In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a girl who is half-witch, half-mortal, who, on her 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of her family, and the human world of her friends. My name is Sabrina Spellman, and that girl is me.
— Sabrina's opening narration[src]

Sabrina Spellman is the main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Kiernan Shipka.

She was initially believed to be the daughter of Edward and Diana Spellman, making her half half-mortal and half-witch. However, it was later revealed that her actual father is the Dark Lord.

Despite not being a full witch, Madam Satan notes that Sabrina has the potential to become the most powerful witch of her generation. After completing her Dark Baptism, Sabrina's powers were magnified to far greater levels than ever before. Most notably, she summoned hellfire to burn the Greendale Thirteen, a feat only three other witches have ever been able to do.

As of the events of Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend, due to her traveling to the past in order to save everyone, there are two Sabrinas. The time-travelling one opted to remain on Earth with her family, while the other chose to remain in Hell and become its queen.

Character Description

Sabrina is an empowered young woman, half-human, half-witch, struggling to reconcile her dual natures. She is just beginning her dark education as a sorceress, even as she tries to maintain some semblance of a normal life as a sophomore at Baxter High. Sabrina’s intelligent, compassionate, and brave to the point of recklessness. She challenges witch-doctrine at every turn. She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends; wickedly funny; and in the middle of a star-crossed romance with her classmate Harvey Kinkle. Sabrina is all that stands between us and the Forces of Darkness that threaten our world.[1]

Sabrina Spellman, an empowered young woman, half-human, half-witch, who is just beginning her dark education as a sorceress, even as she tries to maintain a normal life as a sophomore at Baxter High. Intelligent, compassionate and brave to the point of recklessness, Sabrina is all that stands between us and the forces of darkness that threaten our world.[2]

Early Life

Sabrina was born to the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar and mortal Diana Spellman, though her legal father is Diana’s husband, High Priest witch Edward Spellman. The couple had trouble conceiving a child and went to the Dark Lord for help: Diana soon became pregnant, but the Dark Lord was somehow able to impregnate her with his child instead of Edward’s, who was believed by all to be Sabrina’s biological father. Three days after her birth, Diana had Sabrina given a Holy Baptism with her aunt, Hilda Spellman, as a witness. A day later, Edward had signed Sabrina's name into the Book of the Beast with her other aunt, Zelda Spellman, as a witness.

Not long after, Sabrina's parents would die in a plane crash. Sabrina was the only survivor because she was transported to her aunts, leaving her in the care of Hilda and Zelda, though Diana's remaining family apparently tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain custody of Sabrina. Sabrina grew up with her aunts and her cousin Ambrose Spellman.

On her first day of school, she met and befriended Harvey Kinkle, Rosalind Walker, and Susie Putnam. A few years before her dark baptism she was sought out by the Weird Sisters. Sabrina hoped that they would become her friends, but they only wanted to torment her and tell her that she didn't belong at the Academy of Unseen Arts as she was only a half-witch.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

Doubts about the Future


Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell to join them

After watching Night of the Living Dead at the movies, Sabrina, her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, as well as her friends Rosalind "Roz" Walker and Susie Putnam, are discussing the film's broader themes in response to Harvey's question about the slow-moving zombies. Sabrina notices that Susie grows uncomfortable as they pass a few of the football players from school, and so Sabrina comforts her. It's while doing so that Sabrina accidentally bumps into her teacher Ms. Wardwell, who she invites with them to discuss the movie at Cerberus Books. Ms. Wardwell politely declines the offer on account of all the papers she has to grade. After she leaves, Roz asks Sabrina why she would invite Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina responds by saying that she feels bad about the fact that Ms. Wardwell lives alone.


Harvey and Sabrina profess their love

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie are still discussing Night of the Living Dead. Rosalind and Susie argue that the film was about both zombies and the Cold War. The collapse of the nuclear family. Later that night, Harvey walks Sabrina home, where he presents her with a necklace and declares his love for her. Sabrina tells Harvey that she loves him too before saying goodnight. Once she enters her house, Sabrina magically turns the radio on and dances to "Be My Baby".

Sabrina awakens in bed and gets up to check her calendar, marking the days leading up to her sweet 16/dark baptism. After glancing at a photograph of her parents, Sabrina walks up to her bedroom window when a bat suddenly crashes through and falls to the ground. Grabbing a large book from her desk, Sabrina recites a spell before crushing the bat.


Sabrina reveals to her family about the bat that flew into her room

On the morning of Tuesday, October 28th, Sabrina walks into the kitchen carrying a box containing the bat she killed the night before. She greets her aunts Hilda and Zelda, as well as her cousin Ambrose. Hilda asks Sabrina how she slept, to which Zelda responds by saying "tempestuously". Sabrina remarks that she was restless the entire night as a result of her upcoming dark baptism. Zelda fondly reminisces about the week before her own dark baptism as Hilda presents Sabrina with rabbit's feet to help her sleep at night. This prompts Sabrina to tell her aunts and cousin about the bat that flew into her room. Ambrose offers to bring it back to life, but Zelda quickly admonishes him for suggesting necromancy.


Hilda tells Sabrina to bury the bat in the pet cemetery

Hilda informs Sabrina that she can bury the bat in the pet cemetery by the sundial in the garden. She also presents her niece with a concoction meant to cleanse her body of toxins in preparation for the dark baptism. Zelda tells Sabrina that she has to choose her familiar before her dark baptism, and shows her options from a registry sent by the Witches' Council. Believing the practice to be dehumanizing, Sabrina offers up an alternative: she is instead going to summon a familiar through a spell she found in the Demonomicon. Zelda then asks Sabrina what her baptismal name will be. Sabrina has decided that it will be "Edwina Diana", in honor of both her parents as she is about to walk the Path of Night. Hilda wishes that Sabrina's parents would have been present to see the young woman their daughter has become. Zelda corrects her sister by saying that Edward and Diana would have been proud to see the young witch Sabrina is becoming.


Sabrina buries the bat

Later, Sabrina buries the dead bat in the pet cemetery. Ambrose, who is sitting on the fence, asks his cousin what she’s thinking about. Sabrina tells him that a dead bat is a bad omen and that she found a two-headed frog in her shoe. Ambrose realizes that Sabrina has doubts about her dark baptism. While excited, Sabrina is also nervous. Ambrose admits that he too had butterflies during his baptism. Sabrina then reveals that she has yet to tell her mortal friends that she's leaving as she doesn't wish to say goodbye to her mortal life. Ambrose admits that while this is true, when Sabrina is a full witch, she'll stay younger longer as well as cultivate her magic at the Academy of Unseen Arts, where her father was the Headmaster. Ambrose comforts her by pointing out that he has been under house arrest for 75 years and constantly misses everything, so he can relate with Sabrina's dilemma.


The Weird Sisters curse Sabrina

Looking to summon a Familiar, Sabrina heads into the woods with a long walking stick and a bell, ringing the bell as she comes to a stop and calling out to the Spirits of the forest. She calls to it, hoping to share knowledge, their spirits, and traits. As she puts the bell away, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, a trio of teenage witches better known as the Weird Sisters appear. Having eavesdropped on Sabrina’s summoning spell, they now know with certainty that she’s going through with her dark baptism and transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, as far as they’re concerned, Sabrina being the half-breed that she is, is not welcome. Prudence warns Sabrina to stay away from the Academy as she wouldn’t want what happened to her mother and father to happen to her. Dorcas and Agatha add that it would be tragic should the accident that took their lives also befalls Sabrina. The Weird Sisters then place a curse on Sabrina. Almost instantly, Sabrina’s nose starts to bleed.

Sabrina rushes to into the school’s locker room, where she attempts to wash the hex away. Sabrina finds Susie crying in the locker room with a busted lip. Some guys from the football team apparently beat Susie up and lifted up her shirt.


Sabrina reports the attack on Susie to the principal

Sabrina storms into the front office to inform Principal Hawthorne how four members from the football team attacked Susie and pulled up her shirt because they wanted to see if she had breasts. To see if she was really a boy or a girl. While Susie wouldn’t reveal the names of her attackers, Sabrina has her suspicions of who they may be. She also suggests that Hawthorne bring in the entire team for questioning. Sabrina explains how Susie doesn’t feel safe and is living in a constant state of fear. Principal Hawthorne, instead of helping, simply suggests that Susie find another school.


Sabrina asks Harvey to ask around

After leaving the Principal’s office, Sabrina then meets up with Harvey, who she informs of the attack on Susie by some of the football players. Sabrina asks that Harvey ask around for names of those responsible, and she intends to do the same. While Harvey agrees to ask around, he does point out that the Ravens won’t speak to outsiders and that there might not be much that can do. Madam Satan, who has taken on Ms. Wardwell’s persona, having overheard their conversation, interjects as she refuses to accept that and offers her assistance.


Sabrina rips Hawthorne's photo out the book

Sabrina and Madam Satan return to her office where they further discuss the matter and the culture of puritanical masculinity in Greendale, naming Principal Hawthorne as the worst of them all. Assistant Principal Ms. Glover would never turn a blind eye to the atrocities occurring, however. Sabrina simply wishes that someone would teach Principal Hawthorne a lesson. Madam Satan suggests that Sabrina be that someone. If Hawthorne were to take a sabbatical, Sabrina and her friends could come up with some way to help Susie. Madam Satan informs Sabrina that he is scared of spiders and that perhaps she could use that to her advantage. With that, Sabrina begins collecting items for a spell, starting with a photo of Hawthorne she rips from a yearbook.


Rosalind and Sabrina set out to start a club

Sabrina meets up with Harvey and Rosalind for lunch, where they continue to dig deeper into problems surrounding them. The football team is only the symptom. The disease goes much deeper, into the bedrock of the school. Sabrina wants to fight it by creating a club for young women to boaster each other, where they can discuss issues they’re facing and come up with proactive solutions. Rosalind adds a club to topple the white patriarchy, which confuses Harvey. Sabrina believes this club could offer true change for them so that none of them will ever feel alone again. However, Rosalind worries that Hawthorne will intervene. He wouldn’t even allow Roz to start a Daughters of the Black Panthers club last year. Sabrina explains that she has a plan to get past Hawthorne. She insists that they do this before Friday, right in time for Sabrina’s birthday, which both Harvey and Rosalind want to throw her a party for. However, Sabrina has plans with her aunts that are years in the making.


Harvey wants to spend Sabrina's birthday together

On the walk home, Harvey seems to continue their discussion regarding Sabrina’s birthday. While he’s aware of Sabrina mysterious commitment she has with her aunts, he’s hoping he can convince her otherwise to spend her birthday with him. Sabrina would love to, but she has more demanding obligations, which she can’t share with Harvey. She tells him that it’s not so much her birthday, but what comes after. Sabrina then reveals that she’s moving away. She claims that she’s leaving Baxter High and going to a boarding school in Connecticut. Harvey has questions considering neither he, Susie nor Roz have ever heard Sabrina speak of this prior. As he inquires further about Sabrina’s new school and she fumbles to come up with answers, he begins to suspect that she’s hiding something from him. Harvey asks for the truth, and so Sabrina decides to show him.


Sabrina makes Harvey forget that she's a witch

Sabrina takes Harvey into the woods where she was born almost 16 years ago. It’s also where she’ll be reborn this Friday night on her 16th birthday, at the stroke of Midnight, under an eclipsing blood moon. Her dark baptism. Sabrina reminds Harvey of what they learned at the beginning of the school year about how there were witch trials in Greendale, much like Salem. Sabrina explains that no one talks of this because the witches didn’t want anyone to know, so the coven could remain in Greendale in secret. Sabrina then reveals to Harvey that she’s half-witch on her father side. And after her baptism, where she’ll sign the Dark Lord’s book, she’ll have to leave Baxter High and go to the Academy of Unseen Arts, and lastly renounce any meaningful connections to all mortals. Harvey doesn’t believe Sabrina. He thinks that she’s only telling him this to scare him off. Considering that he doesn’t take the news well, Sabrina does a spell to make him forget her ever telling him. She seals the spell with a kiss and instantly, it’s as if she never said a thing about her being a witch.


Ambrose agrees to help Sabrina with a smell

Sabrina arrives home to find Ambrose on the front porch. She tells him how she tried to tell Harvey that she was leaving Baxter High. She didn’t want to lie to him, so she also told him that she was a witch, but it was too wrenching, so she took it back. Ambrose sympathizes with Sabrina, wishing he could make things easier for her. Though, he can’t do that, Sabrina does ask for his help in a spell to deal with her principal so that she can set up a club at school to protect Susie and all the girls before she leaves.


Sabrina doesn't like the students at the academy

Sabrina shares with Hilda her disdain for the students at the academy, especially the Weird Sisters, who cursed her, though Sabrina claims to have washed it off. However, Hilda isn’t so sure. Zelda explains they cursed Sabrina because they’re jealous as Sabrina’s the daughter of a High Priest. These sorts of attacks are precisely why Sabrina needs a familiar. Hilda then makes Sabrina break an egg to test if she truly washed the curse away. As it turns out, she didn’t. The egg is bloody red. A blood curse is what Sabrina is inflicted with. Untreated, it will slowly eat away at Sabrina’s health, will, and sanity. Hilda recommends a regimen of saltwater baths and reversing candles for a couple of weeks. Sabrina recalls what the Weird Sisters said about her mother and father. So, she asks if her parents' accident was truly an accident. Hilda and Zelda explain that it was. Sabrina’s parents were flying to Italy. Edward was giving a lecture at the Vatican when their plane went down.

Sabrina slips away while in her bath and wakes up in the woods to the sight of her parents carrying a crying baby. Without any clothing, Sabrina follows her parents further into the woods. She asks if they’re coming to her baptism, but Edward and Diana do not respond. Sabrina approaches the podium, where she finds two babies, one with human feet and one with more animalistic features. Sabrina wakes up from her nightmare back in the tub in her home.


Sabrina and Ambrose perform a spell to scare Hawthorne

Having learned what Sabrina intends to do, Ambrose is shocked. It isn’t like Sabrina to use witchcraft to settle personal vendettas. Sabrina reminds Ambrose that she simply wants to scare Hawthorne, and it should be easy since he’s most afraid of spiders and aunt Hilda keeps them as familiars. Sabrina and Ambrose place Principal Hawthorne’s photo in the spiders’ cage and perform a spell that results in Hawthorne’s house being infested with spiders. He wakes up from his sleep with spiders crawling all over him. Hawthorne slaps them off, but there are far too many. He eventually falls to the ground in panic and is covered by the spiders.

Sabrina returns to her room to find the window open and claw marks at the window seal. As she shuts the window, someone calls out to her. It’s a familiar. He heard her call and he came in the form of a black cat who she names Salem.


Sabrina asks to postpone her baptism

The following morning, Wednesday, October 29th, Zelda questions why Sabrina would prefer a feral familiar over one bred for service. Sabrina explains that Salem doesn’t serve her. They’re in a partnership, in which they’ll both protect each other. Hilda, on the other hand, is just happy that Sabrina has a familiar and that she’s purifying herself for the baptism. Speaking of which, Sabrina informs them of the club she’s starting at school for the girls to protect themselves and she’s hoping they could postpone her baptism, but Zelda will have no talk of such. Sabrina’s also asking because of Harvey, who she’s taken the next step in her relationship with. Furthermore, she has reservations about saving herself for the Dark Lord. Zelda explains that he gets to decide what Sabrina does with her body because it’s witch law. Covenant. Still, Sabrina questions why this is. And if Zelda won’t answer, she’s like to talk with someone who can help her understand so that she can make an educated choice.

However, as far as Zelda is concerned, the choice has already been decided. It’s their right and duty to serve the Dark Lord. She accuses Sabrina’s behavior being that of her mother’s influence. Sabrina can’t seem to reason why she has to give up her mortal life to do it. Zelda states that it’s witch law. The Path of Night or the Path of Light. But not both. Sabrina's father was almost excommunicated for it. Zelda then reminds Sabrina that singing the Dark Lord’s book is what her parents wanted for her. Hilda backs this up.


Sabrina plans to go find the Malum Malus

Having just watched the fall out between Sabrina and aunt Zelda, Ambrose approaches Sabrina on the porch, where they discuss just how much she enjoyed performing the spell together on Principal Hawthorne. He informs her how her magic will fade to nothing if she’s not baptized. Sabrina knows, but she wants to be sure of the decision she’s making. In that case, Ambrose tells her to find the Malum Malus. If it’s a man translating, it’s an apple of evil. If it’s a woman, it’s the fruit of knowledge. Sabrina is to bite the apple and in return, it’ll whisper secrets to her, grant her knowledge and occasionally show her glimpses of the future. To find the Malum Malus, Sabrina must find the oldest tree in an orchard. The older the tree, the more accurate it will be.


Sabrina and Rosalind need approval for their club

Sabrina and Rosalind arrive at school to find out that Principal Hawthorne won’t be coming in. According to Mrs. Meeks, his assistant, Hawthorne had a shock. Sabrina and Rosalind inform her that they have a club proposal they were hoping to get approved, and so Sabrina and Rosalind are able to get approval for their club from Vice Principal Glover. Afterward, they inform Susie and the three of them being preparations. Susie hopes that they aren’t going through all this trouble just for her. Sabrina and Rosalind explain that the club is long overdue as 53% of Baxter High is female. So now, they all have a legitimate sisterhood backing them up. The name of the group is WICCA. The Woman’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association. Sabrina is then called into Ms. Wardwell’s office.


Madam Satan agrees to be the faculty advisor for Sabrina's club

Madam Satan, still masquerading as Ms. Wardwell, wanted to speak with Sabrina after learning from Vice Principal Glover that she had been listed as the faculty advisor for Sabrina’s WICCA club. Sabrina reveals to Madam Satan that she’ll likely be transferring schools soon and that this weighs on her heavily. While it’s one of the best schools, she’s hesitant. Sabrina doesn’t want to leave her whole life in Greendale behind. Madam Satan believes that this requires further discussion and would like to continue after school with Sabrina, however, Sabrina declines, claiming that she's going apple picking.


A scarecrow attacks Sabrina

As planned, Sabrina heads for the nearest orchard to find the Malum Malus. She and Harvey go together. They do however end up separating. Harvey goes pumpkin picking while Sabrina heads into the hay maze in route for the tree. Sabrina passes through the maze, stopping at a scarecrow, before proceeding further. Moments later, Sabrina in attacked by the aforementioned scarecrow. Sabrina kicks it away and makes a run for it. Now it’s a chase, with Sabrina fleeing for her life. Unbeknownst to her, Madam Satan, from her office, is controlling the scarecrow, making it attack Sabrina in hopes of scaring her away from the tree. Luckily, Sabrina is saved by Salem, who rips the scarecrow apart. Sabrina thanks Salem, though she suspects that the attack was the Weird Sisters’ doing.


Sabrina envisions dead witches

Sabrina is then guided to the tree by Salem, where she finds the Malum Malus. Salem hisses as Sabrina reaches for the apple, though she grabs it regardless and asks the Malum Malus if she should be baptized. A few seconds go by and Sabrina's once healthy, red apple, is now rotten and crawling with maggots. The Malum Malus almost instantly takes effect. Sabrina’s hands are now covered in blood and she finds herself surrounded by numerous dead witches hanging from a tree, from which the Dark Lord emerges. As he approaches Sabrina, she spits out the apple, bribing her back to reality. Harvey, who has retrieved the pumpkins, soon approaches. He notices Salem, who Sabrina claims is a stray that she’s taking home.


Sabrina meets Father Blackwood

Sabrina returns home to find her aunts and cousin sitting by the fireplace with Father Blackwood. The High Priest if the Church or Night. Dark Lord Satan’s representative on earth. He informs her of just how special she is and how she’s been chosen. Having learned that Sabrina is having doubts about her baptism and that she may in fact not be signing her name into the Book of the Beast, he’s come to convince her otherwise.[3]

Sabrina sits with Father Blackwood, as he asks about her doubts surrounding her dark baptism. Sabrina says she is not really sure, and so Blackwood goes on to explain the ceremony. The Dark Baptism is the most sacred, unholy sacrament the witches practiced for centuries. The oldest of their rights. Sabrina is worried that once she signs the Book of the Beast, she will give the Dark Lord dominion over her soul. Blackwood reassures her, saying that this is only one of several possible interpretations. Blackwood explains that all religions have symbolic gestures and demand sacrifices. Signing the Book of the Beast is more like a pledge to abide by the devil's commandments. Sabrina then claims that she is not an evil person, making both the priest and her aunts laugh because none of them is evil. Sabrina is still firm in her disbelief, stating that the Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil. Blackwood corrects her immediately, saying that He is the embodiment of free will and that he goes beyond the mere concepts of good and evil and the infernal punishment of the "False God".


Sabrina sits with Father Blackwood

Sabrina questions the concept of Hell. Father Blackwood explains that if she accepts the Dark Lord's gifts, then she won't die for a long time and that Hell is for mortals. Blackwood suggests to Hilda and Zelda that Sabrina needs an immediate shift in thinking since she has been tainted by mortal ideology. Sabrina adds that she is worried about her boyfriend, who Blackwood deduces is a mortal. Blackwood tells Sabrina that they are intrinsically incompatible as mortals grow old and die faster than witches. Sabrina replies that her father married a mortal woman and Blackwood specifies that he was High Priest and had obtained a special dispensation from the Dark Lord himself. Despite this, it was still considered a controversial union and Blackwood also denies Sabrina's concerning assumptions about the death of her parents. According to Blackwood, it was an unfortunate accident.

Sabrina has another question about a terrible vision she had after biting the Malum Malus to the horror of Zelda who replies "You did what?!" Blackwood replies that its use is wildly inaccurate. Father Blackwood extends the invitation to be baptized and joins the Academy of Unseen Arts where Sabrina can find answers to her many questions. And if she decides to leave, she will be free to choose. Before leaving, the priest makes sure that Sabrina will be in the forest the night of Samhain for her baptism. On his way out, Ambrose asks him to stay a little longer and shows him the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. The dead man has a witch's mark on his right arm. Blackwood immediately inquires about his parents and discovers that the boy had been adopted by mortal parents. Blackwood takes the opportunity to point out how a witch without coven ended up on a table at the mortuary. Ambrose is worried that there may be witch-hunters, but for Blackwood this is highly unlikely.


Sabrina tucked in bed as Hilda reassures her about the dark baptism.

Later that night, Hilda tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood was Edward's mentor, before he surpassed him and became High Priest. She also tells Sabrina that her father was very good looking and charismatic. He could have become a movie star but he received his call very early, he was only six years old. Sabrina then asks Hilda if she ever had doubts about her dark baptism. Hilda signed her name in the Book of the Beast when she turned sixteen, because girls didn’t have any options back then. She adds that she sometimes dreams about burning down the Greendale Woods. She then wishes Sabrina a lovely sleep and leaves the room. Unbeknownst to Hilda and Sabrina, Zelda is eavesdropping on their conversation. Zelda calls Hilda a fool and says that she will be her death of her and that she herself will be Hilda’s death.

Thursday, October 30th, Sabrina comes downstairs to find Harvey sitting in the kitchen with Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose. Ambrose admires Harvey's drawings, to which Harvey replies that he's fond of graphic comics and novels. Since Sabrina couldn't celebrate with him on her actual birthday, he came by to ask her aunts if they could celebrate the following day, him, Sabrina, Rosalind and Susie. Harvey then walks Sabrina to school.

Sabrina and Harvey arrive at school to find Roz and Susie just outside the school. Susie had been suspended and Roz was supposed to be taking her home. Sabrina wanted to report the four boys to the police and press charges, however, it was Susie who started the fight. With that, Sabrina is forced to take matters into her own hands, but she needs Susie to give her the names of the football players.


Sabrina reports the football jocks to "Mrs. Wardwell".

With their names, Sabrina reports Carl Tapper, Billy Marlin, Ed Dursley, and Seth Grinwis to Madam Satan, who Sabrina still believes to be her teacher Ms. Wardwell. Madam Satan suggests a sit down with Principal Hawthorne next week when he returns. However, Sabrina may not be there next week, so she must get this sorted out as she can't leave her friends in trouble. Madam Satan tells Sabrina is she truly wants to teach these boys a lesson, she'll have to "fight fire with Hellfire." Madam Satan advises Sabrina to seek help as taking them on alone may prove difficult.


Sabrina summons the Weird Sisters

Sabrina goes into the woods to summon the Weird Sisters and ask if they'll help her get revenge for Susie by helping her mess with four mortal boys. They surmise that Sabrina summoned them to remove the curse they had previously placed on her, but they would only do so if she pledged not to attend the Academy. Sabrina explains that the curse has already been reversed, but she is still willing to strike a deal. If they help her teach the boys a lesson, then she won't attend the Academy. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha agree. However, Sabrina strikes this deal with her fingers crossed behind her back.


Sabrina and the Weird Sisters invite the boys to the mines

Later that night, Sabrina (dressed in a similar fashion to the Weird Sisters), Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha approach Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth outside a convenience store. They are hoping the boys will join them for a party in the mines. While they recognize Sabrina from Baxter High, they ask where her friends attend, presumably Riverdale High School, but Prudence simply states that it's a special school. Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha take the boys to the Greendale Mines, what some call "The Devil's Doorway." The mines run so deep that one shaft takes you down to hell. The girls lead the boys into the mines, though the boys start to regret their decision almost instantly.

Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha undress, quickly followed by Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth. The girls have cast an illusion spell on the boys to trick them into hooking up with themselves. The illusion fades once the flash from Sabrina's camera goes off. Sabrina tells them that the pictures will be posted all over the school if they hit Susie or any girl ever again. When Billy becomes aggressive, Prudence takes charge despite Sabrina's insistence to leave, as they already got what they came there for as per their agreement. Nevertheless, Prudence cuts off the lights, and she and her sisters transform, taking on a ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray-green skin, glowing eyes, and black-rimmed teeth, causing the boys to run in fear.


Sabrina finds the boys' boyhoods

In the aftermath, Sabrina finds a steel cage with four birds inside sitting on the ground. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha took the boys' boyhood. Until Sabrina releases the birds, Seth, Ed, Billy, and Carl won't be rising to any occasion. Dorcas believes that a few weeks of impotence might teach them better manners. Prudence then states that Sabrina might be more suited for the Academy than they initially thought. They know Sabrina lied, but they helped her anyways because they enjoy tormenting mortal boys. Sabrina didn't want to leave with her friends still having to deal with the boys. Prudence questions why leave at all if she cares about her friends. Sabrina explains that with the visit from Father Blackwood, she wasn't sure she had a choice in the matter, which came as a surprise to the Weird Sisters. Prudence tells Sabrina that singing her name into the Book of the Beast is an even exchange. She gives up her freedom in exchange for power. However, Sabrina wants both.


Sabrina and Harvey outside his house

Sabrina heads over to Harvey's house, where they discuss Roz' Halloween party. Her parents are out of town on a retreat with the church. Sabrina then proposes a scenario where Harvey's a kid who meets a wizard in a cave that offers to grant him superpowers, but in exchange for these powers, he has to give up everything up in his life. Harvey tells Sabrina that he wouldn't take the deal because that would mean giving up her. Pleased with his answer, she kisses him.


Hilda prepares Sabrina's dress

Friday, October 31st, Halloween. Sabrina’s birthday has finally arrived. Hilda is preparing Sabrina’s ceremonial dress, which is actually her mother’s wedding dress. Initially, witches were only allowed to wear black to their baptism, but that hasn’t been the rule for years. Hilda assures Sabrina that there’s nothing to fear.

Zelda has taken the liberty to call Sabrina’s school and excuse her. The day before her baptism should be spent in contemplation, reading her satanic verses. However, Sabrina hasn’t even had the time to say goodbye, not that Zelda is concerned.


Sabrina gets sad when Ambrose reveals what signing her name will entail.

Ambrose has been tasked with watching over Sabrina for the day. She wonders if she’ll still be able to see her friends. Ambrose explains that it is discouraged for witches to have meaningful connections to mortals. It is forbidden by the coven. They’ll see to it. It’s as though the veil drops between Sabrina and the mortal world. Eventually, she’ll be weaned from it. She won’t forget them, but she’ll want to. Or else the pain would be too much to bear. Time slows down. They’ll grow old and Sabrina won’t. And everything that’s so important to them will seem trivial and pale to Sabrina. The longer she’s a witch, the more she’ll understand that it’s better to forget the mortal world and be ready for what’s ahead. Sabrina wipes her tears and decides to spend her final night with her friends.

Harvey arrives to pick Sabrina up as she has decided to attend Roz’s Halloween party. Harvey, dressed as a miner, and Sabrina dressed in her mother’s white wedding dress. Harvey appears almost mesmerized. Ambrose urges them to leave before Hilda and Zelda return. He assures Sabrina that he’ll tell them that she’ll meet them at the appointed hour and place.


Sabrina's friends celebrate her birthday.

Sabrina and Harvey arrive at Roz’s party, where she is immediately greeted by Rosalind. They move into the kitchen, where Sabrina checks in on Susie, who is doing much better. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Susie then hit the dance floor. Afterward, the party sings Happy Birthday to Sabrina. She makes a wish and blows out the candles on her cake. As she and Harvey slow dances, she tells him that she wished for more amazing times together. She then asks him to never hate her, no matter what, but he can't understand why he ever would. The party moves outside, where the moon is at its fullest and begins to turn red. With midnight approaching, Sabrina rushes off into the woods, but not before kissing Harvey goodbye.


Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina sprints through the woods in her mother’s white wedding dress. As she passes under the threshold, her once white dress magically turns black. Sabrina passes through the blue flames and arrives at her baptism, where Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, and many others are in attendance. Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina's forehead and reads Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.


Sabrina refuses to sign her name

Sabrina attempts to escape but she becomes entangled in magical possessed vines, though she manages to narrowly escape. Ambrose and Salem are sitting on the porch as Sabrina comes screaming for help, with the coven not far behind her. Father Blackwood demands Sabrina’s signature, but she refuses. She believes that there’s another path for her, similar to that of her mother and father’s. When Father Blackwood orders Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha to take Sabrina, Ambrose informs them that a circle of protection rings the house, and no witch save for a Spellman may cross it. Any unwelcome witch that tries shall burn. With that, the coven retreats. Little did they know, Ambrose was bluffing. Zelda and Hilda brush right pass Sabrina and head inside.


Zelda ignores Sabrina.

Monday, November 3rd. Sabrina enters the kitchen. She is greeted by everyone except her aunt Zelda, who is disappointed in Sabrina as she humiliated them in front of the entire coven and dishonored the Spellman name. However, Sabrina reasons that all bets were off after Blackwood lied to her face. Sabrina also informs Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose how she possibly saw the ghost of her parents during the ceremony, who told her to run.

Sabrina returns to school and she, Roz, and Susie hold the first WICCA meeting. Madam Satan also attends. Before the meeting can commence, Sabrina is called into the principal's office. While on her way, she runs into Harvey, who she informs of her super-intense weekend. Sabrina enters Principal Hawthorne’s office, where time seems to stop. Blood runs from his eyes and foam from his mouth. He is under the Dark Lord’s possession. While he admires Sabrina's defiance, he demands that she sign his book, but she refuses. Dark Lord insists that he’ll win in the end because Sabrina’s flesh is mortal and in the end, all mortal flesh must burn.[4]

Sabrina runs out of Principal Hawthrone’s office and into the girl’s restroom to throw up, following her encounter with the Dark Lord. She is startled by Madam Satan's approach, who explains she saw her flee Hawthorne's office. Despite Madam Satan's questioning of her wellbeing, Sabrina insists that she's fine and leaves.


Sabrina at Principal Hawthorne's office with Roz, Susie and Harvey.

Still tormented by vivid images of a possessed Hawthorne, Sabrina is pried from her thoughts as Harvey asks if she's okay. She reassures him that she's fine, she just had an out-of-body experience but she's back now. Roz arrives, bringing with her the latest problem at Baxter High. She went to get her book, The Bluest Eye, approved for class, only for Mr. Garland to reject it as her book had been deemed problematic. Susie wants to take the fight to Hawthorne with WICCA’s help. And so, Sabrina, Roz, and Susie confront Hawthorne, who claims that they don’t ban books at Baxter High. However, the book Rosalind proposed has graphic passages. Certain topics and titles have no place at the school.


Sabrina, Roz, and Susie learn about the soft purge

After being shut down by Hawthorne, Sabrina, Roz, and Susie head into the library to investigate as Rosalind believes that Hawthorne is lying about not banning books. They confront the librarian Ms. Curtis with their suspicion as they can’t seem to find any of the supposedly controversial books that should be in the library. Ms. Curtis reveals that a few years ago, there was a soft purge of bad books.


Sabrina's been summoned

Sabrina returns home to learn from Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose that she’s received an Infernal Summons. Sabrina’s been charged with an offense, a Breach of Promise. She made a promise to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast and then broke it when she ran away. Now she will be judged and tried in front of their coven. Sabrina reveals that she saw the Dark Lord after he took possession of Hawthorne and threatened her. Still, Sabrina refuses to pledge her loyalty to him. Zelda informs Sabrina that not only has she been summoned, but Hilda and Zelda have been as well. All three are on trial as it was their duty to see Sabrina down the right path. Guilty until proven innocent is witch law. They had been stripped of their powers, meaning they will age and rot rapidly until a verdict is reached. It had already started as one of Hilda’s teeth have fallen out. Sabrina’s trial is at midnight, and she is expected to attend.

Sabrina asks Ambrose if there was any way for her to fight the trial as she never promised the Dark Lord that she would sign the Book of the Beast. Ambrose informs Sabrina of lawyer and occultist Daniel Webster. He’s mortal, but is rumored to have beaten the Devil himself.


Sabrina asks Webster to defend her

Sabrina knocks on Daniel Webster's door and tells him she needs his help to fight the devil as she’s being tried for Breach of Promise after running from her Dark Baptism. Sabrina claims they lied and coerced her, and now her family is being punished. She is hoping he could help, but Webster no longer practices. After Sabrina leaves, Webster looks to his daughter’s photo on the wall.


Court begins

Just outside the church where the trial is being held, Zelda instructs Hilda and Sabrina to admit their wrongs and accept their punishment before the court. Sabrina stands accused before the Infernal Three for Breach of Promise. When the accused is confirmed guilty, she will abandon her mortal life immediately and upon her death, she will burn for 333 years in the Pit. Daniel Webster enters the church as Sabrina’s counsel, stating that she pleads not guilty.

