Seventeen is a song sang by Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Cheryl Blossom, and Toni Topaz. It was originally written by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy for the original production of Heathers: The Musical.

Betty and Jughead sing this song as Betty tries to make an upset Jughead happy, post the revelation that Gladys Jones is using FP's trailer to sell drugs. Moreover, Toni and Cheryl sing the song and after which they get back together.


We're damaged
Really damaged
But that does not make us wise
We're not special
We're not different
We don't choose who lives or dies
Let's be normal
See bad movies
Sneak a beer and watch TV
We'll bake brownies or go bowling
Don't you want a life with me?
Can't we be seventeen?
That's all I want to do
If you could let me in
I could be good with you

Jughead (Betty):
People hurt us
(Or they vanish)
And you're right, that really blows
(But we let go)
Take a deep breath
(Then go buy some summer clothes)
We'll go camping
(Play some poker)
And we'll eat some chili fries
(Maybe prom night, maybe dancing)

Betty and Toni:
Don't stop looking in my eyes (Cheryl and Jughead: Your eyes)

Betty and Jughead:
Can't we be seventeen?
Is that so hard to do?

Cheryl and Toni:
If you could let me in
I could be good with you

Betty and Jughead:
Let us be seventeen
If we still got the right

So what's it gonna be?
I wanna be with you

Jughead (Cheryl):
I wanna be with you (Wanna be with you)

Betty, Cheryl, Jughead, and Toni:

Betty (and Jughead):
Yeah, we're damaged
(Jughead: Badly damaged)
But (your love's too good to lose)

Hold me tighter
Even closer

I'll stay if I'm what you choose

Betty and Jughead (Cheryl and Toni):
Can we be seventeen? (If I am what you choose)
If we still have the right (Cheryl: 'Cause you're the one I choose) (Toni: You're the one I choose)

Betty, Cheryl, Jughead, and Toni:
You're the one I choose



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