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There's nothing more important to me than my daughter, and there are things that you can do for her career that I cannot. But if you screw her over in anyway, I will personally calls Marc Berger down at the SEC and have him investigate every financial dealing you've ever brokered. No empire’s been built without at least one rusty nail, Mr. Cabot. Just ask Hiram Lodge.
— Sierra to Mr. Cabot[src]

Sierra McCoy (née Samuels) is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale and guest starring character on Katy Keene. She is portrayed by Robin Givens.

Sierra is the mother of Josie McCoy and was the mayor of Riverdale before becoming an attorney.

Character Description

McCoy is not only the powerful and fabulous Mayor of Riverdale, but also the mother of soon-to-be-world-famous Josie, of Josie & The Pussycats fame. Chic and driven, Mayor McCoy is struggling to guide Riverdale through the crisis precipitated by the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, all while making sure the town’s upcoming 75th Jubilee Celebration goes off without a hitch.[1]

Early Life

Sierra McCoy grew up in the small and close-minded town of Riverdale. She attended Riverdale High School, where she dated Tom Keller and was a rule-breaking, anti-apartheid activist. During her junior year, Sierra, Alice, Hermione, Penelope, FP, and Fred started to play Gryphons and Gargoyles. They later discovered that Hiram, Tom, Marty and Darryl also played the game. Collectively, they would be known as The Midnight Club. One day, they received a mysterious invitation to ascension night, during which time their Principal would go missing. Two weeks later, Principal Featherhead was found dead with blue lips. Sierra and her friends got rid of the game and went separate ways.

After graduation, she raised a family with Myles McCoy. The two of them have a daughter together, named Josie. Some time after this, Sierra became Mayor of Riverdale, and while some people were opening up, everyone in town was not so welcoming of a mayor of color.

Throughout Riverdale

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Sierra arrives in New York City to visit Josie at her apartment as she prepares for her first ever listening party for her four-song EP. Sierra greets Josie with a hug. Josie then introduces her to Katy, Pepper, and Jorge. Sierra asks them to fill her in on everything that’s going on.

Sierra no longer believes in Josie

Sierra and Josie go shopping at Lacy's, where Josie informs her mother that she was only funded for an EP as opposed to a full album. And she’s not signed to a label. Mr. Cabot funded it personally. Josie lastly reveals that she’s dating Alexander and has signed a contract without allowing her mother to read it first. Sierra worries that Josie will become a pawn in their family dynamic. Josie assures her that she won’t. However, Sierra finds it hard to believe that Mr. Cabot simply cut her a check after hearing her sing. Sierra used to believe in her, Josie questions when did that stop.

Sierra meets Alex

Sierra arrives at the listening party just in time to meet a drunk Alexander. Josie asks to talk to him in private, but Alex gets unruly and confronts Josie about dating him just because his dad paid her to. Katy stops Josie from chasing after Alex and reminds her that this is her night and not to let anyone ruin it. Chubby welcomes Josie to the stage. Josie and Chubby then proceed to sing in front of the entire party. As they perform, Sierra approaches Mr. Cabot and threatens to have his business investigated should he hurt Josie in any way. "No empire’s been built without at least one rusty nail, Mr. Cabot. Just ask Hiram Lodge," Sierra says.

Sierra promises Josie that she'll always be there for her

After the party has ended, Sierra expresses just how proud she is of Josie. She knows that Josie can handle her business, but she doesn’t like what she saw from Alex. He had no right to walk in like that. He reminded Sierra of Josie's father, Myles McCoy. She warns Josie that when you end up with someone like that, the worrying never goes away. Sierra doesn’t want that for Josie. However, she has to make her own choices and mistakes. Nevertheless, Sierra promises Josie that she’ll always be there.

Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, Luisa, Josie, and Sierra watch from the crowd

The Miss Washington Heights Pageant commences. Sierra, Josie, Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, and Luisa watch from the crowd. Sierra tells Josie how she was in the East Village every weekend in her twenties. She’s plenty familiar with drag. Francois turns out to be the legendary VeeVee Humble, who's the contest judge. She asks Deveraux the first question. She then asks Ginger the same question, but Ginger rushes off the stage. For the talent portion of the pageant, VeeVee Humble welcomes Ginger back to the stage. Sierra, Josie, Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, and Luisa cheer her on as she sings before the crowd. Deveraux tries to mess up her set, but Ginger continues her performance, much to the crowd’s amazement. However, despite her best effort, VeeVee Humble announces Deveraux as this year's Miss Washington Heights. Later, they take to the dance floor.[2]

Physical Appearance

Sierra is a middle-aged woman with a slim figure. She has dark skin, brown hair, and deep brown eyes. She often wears a bit of makeup: lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. As for her clothing choices, Sierra typically has on long, dark-colored dresses.


Sierra is a proud and confident woman of color, often encouraging her daughter, Josie, to embrace the same qualities within herself. Having been elected as Mayor in such a small-minded and secluded town, Sierra was subject to hate, which presumably took a lot of heart and bravery to withstand. More than just a Mayor, Sierra is also a caring mother, being there for Josie in her time of hurt and motivating her to achieve her dream of becoming a famous singer.


Josie McCoy

Main article: Josie and Sierra

The relationship between Josie and Sierra is tight and close-knit. They care deeply for each other, as a mother and daughter would. Even though Sierra may be strict toward her daughter, it is only for her daughter's benefit. She pushes her to achieve her goals and is proud of her for her accomplishments such as the band, Josie and the Pussycats, unlike her husband Myles McCoy, who only sees it as child's play.

Myles McCoy

Season 1 Episode 6 Six Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Myles Sierra 5.jpg

At some point, Myles and Sierra met and later went on to marry and have a daughter together. Due to Myles's career as a professional jazz player, he was often absent, causing the relationship between him and Sierra to become distant. They also had disagreements in Josie's music career. Myles is quite strict on their daughter Josie when it comes to the Pussycats, looking at it as nothing more than child's play, whereas Sierra is calmer with Josie, and proud of what she had accomplished, pushing Josie to achieve her goals. Myles and Sierra would eventually get divorced, as Sierra persued a relationship with Tom.

Tom Keller


Initially, the relationship between Tom and Sierra appeared to be strictly business. With him being the town's Sheriff and Sierra being the Mayor, it was perfectly normal to see the two together, however, due to them spending a lot of time with each other, at an unknown point, it seems that the two had reunited feelings for each other and began having an affair. With Sierra's distant relationship with her husband and Sheriff Keller's absentee wife, the two rekindled their high school fling, thus leading to them getting married.



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Katy Keene

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