The court takes a recess, during which time Zelda scolds Sabrina for hiring Webster. She remembers how he used to sniff around Edward many years ago. Edward was the reason Webster came to Greendale. He taught Webster witch law and offered him comfort when there wasn’t any. Webster is hoping to return the favor.


Sabrina stands trial

Court is back in session and Father Blackwood interrogates Sabrina, ultimately accusing her of breaking her promise to the Dark Lord. Webster counters that there were no contracts, thus no case. Father Blackwood submits the Book of the Beast as evidence. In it is Sabrina’s name, though it was submitted only a few days after she was born. Additionally, Blackwood calls Zelda to the stand. On the day Sabrina’s name was written into the book, Zelda accompanied Edward into the woods, with baby Sabrina in his arms. When they reached a clearing, he placed her on an altar and signed her name into the Book of the Beast, promising her name to the Dark Lord.


Sabrina was pawned off to the Dark Lord

Court adjourns and the Spellmans return home. Sabrina now realizes that her aunt Zelda’s strong-arming her to sign the book was her attempt to cover up the fact that Sabrina had already been pawned off to the Dark Lord. Ambrose tends to a rapidly aging Hilda as Zelda explains that Sabrina was never supposed to find out. Edward needed a witness. He had struck a bargain with the Dark Lord. With permission to marry Sabrina’s mother Diana, Edward would sign Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast.

On their way to school, Sabrina and Harvey share how they both got into it with their respective guardians, Harvey with his dad and Sabrina with her aunt. Harvey’s dad was making him work at the mines, which Harvey is terrified of. 8 years ago, he was playing hide-and-seek with Tommy and a couple of his friend. Harvey decided to hide in the mines. He was in there for over an hour and no one found him. While looking for a way out, he saw unbeknownst to him, the Dark Lord. He was terrified, frozen with fear and crying. He was still crying when Tommy found him five hours later. He worries that it’s still down there waiting for him.


Roz stands up against Hawthorne

Madam Satan, under her persona of Ms. Wardwell, informs Sabrina and Harvey that WICCA are making their voices heard. Rosalind and Susie are handing out lists of all the books that had been removed from Baxter High. Principal Hawthorne arrives on scene to inform them that he called the PTA and the school board about The Bluest Eye. They were reviewing the matter and would come back to him with their thoughts.

Madame Satan cast a spell from her office. Time and space around Sabrina appears to freeze as she sits in class. She sees Webster’s daughter in the hallway and follows her to the library, where a book of article clippings pertaining to Webster awaits Sabrina. He was criminal defense lawyer, helping the worst kinds of offenders, killers, rapists, and cannibals, get off.


Webster wants to make up for his past

Sabrina confronts Webster, referring to him as the "Defender of the Damned" as he helped free murderers and monsters. She fires Webster as her attorney. He tries to explain that much like Sabrina, he was once trapped by the devil. He made a deal, a long time ago, to become the greatest lawyer in the world. A different book, but the same beast. Webster started winning cases. And by the time he realized that the only cases he got were defending monsters, it was too late. That was the Dark Lord’s trick, because there’s always a trick, as well as a price. Webster had set a man free who had done unspeakable things to a number of women. And after Webster freed him, he broke in and he did those things to Webster’s daughter. While he’s done more than his share of bad, he thinks he can save Sabrina.

Court is in session and Webster calls Zelda and Hilda to the stand. Both are certified midwives. They’ve delivered many babies in the witch community, including Sabrina. Given Sabrina’s dual nature, he argues that she’s only half subject to the rules of the court. He demands a jury of mortals and a change or venue.

If Sabrina’s dominant nature, witch or mortal, is to be determined, Father Blackwood wishes to test her with human laws, such as subjecting her to trial by water to see if she floats or sinks and stripping and examining her in front of the coven for a witch’s mark.


Father Blackwood offers Sabrina a deal

Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, and Webster return home where they discuss their next course of action. Webster questions if Sabrina has a mark. Before she can answer, Father Blackwood interrupts and reveals that he pleaded to the Dark Lord on Sabrina’s behalf. He has offered a path. He will wave Sabrina’s punishment in the Pit and allow her yearly visitations with her mortal friends so long as she ratify her signature in the Book of the Beast and withdraw from Baxter High to begin her studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts. They’ll await her answer the following night in court. Zelda encourages Sabrina to take the deal, but Webster insists that it’s a trick.

While walking through the woods, Sabrina stops, undresses, and asks Harvey if he can find her witch’s mark. Harvey looks, but he can’t seem to find a mark.


Roz will be blind in three months

Sabrina arrives at school, where Rosalind and Susie inform her of the upcoming town hall meeting where they could present their case to the PTA, but it was scheduled in three months. Rosalind reveals that there is something deeper at the root of her mission. She has Myopic atrophy. In about three months, maybe less, Rosalind will be completely and totally blind. She counted how many books she could read in that time, and that’s why every single one is important.

Sabrina comes home with a decision. She informs Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Webster that she’s decided not to take Blackwood’s deal. Instead, she’ll submit to his exam as she doesn’t have a witch’s mark. When they find out that she doesn’t have it, Webster will demand a retrial in human court, and she’ll demand that Zelda and Hilda’s powers and youth are restored.

Court is in session. Sabrina, Zelda, Blackwood, Webster, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha are in attendance. Just as Father Blackwood is about to begin Sabrina’s examination for a witch’s mark, Hilda interrupts with new evidence which Webster submits to the court. Sabrina’s name is printed onto a baptismal certificate from the Holy Mother Church of Greendale, witnessed by Diana and Hilda, meaning there are competing claims upon Sabrina’s soul. However, Webster argues they have a binding contract notarized and dated one day before Edward inscribed Sabrina’s name to the Book of the Beast, therefore rendering Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast null and void. Father Blackwood and Webster are summoned to the courts’ private chambers.


Sabrina calls both her parents deceivers

Just outside, Zelda questions how Hilda could witness Sabrina being signed over to a Christian church. Hilda explains that Edward had no idea that Sabrina was baptized and Diana had asked her to keep it a secret. With that, Sabrina denounced any and all secrecy within the family and asked that her aunts do the same.

Back in the church, Father Blackwood announces that due to conflicting contracts, baptism, and breeding, the Hellbound Court of Greendale decrees that Sabrina shall retain her mortal life on the condition that she also attend the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as weekly Black Mass. Sabrina accepts the court’s decision. With a ruling in effect, the court restores full power to the Spellman family.

After the final ruling, Sabrina invites Webster over to celebrate, but he declines. She thanks him nonetheless for helping her win and gives him a hug. Before parting ways, he advises Sabrina to take advantage of her qualified victory to learn everything she can about her adversary and fight for what’s hers.

Rosalind fears as her eye sight worsens. She looks into the bathroom mirror, and her eyes temporarily turn pitch black, though they restore to their natural coloration upon Sabrina’s arrival. She approaches Rosalind and brings her to the library, where Madam Satan, Susie and the ladies of WICCA wait to read The Bluest Eye. Sponsored by WICCA, the ladies had arranged a secret book club, which they hoped Rosalind would lead.[5]


Sabrina and her friends make weekend plans

Sabrina and her friends are at the comic book shop discussing movies. Susie tells them that her dad is going out of town for the weekend to the farm expo. Roz suggests that they have a girls' night. Susie is hesitant. Roz tries to get Sabrina to back her up. Sabrina lies to her friends and tells them that she too is going to the expo.

Ambrose watches as Sabrina begins to pack for her three-day stay over at the Academy of Unseen Arts. He tries to console her by telling her about all the new people she's going to meet. Sabrina says that her only agenda is to learn how to conjure, bind, and banish the Dark Lord.


Hilda gives Sabrina protection charms

Hilda gives Sabrina some protection charms because she knows how cruel girls can be. She then suggests that Sabrina could take Salem to the Academy. Zelda remarks that only babies and ninnies take their familiars to school. Zelda tells Sabrina about how her years at the academy were the best of her life. She remembers the books she read and the friendships she cultivated, she and Edward constantly argued about philosophy and would engage in debates. Hmm, really? Sabrina asks, because they were on the same page about signing Sabrina’s name in the Book of the Beast. When Hilda offers to drive Sabrina to the academy, Zelda refuses, reminding her she's still excommunicated. She’s not allowed within spitting distance of the academy or any other Church of Night, property for that matter. Hilda decides to hug Sabrina before she leaves instead, earning a huff from Zelda.


Sabrina arrives at the Academy

Zelda drops Sabrina off at the academy. Waiting for her is a little boy named Quentin. He leads her down the halls, explaining the history of the academy. The academy was built according to the principles of sacred geometry. Each room is a perfectly proportioned pentagon that locks with the one next to it. No one knows how many pentagons there are, exactly. Some say an infinite number. They arrive at Father Blackwood’s office. There, she receives her schedule but isn't happy with what she's been given. Sabrina asks about Conjuring or Demonology classes but Blackwood says that she must fulfill the academy's general requirements first.

Blackwood takes her to choir class where his wife, Lady Blackwood, is teaching. Lady Blackwood asks Sabrina to sing a few verses for her, after she does Lady Blackwood comments that Prudence finally has some competition.


Sabrina meets Nicholas Scratch

At lunch, Sabrina sits at a table with Nicholas Scratch. Nick tells her that he's reading her father's journals. Sabrina wonders how he has them, to which Nick replies he doesn’t have them personally but they are in the Sanctum, the library for advanced students. But while he can read them, he can’t take notes because they’re considered dangerous texts. Her father was a controversial figure in the witch community. You mean for marrying my mother, Sabrina asks. And some of his more radical ideas, Nick adds. However, he personally thinks Edward was brilliant, the greatest conjurer the Church of Night has ever produced. Nick studies conjuration, demonology, invocation, ritual magic and necromancy. The Weird Sisters appear and Sabrina invites them to join their table. Prudence gives Sabrina a hard time for having a mortal boyfriend and running from her Dark Baptism. Nick offers to walk Sabrina to her next class and Sabrina accepts.


The Weird Sisters harrow Sabrina

Sabrina wakes up in the middle of the night in the Witch's cell. The Weird Sisters have put her in there for the Harrowing, a witch tradition. Sabrina has to survive the night. The next morning the Weird Sisters open the door and find Sabrina shaking. She turns around and smiles at them. She introduces them to Salem who'd snuck into the cell in the middle of the night to protect and comfort her.


Sabrina calls Harvey

Sabrina calls Harvey and tells him that she hates being at the expo but that talking to him is helping. Later, Sabrina comes out of the shower and finds that Salem is missing. She asks the Weird Sisters where they've hidden him and gets into a fight with Prudence. Father Blackwood interrupts the fight and tells Sabrina to come to his office. He is holding a pet kennel revealing that the reason Salem is gone is that he was informed about Salem.


Sabrina and Zelda in Blackwood’s office

Zelda and Sabrina have a meeting with Father Blackwood. The High Priest tells Sabina that familiars are not allowed at the Academy and that as such Zelda must take Salem home with her. Blackwood also asks Sabrina if she's happy at the Academy. Zelda believes she is but Blackwood doubts it as Sabrina has been complaining about her schedule. Zelda asks Sabrina what that is about. When Sabrina tells her what classes she's been given, Zelda agrees with Sabrina's complaints on the grounds that she's not being challenged. Sabrina tells Zelda that she wanted to study conjuring but Blackwood says that it's too dangerous for her. Zelda tells him to test her so he pulls out an Acheron Configuration which belonged to Edward Spellman. It’s a test of mental and actual dexterity. Blackwood tells her that if she can solve that puzzle then she can take the classes that she wishes.


Sabrina and Nick discuss the Acheron Configuration

Sabrina goes outside the academy and talks to Nick. He reveals that he dated the Weird Sisters. He asks about the Acheron Configuration and she explains the deal she made with Blackwood. Nick tells her that this particular cube belonged to Edward and that Blackwood has been trying to solve it for 20 years. He tried for three and gave up. Nick explains the configuration’s almost like a kaleidoscope. It’s colors and patterns are addictive. The more you stare at it, the harder it is to solve. If not cautious, it could mess with your head. Nick doubts she can solve it, but Sabrina says if her father made it, then he probably wrote about it in his journals. Sabrina asks him to sneak her into the library so that she can read one of her father's journals. Nick says that they'll get caught and be expelled. Sabrina doesn't think she'd be expelled but her stay would be extended for longer. Nick asks if that's such a bad thing before Sabrina leaves.


Sabrina must survive another night of the Harrowing

Sabrina is taken again from her bed and left in a field by the Weird Sisters. They tell her that if she turns around, she'll die. She hears strange things throughout the night but doesn't turn around. In the morning, Quentin is there to escort her back to the academy. Sabrina tells him that the woods aren't safe for him. Quentin shows her his gravestone and tells her that there is nothing out there that can hurt him anymore. He was harrowed to death in 1892. He then asks if she would like to meet the others, who then appear around her.


Sabrina and her aunts help the ghost children get revenge

Sabrina calls her Aunties. She tells them how students are being harrowed to death by other students and the Weird Sisters are now harrowing her. They tell her that they'll be right there. Zelda meets with Father Blackwood and he says that he'll look into it. Zelda has Sabrina take them to the children. Sabrina thinks they are bound to the academy because they died there. Zelda asks the children what they want and Hilda says that she thinks she knows what they want. They want permission to do something about what happened to them.


Sabrina and the ghost children stop the Weird sisters

That night, the Weird sisters visit her again and take her out to the field, with a rope around her throat. Any last words, Prudence asks, as she throws the rope around a tree branch. Thirteen witches were hanged there by witch hunters. Those women couldn’t possibly have imagined a place like the academy, Sabrina says. A school where witches would be safe. Even if they could, they’d never believe that the women inside its walls would turn on one another like this. Sabrina then says the academy tradition of harrowing ends tonight. Just as they’re about to hang her, Quentin and his friends appear, chanting behind her. The Weird sisters lifted into the air, chocking on air. Sabrina reiterates that harrowing of any kind will not be tolerated. They all nod and then drop to the ground. Sabrina lifts Prudence up and threatens her before leaving.

Sabrina's immersion is up so she says good-bye to Quentin as she leaves. Nick gives her one of her father's journals so that she can get to know her father.


Sabrina solves the Acheron Configuration

Back at the Spellman house, Sabrina talks to Harvey on the phone and they discuss their weekends. Unbeknownst to her, Ms. Wardwell is spying on her through the mirror. Harvey wants to come over but Sabrina tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. Sabrina manages to solve her father's cube after having read his journal. It opens and red dust spills everywhere. Outside of her room, there is a loud noise and the door to her room bursts open. A demon stands there and slowly approaches. Sabrina screams.[6]


The Spellmans entrap the demon inside the house

A hysterical Sabrina runs into Zelda and Hilda's room and tells them she's released a demon into the house after having solved her dad's Acheron Configuration. They rush downstairs where Ambrose meets them after having heard all the noise. Sabrina tells Ambroise about the demon. Zelda tells her niece not to worry as they have protocals in place. The four of them grasp hands and perform a sealing spell to trap the demon within the Spellman Mortuary. The demon appears on the staircase and Ambrose asks what it wants. It tells them that it wants revenge on the Spellman Family and then freedom to give other people nightmares. Zelda quickly grabs an empty urn and uses it to trap the demon within. Afterwards, the Spellman's sit and have some tea. Sabrina learns that her Dad must've trapped the demon long ago because it had been tormenting him and giving him insomnia. They go back to bed and Sabrina asks Hilda what would've happened if they hadn't captured the demon. Hilda tells her that it would've lulled them to sleep, separated them, torturing them until one of them broke and released the sealing spell. Unbeknownst to them, that is exactly what Batibat plans to do.


Sabrina dreams of a witch-human merged life

Meanwhile, inside Sabrina's dream, her witch life and mortal life are fused together. The Weird Sisters are cheerleaders who mock her, and Nick is a football player who flirts with her. Harvey proposes to Sabrina. On the day of the wedding, Sabrina tells Harvey that she's a witch. He seems to accept it but later, at the ceremony, Harvey starts to choke her. He asks her why she had to tell him that she was a witch. He shoves her into an Iron Maiden torture device and seals her inside. The Batibat appears and offers to let her out if only she'll tell it the spell to release the seal. Sabrina says that she won't and is left to scream in pain at being trapped and bleeding from the sharp spikes inside of the device.


Sabrina inside a coffin

Sabrina continues to scream from inside the coffin. Ms. Wardwell finally finds Sabrina. Sabrina asks how she is there in her dream. Ms. Wardwell says its with a gin clear mind, self induced sleep and clear intent. She tells her that she's going to wake her up and that after she must run from the house to safety. Ms. Wardwell wakes up and picks up the voodoo doll she made of Sabrina. She stabs it in the hand and Sabrina wakes up screaming. The Batibat comes to investigate but Sabrina is hiding under the bed. The Batibat leaves and Sabrina escapes up to Ambrose's room. She tries to wake him up but can't. So, she grabs one of his books and learns a spell to banish the Batibat. Salem tries to dissuade her from doing it but Sabrina is stubborn and says that she just has to surprise her.


Sabrina tries to trap Batibat

Sabrina confronts Batibat but nothing happens when she says the spell. The Batibat attacks her and slashes Sabrina's arm. Sabrina runs upstairs and tries to wake up her Auntie's but can't. She decides to lucid dream so that she can wake up her Auntie's and Ambrose from the inside. With Salem's help, Sabrina manages to distract the Batibat long enough for her to take some foxglove and go back to sleep. She goes to Zelda's dream first but is unable to wake her. Next, she visits Hilda who helps give her an idea of how to trap the Batibat. Finally, she goes to Ambrose and asks him to help distract the Batibat.

Sabrina goes and pays Ms. Wardwell a visit. She confronts her by demanding that she tell her who and what she is. Ms. Wardwell invites her in and tells her that she better sit down.[7]


Sabrina confronts Ms. Wardwell

Sabrina walks into Ms. Wardwell’s home. She offers her a seat and some cookies but Sabrina wants to get right to the point. Ms. Wardwell lies and tells her that she's a witch and that she's been watching her from afar for the sake of protecting her. She also admits she used a scrying spell on her mirrors and that that is how she knew that the Batibat was in her house and had her and her family at its mercy. This upsets Sabrina who tries to leave when "Ms. Wardwell" tells her it was Edward who sent her to watch over her. She tells Sabrina that she was originally a member of the Church of Shadows, a coven in New Hamshire, until she was excommunicated for falling in love with a mortal man and was engaged to be married. After that, she sought out Edward Spellman who made her his student and secretary when he was the High Priest of the Church of Night. Before he died, Edward asked her to be an invisible omnipresent circle of protection around Sabrina. She goes on to say that she agreed to do it because she fell in love with him. A still upset Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell to stay away from her and leaves. Later, in the cemetery, Ambrose tries to convince Sabrina to give Ms. Wardwell the benefit of the doubt but she refuses to, saying she's going to clean all the mirrors so that Ms. Wardwell can't spy on them anymore.


Roz, Harvey and Susie tell Sabrina about a possessed Uncle Jesse

At school the following day, Harvey, Susie, and Roz tell Sabrina about Uncle Jesse. They think he might be possessed by a demon. Sabrina tries to play it off but Roz tells them how she saw Uncle Jesse at her house. Both Harvey and Susie say the same thing. Later, Harvey asks Sabrina if she doesn't believe him anymore. Sabrina says she does but he was eight when he saw that thing in the mines. Harvey gets upset and leaves because he feels that she isn't telling him the truth. Ms. Wardwell bumps into her a moment later, wanting to continue the conversation from last night but Sabrina brushes her off.

At home, Sabrina tries to get her aunties to help her with Uncle Jesse being possessed. Zelda tells her that they don't meddle in mortal affairs. However, she does tell Sabrina to tell her friends not to touch Uncle Jesse because then the demon will be able to prey on them too, psychologically. Sabrina tells her that they all had to touch him in order to tie him up, and they’ve all been having hallucinations ever since. Not getting anywhere with her aunts, Sabrina goes upstairs to talk to Ambrose.


Sabrina astral projects into Jesse’s room

Sabrina tries to convince Ambrose into standing guard over her body while she astral projects to Susie's house to see Uncle Jesse. While he initially refuses, he does so anyway. She talks to the demon inside Jesse and learns that its name is Maerceci. She tries to tell it to go away but somehow it ends up devouring her soul. Salem, who was watching over Sabrina's body, goes and grabs Ambrose, who pulls her back into her true form. She tells Ambrose what happened and gives him the demon's name. After a few minutes, Ambrose laughs because his "name" is actually "ice cream" spelled backwards, revealing that the demon lied to her. Ambrose asks Sabrina if there is anything else that she knows about him. She tells him that he said he was set free from the mines by Jesse. This triggers something in her mind as she leaves and goes to see Harvey.


Sabrina and Harvey investigate the mines

Sabrina apologizes to Harvey about not believing him. She asks him to draw her a map to the mines so that she can find some clue as to what is affecting Jesse. Harvey is against it but then sees another vision of Jesse. He decides to go with her. They look through the mines but get separated. Sabrina goes to look for Harvey but runs into Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina asks what she's doing here and she tells her that she's looking out for her, just as she promised her father. Sabrina tells her again to stay away. Suddenly, she hears Harvey scream and goes running towards him. She finds him huddled in a corner next to a statue of the Dark Lord. He admits that it could've been that he saw as a child. The two of them decide to leave the mines and head home.


Sabrina in Demology class

The next day, Sabrina discovers that the demon's name is Apophis. She asks Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts about the demon. He tells her that the only way to get rid of it is to perform an exorcism but witches aren't allowed to do that as that is a Catholic Rite which is taboo in all of the Churches of Darkness. Sabrina reveals that her friend’s uncle is being possessed by a demon, Apophis. What if this brings unwanted attention to the witches of Greendale? Blackwood replies that it’s not a concern, as possessions involving Apophis rarely last long. Apophis is a parasitic demon, also known as the Devouring Worm. He’s feasting on Jesse from the inside out. If he’s alive, he won’t be for long. After he’s done feasting, he’ll just jump into another host, usually a body that’s already come into contact with Aphophis. Sabrina becomes more concerned about her friends and asks if there is another way to get rid of the demon, to which Blackwood replies that there isn’t for tenacious demons such as Apophis. After class, Nicholas Scratch approaches her and Sabrina reminds him that she has a boyfriend. He asks if she can date two guys since she has two natures. This leaves Sabrina speechless.


Sabrina returns home to a solution

Sabrina arrives home to find Ms. Wardwell sitting between Zelda and Hilda. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina she came because she fears she's putting herself in danger. Sabrina asks her if her aunts know what she is. Ms. Wardwell admits she's told them everything. Zelda adds that she wishes she could say she and Hilda were surprised but they knew their brother well enough to know this is exactly something Edward would have done, though she still finds it insulting that her brother wouldn't think they were up to the task of protecting his daughter themselves. Sabrina tells them that she will go to the Catholic Church and ask for help for her friends. It just so happens her father wrote a rite expressly for that purpose. Ms. Wardwell offers to help Sabrina with the exorcism by using one of Edward's spells that is a Church of Darkness counterpart to the Catholic exorcism. Hilda decides to go along as well, and when Zelda admonishes her for considering, Hilda excuses that she is excommunicated, so her actions will hold no consequences before the Church of Night. So, the three of them leave a fuming Zelda behind.


Sabrina, Hilda, Lilith (and later, Zelda) perform an exorcism

Sabrina, Hilda, and Ms. Wardwell stand before Uncle Jesse. Sabrina says the spell but it doesn't seem to be working until Zelda arrives to help. Uncle Jesse throws up the worm and Ms. Wardwell quickly whisks it away. She throws it down a well along with a sealing stone to keep it there. Zelda tells Sabrina she came for educational purposes. However, she also tells Sabrina she's grounded for disobeying her. The four of them head home, but not before Sabrina thanks Ms. Wardwell for helping her.

Upon returning home, they find Father Blackwood waiting for them inside. He threatens to excommunicate them all for having performed an exorcism. Zelda saves the day by telling him the test results of the urine sample she took from Constance: He's having twins.


Sabrina comforts Susie

The next morning, Hilda receives a call from Mr. Putnam. He tells her that Uncle Jesse died sometime during the night. Sabrina sits with Susie out in front of her house. Susie tells her that maybe it's better that he died because he would've rotted in the asylum.

"Ms. Wardwell" comforts Sabrina and tells her that at least she was able to save Uncle Jesse's soul. Unbeknownst to Sabrina, Uncle Jesse only died because Lilith had gone back to see him and killed him. Sabrina feels like she failed and wonders how she'll ever outwit the Dark Lord. Ms. Wardwell asks what she means.[8]


Harvey walks Sabrina home

Harvey walks Sabrina home from school, something they haven’t done in a while. He asks what she's doing for Thanksgiving but Sabrina tells him that it's not really a big holiday for her family. Harvey says that his grandfather is coming and that there is going to be a lot of beer drinking and deer hunting. Sabrina invites him inside but sees entrails hanging from the door and decides to call it a night instead.


Zelda informs Sabrina about the Feast of Feasts

Inside, Sabrina asks her family why there are organs hanging on the front door. Zelda tells her that it's a message from the council and that her family has been selected to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Zelda explains that the Feast of Feats is one of the coven's holiest holidays and celebrates the sacrifice of one witch: Freija. She had killed herself so that the coven would have food until spring. Zelda tells her that fourteen witches families have been selected and each must choose someone to represent them. Those representatives will have to draw straw and see who will be deemed Queen. Whoever is Queen will be the main course for the Feast of Feasts. Zelda tells her that only she and Sabrina can participate since Hilda has been excommunicated. Zelda will be the representative. Sabrina is against the whole idea and tries to get Hilda and Ambrose to back her up. She doesn't want to lose any more Spellmans. Zelda tells her that she and Hilda have participated many times, but never declared the Queen. She believes they will be rejected again this year.

At Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell talks to the class about Thanksgiving. She tells them that their assignment for this week is to dig into their family histories. After class, Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if there is a way to stop the Feast of Feasts. Ms. Wardwell says that she doesn't know but will do some research.


Sabrina hears Prudence is participating in the Feast of Feasts

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Prudence Blackwood tells Dorcas and Agatha that she has been chosen to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Sabrina asks her how she can be so happy that she may or may not be sacrificed. Prudence tells her that there is no greater honor. Dorcas and Agatha say that it would be the first time that an orphan would be Queen.

Sabrina spots Nick and goes to ask him about his opinion of the Feast of Feasts. Nick says that he's an objector and that her dad had banned the ritual when he had been high priest. She asks why it was brought back and he says that Faustus Blackwood reinstated as he wanted to return to the old traditions. Nick asks if she's a tribute but Sabrina tells him that her Aunt Zelda has volunteered. Sabrina wonders if Zelda would think differently about the ritual if Sabrina was a tribute.


Sabrina at the Feast of Feasts selection ceremony

At the selection ceremony, Sabrina interrupts before Zelda can grab a piece of paper from the box. She tells the coven that she will be representing her family instead unless Zelda wants to admit that this whole thing is barbaric like her brother declared. Zelda relents and lets Sabrina choose. Sabrina chooses the paper and burns it but Prudence ends up being chosen as Queen.


Sabrina is Prudence’s handmaiden

Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda is angry with Sabrina because she came close to becoming Queen. Sabrina tells her that she didn't think Zelda would let her go through with the drawing. Hilda is just happy that she was spared but Zelda tells them that Sabrina was chosen as a handmaiden. This means she has to do whatever Prudence wants for three days. As if on queue, Prudence arrives with a duffle bag. Ambrose is clearly smitten with her. Prudence asks Sabrina for a milk bath and some macaroons. Sabrina is forced to wash Prudence as she lays in the bathtub. Sabrina tries to convince Prudence to escape but Prudence is honored to be their sacrifice. She’s about to be transubstantiated, meaning she will forever be a part of every witch in the Church of Night after her body is consumed. In addition, her spirit will reside in the Dark Lord’s heart, along the other queens, basking in the glow of his glorious fire until the trumpets of the apocalypse are sounded. A baffled Sabrina asks what if there is nothing after death and Prudence says she feels sorry for her because she doesn't have any faith. After the bath, Prudence goes and takes Sabrina's bed as her own. Sabrina sleeps on the floor.


Sabrina tries to change Prudence’s mind

That night Sabrina gets woken up by a noise. She heads up to Ambrose's room and finds Prudence, Ambrose, Luke, Dorcas, Agatha, and Nick having sex. Nick invites Sabrina to join them but Sabrina rejects the offer and leaves. In the morning, Prudence is sitting on the porch when Sabrina walks out. Sabrina tries one more time to convince her but Prudence is sticking to her answer. Sabrina goes to leave but Prudence asks where she's going and Sabrina says to Baxter High. She invites Prudence to come along with her and Prudence accepts after Sabrina tells her there will be boys she can torment.


Sabrina takes Prudence to Baxter High

Sabrina introduces Prudence to her friends claiming that she is her cousin who is visiting for Thanksgiving. Susie tells them more about Dorothea and that she helped a group of women escaping religious persecution in Scotland, and Prudence says that they learned about her at the Academy and that Dorothea was a true ally to those women a hero to the marrow. They ask Harvey what he found out and he tells them about the land grab. Prudence begins to attack him verbally because he's a descendant of the Von Kunkles who stole that land from the witches who founded the Church of Night. Sabrina quickly grabs Prudence and drags her out of the library. Prudence asks Sabrina how she could think that she would find the meaning of life at her school as her friends don't even know that she's a witch. She is also upset that Sabrina’s beau is a witch hunter. Sabrina tells her that Harvey isn’t a witch hunter but Prudence replies that she and her sisters have a very simple philosophy when it comes to witch hunters: kill them before they have the chance to kill us. Sabrina tells Prudence that if she lays a finger on Harvey, she will tear her to pieces, Prudence says that Sabrina should save it for Feast day. Sabrina says that Prudence is deluded, Ms. Wardwell interrupts their fight and says that they shouldn’t be catty bitches she then asks Sabrina to introduce her to Prudence. She takes the two of them to her office.


Sabrina and Mary convince Prudence to visit a Feast of Feast ex-Queen

In Ms. Wardwell's office Sabrina says that she knows that the Feast is witch tradition, but wants Miss Wardwell to talk some sense into Prudence, and tell her that the Feast has no purpose not if the cost is precious life. Prudence says that the reward is eternal glory in the Dark Lords Heart, she than asks who Miss Wardwell is and why are they talking to her about their witch traditions, Sabrina tells Prudence that Miss Wardwell is a witch who got excommunicated from another coven. Prudence is surprised that Sabrina expects her to take advice from an excommunicate Sabrina says that Prudence shouldn’t be a snob and that Miss Wardwell is incredibly learned, Miss Wardwell tells Sabrina about the research that she did and that even though Prudence doesn’t want to take advice from an excommunicate. There is someone she should meet a witch who rejected the crown of being Queen. That she lives deep in the Greendale woods in Moon Valley. Prudence says that she'll go with them to meet her if she can bring the other Weird Sisters.


Sabrina, Madame Satan and the Weird Sisters in Greendale Woods

In the woods, Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell, and the Weird Sisters arrive at the witch’s home. Her name is Desmelda. Sabrina asks why she ran from the Dark Lord. Desmelda tells her that she ran from her High Priest and that she was younger than she was when she participated in the Feast of Feasts. She fled into the woods because her High Priest tried to rape her the night before the Feast. Prudence asks what this has to do with her. Sabrina tells her that it isn't the Dark Lord asking her to do this but Father Blackwood. That he is only human and that he can have faults and be wrong about this. Prudence tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood doesn't have an agenda and that he is like a father to her. Sabrina says that's what makes it so insidious. Prudence tells her that she wants to be Queen and asks why Sabrina can't accept that.


Sabrina and her entourage are invisible to Harvey’s family

Suddenly, they hear a gunshot and Desmelda tells them to leave. They find a dead deer which was also a familiar. They make a circle around the deer and use string to make a pentagram over it. They become invisible just as Harvey and his family arrive at the site. Seeing that there isn't a dead deer they continue to keep looking. Prudence, upset by the kill, declares "Once a hunter, always a hunter." Sabrina tells her Harvey's not a hunter but Ms. Wardwell notes he certainly looks the part. Prusence agrees by stating his whole family are witch hunters. Agatha and Dorces want to kill him for murdering the familiar. Prudence agrees by telling Sabrina that instead of letting Sabrina drag her all over the world she'll spend her last moments flaying Harvey alive. Sabrina tells her not to and that Harvey isn't a killer. Prudence asks why her faith in Harvey is so different than Prudence's faith in the Dark Lord.

Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary and finds Harvey waiting for her. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her about how he had the chance to shoot the deer. Harvey says that he didn't do it his grandpa did and that he should've stopped him. Sabrina hugs him. Harvey tells her that he doesn't fit in with his family. Sabrina agrees with him and hugs him tighter. As she does, she whispers a spell.


Sabrina helps Zelda with Lady Blackwood

Sabrina goes inside and Zelda pops her head out of a small door. She tells Sabrina to come help her because she has Lady Blackwood downstairs. Lady Blackwood is having a panic attack and fears that she's going to lose her babies. Zelda asks if she's done any spellcasting lately and Lady Blackwood says that she has but that she had to. She looks at Sabrina and says that She knows what she means. Sabrina doesn't but says yes anyway. Sabrina asks who is plotting against her and Lady Blackwood says it's the Weird Sisters. Zelda asks why and Lady Blackwood says because they would've hurt her children. So, she hurt them first. Kill one and the others are of no consequence. Sabrina is curious why Lady Blackwood would think that. Zelda says that maybe Father Blackwood has other children. He wouldn't be the first high priest with bastard children. Sabrina asks how that would harm the twins. Zelda explains that then they all would have the opportunity to take over the throne as high priest.


Sabrina warns Prudence

Sabrina goes to the Academy to warn Prudence that it wasn't Father Blackwood who was out to get her but Lady Blackwood. Sabrina asks if it's possible that she really is Father Blackwood's child. Because if she were then Lady Blackwood would see her as a threat. Prudence tells her to stop but Sabrina keeps going on about how Lady Blackwood had to hurt her first. Prudence asks if she has any proof and Sabrina says no but that Lady Blackwood was the one who had been holding the box at the selection ceremony. Prudence asks what they would do if she entertained the idea. Sabrina tells her that every Queen deserves a one last feast.


The Spellmans host a dinner

Sabrina welcomes Father Blackwood and Lady Blackwood into the house. They sit down with the Weird sisters, Zelda, and Sabrina to have dinner. Hilda is in the kitchen making dessert. Sabrina brings out dessert in which Hilda has added a truth potion. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her--except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children. Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls.


