There's nothing more important to me than my daughter, and there are things that you can do for her career that I cannot. But if you screw her over in anyway, I will personally calls Marc Berger down at the SEC and have him investigate every financial dealing you've ever brokered. No empire’s been built without at least one rusty nail, Mr. Cabot. Just ask Hiram Lodge.
— Sierra to Mr. Cabot[src]

Sierra McCoy (née Samuels) is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale and guest starring character on Katy Keene. She is portrayed by Robin Givens.

Sierra is the mother of Josie McCoy and was the mayor of Riverdale.

Character Description

McCoy is not only the powerful and fabulous Mayor of Riverdale, but also the mother of soon-to-be-world-famous Josie, of Josie & The Pussycats fame. Chic and driven, Mayor McCoy is struggling to guide Riverdale through the crisis precipitated by the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, all while making sure the town’s upcoming 75th Jubilee Celebration goes off without a hitch.[1]

Early Life

Sierra McCoy grew up in the small and close-minded town of Riverdale. She attended Riverdale High School where she was an rule-breaking, anti-apartheid activist, and later proceeded to raise a family with Myles McCoy. The two of them have a daughter together, named Josie. Some time after this, Sierra became Mayor of Riverdale, and while some people are opening up, everyone in town was not so welcoming of a mayor of color.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

School Spirit

Season 1 Episode 2 A Touch of Evil Pep Rally Clayton Mayor

Coach Clayton and Mayor McCoy at Pep Rally

Before the Pep Rally kicked off, Mayor McCoy joined Mr. Weatherbee and Coach Clayton on stage to thank everyone in attendance. She was gladdened by the turn out. A lack of heart and school spirit had never been the Riverdale way, even in spite of the weather and mysterious death of Jason Blossom. She reminded the crowd that the pep-rally is like no other they've had before, which is why she dedicated the evening to the memory of Jason Blossom. She then welcomed the River Vixens and Josie and the Pussycats to the stage to perform. [2]

Taste of Riverdale

Mayor McCoy welcomed everyone to the first annual Taste of Riverdale. She went on the say that the event taking place, proved that Riverdale is a town that when tragedy strikes, they pick themselves back up. After her speech, Sierra approached Cliff and Penelope Blossom, just to check in on how they're dealing with Jason's death, but she found herself on the end of a snarky reply from Penelope instead. [3]

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Mayor Sierra McCoy and Jughead

Jughead and Mayor McCoy

Mayor McCoy apologized to Jughead as there was nothing she could do in stopping the demolition of the Twilight Drive-In. Good riddance, it's a cesspool filled with criminals. With Andrews Construction sanctioned to demolish the lot on Monday, the deal is done. When Jughead was younger, his family would always go to the drive-in, he and his sister, Jeallybean, would hide in the trunk as they couldn't always afford tickets, the drive-in is like his home. While, she appreciated the sentiment that he holds towards the drive-in, the future of Riverdale is at stake.

Mayor McCoy later received a secret donation from Hermione Lodge towards her re-election campaign, in exchange, Lodge Industries would receive the twilight drive-in, which is one of the most prime pieces of real-estate in Riverdale. She made a point to remind Hermione that no one could know of their deal, especially not the Blossoms. [4]

Annual Variety Show

Season 1 Episode 6 Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Mayor Sierra McCoy begging Josie to find a new member

Sierra pleading with Josie

Upon learning that Valerie had quit the Pussycats, Sierra believed the best solution was to replace her, as everyone is replaceable with the exception of Josie. With Myles McCoy, Josie's father attending their performance at the Variety Show, she would hate for Josie to let him down, especially since he had to cancel two concerts. She insisted that Josie find a new member, someone skinny, beautiful, and of color.

She was then invited over for dinner by Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge, in an attempt for them to plead his case for the construction contract of the land that once housed the Twilight Drive-In. The topic of discussion changed several times throughout the night before ending with Fred's bid, one that Sierra was more than willing to grant him, as she described Fred as a working man who lived in the real world and found his bid refreshing. However, the buyer was already in the process of accepting another bid and it would take two share-holder signatures to stop the process and the chances of that happening were fairly unlikely.

The night of the Variety Show had finally come, Sierra and Myles sat in the audience as Josie and the Pussycats performed on stage, Sierra thoroughly enjoyed her daughter's performance, Myles, on the other hand, was left unimpressed, as he exited the event halfway through the performance. After the show, she found Josie in tears, so Sierra hugged her tight. [5]

Homecoming & Homicide

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Sierra McCoy on stage

Mayor McCoy at Homecoming

Mayor McCoy and Mr. Weatherbee approached Betty Cooper during the Homecoming dance, hoping to review the evening's itinerary. She requested that Betty escort her up to the stage, however, Betty was fairly preoccupied, handing the duty off to principal Weatherbee. She then welcomed Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge to the stage for their performance. Afterward, she was notified by Sheriff Keller that FP Jones was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.[6]

Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller were interrupted by Alice Cooper, who entered her office at the Town Hall, baring a USB drive, which contained surveillance video of Jason Blossom's murder. Upon watching the video, they discovered that FP Jones was not the killer, despite his initial confession. Jason was killed by his own father, Clifford Blossom, in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm.[7]

75th Anniversary Jubilee

The murder of Jason Blossom had revealed several dark truths, none of which Mayor McCoy was eager to face, as she screamed at Sheriff Keller to destroy every last trace of corruption.

In the days leading up to the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, Mayor McCoy approached Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper with an offer to feature them both at the event, in their honor since the two of them helped bring peace and justice back to the streets of Riverdale. She informed Archie that the Pussycats would be performing at the Jubilee, so she would love it if he could join them. As for Betty, Mayor McCoy simply wanted her to speak at the event, she thought it best if the townspeople of Riverdale heard from their best and brightest. Archie inquired about Jughead, who also played a large role in solving the mystery of Jason death. While she was fond of him, and he was more than welcome to attend the Jubilee, the Mayor thought it would be confusing to have him up on stage while his father was locked up at the same time for his involvement in Jason's death. She reminded Archie and Betty that they were the heroes that the town desperately needed.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Mayor Sierra McCoy hosting

Mayor McCoy on stage at the Jubilee

The night of the Jubilee had finally arrived, as Mayor McCoy welcomed all to the Town Hall in celebration of the town's 75th anniversary. She couldn't have been any more thrilled to introduce her daughter, Josie, and her Pussycats, alongside Archie. Much to her surprise, Josie and Archie would not be playing the song she had previously signed off on, instead, they played one of his sings. Initially upset and confused, she came around to enjoy the song as the crowd applauded their performance. Unfortunately, the Jubilee went a bit off the rails as Betty gave her speech in front of the entire town, accusing them all of writing off FP Jones because everyone was so quick to place the blame on him. Betty went on to explain that the town was at a crossroads, and that each of them needed to do better or else what happened to Jason wouldn't be the last. From backstage, Mayor McCoy didn't look too pleased. In fact, she looked discouraged, perhaps at her own behavior.[8]

