Skeet Ulrich is an American actor. He portrays FP Jones on The CW's Riverdale.


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  • Ulrich and FP Jones share the same birthday.
  • In an interview with comicbook, Skeet Ulrich revealed that he would like for Neve Campbell, his former co-star of the 1996 American slasher film, Scream, to portray Mrs. Jones, FP's estranged wife and mother of his children, Jughead and Jellybean.[1] This was prevented by the casting of Gina Gershon.
  • Three months after announcing his exit from Riverdale along with Marisol Nichols, Ulrich revealed on an Instagram live post the reason why he left Riverdale; he got "bored creatively".[2]
  • October 15, 2020, was Skeet Ulrich's final day on set.[3]
  • Skeet Ulrich kept FP's leather jacket as a memento from his time on the show.


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