Sabrina at the Feast of Feasts

They attend the Feast of Feasts ceremony where Prudence sits upon the throne of skulls. Father Blackwood walks in and begins to tell the coven that there will not be a Feast of Feasts but another witch named Mildred steps up, slits her throat and falls before the altar. The coven look to Father Blackwood for permission and after a moment of suspense, he gives it to them, much to Sabrina's horror. The witches begin to attack the body and tear it apart as they eat.

Zelda and Sabrina arrive home. Sabrina asks Zelda if she had been picked would she have let them do to her what they just witnessed. Zelda says never as she walks up the stairs.[9]

The following day, Sabrina is watching a movie when Ambrose walks in. He asks her what her plans are for the evening. Sabrina tells him that after Harvey's shift in the mines they're going to go watch a movie. Ambrose tells Sabrina that Luke has a connection with the high priest and that he's going to speak to him on his behalf. Zelda comes storming in looking for Hilda but Sabrina reminds her that she's working at Dr. Cerebus bookstore. The phone rings and Zelda gets a call telling her that there has been an accident in the mines. Sabrina quickly gets up and heads to the mines.


Sabrina is relieved to see Harvey alive

She arrives at the mines and frantically looks for Harvey. She finds him and hugs him because he got out in time. He tells her that Tommy is still in there and that he has to go back in to get him. Sabrina tries to stop him. He tells her that he's going to go find his Dad and walks away. Roz and Susie show up at the accident site to help. They set up a buffet and serve the workers. Harvey emerges from the mines and tells Sabrina that the hole to get to Tommy is too small and that he can't fit through it. Sabrina tells him to not go back in there because he's bleeding. Susie overhears their conversation. Sabrina takes Harvey to his truck and looks at his hand. She says he needs stitches and goes to get a doctor. While there she learns that someone slipped into the mines. Roz comes running up because she can't find Susie.


Susie emerges from the mines with Tommy’s helmet

They push through the crowd and find Susie all dirty from having been in the mines. In her hand she holds Tommy's helmet. Mr. Kinkle takes it from her and Harvey says that they have to keep searching. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they will but not today. He sends everyone home except the workers and rescue workers. Harvey says that what if they're too late and Mr. Kinkle tells him that they're doing the best that they can. Sabrina walks over and gives Harvey a hug as they stand before the entrance of the mines. Harvey tells Sabrina how Tommy saved him. During the mine collapse, Tommy had told Harvey to run so he ran away. He wonders why he was the only one to make it out of there. Sabrina thinks back to the day when she put a protection spell around him. He realizes that she's cold so he pulls her closer and the two of them lay down. He asks if she'll stay with him and she snuggles close as she says that she'll stay all night long.


Sabrina receives terrible news

The next morning, Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary at the same time Hilda does. Zelda tells them both to come inside. They sit at the kitchen table as Ambrose tells them that he astral projected into the mines and found no survivors. Sabrina wants to tell Harvey but Zelda says that they can't interfere or else bad things will happen. Zelda explains that the laws of Churches of Darkness states that the natural order must be preserved and that they can't reveal themselves to mortals. As such, they must be like Cassandra. Ambrose asks if she was close to Tommy but Sabrina says that she only met him a few times. She starts to cry because she knows that Harvey is going to be devastated.


Hilda warns Sabrina about reviving Tommy

Harvey enters Sabrina's house and rants that Mr. Kinkle is coming to the mortuary tomorrow to plan Tommy's funeral just to get a check from the insurance. As such, the funeral happens the next day. In her bedroom, Sabrina asks Hilda what happens to them when they die. Hilda tells her that she doesn't know. Sabrina asks if it hurts when Hilda dies. Hilda says it depends on Zelda's weapon of choice. Sabrina then asks how she comes back to life. Hilda tells her that it's all about the soil and that their soil was rumoured to have been taken from Cain's garden. It contains all the mysteries of life and death. Hilda knows why Sabrina is asking these questions but she tells her that they can never, ever bring back mortals. Sabrina says that she isn't going to do anything and besides they don't have Tommy's body.


Sabrina and Harvey at Tommy’s funeral

Ms. Wardwell arrives at the funeral. Sabrina tells her about the protection spell that she put on Harvey. She had placed it after the Kinkles had killed the familiar because she suspected that the Weird Sisters might retaliate. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if she thinks that they did this. Ms. Wardwell says that people always want someone to blame but this was a natural occurring accident. Roz sings at the funeral before Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.


Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell discuss Tommy’s resurrection

Outside, Harvey tells Sabrina that he can't live with his Dad and voices his belief that he killed his brother. He shows her an acceptance letter to Notre Dame that Tommy got three years ago. He could've left but he stayed for Harvey. Harvey thinks that he killed his brother and Mr. Kinkle arrives just in time to agree with him. Mr. Kinkle tells Harvey that he wishes he'd died in the mines instead. Harvey wishes that too. Angry that he was embarrassed in front of the guys, Mr. Kinkle goes to hit Harvey but Zelda stops him. She tells them to leave since the rest of their guests are. Sabrina tries to follow Harvey but he tells her that he wants to be alone. Sabrina goes to Cerebus Book's with Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell her idea to resurrect Tommy. Ms. Wardwell tries to dissuade her from doing it but reveals she has an incantation in a book about the dead at Baxter High. She also tells her that if she brings back Tommy, someone has to take his place. Sabrina isn't a killer and wouldn't be able to do that part.


Sabrina summons Prudence

Sabrina calls Harvey but Harvey ignores her phone call. At school, Roz tells Sabrina that she had a vision when she picked up Tommy's hard hat. She saw two creepy girls in lace collared dresses using rocks to crush dolls. Sabrina asks Roz to give her details about the two girls. Later, Sabrina summons Prudence in the woods. Prudence asks what she wants and Sabrina says revenge. She explains what Dorcas and Agatha did. Prudence again asks what she wants. Sabrina says that Prudence owes her since she saved her from Constance Blackwood. She wants her help because she has a plan to bring Tommy back.


Sabrina and Prudence confront Agatha and Dorcas

Sabrina and Prudence go to the Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina confronts Agatha and Dorcas. Prudence reprimands them for acting without her permission. Sabrina says that one of them is going to die so that Tommy can live. The sisters tell Sabrina that she doesn't have the guts to kill them. Prudence says that she does. She asks who the mastermind was and Dorcas quickly sells out Agatha. Sabrina tells Prudence to bring them both to the woods. Nick asks if he can come along and watch. He asks what time and Sabrina tells him midnight in the clearing in the woods near the creek bed. Nick points out that she needs a book of the dead. Sabrina says that she'll get one. Sabrina sneaks into Baxter High at night and goes into Ms. Wardwell's office. Sabrina finds the book and leaves unaware that Ms. Wardwell had been watching her the entire time.


Sabrina and her entourage perform the resurrection spell

Sabrina and her entourage arrive at the clearing. They draw a pentagram and stand around it as they recite the spell. They get to the stage where they must sacrifice Agatha. Prudence asks if she's sure and Sabrina says she has to be. She pulls the knife back and slits Agatha's throat. Now they must wait thirteen minutes for Agatha's soul to leave her body. After that, they take her to the Spellman graveyard and bury her. Ambrose comes out of the house and yells for Sabrina. He reprimands her for using this type of magic. Sabrina is stubborn and says that what's the point of being a witch if she can't help the ones she loves. Ambrose tells her that she crossed a line this time. Suddenly, Agatha's hand shoots up through the dirt just as Sabrina planned. Sabrina says as much but Ambrose tells her that those are infamous last words as he walks away.

Sabrina is in the library with Roz creating WICCA posters. They discuss hosting a fundraising for miners and their families. Roz then tells Sabrina about how her grandma Ruth had visions after she went blind. How their blindness is a curse from a witch.


Sabrina returns to the mines

At school, Harvey tells Sabrina that everyone is treating him differently. Sabrina tells him not to give up hope because a miracle could happen. Sabrina goes to the ritual site but doesn't find anything. She returns homes where she finds Ambrose sitting on the porch and whistling. He asks about Tommy and she tells him that it's been over 13 hours and nothing has happened. Ambrose tells her that the soul returns to the body and gets upset that Sabrina doesn't know even the basics. Sabrina realizes that Tommy is in the mines. Sabrina returns to the mines and finds that the boards that have been placed over the entrance have been broken.[10]


Sabrina visits Harvey

Sabrina arrives at Harvey’s house with the excuse of just wanting to check on him. Harvey is ecstatic because Tommy has returned. Sabrina is happy for him although she worries after she hears that Tommy hasn't eaten anything. Sabrina wants to see Tommy but Harvey won't let her see him tonight. He gives her another hug as he happily exclaims that his brother is back.

Sabrina confides in Ambrose and tells him that the spell worked. Ambrose still thinks that they should tell the Aunties about what Sabrina did. Sabrina isn't worried about them because by the time they do find out they won't be able to undo anything.


Sabrina hears Agatha is feeling unwell

Sabrina is in the middle of getting ready for bed when Nick appears. He's astral projecting into her room because he wants to tell her about Agatha. Sabrina believes that it has nothing to do with her. Nick asks after Tommy. Sabrina lies and tells him that he is doing just fine. Nick tells her she's a terrible liar and voices how she must really love Harvey. Sabrina tells him she does to which Nick tells her he hopes he was grateful she brought his brother back for him which makes Sabrina tense. Nick realizes Harvey doesn't know that Sabrina is a witch and tells him that it will be a dangerous thing if her resurrection is proven to be botched. Trying to get him to leave, Sabrina tells him that in a couple of days Agatha will be fine. Nick hopes so and says he'll keep her posted about Agatha's condition. Worried about Harvey, Sabrina sends Salem to keep watch over the family.

As they sit for breakfast the next morning, Hilda receives a call at the Mortuary telling her that the bodies of the miners have been found. Sabrina and Ambrose share a look. Zelda asks Sabrina how Harvey is. Sabrina says that Harvey is doing fine. Zelda says that she'll be here to accept the bodies and Ambrose says that he'll handle them after he returns from the Academy. Zelda informs them that she'll be at the Academy later too. Zelda tells them that good things are coming. That she can feel it in her bones. Ambrose just gives Sabrina another look.


Sabrina lies to Ms. Wardwell

At Baxter High, Sabrina tries to sneak into Mary Wardwell’s office to return the book she borrowed. Ms. Wardwell catches her and asks her if she felt the ill wind that blew through Greendale last night. Sabrina says no that she mostly stayed in last night. Ms. Wardwell tells her that if she wanted to borrow the Book of the Dead that she can just ask. Sabrina lies and tells her that she actually wanted to borrow the occult's almanack. Roz tells Sabrina that Tommy being back may not be a good thing. She goes on to describe a dream she had about some dogs tearing Tommy's body apart. Sabrina pulls Roz aside and asks her to help her find out if something is wrong with Tommy. Roz nods her head in agreement.

Roz and Sabrina arrive at Harvey's house. Sabrina keeps Harvey busy while Roz touches Tommy. In her vision, Roz sees Tommy lost in the woods but when Sabrina touches her shoulder she also sees Sabrina's ghoulish face with a noose around her neck. She tells Sabrina about her vision but lies about not seeing Sabrina's witch form. Mr. Kinkle arrives home and the two of them leave.


Hilda confronts Sabrina about Tommy’s resurrection

Sabrina is up in Ambrose's room looking through his books. She finds what's wrong with him and starts to tell Ambrose but when she turns around it isn't Ambrose standing there but Hilda. Hilda is disappointed in her because she did the one thing that she asked her not to do. Sabrina asks her if she'll help her find Tommy's soul to put back in his body. Hilda tells her that there are two limbos and that it's impossible for witches to cross over into mortal limbo. Sabrina says she can cross over as she's half-mortal. Hilda says that it's too late as Agatha is getting sicker and sicker because the Grim Reaper is expecting a body and her suffering won't end until the balance is restored. Ambrose interrupts their conversation and tells them that they need to see something in the embalming room. Ambrose shows them the bite marks on the cadaver. He tells them that this is why Tommy isn't eating because he isn't hungry...yet.

Sabrina arrives at the Kinkle resident and watches as Mr. Kinkle runs out of the house. He warns her not to go in there. Sabrina goes inside and gives Harvey something for Tommy to drink. Sabrina and Harvey sit outside. Harvey finally admits that something's wrong with Tommy. He keeps wondering how Tommy survived. Sabrina tells him that they'll get through this. However, she does make him promise that if Tommy tries to attack him that he'll run.


Sabrina is scolded by Zelda and Hilda

Sabrina returns home to find all the Spellmans waiting for her. Zelda is pissed at what Sabrina did. She also asks how Sabrina how she knew what spell to use as Ambrose told her that he didn't give it to her. Sabrina admits she took a Book of the Dead from Ms. Wardwell's office to which Zelda retorts "Oh so you're a thief as well as a murderer!" She tells Sabrina that she's going to fix this but Sabrina is still adamant about crossing over into limbo and getting Tommy's soul. Zelda tells her no and Sabrina says that she isn't her mother. An angered Hilda steps in but Zelda says that it's fine. Sabrina is a grown-up witch and she must learn that everything has a price. Zelda tells her to not come crying to her when everything blows up in her face. Zelda and Hilda walk away. Ambrose tells her that no one will help her but Sabrina says that there is one person that will.


Sabrina in limbo

Sabrina goes to see Ms. Wardwell. She explains everything that she did. Ms. Wardwell asks if she's sure that she wants to go to limbo when there is a soul-eating monster waiting over there. Sabrina says that Harvey would do it for her in a heartbeat. Ms. Wardwell tells her that they must go into the wood where there a portal to limbo. Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell arrive at the door to limbo. Ms. Wardwell wraps string around Sabrina's wrist in order to keep track of her. Sabrina steps through the portal. While in limbo, Sabrina meets her mother. Diana tells Sabrina to run and to not let the soul eater get her. Sabrina runs and bumps into Tommy. She grabs his hand and they run together. She calls out for Ms. Wardwell and tugs on the string but it breaks. Sabrina quickly casts a spell and the portal opens. She and Tommy run through it. Sabrina makes it to the other side but the soul eater grabs Tommy before he can make it. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that there is one other path she can follow: She can tell Harvey the truth. Sabrina walks off to go tell him. Ms. Wardwell praises Satan that, finally, Sabrina's strongest tie to the mortal world will be severed.


Sabrina confesses to Harvey

Sabrina sits with Harvey as she tells him that she's a witch. She even reveals to him that he comes from a family of witch hunters. She tells him about Tommy and how that isn't his brother. Harvey asks why she did this and she says because she wanted to fix this for him. She tells him that she needs to put Tommy back where he belongs. Harvey asks if it'll hurt him and Sabrina says she doesn't think so. Harvey says that he'll do it but that he needs her to leave. She asks why and he says because she's done enough. Sabrina leaves and Harvey goes to grab one of his guns. As Sabrina walks away from the house she hears the gunshot.

Sabrina arrives home and finds Zelda waiting for her on the porch. Sabrina collapses on the stairs and begins to cry. Zelda comes down and hugs her. They sit there for a while as Sabrina cries.[11]


Sabrina hugs Roz and Susie

At the Spellman Mortuary, Sabrina refuses to go to school because she's worried that she'll see Harvey. Zelda gives her a balm that Hilda made to ease her pain. Sabrina asks Zelda what she's supposed to do. Zelda tells her to go about her normal routine and that tomorrow she'll do it again and again until it hurts a little less. Sabrina goes to school but spots Harvey so she heads to the ladies room. There she runs into Roz and Susie. They ask her what's wrong because they tried calling her all weekend. She tells them she wasn't feeling well. Susie comes right out and asks if she's a witch. Sabrina denies it but Roz tells her that the Cunning showed her a vision. Sabrina finally admits to being a witch and breaks down. She tells them everything about the Academy of Unseen Arts and Tommy. They hug her and she apologizes for lying to them.


Sabrina talks to Nick about Harvey

At the Academy, Sabrina talks to Nick. He asks her how things are going with Harvey and she tells him that he's devastated. Nick can't believe she really loves Harvey. He says witches are bad at love because Satan wants them to love him alone. Suddenly, the statue of the Dark Lord that they're standing in front of starts to bleed.

Sabrina talks to Harvey in the library. She finds out that Harvey lied and said that Tommy shot himself to put himself out of his misery. Sabrina tells him that she's been thinking about him nonstop. She tells him that he must hate her. Harvey says that he could never hate her but that every time he looks at her he thinks of Tommy. Suddenly, Hilda appears and tells Sabrina that they have to go to the Church of Night straight away. Harvey tells her to go and Sabrina does but she tells him that she hopes they can talk some more before she leaves.


Father Blackwood summons his coven to an important meeting

At the Church of Night, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.


The Spellmans prepare to save the town

Sabrina asks Zelda and Hilda why the Greendale Thirteen would be angry at them. Zelda tells her that it's because the coven had decided to sacrifice them in order to appease the humans and their bloodlust. Sabrina says that she isn't going to go to the Academy. Zelda agrees that they should all stay and protect the town. Ambrose asks how they're going to protect everyone. Zelda says that they should gather them all in one place. Hilda tells them that Dr. Cerebrus told her that the town is to gather at Baxter High during severe weather or tornados. Sabrina says that all they need now is a tornado. The four of them gather around a table and summon the different winds to them. It works and the warning sirens can be heard going off. Zelda prays that the mortals will heed the warning.

Most of the mortals of Greendale gathered at Baxter High. All the coven goes to seek shelter at the Academy. All except the Spellmans. Sabrina can't find Harvey at the school and Susie can't find Roz. They both go to find their friends. Sabrina goes to Harvey's but Harvey tells her that he isn't leaving his Dad or the house. That he doesn't want to rely on the protection of witches. Sabrina arrives back at the school and the aunts ask her where she's been. She tells them that she had to stop and call in a favour. Nick arrives at Harvey's and tells him that he's Sabrina's friend and that he's going to help protect him tonight. Harvey asks the warlock what kind of friend he is exactly.


The Spellmans chant protection spells

The witching hour comes upon them and the Greendale Thirteen attack. The witches all begin to chant protection spells. Sabrina asks if the spell is working and Zelda confirms it before she disappears. Sabrina asks if they're going to be okay and Hilda says yes just as no one else disappears. Just then Ambrose is pulled away.


Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen

Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that they aren't going to hold out much longer but that she has a plan. Sabrina rushes off with her leaving Hilda alone with Salem to hold down the fort. Ms. Wardwell takes Sabrina back to where her Dark Baptism almost took place. She tells Sabrina that she must sign because it's the only way she'll be strong enough to save everyone. She tells Sabrina that it's the only way she'll be able to save her family and friends. Sabrina finally relents and says that she'll sign. Ms. Wardwell disappears and the Dark Lord appears behind Sabrina. He slashes her palm and squeezes one drop of blood onto the book below. Sabrina thinks back on everything that's happened as she signs her name in the Book of the Beast. Sabrina has Dark Baptized herself and becomes a full-fledged witch. Ms. Wardwell reappears and Sabrina asks her what she does now. Ms. Wardwell tells her that the Dark Lord already showed her what to do. Sabrina thinks back to the vision she saw of the hanging witches and how the tree they hung from was on fire. Ms. Wardwell and Sabrina go to the tree. Sabrina summons the Greendale Thirteen to her. Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen with Hellfire from the Pit. As she does, her hair goes from blonde to white. Because the witches who summoned him had gone the Crimson Rider too disappeared.

After dealing with the Greendale Thirteen and saving the town, Sabrina goes to visit Harvey in his bedroom. She apologizes again. He tells her that what if they start over with no secrets between them but Sabrina says that she doesn't know if it’s safe for him or Roz or Susie. Harvey asks for one last kiss. Sabrina stands up and kisses him before she disappears.

At the Academy, Sabrina struts into the school dressed like the Weird Sisters. Nick sees her and she winks at him.[12]


A Young Sabrina and Susie take a photo with Santa

It's a week before Christmas. A younger Sabrina Spellman and Susie Putnam are lining up at the local mall in Greendale to pose for photos with the mall Santa Mr. Bartel. Mr Putnam chats with Hilda Spellman about the disappearance of local children. Mr Bartel poses for photos with Theo and Sabrina. Theo wishes for a truck while Sabrina wishes that she could see her mother.


The Spellmans say the Solstice blessing

Years later, Sabrina is helping her aunts to set up their Yule tree. Aunt Zelda Spellman has gotten baby Leticia several presents. Ambrose Spellman points out that Zelda technically kidnapped Father Faustus Blackwood's daughter. Zelda responds that their official cover story is that Leticia is a relative from the "old country" whom they are raising. Sabrina tells her aunts that she wishes she could have celebrated one Solstice with her parents. Hilda tries to cheer up Sabrina with the prospect of food and gifts while Ambrose says that he will like to read A Christmas Carol. Zelda lights the Yule log, saying that they must keep it continually burning in order to ward off malevolent elements on the shortest day of the year. Zelda leads the family in saying the Solstice blessing.


Sabrina confides in Amrbose

Ambrose asks Sabrina about her moodiness. Sabrina says she has kept away from her friends since signing the Book of the Beast to give them some space. Ambrose thinks that she should spend more time with them to reassure them that she is still their friend. Sabrina says that she wishes that she could chat with her mother for advice. She wants to ask her mother how she reacted when her father revealed that he was a warlock. Sabrina confides that she saw her mother in the Limbo. Ambrose thinks that Diane must have some unfinished business keeping her in that realm. Sabrina proposes having a séance with her mother since Solstice is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is weakest. Ambrose is uncomfortable with the idea because they are burning a Yule log to keep malevolent influences out. Sabrina responds that her mother is not evil.


Sabrina seeks her friends' assistance with the séance

Sabrina visits Ms. Wardwell and tells her that she saw her mother there. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if she could borrow her Book of the Dead so that she can conduct a séance. Ms. Wardwell consents but warns Sabrina to be careful. Then, Sabrina visits Rosalind Walker and Susie Putnam to enlist their help in the séance. Her mortal friends feel uncomfortable and have other commitments. Roz is having her cousins over while Susie is working full-time until Christmas Eve as the mall elf Jingles. Susie describes Mr. Bartel, who is playing Santa, as the Grinch. Sabrina sees Harvey Kinkle standing by a bookshelf.

In private, Sabrina tells Harvey that she wanted to give him some space since their breakup. Sabrina asks Harvey if he is still troubled by the death of his brother Tommy Kinkle. Harvey says things are improving but that his dad has taken to drinking alcohol. Sabrina gifts Harvey some enchanted coloring pencils that her Aunt Hilda got from England. Harvey thanks her and says he will see her after the break.

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina meets up with the Weird Sisters Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha and seeks their help with a séance. She learns that they are free that night and that Nicholas Scratch has gone on a holiday to the Unholy Lands. The Weird Sisters agree to help and Sabrina promises to leave her window unlocked.


Diana appears at the séance

Back at the Spellman's house, Sabrina brings her mother's white dress for the séance with the Weird Sisters. Agatha summons Diana Spellman's spirit. Sabrina asks the spirit about the circumstances of her death. The spirit says 2321 and Sabrina recalls that was the flight number of the crashed plane that her parents died in. Sabrina wishes she could see her mother again. Diana's spirit channels herself into the dress. Sabrina is delighted to see her mother, who says thank you. Sabrina asks her mother why she is Limbo. Diana warns that Sabrina is not safe. Agatha senses an interference as several spirits enter the Spellman house through the fireplace. The spirits topple the Christmas tree. Zelda relights the Yule Log while Zelda discovers Sabrina and the Weird Sisters conducting a séance. Diana disappears. Zelda is furious with Sabrina and orders the Weird Sisters to leave.


Sabrina is scolded by Zelda

Sabrina denies quenching the log during the séance. Zelda is furious that Sabrina chose to conduct her séance on the eve of the Solstice. Sabrina tells them that she encountered her mother trapped in Limbo. Zelda says she and Hilda would have helped her if she had told them so. Zelda says that she would have done anything for her brother’s wife. Ambrose says that he has checked every corner of the house and thinks that whatever entered the house may have left when Zelda relit the Yule log. Zelda thinks whatever entities entered the house may have been hidden. Zelda allows Hilda to share the room but warns her not to snore due to the presence of Leticia.

In private, Ambrose asks Sabrina what she found out. Sabrina says she didn't get the chance to find out what her mother was doing in Limbo. Ambrose is sympathetic to Sabrina, who says she will try again after the Winter Solstice.

The following day, on December 21, Aunt Zelda plays with Leticia. Sabrina enters the kitchen and apologizes but Zelda makes a Shakespearean quote likening an ungrateful child to a serpent's tooth. Sabrina counters that Zelda kidnapped babies and that she only wanted to contact her mother. Sabrina denies putting out the fire. Zelda accepts Sabrina’s apology and says that they can contact her mother after the New Year.

Sabrina asks Hilda what she did wrong. Hilda reassures Sabrina that she did nothing wrong and that Zelda regretted her hostility towards Diane when she was still alive. Hilda says that Zelda is overprotective of Sabrina because she has something to prove. Sabrina tells Hilda about a special eggnog she made for Harvey’s dad to cure his alcoholism. Hilda asks Sabrina where she found her secret recipe.


Sabrina visits the Kinkles and delivers a gift

Later, Sabrina visits Harvey and his father with Hilda’s special eggnog. Sabrina lies that there is rum in the eggnog. When Harvey asks about the gift, Sabrina claims that she and her aunts made a lot and that these are extras. Meanwhile, Mr Putnam finds that Susie has not returned home. He calls Roz, who learns that she didn’t come home last night. Elsewhere, Susie awakes in Mr Bartel's lair and finds herself chained to a table. She screams in terror.


The Spellmans find out Yule Lads have invaded their home

Sabrina returns home and asks what’s going on. In the living room, the Spellmans discuss the Yule Lads home invasion. The Yule Lads won't leave until their mother Gryla tells them to. Zelda explains that Gryla was a witch who made a pact with another witch from her coven during a famine. They would eat their own children to survive. They cooked and devoured Gryla's son first but the other witch broke her pact. Devastated, Gryla spent the next millennium finding children to add to her family, taking an interest in orphans. Zelda says that they have to summon Gryla to make an offering.

Zelda tells Ambrose that he has to leave during Gryla's visit because she hates men due to her abandonment by her husband. Ambrose says that he has been invited for a Solstice party with Luke Chalfant. Zelda says they have to hide baby Leticia. Sabrina offers to look after Leticia in the mortuary. Later that evening, Gryla visits them. Sabrina is downstairs with Leticia. As Gryla’s about to leave with her “children”, their movement awakes baby Leticia. Gryla claims that she has a greater right to the baby since Leticia does not belong to Zelda. Zelda protests that she is a midwife but Gryla counters that a midwife is not her child. The Yule Lads bring Sabrina and Leticia to them. However, the ghost of Diane Spellman appears and tells Gryla to leave the baby alone.


Gryla and Zelda have a contest to keep Leticia

Diana says she will decide who owns the babe. She explains that Sabrina summoned her here with the help of the angel Lucia and the demon Lucy. Possessing their authority, Diana sets up a contest where the winner is the one who is able to pull the baby out of a circle of salt. Gryla and a reluctant Zelda accept Diana’s terms. Zelda and Gryla hold the baby’s arms. Unwilling to hurt Leticia, Zelda concedes and says she won't tear the baby to pieces. Diane grants Leticia to Gryla, who offers to give her a home. Gryla leaves with Leticia and the Yule Lads. Hilda asks Sabrina and Diana how they could do that. Sabrina reveals that they did not give Leticia to Gryla but that they used a Changeling trick to disguise Ambrose's teddy bear as Leticia. Sabrina says that her mother appeared after Leticia cried out and taught her the spell to make the switch. Zelda thanks Diana, who disappears.


Roz reports that Susie's gone missing

Shortly later, Roz visits the Spellmans and tells them that Susie has been missing since last night. Susie’s father Mr Putnam has spoken to the police. Roz also confides with Sabrina that she experienced one of her Cunning visions while visiting the Knight of St Bernard mall where Susie was working. She thinks that Mr. Bartel is a demon and has been taking children and dipping them in wax. Hilda points out that Bartel is the name of a Yule demon. Zelda is able to track down Mr. Bartel’s address using the Greendale White Pages. Zelda warns that they will need help from Gryla. Sabrina points out that Gryla will be mad but Zelda reassures her that Gryla would side with them if they lead her to the lair of a demon who preys on children. Rosalind agrees to babysit Leticia while Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda leave to confront Mr. Bartel and rescue Susie.

Susie finds Sabrina, Zelda, and Hilda outside. Sabrina embraces Susie. To avoid startling Mr Putnam, Hilda has baked some enchanted shortbread cookies that will convince Mr Putnam that the past twelve hours were a dream. The Spellmans leave with Susie.

Returning to the Spellman home, Sabrina finds that Ambrose is feeding Leticia with milk. He explains that he teleported Roz home before her parents began to worry. Due to the recent events, Zelda reveals that she has decided to take Leticia to Dezmelda after the winter holidays. She says that Ambrose is right that they can’t keep Leticia from Father Blackwood forever. Zelda fears that Gryla might return next week. Hilda asks about returning Leticia to her father. Zelda rules that out and responds that Dezmelda will teach Leticia the “old ways” as is her birthright.


Diana tells Sabrina why she still hasn't found peace

Later, Sabrina asks her mother what “unfinished business” does she have. Diana replies that she was afraid that her daughter wasn’t going to be loved and protected as she would have loved and protected her. Diana is pleased that Sabrina has mothers and a family that adores her. Sabrina tells Diana about her friend Harvey Kinkle and says she doesn’t know what to do with him. Diana replies that when Edward told her he was a warlock he followed him down the path of the Church of Night. However, Diana says that she would not recommend it to anyone else. Sabrina says she thinks that she will understand. Diana wants to hold her daughter but the Yule log goes out.


Harvey doesn't want Sabrina to help with magic

Harvey tells Sabrina that his dad has given up drinking ever since he has eaten Sabrina’s eggnogs. Harvey is grateful to Sabrina but warns her not to use magic on him or his family again. Harvey understands that Sabrina had good intentions but is still bitter over the loss of his brother Tommy Kinkle. Harvey returns her coloring pencils and says that he hopes that Sabrina will understand. Sabrina is sad, but she understands. Harvey wishes Sabrina Merry Christmas and she wishes him a Happy Solstice.

Sabrina returns to the living room to join her aunts, Ambrose, and Luke. They drink a toast to Satan while Ambrose reads a passage A Christmas Carol.[13]

Part 2

A Year of New Beginnings

Sabrina has a nightmare; wandering through the woods, she watches as her father Edward Spellman presents her as an infant to the Dark Lord. She then encounters three demons each holding a box in front of her. When Sabrina awakes, she magically tries on various clothes against the mirror while Salem watches. Her aunts Zelda and Hilda and cousin Ambrose Spellman comment about her choice of clothes and loud music. Sabrina tells her aunts about her plans to spend more of her time at the Academy of Unseen Arts, having obtained indefinite leave from Baxter High's new Principal Mary Wardwell. Zelda plans to take up a teaching position at the Academy.


Nick and Sabrina compete to be Top Boy

Sabrina chats with Nicholas in the hall, who tells her about an academy tradition that Sabrina hopes doesn’t involve eating children. Father Blackwood informs the student body of an election for Top Boy, tasked with serving as a liaison between students and faculty. Sabrina, Nick, Ambrose, Luke, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are in attendance. Nick is nominated. Sabrina offers to contest the election on the grounds that she had signed the Book of the Beast. She calls for all students regardless of their gender to have a voice. Nick nominates Sabrina and is seconded by Prudence. As part of the Top Boy selection, Father Blackwood announces that the candidates have to take part in three challenges at the Desecrated Church: the Inquisition, the Boil and Bubble, and the Conjuring. This will be followed by a vote.

Back at the Spellman home, Zelda and Hilda recall how Edward served as Top Boy. That appointment changed his life. A straight shot from Top Boy to High Priest. Ambrose tells Sabrina that he and Luke have been invited for a party to celebrate Nick’s nomination as Top Boy at Dorian's Gray Room, which is reserved for men. Zelda says Sabrina is too busy for her studies. Sabrina asks Ambrose and Luke if they will support her. Luke is unwilling, but Ambrose says he will wait to see how she will do in the three challenges first.

At the Academy, Cassius, the school's librarian, allows for Sabrina to read through books in the library to prepare for the test. Her studying is interrupted by strange sounds. She encounters a demon called Asmodeus who claims he has brought tidings of filth and disease. He calls her a bastard witch and unleashes a plague of rats on her. Sabrina searches for a book of banishment. As Asmodeus approaches Sabrina with a knife, she manages to banish him by reading a spell from a book of banishment.


Sabrina challenges Ambrose

Later, Sabrina tells Ambrose she was attacked by Asmodeus and his rats. She asked if Luke summoned the demon as they have to be summoned. Sabrina questions Ambrose about whether he will support her. Ambrose, in turn, questions her loyalty to the coven and her assault on tradition. Sabrina reiterates her goal to be Top Boy, as she believes she can make the coven better, generating a wind that causes the furniture to rumble. While Ambrose might not want to fight, Sabrina does. Hilda interrupts and sends Sabrina to bed.

Sabrina and Zelda visit Father Blackwood to request a postponement due to the demonic attack, which is why Zelda has given her a witch-whistle and blinding powder. Father Blackwood refuses to grant Sabrina's wish, but gives her time to compose herself. In private, Prudence offers to help Sabrina get through the Inquisition.

At the Desecrated Church, Zelda's in attendance in support of Sabrina. Father Blackwood begins the Inquisition and asks what is the Satanic symbol. Nick names the pentagram, gaining a point. He then asks Sabrina about the five books of the Lesser Key of Solomon. The Weird Sisters telepathically wire the answer to Sabrina. Father Blackwood asks her the date of birth of the Magus John Dee. The Weird Sisters tell Sabrina that the answer is July, 13 1527. He then asks about the year of death, which Sabrina names as 1608. He then quizzes her on the publication date of the Malleus Maleficarum, the date of the Salem Witch Trial, the Pendle Trials, the birth and death of Anne Boleyn, and the death of Rasputin, which she answers correctly.

Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of cheating, which is punishable by lashing. Sabrina says she wants to change the traditions at the Church of Night but Father Blackwood insists that the position of High Priest has always been held by a warlock. He vows there will never be a High Priestess. Sabrina refuses to back down. Father Blackwood warns he will seal the Desecrated Church to ensure that no external forces can interfere with the Boil and Bubble challenge. Sabrina vows to study for the test.


