One second I was at the funeral, and in the next I was in the mines. I saw these two creepy girls they were wearing old fashioned dresses, with lace collars and they were playing with dolls.
— Rosalind to Sabrina[src]

Rosalind Walker is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Jaz Sinclair.

She resides in the town of Greendale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River from Riverdale.

Character Description

Rosalind is Sabrina’s human best friend. Brash, empowered, and outspoken like her Black Panther parents, Rosalind is keeping a secret from Sabrina and the rest of her classmates—that she is not-so-slowly losing her eyesight, a fact that will put her immortal soul in jeopardy.[1]

Early Life

Rosalind was born in Greendale and became friends with Sabrina Spellman, Susie Putnam and Harvey Kinkle. She was apparently closer to her Nana Ruth than her own parents who tried push her into activities that were uninteresting to Roz's nature. At some point, she got glasses and learned of an genetic blindness in her family that affected all biological Walker women, causing them to go blind as young adults, resulting in Roz to become an bookworm as she wanted to fully enjoy reading before she herself became blind. She eventually enrolled into Baxter High and unknowingly started tapping into her powers having cryptic dreams about Sabrina. Early into her sophomore year, Roz learns that her sight is deteriorating, meaning she would soon become totally blind.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell to join them

After watching Night of the Living Dead at the movies, Rosalind, Sabrina, Harvey, and Susie are discussing the film's broader themes in response to Harvey's question about the slow-moving zombies. Sabrina notices that Susie grows uncomfortable as they pass a few of the football players from school, and so Sabrina comforts her. It's while doing so that Sabrina accidentally bumps into her teacher Ms. Wardwell, who she invites with them to discuss the movie at Cerberus Books. Ms. Wardwell politely declines the offer on account of all the papers she has to grade. After she leaves, Roz asks Sabrina why she would invite Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina responds by saying that she feels bad about the fact that Ms. Wardwell lives alone.

At Cerberus Books, Rosalind, Sabrina, Harvey, and Susie are still discussing Night of the Living Dead. Rosalind and Susie argue that the film was about both zombies and the Cold War. The collapse of the nuclear family.


Rosalind and Sabrina set out to start a club

Rosalind, Sabrina, and Harvey meet for lunch, where they continue to dig deeper into problems surrounding them. The football team is only the symptom. The disease goes much deeper, into the bedrock of the school. Sabrina wants to fight it by creating a club for young women to boaster each other, where they can discuss issues they’re facing and come up with proactive solutions. Rosalind adds a club to topple the white patriarchy, which confuses Harvey. Sabrina believes this club could offer true change for them so that none of them will ever feel alone again. However, Rosalind worries that Hawthorne will intervene. He wouldn’t even allow Roz to start a Daughters of the Black Panthers club last year. Sabrina explains that she has a plan to get past Hawthorne. She insists that they do this before Friday, right in time for Sabrina’s birthday, which both Harvey and Rosalind want to throw her a party for. However, Sabrina has plans with her aunts that are years in the making.


Sabrina and Rosalind need approval for their club

Sabrina and Rosalind arrive at school to find out that Principal Hawthorne won’t be coming in. According to Mrs. Meeks, his assistant, Hawthorne had a shock. Sabrina and Rosalind inform her that they have a club proposal they were hoping to get approved, and so Sabrina and Rosalind are able to get approval for their club from Vice Principal Glover. Afterward, they inform Susie and the three of them being preparations. Susie hopes that they aren’t going though all this trouble just for her. Sabrina and Rosalind explain that the club is long overdue as 53% of Baxter High is female. So now, they all have a legitimate sisterhood backing them up. The name of the group is WICCA. The Woman’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association. Sabrina is then called into Ms. Wardwell’s office.[2]

Part 2


Roz wants to take some time to sort things out

At Baxter High, Rosalind, Harvey, and Susie talk about Sabrina's absence. Roz says that she needs time to sort things out. This year, Harvey's trying out for basketball. He and his father played together over the break. He'd been doing better since the magic eggnog Sabrina conjured up. Susie wishes to join Harvey on the boy's basketball team.