Season 2


Mayor McCoy at the office

Mayor McCoy arrived at the office to find Betty and Jughead awaiting her arrival. With the Chock'lit Shoppe on the verge of closing, the two of them sought to let Pop Tate know that the entire town was rallying behind him. They were hoping that the Mayor could make the diner a landmark or declare a day for Pop Tate in support. Unfortunately, Mayor McCoy couldn't take the risk. What if she endorsed Pop's, and next week someone else is shot, she asked. Her priorities as a Mayor and a mother was to keep the town safe by any means necessary, so if that meant the closing off Pop's shoppe, then so be it. Jughead then ambushed her with questions regarding his father's case, in which he was being shipped off to a state prison for a murder he didn't commit. FP made his own poor choices, and now it was time to deal with them. With that being said, Jughead instructed the Mayor to remember this very moment, as it is the moment that she turned her back on both Pop Tate and FP.[9]

Another Killer on the Loose


Mayor McCoy requesting that Alice hold on printing the letter

Mayor McCoy met with Sheriff Keller and the Coopers after learning that they received a letter from the supposed killer. In this letter, he confessed to the murder of Geraldine Grundy, as well as the shootings of Fred Andrews, Moose Mason, and Midge Klump. He even provided proof of these heinous crimes, ridding all doubt on whether or not he was, in fact, the killer they were searching for. With the letter, was Fred's missing wallet and Geraldine's glasses. In the spirit of public safety, Mayor McCoy asked that Alice not print the Black Hood's letter. However, Alice wasn't too keen on withholding the letter from the public. So, before turning the letter over to Sheriff Keller, she had made a copy of it and sent it in to print for tomorrow's front page. [10]

With a killer amongst them, leaving the residents of Riverdale in fear, Mayor McCoy scheduled a Town Hall meeting for Wednesday at 7:00 PM.


Mayor McCoy at the podium during the Town Hall meeting

Mayor McCoy welcomed the parents of Riverdale as the Town Hall meeting commenced. She shared their concerns over the safety of their town and their children. The purpose of the scheduled meeting was to answer their questions, and if she could, to ease their minds. Sheriff Keller then took to the podium to announce that due to their tight budget, they would be putting together a helpline that people could call in order to report any suspicious activity. Sounds an awful lot like the Red Circle's hotline to me, Alice interjected. In response, Mayor McCoy joined Sheriff Keller at the podium to ask if Alice had an actual question, which she did. Alice was wondering when they were going to address the real problem in Riverdale, that being the southside. All in due time, Mayor McCoy replied. But they were there to talk about the Black Hood, not the Southside Serpents or the drugs being trafficked through that side of town. She announced that the Sheriff had a plan he was putting in place, beginning with a town-wide curfew. Alice suggested that as a show of strength, they shut down Southside High, and use that money to hire more deputies, who could then protect their children.

As Alice continued to demonize the southside, Fred Andrews came to their defense, explaining that they needed to unite as a town. Only then would they stand a chance of surviving. It was then that Betty and Jughead entered Town Hall to warn everyone about the Black Hood's supposed arrival. After the lights shut off, Mayor McCoy urged everyone in attendance to stay calm and remain in their seats, though they quickly evacuated after Betty pulled the fire alarm.

Following the Town Hall meeting, Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller stopped by the Cooper house in an attempt to better understand how Betty and Jughead knew where the killer would strike next. Betty handed them a letter, which was sent to her by the Black Hood, along with the cipher that she had earlier turned over.[11]

Declaring War on the Southside


Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller, Fred, Hermione, and Hiram at the gathering

Sierra and Josie arrived at Alice's home after she discovered that Josie and several of her friends attended a party at the Five Seasons, where Jingle Jangle was in use. Sierra thanked Alice for hosting the gathering as she agreed with Alice's sentiment of coming together, so that they could deal with the children's inappropriate actions appropriately. The get-together proved to be quite informative, having learned that Reggie Mantle supplied the drugs at the party, and that his supplier was a kid at Southside High, who he believed to be a member of the Southside Serpents. Sierra then learned that not only did Josie attend the drug-fueled party, but that she participated in the night's events, despite knowing that her father struggled with addiction. Before leaving with Josie, as the Mayor, Sierra announced that moving forward, her number one priority was bringing the Southside under control, even if that meant razing it to the ground or arresting every Serpent in sight.

After the gathering, she and Sheriff Keller raided Southside High, kicking in its doors, searching lockers, and arresting young Serpents on sight, specifically Toni Topaz and Sweet Pea.[12]

An Affair with the Sheriff


Mayor McCoy, Pop Tate, and Sheriff Keller reading the Black Hood's letter

Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller were called down to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe after Pop Tate discovered a letter from the Black Hood affixed to the diner's door. In this letter, the Black Hood issued a test, one that would last all of 48 hours. He asked the people of Riverdale show prove to him that they were pure of heart. However, should they fail the test, and continue to sin, the attacks would resume.

That night, Sierra awaited Josie's return at the Five Seasons, which she moved herself and her daughter into because she didn't feel same at their house. Sierra confronted Josie as she entered the hotel room. She didn't want her walking the streets alone, especially with the Black Hood on the loose. She was growing so concerned that she had even considered assigning Josie a deputy, for security. Josie insisted that she didn't need a bodyguard. Seeking to secure her daughter's safety, Sierra told Josie that from that moment forward, she was to be in the hotel room, before dark.

The following night, with Sheriff Keller in tow, Sierra went out looking for Josie, who failed to make it home before dark. She and the Sheriff found Josie dancing in Pop's shoppe with Chuck Clayton, who the Mayor wasn't pleased to see around her daughter. "You're a damn fool", she stated. She had sent Josie several texts messages over the hours, all of which went unanswered. Chuck then interjected, explaining that he was just about to give Josie a ride home. However, Sierra didn't even want him within 10 feet of Josie.


Sierra holding Josie

Back at the Five Seasons, Sierra tried to make sense of Josie's recent behavior, concluding that she was merely acting out, which Sierra couldn't stand for, not with the Black Hood terrorizing the streets. Josie's dismissed the notion that she was acting out, claiming that she was simply living her life. Sierra reminded Josie of all the people in Riverdale with hate in their heart. The same people that used to write her awful letters. Since the Black Hood emerged, the letters had gotten worse. It was almost as if they were emboldened by the killer. Sierra informed Josie of the recent death threats. The things that were being said were terrifying, such as threatening to slit her throat or cut out her heart. Some of the residents of Riverdale were monsters. To make matters worse, the last letter she got, mentioned her daughter. Sheriff Keller then asked if Josie had received any suspicious letters or packages recently, which Josie replied that she hadn't. Sierra had worked so hard to get them where they were at, to shield them from such hate. She then joined Josie on the couch, and held her close.