Sabrina chases off Purson

While walking through the woods on her way home, Sabrina is attacked by a second demon named Purson, who unleashes a flock of bats on her. Sabrina hides under a stone table and manages to drive away the demon by blowing her witch-whistle. Sabrina makes it home, where she tells aunt Hilda that someone is sending demons to attack her. She asks about the Boil and Bubble challenge, which fortunately for Sabrina, Hilda is the Academy's all-time reigning champion bubbler. After Sabrina has changed, Hilda tells her that the test involves memorizing spell potions. Hilda questions if all this trouble be Top Boy is worth it. Sabrina doesn't think her old friends would welcome her even if she wanted to come back. Hilda reassures Sabrina that signing the Book of the Beast doesn't changes who she is. Sabrina is worried about signing her soul away. Hilda says she also did but Sabrina warns that the Dark Lord summoned her to do his bidding. She says she doesn't want to be near her mortal friends when he does.


Sabrina throws up

At the Boil and Bubble challenge, Sister Shirley confronts Zelda about her relationship with Father Blackwood, which Shirley remarks as being shameful considering his wife just died. Some are even saying Zelda had a hand in her demise. During the Boil and Bubble, Father Blackwood briefs Nick and Sabrina that they have to make potions. Each adding a component. Whoever adds the wrong ingredient with the wrong phraseology loses and must drink the spoiled concoction. Sabrina goes first and places the molted skin of a cobra snake into a cauldron. She passes the first test. Nicholas cools the potion with a newborn's blood, passing his test. Sabrina places the blind white eye of a cave-born shark into a brew, causing it to bubble. The brew putrefies and Sabrina is obliged to drink it. Nick tries to stop her from drinking it but she drinks it and vomits it out. Several people cheer for her.

Hilda gives Sabrina some Pepto and encourages her to visit her mortal friends. Hilda tells Sabrina that Susie is trying out for the basketball team today along with Harvey. Sabrina sympathizes with Susie wanting to join a traditionally male team. Sabrina takes her aunt's advice and visits Baxter High, where Harvey and Susie try out for the basketball team, and Rosalind cheer them on from the sideline. Susie performs terribly, and Billy and Carl even knock her over. So, Sabrina uses her magic to help Susie shoot the ball through the hoop. Principal Wardwell notices Sabrina's incantations. Susie is overjoyed and Harvey and Rosalind hug her. Susie then reveals to them that she, or rather now he, identifies by his male identity "Theo." Sabrina experiences flashbacks of signing the Book of the Beast and leaves.


Sabrina is kidnapped by a demon

In Baxter High's corridors, Sabrina is kidnapped by a third demon who takes her into the boiler room by a demon named Beelzebub. Before the demon can harm her, he is stopped by Principal Wardwell, who binds the demon. Beelzebub stood beside the Son of Dawn, before witch and mankind walked the earth, but he doesn't initially recognize Wardwell. As he comes to realize that she is in fact Lilith, she banishes him. Afterward, Mary suggests that Sabrina transfer back to Baxter High considering the constant threat she faces. Sabrina tells Wardwell about her campaign to be Father Blackwood's Top Boy, challenging the patriarchal tradition. Sabrina tells Wardwell that Nick Scratch is a friend. Wardwell tries to sow a wedge between Sabrina and Nick, suggesting that he may be trying to sabotage her.

Sabrina visits Nick, who is preparing for the conjuring contest. She asks Nick if he sent the demons after her. Nick denies sending the demons with the rats, bats, and flies. He realizes that the demons are Three Plague Kings whom he does not have the power to summon. Sabrina thinks it is Father Blackwood, and Nick agrees to help her find out.


The Three Plague Kings are summoned

During the Conjuring test, which Zelda and the Weird Sisters attend, Sabrina and Nick strike a deal to expose Father Blackwood. So, they draw circles on the ground and seal them together in hopes of summoning the Plague Kings and getting answers. Sabrina accuses Father Blackwood or a member of the coven of sending high demons to attack her. Nick backs Sabrina up and tells Blackwood that they want to know the truth and summon the Plague Kings. The Plague Kings identify themselves as Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson. Sabrina demands to know who sent them to kill her. The Plague Kings claim they operate independently of Satan and the coven but that they wish death on the "half-breed" Sabrina because of the chaos she will bring. "The half-witch must not ascend," Nick questions the demons, but Father Blackwood banishes the three of them.

Father Blackwood summons Nick and Sabrina into his office. Nick says that the demons acted on their own volition, meaning something must have them riled up. Father Blackwood decides that neither of them is worthy of the title of Top Boy and instead designates Ambrose as Top Boy. He makes Ambrose a full-time student. They proceed to talk in private. Meanwhile, Nick compliments Sabrina for her fighting spirit. He then asks her to take him to Cerberus Books to celebrate.


Sabrina and Nick toast to her becoming the future High Priestess

Sabrina confides with Nick that she had help from the Weird Sisters in the first challenge, which he had already figured. They spot Harvey and Roz in Dr. Cerberus together and instead, decide to go to Dorian Gray's Room despite it being a warlock's club. Dorian agrees to serve both Sabrina and Nick because they are beautiful, despite the fact that they don't usually serve witches. Sabrina asks Nick about what the demon meant when he said that the "half-witch must not ascend." She thinks that the demons don't want her to be High Priestess. Nick is supportive of Sabrina’s dream to become High Priestess.[14]


Sabrina is instructed to steal a pack of gum

During the night, the Dark Lord appears in Sabrina's room, telling her that it is time for her to make her dark devotions to him. She tells him that she will not do what he wants her to do. He answers that he warned her, when she signed his book, that she can not deny him. After Sabrina asks him what he wants, Satan orders a surprised Sabrina to steal a pack of gum before leaving.


Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose warn Sabrina against resisting the Dark Lord

The next morning, Sabrina tells her aunts and Ambrose that the Dark Lord visited her during the night to call on her to do his bidding. Zelda is upset to discover that she slept through the Dark Lord's visit. She tells Sabrina that the task he asked her to perform is a sacred obligation between her and the Dark Lord and that doing such a task would prove her dedication to the Path of Night. Zelda then tells Sabrina that she must perform the task or suffer the consequences, such as bad things happening to her and those around her. Evil has a way of spreading very quickly, Hilda adds.


Lilith stops Sabrina from stealing a pack of gum

Sabrina enters Cerberus Books intent on stealing a pack of gum, as tasked by the Dark Lord. Lilith, still maintaining her persona as Mary Wardwell, stops her from doing it, telling her that it is not like her. She offers her money to pay for it, which Sabrina refuses, saying she does not want the gum anymore and leaves the store. Lilith casts a coin look over her shoulder at the Dark Lord, seated at a nearby table.


Prudence teases Sabrina

At the Desecrated Church, Zelda rehearses with Nick and Dorcas, while Sabrina watches. Prudence sits by Sabrina, surmising that she must be jealous that Dorcas is playing the romantic lead opposite to Nick. Sabrina answers that she is fine. Prudence thought she broke up with Harvey so she could be with Nick. Sabrina tells her that Nick is just a friend and moves to sit on the side of the stage. Watching the rehearsal, Sabrina whispers that Dorcas is a terrible actress, as the Dark Lord appears, telling her that the role should be hers. He suggests that she pulls a pin holding a rope with a sandbag hanging above Dorcas. Sabrina pulls the pin and the sandbag falls on Dorcas. It turns out that it was just an illusion; the pin is still in place. Sabrina starts repeating "I won't do it" out loud, with the others looking at her, asking who she is talking to. She answers that she was talking to no one and they all leave for lunch.

Having returned from lunch, Nick approaches Sabrina and asks to run lines with her. She accepts but ask him why he is not doing it with Dorcas, to which he answers that "[he is] not really feelin' it with her," adding that he was hoping Sabrina would be the one playing Lilith, the lead role. They start rehearsing, and there seems to be tension between them.

While rehearsing with Nick, Sabrina experiences a flashback with Harvey and tells Nick she should go. As she stands to leave, the Dark Lord appears, and Sabrina chokes on an apple. She struggles for air before passing out. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas rush over to help.

At home, Sabrina wakes up in her room next to her aunt Hilda. Her aunt tells her that she choked on an apple and that then Nick teleported her home. Sabrina reveals that the Dark Lord made her choke because she has not done what he asked to do. Hilda confides to Sabrina that the Dark Lord tasked her after her own baptism and that nothing happened after she did it. Hilda believes that the Dark Lord was simply testing her faith. She then asks Sabrina why she is resisting him. Sabrina answers that if she says yes to this one thing, it'll be harder to say no the next. Hilda suggests to Sabrina that it would be easier to resist the Dark Lord's influence if she goes back to be with her mortal friends.


Dark Lord haunts Sabrina

Sabrina returns to Baxter High where she finds Harvey and Rosalind by their lockers. Roz tells her that she and Harvey are playing Romeo and Juliet together. Roz suggests that they find a scene with three characters to include Sabrina, which she refuses. In English class, Mrs. Curtis pairs Sabrina with Billy, as she watches Roz and Harvey together across the room. The Dark Lord speaks to Sabrina through Billy, telling her that Harvey belongs to her. She turns her head to find the Dark Lord seated next to her.

In the girls' locker room, Sabrina runs into Theo. He tells her that he still has to change in the girl's locker room because of Billy and his friends making fun of him. He asks Sabrina if there is "some witchy way [they] could take care of Billy." She gives Theo a small rope with the power to make Billy fall each time he pulls it. As Sabrina takes off her shirt, Theo tells her she has claw marks on her back, which she discovers from looking at the mirror. Ms. Wardwell inspects the marks and tells Sabrina they are called the "Devil's Claw". It's a physical manifestation of his grip on Sabrina's soul. Sabrina confides that she is defying the Dark Lord and Ms. Wardwell tells her she is right to defy him and that she should follow the Path of Light.


Sabrina insists that she's happy for Roz and Harvey

Sabrina and Billy rehearse at Dr. Cerberus', with Rosalind and Harvey sitting nearby. Billy tells Sabrina that it must be hard watching her ex-boyfriend and her best friend getting together. She forces a smile, saying she is happy for them. Sabrina stares at Harvey and Roz and suddenly, a milkshake on their table starts to move toward the edge. The Dark Lord appears behind Sabrina, telling her to push the milkshake with her powers. The milkshake falls. It was just an illusion; the milkshake is still on the table. Sabrina screams that she is not doing it and leaves.

In the attic, Sabrina asks for Ambrose's help in warding off the Dark Lord. Ambrose tells her to eat raw onions and nail a horseshoe above her doors and windows. Sabrina asks what task the Dark Lord had Ambrose do after his baptism. With tears, he tells her he had to send a letter to an old classmate who had a crush on him at Oxford. Mysteriously, one day the Dark Lord came to him years after Oxford and his baptism and asked him to write a letter to the boy, now a man with a wife and children. However, Ambrose doesn't specify what was in the letter.

In her room, Sabrina hammers horseshoes and eats a raw onion. The next morning, she wakes up and start screaming looking in the mirror. She finds that the claw marks on her back grew. Sabrina rushes off to school, where she asks Ms. Wardwell for advice. She asks the young witch if she has any outstanding spells, and Sabrina recalls giving the rope to Theo.

Sabrina walks quickly in the hall, looking for Billy. Just then, Billy trips and falls on the stairs, breaking his leg. Sabrina sees Theo holding the magic rope at the top of the staircase. Later, Theo tells Sabrina how angry he was. Angrier than he'd ever been. He wanted to hurt Billy and make him suffer. He could hear a voice telling him to do it, that "it would be so easy." Sabrina realizes the words were whispered in Theo's ears by the Dark Lord.


Harvey and Sabrina hook up

In English class, Mrs. Curtis tells Harvey and Sabrina that as a result of Billy's accident and Rosalind having the chickenpox, they will be partners for the rest of the Romeo and Juliet assignment. In the library, Harvey tells Sabrina he would understand if she does not want to be in the scene with him, but she says that she has no problem doing it. They start reading their lines which leads them to kiss. Sabrina and Harvey make their way to his house, where they kiss passionately on the bed. Sabrina unbuttons Harvey's shirt and discovers claw marks on his chest. In shock, she asks him what they are, but Harvey cannot see the marks. Sabrina climbs off of him saying it was a mistake for her to forget what she was. Upset, Harvey tells her he does not care what she is and does want her to pull away from him again. She answers that she has to do it in order to protect him. Angry, Harvey says he does not need her protection and that she cannot keep messing with his head. Sabrina leaves, saying it will never happen again.


Dark Lord orders Sabrina to burn down Baxter High

At night, Sabrina spots Salem unconscious in front of the mortuary. She steps closer and notices a pool of vomit next to him. She takes him in her arms and turns around to see the Dark Lord in the cemetery behind the house. She confronts him, asking why he is punishing her loved ones. He says that she denied him. Sabrina tells him she will steal the gum as he asked, but the Dark Lord answers he now needs a greater devotion. He tells Sabrina he wants her to burn Baxter High while it is empty and everything he did to punish her will disappear.


Sabrina prepares to burn down Baxter High

The same night, Sabrina walks the hall of Baxter High carrying a gas can. Sabrina, in tears, pours gas on the school's floor and lights a match. As she is about to start the fire, the Dark Lord stops her, saying she proved her heart.

At the Spellman house, Sabrina finds a healthy Salem in her room. She inspects her back and smiles as she finds no trace of the claw marks.

The next morning in the kitchen, Zelda tells Sabrina that Dorcas is sick with the chickenpox, which means she will play Lilith in front of the coven that evening. Sabrina remembers the Dark Lord whispering in her ears that the role should be hers.


Nick as Lucifer and Sabrina as Lilith

At the Desecrated Church, before the entire coven, Zelda, Hilda, Father Blackwood, and Prudence included, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar, with Ambrose playing God, Agatha playing Stolas, Nick playing Lucifer, and Sabrina playing Lilith. From the back of the church, Lilith watches a romantic scene between Nick and Sabrina, tears welling in her eyes. Afterward, the coven cheer them on for their performance.


Sabrina celebrates with Nick

The witches and warlocks celebrate at Dorian's Gray Room. Nick and Sabrina sit together, and she confides to Nick that the Dark Lord gave her a task but stopped her from doing it at the last moment. Nick wonders if Sabrina ever actually intended to do what the Dark Lord asked of her of if she was simply playing chicken with him. Sabrina thinks back to how her aunt Hilda told her that the Dark Lord was more interested in her willingness to do something than her actually completing the task. Dorian arrives with drinks. He tells Sabrina that while she may have gotten rid of the claw marks on her skin, the one on her soul remains. They all have one. His is a painting. A true reflection of his soul. The drinks are compliments of the Dark Lord, who enjoyed their performance.

At Dr. Cerberus', Sabrina runs into Harvey who seems unhappy to see her. He tells her he is going to visit Roz before leaving. Sabrina watches him leave. She then spots the display of gum on the counter. She picks up a pack of gum with a wicked smile on her face.[15]


Sabrina and Nick celebrate

In celebration of the upcoming Lupercalia, witches' version of Valentine's Day, Sabrina, Nicholas, Ambrose, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha attend a party at Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina watches as Ambrose kisses Prudence and asks if Luke would approve. Ambrose explains that Luke's out of town on a mission for Father Blackwood.


Zelda schools Sabrina on Lupercalia

Sabrina returns home, where he aunt Zelda explains that it is a lusty, pastoral festival started by Roman witches under the reign of Caligula. It was named after the Lupercal, the cave where the twin founders of Rome Romulus and Remulus were suckled by a she-wolf. While it was once associated with fertility and health, Hilda explains that it is now associated with sex. Zelda explains that it will be a hunt organized by Father Blackwood. The festival consists of three events: the Matching, during which one is paired with a random warlock. The Courting, where the two spend the night in abstinence. And the Hunt, a run through the woods which culminates in a frenzy of orgiastic carnality. Sabrina asks if it is voluntary. Zelda says it is voluntary but encourages Sabrina to do it. Zelda claims that Lupercalia is a symphony of sensuality and pleasure, and not of shame and regret. Hilda is a bit concerned and thinks Sabrina is not ready. Sabrina understands Hilda's concerns but is keen to give it a try due to her new relationship with Nicholas Scratch. Zelda gives Sabrina a book about the festival.

Nick astral projects into Sabrina's room and tells her that there is under no pressure to participate. Regardless of her decision, he would like to join her in whatever she chooses to do. While she's willing to participate in Lupercalia, she wants it to be with someone special. A psychopomp appears in Sabrina's window, signalling that it's time for Nick to leave. Sabrina prefers to wait until the Matching, to which Nick replies to leave that to him.


Dorcas plans to take Nick from Sabrina

At the Academy, Zelda chats with Father Blackwood, who comments about her youthful appearance despite her advanced age. Father Blackwood opens the Matching ceremony. Dorcas warns Sabrina that she intends to be paired up with Nick. Two years ago, it was Prudence and the year after that it was Agatha. Dorcas believes it to be her turn. As Top Boy, Ambrose organizes the participants. Ambrose tells the witches to pair up with the closest warlock when the music stops. The witches dance with long fabric around a pole. Sabrina tries to pair up with Nick, but Dorcas pushes her out of the way. However, Nick had bribed his friend Melvin into wearing a glamour, trapping Dorcas with Melvin. Sabrina and Nick are jubilant.

Rosalind meets with Sabrina and tells her that she and Harvey have been hanging out and that Harvey has invited her to the Sweetheart's Dance. She wanted to check with Sabrina before agreeing to be his date. Sabrina gives Rosalind her blessings as she's seeing someone else, a warlock named Nicholas Scratch.


Courting ceremony

Later that night, Ambrose briefs the couples, that being himself and Prudence, Nick and Sabrina, Dorcas and Melvin, and Agatha and her date, about the Courting ceremony. He explains that they will go into the woods and disrobe and anoint themselves under the moonlight, absorbing the potency of Goddess Selene. Ambrose says abstinence is encouraged in anticipation for the powerful release that concludes Lupercalia, but he is not opposed to couples having sex. As Prudence passes out anointment baskets with items inside such oysters and figs, Father Blackwood warns the couples to stay on the path due to the dangerous creatures in the woods. The couples head into the wood.

Sabrina spends time with Nick, who admits that he is terrified about the upcoming hunt, specifically because of Sabrina's involvement. Nick says he has never dated a mortal before and doesn't want to mess things up. He and Sabrina then kiss.


Nick and Sabrina during the Courting

Sabrina and Nick disrobe and anoint themselves, which involves running a blood dipped blade across their head and smear the blood off with the milk. They proceed to lay side-by-side; soaking up the moon. They are to remain this way until dawn. While lying together, they hear the howl of a wolf. Sabrina and Nick grow concerned and leave.

Nick takes Sabrina home and tells her that he is interested in trying out normal Valentine's Day. He is curious about how mortals celebrate Valentine's Day. They decide to attend the Sweethearts Dance together.

Sabrina visits Harvey at Baxter High and tells him that she does not object to him dating Roz. Harvey says she is welcome to attend with Nick.

Nick arrives at the Spellman Mortuary to take Sabrina to the dance. Much like them, Ambrose is also taking a break from Lupercalia; saving his juices for the hunt. Sabrina appears in a stunning red dress. Hilda interrupts after being glamoured in preparation to win over Dr. Cerberus' affection. Zelda reminds her that she is a huntress.

Sabrina soon arrives with Nick, who remarks that the high school dance is more magical than anything they have at the Academy. The couples dance and spend time together. Sabrina offers to show Nick around the school.

Sabrina and Nick sneak off to make out in the library, which Nick finds to be more cozy that the Academy's library. Nick and Sabrina hear the roar of a werewolf. They run out the library and Nick casts a spell to banish the werewolf, whom he refers to as Amalia. They are joined by Lilith, who summons them to her office. Nick confides that the werewolf is his familiar. She was given to him at birth. Amalia was all he had left after his family died. Amalia kept following Nick during his early Academy days, following him everywhere he went, watching him from the shadows. And when he started dating, she got jealous to the point of obsession. So, Nick banished Amalia to the dark forests of the Mountains of Madness years ago, which is on another continent. Sabrina asks why she is back. Nick explains that he has a connection to Amalia, and that he might be able to feel his connection to Sabrina. Lilith claims that her former High Priest at the Church of Shadows once had a cougar familiar who mauled the High Priest's wife and baby to death. She claims that the familiar was rabid with jealousy. Lilith advises Nick to "put that bitch down."

The following day, Nick sets out to kill Amalia. Sabrina asks if Nick wants her to come for the hunt. Nick insists on doing it alone. Sabrina casts a charm over him as he walks into the forest, which is shrouded in mist.


Nick emerges after killing Amalia

Nick emerges from the fog filled forest with Amalia's bleeding heart. A grieving Nicholas reveals that he has killed his familiar Amalia. She was insane with jealously and would've done anything to keep them apart. He says that he did not want Amalia to get in the way of their relationship. He invites Sabrina to spend time with him on the last night of Lupercalia. He instructs her to meet up with him at the mossy stump when the Hunt begins so that they can spend the night alone. Sabrina accepts.


Sabrina astral projects to Roz

Prudence tells the Weird Sisters to prepare for the hunt. Sabrina says she is coming, but has to gather her berries of phylaxis. However, in actuality, Sabrina stays behind to astral projects to Rosalind to tell her about her plans to have sex with Nick on the final night of Lupercalia. Roz confides that she lost her virginity to a boy named Jordan Bixby at Bible camp. Roz admits that she was really scared but that she liked him. Sabrina expresses her love for Nick. Roz asks if Sabrina trusts him and reassures her friend that she will know when she is ready. Sabrina promises to call her tomorrow before disappearing as a single psychopomp arrives.


The Hunt

Ambrose briefs the witches and warlocks about the Hunt. Nick, Melvin, and the other warlocks stand in a group to Ambrose's left, dressed as wolves, while Sabrina, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, and the remaining witches, dressed in red hoods, stand to his right. As part of the Hunt, the witches chase the warlocks through the woods. Nick is intercepted by Dorcas, who wants to have sex with him.


Sabrina kills Amalia

Sabrina is unable to find Nick and instead discovers a chained Amalia. Sabrina tries to reassure Amalia that she is no threat to her and that she understands what she feels for Nick. Amalia calms down. Nick arrives and begs Amalia not to hurt Sabrina, as he loves her, which seems to anger the beast. Nick tries to banish Amalia, but she attacks him. While distracted,. Sabrina stabs Amalia several times, killing her. Sabrina asks Nick why he did not kill Amalia. Nick explains that Amalia was the only member of his family left after his parents died. Amalia kept him alive, treated him like her own cub. So, he chained her in a cave and killed another wolf in her place. Sabrina reassures Nick that his love for Amalia is not a weakness but a virtue. The two embrace each other and mourn the death of Amalia.[16]


Sabrina meets Mrs. McGarvey

Sabrina and Nicholas then enter the bookstore, having just come from the movies. Hilda asks Sabrina if she is alright. Sabrina confides that she has been feeling weird about Nick since Lupercalia. Hilda suggests a tarot reading for clarity Mrs. McGarvey then offers to do a tarot reading for Sabrina, which she accepts. Sabrina explains that Nick lied and is a bit of a "bad boy." She fears that she is walking down a "darker path" with Nick and does not know whether to trust him. Mrs. McGarvey presents a card showing a handsome magician and explains that the cards tell her that Nick is a handsome trickster which few women can resist. She presents a second card and says that three swords pierce his heart. The third card shows an upside-down tower.

Sabrina has a vision. In this vision, Sabrina greets Nick as he is flirting with the Weird Sisters, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Prudence asks Sabrina if they are taking part in the Academy's talent show. Nick explains that they hold a talent show each year to blow of some steam. He tells her that he is thinking of being a magician this year and asks if Sabrina would like to be the magician’s assistant. Prudence offers to lend her some fishnet stockings. Nick tells her to shut up, but Prudence responds that she was not the one who killed his familiar Amalia and didn't fulfill Lupercalia tradition by having sex.


Sabrina questions Nick about the Weird Sisters

At Dorian's Gray Room, Sabrina asks Nick if he told anyone else about killing Amalia and that they didn’t have sex on Lupercalia. Nick reminds Sabrina that the Weird Sisters are telepaths. Sabrina asks Nick how long did he date the Weird Sisters and if he is cheating on her with them, but he denies having other girlfriends. Sabrina does not believe him and storms off, adding that she also won’t serve as his magician.

At the talent show, hosted at the Desecrated Church, Nick discovers that his audience consists solely of adoring female fans. A frowning Sabrina is watching in the background. For his first act, he picks Agatha and Dorcas as volunteers. Nick gets Agatha to lie in a box which is then sawed in half. When he opens the box, Agatha, to the horror of everyone, is sawed in half, with her guts spilling out. However, Nick and Dorcas soon reveal this was a trick and Agatha steps out of a large box.

For his second act, Nick picks Prudence and asks her if she has traveled beyond the astral realm into the feared Other Realm. He asks if she will dare to venture there. Nick places her inside the cupboard and chants an incantation. Nick opens the door and finds that she has disappeared. He asks if she can hear him. Prudence says she doesn't like it and tells Nick to bring her back. He chants an incantation but she doesn't reappear. Prudence panics and tells him that something is troubling here. Sabrina panics but Prudence reveals that this was all a trick and that she bi-located.


Sabrina freezes to death

For his third and final act, Nick calls for the bravest lady in the room. Sabrina volunteers for this trick. Nick asks her if she has experienced true weightlessness and tells her to trust him. In private, Nick whispers that he will not do anything to hurt her. Nick uses a magic trick to levitate Sabrina into the air. However, he struggles to control his powers. Sabrina initially thinks that the Weird Sisters are behind this. While Nick struggles to find a spell to bring her down, Sabrina floats through the roof into the sky. Unable to control the spell, Nick accuses the Weird Sisters of sabotage. Sabrina finds herself floating through outer space, completely frozen.


Mrs. McGarvey tells Sabrina not to fear Nick

Sabrina awakens from her vision conjured up by Mrs. McGarvey's tarot cards. McGarvey claims that they don't read the cards but that the cards read them and whisper secret truths. She warns Sabrina that it is not Nick nor the Path of Night that she needs to fear. Nick reappears and tells Sabrina that he has found a book of Houdini’s stage tricks.

At the Spellman mortuary, Nick asks Sabrina what is on her mind. Sabrina asks if he is her boyfriend. Nick affirms his love for her. Sabrina tells him to stay away from the Weird Sisters. Nick asks if she trusts him. Sabrina says she trusts him but that she does not trust the Weird Sisters. He agrees, and the two of them kiss.[17]

Zelda reassures the family that her marriage to Father Blackwood will be the re-making of the Spellmans. Zelda is delighted that the Anti-Pope, the leader of all Churches of Darkness himself, is traveling from the Vatican Necropolis to officiate their marriage. She believes this is an honor from the Dark Lord and looks forward to becoming Zelda Spellman-Blackwood. Hilda wishes she could be there. Zelda reassures her that she will use her influence to convince Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication and that she will have a role as the "maid of dishonor."


Ambrose accuses Salem of eating Leviathan

Sabrina does not support the wedding because she knows that Zelda does not love Father Blackwood nor does she trust him. Zelda says that Sabrina is too young to understand and that nothing will change her plans. Salem growls, and Sabrina tells Ambrose to leave her familiar alone. Ambrose demands that Salem regurgitate Leviathan, but Sabrina assures him that Salem didn't eat Leviathan. Hilda realizes that Ambrose is truly upset about Luke's death and tries to comfort him. Zelda does not want to hear any talk about death but only smiles this week.

Sabrina tells Nick that she was only saying what she was thinking. Nick explains that it is an honor for Zelda to have the Anti-Pope officiate over her ceremony since most witches never get to meet the Anti-Pope. While every coven has a High Priest, Nick explains that the Anti-Pope is above the High Priest and officiates over the Witches' Council, deciding witches' laws and policies. As Nick continues, he is interrupted when Sabrina sees an apparition of her father Edward Spellman's ghost.

Sabrina approaches an apparition of her father, who says he has come to warn that Faustus Blackwood brought down the plane that killed her mother and him. Edward tells Sabrina to stop Zelda from marrying Faustus because he will do the same to her. He also tells Sabrina to complete his manifesto before disappearing. Sabrina takes a deep breath and walks away to tell Nick. However, unbeknownst to Sabrina, the apparition is an illusion created by Lilith, who remarks that Sabrina will "bring down the temple."

After Prudence leaves, Sabrina demands to know what she was doing inside the Spellman home. Zelda tells her to mind her own business, but Sabrina insists that they have a family meeting.


Sabrina informs her family how she was approached by her father

Inside the house, Sabrina recounts with Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose her encounter with her father’s ghost. Zelda is dismissive of Sabrina’s story while Hilda quips that there are a lot of haunting near weddings. Zelda explains that there was an independent inquiry conducted by the Witch Council into her parents' deaths, which they concluded that the plane crash was the result of mechanical error. Zelda believes that the ghost is ill-informed. Sabrina then mentions that her father’s ghost told her to finish his manifesto. Hilda recalls the manifesto, but Zelda dismisses her father’s manifesto as nothing more than romantic musings about "mortal-witch intermingling." Sabrina is annoyed with Zelda for not taking her seriously, but Zelda responds that Sabrina was drinking absinthe in the afternoon when her visitation occurred. Zelda refuses to discuss the matter and relieves Sabrina from her bridesmaid duties. Zelda is more concerned about the spectre of Lady Blackwood, which she saw wandering the cemetery with malicious intent. Zelda tasks Hilda with dealing with the ghost. Zelda will only take her account seriously when he sees Edward's ghost herseelf.


Ambrose tells Sabrina that he's a member of the Judas Society

Ambrose tells Sabrina she might be right about Blackwood because he had a tarot reading where Father Blackwood told him to murder his family. Ambrose adds that Blackwood inducted him into a secret society of warlocks; the Judas Society. They will meet the night before the Anti-Pope's arrival. Sabrina tells Ambrose they have to find out everything. She believes that the High Priest is breaking her family, having murdered her parents and seeking to marry Zelda. Sabrina thinks that too much is happening around the wedding for this to be a coincidence. When Ambrose asks her about the role of the Anti-Pope, Sabrina says she's not sure but knows someone who can help.


Lilith advises Sabrina

Since "Ms. Wardwell" was purportedly her father's secretary, Sabrina visits her and recounts her encounter with Edward’s ghost. Sabrina asks about the circumstances of her parents’ death. Lilith claims the Witches Council's inquiry into the plane crash was a whitewash orchestrated by Father Blackwood. When Sabrina asks why Father Blackwood would kill her father and what work Edward left unfinished. Lilith claims that Edward was traveling to the Vatican Necropolis to deliver his manifesto to the Anti-Pope, which she describes as a bold doctrine to reform the Church of Night. Lilith also claims that the manifesto is lost beneath the ocean. Sabrina asks where the plane crashed. Lilith tells her that the plane crashed somewhere in the Devil's Triangle. Sabrina offers to retrieve the manifesto, and Lilith tells her that her parents would not have died in vain. Sabrina vows to finish her father's life work.

While sitting in her bathroom, waiting for Nick to return, Sabrina reassures Salem that Nick can hold his breath for more than four minutes. Nick emerges from the bathtub portal, having retrieved the manifesto from the plane wreckage after fighting a giant squid. Hilda enters the bathroom and tells Sabrina that she is needed to act as bait for Lady Blackwood. She also tells Nick to put a shirt on.

Hilda and Sabrina use candles and black lace to set a trap for Constance. Lady Blackwood approaches a hooded figure on a chair, whom she mistakes for Zelda. She threatens to haunt Zelda and her family forever. Hilda surfaces, remarking that spirits are like moths drawn to candles. Sabrina reveals herself as the hooded figure. Hilda threatens to trap Lady Constance in a tin box filled with sanctified grave dirt unless she tells them why she is haunting her sister. Lady Blackwood claims that Zelda killed her, stole her babies and wants to steal her husband. Hilda tells Constance that Zelda tried to save her life and that of her children. Constance reveals that Sister Shirley Jackson loosened her grave and told her this. Hilda responds that Sister Jackson is acting out of spite. Hilda convinces Constance to rest in peace for good before blowing out the candles.


Ambrose, Sabrina, and Nick look over the manifesto

Sabrina shows Nick and Ambrose her father's five-point manifesto, which includes union between mortals and witches. Sabrina thinks that her parents were traveling to the Vatican to reform the Church of Night and that Father Blackwood murdered them before they could do that. Ambrose says he believes her and tells both Sabrina and Nick that he attended a meeting of the Judas Society. He tells her about Blackwood's manifesto, which he describes as a misogynistic regression to the "old ways." Ambrose explains that Blackwood plans to present his manifesto to the Anti-Pope and that he will be stationed outside Blackwood's office during the meeting. Sabrina says she could take advantage of that to present her father's manifesto to the Anti-Pope, derailing Blackwood’s plot to regress the Church of Night and the wedding.

Back at the Academy, Ambrose stands guard as Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood, who has proposed a summit of all the Churches of Darkness to review their universal laws. Sabrina bypasses Ambrose and enters the room. The Anti-Pope is delighted to meet Sabrina. Sabrina tells the Anti-Pope that she found a copy of her father's manifesto. Despite Blackwood's objections, Enoch of Antioch says he will retire to his chambers to consider both doctrines and to decide which is worthy enough to put before the Witches Council.


Nick calms down Sabrina

At the Spellman household, Nick tells Sabrina to calm down. Sabrina thinks she is failing her father, but Nick reminds her that she has recovered her father's manifesto for the Anti-Pope and that she has done all she can. He suggests that they sit tight for the next few hours. With her aunts away at the Academy, Nick proposes that the two share the bed together.

Sabrina is caressing Nick when a bloodied Ambrose arrives with news of the Anti-Pope’s murder. Ambrose says he can't remember what happened but insists it was not him. Salem growls as they hear Father Blackwood bellowing orders to the Judas Society just outside the house. Sabrina tells Nick to hide Ambrose while she stalls them. Father Blackwood arrives with Hilda and Zelda and demands to know if Ambrose is there. Sabrina denies seeing Ambrose but Blackwood's warlocks search the house.


Sabrina declares Ambrose's innocence

Sabrina asks Zelda if she believes that Ambrose murdered the Anti-Pope. Zelda says that the Ambrose was covered in the Anti-Pope's blood with a dagger in hand, and that he spirited himself to safety when confronted. Sabrina believes that Ambrose is innocent, but Zelda points out that Ambrose is the same warlock who plotted to blow up the Vatican. Father Blackwood says that they now need strong leadership and should go ahead with the wedding. He announces that they will hold a joint-wedding and funeral.