Harvey, Ms. Wardwell, Roz, and Susie confront Coach Craven

During the try-outs, Susie encounters hostility from some of the boys, particularly Billy and Carl, who reject her because of her non-binary gender and insist that it is a boys' team. Harvey comes to her defense, however, Coach Craven doesn’t want to allow a girl on his team. And so Rosalind reminds Susie that when others go low, they go high. Roz, Susie, and Harvey request a meeting with Principal Wardwell to inform her of Coach Craven's refusal to allow Susie to try-out. Wardwell confronts Coach Craven about his refusal to let Susie try out for the basketball team. Craven agrees to allow Susie to try out despite her lack of skills.


Susie reveals to Roz and Harvey that his name is now Theo

Roz cheers from the sideline as Harvey and Theo play ball. Susie performs terribly, and Billy and Carl even knock her over. Suddenly, Susie starts to perform amazingly. Unbeknownst to Roz, Sabrina is in the stands, performing a spell that allows Susie to play better. Susie shoot the ball through the hoop. She is overjoyed and Harvey and Rosalind hug her. Susie then reveals to them that she, or rather now he, identifies by his male identity "Theo."

At Cerberus Books, Rosalind and Harvey discuss Theo's decision to identify as a boy. Roz says that he was born as a boy and is ready to embrace his identity. Harvey asks if Sabrina knew about Theo. Harvey admits to missing Sabrina. Roz has a vision of her kissing Harvey in the school corridor.[3]


Roz agrees to be Harvey's Juliet

At Baxter High, students are told that they will be working on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mrs. Curtis tells the students to find a partner and pick a scene to present to the rest of the class. Harvey stares at Rosalind who looks up at him and giggles. He asks her to be his partner, her playing Juliet and him Romeo. Roz accepts, but seems recalcitrant to the idea, because there is a kissing scene. She then has a vision of her and Harvey sharing a passionate kiss. Returning to reality, Roz asks Harvey if he has talked to Sabrina. He answers that they have not talked in a while and that they are still figuring things out.


Roz and Harvey reunite with Sabrina

Sabrina returns to Baxter High where she finds Harvey and Rosalind by their lockers. Roz tells her that she and Harvey are playing Romeo and Juliet together. Roz suggests that they find a scene with three characters to include Sabrina, which she refuses.

Roz and Harvey hang out at Dr. Cerberus' while Sabrina rehearse with Billy. Her Romeo and Juliet partner.[4]

Rosalind thanks Harvey for making her a card. He asks her to be his date to the Sweetheart's Dance, but Roz had already made plans to go with Theo, and she invites Harvey to join them.


Roz asks Sabrina about Harvey

Rosalind meets with Sabrina at her house and tells her that she and Harvey have been hanging out and that Harvey has invited her to the Sweetheart's Dance. She wanted to check with Sabrina before agreeing to be his date. Sabrina gives Rosalind her blessings as she's seeing someone else, a warlock named Nicholas Scratch.


Rosalind arrives at Harvey's

As Harvey shows Theo how to tie a tie, Rosalind arrives and compliments Theo on his new haircut. Harvey is speechless at the sight of Rosalind in her dress. At the Sweetheart's Dance, Rosalind dances with Harvey, who asks about the surprising turn of events. It's both weird and nice. Rosalind pulls away as Harvey tries to kiss her, explaining that she had a vision of them kissing. She tells him that she has premonitions of both the past and future.


Roz and Harvey kiss

Rosalind tells Harvey that she is not a witch but that she was cursed by witches. She explains that her grandma called them "Cunning Women." Roz didn't want to move forward with Harvey before telling him the truth. Harvey says that honesty is what he values most these days and says that things will be good. The two kiss. Harvey asks if their kiss was like in her vision. Roz says her visions usually lead to bad things happening but not this time.