Sierra telling the Sheriff to find the evidnce

Sierra comforted Josie the following night after learning that she had received a pig's heart as a gift, while at school. They suspected Chuck of being the culprit. Sheriff Keller had talked to him, and he promised he'd be leaving Josie alone. However, the Sheriff wasn't convinced that Chuck was responsible. After questioning him and checking his locker, they never found any evidence. Sierra instructed Tom to keep looking because if Josie said that it was Chuck, then it was him.

In the late hours of the night, Sierra ran into Josie's room as she had woken up in a panic, gasping for air and holding her throat.

Later that night, at the Shady Palm Motel, Sierra heard a knock at the door. On the other side was Tom, who she greeted with a kiss before inviting in.[13]

With Christmas and the Black Hood behind them, Riverdale began to regain a sense of normalcy, starting with Mayor McCoy, who began conducting secret business meetings with Hiram and Hermione Lodge, one of which took place in Hiram's study at the Pembrooke.


Mayor McCoy discussing Southside High with the Lodges

The following day, at the Mayor's office, after getting off the phone with Principal Weatherbee, Sierra discussed the abrupt closing of Southside High with Hiram and Hermione. She predicted that at any moment, her phone would start exploding with calls from outraged parents about the news of Southside students being relocated to several other Northside schools within the district. Hermione attempted to ease Sierra's concerns by telling her that it would only be news for a couple of days before blowing over, using the Black Hood and how quickly the town has forgotten about him as a reference. After a few weeks have passed, Hiram explained that they would quietly go about purchasing the land beneath Southside High. In return for her assistance, Hermione assured Sierra that she would receive a sizable donation towards her re-election campaign. Just then, Sierra's phone began to light up with phone calls.[14]


Sheriff Keller, Sierra, Fred, Hiram, Hermione and Veronica discussing Pickens Day

Sierra attended a meeting at the Andrews house alongside Sheriff Keller, Fred Andrews and the Lodges where they discussed the Southside students who had transferred to Riverdale High. While the students were fine, Sierra was dealing with their outraged parents who were in her office every day to demand that she reopen Southside High. Luckily, Hiram, Hermione and Fred had discussed how their new neighborhood could use something positive to focus on. With her blessing, they wanted to make Pickens Day a celebratory event. Sponsored by Lodge Industries with Andrews Construction co-sponsoring. Sierra took from this that they wanted to make Pickens Day a commercial event for their SoDale project, similar to their open house. "Au contraire, madam Mayor", Veronica responded. The open house was for investors while Pickens Day would be for North and Southsiders alike. Two halves of a whole coming together. Sierra worried that trying to distract people with a party would backfire, resulting in violence. Not to mention that the Southside Serpents were still a reason for concern. Even though they had been laying low, they were still wild cards. Having prepared for just that scenario, Hiram, Hermione and Fred had offered to hire the Serpents as security for the event. Sierra asked if Fred was on board with Hiram and Hermione's plan. Fred backed them up, reasoning that since FP had told him that the Serpents were looking for work, it made sense to allow them to keep the peace. The party was an opportunity to let the Southside know that they hadn't been abandoned. The meeting, unfortunately, came to an abrupt end as Archie returned home.


Sierra returning to the Five Seasons

Sierra returned home to the Five Seasons hotel the following day to find that Josie and Veronica were in search of musicians were and that they were bringing back the Pussycats to play at Pickens Day. Whose idea was that, Sierra asked, to which Veronica claimed responsibility. Sierra was displeased to hear about their plans to reunite the Pussycats given that Josie was supposed to be focusing on her solo career. Hoping to avoid any further conflict, Veronica suggested that they bill it as a special event, one-night-only. However, Sierra rudely replied that she was talking to Josie. In fact, she'd rather they continue the conversation at a later time, once Veronica was gone.


Sierra telling Josie about the Lodges way of doing business

A couple days later, Sierra angrily approached Josie with Jughead's published article from the Blue and Gold which accused General Pickens of slaughtering the Uktena tribe for their land many years before. While she couldn't cancel Pickens day, she could surely keep Josie from performing at it given that the town was extremely riled up in the wake of this article. She feared the possibility of a riot. Josie assured Sierra that no one was rioting, furthermore, she had promised Veronica that she would perform. Sierra replied that Josie can tell Veronica that the Pussycats aren't hers to order around. Hearing the anger in her voice, Josie wondered why the mere mention of Veronica was triggering Sierra all of the sudden. In an effort to convince Josie out of performing at Pickens Day, Sierra told her about the Lodge's way of doing business. And the way they used Veronica to do their business.


Josie and Sierra watching Veronica and the Pussycats perform

Sierra and Josie arrived in Pickens Park on Pickens Day for the celebration. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Hermione. She was glad to see that they made it but disappointed to hear that Josie wouldn't be performing alongside Veronica. Sierra explained that she had forbidden Josie from performing following the publishing of Jughead's article because of the possible dangers she could face. A little while later, an upset Sierra and Josie watched from the crowd as Veronica took to the stage to perform with Valerie and Melody with what was being called "Veronica and the Pussycats". Halfway through their performance, the Serpents marched into the park with duct-tape covering their mouths and signs that read 'honor this land' and 'sacred land'. With Sweet Pea and Fogarty at her side, Toni, who seemingly led the protest, stood in front of the stage to announce that they represented the dead and the silenced. Pickens Day was a lie. General Pickens slaughtered the Uktena tribe, Toni's grandfather's family. And the land in which they were standing on, would soon give way to a new Southside, which was stolen from them. While the Serpents couldn't bring them back, they could at the very least honor them. Looking prevent a riot, Hiram got on stage to applaud the Serpents for standing up for justice, as well as the honor and legacy of the Uktena, who contribute to the rich tapestry that is Riverdale, that is the Southside and that will be SoDale.

The following morning, Sierra and the Lodges were assembled in Pickens Park by Sheriff Keller, who alerted them of the desecration of the General Pickens' statue. Its head had been removed and red paint covered the statue to simulate blood. Since Hiram and Hermione were calling the shots, Sierra asked how they would like it to be handled. Hiram demanded that the investigation of the missing head be handled swiftly and with extreme prejudice given that the most likely suspects were the Serpents.[15]


Sierra and Josie apologizing

With Pickens Day behind them, Sierra and Josie stopped by the Pembrooke to offer an apology. She had misgivings about some of the decisions Veronica's parents were making which was admittedly wrong and inappropriate. Given the stressful times, neither Veronica nor Hermione held any grudges. As proof of that, Veronica invited them both to her confirmation ceremony. Sierra graciously accepted their invitation. It made giving them their gift that much easier. By gift, Sierra was referring to Josie's offer to sing at Veronica's confirmation. While Veronica already had plans to sing herself, Hermione accepted Josie's offer for her so that they could perform together. When Veronica asked if Josie knew the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, Josie replied that she could learn.