Nick and Sabrina plot to take down Blackwood

While Sabrina is visiting her father's grave, Nicholas tells her that Ambrose is hiding. She tells him that Father Blackwood wants to combine his wedding and the Anti-Pope's funeral. Sabrina vows not to let her parents’ deaths be in vain. She also resolves not to let her Aunt Zelda marry Blackwood. Sabrina proposes borrowing a page from the play Hamlet to clear Ambrose's name and derail Blackwood's plan. Nick proposes doing it with a glamour, something Shakespeare did not have.

At the Desecrated Church, Father Blackwood and Zelda get married. However, the wedding is interrupted by the ghosts of Edward and Diana Spellman, who denounce Faustus Blackwood for murdering them and the Anti-Pope. Blackwood sees through Sabrina and Nick’s trick and removes their glamour. Before the Judas Society can take them away, Sabrina denounces Father Blackwood as a fraud and accuses him of murdering her father and the Anti-Pope. Ambrose appears and tries to kill Blackwood, but Prudence magically restrains him. He is then subdued and captured by the other Judas Society boys.

Zelda confronts Sabrina for ruining her wedding day. She informs her that Ambrose has been locked in the Witch's Cell for his crimes. Zelda also informs Sabrina that she and Nick have been expelled from the Academy. Finally, Zelda tells Sabrina that Blackwood married her in his office. Meanwhile, Ambrose lies in his cell.

Sabrina and Hilda watch from afar as Father Blackwood announces that he and Zelda, formally known as Lady Blackwood, will be escorting the Anti-Pope's remains to the Vatican Necropolis. He and Zelda also plan to have a honeymoon abroad. Blackwood tasks Prudence with overseeing the Academy and protecting their family name. Prudence replies that he can rely on her. Before they leave, Blackwood reminds Zelda that a wife walks behind her husband. Sabrina and Hilda watch in dismay.[18]

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-06-Sabrina

Sabrina pleads with Prudence

Present day, several days have passed since Zelda and Father Blackwood left for their honeymoon. Sabrina tries to enter the Academy, but her hands are burnt due to her expulsion. She bangs on the gate. Prudence opens the door and reminds Sabrina of her expulsion. Sabrina demands to see her cousin Ambrose. Prudence refuses because Ambrose allegedly murdered the Anti-Pope and tried to kill her father. Sabrina believes Ambrose is innocent. Sabrina appeals to Prudence as a friend, but Prudence counters that Sabrina only uses her and the Weird Sisters. Sabrina reminds Prudence that she saved her life at the Feast of Feasts, but Prudence counters she had selfish motives and that they were merely allies of convenience.

After Prudence closes the door, Sabrina is greeted by Quentin, who tells her that Ambrose is imprisoned in the Witch's Cell. Quentin tells her that the Weird Sisters are planning to torture Ambrose.

Sabrina brings this news to Hilda, who says she has tried contacting Zelda by a witch-board. Sabrina wants to lodge a complaint with the Council. Hilda says that they will have to summon the Trivium there and expresses her concerns about Ambrose's well-being.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-15-Hilda-Sabrina

Hilda and Sabrina summon the Trivium

Sabrina and Hilda summon the Trivium and appeal on Ambrose's behalf. The Trivium tell her that they have consulted with Father Blackwood and decided there will be no trial. They announce that Ambrose will be executed on the day that Father Blackwood returns from the Necropolis. Sabrina says that Ambrose is innocent, but the Trivium say that the coven witnessed his murderous acts and warn Sabrina not to summon them again or she will be held in contempt.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-19-Sabrina

Sabrina plans to go back to Baxter High

Back at the Spellman household, Sabrina tells Hilda that Nicholas is drowning his sorrows at Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina wishes Zelda and Ambrose were there. Hilda vows to break him out of his cell. Since she is no longer excommunicated, Hilda proposes bribing her way into the Academy with a delicious roast chicken. Sabrina tells Hilda that she plans to visit Principal Wardwell at Baxter High to seek her help. Hilda thinks it will be good for Sabrina to meet up with her mortal friends.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-25-Sabrina-Rosalind

Sabrina finds Roz in the library

Sabrina meets Rosalind in the library. When she asks why Roz did not tell her, Roz replies that Sabrina was not there. When she asks why they are keeping her in the library, Roz says it is better this way. Sabrina speaks to whom she believes to be Principal Wardwell, but is actually Lilith and tells her about her exclusion from the Academy. Lilith hopes things will work out. Before she leaves, Sabrina asks about Roz, who is angry at the world about the unfairness of the situation. Sabrina doesn't want Roz be isolated in the library, and she should be allowed in classes. Lilith replies that studying in the library was Roz's choice. Sabrina simply wants to help her friend and Lilith suggests giving her a comfort charm or even using a spell to restore Roz's sight.

Sabrina gives Rosalind a comfort charm, but Roz accuses Sabrina of only trying to comfort herself. A bitter Harvey, who clearly isn't happy Sabrina moved so far and fast on from their break up, says that not everyone can leave whenever they want and come back whenever they want. Sabrina offers to heal Roz with a spell, but Harvey objects to it due to what happened with his brother Tommy. Sabrina angrily tells Harvey that it is Roz's decision not his, silencing him. Roz distrusts witches since witches cursed her ancestors with blindness. She asks if it was a coincidence that she went blind after she kissed Harvey, who is Sabrina's former boyfriend. Sabrina denies that she hexed Roz. Although, with both Roz and Harvey accusing her, Sabrina storms out. As she runs through the hallway, Jerathmiel notices her.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-45-Sabrina

Nick blames Sabrina for getting expelled

Sabrina visits Dorian's Gray Room where she finds Nick drinking his sorrows away. Nick is bitter because he regarded the Academy as his home. He says that Sabrina can always run back to her mortal friends, school, and boyfriend, which she tried to do, but failed. Nick blames Sabrina who decides to return home until he has "dried up."

Jerathmiel visits Sabrina's home, identifying himself as a missionary. Sabrina tells him that she has a faith. Jerathmiel manages to convince Sabrina to offer him a glass of water. Salem growls at Jerathmiel. Inside, Sabrina asks Jerathmiel, who tells her to call him Jerry, if he gets many converts. Jerathmiel asks Sabrina what her faith is. Sabrina says she is a spiritualist and gives vague answers. He wonders if it comforts her. She honestly answers that it scares her. Sabrina asks Jerathmiel what is at the heart of his religion. Jerry replies that it is forgiveness and salvation. When Sabrina asks if some people are beyond saving, he claims that nobody is beyond saving.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-58-Sabrina

Sabrina locks Jerathmiel inside

Sabrina is having a conversation with Jerathmiel about sin. Jerry reassures her that any sin can be washed away so long as she ask for forgiveness, but Sabrina is skeptical. Just then, Sabrina's phone rings. Rosalind warns Sabrina that the missionary wants to kill her and tells her to flee. Sabrina catches a glimpse of Jerathmiel wielding a knife and flees out of the house. She manages to lock him inside with a spell, but he forces his way out. Sabrina fleets on her bicycle with Salem.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-74-Nicholas-Sabrina

Nick tells Sabrina about the attack on the Academy

Sabrina finds Hilda in the damaged Cerberus Books. Hilda reassures her that they are safe and that Cerberus chased the witch-hunter away. Sabrina says that she was attacked by a male witch-hunter, meaning there are two of them, but Nick tells her that there are three. He explains that the witch-hunters were from the Order of the Innocents and that the one who stormed Dorian's Gray Room has been trapped inside a painting. He hugs Sabrina and apologizes for his behavior. Nick explains that the Order of Innocents want to kill all the witches in Greendale, starting with the outliers before converging at the Academy. Sabrina says they have to warn them, but they've been expelled and can't enter the Academy without a Hand of Glory. Hilda says she has gotten a dozen.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-95-Nicholas-Sabrina

Harvey wants to help Sabrina and Nick

Sabrina, Hilda, and Nick are about to leave for the Academy with the Hand of Glory when Harvey arrives with a loaded rifle. Harvey tells her that Roz had a vision that someone was trying to kill Sabrina and he had come to check if she was safe. Harvey apologizes for his and Roz' behavior. Sabrina tells Harvey that the Academy is under attack and he offers to help. Nick does not want Harvey to come along since he distrusts him for coming from a family of witch-hunters. Harvey tells them that they need all the help they can get. Hilda backs Harvey up and they allow him to come.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-100-Sabrina

Sabrina finds a bloodied Ambrose

Sabrina, Hilda, Nick, and Harvey discover that the witch-hunters have breached the Academy. Sabrina calls for the Weird Sisters. She and Hilda find a bloodied Ambrose, who has been stabbed and is losing a lot of blood. Hilda removes the knife and casts a spell to seal the wound. Ambrose says that the Angels took the others. Harvey asks aren't angels supposed to be nice, but Nick points out that they have fiery swords. Quentin appears and tells Sabrina that the Angels tried to take him and the other children to Heaven but that they ran and hid. Hilda asks where the Angels took the other witches and warlocks. Quentin says that they took them to the desecrated church. When Harvey asks why, Nick explains that the Angels want to convert and kill them in order to cleanse them.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-105-Nicholas-Harvey-Sabrina

Sabrina tells Nick and Harvey to stay behind

Quentin tells them not to go to the desecrated church because the Angels have sealed it with holy water and re-consecrated it. Quentin says that no witches can go in and out. Sabrina sends Quentin to hide. Hilda says that she has to tend to Ambrose's wounds. Harvey offers to go inside the church but Nick points out that they are dealing with avenging angels. Sabrina says that she can enter the church because she was baptized with holy water. Sabrina convinces them to accept her plan even though Nick and Harvey regard it as a suicide mission. She tells them to help Hilda look after Ambrose.

Sabrina storms the church and orders them to stop. However, Jerathmiel shoots her with an arrow and demands that she kneels before the Lord. She refuses to submit and tries to call down fire. However, Mehitable places a crown of thorns on her head, which prevents her from casting spells. Sabrina pleads with the angels to let them go as Jerathmiel shoots her with several arrows. Jerathmiel demands that she kneel and pray with them. Sabrina refuses. Jerathmiel then fires a third arrow at Sabrina in the heart, causing her to fall to the ground. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are distraught. Blood gushes out of Sabrina’s wounds. Mehitable steps past Sabrina. Jerathmiel continues with his prayer, but Melvin chooses to die over pledging allegiance to the "False God." Jerathmiel then slices his throat, causing Dorcas to scream in grief. Jerathmiel is about to burn the Weird Sisters when Sabrina tells them interrupts. Everybody turns to find a reanimated Sabrina levitating in the church. She demands that the witch-hunters convert to Lucifer's faith or die.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-124-Sabrina

Sabrina is the Dark Lord's sword

Jerathmiel is defiant, but Sabrina summons fire with her hands and forces Jerathmiel and Mehitable to their knees. Seeking to save themselves, the witch-hunters chant the prayer to Satan. After Jerathmiel and Mehitable have uttered the prayer, Sabrina mocks them by telling them "Well done!" before noting how quick they were in turning on their "False God." When Jerathmiel demands to know what she is, Sabrina responds that she is the Dark Lord’s Sword before burning them alive in the presence of the other witches and warlocks. Sabrina uses her powers to resurrect Elspeth and Melvin from the dead. The Weird Sisters smile triumphantly as Sabrina hovers victoriously over the fallen angels. Harvey enters the desecrated church. Sabrina turns to face him, with her eyes a pale white.[19]


Sabrina lies lifeless in the dormitory

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, Harvey carries an unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy of Unseen Arts. He is followed by the Weird Sisters, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining liberated students. Nick tells Harvey that Aunt Hilda is in the dormitory. Hilda has not yet finished patching up Ambrose. She panics and tells them to leave the arrows inside Sabrina until she has finished tending to Ambrose. Sabrina tells them she can help and rises from the bed, fully healed. She walks to Ambrose and lays her hands on him. She tells him that he is strong and that his wounds are stitching themselves shut. Sabrina heals Ambrose and tells him that he will be just fine. Hilda and the others are shocked by Sabrina's miracles.


Sabrina thanks Harvey for helping

Nick advises Harvey to leave and Sabrina backs up Nick by telling Harvey that it is too dangerous for him to remain in the Academy. Harvey wants to stay, but Sabrina offers to walk him out. Harvey likens Sabrina's new powers to the character Phoenix from the X-Men comics. Harvey explains that Jean Grey was a powerful mutant who was saved by the cosmic Phoenix Force when she was on the verge of death. He explains that when she was floating she did not look like herself and asks what was that. Sabrina assures Harvey she is fine now and promises to see him at school tomorrow. She thanks Harvey for catching her and kisses him. Sabrina is being watched by Nick, who is jealous of Harvey.


Nick wishes he was there to catch Sabrina

At the Spellman household, Sabrina is soaking herself in a hot bath as she chats with Salem regarding her recent emergence of power. Sabrina tells Salem that there must have been a reason why she came back. Nick says he wished that he was in the desecrated church with her. Sabrina realizes that he was eavesdropping on her and Harvey, and warns him that this is uncharted territory. She asks if he can handle it. Nick says that is what warlock boyfriends are for and the two embrace each other.

Ambrose asks Sabrina how she is doing considering what happened last night. Sabrina insists she is fine. Ambrose says that he and Hilda are just worried about her. Hilda says that Sabrina is not a healer, but Sabrina retorts maybe she did not know that she had the power to heal. She says that she will go and asks Ms. Wardwell. Hilda insists that Sabrina stay home until Aunt Zelda gets back from her honeymoon. Ambrose reminds them of his impending execution. Sabrina responds that Ambrose should be pardoned for his role in defending the Academy and asks if someone can testify on his behalf. Ambrose responds that the only ones who know the truth are him, Faustus Blackwood, and his dead familiar Leviathan. Hilda suggests they have a picnic indoors, but Sabrina says maybe the weather could clear up. She uses her new-found powers to stop the rain and to bring sunny weather, startling both Ambrose and Hilda.


Sabrina goes to Baxter High in search of Ms. Wardwell

At Baxter High, Sabrina asks Mrs. Meeks if she has seen Ms. Wardwell. Meeks says that Ms. Wardwell is having an upset stomach and should be back tomorrow. Sabrina decides to research this matter herself.


Sabrina recounts her encounter with the witch-hunters

In Baxter High's library, Sabrina speaks with Theo and Rosalind, who have been informed about what has happened with the angelic hunters by Harvey. Sabrina thanks Roz for saving her life, as it was Roz who warned her of Jerathmiel. Considering that she saved her cousin life by touching his wounds, Roz asks if Sabrina can heal her, explaining that her dad had talked about sending her to a school for the blind. Roz is scared that if she goes there, she will never come back. Sabrina reassures Roz she doesn't need spells.


Sabrina restores Roz' sight

Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo take Rosalind into the bathroom. Sabrina turns the sink on and touches the water. She tells Roz to wash her eyes out with the tap water. Harvey and Theo lead Roz to the sink. Roz washes her eyes and suddenly she can see again. Roz is amazed and relieved that she has regained her sight. She thanks Sabrina and hugs her friends. They are joined by Aunt Hilda, and Roz tells Hilda that Sabrina lifted the curse on her. Hilda then tells Sabrina that she has to return because they have been summoned back by the Council at the Academy as Zelda and Blackwood are back from their honeymoon.

At the Academy, Father Blackwood tells Sabrina that he and Zelda were recalled from their honeymoon to deal with the emergency caused by the witch-hunters. After interviewing her classmates, Blackwood tells Sabrina that she has displayed some miraculous abilities. Sabrina responds that she was only saving her fellow witches. Father Blackwood tells her to address him as his Unholy Eminence due to his status as Anti-Pope. Methuselah reminds Blackwood that he is only Interim Anti-Pope.


Father Blackwood interrogates Sabrina

Blackwood asks how can a first-year, half-mortal student levitate, resurrect the dead, and kill angels. Sabrina responds by recounting the story of Pandora's jar, arguing that the gods armed her for destruction and vengeance. To dissuade Blackwood from asking her about those miracles, she asks if he really wants to open that lid. Father Blackwood takes offence, but Sabrina responds that he should be thanking her. Methuselah thanks Sabrina for her work, but tells her to stay within Academy walls while the Council investigates the matter of her miracles. Hilda gets permission to spend time with Zelda. Methuselah allows Sabrina and Nick to roam the school grounds but orders that Ambrose be returned to his cell.


Sabrina and Nick theorize where she gained her powers from

In the Academy's cafeteria, Sabrina notices that the other students are all terrified of her. As she and Nick sit down, he explains that she died and brought herself back from the dead. He describes her feats as miracles. Sabrina says she has never done them before. She talks about healing her mortal friend Roz without a spell or a sacrifice. Nick explains that is not how their witchcraft works since it always involves an incantation. Sabrina suggests that she is not a normal witch and that being half-mortal may be allowing her to tap into these mystical energies. Sabrina thinks that she was given these gifts to make the world a better place and that was why her father's vision for the Church of Night hinged on a union between witches and mortals. To produce as Nick put it, "witches 2.0." Sabrina thinks she has been resurrected to spread her father’s Gospel. Nick warns her to be careful because the Council will not like their authority to be challenged by a 16-year-old girl. Sabrina vows not to be silenced but admits that she does not know how to go around spreading her Gospel. The two are joined by Melvin and Elspeth. Elspeth asks what Sabrina was talking about and Sabrina replies that she was talking about her father's teachings.


Sabrina preaches her father's will

Back in the cafeteria, Sabrina tells Nick, Melvin, Elspeth, and the other Academy students that her father was in the process of reforming the Church of Night before he died. She explains that one of his key tenets was that it was the sacred prerogative for witches to mingle with mortals. Elspeth says that goes against everything that Father Blackwood has taught them. Sabrina responds that Blackwood is taking them down the path of isolation, intolerance, and xenophobia. Sabrina believes that their future and survival depends on the union between witchkind and mortals.


Sabrina makes it rain rose pedals

Prudence enters the cafeteria with Dorcas and Agatha and mocks Sabrina's ideas. Prudence says that mortals hate and fear witches and is astounded that Sabrina expects witches to be with them. Sabrina counters that her father married a mortal. Prudence disagrees. Knowing that she is unable to convince Prudence and the Weird Sisters with her words, Sabrina uses her powers to cause rose petals to fall. Prudence is frightened and asks Sabrina how she is doing this.


Sabrina and Nick are allowed to adjourn their studies

At the Academy, Methuselah announces that the Council has come to a decision. Due to their heroic efforts in combating the angels, he allows Sabrina and Nick to continue their studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts with full privileges. Hilda asks about Ambrose. Methuselah announces that Ambrose will be executed per witch law and custom. Sabrina and Hilda protest that Ambrose was being controlled by his familiar which Father Blackwood gave him. Father Blackwood asks where is this alleged familiar now and why he has not been presented as evidence.


Methuselah gives Sabrina and Hilda 24 hours to prove Ambrose's innocence

When the Council asks about the familiar, Sabrina explains that he was inside Ambrose when the Anti-Pope was murdered. She thinks that Ambrose was puppetered into committing murder. Hilda vouches for Ambrose's role in repelling the witch-hunters and says that he stayed to warn the children. Methuselah gives Sabrina and Hilda 24 hours to present the familiar or Ambrose will be executed by guillotine. Sabrina tries to protest, but Father Blackwood sets the hour glass. Methuselah reiterates his conditions.


Sabrina resurrects Leviathan

At Dorian's Gray Room, Dorian Gray expresses doubt that they will ever find Ambrose's Leviathan. Nick returns after having found Leviathan's corpse at the very bottom of the dumpster. He unwraps a napkin containing the mouse's body. Dorian asks what good is a dead familiar. Sabrina uses her powers to bring Leviathan from the dead and the mouth begins squeaking. She asks Leviathan if he knows the truth about her cousin Ambrose. Sabrina, who can understand the mouse's language, says that he does and that he will tell the Council about Father Blackwood’s role in the Anti-Pope’s death. Nick says they should get Leviathan somewhere safe since there are eyes and ears all around.

At the Spellman household, Sabrina places Leviathan in a glass case. She tells Hilda the good news about resurrecting Leviathan. Sabrina hopes that Leviathan will be able to testify at Ambrose’s trial. When Hilda asks if she had to sacrifice any creature to resurrect Leviathan, Sabrina tells her that she did not. She resurrected him through her own powers. Hilda warns her that everything has a price. Sabrina disagrees and says that she has tapped into a different kind of magic that is not cause and effect based. Hilda warns Sabrina that she is wrecking up a cosmic debt that the world has never seen.


Sabrina wants to reveal the existence of witches

While Hilda warns Sabrina that her activities will attract the attention of mortals, the entranced Zelda searches for the mouse. Sabrina says that she wants to share her gifts with the world. Hilda warns that the most terrible things happen to witches when they reveal themselves to mortals. When Sabrina raises her parents' relationship, Hilda counters that Edward Spellman revealed his identity as a warlock to her mother Diana over time. Sabrina responds that Hilda revealed her identity to Dr. Cerberus overnight. Hilda takes offense and says that he is someone that she loves and trust. Sabrina says that now is not the time for discretion since Ambrose's life is in danger. Sabrina is determined to bring her vision of uniting witchkind with mortals to the Council. Hilda is skeptical, but Sabrina says that she came back from the dead with powers she cannot understand. While Sabrina and Hilda are arguing, Hilda hears something being ground to shreds. Zelda grinds Leviathan to death. Sabrina and Hilda confront Zelda, who responds that one must not simply keep a mouse in the house.


Hilda and Sabrina realize that Zelda is under a spell

Hilda realizes that Zelda is under a Caligari spell, an old spell that warlocks used to control wives when they got "uppity." She explains that it turns them into somnambulists or sleep walkers. Hilda realizes that Father Blackwood must have put a spell on her during their honeymoon and that he must be controlling her with a music box in a chamber in the Academy. Zelda begins cleaning up the remains while Hilda describes the music box to Sabrina. Sabrina uses her new-found powers to beam the music box into the Spellmans' kitchen. Zelda wants to get squashed lemons to freshen up the room while Hilda and Sabrina fiddle with the enchanted music box. They find a picture of Zelda and break the mechanism. Zelda quickly snaps out of her entranced state and asks what the hell is she wearing as the music comes to a stop. Sabrina and Hilda breathe a sigh of relief.


Sabrina is prepared to take on the Council

Zelda says that it was torture being conscious while Father Blackwood made her dance to his infernal tune. Zelda says that she was aware every second and yet unable to make her own choices. Zelda acknowledges that Sabrina was right about Father Blackwood and tells them they must act quickly. She explains that Ambrose's impending execution is just one step in his plans to topple the Spellmans. Zelda says that Blackwood wants Sabrina to manifest her new abilities in the presence of the Council so that they can burn her as a heretic. Sabrina vows that she will not let Ambrose be executed. Zelda warns her that the Council is comprised of extremely powerful, albeit old, warlocks. She tells Sabrina not to underestimate them. But the three of them together stand a chance. Zelda now has to return to the Academy and play the role of the biddable wife in order not to arouse Father Blackwood's suspicions. And Sabrina magically returns the music box to the Academy. Zelda departs and takes Leviathan's remains with her.

The following day at the desecrated church, the Church of Night have gathered for the execution of Ambrose. Sabrina, Nick, Hilda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Zelda, Dorcas, Agatha, Elsepth, and Melvin are in attendance. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as plan. Father Blackwood is jubilant while Zelda plays the role of the biddable wife. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. Father Blackwood orders the executioner to carry out the sentence despite Ambrose's defiance. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Ambrose laughs. Blackwood asks Prudence how Sabrina did it, but Prudence says that Sabrina did not move or blink. It is Hilda who is holding a pair of pruning shears and a decapitated poppet.

While Ambrose laughs, Blackwood orders Marcus Pierce to carry out the sentence. Sabrina dares Blackwood to execute Ambrose himself. Ambrose howls in protest, but Blackwood instead orders Sabrina to carry out the execution. Before Sabrina can do it, there is a high-pitched screech followed by a shout of "Enough!" The Dark Lord appears. As the congregation bows, he asks Father Blackwood if he is so blind to His will. Fearing he knows about his treachery, Blackwood stutters for a respectful response only for Satan to tell him "Silence Pretender." Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release.


Sabrina plans to show mortals a miracle

In the woods, Sabrina proposes that Nick and other like-minded individuals gather at her house to celebrate Ambrose's pardon and discuss her father's controversial doctrines. Nick thinks it may not be such a good idea, but Sabrina thinks that recent events provide the opportunity for her to disseminate her father's teachings. She believes that it is her destiny to bring the witch and mortal worlds together. Sabrina proposes inviting both her witch and mortal friends to her place tonight. Nick is skeptical that this will be a good idea. Sabrina proposes showing them a miracle in front of mortals. Nick thinks this is risky, but reluctantly agrees to help her gather Academy students who are willing to mix with mortals. He asks Sabrina which mortals she has in mind.

Sabrina meets with Rosalind who agrees to come. Roz confides that there are kids in her church who want something to believe in. Sabrina asks if Roz will invite Harvey and Theo. She says that she will try, but that they have been missing in action, especially Harvey.


Roz, Nick, and Sabrina at the party

At the Spellman household, Hilda encourages Ambrose to eat. The three share a toast. The bell rings and Sabrina reminds them of the meeting she had organized. Sabrina receives many visitors including some of Roz' friends. Rosalind explains that church kids are drawn by food and music. Nick adds that Agatha and Dorcas also invited their friends and thinks that tonight should be a party rather than a "coming out" party. Sabrina asks Roz if she heard anything about Harvey and Theo.


Nick and Sabrina discuss her revealing her powers

Sabrina wonders what her father would think about her bringing witches and mortals together. Nick says that her father would be proud of her and that he is also proud of her. She wants witches and mortals to come together. Nick supports Sabrina’s decision to follow her father’s doctrine. Sabrina is prepared to step out the shadows. Nick wonders where that would leave him and Sabrina since her father's doctrine is based on the union of mortals and witches. How could Sabrina preach that gospel without living it. Sabrina explains that she's about to step into the great unknown, and he's the one by her side, holding her hand. Sabrina kisses Nick and says it is time to show her powers to the others and asks if he will catch her if she falls.


Sabrina prepares to show the moral world that she's a witch

Back at the Spellman household, Nick, Rosalind, Dorcas, Agatha, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining party-goers head outside. Nick reassures Rosalind that Sabrina can be do provide a miracle to the mortals. Roz affirms her faith in her friend. Someone spots Sabrina standing on the top of her roof with a broomstick. Hilda is shocked to see Sabrina on the roof and orders her to get down now. Ambrose tells Hilda that Sabrina’s plans are going to change things, but maybe not for the better. Sabrina addresses her friends and says that her father saw a world where witches and mortals can be together. Before she can continue, she is interrupted by Harvey, who tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Theo reveals that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see.

Inside the mines, Harvey and Theo show Sabrina, Nick, and Rosalind a mural of Sabrina around several candles. Harvey asks Sabrina what the mural means. Nick explains it's a prophecy. Sabrina realizes that she is the Herald of Hell and thinks that it means that she is evil.[20]


Sabrina and her friends discuss the prophecy

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina experiences flashbacks leading up to the revelation of Sabrina as the Dark Lord's herald. Roz thinks they should not worry but Sabrina thinks that it is no coincidence that the mural depicting her is centuries if not thousands of years old. Nick says that it is definitely apocalyptic and infernal in nature. Harvey is quick to snap at Nick, as his commentary is unnecessary. He then says he should go and seal back Tunnel 13. Theo adds hide the albino witch that he killed. Nick vows that he and Sabrina will get answers. Sabrina gets Harvey’s permission to show the drawing to someone that might help them.

Nick tells Sabrina that they should go to the Academy of Unseen Arts and have Cassius find every book he has about the Apocalypse, prophecies, and being the Herald or Satan. Sabrina agrees but says they should visit Ms Wardwell due to her knowledge of these things.


Sabrina and Nick seek Ms. Wardwell’s assistance

Sabrina shows Harvey's drawing of her as Satan’s herald. Posing as Ms Wardwell, Lilith says that the drawing seems to suggest that Sabrina is some Herald of Hell and that she will bring a key role in bring the Apocalypse, which will see the tribes of witchkind and mortals enslaved by the hordes of Hell, with the Devil presiding over everything. When Nick asks her how she learned this knowledge, Ms Wardwell claims to have been a student of Nostradamus. Lilith explains that the End Times is usually preceded by the opening of the Gates of Hell. When Sabrina asks why she was picked as the Herald of Hell, Lilith says that it is because her half-witch, half-mortal identity; she represents the two tribes to be tyrannized. Sabrina realizes that her identity as Satan's Herald explains her newfound powers and energies. Sabrina thinks that she can't be killed but says that she doesn’t want to fulfill the prophecy.

Sabrina asks how she can stop the prophecy from happening. Lilith advises her to divest herself of these powers and claims there are many ways to do so. Lilith suggests using the mandrake spell, while warning that it would cause Sabrina to lose many of her witch powers, rendering her essentially mortal. Nick objects to this as being a witch is who she is but Lilith points out that Sabrina is a half-witch. Sabrina is open to the idea but Nick insists on finding another way and leaves. Before Sabrina leaves, Lilith tells her to consider her suggestion about the mandrake spell. After Sabrina has left, she orders Adam to follow her and to kill her once she is vulnerable and alone.


Sabrina and Nick embrace each other

Nick tells Sabrina that she doesn't have to bear the weight of the world on her shoulders alone. Sabrina asks if there is no way that her father knew that she was a key piece in the Apocalypse. Nick replies that he doesn't know and says that her father wrote a lot of things but not prophecies. Sabrina tells Nick to use his special access to the Sanctum's collection to find any evidence that her father knew something about the prophecy. Nick warns Sabrina not to do anything rash until they have more information. Sabrina promises and the two embrace each other. Nick leaves the Spellman household.


Sabrina asks Ambrose for help

Sabrina informs her cousin Ambrose about the prophecy and tells him not to tell her aunts. Sabrina tells him they can stop the Apocalypse from happening. Ambrose listens as Sabrina explains her plan to create a doppelganger of herself using one of Hilda's mandrake spells. Sabrina explains that the mandrake will siphon off her darker energies and that it will grow using those energies. Ambrose deduces that she will immediately kill it and thus releasing those energies into the universe. Sabrina thinks that this will prevent the prophecy from taking place but Ambrose points out that she doesn't fully understand the prophecy. Ambrose questions the authenticity of the prophecy but Sabrina says that she can feel it in her bones. Sabrina believes that her Dark Baptism was a prelude to her destiny to becoming the Herald of Hell. Ambrose thinks that Sabrina’s plan amounts to suicide and that she will age like a mortal. Her becoming mortal would hurt her family. Sabrina says that she came to Ambrose because she hoped that he could understand that her life is not her own, she is little more than a pawn in the Dark Lord's "perverse game." She is not making this decision lightly and affirms her love for her family and Nick. She is prepared to make this sacrifice to avert the End of Days by relinquishing her powers. Ambrose agrees to help and says they need a mandrake root from Aunt Hilda’s garden and thirteen hours.


Ambrose performs Mandrake spell on Sabrina

Later in the mortuary, Ambrose chants in Latin over Sabrina, who is a lying on a bed. The mandrake is situated on the next bed. He tells her to sleep while he watches over her. Sabrina thanks her cousin. Ambrose drinks something and watches over Sabrina.

The following morning, Sabrina awakes from her sleep and finds that the mandrake hasn’t transformed. She asks Ambrose what they can do, thinking that the mandrake spell hasn't work. Ambrose proposes making a golem out of river mud and destroying it when it animates. Sabrina asks if they must go to Sweetwater River and mold a double. Ambrose says that if she is determined to shed herself of her powers then yes. He tells her they must drown it in the river. Sabrina and Ambrose tell Aunt Hilda that they are going out for bagels and coffee.


Mandrake Sabrina is happy to be alive

Back at the Spellman home, Hilda encounters Mandrake Sabrina, who is dressed in blue and greets her. The mandrake spell worked after all. She says that she woke up feeling excited to be here and to be alive. She asks Hilda to make her blueberry pancakes for breakfast, Sabrina's favorite. She devours the pancakes voraciously and tells Hilda that she is going to see all her friends. Before leaving, she asks Hilda to hug her.


Mandrake Sabrina expresses her love for Harvey

Elsewhere in Greendale, Mandrake Sabrina visits Harvey and asks about him expressing his love for her when he came to her house. Harvey responds that is not what he said. The mandrake responds that Harvey gave her a brooch when he told her that he loved her and asks if that is a lie. Harvey says no and the mandrake says she knows it wasn’t. She hugs him and expresses her love for him. Harvey explains that their relationship is over but the mandrake reiterates that she loves him. Harvey is confused and says they are still friends and that he is now in love with Roz. The mandrake replies that she knows how to make him love her and only her. She summons her powers and her eyes turn white.


Mandrake Sabrina confronts Roz

Later, Mandrake Sabrina visits Roz's house. Roz notices that she is upset. The mandrake says that she came to clear the air with her about Harvey. She claims that Harvey will always love her and that they should not fight over a boy because she is her best friend. The mandrake warns Roz to never come between them. Harvey touches the mandrake's arm and experiences a Cunning vision of the mandrake substituting another mandrake for herself during the ritual. Roz realizes that she is not Sabrina, enraging the mandrake who summons magic and her eyes turn white.


Mandrake Sabrina wants to help Theo look like a real boy

Meanwhile, Mandrake Sabrina visits Theo, claiming that she has a "fun idea" to help his transition. The mandrake offers to transform him into a real boy. Theo counters that he already sees himself as a real boy. Mandrake Sabrina offers to change his body but Theo replies that he does not need to change his body to be a real boy. The mandrake offers to end the confusion that she is a girl on the boy's basketball team. Theo replies that the boys on the team respect him for who he is. When the mandrake asks why he won't let her fix her, Theo pushes her away and tells her that he is not broken. The mandrake tells him that he has been awfully mean and summons magic.

Back at the Spellman household, Sabrina returns home and is greeted by Nick. She tells him that Ambrose is waiting by the Sweetwater River to see if her golem animates. Nick says he has found something that changes everything. Sabrina tells him to give her five minutes to clean up.