Sabrina astral projects to Roz

Sabrina astral projects to Rosalind to tell her about her plans to have sex with Nick on the final night of Lupercalia. Roz confides that she lost her virginity to a boy named Jordan Bixby at Bible camp. Roz admits that she was really scared but that she liked him. Sabrina expresses her love for Nick. Roz asks if Sabrina trusts him and reassures her friend that she will know when she is ready. Sabrina promises to call her tomorrow before disappearing as a single psychopomp arrives.


Rosalind goes fully blind

At the Kinkle house, Rosalind and Harvey spend the night kissing until Roz reminds him that the reason she came over was to see his artwork. Harvey sent some of his work to an Art school in Rhode Island. Tommy made him do it. They want him to meet some of the faculty members there for some kind of program or apprenticeship. Roz suddenly goes blind and tells Harvey that she can't see anything.[5]


Rosalind meets Mrs. McGarvey

Rosalind enters with her father guiding her as she has gone fully blind. He tells her to wait while he goes to the bank. Mrs. McGarvey visits Rosalind and offers to read her tarot card. Rosalind admits she is blind. McGarvey tells her that she is a "cunning" woman. She reads in the cards that Rosalind feels guilty about something that has not yet come to pass but is about to. Roz tells her that she has a decision to make about an operation which she feels is not worth the cost. McGarvey shows her a card with Lady Justice wielding a sword.


Roz gets her sight back

In the vision, the doctor tells Reverend Walker that the operation is difficult and expensive. He warns that it is not entirely successful. Rosalind says that it is okay if they cannot afford it. Her father says he supports any decision she makes. Roz consents to the operation. Following the operation, Roz can see her dad and all her friends. She is embraced by Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo.

Rosalind returns home. She makes out with Harvey in the kitchen. Harvey asks her if everything is okay. He is happy for her and praises the doctor as miracle worker. Reverend Walker responds that God is the only miracle worker. He tells her to be grateful to the congregation for their prayers and donations.


Harvey advises Roz to pay it forward

Later, at the school library, Rosalind apologizes for her dad's behavior. Harvey understands given his relationship with his father. Harvey sense that Roz is sad, and she confides that she has struggled with her faith for a long time. She tells him that she doesn’t have issues with God but that she doesn't believe in her dad. Roz explains that her dad got the church to pay for the operation. Harvey says they raised money for the operation but Roz expresses concern about the influence that her father has over the church, saying that the church gave him money to buy a new car or to pay off for their house. Roz says that she thinks her dad takes money. Harvey reassures her she can see again and suggests that she try to pay it forward.


Roz meets Audrey

Rosalind toys with volunteering at a home for the blind. She visits a blind girl named Audrey, who is blindfolded. Roz offers to read or keep her company. Audrey says she's only been there a couple of weeks. Roz asks Audrey how she became blind. Audrey turns her head and tells Roz that she stole her eyes. Audrey angrily replies that Roz stole her eyes and removes the blindfold. Roz' father paid Audrey's father with the church money and took here eyes. She demands back her eyes.


Rosalind decides to postpone the surgery

Rosalind panics, and Mrs. McGarvey reassures her that her fate is not fixed and that she still has a choice to make. When her dad returns, Roz tells him that she does not want to take money from the church to pay for her operation. Reverend Walker counters that it is expensive and that without the church, they won't be able to pay for it immediately. Roz says that patience is a virtue. He respects her decision and the two leave together.

Rosalind appears in Harvey's vision along with Theo. They confront him after Roz experienced a vision and learned that Harvey has received an invitation to a summer internship in Rhode Island. He doesn't want to leave Roz behind, but she pushes him to attend.[6]

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-25-Sabrina-Rosalind

Sabrina finds Roz in the library

Sabrina meets Rosalind in the library. When she asks why Roz did not tell her, Roz replies that Sabrina was not there. When she asks why they are keeping her in the library, Roz says it is better this way. Sabrina goes to Principal Wardwell and tells her about Roz, who is angry at the world about the unfairness of the situation. Sabrina doesn't want Roz be isolated in the library, and she should be allowed in classes. Lilith replies that studying in the library was Roz's choice. Sabrina simply wants to help her friend and Lilith suggests giving her a comfort charm or even using a spell to restore Roz's sight.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-29-Harvey-Rosalind