Mayor McCoy telling Jughead to stand down

Later that day, Sierra received a surprise visit from Jughead who came to confront her on the witch-hunt for the Southside Serpents. They had nothing to do with the beheading of General Pickens' statue. Jughead surmised that she knew that. But in the meantime, she's still tightening the screws and sending Sheriff Keller to sow seeds of unrest by threatening to take their homes away. Since when did she care about the statue of a murderer, Jughead asked. Sierra answered that Governor Dooley called and read her the riot act. That statue cost him a lot of money and he was furious. Regardless, Mayor McCoy was supposed to be an ally. So Jughead questioned why she was doing what she was doing. It was then that he realized that someone was pulling Sierra's strings. He suspected that Hiram Lodge was the puppet master. Admittedly, she liked Jughead as he was a bright kid. So Sierra warned him to back down before she uncovered something that he shouldn't.

Later that week, the day of Veronica's ceremony had finally arrived. Sierra sat with the other guests as Veronica and Josie sang Bitter Sweet Symphony. After Veronica was anointed and confirmed, the guests headed over to the Pembrooke for the post-confirmation party. It was there that Sierra congratulated Hiram and Hermione on a beautiful service. With the sales finalized, she informed them that they were now the proud owners of what was previously Southside High.[16]

Resigning as Mayor


Sierra arguing with Jughead over the Southside

Sierra was paid a surprise visit from Jughead at her office, who with a map of the Southside, asked what Sunnyside Trailer Park, Twilight Drive-In and Southside High all had in common. He told her that they were or are town land. The drive-in was shut down, as was Southside High. Now the trailer park was in jeopardy. Jughead could feel the invisible hand of Hiram Lodge all over it. Sierra stood from her seat and asked Jughead what it was that he was insinuating. If she was accepting donations from the Lodges in exchange for favors such as land deals, then Jughead advised her to take this chance to come clean to the public.


Siraa leaving the Pembrooke in a fit rage

The following night, Sierra got into an argument at the Pembrooke with Hiram and Hermione on how they would proceed with their plans for the Southside. Sierra exited the study in a fit of rage, and on the way out, she told them that she was fairly close to telling Jughead everything and that it would be a lot worse for them than it would be for her. The argument in question was due to the expose that Jughead was writing about them. Given that they didn't have much time, Hiram and Hermione decided it was best to accelerate the timetable. So they told Sierra they might have to announce their plans for Southside High earlier than expected, but she refused and demanded that they wait until after she's re-elected. Should they proceed without her, she threatened to expose them

Later that night, Sierra was warned by Veronica about her parents' plan to expose her. Veronica knew that whatever questionable arrangement the Mayor had with her parents was imploding, and that she was trying to go after them in some way. But Veronica revealed that they were planning to discredit her, to get her out of the office and neutralize her by exposing her affair with Tom Keller. Veronica told Sierra that she could still get out of it by taking control of the narrative and inoculating herself.


Mayor McCoy resigning

Taking Veronica's advice and warning to heart, the very next day, on live broadcast, with Josie at her side, Sierra resigned from office. As Mayor, she had seen them through a triumphant Jubilee and the terrors of the Black Hood killer. But it had taken a personal toll, so she claimed. She had decided to step down as Mayor, to spend more time with her family and to return to her own legal career right in Riverdale.[17]


Sierra telling Josie about the divorce

While Sierra and Tom supposedly discussed installing a security system at the law firm, Josie returned home, to the Five Seasons, interrupting their discussion. As Tom exited the room, Sierra explained to Josie that she cared for him. While Josie understood, it was still weird to see them together, especially when her father still didn't know. Unbeknownst to Josie, Myles did know about the affair as Sierra had told him. They were initially going to wait until after Josie's graduation but Sierra decided it was time to reveal to Josie that they were getting a divorce. Josie asked if Tom was going to get a divorce as well. Sierra told her that he had to talk to his wife, who was overseas and Kevin first. Sierra insisted that they respect that.


Sierra scolding Josie

Later that night, Sierra confronted Josie after learning from Tom that Josie had told Kevin about the affair. She credited Josie for a lot of things, but never for being cruel. Because of Josie's interference, Kevin was no longer talking to Tom, who was also still trying to reach his wife overseas. However, Josie believed that she did the right thing in telling Kevin, hoping that it would provide him with the chance to save his parents' marriage since she couldn't save hers. Their lives were imploding, which Josie blamed Sierra for. However, according to Sierra, that was the Lodge's doing as this wasn't how she wished for the affair to come out, but that choice was taken away from her, just like Josie took that choice away from Tom and Kevin, even if it was unintentional.

Later that night, per Josie and Kevin's request, Sierra and Tom met at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe with their children. They were assured that it wasn't a trap, but when Kevin and Josie were talking after the movie at the Bijou, they realized that the conversation was bigger than all of them and that it was probably going to be a long one. So they believed it was best if they started talking about it.[18]

Sierra and Alice interrupted the Blossoms' will-reading at Thistlehouse to confront Hal for attempting to divorce Alice for the sole purpose of claiming the will money for himself.


Sierra telling Fred about the hard working of being the Mayor

The next day, Sierra went to go see Fred Andrews as Josie and Archie were hoping that she could convince him not to run for Mayor, thus furthering his involvement with the Lodges. She told him of the less glamorous side of being a mayor, like the townsfolks turning on him and filling potholes. Not to mention the uglier aspects of the job such as crime, poverty, and threats.

The next day, outside Town Hall, Sierra and Josie watched as the Lodges held a press conference to announce that Hermione Lodge would be running for Mayor.[19]


Sierra represents Fangs Fogarty

Sierra meets Jughead outside the Sheriff Station as she has agreed to represent Fangs Fogarty, who is being accused of killing Midge Klump. Attorney McCoy brings an end to the Sheriff's interrogation, telling Fangs not to say another word and stating that she'll be representing him from here on out.

As Fangs sits inside a cell, Attorney McCoy explains he's being held for possession of a weapon on school property. While his switchblade may be for protection, they can hold him for 24 hours. In that time, they'll try to stick a charge on him. In the meantime, McCoy tells him to exercise his right to remain silent.

Attorney McCoy receives a surprise visit from Veronica at the Five Seasons. She's come for help. Veronica compensates her for an hour of legal advice. Hypothetically speaking, Veronica asks about building a casino in Riverdale. For starters, they'd need a gaming license, which is difficult to obtain without connections.


Attorney McCoy explains Fangs release to Jughead

Jughead gets a call from Betty, informing him of a shooting at the Mayoral debate. Apparently, the Black Hood showed up with a rifle and was firing down from the balcony though no one was hurt. Jughead relays this to Attorney McCoy and wonders why Fangs is still in lockup. Attorney McCoy explains that what happened at the debate and what happened to Midge are being treated as separate incidences, but if they don't charge Fangs within the next hour, he'll be released. However, there are lots of protesters outside. Fangs' release is going to make a lot of people in town very unhappy.[20]


Sierra helps emancipate Cheryl

Attorney McCoy is called over to Thistlehouse by Cheryl to finalize her emancipation from her mother. Nana Rose is now Cheryl's legal guardian, meaning Cheryl's mother and uncle Claduius no longer have any control over her. When Sierra announces her plans to file the papers and send the letter of separation to Penelope, Cheryl volunteers to deliver the letter in person as her mother and uncle are staying on the old Thornhill estate, in one of the barns. Cheryl arrives at the barn to find her mother and uncle in the middle of a clandestine meeting with Hiram Lodge. Cheryl gasps, which Hiram, Penelope and Claudius all hear. Penelope checks outside to investigate, but she sees no one, though that's because Cheryl is hiding in one of the barrels.

