Jughead, there is no school more nihilistic and/or privileged than Stonewall!
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Stonewall Prep is a prestigious boarding school that Jughead was accepted into. However, he would later withdraw after being accused of plagiarism.


The faculty holds 132 master's degrees and 28 doctoral degrees, which sounds impressive although most of the teachers except Mr. Chipping are hopelessly out of touch according to student Bret Weston Wallis. The cafeteria offers vegan, keto vegan and raw keto vegan diets.[1]

At a salon about horror fiction, Bret bets that Jughead can make it the Stonewall Five as they’re overdue for a vanishing. After class, Jughead asks Mr. Chipping about the Stonewall Four. He explains that it’s about four prep students who disappeared without a trace over a span of 30 years. However, by Mr. Chipping’s account, the Stonewall Four is an urban legend as the students actually dropped out of school.[2]

Stonewall Prep is closely linked to the success of the Baxter Brothers book series, counting at least two ghostwriters behind the pseudonym Franklin P. Paxton; the originator Francis DuPont and the latest, Mr. Chipping. To celebrate the latest novel in the series, "Ten Little Boy Scouts", a reception is hosted at school and a murder game to entertain guests. A contest to find the next one to pass the torch to in the reading group of Mr. Chipping triggers a strong competition between Jughead and Bret.[3]

The school is home to a secret society called Quill and Skull whose membership is confirmed by tie pins with the logo of the group, a skull with a quill, pinned on the uniform.[4]


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