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Sunnyside Trailer Park is a trailer park located on the south side of Riverdale

FP Jones lived in his trailer home at Sunnyside Trailer Park, right up until he got arrested. Jughead then moved in the trailer by himself because it made him feel more at home and closer to his father. Since FP's release, the two of them have been staying at the trailer. Unfortunately, Hiram Lodge has since purchased the trailer park though he did clear all current residence of their back rent. Unfortunately, that matters little now that the Ghoulies have destroyed the trailer park.

The Serpents later regained control of the trailer park after the Ghoulies lost both Malachai and Penny. However, with most of their homes destroyed, the Serpents were forced to live in tents, thus tent city was created. The Jones family then moved out of the trailer park, to the north side of town after Gladys Jones returned to Riverdale and bought the Cooper house in an all-cash online offer.





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  • The Jones family keeps a spare key under a rusty lawn gnome just outside their trailer. They've done this for years seeing as Archie commented "it's the same as when we were kids" upon finding the key.