Sierra counsels Fred

The next day, at Andrews Construction, Sierra informs Archie and Fred that elections are won in these two days. In her opinion, Fred's key to victory is the Southside vote. Historically, Southsiders don't vote because they feel marginalized. But if Fred can get them to the booths, they'll be voting for him and not Hermione. Kevin interrupts their conversation to inform Archie and Fred that Sheriff Minetta is on the line.


Veronica and Attorney McCoy speak with Hiram about Veronica's money

A couple days later, attorney McCoy is hired by Veronica to represent her in regards to the $1,000,000 Hiram plundered from her. Sierra tells Hiram that Veronica would like it back, but Hiram states that it's in a trust as he's looking out for her future. Given his resistance, Veronica threatens her father. If he doesn't release her funds, she'll start telling his secrets, like the fake Black Hood attacks, Poppa Poutine's murder, the crippling of Nick St. Clair, amongst other things. Veronica vows to expose all his dirty laundry if he doesn't hand her money back over to her. In fear that Veronica will follow through with her threats, Hiram concedes. Meanwhile, Hermione watches from the doorway as this unfolds.


Campaign party at Andrews house

Later that week, after attending the mayoral election in the school gymnasium, Sierra attends the party at the Andrews house as they wait for the votes to come in for the mayoral election. Josie is with her. Unfortunately, Fred loses the mayoral race to Hermione. Not long after this news breaks, Hermione stops by to tell Fred that he ran a great campaign. It was close. It came down to less than 200 votes. As a show of good sportsmanship, Hermione and Fred shake hands.[21]

Season 3


Mary, Archie and Sierra in court

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. Archie's trial is now in session. He is being represented by Sierra and Mary. Archie is being prosecuted by District Attorney, Ms. Wright. She attempts to paint Archie as a bad person in her closing argument as Mary attempts to shed light on all the good deeds Archie has done, such as helping solve the murder of Jason Blossom, providing the Southside Serpents with refuge as they hid from the police, and punching through a layer of ice in order to save Cheryl from drowning. With that in mind, Mary takes the opportunity to remind the jury that there were no witnesses, murder weapon or motive to the killing of Cassidy Bullock. After hearing from both the prosecution and the defense, the jury begins to deliberate.

While the jury deliberates, Sierra and Tom are asked by Josie and Kevin about Archie's chances of being found not guilty. Sierra replies that it's 50/50.


Mary, Archie and Sierra return to court

Labor Day weekend is over and Archie's trial is now in session. Sierra and Mary continue to represent Archie. The Judge reveals the jury could not reach a verdict. They're deadlocked. Six-to-six. With that, the jury is dismissed. Archie wonders what will happen next. Mary explains that the judge will declare a mistrial and they'll have to do it all again. In lieu of another trial, the State is prepared to offer a deal for a lesser sentence, Ms. Wright says. Instead of prison, time served plus two years in juvenile detention, if Archie will plead guilty to the crime of manslaughter. Despite his mother's counsel, Archie takes the deal, much to the court's surprise. Archie explains that he can't put all the people he cares about through this again. The court accepts Archie's guilty plea and he is taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where he will serve out his sentence beginning immediately.[22]


Sierra attends a meeting with her former classmates to discuss their pact and the deaths of Dilton Doiley and Ben Button

Sierra attends a meeting arranged by Hermione at Town Hall. Penelope, Fred, Hiram, Tom, FP and Alice are all in attendance. They made a vow in high school. Now that the Scout is back, safe and sound, they can only assume that he'll start talking. And that whatever he says might lead back to them. To the secret that they buried all those years ago. This hasn't been made public yet, but Hermione reveals that but Dilton Doiley and Ben Button were found in the woods with blue lips. Dilton is dead. Ben is in a coma. Sierra asks why she and Hiram haven't simply called in Sheriff Minetta to make this go away. They would like to but Jughead found the body and that's the concern. While FP and Alice talked with Jughead and Betty and told them to stop chasing this, they both know the kids will likely continue. Tom reminds everyone that they made a pact to never revisit that night. Not to mention it, not to even think about it. His vote is they stick to that. Unfortunately, they might not have that luxury. Not if it's happening again. Not if it's their children. All their children are in danger.[23]

Editor's Note: The events that transpire in Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club take place during a flashback set in the 90's of Alice, FP, Fred, Sierra, Hermione, Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram, and Tom in their junior year of high school.

Sierra interjects in Alice and Hermione's discussion

A young Sierra interjects in on Hermione and Alice's conversation in the ladies restroom in reference to Alice's pregnancy. Alice hopes the pregnancy test is merely a false positive but as Sierra explains, false positives only happen approximately 3% of the time. Alice is panicking. She tried to talk to FP, the child’s father, but he blew her off for a River Vixens that he’s hooking up with. Hall monitor Penelope Blossom enters the restroom to ask for their hall passes, but only Sierra has hers. When Penelope looks to Alice for her pass, Alice replies that it’s up her ass. Penelope retorts by asking if Alice was born with that mouth or if it’s something that south side mothers taught their bastard babies. This leads to a brawl between Alice and Penelope.


Sierra in detention

Despite not having fought herself, Sierra is given Saturday detention along with Alice, Penelope, Hermione, FP and Fred. Gathered in that classroom, they are strangers more than friends. Eight hours. Six people with seemingly nothing in common. Alice Smith — The Bad Girl. Hermione Lodge — The Rebelling Catholic. Penelope Blossom — The Teacher's Pet. Fred Andrews — The Artist/Athlete. Sierra McCoy — The Political Animal. And FP Jones — The Lady’s Man. He was different back then. Trying to be something other than what he was. But he was still trouble. As detention commences, Principal Featherhead lays down the rules and tells them that at the end of the day, they will all turn in a one thousand word essay as to why they’re in detention. He then leaves the class.


Sierra and Tom kiss

Two hours have passed and not much is said. Alice sits near the window, carving her initials into the window seal with her knife. Fred asks her to stop, but this doesn’t go over well. Tom Keller then sneaks into the detention room. He greets Sierra with food and a kiss. He then tells her that he loves her before leaving. Fred questions just how long this relationship has been going on given that he had no idea of it. He notes that they’ve all been going to the same school since kindergarten and still know nothing about each other. Penelope answers that the reason for this is that none of them are friends. Sierra mentions that they have six more hours to kill and no one to impress so she suggests a round of Secret and Sins.