Nick saves Sabrina

While Sabrina is bathing, Lilith's scarecrow enters through the front door. In the bathroom, Sabrina is confronted by a hooded figure. She tries to summon magic but the scarecrow grabs her. Nick hears her screams. Lilith’s scarecrow tries to drown her but Nick fights it off. The scarecrow grabs Nick's neck but he manages to disable it by pulling out Lilith’s rib, deactivating the enchanted scarecrow.

Later, Sabrina explains that she tried banishing it but that nothing happened. Sabrina tells Nick that she and Ambrose performed the mandrake ritual and realizes that it worked. Nick realizes that there is a mandrake double of her out there. Sabrina realizes that she is mortal. Nick says that he begged her not to do it. Sabrina responds that she could not let her legacy be the destruction of the world. Nick admits that he only cares about her.


Sabrina and Nick research about prophecies

Sabrina tells him to be stronger than he has ever been, even for her sake. Nick says he couldn't find anything in her father's writings about prophecies. However, he found the Codex Prognostica in the Tome of Tomes, which he describes as the definitive collection of all infernal prophecies. Nick says he narrowed his search to prophecies focusing on women and found an obscure footnote about a prophecy about a half-shadow girl who will precipitate the End of Days by performing a series of Satanic perversions that mock the Nazarene’s path on Earth. He describes them as Satanic versions of the miracles Jesus performed in the Bible. When Sabrina asks for details about the miracles, Nick lists an exorcism, raising the dead, crossing into limbo, and restoring eyesight to the blind. Sabrina recalls her role in the exorcism of Jesse Putnam, her attempt to ressurect Tommy Kinkle, and restoring Roz's sight; instances where "Ms Wardwell" was present in all of them. Nick reassures her that she hasn't committed any more perversions of Jesus' miracles. Sabrina recalls that she did all those miracles at Ms Wardwell's behest. Nick asks why "Ms Wardwell" would want her to give up her powers.

Sabrina says that she found out about the prophecy and did not want to see it completed. She deduces that "Ms Wardwell" therefore told her to create a Sabrina that would do her dirty work and bring about the End of Times. Nick thinks that "Ms Wardwell" sent the scarecrow to kill her, deducing the rib to be hers. Sabrina realizes that "Ms Wardwell" has been manipulating her all this time.


Nick and Sabrina confront Ms. Wardwell

Sabrina and Nick confront Ms. Wardwell about her role in Jesse's exorcism, going into limbo, signing her name in the Book of the Beast, and manipulating Sabrina into conjuring hellfire to consume the Greenwood Thirteen. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell whose bidding is she serving, the Dark Lord, her father, or her own. Nick presents her the rib which she had been using to control the scarecrow that tried to kill her. Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell that her manipulations are over and demands to know where her doppelganger is. Ms. Wardwell claims that she doesn’t know what Sabrina is talking about. Sabrina reiterates her demand but Ms. Wardwell says she doesn't know. Nick tells her to bind Ms. Wardwell while she goes out to kill her double. She vows to kill Ms. Wardwell when she returns. Ms. Wardwell tries to talk to Sabrina but Nick restrains her by tying a rope around her rib.


Mandrake Sabrina fights Judas Society boys

Meanwhile, Mandrake Sabrina is cornered by Father Blackwood's Judas Society boys. She claims that she is going to check on her friends but they tell her that she is a loud-mouthed bitch who doesn't have friends. Mandrake Sabrina replies that she does not like their tone. One of the boys promises to end it quickly. The Judas Society draws their blades but Mandrake Sabrina uses her powers to suspend them before slitting their throats with her magic.

Ambrose finds the distraught Mandrake Sabrina at the Spellman house, who tells her that her friends Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo are dead with their heads smashed in and their bodies pulped. Ambrose tells her that she is not making any sense. The mandrake says they were so beautiful and asks why anyone would want to kill those souls, saying that they would have grown up together. The mandrake says she just wanted them to love her and asks if Ambrose loves her.


Sabrina and her Mandrake prepare for a pistol duel

Ambrose tells her to lie down and that he will be back. Mandrake Sabrina asks if she can lie on his lap and asks him to comfort her. She pleads with him not to reject her. Sabrina returns and tells Ambrose to stay away from that impostor. Ambrose realizes that the mandrake spell worked. The mandrake claims that she is the one true Sabrina, the one with the sacred magics handed down by their ancestors. She calls Sabrina a pathetic, powerless mortal and tells Ambrose to kill her. She says she wished that she done it herself and pleads with Ambrose to kill Sabrina. Sabrina responds that if her doppelganger knew Ambrose, she would know that he would never hurt her. Ambrose changes his tune and says that it would be dishonourable for a Spellman to kill Sabrina with magic and proposes settling the matter with a pistol duel. The mandrake says that she has never heard of such a Witch law but Sabrina responds that her cousin is always teaching her new things. She says that it seems like a dignified honorable end for the two of them unless her doppelganger is not honorable. The mandrake insists she is honorable and accepts the duel. Sabrina accepted. The mandrake tells her to meet at the place they were born at the witching hour.

Back at the Spellman household, Sabrina has second thoughts about the duel. Ambrose tries to encourage her but warns that she will never get her witch powers back once she kills her doppelganger. Sabrina asks if there is any other way to stop the prophecy and if it will hurt the mandrake. Ambrose replies the mandrake is a vegetable but that it is also her and has all her thoughts, wants, and needs. He says that the mandrake just wants to exist and to be loved. He explains that the mandrake's weakness is that it has the mind of a newborn and hasn’t learned things like strategy.


Sabrina shoots the Mandrake

Meanwhile, Sabrina and Ambrose meet with the mandrake. The mandrake asks if there is not other way this could play out and wishes for the best for both their sakes. Ambrose presents the pistols and issues the rules. The two Sabrinas turn their backs and move to a distance. Sabrina shoots at her doppelganger after the countdown. Before falling, the mandrake says that Sabrina shot early and that it was not fair. Sabrina responds no it is not. She comforts her dying doppelganger and tells her that it will be okay. She tells her doppelganger that she is so sorry and strokes her head. Ambrose reassures Sabrina that it was a mercy killing that had to be done. He says that he hoped they have stopped the Apocalypse from happening.

Just then, Nick arrives with Lilith. Sabrina says it is over but Nick responds that it is the last act. Lilith adds that it is the final step in the prophecy. Just then lightning strikes a stone table. Lilith says that the prophecy is being fulfilled and that the End of Days is upon them. She vows that the Dark Lord will walk the Earth in its true form and that she will sit by his side and rule as his Queen. Thunder strikes and Sabrina experiences a vision of herself as Satan's Queen.[21]


Sabrina, Nick and Ambrose warn the Spellman aunts

Sabrina returns home with Nick and Ambrose. Zelda asks her where she has been all night, scolding her for the troubles she put them through. Sabrina warns Zelda and Hilda about the events about to unfold in Greendale. "Ms. Wardwell" manipulated her into fulfilling a prophecy meant to bring about the end of the world. Because of her, the Dark Lord has assumed his true form and is in Greendale. Moreover, the Gates of Hell are about to open, releasing the hordes of Hell. According to the prophecy Nick found, the Dark Lord's plan is to enslave the tribes of human and witch-kind and to rule over everything with his demon army. Ambrose adds that Sabrina created a mandrake that's absorbed all her witch powers. But that is not even the worst of it. What's worse than Sabrina being mortal, Zelda scoffs. Sabrina is meant to rule by the Dark Lord’s side as his Queen. Zelda objects vehemently to her niece being his child bride because Sabrina is too young and vows to stand against the Dark Lord for her family.


Harvey, Roz and Theo offer to help out

Working together, the Spellmans and Nick build a protection around the house. Nick tells Sabrina that they need to find where in Greendale the Dark Lord is. Shortly after, Harvey, Roz and Theo arrive. Sabrina reassures her friends that she is the real Sabrina and not the doppelgänger. Harvey demands to know what is going on. Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord is in Greendale and that he wants to jumpstart the Apocalypse by opening the Gates of Hell. Harvey deduces that the Gates of Hell are in the mines and offers to help. Nick advises him to sit this out but Harvey convinces Sabrina to let him and her other friends help. Despite Nick advising against, Sabrina tells her friends to locate the gate and find a way to keep the Dark Lord's forces from opening the doorway. Harvey suggests dynamite and Sabrina approves of the plan. From the Mortuary, Zelda calls Sabrina inside, but not before Sabrina kisses Nick goodbye telling him to be careful and stick to the shadows.


Sabrina reveals the Dark Lord's plans to Zelda and Hilda

Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda is perplexed because the Satanic Bible does not speak of the world being destroyed and remade into a Hell on Earth. However, it makes perfect sense for Sabrina. The Dark Lord wanted the Churches of Darkness to serve him so he kept the truth from them. But this time it's not just Greendale at stake, it's the world. Zelda vows to protect Sabrina at all costs, as she may be the centerpiece to all of the Dark Lord's plans. This makes Sabrina think her father knew. Zelda takes offense about Sabrina's insinuation of her father conniving with the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord needed her because she was a girl who represented the two tribes, Sabrina explains. He wants to rule over witches and humankind, so why not have her father marry her mortal mother? Even if that is a possibility, Zelda vows to not let Sabrina be the Dark Lord's Queen. Ambrose returns with the Demonicon, announcing that he has found something useful; the Melmoth spell. It involves carving a sigil into her soul, which will keep her hidden from the Dark Lord provided she's constantly moving.


Lilith comes to retrieve Sabrina

Lilith warns them that nobody can run from the Dark Lord, as she's experienced that herself. Startled by her presence, they all turn to her as Sabrina explains how "Ms. Wardwell" has been plotting against her with the Dark Lord. When asked how she got past the onions, Lilith explains that she does not have the same aversion to onions that the Dark Lord has. Lilith tells Sabrina to come along but her aunts and Ambrose assume a defensive stance. Terrible odds for a witch, Ambrose says. But she is no witch, at least not a full witch. Sabrina deduces that "Ms. Wardwell" is actually Lilith, which means she killed her favorite teacher and has been posing as her to serve the Dark Lord. Lilith reiterates the Dark Lord's demands and warns that the Dark Lord will destroy everything and everyone in his path should she resist. Sabrina acquiesces despite her family's protests. She explains that she needs answers about her father and mother. Hilda warns Sabrina that she will be like a lamb led to the slaughter. Ambrose volunteers to go with her but Lilith says that Sabrina can only take her familiar Salem with her.


Sabrina and Lilith sit as they wait for the Dark Lord

Back at the Academy, Lilith tells Sabrina that the Dark Lord won't be long and that he will want everything to be perfect. Sabrina recalls her role as Lilith in the Passion Play, she always wondered why Lilith bends to the Dark Lord and does his bidding. Lilith explains that she promised; serve him faithfully and she would become Queen of Hell. And you believed him, Sabrina questions. Lilith scoffs and merely tells her she wouldn't understand. At first, the Dark Lord was kind and gentle. They would spend their days near the place he'd fallen and hit Earth, where thousands of years later would become the town of Greendale. Maybe that's why Greendale's so messed up, Sabrina remarks. Lilith explains that Greendale is a nexus and a cursed place. When Sabrina asks what happened next, Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord turned into a dark, horned creature after the fall of humanity. But Lilith continued to serve the Dark Lord because that is all she ever knew. Sabrina dismisses her for being weak.


Sabrina rejects the Dark Lord's advancements

Dorian arrives to inform them that the Dark Lord is ready and takes them to the Gray Room. At the far end of the mahogany table, the Dark Lord welcomes Sabrina and her familiar Salem. Not bothering with small talk, she asks what he wants from her. The Dark Lord demands respect and love but settles for gratitude. Sabrina asks why she should be grateful to him. The Dark Lord says that he gave her beauty, strength, and power above all other mortals. However, she did not ask for those things, but the Dark Lord thinks otherwise. The truth is that she's loved the power he has given her, reveled in it. He compliments Sabrina for her wrath and describes her as the fit consort He has been waiting for millennia. When Sabrina suggests Lilith, the Dark Lord responds that Lilith knows that her purpose is to serve. Sabrina's purpose, however, is to blow the Horn of Gabriel for him, opening the Gates of the Pit for the aristocracy of Hell to attend her coronation. She will wear the Crown, sit on the throne, and remake the world in Hell’s image once they have danced the Mephisto Waltz. He vows that all the demonic hordes will be freed and that the two of them will reign over Hell on Earth for all eternity. Well, that's certainly not an option for Sabrina, she has school to attend. The Dark Lord laughs and reminds her that she said no every step of the way and yet here they are. It's about time she accepted that the Path of Night is her only path and that every choice that she has made has led her here. He says that He has made quite sure of that and reveals that Nick Scratch has helped advance his plan.


Sabrina reveals to her aunts that the Dark Lord is her father

Sabrina returns home with Salem and breaks the news to her family. Sabrina asks if her father Edward would offer up her mother Diana to the Dark Lord. Zelda says that Edward loved Diana and would never do that. Hilda says that might be true. Ambrose and Zelda react with shock but Hilda reminds Zelda that she was Diana's midwife. Hilda tells Sabrina that her mother struggled to produce a child so that she and Edward went to the Dark Lord who blessed them with a child. Hilda then recalls that Diana came to her and was worried about Sabrina because she thought that the baby wasn't Edward's. Zelda is shocked and asked why the Dark Lord would do such a thing. Ambrose explains that he has read apocryphal books on Satanic lore and that the Dark Lord perverts the Holy Trinity by siring a babe of witch, mortal, and infernal blood. He deduces this was part of the Dark Lord's plan to instigate the apocalypse. As the rain pours down, Sabrina realizes that the Dark Lord tricked her father and used her mother and that he now expects her to fall in line. Sabrina vows to defy Satan and says that she will always be a Spellman. She vows to fight the Dark Lord but admits she doesn't know how. Lilith returns and says she has an idea about how to fight the Dark Lord.


Lilith tells the Spellmans how to kill the Dark Lord

Back at the Spellman house, Zelda questions why they should trust Lilith. Lilith responds that Sabrina's defiance has given her hope that her story isn't finished, but they're not buying it. Lilith cuts out the act and states plainly that all she wants is the Throne and Crown, and if that means she has to gut the bastard then so be it. Sabrina says that Lilith is at least being honest. Hilda asks how they can defeat the Dark Lord since he is kind of a "god". Lilith points out that the Dark Lord has never been a god but is merely a fallen angel, a creature of the cosmos. While the Dark Lord is powerfully ageless, she reassures them that she has seen Satan bleed. She tells them that she knows his weak spots if they wish to listen. As Sabrina is currently powerless, the Spellman family will be the secret weapon. The Dark Lord will be expecting her in the woods alone, but Lilith reassures Sabrina that she won’t be alone and unarmed. She asks if anyone here knows how to smelt. They turn to Ambrose, who wields a blade of pure iron. Lilith says the blade won't kill the Dark Lord but will distract him and that they have to do exactly as she says.


Lilith's plan to kill the Dark Lord fails

In the woods, Lilith tells Sabrina to exploit the Dark Lord's greatest weakness: his arrogance, pride, and ego. She must flatter the Dark Lord and be in his thrall and should keep him facing her at all times. Lilith explains that the Dark Lord has two wounds on his back which have never fully healed, where his wings were ripped from His body. Lilith’s plan involves Sabrina trapping his foot with a horseshoe so that her aunts can stab him in the back with daggers forged in Megiddo, where Christianity was born. The Spellmans carry out Lilith's plan but the Dark Lord reveals that only the Spear of Longinus can kill him. He points the daggers at Zelda and Hilda's neck and throws Ambrose to the ground. The Dark Lord forces Sabrina to pick up Gabriel’s Horn in return for sparing the lives of her aunts. Sabrina grabs the horn from that altar and blows Gabriel’s Horn. The Devil says that the damnation game begins. He warns Sabrina not to defy him again and tells the Spellmans they are expected at her coronation. Ambrose asks now what. Sabrina says that we pray that Harvey, Theo and Roz are nowhere near the Gates right now.


Lilith helps Sabrina get ready for the ball

Back at the Spellman household, Lilith apologizes for the failure of their plot and says that she has been sent by the Dark Lord to prepare Sabrina for the ball. Lilith tells Sabrina she will make a wonderful queen. However, Sabrina says that the fight is not over and that she has been looking through the spell books on ways to fight the Dark Lord. She tells Lilith that she has been reading her father's journals. Sabrina says that Edward Spellman is more her father than the Dark Lord. Lilith leaves to prepare the demonic aristocracy. Sabrina tells Salem that she will find a way.


Sabrina and Nick have a new plan

Sabrina reads one of her father's journals and finds the Acheron Configuration that held Batibat. She considers using it to trap the Dark Lord. Nick says he can help and appears in her room through astral projection. After asking for forgiveness, Sabrina reluctantly accepts his offer to help her prevent the Apocalypse from happening. Nick thinks that the Acheron Configuration can be used to trap the Dark Lord since it is based on the most sacred and complex bindings in nature, the human body. Her father was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's sketch of the Vitruvian man but the Acheron is only as strong as the magic and binding spell behind it. Thus, this is not something Sabrina can do alone, especially without her powers.

Upon Lilith, Roz, Haarvey and Theo's arrival, Sabrina's hope for the future is restored. She will require everybody's help. Nick's task is to fix the Acheron Configuration. She and her friends will proceed with a "glamour to end all glamours." Finally, Lilith's job is to trick the Dark Lord into thinking that everything is going according to plan.


The Dark Lord trapped in Acheron Configuration

At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. Lilith claims that the aristocrats of Hell and Sabrina are awaiting her word. She has arranged a treat for Satan, a "bal masqué" of the flamboyant flavor he so loves. When signaled, the glamoured guests come down the stairs singing and dancing with their masks on. Afterwards, the Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her Sabrina Morningstar, Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows, and Queen of Hell. The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.


Sabrina cries after Nick

As she leads them to the Gates of Hell, Lilith explains that Nick will have to remain in Hell with her, as it is the safest place. She alleviates any fears Sabrina holds for Nick's wellbeing, by vowing to take good care of Nick. As promised, Sabrina hands over her crown to Lilith, making her the new Queen of Hell. As the newly self-crown Queen of Hell, she bestows upon Sabrina two gifts. The first is restoring her witch powers and tells her not to give them up. When Theo asks about the second gift, she responds they will soon find out. Finally, Harvey hands the demon-possessed Nick to Lilith, who then carries him through the Gates of Hell. Sabrina rubs her head against the Gates of Hell and weeps for Nick.


Sabrina and her friends encounter the real Ms. Wardwell

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina meets up with her mortal friends. Sabrina tells them that all her life she believed that she was half-witch, half-mortal but that she has realized that she is something else. Theo asks her what she is going to do. Sabrina says that she doesn't know but will figure it out including finding out about her mother's side of the family. Sabrina thanks her friends for saving the world and says they can work together against the forces of Satan. Theo thinks they are like a club now. Harvey proposes the name Fright Club. Shortly later, the real Ms. Wardwell enters the shop and tells them that she woke up from the most vivid and incredible dream. She recalls seeing the Night of the Living Dead but that she is famished. Sabrina realizes that this is her second present from Lilith. Sabrina tells her mortal friends of her mission. Salem meows, prompting Sabrina to call her group five. She tells them that her mission is to go to Hell and get her boyfriend back.[22]

Part 3

Putting on the Cheer Outfit

Sabrina searches for Nick through the depths of Hell. She finds him trapped within a wall. Nick warns Sabrina to leave before the Dark Lord returns. Instead, Sabrina chants an incantation to free Nick, and the two of them escape through Hell’s gates with the Dark Lord chasing after them. The gates to Hell close, locking the Dark Lord inside. Sabrina embraces Nick only to realize that it’s actually her father. Sabrina then awakens from what was merely a bad dream.

Sabrina joins the coven downstairs for breakfast. It’s been a month since the Church of Night collapsed at the hands of Faustus Blackwood. Sabrina takes a seat next to Elspeth, Melvin, Agatha, and Dorcas, as her aunt Hilda prepares the meal. Zelda announces that it is high time to reopen the Academy of Unseen Arts and resume worship in the Desecrated Church, where she will serve as Directrix.

Alone, Hilda asks Zelda who will say Black Mass and who they will say it to. "Not the Dark Lord.", Sabrina interjects. She regrets allowing Lilith to take Nick to Hell with Lucifer trapped inside of him. As Sabrina leaves for school, Hilda informs Zelda that Sabrina leaves the house early every morning to presumably cry at the gates.

In actuality, Sabrina has been attempting to open the gates to Hell. She is accompanied by Harvey, who worries that his dad might catch them. On their way to school, Harvey asks Sabrina what they will do with Nick after rescuing him from Hell. Sabrina explains they’ll find a new prison to put her father in. Harvey points out how good-hearted Sabrina is to rescue Nick despite him previously betraying her. She explains how witches are indebted to the Dark Lord and how difficult it is to tell him no. As they meet the road, Jolly Frost’s Ice Cream truck passes by, gaining their attention given the time of year.

At Baxter High, Harvey, Roz, and Theo express concern over Sabrina’s well-being and her obsession to free Nick. Harvey suggests that she join their band, and Roz recommends she sign up for cheerleading as "it can't be all Hell, all the time.", but Sabrina turns them both down. Ms. Wardwell enters the class. Billy and Carl question her return. Wardwell explains that she’s merely returning as a teacher, no longer the school's principal. She shares with the class how she’s found herself drawn to Dante’s Inferno, detailing the poet’s epic journey to Hell.

Sabrina checks in on Ms. Wardwell, who can’t account for the last three months of her life. The doctors are unable to offer any explanation. Sabrina questions her sudden interest in Dante’s Inferno. Ms. Wardwell has been having nightmares of demons and hellscapes. She’s turned to Inferno literature as a form of therapy. Wardwell explains that some of the world’s greatest artists have used Hell as their subject in such an authentic way that it feels as if they have been there. Through her conversation with Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina comes up with an idea on how to rescue Nick from Hell.

Sabrina rushes over to Dorian's Gray Room in search of help from none other than Dorian Gray. However, he’s more concerned with the pimple that’s appeared on his face. He hasn’t had a pimple since Basil painted his portrait. Given that Dorian’s an art collector, Sabrina questions if he has any paintings of Hell that are also portals. Dorian admits to having one, which he is willing to allow Sabrina to use so long as she brings him back a flower from Hell. It’s the only flower that grows there. In the Forest of Torment. La fleur du mal. The original flower of evil that inspired the poet Baudelaire. Its nectar can rid Dorian of the pimple. Should Sabrina bring it back, he'll arrange safe passage.

Sabrina arrives at Harvey’s to find Harvey, Theo, and Roz practicing in the garage. She tells them that it’s time for "Operation Handbasket." Meaning, they’re going to Hell to save Nick. While humans aren’t allowed in Hell, Sabrina explains that there’s ways around that. The Fright Club, as they've named themselves, bathe in ghastly water to keep the demons from smelling them. They also have to wear dead people’s shoes for only the dead may walk the paths of Hell. Salem wishes to join them, but Sabrina fears that he would bring every hound of Hell down upon them, from Barghest to Old Shuck.

Dorian takes Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo to the hellscape. He reminds them just how dangerous the Inferno can be and advises them to make their way to the City of Pandemonium as quickly as possible. Also, the incantation he gave them to transport them back to Earth will only work if they’re holding his flower. With that, Sabrina tells her friends that she loves them before passing through the portal.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo arrive on the Shores of Sorrow. They take notice of the souls of the damned, who are trapped in cages on the shore and drown over and over for eternity as the tide comes in. They cross paths with a man named Caliban, who informs them that all blood flows to Pandemonium. Follow the blood-red road where it flows and there, they will find Lilith. Lastly, he warns them to never wander from the road.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo arrive at the Field of Witness. Where souls have been strung up on crosses and tortured; eyes picked out by the crows. Theo discovers that his uncle Jesse is one of the tortured souls. She strays off the road to free him. Jesse reveals that Lilith sent him to Hell. Theo pleads with Sabrina to help him. Sabrina places a protection spell on Jesse and vows to free him.

Before long, they arrive at the Forest of Torment. Before passing on to the City of Pandemonium, they have to find Dorian’s flower of evil. Sabrina and Roz go one way and Harvey and Theo head in the opposite direction in search of the flower. Sabrina and Roz hear what sounds like someone singing. They find the flower of evil, which is responsible for the ethereal singing they hear. Sabrina brings advises Roz to be careful around the thorns. Should they break her skin, she will go to sleep and never wake up. After successfully recovering the flower of evil, Theo runs up to them asking for their help with dealing with a Woodsman who attacked Harvey. Sabrina arrives and performs a spell to rust the Woodsman. He’s frozen in place, and Harvey realizes that the Woodsman is his brother, Tommy. He asks Harvey why he killed him and tells him that he’s been waiting for Harvey to join him. Sabrina then shoots the Woodsman, explaining that it wasn’t actually Tommy.

On the blood-red road, Harvey struggles with whom he believes was his brother that Sabrina killed, though Roz assures him that it wasn’t. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo are suddenly faced with a brick red door labeled Baxter High. Inside, they come face-to-face with Principal Hawthorne, who is much more demonic in appearance as opposed to the last time they saw him. He demands that they take a seat, and when they do, they are locked down to their desks. Hawthorne introduces his special guest; Roz’ Nana Ruth. She claims Roz was the death of her. She blames Roz for using her cunning gift to help witches. Hawthrone decides to start with Roz for their "anatomy lesson."

Roz screams for help and begs for mercy as Principal Hawthorne prepare to use her for their anatomy lesson. Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo watch helplessly. However, before they can start, Lilith’s demon minion interrupts and informs them that Lilith no longer wants for the children to be tortured, but instead for Sabrina and her friends to be brought to her.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo finally arrive at the City of Pandemonia. Sabrina finds Nick chained to the feet of Lilith’s throne. Lilith informs Sabrina that certain protocols must be followed. As for Nick, who seems to be incognizant, Lilith explains that he and the Dark Lord are struggling for power on the inside.

Lilith invites Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo to take a seat at the dinner table. Roz advises her friends from eating the food as she can see what it truly is through her cunning; rotten and maggot-infested. Sabrina questions why Lilith still looks like Wardwell, to which Lilith replies that she’s grown comfortable in Wardwell’s skin. She offers to show them her real face, her green one, but Sabrina declines. She only wants to free Nick and Jesse. Sabrina assures Lilith she'll find a different prison for her father. Lilith agrees to allow Sabrina to take Nick under one condition. The hierarchy of Hell is in a state of turmoil. The Infernal Kings refuse to recognize Lilith’s authority because she’s not a Morningstar. But it would calm the dark waters if Sabrina publicly crowned her the Queen of Hell to legitimize her seat. Sabrina reluctantly agrees.

Lilith introduces Sabrina to the underworld community as Sabrina Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. In his absence, Sabrina has come to declare Lilith the official Queen of Hell. Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson, the Plague Kings, object, claiming that Lilith is a concubine, not a queen. The realms are in chaos. The Earth, the Pit, the Heavens, and the Cosmos all reject Lilith's claim. The Plague Kings propose that Caliban, Prince of Hell take the throne. He’s been molded by the clay of the pit itself. Native son of the inferno. Since the Dark Lord’s desertion, the Nine Circles of Hell have been breaking down, and Caliban seeks to restore stability, conquer the earth, remake it as their tenth circle and enslave the tribes of mortals and witch.

Lucifer pulls Sabrina into Nick’s mind so that they can talk. Although, she betrayed him, he needs her to claim the crown, however, Sabrina refuses. She simply wants Nick back. Lucifer explains that only she can restore the balance in Hell. When the balance is off in Hell, so it is off in Heaven and on Earth as well. To preserve the realm, Sabrina must preserve them all. He also informs Sabrina that the "old ones are coming." Also, Lucifer informs Sabrina that only a true queen has the authority to liberate Nick, and the Kings will never declare Lilith queen, so if Sabrina wants Nick back, she’ll have to claim the throne. Nick appears and advises Sabrina against it. He tells Sabrina to forget him and move on. Lucifer interrupts to remind Sabrina of what must be done; either claim the throne or lose Nick.

Sabrina returns to her body and claims the throne for herself. Harvey, Roz, and Theo watch on as this occurs. Sabrina then takes her seat at the throne. The Plague Kings denounce Sabrina as queen as she lives on Earth and is a child. Nevertheless, Sabrina insists that she will rule with Lilith as her regent. Caliban disputes Sabrina’s claim to throne, reasoning that monarchs rule by divine rights, and Sabrina is half-mortal. As Caliban prepares to challenge Sabrina for the throne, Lilith reminds him that there are rules to be followed, such as him needing a certain number of signatures. Sabrina’s eyes turn white as she warns Caliban to back off. As queen, Sabrina dismisses the Infernal court. Harvey, Roz, and Theo support Sabrina's claim to the throne. She then informs Lilith that she’s ready to take Nick home, as well as Jesse Putnam, who Lilith releases and sends off to Heaven. Lilith warns Sabrina that while she may have bought herself some time, the Kings and Caliban will return to challenges her.

With the evil flower in hand, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo return to Earth with Nick. After giving Dorian his flower, they take Nick to the Academy and lock him in the dungeons with chains forged from Damascus steel and a circle of salt.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo reconvene at Cerberus Books, where they discuss Sabrina’s claim to the throne. Sabrina insists that she’s not moving to Hell, but her friends aren’t so sure. Sabrina admits that she’ll have to play the part for a while, but her heart is with them. Moreover, she agrees to sign up for cheerleading with Roz. A strong gust of wind suddenly blows the front doors open, though Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo don’t pay it much attention.[23]

Sabrina visits Nick in the Academy's dungeon. She notices his clubbed foot and realized that her father has taken control of Nick’s body. Sabrina reminds Lucifer that he’s bound in Damascus steel and circled in salt, preventing him from escaping. She demands to talk to Nick. Lucifer pretends to allow Nick to regain control, which Sabrina is aware of and therefore asks to see his tongue. She points out that a forked tongue is a dead giveaway for the devil. She repeats her request, and this time, the Dark Lord allows Nick to surface. Sabrina promises him that she’s going to find a new prison for the Dark Lord. Nick pleads with her to hurry as she can’t hold on much longer. As Sabrina leaves, she unknowingly breaks the salt barrier.

Sabrina searches for grimoires on the subject of soul transference in the Academy’s library. She asks Cassius for help and tells him to hold the book for her until she returns.

At Baxter High, Sabrina and Roz have joined the cheerleading squad; the Baxter High Ravenettes, led by Lizzie. Billy, Carl, and the Baxter High Ravens watch from the sidelines and cheer the girls on as they rehearse a routine. Afterward, Lizzie compliments Roz and Sabrina on their performances. They’re both generally excited for the upcoming pep rally. Lilith, having watched on from the crowd, intercepts Sabrina as she has royal matters to attend to.

As regent, Lilith has come to begin Sabrina’s job training. Starting with dragging souls to Hell. Sabrina refuses, but Lilith informs her that dragging souls to Hell is her primary duty as queen, and with the Kings of Hell watching, it’s vitally important that she carries this out. If she fails, she’ll lose the throne to Caliban, and he’ll declare war on earth. Sabrina will escort the souls by hand and a path to Hell will present itself. Her first soul to collect is that of a man named Robert Robertson. Should the need arise to use force, Sabrina is being accompanied by the Infernal Bailiff.

Sabrina finds Robert Robertson playing chess in the park. He asks that she play one final game with him. Sabrina asks what could’ve been worth the price of his soul. He replies that it was his heart’s desire to be the greatest chess master in the world and for a time, he was. Sabrina gets checkmate and escorts Robert Robertson by hand to Hell. At the end of the street awaits two vehicles; a black one designated for Hell and a white one for Heaven. Sabrina doesn’t deem Robert worthy of Hell and instead seats him in the white vehicle headed for Heaven.

Sabrina enters Harvey’s garage to find him, Roz, and Theo rehearsing. She interrupts to call a Fright Club meeting, during which time she informs them of her duties to drag souls to Hell. She reveals that Jimmy Platt, the ice cream truck guy is up next. They don’t tell her what he did, and so Sabrina is forced to figure it out on her own. However, she called the meeting because dragging Jimmy to Hell, assuming he deserves it, could be the key to saving Nick. When Sabrina finally drags Jimmy’s soul to Hell, it’ll leave behind his freshly dead body, which if they move fast enough, they can use as a new prison for the Dark Lord. Sabrina’s relying on her friends to follow her in the Spellman mortuary hearse to collect Jimmy Platt’s body after Sabrina takes his soul.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo tail Jimmy Platt’s ice cream truck in the Spellman mortuary hearse. Harvey is having second thoughts, but Sabrina assures him they must go through with it. When they see Sabrina walk away and Jimmy’s body slump dead, that’ll be their cue to steal the corpse.

Sabrina approaches Jimmy and tells him that she’s come to collect. However, he informs her of his extension fee. Seven more years of life in exchange for an innocent soul. As soon as he finishes his shift, he’ll cut the little girl’s heart out and eat it. Sabrina is in disbelief and has no intention on extending Jimmy's contract. She’s brought the Infernal Bailiff as back up, however, no one knows where the little girl is but Jimmy. So, if Sabrina tries to take him to Hell, the girl will die. He gives Sabrina the ultimatum of either accepting his extension or leaving him alone.

Sabrina returns to the hearse to inform Harvey, Roz, and Theo that Jimmy tried to offer her a child sacrifice in exchange for an extension on his contract. And Sabrina can’t just take him to Hell because he’s keeping a little girl trapped somewhere. Sabrina vows to personally burn Jimmy Platt’s soul herself, but first she must see her father.

Sabrina enters the dungeon and inquires about Jimmy Platt. The Dark Lord informs her that Jimmy was devoutly pious until he got into a horrendous car crash years ago. Mangled and dying, he called out to his false god to save him. Lucifer got there first. He offered Jimmy a simple standard deal: another seven years for his soul. He agreed and since then Lucifer has been giving him extensions. However, he only required an innocent soul. Children was Jimmy’s predilection. Sabrina refuses to offer him any more extensions, but she can’t drag him to Hell because he has a little girl tied up somewhere. Lucifer warns Sabrina that if she doesn’t bring Jimmy Platt to heel, then she’ll lose her throne to Caliban, who plans to expand into Sabrina’s realm.

Harvey and Theo meet back up with Sabrina and Roz after returning from the police station where they found a missing person’s report for a young girl named Lucy Anderson that went missing three days ago from a playground. If Roz had something of Lucy’s, she could use her cunning to possibly find her. Lizzie and the Ravenettes interrupt to invite Sabrina and Roz along to get their nails and hair done at the mall. It’s a cheer tradition. Sabrina and Roz turn them down, claiming that Sabrina is taking Roz to the doctors for an eye checkup.

