pop heard was that it was military testing from an army base outside Riverdale. A part of Pop Tate wishes the lights would come back. Lastly, Pop Tate reveals that Nana Rose Blossom was among the patrons who witnessed the lights that night and tells them to interview her.

Later, Jughead asks Tabitha why they’re being paid with Veronica’s Monopoly money. Tabitha assures him that he’ll still be paid as he normally would.

Tabitha and Jughead question Nana Rose about the Mothmen

Tabitha and Jughead question Nana Rose about the lights in the sky 50 years ago. Nana Rose remembers it well. Her suspicion is that the light came from the Moth Men’s ship. A few weeks after the incident, she found a hideously misshapen body in the maple forest — a Moth Men corpse. Nana Rose claims that an alien autopsy was performed. However, the Moth Men didn’t want people talking about them, which is why there aren't many articles. They revealed this to her when they came to Thornhill one night looking for their comrade. They don’t like to be known and didn’t like Nana Rose having their deceased. She told them that it had been cremated. In reality, it has been perfectly preserved in a barrel of maple syrup, which she offers to find for them as proof.

Tabitha and Jughead uncover a Mothman

Tabitha awaits Jughead's arrival as she stands alongside a barrel of maple syrup delivered by Nana Rose. They take the barrel into the back and find what Nana Rose claims to be a Moth Man. It reeks of maple syrup and decay. Still, Tabitha isn’t convinced. She believes it could be human bones mixed with fake, synthetic bones. However, Jughead is truly starting to believe the Moth Man story. So much so that he wants to consult a specialist: Dr. Diana Whitely — an anthropology professor at Centerville University who specializes in urban culture and extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Jughead works the nightshift. The following day, Jughead reveals to Tabitha how much like Pop Tate’s encounter 50 years ago, the diner started shaking last night and he saw a yellow tinted light around 2:00 AM. The last thing he remembers is seeing a bright white light before waking up in a booth hours later. Tabitha suspects that what Jughead recalls was merely a dream or drunk hallucination. However, Jughead then reveals that the Moth Man is missing as well.[5]

Tabitha and Jughead meet with Dr. Whitley

Tabitha and Jughead meet with Dr. Diana Whitley at Pop’s after contacting her in regards to the alleged Mothman they received from Nana Rose. Dr. Whitley is eager to examine the specimen and is disappointed to learn that it was stolen. Jughead explains that he was babysitting it when a blinding light appeared from the sky. The last thing he remembers is looking up. He woke up hours later, and the Mothman was gone. Dr. Whitley suspects Jughead is subconsciously suppressing a traumatic experience, as common with individuals who have had close encounters with extraterrestrials. Dr. Whitley offers to help Jughead and suggests that he attend her support group, but Jughead declines her offer. Should he decide otherwise, she leaves her card behind.

Tabitha asks Jughead about his blackouts

Tabitha decides to join Jughead at Dr. Whitley’s support group. Jughead shares his story with the group; how he was working late at Pop’s when lights from outside the window began shining into the diner. Dr. Whitley then asks him about lost time, noting that blackouts are common in supposed encounters with extraterrestrials. When she asks if he’s ever blacked out before, Jughead becomes overwhelmed with visions of an approaching Mothman and flees. Tabitha follows him out and inquires further about his blackouts. Jughead reveals that he was in New York when the blackouts first began. He was drinking, doing drugs, and partying hard. During that time, he did some things that he doesn’t remember and lost a lot of time. With that in mind, Tabitha proposes that they skip Cheryl’s party, but Jughead believes that a night of debauchery is precisely what he needs.

Jughead and Tabitha arrive at the party

Tabitha and Jughead arrive at Cheryl’s party, with Jughead headed straight for the bar. The guests gather and Cheryl explains that tonight’s key party is a bold rejection of death and then reveals the house rules. The main rule is that they will be free to do whatever they desire. It’s essentially a free pass. A drunk Jughead volunteers to draw next, though he can barely make it to Cheryl without stumbling. Tabitha tries to argue that he's too drunk, but Cheryl refuses to allow him to leave before drawing keys. As it so happens, he grabs Tabitha’s keys and she takes him home.