The detentionees play Secret and Sins

During a game of Secret and Sins, the detentionees all share their deepest, darkest secrets. Sierra reveals that she and Tommy have been secretly dating for a few months. When Hermione asks why secretly, Sierra explains that their parents don’t want them dating someone so different. Hermione can relate as her mother is very involved in her dating life as well. To Hermione, he’s a self-starter, providing for his family. But to her mother, Hiram is nothing more than a scrub and not the way to the American dream. Fred then expresses his dream to be a musician and play baseball, as well as maybe run for mayor one day, which Sierra scoffs at the notion of. She calls it a nightmare job and questions why Fred doesn’t aim higher as he can do all the same things in a real metropolis. Fred can do all those things except look after his father, who’s very ill. The game of Secrets and Sins eventually ends in a psychical altercation between Hermione and Penelope.


The detentionees find G&G

Once the girls have been separated, Principal Featherhead reprimands everyone. Their sentence has been upped from one Saturday detention to four. However, little by little, the six of them grow to become unlikely friends. Then comes the first cold rain of the season, when Hermione decides to break into the teacher’s desk to recover her belongings that were taken by the teacher. Inside the desk, they find everything Mrs. Krabappel has confiscated over the years, including Gryphons and Gargoyles. The six of them decide to play together. The person with the manual, in this case, Penelope, is the game master and is therefore responsible for guiding them through quests until they ascend to the next level. But first, they pick their characters. Alice — The Sorceress. Hermione — The Thief. Sierra — The Siren. FP — Deadeye. And lastly, Fred — The Radiant Knight. Alice is first to pick a quest card and roll the dice, which is how it all begins.


Sierra, Alice and Hermione play G&G

Long after that Saturday detention, the six of them continue to play the game, in what seems to be a maddening obsession. Penelope suggests taking the game off the board and into the real world. She reveals a quest known as "The Wedding Stone", that requires pairs. Penelope pairs FP with Hermione and Alice with Fred. She hid a gemstone from Thornhill in the school. First pair to find it and show it to Sierra get to keep it. Once the others are gone, Sierra wonders why Penelope chose those specific pairings. Penelope reasons that she’s in the mood for chaos.


The Midnight Club comes across more players

Sierra, Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, and Penelope play for weeks, sneaking into school, late at night. After class, Sierra leaves the classroom window cracked so that she and the others can sneak back in after hours. They dub themselves "The Midnight Club". Eventually, they abandon the board, acting out their quests and adventures in the real world. The six of them dress up in medieval costumes they found in the theater department. As Sierra, Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, and Penelope proceed throughout the halls of Riverdale High on their latest quest, they run into Hiram Lodge, Tom Keller, Marty Mantle, and Daryl Doiley, also playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. They have been for about a week. Daryl found it in the restricted section of the library. They decide to join forces and play a bigger game.


Ascension party

One day, all ten of them, Sierra, Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram, and Tom find strange invitations in their lockers to the detention room that night to rise to the challenge and ascend to the next level. That night, the Midnight Club attends the ascension party. They must find the chalices, flip the gryphon coin for their fate and drink from the chalice to meet their destiny. Before starting, to make things more enjoyable, they all take a new drug known as fizzle rocks.

The festivities begin with an impromptu performance by the Fred Heads, normally just Fred and FP, but Alice, Sierra, and Hermione perform with them as Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram and Tom party, high off the drugs.


The Midnight Club at Pop's

That night, during the party, Fred’s dad dies. Fred finds him when he gets home. By the time Mr. Andrews’ funeral comes around a few days later, Principal Featherhead has also been declared officially missing. Sierra, Penelope, Hermione, Alice, Fred, and FP sit in a booth at Pop’s following the service. Fred blames himself for not being there but as FP and Hermione explain, there’s nothing he could’ve done and beating himself up will change nothing. Penelope states that between this and Featherhead going missing, they’re all on edge. It’s that statement that leads Alice to reveals that she saw Featherhead the night of the ascension party. No one else saw him, however. Penelope grabs Alice’s hand aggressively and tells her that she didn’t see anything. She doesn’t want to be blamed considering they were doped up and trespassing the same night Featherhead disappeared. So, they are all to keep this a secret.

The rumors regarding principal Featherhead’s disappearance spread like wildfire. A week has passed since Featherhead went missing. As it turns out, he was in the school the entire time. Dead and locked in a supply closet. His lips blue.


The Midnight Club make a pact

The Midnight Club gather to discuss Featherhead’s death. Alice informs them that there was blue liquid in the chalices when she found them. Featherhead had blue lips and the police said he had poison in his system. Alice questions what they did to him though they deny any wrong doing. And this begins the endless blame game between all members of the Midnight Club. Alice dismisses any notions of wrongdoing and then looks to Fred to join her in going to the cops though he still seems distracted by his father’s death. When Penelope exclaims that they’re not going to the cops, Alice accuses her of poisoning the chalices when she set up the game, however, it wasn’t Penelope or Daryl. Alice recalls the chalices just sitting there, meaning whoever invited them to the party was trying to kill one or more of them. Sierra wants to destroy the game so that it can’t be traced back to them. FP suggests destroying the manuals and scattering everything else. The Midnight Club then spits on their hands and make a pact to never speak of Gryphons and Gargoyles ever again.

After getting rid of G&G, they returned to their normal lives and go their separate ways. Burdened by their guilt, they all become different people. Sierra and Tom are forced to break up. She hopes that things will be different for them once they’re older. Tom agrees to wait for Sierra and he hopes she’ll do the same.[24]


Tom, Sierra, Kevin, and Josie have lunch

Sierra and Tom are invited out for a lunch date at Pop's by Josie and Kevin. When Josie asks how they met, Sierra says that they attended Riverdale High at the same time, but they were more so acquaintances than friends. They claim that they never ran in the same circles. Sierra was in Model UN and Volunteers of America. Tom was in RROTC and on the boxing team. Kevin then asks if they ever played Gryphons and Gargoyles. Sierra and Tom claim that they didn’t and that they only knew of people who did. Seeing as that they’re all together, Sierra and Tom take this opportunity to reveal to Josie and Kevin that they’re engaged.[25]


The Midnight Club in La Bonne Nuit

Sierra, along with every other member of the Midnight Club, receives a invitation from who they believe to be the Gargoyle King, asking that they all meet at La Bonne Nuit. However, they soon discover that the invitations were sent by Betty as a means to get them all together and force the truth out of them regarding Gryphons and Gargoyles and the Gargoyle King. Hermione reminds Alice of their pact, how they promised that they would never talk about the Midnight Club again. Alice reasons that she told Betty in order to protect her from playing the game, which she isn’t. However, her friends are playing, leaving Betty to question if any of them actually care, to which Sierra replies that she should be with Josie, who just had a seizure earlier that morning, instead of rehashing their past which she seems to be irrelevant, at least to her. Betty argues that their past is very much relevant as Josie is by playing G&G.