Moving forward, Sabrina and Roz visit Lucy Anderson’s mother. They explain that they wanted to help ever since they found out she was missing. The police have no leads, but Mrs. Anderson is certain that Lucy’s alive. Roz asks for a picture of Lucy so that they can make flyers to get the word out. Sabrina takes notice in the basket of pinwheels sitting on the table. Mrs. Anderson explains that Lucy collects them and that she had one with her when she disappeared. As Mrs. Anderson searches for a picture, Roz touches Lucy’s pinwheel. Using her cunning, Roz sees Lucy approach Jimmy’s ice cream truck just before he kidnaps her and stores her in what appears to be a freezer. Mrs. Anderson returns with a photo. Sabrina assures her that Lucy will return home unharmed and the man that took her will be condemned to Hell and tortured there for all eternity. Along with the photo, Sabrina takes a pinwheel. Before leaving, she compels Mrs. Anderson to get some rest and forget that she and Roz came by. Sabrina returns home with Roz, where she performs the whispering gallery spell. Using Lucy’s pinwheel, they may be able to talk to her. Sabrina recites the incantation and is able to speak with Lucy. She’s alone. She asks Sabrina to call her mom to come and get her. Sabrina asks Lucy where she is, which she replies that it’s a freezer. She asks if Sabrina’s close as she’s getting tired. With Lucy’s life on the line, Sabrina uses Lucy’s voice as a beacon to teleport despite Roz warning her of the possible risk.

Sabrina teleports inside the freezer and finds Lucy barely conscious. Unfortunately, now Sabrina’s trapped. Jimmy arrives and informs Sabrina that the sigils on the wall are one way. She can teleport inside the freezer, but she can’t teleport herself out. Jimmy then shuts the door, locking both Lucy and Sabrina inside.

Sabrina attempts to keep Lucy awake long enough for her to free them. She then tries a spell, but the sigils on the wall see to it that she’s essentially powerless. Lilith arrives to save Sabrina and Lucy after being filled in by Roz of Sabrina’s antics. Lilith was able to find Sabrina because of the psychic trail she left behind, "like a slug leaves slime." Lilith questions why Sabrina didn’t just drag Jimmy Platt to Hell as she was tasked. Sabrina explains that she was trying to use him to save Nick. Lilith agrees to take Lucy home so long as Sabrina does her job and drag Jimmy to Hell.

Sabrina glamours herself as a young boy wanting ice cream, allowing her to get close enough to Jimmy Platt to grab him. She removes the glamour and informs Jimmy that Lucy’s safe and back at home. Jimmy tries to scream out for help, but the infernal bailiff covers his mouth and drags him down to Hell.

Sabrina arrives in Hell with Jimmy and orders Lilith to burn Jimmy and ensure that he truly suffers for his crimes. The Plague Kings are still not convinced that Sabrina is suited to rule. Sabrina explains that she couldn’t care less about their blessings. She accepted her birthright to keep Hell where it belongs, away from the mortal realm. But that’s not enough. Her father's ways are broken, and Sabrina intends to reinvent Hell. Sabrina reminds that Plague Kings that she’s their sovereign and the reformation of Hell starts immediately.

Sabrina returns home, where she is confronted by Hilda and Zelda after they discovered that the Dark Lord is chained up in the dungeon of the Academy. Zelda also informs Sabrina that Cassius stopped by to deliver books on soul transference, so they know what she’s planning. Sabrina explains that she couldn’t just leave Nick in Hell. She owed it to Nick to at least try and get Lucifer out of his body and into someone else’s. Zelda questions who Sabrina had in mind that could possibly be strong enough to act as a prison for the Dark Lord, to which Sabrina has no answer. Ambrose and Prudence teleport in the room with Father Blackwood as their prisoner, presenting the Spellmans with a new prison for the Dark Lord.

Sabrina visits her father at the Academy, who upon first glance determines that something is different about Sabrina. She replies that she dragged her first soul to Hell. Lucifer asks how did it make her feel. She replies that it made her feel like she’s capable of anything. The infernal bailiff brings Faustus in. Closely followed behind by Zelda, who intends to assist Sabrina with the soul transference spell.

Sabrina has brought Nick home with her. She kisses him awake and assures him that everything will be okay.[24]

Sabrina and Nick lay in bed together. She’s happy that he’s back and promises to never let him go. Later that night, Nick awakens from a bad dream. Sabrina assures Nick that it was merely a nightmare and that the Dark Lord can’t hurt him anymore. However, she does show concern at the sign of his clubbed foot.

Sabrina calls Roz and asks her to cover for her at school as she wishes to spend the entire day with Nick. She learns from Roz that the carnival is in town and agrees to attend. As Sabrina heads down for breakfast, Nick takes a shower, scrubbing his clubbed foot.

Downstairs, in the kitchen, the Spellmans discuss Nick’s state of mind. Hilda asks how he’s doing and inquires about his foot. Ambrose explains that the malformation is a remnant of having the Dark Lord inside him. Given enough time, it should revert back on its own. Zelda imagines that Sabrina’s reunion with Nick last night must’ve been worthwhile given they slept in the same bed, but Sabrina claims that they didn’t have sex. Zelda then addresses the fact that Sabrina went to Hell without her permission. Zelda then asks Ambrose to return to the Academy as a teacher. Ambrose declines her offer as he has been illuminated to everything that he does not know during his time abroad. Magicks beyond his experience and imagination. Ambrose wishes to be a master of the mystic arts, and the only way to do that is through research. In that case, Zelda appoints Ambrose as the Academy’s librarian. Zelda then sneezes. Hilda suspects that she’s coming down with a cold, but Zelda has never been sick a day in her life. Nick joins them in the kitchen to take Sabrina to school. Zelda reminds Sabrina that after school, Sabrina is excepted to return to the Academy.

As Nick walks Sabrina to school, she informs him that she has no intentions on going to Baxter High or the Academy. She plans to spend the day with him. Including a trip to the carnival. However, Lilith arrives to inform Sabrina that she’s needed in court. Sabrina then reveals to Nick that in order to get him from Hell, she had to claim the throne as Queen of Hell. Lilith reminds Sabrina that she threatened the Infernal Court with a reformation, and now they’re demanding to hear Sabrina’s plans. Sabrina refuses to go, as she already planned to spend the day with Nick, but he convinces her to see to her royal duties. Afterward, they can meet up at the Academy.

Sabrina returns to Hell with Lilith, where the Plague Kings, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Purson, surround a table and demand an audience with Sabrina. Sabrina outlines her reformation, starting with a grand accounting of all the souls in Hell. Until then, she requests that all deal-makings with mortals come to an end. As for pre-existing contracts, Sabrina will decide which they collect on only after viewing each contract on a case-by-case basis. Caliban interrupts to challenge Sabrina for seat on the throne. He’s gathered 666 signatures of the highest born of Hell to endorse his challenge. By infernal law, it must be accepted. Caliban challenges Sabrina on a request for the "Unholy Regalia." Lilith explains that the regalia are the three most powerful occult objects in history. Relics that have been lost to the ages. Whoever collects the relics may take their seat on the throne, whether they be Morningstar or not. They begin with having to find King Herod’s crown.

Sabrina questions if the contest is rigged. Perhaps Caliban and the Kings already know where the regalia is and this is just a setup. Lilith admits this could be a setup, however, no one, not even the Dark Lord knows the locations of the regalia. Lilith explains that King Herod’s crown is only one of three of the regalia. She surmises it’ll likely end up being the best two out of three.

Sabrina reveals to Ambrose that she claimed the throne in Hell, making her queen. He presumes that their aunts don’t know. Sabrina also adds that Lilith is her regent. But now, her seat at the throne is being challenged by a prince of Hell, and now she has to find King Herod’s crown before Caliban does. And so, Ambrose agrees to help her. Nick arrives and offers to take Sabrina to lunch.

Nick asks Sabrina how her reformation went over with the Kings. She explains that it didn’t go well. Agatha and Dorcas join them at the lunch table and ask about his clubbed foot. They ask what’s it was like to be with both Sabrina and the Dark Lord. They joke that it was Sabrina’s father that Nick was truly after. He warns them to stop, but they persist. Nick grows so angry that he slams his fists on the table and tells them to go to Heaven. Sabrina remarks they’re lucky the coven is few in numbers, otherwise she would smite them, much to Agatha and Dorcas’ amusement. As Sabrina chases after Nick, Ambrose informs her that he found King Herod’s crown.

He takes Sabrina back to the library, where he began his research into the crown starting with its last known whereabouts, namely the tomb of Herod. Officially, Herodiam, was first excavated by Italian archaeologists in 1962. Unofficially, it was excavated by American archaeologist and warlock, Edward Robinson, in 1838. From there, the crown changed hands several times from one Jakey Huisman to Aleister Crowley to an American soldier, Private Benjamin Blossom, who recovered the crown from Hitler's bunker in 1945. Now from there, Blossom, sneaked the crown back to his home town of Riverdale, where he was murdered by a group of occultists who were after the crown, but never found it. Sabrina and Ambrose will find the crown using an immoral compass. It belonged to either the Flying Dutchman or the Ancient Mariner. Ambrose can’t recall. He recalibrated it to be highly sensitive to energies from occult items. Sabrina and Ambrose arrive in Riverdale, where they track the crown to a maple tree in the woods.

Ambrose takes a hatchet to the maple tree. He reaches inside and pulls out the maple covered crown. Sabrina takes the ax and aims for the crown. She plans to destroy it so that no one can use it against her and take the remains back to Hell. Ambrose advises her against such actions as he can feel the power radiating off the crown. If he could borrow it for a few hours to study its properties, he might be able to harness its powers and restore their coven’s strength. Sabrina reluctantly agrees. As they return to Greendale, covered in maple, King Herod awakens from his slumber and forces his way out the tree, reaching for his stolen crown.

Sabrina goes to the library in search of Nick. However, she finds Melvin, who tells her that Nick was there researching something after being at Dorian’s. He then asked if the Desecrated Church was empty. Sabrina discovers that Nick was researching auto amputation and realizes that he’s trying to cut off his foot.

Sabrina finds Nick at the Desecrated Church trying to amputate his foot with a saw. Sabrina stops him and reminds him that it will change back on its own after time. Nick claims that he can still feel the Dark Lord’s residue inside of him. However, Sabrina explains that it's merely after effects, much like with PTSD. Sabrina asks what she can do to help, but Nick tells her there’s nothing she can do. She recommends going to the carnival to take his mind off the Dark Lord.

Sabrina and Nick ride the carousel as King Herod watches while hidden within the darkness. Nick remarks that the Dark Lord must be happy as he got what he wanted; Sabrina ruling Hell. Sabrina reminds Nick that she did that for him, not her father. She then asks what it was like for Nick inside the flesh Acheron. Nick doesn’t want to talk about that. He would rather ride the tunnel of love with her. Once inside, they are attacked by King Herod, who seeks revenge on Sabrina for stealing his crown and disturbing his sleep. Nick fights the king off with a wood log and knocks his crown off, though he and Sabrina are outmatched in power. Caliban arrives and steals the crown as Sabrina and Nick are under the attack. King Herod threatens to flay Sabrina alive and then kill everyone in town. Fortunately, Ambrose arrives and kills the king.

Lilith watches as Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Purson, and the demons of Hell cheer Caliban on as he places King Herod’s crown on his head. Sabrina arrives and punches him in the face. He didn’t help her because it’s a competition. He was quietly watching her every move, and he knew King Herod would come for his crown as he’s a guardian. Caliban assumed that either he would kill Sabrina or Sabrina would kill him. He then asks if the crown suits him, and Sabrina punches him for a second time. She then assures him that the second and third challenges will be won by her. She'd sooner slice his throat before she let Caliban take the throne. The Kings and demons then proceed to chant Sabrina’s name.[25]

At the Academy, Nick is visited by an astral projecting Sabrina just as he’s about to ingest an olive colored liquid, which he hides from Sabrina. She asks him what he thinks of her cheer outfit, and she invites him to a cheerleading flashmob event at school before leaving. Nick then proceeds to drink the entire bottle of liquid he chose to hide from Sabrina.

As Robin, Theo, Sabrina, Roz, and Harvey sit in the library, Sabrina double checks with Nick to ensure he’s still coming to the flashmob. Sabrina uses her spelled pen to send him a message, which goes without response as Nick gets drunk at Dorian's Gray Room, unbeknownst to Sabrina. Harvey then informs his friends of his father’s hookup with Nagaina. Theo suggest they investigate the carnival. He, Roz, and Harvey agree to join him, but Sabrina has plans with her family, and Robin chooses not to join. Hilda arrives to take Sabrina to the Academy.

At the Academy, in the library, Ambrose explains to Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda that it’s their fault the coven's powers are waxing and waning. The Pendle Coven suffered a similar power loss in 1612. It seems they offended the Dark Lord in some way, and so he withdrew his gifts from them a little at a time and then all at once. They merely offended him, while the Spellmans on the other hand, dethroned and imprisoned him. The Pendle Coven never got their powers back and was wiped out by witch-hunters several months later.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda confront Lucifer after discovering that he is responsible for their loss of power. Zelda demands that he restore their power. He agrees to do so only if they set him free. When they refuse, Lucifer reveals that Sabrina is Queen of Hell, despite Zelda and Hilda being under the impression that Lilith was queen. Sabrina explains that she doesn’t precisely have claim to the throne. She’s being challenged by a prince of Hell named Caliban. Zelda refuses to allow Sabrina to dedicate herself to Hell. Sabrina claims she did it to save the realm, but Zelda claims Sabrina did it for selfish reasons; power and because she has a savior complex. Zelda even accuses Sabrina of choosing Hell over the coven, which both Sabrina and Hilda denies. Ambrose interrupts to remind them of their more immediate concern that they’ve been rendered powerless by the Dark Lord. They need a new source of mystic energy. Sabrina surmises that as Queen of Hell, she should have access to the same powers Lucifer does. Since that Dark Lord’s power is infernal, it must come from Hell. Sabrina will claim it and use it to power the coven. Zelda approves of Sabrina’s plan, but only if Ambrose accompanies her.

Ambrose accompanies Sabrina in Hell as her privy councilor. He is amazed at what he’s seeing. Sabrina informs Lilith how the Dark Lord is withholding his powers from the coven and how she needs Lilith’s help to restore it. Unfortunately, Lilith can’t help her. She explains that their magic does not come from Hell. They’re Lucifer’s own gifts that come from within him. They originate with him and he dispenses them as he sees fit. Lucifer’s powers come from him being an angel. As his daughter, Sabrina concludes that she must have the same essence, but as Lilith explains, Sabrina’s is polluted and diluted by her mother’s mortal blood. Leaving them with only one option. They have to find an angel.

Sabrina and Ambrose recall that the witch-hunters who attacked the Academy last year were angels. Sabrina killed two, but she remembers Nick saying that he and Dorian trapped on in a painting. They approach Dorian and inform him that they need to get Gideon out and siphon off his energy via bloodletting to repower their coven. Sabrina tells Ambrose to go home and get their aunts on board with the plan while she stays with Dorian to get the blood.

Dorian frees the witch-hunter, Gideon, from the painting and straps him to a table as they drain him of his dark blue blood. Sabrina tells Dorian not to drain him completely in case they need more blood later.

Sabrina can hear screams and whips cracking from the other room as Dorian drains the angel’s blood. She suspects that someone’s being tortured and goes to investigate. She discovers that it’s Nick being whipped by playmates. Nick tries to explain, but Sabrina doesn't want to hear his excuses. She returns to find that Dorian has drank the enter bottle of angel blood, to help his complexion, except for one small vile, which he saved for her. Sabrina takes the vile and leaves. Nick chases after her.

Sabrina returns home to Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda with the small vile of angels blood, much to their disappointment, as Sabrina explains that Dorian drank the rest of it. Unfortunately, that won’t be nearly enough to replenish the coven’s power. Hilda suspects if they use it another way other than drinking it then they may be able to energize the coven. Hilda recalls something she did when she was a student at the Academy. She took a moon bath. It’s a ceremony that witches used to perform during the celebration of the Hare Moon. They would rub their bodies with oils and bathe in the moonlight. It was meant to be a symbolic rebirth. Light from the moon was meant to replenish them. But if they take that angel's blood and mix it with certain oils and then rub it onto their bodies and bathe in the light of the Hare Moon, the symbolic rebirth could be literal. The moonlight would activate the angel's blood, which in turn would allow their skin to actually absorb the energies of the moon. Hilda takes the blood to preparing the anointing oils. Zelda then thanks both Hilda and Sabrina.

Hilda informs Sabrina that Harvey stopped by because Roz is suffering from a witchy fever. Hilda promised they would check in once they got their powers back. Sabrina adds Nick to the list of people to check on after the Hare Moon as she caught Nick cavorting with sex demons. Hilda explains that he’s a warlock of a certain age, and that goes with the territory. Sabrina fears that something happened to him when he was imprisoned with the Dark Lord.

The entire coven (Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth, among others) gathers in the Greendale woods and sings as tradition would require for the Hare Moon. They form an aisle, which Sabrina walks down the middle of while holding the hare. She then walks the hare into the woods to pardon it. There, she crosses paths with a mysterious group wearing strange masks. Sabrina returns to find that Nick has joined them. However, she is being followed by the mysterious group wearing masks.

Sabrina and Nick ask Nagaina about Ostra. She replies their ways are little known to the outside world. She then asks Sabrina about their rites and if it's customary to fornicate on holidays. She can sense that Nick shares his carnal embraces with others rather than Sabrina. She can sense that his soul is shrouded in darkness and he reaks of sex.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discuss the Pagan witches they’ve crossed paths with. Zelda claims that they only seek to cause chaos. She thought that they were gone from the entire country. Ambrose thought that Pagan witches died out entirely when Satanic witches ascended. When Christians came to power. Sabrina suggests conjuring a storm to make them leave as they still have to take their Moon bath. The Spellmans join hands to conjure a storm and make it rain. The clouds darken, but they fail to conjure the storm.

Dorcas is bitten by a snake and falls to the ground. Nagaina takes her leg and sucks the venom out. Nick returns with the snake after cutting it in half. Nagaina is enraged, referring to Nick as a murderer and explaining that it was the snake’s home they invaded. With that, Pan, Circe, and Nagaina decides to take their people and leave. Zelda agrees, stating that they were there first. Pan retorts that the pagans were there first, before the false god. Before the Dark Lord, the old gods reigned, and the pagans worshiped them. Now, something has happened and their time has come around again.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth gather to discuss their recent run-in with pagans. Zelda asks Nick what he has to say for himself after killing a snake in front of Nagaina. Ambrose points out that they probably worship snakes. Nick is unapologetic. Zelda informs the coven that pagans are not to be trifled with, especially not while they’re without powers. Hilda suggests sending an offering to make amends. She asks Nick to give them her Moon pie, but he refuses, exclaiming that he’s done enough to protect the coven and storms off. In his place, Zelda asks Dorcas to take the pie. She agrees and Prudence offers to send Melvin and Agatha with her, but Dorcas turns down the security. Prudence sends Agatha nonetheless.

Sabrina chases after Nick and asks to talk, starting with him cheating on her and hooking up with sex demons. He accuses Sabrina of trying to make his suffering about her. Nick reminds Sabrina of what the pagan said, that he’s dirty and polluted. Sabrina insists that he’s just been through trauma. And she surmises that he’s drinking, doing drugs and letting sex demons whip him so that he doesn’t have to deal with whatever happened, but Sabrina pleads with Nick to tell him what happened while he was in Hell. Nick explains that he was stripped naked and put in chains by Lilith, tortured on the inside, humiliated and debased on the outside for weeks that felt like decades. And there was no reprieve. He was a punching bag for Lucifer and a plaything for Lilith. He wrestled the Dark Lord for dominance, and it was exhausting. It was a place of no rest, just pain. All to protect Sabrina. As for the sex demons, Nick explains that he’s not getting that kind of comfort from Sabrina. He accuses her of saving herself for someone else, but she insists that's not true. Sabrina asks what can she do to help, but Nick tells her there’s nothing she can do as he only sees her father when he looks at her.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Prudence, Melvin, Elspeth, and the rest of the coven, save for Nick, Agatha, and Dorcas, apply the sacred oil all over their exposed body as the moon peaks. The coven lays down on the ground and forms a circle as Hilda explains why they honor the Hare Moon. It’s light will shine on them, and they will reclaim their power. Hilda looks to the moon and asks that it bless them with its gifts and energies. They offer their bodies in exchange for their magicks multiplying in the spirit of the Hare. The coven holds hands to seal the circle and their skin glows blue.

The moon suddenly darkens above the Church of Night. Ambrose remarks that an eclipse would be impossible at such a time, leaving Zelda and Hilda to conclude that they’re under attack by the pagans. The moon bath won’t work under the eclipsed moon. Zelda orders Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Melvin, and Elspeth to gather their belongings and return to the Academy, even with that meaning leaving Nick and Prudence’s sisters unprotected and lost in the woods. Zelda explains that once the coven has fortified behind their walls, only then will they plot their counter-attack.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Prudence, Melvin, Elspeth, and the remaining members of the coven reconvene in the dormitory, where they will sleep together so that everyone is protected. However, they discover that their beds are infested with snakes. Melvin then informs the coven that the pagans are outside. They open the Academy’s doors to find Pan, Nagaina, Circe, and the pagans hidden within the fog. Pan warns them that their time is over and that the old gods are returning, as well as the old ways. He tells them to either bow and pray to their gods or be killed. They have three days to decide. The pagans disappear, leaving behind a crazed Agatha and a petrified Dorcas.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda retreat to the main office to discuss their next choice of action. The pagans are a clear and present danger. And they are without strength. They have no other choice but to free the Dark Lord. There will be hell to pay for their actions, but he’ll crush the pagans under his hoof. Sabrina volunteers to go down and talk to him.

Sabrina enters the Dark Lord’s cell to find her father gone and Nick bleeding from his mouth and a green substance dripping from his eyes.[26]

Nick awakens chained up and locked inside a pentagram with Ambrose and Sabrina standing over him. Sabrina explains that he got high, freed the Dark Lord, and passed out. He had enough drugs in his system to level a small army. Sabrina demands that he get clean. Fortunately, Ambrose knows of an ancient, albeit brutal, cleansing ritual he came across during his Oxford days. The ritual normally requires 30 days to complete, but they don’t have 30 days as the pagans are threatening to exterminate the coven in three. Ambrose intends to use the time-warping egg he recovered from Father Blackwood to compress Nick’s 30-day ritual into one long, unrelenting day. Nick looks to Sabrina and says that he hates her.

Ambrose and Sabrina lock him inside as they discuss the ritual and the impending pagan attack. They’ll need Nick, as he’s one of their greatest warlocks. In the meantime, Ambrose will help Prudence deal with Agatha and Dorcas while Sabrina visits Roz. Ambrose warns Sabrina to be careful with the Dark Lord on the loose.

Sabrina arrives at the Kinkle house to find that Roz has been turned to stone. She informs Harvey and Theo how the same thing happened to Dorcas and that Ambrose is working on a way to reverse it. Harvey regrets leaving Roz’ side at the carnival. Sabrina informs them that the carnies are pagans. She describes them as being like witches, but from a different time. Some have powers, others don’t. But they’re all dangerous, so Sabrina pleads with Harvey and Theo to sit tight.

Sabrina heads into the woods, where she is informed by Lilith that it’s time for the second challenge of the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina and Lilith arrive at the Academy to find Prudence, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Elspeth, Melvin, the Plague Kings, and Caliban awaiting her. By Infernal Law, the Kings declare that the second quest begin. Sabrina and Caliban must seek and retrieve Pontius Pilate’s Pontius Pilate's Bowl. Sabrina attempts to postpone the challenge, but Lilith informs her that by not accepting the challenge, she threatens the existence of the Church of Night. Sabrina is at fault for that the balance of the cosmos being tipped, the pagans returning, and her coven’s loss of power. It’s all a direct result of Sabrina’s refusal to claim the throne. However, if she can uncover the Unholy Regalia, she may stand a chance of replenishing her coven’s energy. Sabrina is reluctant, but with an attack front the pagans nearing, Zelda orders her to accept the challenge and win, for the sake of the coven.

Lilith and Sabrina relocate to the Desecrated Church, where Lilith informs Sabrina that Pontius Pilate’s bowl is located on a hill just outside Jerusalem. Otherwise known as the "Place of Skulls." Where the Nazarene was crucified. Sabrina asks Lilith to teleport her there as her energies are insufficient. Lilith informs Sabrina that the bowl is locked in an eternal time loop. Almost impossible to reach unless Sabrina has mastered time magic, to which Sabrina informs Lilith that she had access to time magicks. There’s a painting at Dorian's Gray Room. It’s a portal to Jerusalem. Sabrina will use it to get there with Lilith’s help.

As Sabrina bottles some of the water from the tank containing the egg, she notices Nick in a constant state of pain and promises him that he’ll make it through it. Afterward, she asks her aunt Hilda if she could check on Nick while she’s gone, but Hilda appears more concerned with catching the "big fat juicy fly" that’s flying around the room. A sizable boil has appeared on her left cheek. She catches it with her hand and then proceeds to eat it.

Sabrina meets Lilith at Dorian’s, who performs a spell that allows them to portal to the Place of Skulls. She advises Sabrina to make her way to the temple of Jerusalem as quick as she can, retrieve Pontius Pilate’s bowl, and get out. The slightest misstep could have her trapped in a time loop forever. Sabrina then douses herself in the egg water and recites a spell that takes her back in time to where the temple of Jerusalem stood. As she approaches the temple, she is apprehended by Pontius Pilate.

Sabrina is placed in a cell by Pontius Pilate. Caliban and Barabbas are her cellmates. Caliban got there via time stone. Barabbas informs them that there is no escaping Pilate's perverse passion play. Every hundred years or so, someone like Sabrina comes along, hoping to steal Pilate's bowl. A few even catch sight of it as they breathe their last. But they all die in the end. Unlike the others, Barabbas never dies. It's his curse. He’s doomed to repeat this day of infamy over and over again. Pilate could break the cycle, but he chooses not to. Sabrina asks Barabbas what does he mean by "catch sight of the bowl as they breathe their last"? Barabbas reveals that after Pontius Pilate pardons him, as he always does, and condemns both Sabrina and Caliban to death, he'll wash his hands in the bowl, and they’ll be crucified. Sabrina devises a plan to make her move when he's washing his hands. Caliban interjects, not that Sabrina’s interested in what he has to say after he cheated during the last challenge. "Even a King of Hell must have some dignity. Some honor.", she retorts.

Pontius approaches the cell and tells Sabrina and Caliban that the punishment for trespassing in Golgotha is 100 lashes. Caliban volunteers to take the lashes as he refuses to watch as Sabrina, the Queen of Hell, be debased in such a way, proving that he does in fact have honor. Also, he’s made of clay, so the lashes won’t draw blood. Barabbas informs Sabrina that Caliban’s sacrifice is noble but pointless, as it's always the same. First, the imprisonment, then the lashings. He is pardoned whilst Sabrina and Caliban are condemned. Sabrina gets an idea and asks Barabbas what happens when someone is pardoned.

Barabbas, Sabrina, and Caliban are put on trial, and Pontius Pilate allows the citizens to choose which of the three will be pardoned. The crowd chants Barabbas’ name, and he is pardoned. Pontius then washes his hands in the bowl as the execution nears. Barabbas grabs the bowl and runs. However, as it turns out, Sabrina placed a glamour on both herself as well as Barabbas, to make them appear as each other. So, as Sabrina runs for the time stone to return home with the bowl, Barabbas remains chained up to Caliban.

Sabrina makes it back to Lilith with Pontius Pilate’s bowl. She tells Lilith that Caliban was there, to which Lilith replies that he’ll hopefully be stuck in the time loop forever, which Sabrina didn’t want. Before returning to Hell to claim victory of the second challenge, Sabrina needs to help Nick and her coven. Their powers are depleted and their pagan enemies are closing in. Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the coven will use the very last of their natural magicks to call upon the wayward witches to join them as they stand within a circle of ancient stones. Together, they have the power to amplify their energy to broadcast their message. But it is up to them and their psychic intention to set them in harmony. As the Church of Night sends out a distress signal to any wayward witches, Agatha interrupts the summoning ceremony and breaks one of the stones in half with a sledgehammer. She then turns her attentions to Dorcas, but Prudence tackles Agatha and puts her in a choke hold as she explains that the Dark Lord freed her. With Agatha having interrupted the summoning ritual, Ambrose is doubtful any witches received their request for help. Melvin then arrives to inform the coven that the pagans killed Elspeth. Surrender was never an option. The pagans want to kill the Church of Night for their blood.

Sabrina and Ambrose watch over Nick, who seems to be in even worse condition than before. The leeches Ambrose used are all dead. Killed by whatever they absorbed from Nick. Ambrose cuts one open, revealing some kind of black goo.

Upon further examination, Ambrose determines that Nick is infected with "radicum outum diaboli", otherwise known as Satan’s residue. The Dark Lord left behind a piece of himself in Nick. Like tar in a smoker's lungs, except this tar is alive, infernal, and corrupting. Sabrina recalls Nick saying he could still feel the Dark Lord inside him. They need to get what's left of Lucifer out. Sabrina refuses to perform another exorcism. The last one nearly killed her. Ambrose suggests that instead of forcing the residue out of Nick, they lure it out. Entice it with a stronger host. A host with blood identical to it. Meaning Sabrina. Her blood coaxes the Dark Lord's essence out of Nick’s body. She then uses holy water to neutralize the residue. Ambrose informs Sabrina that he has one last trick up his sleeve, involving the Dark Lord’s residue.

Sabrina enters Nick’s room to find him awake and lucid. He’s feeling better than he has in days, but he’s also ashamed. Sabrina tells him that he has no reason to feel that way as he was sick. Sabrina hopes they can go back to how things were. However, Nick can’t do that because he doesn’t know if it was the Dark Lord that made him act the way he did. He fears that maybe the Dark Lord merely exploited something that was already there. The Dark Lord was able to drag him down so low because there's something wrong with him. Whatever the case is, Nick needs time for himself and breaks up with Sabrina, also providing her with the time she needs to protect her coven and a realm. Sabrina asks Nick to kiss her, but he can’t in fear that if he does that he’ll never be able to walk away. Nick then teleports out of the room. Lilith arrives soon thereafter and reminds Sabrina that queens aren't allowed to cry and that it’s time to return Pilate's bowl to Hell.

Lilith and Sabrina return to Hell with the bowl of Pontius Pilate. When the Plague Kings ask about Caliban, Lilith tells them that Sabrina’s victory over Caliban was absolute, as Sabrina isn’t sure he survived. However, Caliban enters having survived the ordeal. He reminds Sabrina that he’s made of clay and that he waited under the dusts of the ages for 2,000 years after Sabrina cheated, stole Pilate’s bowl and left him for dead. With each having won a single challenge, it’s sudden death. The winner shall reign over Hell for all eternity. Lilith promises to reign by Sabrina’s side forever. Sabrina then tells Lilith that Lucifer escaped from the Academy, and no one knows here he is. Lilith is in fear for her life as the Dark Lord will kill her for betraying him.

Sabrina arrives and offers an extra pair of hands. Ambrose, Zelda, and Sabrina are then confronted by the summoned hedge witches, including Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, and Mambo Marie. Gryla demands to know why they were summoned against their will. For this act, she declares that everyone in the Academy will die. [27]

Zelda, Sabrina, and Ambrose welcome Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, and Mambo Marie, who claim they were summoned against their will. Zelda explains that none of them are safe on their own with the arrival of a community of pagans, including a Gorgon and the great god Pan. Mambo Marie advises her fellow witches to at least hear the Spellmans out as opposed to attacking them. They face a common enemy and are forced to unite in order to survive. Zelda pleads with Gryla to hear her out and tells Sabrina to fetch them some food and drinks.

Gryla points out that the Church of Night has always turned their kind, hedge witches, away. For centuries, they've had to brave the wilderness alone. She questions why she should help them. Zelda explains that their numbers are depleted. Their magicks non-existent. They need strength, and if the wayward witches agree to help, the Academy could be their home too. They could make a new coven together. Mambo Marie admits that there is wisdom in what she says. Better to be united for what is coming. As for the Dark Lord, he’s still at large but trapped in a flesh Acheron, with his strength muted. Zelda asks that the witches stand with them against the pagans when they come in three days. She tells Pesta to poison the soil around the Academy so if any pagan touches it, they'll shrivel with disease. As for sleeping quarters, Zelda has arranged for them to stay at the Desecrated Church and tells Sabrina, Prudence, and Nick to prep it.

Prudence confronts Nick and Sabrina as the three of them prepare the Desecrated Church for the hedge witches. They reveal that they’ve broken up and are only friends. Prudence tells Sabrina that her mortal side is showing and that heartbreak isn’t a good look for witches. She offers to make the pain go away with a cord-cutting spell. All they need is two candles joined by one wick, and whatever emotional ties Sabrina has with Nicholas will be burned away for good. However, Sabrina hopes that their breakup is temporary and that they will get back together. Prudence says that Sabrina and Nick were a mismatch from the start. She asks if Nick ever thanked Sabrina for saving his life and helping him get clean, which he didn’t. Sabrina turns down Prudence’s romantic advice and leaves.

Sabrina arrives at Harvey’s to find him, Theo, and Robin covered in mud. They reveal that Circe turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. Robin also reveals that he’s a pagan and that they’re planning a slaughter that he will not be party to. He doesn’t want what they want. The pagans came to Greendale to resurrect the pagan gods, starting with the oldest ones, the Green Man. Sabrina asks Robin how do they stop them. Robin reveals that the ultimate resurrection of the Green Man can’t happen without a virgin sacrifice. Which is why Robin got close to Theo and Nagaina got close to Harvey. Roz is the only one not a virgin, which is why they turned her to stone, as well as because she could use her cunning to stop them. Robin reveals that when the Green Man’s head scrapes the sky and the ripe fruit falls from his arms, he’ll be resurrected. Caliban interrupts to propose a deal. He knows of a Pygmalion spell that would turn Roz back to flesh. And if Sabrina comes with him to find the spell, he’ll outline his proposal to her. Sabrina agrees and leaves with Caliban. Mr. Kinkle then calls Harvey into the house for dinner.

