Sisters of Quiet Mercy was a home for troubled youths, where disenfranchised teens will learn such virtues as discipline and respect. All while enjoying lives of quiet reflection and servitude.

During Prohibition, the Sisters ran a distillery in the basement and used to smuggle booze out to Sweetwater River via a tunnel running under the facility. The tunnel was also used by gay boys admitted to the facility's program to sneak out and to hook-up with other young men in Fox Forest. [1]

During her high school years, Alice Cooper admitted herself to the facility in order to quietly give birth to her baby boy who was later given up for adoption. [2] Years later, when Alice's eldest daughter, Polly, became pregnant, she sent her to the home to give her baby up as well. However, Polly had no intention of doing so and ran away a few months later. [3]

As of 2018, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy was one of the few places in the country that still does conversion therapy, although off the books due to it being illegal in various jurisdictions. For this reason, Cheryl Blossom was admitted into the group-home by her mother, Penelope, who claimed that Cheryl started exhibiting strange, deviant behavior and was mentally ill. [4] However, Toni and Veronica, aided by Kevin, sneaked inside the facility and helped her escape through the "gay hook-up tunnel." [1]

The Sisters are arrested shortly after Betty and Ethel's escape from the asylum. Facing prison, once released on bail, the Sisters returned to the chamber within the facility and committed suicide via cyanide poisoning.[5] In the wake of their deaths, the estate was put up for auction and was subsequently purchased by The Farm.[6]


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  • Filming of the institute took place at a real mental hospital in Canada called Riverside.[7]
  • The exterior of the hospital was also used as the facade of another mental institution on the Lifetime TV series, Witches of East End, in which Mädchen Amick also starred.


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