Sierra has no idea why she's there

Betty then asks about ascension night, wondering if Norton was present. Penelope reveals that Darryl Doiley poisoned the chalices. He was secretly in love with her and wanted the two of them to ascend together. But, Penelope said no. She assumed the chalices were emptied afterward but clearly they were not. Years later, Darryl came to Penelope, riddled with guilt and seeking comfort. Penelope refused him again, and so Darryl left. The next day, he was found dead in his garage, with the engine to his car running and windows up. Assuming this is true, that doesn’t explain who the current Gargoyle King is.


Sierra bonds Veronica out

Sierra posts Veronica's bail after she is arrested for breaking into the mayor's office. Veronica asks how Josie’s doing. Sierra states that she’s resting. As for Veronica, she sarcastically asks if one has proof of coercion and tampering of evidence, would that be enough to free Archie. It would be. While in the mayor's office, Veronica discovered a deleted video file from the interrogation of the Shadow Lake boys, who were bribed with $10,000 by Sheriff Minetta to say they saw Archie kill Cassidy Bullock.[26]


Sierra and Betty discuss the Sisters and their refusal to testify against Hiram

Sierra calls Betty over to the Five Seasons. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go well. Regardless of the fact that the Sisters abused children and tested Hiram’s drugs on them, which is why they’re in jail, awaiting trial, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy's lawyer doesn’t want Betty or Sierra harassing them. Furthermore, Sierra told Sowerberry that they’d give the Sisters immunity if they agreed to testify against Hiram, but he informed attorney McCoy that the nuns have taken a vow of silence. To make matters worse, Betty has already admitted that they were all on drugs while at the asylum, drugs that are known to cause hallucinations. Nonetheless, Betty knows what she saw. While Sierra believes her, a jury won’t.


Betty and attorney McCoy offer Sister Woodhouse a deal

After speaking with a case worker who has dealt with the Sisters in the past, Sierra and Betty’s learned Sister Woodhouse’s secret, and so they confront that Sisters at the station. The church disbanded the Sisters of Quiet Mercy during the Vatican II over allegations of cruel and inhumane practices. The Sisters haven’t been nuns for over sixty years, which means their vow of silence won’t hold up in court. Should Sister Woodhouse agree to testify again Hiram, she’ll be granted immunity. Sister Woodhouse reluctantly agrees. Her immunity will be granted only if she swears in court that Hiram gave them money and drugs for testing.


Sierra agrees to take in some of the girls

Sierra, Cheryl, Nana Rose, and Fred are called together by Betty to discuss with them the patients from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, who have been orphaned. While Betty has been housing them, that has become untenable. So, she’s called them over to ask for shelter just until the Sisters testify against Hiram. Fred agrees to take in some of the boys since he has the room now that Archie is gone. Rose also agrees. She’s saved many children from there before and will gladly do so again. With that, Nana Rose and Cheryl will board some of the girls at Thistlehouse. While all Sierra has to offer is a pullout couch, she agrees to take in a couple too.

Sierra calls Betty from the sheriff station to inform her that the Sisters are gone. An anonymous donor posted their bail, that being Hiram of course. But they left a message on the cell wall. "We go to join thee." Sierra has no idea what this could mean, but Betty does.[27]


Sierra advises Betty to get Hal to sign an affidavit

Betty stops by the Five Seasons in search of counsel. She's wondering if her mother transferring her funds to the Farm can be reversed. Sierra explains that Alice can do this so long as both of Betty’s parents sign off to release her funds, and according to the documents, it looks like her father signed, however, that would be impossible as Alice never goes to see Hal. She must’ve forged his signature. In that case, Betty’s needs to get her father to sign an affidavit, attesting to the fact that he never agreed to liquidate Betty’s funds.[28]


Tom and Sierra want a small wedding

Sierra, Tom, Josie, and Kevin sit in a booth at Pop's. Sierra and Tom reveal that they don’t want a big wedding, both having just finalized their respective divorces. Not to mention the Gargoyle King’s constant lingering presence. Sierra and Tom would prefer to keep it simple and get marred at Town Hall. While Josie and Kevin fully disagree, they respect their parents' decision. However, at the very least, Josie and Kevin would like to throw them an after-party at La Bonne Nuit. Sierra and Tom reluctantly agree to a small party. As Moose enters the diner with his father, Major Marcus Mason, Sierra and Tom take the opportunity to invite them to the wedding, though Marcos doesn’t appear to be too enthusiastic, almost brushing off the invite. Tom explains to Josie and Kevin that he and Marcus used to be good friends, as they both were in RROTC together. But, they grew apart. Sierra surmises that this was due to Marcus being jealous of her and Tom’s relationship as he had a crush on Sierra.


Sierra and Tom cuddled up

Alone in the room, Sierra and Tom role play in bed. She is a law enforcement officer and he is the suspect. She then gets up to get a snack. In doing so, she discovers a message left for them from the Gargoyle King. It’s a letter, congratulating them on their upcoming nuptials. However, if they wish to live long enough to see the blessed event, they must reunite with the Midnight Club to complete Ascension Night once and for all. Lastly, the letter reads tell no one or their children will pay the price.


Tom and Sierra call a meeting for the Midnight Club

Sierra, Tom, Penelope, Hermione, Fred, Marty, Alice, and FP meet at the Five Seasons to discuss the letters that they all received, demanding they finish Ascension Night. Hermione thought that FP caught the Gargoyle King. However, as FP explains, Tall Boy was only using the game as cover to deal drugs. He wasn’t the original Gargoyle King. The one who set up the chalices when they played in high school. Hermione is in disbelief that they’re actually taking these letters seriously, but Tom believes it to be in the best interest of the kids. Alice, much like Hermione, is against playing, as she reminds everyone what happened last Ascension Night. Featherhead ended up dead. However, as far as Penelope is concerned, they don’t have a choice. They all know why this is happening again; two members of the original Midnight Club are daring to get married, and the Gargoyle King wants to destroy that. If they don’t finish the game now, the Gargoyle King may never leave them alone. FP agrees, and hopefully, in playing, they can catch the Gargoyle King. Sierra informs them that the problem with this is that it says all members have to participate, which includes Hiram, who Hermione will retrieve. With that, they collectively decide to finish the game.


The Midnight Club break into the school

The Midnight Club reunites one final time to finish what they started at Ascension Night. Sierra, Tom, Alice, Penelope, FP, Fred, and Marty sneak into the school through the window after hours. They decide to start the game by finding the chalices. Then they’ll flip for their fate and drink from the cups. Penelope has brought with her the antidote for cyanide. She gives everyone a vile to take, which will inoculate them for the next several hours. Hermione and Hiram, who now walks with a cane, join the others, though few are happy to see Hiram.


Tom and Sierra call Kevin and Josie

Alice and FP check the girls restroom for the chalices as that’s where Alice found them initially, but to no avail. Fred and Marty checked the trophy case, student lounge and the closet where they found Featherhead and also came up empty handed. The second floor is also clear according to Sierra and Tom. Same goes for the cafeteria and library, says Hiram and Hermione. Just as Alice questions the whereabouts of Penelope, she horrifically screams, gaining the rest of the Midnight Club’s attention. On the projector screen written in what appears to be blood is "Got You". And on the desk sits a bloody skull. They realize that they’ve been played. It’s just another iteration of the game. What the Gargoyle King wanted all along, to distract them and lure them all away from their kids. They all frantically grab their phones to call the kids. They all frantically grab their phones to call the kids. Sierra calls Josie and learns that she's with Archie.