As Sabrina and Caliban search for the spell to save Roz, Sabrina questions why it’s called a Pygmalion spell. Caliban tells Sabrina about the myth of Pygmalion. He was a sculptor who carved a woman made of ivory. Pygmalion fell in love with the statue, wished her alive. He made an offering to the gods, promised he would give up his greatest love, sculpting. In exchange, when Pygmalion kissed the statue, she turned to flesh. As for Caliban’s proposal, they could compete against each other to find the third item of the Unholy Regalia, Judas' pieces of silver, or they could work together to find them. They would both win the throne in that case. They could align and rule Hell together and get married. Sabrina turns him down. So, he asks her to make him a counteroffer. And in return, he’ll give her the spell he just found. Sabrina negotiates with Caliban, starting with making Earth off-limits and ending the enslavement of all souls. She’d like to reform the Hell that already exists, make it better, work with Heaven instead of against it, though Caliban is doubtful it is possible. Sabrina agrees to Caliban’s proposal, but she demands it in writing first and informs him that their alignment would be strictly political.

Sabrina and Caliban return to Harvey’s to find him scrambling to put back together the pieces of Roz. She’s been shattered, broken into a million pieces. Caliban tells Harvey that Roz needs to be put back together and arranged into her correct shape, as he knows of a special epoxy that can hold her together. Sabrina asks about Harvey and Roz and why they haven’t had sex. Harvey tells Sabrina that they were planning to, but the carnival came and things got bad again. Sabrina then reveals to Harvey that she never had sex with Nick and that they broke up. She comments that maybe he wasn't the right one.

Sabrina, Harvey, and Caliban have gathered every piece of Roz. Before they can glue her back together, they must take her to the place that Harvey and Roz first kissed, where the spell will be most effective. Harvey reveals that was at school. The night of the dance. Theo and Robin arrive and offer to help carry Roz.

Sabrina, Harvey, Caliban, Theo, and Robin take Roz to Baxter High, where they glue her back together. Harvey must now say the spell, but first, he has to make his offering to Aphrodite or Eros. Caliban explains that Harvey has to offer up his love for Rosalind in order for her to be restored to flesh. Aphrodite is the goddess of love. She’ll grant Harvey’s wish but demands his heart's desire. He has to forsake his truest love and kiss her to complete the spell and restore her to flesh. However, if Harvey ever betrays his vows and kiss Roz again, she’ll turn to stone forever. Harvey recites the vow to Aphrodite and kisses Roz, but she doesn’t turn back. Caliban explains that Harvey’s offering was rejected because Harvey doesn’t truly love her. Aphrodite will only accept his heart’s truest desire and that must not be Roz. Harvey gets angry and punches Caliban. Robin informs the group that Circe has powerful magicks of transformation, and she could turn Roz back into flesh. He neglected to tell them this because it’s too dangerous. Circe could turn them into any creature she’d ever seen before. And without magick, they’re no match against her. However, Sabrina knows where they can borrow magick.

Sabrina returns to the Academy with Caliban, where she asks Prudence for Ambrose’s whereabouts. There, she is confronted by Nick, who accuses her of moving on with Caliban. Sabrina explains that he’s only helping her save Roz and that she’s never lied to Nick, unlike him, who’s lied to her constantly, that is when he wasn’t cheating on her. Even Prudence chimes in to add that Sabrina is right. While Sabrina is sorry for what he endured, she tells Nick that he’s neither a martyr nor innocent. And if he ever disrespects her again, then he can forget about them being friends.

Sabrina and Caliban go to the Academy's library in search of Ambrose. She dismisses Caliban as she finds him. Sabrina has been thinking about the hedge witches and the stone circles and how they can be used to go on the offensive. They need Roz and Dorcas back before their transformation to stone becomes irreversible. As it stands, the pagans don’t know about the hedge witches, and Sabrina wants to use that to her advantage.

Sabrina and Ambrose get the hedge witches drunk off vino. As Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, and Mambo Marie drink, and with their inhibitions low, Sabrina persuades them into taking the fight to the pagans. As Sabrina goes to the carnival to confront the pagans, Ambrose and Prudence stay behind at the Academy with the hedge witches as they channel each other, as well as the stones for power to lend to Sabrina.

With Salem at her side, Sabrina enters the carnival. She uses the powers of Petsa, Sycorax, and Gryla to take out the approaching pagans. Salem then distracts Circe long enough for Sabrina to grab her and teleport her back to the Academy, where she is bound in chains and held at gunpoint by Sabrina, Harvey, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, and Robin. Sabrina demands that she return Roz and Dorcas back to flesh. If she refuses, they’ll just cut off her hands. Circe submits and turns Roz and Dorcas back to flesh. Prudence embraces Dorcas. The Same goes for Harvey with Roz. Robin then tells Circe to turn Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric back into humans. Circe informs Robin that Pan and Nagaina will kill him for betraying them. As the boys are turned back into humans, Prudence compels them and leads them out of the Academy.

At the Academy, Prudence informs Ambrose, Dorcas, Theo, Robin, Roz, Harvey, and Sabrina that the Circe is in the dungeon and the boys are back home, none the wiser. Harvey welcomes Robin into the Fright Club and tells Roz that she’ll never lose him.

Sabrina runs into Nick, who apologizes for his earlier remarks. He asks if they’re still friends, and she nods her head yes.

Sabrina takes Prudence’s advice and performs a cord-cutting spell to remove any emotional ties to Nick. Salem warns her against it, but Sabrina feels that she must. He asks what of her feelings for Harvey. Sabrina will always love Harvey, but she doesn’t think she’s in love with him anymore. However, better to be safe than sorry, so Sabrina writes Harvey’s name on the candle alongside Nick’s, cutting any emotional ties to him too, as she lights the candle.[28]

The gunshot fired by Mary Wardwell echoes throughout Spellman Mortuary. Sabrina and Ambrose find Zelda bleeding out on the floor. Ambrose runs for help as Sabrina stays by Zelda’s side. He returns with Prudence and Mambo Marie. They take Zelda downstairs into the embalming room and remove the bullet. They’re going to need great strength if they are going to save her. While Zelda remains alive, she is stuck in limbo, Mambo Marie explains. All they can do is burn the violet candles and wait to see if Zelda can find her way back. They are startled by sudden loud wailing.

Sabrina, Ambrose, and Prudence find a banshee, otherwise known as the wailing woman, lurking outside the mortuary. It’s an omen, meaning at least one member of the Spellman family is going to die soon.

Sabrina, Prudence, and Ambrose recount the current obstacles they are up against, including the encroaching pagans, Zelda trapped in limbo, and Hilda buried in the Cain Pit. Ambrose thinks that he knows of a way to gain power, though it won’t be easy. Ambrose found a siphoning spell. If they can get the hedge witches into the center of the stone circle, they can take their energy and replenish their coven. Unfortunately, with the hedge witches being older and few in numbers, the siphoning would likely kill them. Sabrina suggests that they find another way. Unless Sabrina knows of a more nubile coven to bring into the circle, they don’t have any other options. Sabrina claims that while it may be the very definition of an unholy Magdalene, she believes that she already belongs to another "coven." The Baxter High Ravenettes.

At Baxter High, Sabrina tells Roz that she’s in need of a young, energetic group of women who often chant and move in unison; the Ravenettes. She needs Roz’ help with a special performance at the Academy. Ambrose has a plan to re-energize the Church of Night members, and she’ll need the Ravenettes. Sabrina then asks Roz what it was that she wanted to talk about, but Roz tells her it can wait. As for how Sabrina plans to get them to the Academy, she’ll use a spell of persuasion. Lizzie arrives and asks what they’re talking about.

Sabrina and Roz take Lizzie and the Ravenettes to the Academy, where Ambrose and Melvin wait to perform the ritual. Prudence arrives in search of Dorcas, but no one has seen her. Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, and Melvin begin chanting in Latin as Roz, Lizzie, and the Ravenettes perform their flash mob routine. The ritual goes as planned, leaving the Ravenettes weakened and tired. Faustus arrives through the secret door with the pagans. Sabrina closes the door, and the Church of Night and Ravenettes take each other’s hands and teleport to safety. Roz, Lizzie, and the Ravenettes are teleported to Baxter High, where everyone save for Roz has forgotten their stint at the Academy.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Melvin, and the remaining members of the Church of Night teleport to Pandemonium. Sabrina returns to the Academy to retrieve the effigies that are filled with the energies that Hilda and Zelda need to return to the land of the living. There, she is confronted by Faustus, who inquires about the hedge witches in the Desecrated Church, whom he left unharmed, as they’re not worth killing. He advances towards Sabrina, but she teleports away. The pagans return with Circe and Dorcas, the latter murdered before they arrived. Agatha arrives covered in Dorcas’ blood and admits to having taken her own Sister’s life. Blackwood takes Agatha in and tells her that he wants every last Spellman dead. He's also still in search of the egg that Ambrose and Prudence stole.

Sabrina returns to Hell to tell Ambrose, Prudence, and Melvin that her father is no longer bonded to Blackwood. Lucifer and Lilith arrive and inform Sabrina that the Plague Kings have called for the third and final challenge. It’s up to Sabrina to retrieve Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver and secure the throne of Hell for the House of Morningstar. However, Sabrina would rather attend to her aunts. Ambrose and Prudence tell Sabrina that they'll deliver the effigies to Hilda and Zelda and protect them from Blackwood until they recover. The power siphoning might have worked, but Ambrose fears it is only temporary, and with a war brewing with the pagans, they’ll need power, which Sabrina could gain in winning the Unholy Regalia. Lilith reveals that she’s pregnant and that Sabrina has a little brother on the way. Sabrina tells Ambrose and Prudence to protect her aunts while the rest of the coven stay hidden in Hell.

As Caliban receives counsel from the two remaining Plague Kings, Beelzebub and Asmodeus, Lucifer and Lilith prep Sabrina for the final challenge. Lucifer tells Sabrina that only Judas himself knows where the silver is. And Lucifer is the one person who can take Sabrina to Judas. Lilith warns the Dark Lord against interfering. Should the kings find out, the challenge could be deemed a forfeit. As the challenge commences, Lucifer telepathically tells Sabrina where to find Judas. In a volcanic cave, embedded in the walls with Cassius and Brutus. Together, they make up the three worst betrayers in history.

Sabrina finds Judas right where her father said she would; embedded in a stone wall inside a volcanic cave. Judas reveals it was Lucifer who put him there. Sabrina asks where to find the 30 pieces of silver he was paid to betray the Nazarene. In return for his compliance, she offers him water. He tells Sabrina there is any easy way, in which the silver simply appears to her and a harder way, in which she must seek it out. Sabrina chooses the easy way. She must betray someone with a single kiss, as Judas did. Sabrina reluctantly agrees.

Sabrina portals to Harvey at Baxter High. He asks if Roz talked to her, causing Sabrina to wonder if something happened between the two of them. Harvey’s no longer sure where they stand. As Sabrina goes to kiss him, Harvey professes his love for Roz, and Sabrina backs out. She tells Harvey that he and Roz are great together and they shouldn’t let anyone ruin that. She then portals back to Judas to inquire about the hard way. He tells her about the Field of Blood. A burial ground where his silver is buried in a crypt with the first vampire, Vlad the Impaler. The silver is in a bag at his side. She must count them to ensure they’re all there. Sabrina now has to portal to his tomb, but she first gives Judas the water he was promised.

At Dorian's Gray Room, Sabrina tells Nick that both her aunts were shot and that Blackwood has come back and is working with the pagans. And now, she has to find the final piece of the Unholy Regalia before Caliban does. Nick remarks that the Sabrina Spellman he knew would never abandon her family for a quest. He then wishes Sabrina luck before she portals through one of Dorian’s photos. Nick then receives an S.O.S message on his hand from Sabrina’s magick marker.

Just as Judas said she would, Sabrina finds the silver in Vlad the Impaler’s crypt. Vlad is nothing more than a skeleton. Sabrina takes the silver and counts it to ensure all 30 pieces are accounted for. Vlad rises from his crypt, full of blood and flesh once more. He compels Sabrina into compliance. He asks if his father sent Sabrina, she replies no, explaining that she was sent by Judas, unaware that Judas is in fact Vlad’s father; the father of vampires. He compels Sabrina into allowing him to feed on her. When he does, her infernal blood burns him. Sabrina then breaks free of his compulsion and kicks him in the face.

Sabrina returns to Judas. He asks to feel the weight of the silver coins in his hand one last time. Sabrina gives him the coins, and Caliban reveals himself after having posed as Judas. He then does a spell that frees him and embeds Sabrina into the stone wall. He asks why Sabrina didn’t take the easy way and betray someone with a kiss. Sabrina replies that she’s not a betrayer. However, Caliban begs to differ considering Sabrina chose the quest over her family. While Sabrina was dashing off, collecting trinkets, Caliban was arranging a coup. Caliban then reveals to Sabrina that Lucifer and Lilith have been embedded into the stone walls as well. He encases Sabrina in stone completely and leaves as he has a mortal world to conquer and a tenth circle to create.[29]

Still entombed in stone, Sabrina is awakened by a future version of herself. Future Sabrina trades places with her younger self, freeing her from the stone. This is Sabrina’s chance to save herself and her loved ones. She has to collect the Unholy Regalia and take back Greendale from the pagans. And when she’s done, it’ll be her turn to be Future Sabrina, and take the place of the next Sabrina. When everything is said and done, she has to come back and do for the next Sabrina what Future Sabrina just did for her in order to complete the time loop. It’s the only way to keep the realms preserved. Chaos will ensue if she doesn't.

Sabrina arrives at Pandemonium to find it completely destroyed. As she reaches for the Unholy Regalia, King Herod, Centurion, and Vlad the Impaler, the guardians of said Regalia attack her. Sabrina freezes them in place, having gained more power since her imprisonment. Vlad reveals that Hell was invaded by the archangel Michael, who defeated Caliban, the Clay King, who was killed in battle. Hell was then sacked. However, through it all, the Regalia remained hidden. As for Caliban's plan to expand Hell into the mortal world, he failed after being beaten back by the pagans of Earth.

Sabrina returns to earth and finds that the Spellman house has been abandoned for years judging by its appearance. She finds the remains of Prudence and Agatha in one of the rooms. She rushes down to the embalming room, where she finds Mambo Marie’s remains on the floor and her aunt Zelda on the table, with a knife in her chest. Just outside, she finds her aunt Hilda and Salem’s tombstones. She apologizes for leaving them when they needed her most. Sabrina recovers both effigies and lays in her old bed. Later that night, while searching through the kitchen, Sabrina is attacked by two plant-like creatures. She runs into the parlor and locks them in the kitchen, where they are slaughtered by Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion. They agree to protect Sabrina for as long as she’s in possession of the Regalia.

Sabrina, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion arrive at Baxter High. Inside one of the classroom, she finds a message written on the chalkboard: "Dear Lord Deliver Us From Carcosa." And so, the four of them make their way to the carnival, which like the rest of the town, appears barren and abandoned. There, she finds the remains of Nick, Robin, Theo, and Roz. She watches as the plant-like creatures throw buckets of blood at the feet of the Green Man. Ambrose sneaks up from behind and tells her to come with him.

Ambrose informs Sabrina, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion that it’s been decades since she left Greendale. Time operates under different rules in the Ninth Circle. Ambrose reveals that everyone is dead and gone. They’re trapped in flesh factories by the plant-like creatures. Their blood is harvested to water the Green Man. The pagans have won, and the Earth is once more a garden of horrors. And the only safe place left is the Kinkle mines. Ambrose fortified the entrance to keep the pagans away.

Inside the mines, Ambrose tells Sabrina how he went crazy for a decade or two. But the books were his salvation. He’s read everything. Sabrina asks if he came across anything that could help them fix things. Ambrose explains that Sabrina missed the end of the world and that everyone is dead, including Prudence, who he held in his arms, only to abandon her so that he could grab Blackwood’s time egg. Sabrina surmises that her future self must’ve used the time egg to go back in time and save her, and asks Ambrose if that was possible. He explains that it is, but it would require a large level of energies, such as those imbued into the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina wants to use the egg to go back in time to stop the pagans and save Greendale. Ambrose says that in order to do that, they would have to repurpose the Unholy Regalia, assuming Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion would allow him to, which they do. Sabrina and Ambrose plan to smelt down the Unholy Regalia into a morningstar, a medieval spiked ball and chain that Sabrina will use to gather the egg’s magical energies into a vortex. All they need now is a sacred place to perform this, such as the stone circle at the Academy. Unfortunately, that’s where Blackwood holds court, driven mad and feral by his insane worship of the eldritch terrors.

Sabrina grabs Batibat, whom they have imprisoned in a jar, from the kitchen of the Spellman house, and meets back up with Ambrose outside the Academy doors along with Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion. He has smelted down the Regalia into a morningstar. Sabrina asks why the Academy isn’t overgrown like the rest of town. Ambrose explains that long ago, Pesta poisoned the earth so that nothing could grow there.

Sabrina goes inside by herself. She calls out to Faustus. He concludes that she’s come to offer herself to the Void and the other eldritch terrors. Sabrina fails to open the jar in time to release Batibat, and so Ambrose picks the jar up and smashes it at Blackwood’ feet. However, nothing happens, and so he then proceeds to kill Sabrina and Ambrose. Unbeknownst to Blackwood, he is trapped within a dream created by Batibat. In reality, Sabrina and Ambrose remain unharmed. As plant zombies near, they begin the ritual. With the egg in hand, Sabrina starts swinging the morningstar and chanting in Latin as Ambrose, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion push the stone circle around her. This creates a vortex that sends Sabrina back in time to before the pagans concurred the Earth.

Sabrina finds herself standing alone in the lobby, questioning what time she landed in. She takes cover behind one of the stones as Faustus and Agatha enter the lobby after failing to recover the time egg. Blackwood concludes that it must be at the Spellman house.

Sabrina teleports into the embalming room to warn Ambrose, Prudence, and Mambo Marie that Blackwood is on the way to kill them. Sabrina insists that they leave or else they’ll all die.

Sabrina teleports to Harvey’s, where she reunites with Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin. She warns them that the pagans are coming and that they must leave immediately. She admits that Nick was right and that she’ll never abandon her friends again. She then teleports them to Dorian’s, where Ambrose, Prudence, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, Melvin, and the coven have gathered. Zelda awakens with the knowledge of her to repower the coven and defeat the pagans. Zelda then asks about Hilda, who hasn’t resurrected from the Cain Pit. Zelda saw the future, and Hilda lives to be an old crone. Zelda will use what she learned in the next life to drag her back into this life.

Zelda returns to the Cain Pit, where she buried Hilda, and with the help of Sabrina, Roz, Pesta, Dezmelda, Gryla, Mambo Marie, Sycorax, Mother Hubbard, and several other witches, call on the triple goddess Hecate. Ambrose, Melvin, Salem, Harvey, Robin, Theo, and Nick watch from the sideline. It is said that whenever you call on the Triple Goddess, she comes to you. As much as I ignored her, put my faith in lesser gods, signed my name in other books, she still came to me when I needed her most. When I wandered, lost in the Nether Realm, it was she who led me back to the material world. We call you, Hecate. We call on you now, maiden, in your unbounded potential. We call on you, mother, in all your divine power. We call on you, crone, in your arcane wisdom. We are descended of all maidens, mothers, and crones. And so, when we call on the three-in-one, we call on all witches stretching back from the beginning of time to the end of days. We call on ourselves, the powers that have been denied us. Imbue us with them, Hecate, and we shall pray to you morning, noon, and night. And we shall live to honor thy three faces, thy three forms. Dark mother, keeper of the key to the door between worlds, we summon thee. Return our sister Hilda to the realm of the living, and we will never forget you again! The wind suddenly stops blowing and Hilda’s hand rises from the dirt.

After digging Hilda up, Sabrina, Zelda, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, Robin, Nick, Melvin, Roz, and Harvey discuss the pagans and just how they intend to stop them from implanting everyone in town with the Green Man’s seed. Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. However, Robin explains that in that case, the pagans will get seeded and offer themselves up. Also, they still need their virgin. Along with Harvey, there’s still Ms. Wardwell, who Zelda recalls shot her. Sabrina will track down Ms. Wardwell while Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby to put the entire town to sleep.

Sabrina, glamoured as Robin, arrives with Mary Wardwell bound and gagged at the carnival. Pan welcomes Robin back with open arms as they prepare for the rising of the Green Man. Mary is placed inside the Green Man as the pagans are seeded and offer themselves up as sacrifices. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe lead the chant for the Green Man to rise. The vines and branches tighten around Mary and consume her. However, rather than pollination, the Green Man decays, as it shrivels up and rots. As it turns out, Mary Wardwell is actually Pesta in glamour, and Robin is Sabrina. Before glamouring herself as Mary Wardwell, Sabrina found the real Ms. Wardwell and erased her mind of the Spellmans being witches. Sabrina now warns Pan to take his carnival and leave Greendale. Zelda, Hilda, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Sycorax, Melvin, Nick, Harvey, Theo, Prudence, Roz, Robin, and the remaining members of the Church of Night arrive as back up and chase the pagans out of Greendale.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda return home, where they celebrate their victory over the pagans. Ambrose assumes that Sabrina will be going back to Hell to finish the third and final challenge, but Sabrina claims that she’s already won the Unholy Regalia. However, she does have to go back to Hell to finish her business there, and she’s not sure when she’ll be back. Zelda and Hilda start to cry, as Queen of Hell is not the life they had planned for Sabrina. Sabrina says her goodbyes and leaves.

As promised, Sabrina returns to Hell, however, instead of honoring her end of the deal and completing the time loop, Sabrina finds her past self and warns her against giving the silver over. She explains how that’s actually Caliban in the wall, not Judas. And the moment Sabrina gives him that silver, he’ll win everything and trap Sabrina forever. Sabrina explains to her past self that all this has already happened to her. She was supposed to keep the time loop going, but instead, Sabrina changed her mind. She realized that she could meet herself before there is even a time loop, to where they’re both free. Sabrina comes up with a plan. She no longer wants to rule Hell. She just wants to go home to her family and friends. However, with the silver in hand, Sabrina from the past just won the Unholy Regalia and is in position to be Queen. And so, present Sabrina will return home to her family while Sabrina of the past claims the throne of Hell. Past Sabrina then confronts Caliban, who is wearing a glamour to appear as Judas. Rather than giving him the silver, she permanently seals him in the stone.

Lucifer, Lilith, and the Plague Kings await the return of Sabrina and/or Caliban. Past Sabrina returns to Pandemonium with the silver to claim her throne as Queen of Hell. Lucifer congratulates Sabrina for bringing honor to the House of Morningstar and tells her it is time for her coronation. Sabrina says that she’s ready to be married to Hell. In her last act as regent, Lucifer orders Lilith to prepare Sabrina for her coronation. As Sabrina prepares for the throne, all cross the realms, things returned to their natural balance.

Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose sit quietly around the dinner table, all feeling Sabrina’s absence. Sabrina then teleports home and reveals that she changed her mind. She no longer wants to be Queen.

As Sabrina goes to wash up for dinner, Ambrose confronts her. He knows that she’s been lying about something, but he hasn’t figured out what it is. She’s been saying things and knowing things that she couldn’t possibly know. He doesn’t believe that Sabrina actually gave up the throne. Sabrina reveals that She didn’t lie, but she didn’t tell the entire truth either. She’s both the Queen of Hell and not, all at the same time. She informs Ambrose how she went back in time, met her past self and allowed her to claim the throne. Ambrose remarks that this should be impossible. If she never fulfilled her role and freed herself in the first place, meaning there are currently two Sabrina, then she’s created a time paradox. The ramifications for such paradoxes are terrifying at best. However, Sabrina sees it as the best of both worlds, getting the chance to be both a Spellman and a Morningstar. While Sabrina may be able to fool her aunts and father, Ambrose asks what of the Lilith, who notices everything. Sabrina admits this could be a problem.

The Spellmans eat dinner as a family. Zelda complements Hilda on a well-prepared meal and comments that it’s nice to have things back to normal. Ambrose retorts that it won’t stay like that for long in Greendale, as everything has consequences, and there are always loose ends, looking to Sabrina, who unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, created a time paradox. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM, the cuckoo clock on the wall begins chirping and suddenly falls off the wall.[30]

Physical Appearance

Sabrina is of medium height with a petite physique. She has wavy, short blonde hair, clear skin, sparkling green eyes, and a delicate figure. She mostly forgoes makeup and typically dresses somewhat conservatively but comfortably so; she is not however above wearing eye-catching and/or alluring attire if the occasion calls for it. Since writing her name in the Book of the Beast and being empowered by the Dark Lord, Sabrina's look sports a similar appearance to her comic book counterpart, where her hair has become pure white, and her wardrobe and makeup preferences have also changed to reflect the more provocative look of the Weird Sisters. She did, however, go back to wearing her conservative clothes. Underneath her human appearance, Sabrina has a slightly more ghoulish appearance, consisting of grey skin, messy hair, and a noose around her neck.


Sabrina possesses incredibly sense of self and strong willpower, enabling her to resist psychological torture effectively. This was seen during her Harrowing by the Weird Sisters when she repeatedly withstood their attempts to break her. Similarly, Sabrina has a fierce sense of independence. An ardent feminist who believes in the advancement of women in society, she has no qualms over confronting anyone who demeans any female student. Sabrina is an uncommonly compassionate, caring, intelligent, thoughtful, rebellious, and spirited person, an unwaveringly loyal friend and a loving girlfriend. She is quite popular in mortal school but generally slighted in magic school. She lives daily with guilt over not being able to tell her friends about her true nature but has learned to cope with it. Having grown up in the world of mortals, Sabrina is the polar opposite of pure-blood witches in numerous ways. She has a very strong moral compass and doesn't look down on mortals or familiars as inferior. Her loved ones and belief in freedom of choice are by far the most important to her, traits which led her to reject the teachings of the Church of Night. She is quick to question witch traditions and will work tirelessly to find ways around the more barbaric practices. Talented, resourceful, brave and supported, Sabrina eventually developed a mild form of arrogance. This trait, paired with her dedication to her friends, has led her to make reckless and sometimes bad decisions that have unfortunately cost her greatly.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hybrid physiology: As a part witch, Sabrina is capable of using magic. Before her Dark Baptism, Sabrina showed skill in witchcraft, but was still somewhat of a novice at it. After her baptism, Sabrina gained an enormous amount of power, capable of summoning hellfire despite only three other witches doing so and burn the Greendale Thirteen. After her ascension as the Herald of Hell, Sabrina became the most powerful witch in Greendale. She was able to kill two angels and resurrect Melvin and Elspeth without a cost. She later healed Ambrose's wounds and restored Roz's eyesight. After siphoning her magic in a mandrake, she became powerless, with Lillith later restoring her witch abilities. When the Dark Lord began to take the coven's magic, Sabrina was capable of performing weak spells. After she was released from her imprisonment, Sabrina became more powerful due to being in hell, effortlessley immobilizing the guardians of the Unholy Regalia. Her coven's power loss seemingly no longer affected her and she was able to cast several spells.
    • Spell Casting: The power to change, manipulate and control objects, events, actions and phenomena through the use of incantations, rituals, potions or sheer force of will.
      • Memory Manipulation: The power to scan and take away memories from people and/or add false ones. Sabrina used this power to take back her telling Harvey that she was a witch.
      • Containment: The power to contain a being in a given area.
      • Time Travel: Through the use of the time egg Ambrose hid from Father Blackwood, Sabrina manages to go back in time and save her loved ones from getting killed and prevent herself getting trapped in the ninth circle of hell by Caliban.
      • Illusion Manipulation: The power to project highly realistic illusions into the physical world.
        • Glamour: The power to disguise a physical appearance. Sabrina glamoured Salem into herself to distract Batibat.
      • Astral Projection: The power to project their astral form from their body, essentially becoming a ghost. Sabrina used this power to project herself to Jesse Putnam and Harvey Kinkle.
      • Demonic Exorcism: The power to exorcise demons from mortals. Through an incantation created by her father, as well as her half-human, half-witch nature, Sabrina gained the ability to exorcise demons from mortals.
      • Warding: The power to place protection spells and wards on places and people, shielding them from harm.
      • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate and resurrect the dead. Through an extremely dangerous rite given to her by Madam Satan, Sabrina gained the power to resurrect the deceased Tommy Kinkle, along with the assistance of the Weird Sisters and Nicholas Scratch and the use of the Cain Pit.
      • Portal Opening: The power to open the portal to Mortal Limbo.
      • Atmokinesis: The power to control the weather. By pooling together her powers with her cousin and aunts, Sabrina was able to summon a tornado. Sabrina was able to control the weather without the use of a spell.
      • Hellfire Summoning: The power to summon hellfire. After signing the Book of the Beast, Sabrina gained the ability to summon fire from the pit of Hell. According to the Greendale Thirteen, only three witches in known history have been able to accomplish this, making Sabrina the fourth and marking her as an extremely powerful witch. Additionally, she is able to walk through hellfire unharmed, as was seen the night of her Dark Baptism.
      • Enchantment: The power to imbue a person or object with a magical capability.
      • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between. (Incantation; Lanuae Magicae)
  • Telekinesis: The power to move and control objects with the power of the mind alone.
  • Mediumship: The ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead.
  • Familiar Communication: The ability to converse with her familiar Salem and Ambrose's familiar Leviathan.
  • Dream Walking: The power to enter another person's dreams. Sabrina used this power to get help from Zelda, Hilda and Ambrose Spellman for help stopping Batibat.
  • Levitation: The power to propel oneself in the air and hover.
  • Pyrokinesis: The power to generate, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Resurrection: After dying and self-resurrecting as Dark Lord's sword, the Herald of Hell, Sabrina gained the power to resurrect the dead without the use of a spell or sacrifice. Sabrina resurrected both Elspeth and Melvin, after being killed by Jerathmiel, and Leviathan, to have him testify against Faustus Blackwood.
  • Healing: The power to heal another person of their injuries and wounds. Sabrina was able to cure Ambrose's enchanted wounds and restore Roz's sight using merely water.
  • Hydrokinesis: The power to generate, control, and manipulate water.
  • Mind Control: The power to control the minds of others.
  • Longevity: While not yet apparent due to her young age, since signing her name in the Book of the Beast, Sabrina ages at a slower rate than mortals.


Spellman Family

Sabrina loves her family very much. She is doted on by Hilda and often butts heads with Zelda over witch matters, but ultimately the two are still close. She is very close her cousin, who usually gives her useful advice.

Sabrina is quick to anger if her late parents are insulted and tries to honor their memory, though she is angered that they hid secrets from her.

Nicholas Scratch


Sabrina and Nick are together

Sabrina and Nick quickly became friends and then lovers. Initially, Sabrina declined Nick's advances, often reminding him of her mortal boyfriend Harvey Kinkle. Nevertheless, they remained friends. After Sabrina officially enrolled into the Academy of Unseen Arts, she and Nick grew closer as they spent more time together. They eventually became partners in crime, with him often coming to her aid at her times of need.

After starring in a play where Sabrina and Nick shared their first kiss and participating in Lupercalia together, the two eventually started dating. However, their relationship was short-lived after Nick revealed to Sabrina that he had been ordered by the Dark Lord to guide her down the Path of Night. Sabrina would later come to forgive Nick after he sacrificed himself to be Lucifer's prison.

Prudence Blackwood


Prudence teases Sabrina

Sabrina was initially despised by Prudence and her sisters for being half-mortal. However, their relationship has grown to become less antagonistic over time. When Prudence was selected as the Queen of the Feast of Feasts, Sabrina tried to convince her to decline the opportunity as she didn't wish to see Prudence die. However, Sabrina's efforts were hindered by Prudence's stubborn faith in the Dark Lord, though they found out the truth that Constance Blackwood was trying to get rid of Prudence.

Sabrina and Prudence also teamed up to punish Agatha for killing Tommy Kinkle. Since then, the two have developed a mutual respect for each other, though they aren't above confrontation should a disagreement arise. While they may come together in times of need, Prudence insists that they aren't friends, reasoning that Sabrina only talks to her and her sisters when she needs something from them.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • She is based on the main character of the same name from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch-series, which is published by the same company as the Archie comics.
  • Even though several cast and crew members previously stated that Sabrina would make her debut in the season one finale, in her recent interview with AfterBuzz TV, Marisol Nichols denied those rumors and instead said that if Sabrina is going to be introduced, it would be 'seasons down the line'.
  • Initially, Sabrina was said to be an upcoming character that was set to appear at some point in the future on Riverdale.[31]
    • Before Riverdale had found its footing as sort of a noir, crime, pulp show, there were potential plans of a genre switch to horror and the introduction of Sabrina as an antagonist in the second season, with season 1's cliffhanger being her arrival. Ultimately, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and his team decided against it for various reasons.[32]
  • Sabrina didn’t learn about witch terms and traditions until the year of her dark baptism.
  • Sabrina learned Latin and calligraphy from Zelda when she was 5 years old.
  • Before her dark baptism, Sabrina was not permitted to attend the unholy service at the Church of Night.


  • In Archie Comics, Sabrina Spellman is one of the most famous and beloved characters.
    • Sabrina Spellman is firstly introduced in Archie's Mad House #22, in October 1962.
    • She received so much appreciation from Archie's readers that she earned her own series, titled Sabrina the Teenage Witch, published since 1971, with numerous relaunches over the years.
    • In 2015, New Riverdale rebooted the entire original Archie lineup. Sabrina debuted in Jughead #9.
    • She later appeared in the Afterlife with Archie series, with Lovecraftian tones.
    • Due to the success of the series, Archie Comics produced Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a horror retelling set in the 60s, featuring a much darker and sinister version of Sabrina.
      • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, Sabrina's full name is "Sabrina Victoria Spellman".[33]
  • In the 1971 animated series produced by Filmation, Sabrina was created by a potion brewed by witches Hilda and Zelda. This character also appeared in the sister animated series, The Archie Show.
  • In 2012, Hub Network produced a 3D-animated series, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.
  • Sabrina Spellman is best known to younger generations thanks to Melissa Joan Hart portraying her in the 90s sitcom, loosely based on the characters from Archie Comics. In fact, the sitcom has much more in common with the 60s sitcom Bewitched.
    • The sitcom was launched by a 1996 made-for-TV movie, where Sabrina lives in the town of Riverdale and her surname has been changed to Sawyer.
    • Melissa Joan Hart resumed her role as Sabrina Spellman in two other made-for-TV movies, titled Sabrina Goes to Rome (1998) and Sabrina Down Under (1999).
    • In 1999, a spin-off titled Sabrina: The Animated Series was produced by DIC Entertainment, where Melissa Joan Hart voiced Hilda and Zelda.
  • Along with Archie and Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina is the character with more TV adaptations.


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