Tabitha carries Jughead homes and lays him on the couch. He drunkenly asks her if she thinks he truly had a close encounter with aliens. She isn’t sure, but she does think that there is something from his past that he’s trying to avoid dealing with involving his blackouts. She advises him to seek professional help. She then covers him up with a blanket and leaves.[6]

Sponsoring the Bulldogs

Tabitha agrees to sponsor Veronica

Tabitha is approached by Veronica, who asks if she can host a pancake breakfast at Pop’s so that the town can mix and mingle with the recently revived Bulldogs. Tabitha agrees in hopes that it’ll bring in more customers. Veronica then proposes that Pop’s become the official sponsor for the Bulldogs.

The following day, as planned, Tabitha and Veronica host the breakfast for the Bulldogs at Pop’s as planned. Cheryl even assists, having agreed to supply the syrup.

Later that week, Tabitha joins Veronica and Reggie in the stands for the big game and cheers for the Bulldogs as they take on the Stonewall Stallions.[7]

Chaperoning Jughead

Tabitha kisses Jughead

Tabitha and Jughead stay late to wipe down the diner while working the night shift at Pop's. They suddenly start dance to Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran before sharing a kiss, which they both instantly regret. Jughead stammers to explain that he has school tomorrow before abruptly leaving.

Tabitha refuses to help Jughead

Tabitha and Jughead discuss their kiss. She apologizes to Jughead for kissing him. He apologizes as well and says that now isn’t the best time for him to jump back into a relationship due to his break up with Betty, which he never recovered from and his most recent relationship, which was "more toxic than nuclear waste." So, Tabitha suggests that they remain friends. As friends, Jughead asks Tabitha for a favor. Pop Culture Weekly is looking to run an excerpt from his new book, but Jughead needs to get past his writer’s block, similar to back when he was in New York writing The Outcast. Back then, he consumed maple mushrooms. He took a trip, had some psychedelic visions, and when he came to, he had written 500 pages. Jughead explains that he has personal trauma that he can’t access and he hopes the mushroom will allow him to break through to it. All he needs is someone he trusts to watch over him. However, Tabitha refuses to help, as she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, supervised or otherwise.

Tabitha reluctantly agrees to watch over Jughead

When Jughead's ex-girlfriend, Jessica, arrives at Pop's with the mushrooms and proposes that she and Jughead have one last trip together for old times sake, Tabitha interrupts, claiming that she’s Jughead’s new girlfriend. Jessica backs down, telling Jughead that he owes her $500 and that he has a week to pay up. When Jessica leaves, Tabitha reluctantly agrees to watch over Jughead while he’s under the influence of the mushrooms, as she now realizes that there’s no talking him out of it.

Tabitha meets with Jughead in the bunker after cooking the psychedelic mushrooms into a sauce. She waits for the drugs to take effect, but Jughead tells her that she doesn’t have to hover over him, rather check in periodically.

Tabitha cuffs Jughead

Tabitha returns to the bunker to find Jughead under the full effect of the mushrooms. He has already completed the first part of his excerpt and asks Tabitha to dance with him. When she turns him down, he tells her not to be such a Betty and killjoy. Tabitha enacts her contingency plan and handcuffs Jughead to the table before leaving.

Tabitha returns to the bunker to find Jughead gone and a trail of blood leading to the handcuffs he somehow managed to break out of.[8]

Physical Appearance

Tabitha is a young woman with brown skin, with brown eyes, and dark brown hair.


Tabitha is fairly stern. Unlike her grandfather, Pop Tate, she has stricter rules in regards to the diner, such as no running tabs. However, she is also compassionate. When Jughead initially approached her for a job at the diner, she turned him down, but after seeing that he was in need of money after being hunted down by debt collectors, she offered him a job.


Season 5



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