At the Five Seasons, Sierra and Tom look over at their wedding cake, which Sierra is glad that it was too late to cancel for as its beautiful. Tom then looks Sierra in her eyes and tells her that she’s beautiful. The newlyweds then profess their love for one another before sharing a kiss.[29]

Season 4


Sierra and Tom vote in favor of the parade

Its been a few months in Riverdale. And though the terror of the Farm has not been forgotten, normal life has resumed July 4th is approaching and it had been decided that there would be an Independence Day parade down Main Street after some debate, spearheaded by Sierra and Tom. Riverdale’s first in three years. But there would be no fireworks display over Sweetwater River. The Blossoms used to sponsor them, but the town couldn’t afford it without their support.


Sierra in Archie's dream

Sierra appears in Archie's dream. She sits at the table alongside Jason, Cheryl, Pop, Penelope, Clifford, Reggie, Hiram, Hermione, Hal, Alice, Kevin, Tom, FP, Jellybean, Toni, Jughead, Betty, and Mary in his dining room. Archie asks where his father is, to which Arti replies that Archie was supposed to go get him.


Tom, Sierra, Josie, and Kevin outside the Andrews house

Sierra, Tom, Kevin, and Josie stand outside along with Mary as Archie returns with his father's body. Mary hugs Archie and expresses how proud of Archie she is.

Fred’s funeral is held. Sierra, Tom, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Mary, FP, Cheryl, Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, Nana Rose, Pop, Josie, Kevin are in attendance, along with many others. Josie sings "Amazing Grace" as Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Kevin, FP, and Tom carry the casket. After the town pays their respect, Archie says a few words, ending with Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale.[30]

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Sierra arrives in New York City to visit Josie as she prepares for her first ever listening party for her four song EP. Sierra greets Josie with a hug. Josie then introduces her to Katy, Pepper, and Jorge. Sierra asks them to fill her in on everything that’s going on.


Sierra no longer believes in Josie

Sierra and Josie go shopping at Lacy's, where Josie informs her mother that she was only funded for an EP as opposed to a full album. And she’s not signed to a label. Mr. Cabot funded it personally. Josie lastly reveals that she’s dating Alexander and has signed a contract without allowing her mother to read it first. Sierra worries that Josie will become a pawn in their family dynamic. Josie assures her that she won’t. However, Sierra finds it hard to believe that Mr. Cabot simply cut her a check after hearing her sing. Sierra used to believe in her, Josie questions when did that stop.


Sierra meets Alex

Sierra arrives at the listening party just in time to meet a drunk Alexander. Josie asks to talk to him in private, but Alex gets unruly and confronts Josie about dating him just because his dad paid her to. Katy stops Josie from chasing after Alex and reminds her that this is her night and not to let anyone ruin it. Chubby welcomes Josie to the stage. Josie and Chubby then proceed to sing in front of the entire party. As they perform, Sierra approaches Mr. Cabot and threatens to have his business investigated should he hurt Josie in any way. "No empire’s been built without at least one rusty nail, Mr. Cabot. Just ask Hiram Lodge.", Sierra says.


Sierra promises Josie that she'll always be there for her

After the party has ended, Sierra expresses just how proud she is of Josie. She knows that Josie can handle her business, but she doesn’t like what she saw from Alex. He had no right to walk in like that. He reminded Sierra of Josie's father, Myles McCoy. She warns Josie that when you end up with someone like that, the worrying never goes away. Sierra doesn’t want that for Josie. However, she has to make her own choices and mistakes. Nevertheless, Sierra promises Josie that she’ll always be there.


Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, Luisa, Josie, and Sierra watch from the crowd

The Washington Heights Pageant commences. Sierra, Josie, Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, and Luisa watch from the crowd. Sierra tells Josie how she was in the East Village every weekend in her twenties. She’s plenty familiar with drag. Francois/VeeVee Humble asks Deveraux the first question. She then asks Jorge/Ginger the same question, but Jorge/Ginger rushes off the stage. For the talent portion of the pageant, Francois/VeeVee Humble welcomes Jorge/Ginger back to the stage. Sierra, Josie, Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, and Luisa cheer her on as she sings before the crowd. Deveraux tries to mess up her set, but Jorge/Ginger continues her performance, much to the crowd’s amazement. However, despite her best effort, Francois/VeeVee Humble announces Deveraux as this year's Miss Washington Heights. Later, they take to the dance floor.[31]

Physical Appearance

Sierra is a beautiful middle-aged woman with a slim figure. She has dark skin, brown hair, and deep brown eyes. She often wears a lot of makeup; lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. As for her clothing choices, Sierra typically has on long, dark-colored dresses.


Sierra is a proud and confident woman of color, often encouraging her daughter, Josie, to embrace the same qualities within herself. Having been elected as Mayor in such a small-minded and secluded town, Sierra was subject to hate, which presumably took a lot of heart and bravery to withstand. More than just a Mayor, Sierra is also a caring mother, being there for Josie in her time of hurt and motivating her to achieve her dream of becoming a famous singer.


Josie McCoy

Main article: Josie and Sierra

Sheriff Keller speaking to Sierra and Josie about Chuck being innocent

The relationship between Josie and Sierra McCoy is tight and close-knit. They care deeply for each other, as a mother and daughter would. Even though Sierra may be strict toward her daughter, it is only for her daughter's benefit. She pushes her to achieve her goals and is proud of her for her accomplishments such as the band, Josie and the Pussycats, unlike her husband Myles McCoy, who only sees it as child's play. 

Myles McCoy

Season 1 Episode 6 Six Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Myles Sierra 5

Myles and Sierra McCoy watching Josie's performance

At some point, Myles and Sierra met and later went on to marry and have a daughter together, Josie. Due to Myles's career as a professional jazz player, he is often absent, causing the relationship between him and Sierra being quite distant with each other. It also appears that they often have disagreements with each other, as Myles is quite strict on their daughter Josie when it comes to her band, Josie and the Pussycats, looking at it as nothing more than child's play, whereas Sierra is more calm with Josie, and proud of what she's accomplished, pushing Josie to achieve her goals.

Tom Keller


Tom Keller and Sierra McCoy kissing

Initially, the relationship between Tom and Sierra appeared to be strictly business. With him being the town's Sheriff and Sierra being the Mayor, it was perfectly normal to see the two together, however, due to them spending a lot of time with each other, at an unknown point, it seems that the two had reunited feelings for each other, and began having an affair. It is unknown as to how long they've been together, but with Sierra's distant relationship with her husband, Myles McCoy, and Sheriff Keller's absentee wife, it is possible the two had rekindled their high school fling, thus leading to their current relationship.



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Katy Keene

Season 1


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Katy Keene


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