Harvey and Roz accuse Sabrina of blinding her

Sabrina gives Rosalind a comfort charm, but Roz accuses Sabrina of only trying to comfort herself. A bitter Harvey, who clearly isn't happy Sabrina moved so far and fast on from their break up, says that not everyone can leave whenever they want and come back whenever they want. Sabrina offers to heal Roz with a spell, but Harvey objects to it due to what happened with his brother Tommy. Sabrina angrily tells Harvey that it is Roz's decision not his, silencing him. Roz distrusts witches since witches cursed her ancestors with blindness. She asks if it was a coincidence that she went blind after she kissed Harvey, who is Sabrina's former boyfriend. Sabrina denies that she hexed Roz. Although, with both Roz and Harvey accusing her, Sabrina storms out.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-34-Rosalind-Harvey

Roz and Harvey accuse Sabrina of cursing her

Theo asks Rosalind and Harvey where Sabrina is. Roz hatefully replies that she left again. When Theo asks why, Harvey venomously replies it's because they couldn't trust her. Roz says that witches cursed her family and that Sabrina may have made her blind. Theo speaks out for Sabrina and says that she is their friend and a good person. Harvey tells Theo to name one good thing Sabrina's done. Theo reminds Harvey she saved the town to which he retorts "from witches." Theo also reveals that Sabrina got him on the basketball team and points out that Sabrina stopped Harvey’s father from drinking himself to death.

Harvey and Rosalind are working on an assignment on the Children's Crusade when Roz experiences a premonition of Jerathmiel killing Sabrina. Roz tells Harvey to give her the phone. Rosalind warns Sabrina that the missionary wants to kill her and tells her to flee.[7]


Sabrina recounts her encounter with the witch-hunters

In Baxter High's library, Sabrina speaks with Roz and Theo, who have been informed about what has happened with the angelic hunters by Harvey. Sabrina thanks Roz for saving her life, as it was Roz who warned her of Jerathmiel. Considering that she saved her cousin life by touching his wounds, Roz asks if Sabrina can heal her, explaining that her dad had talked about sending her to a school for the blind. Roz is scared that if she goes there, she will never come back. Sabrina reassures Roz she doesn't need spells.


Sabrina restores Roz' sight

Harvey, Sabrina, and Theo take Rosalind into the bathroom. Sabrina turns the sink on and touches the water. She tells Roz to wash her eyes out with the tap water. Harvey and Theo lead Roz to the sink. Roz washes her eyes and suddenly she can see again. Roz is amazed and relieved that she has regained her sight. She thanks Sabrina and hugs her friends. They are joined by Aunt Hilda, and Roz tells Hilda that Sabrina lifted the curse on her. Hilda then tells Sabrina that she has to return because they have been summoned back by the Council at the Academy as Zelda and Blackwood are back from their honeymoon. Roz then kisses Harvey after Sabrina has left.


Roz agrees to attend Sabrina's party

Sabrina meets with Rosalind to discuss a coming out party between witches and mortals. Roz agrees to come. She confides that there are kids in her church who want something to believe in. Sabrina asks if Roz will invite Harvey and Theo. She says that she will try, but that they have been missing in action, especially Harvey.

Sabrina hosts the gathering at her house as planned. Rosalind explains that church kids are drawn by food and music. Nick adds that Agatha and Dorcas also invited their friends and thinks that tonight should be a party rather than a "coming out" party. Sabrina asks Roz if she heard anything about Harvey and Theo.


Nick and Roz look up to Sabrina

Rosalind, Nick and the remaining party-goers head outside. Nick reassures Rosalind that Sabrina can be do provide a miracle to the mortals. Roz affirms her faith in her friend. Someone spots Sabrina standing on the top of her roof with a broomstick. Hilda is shocked to see Sabrina on the roof and orders her to get down now. Ambrose tells Hilda that Sabrina’s plans are going to change things, but maybe not for the better. Sabrina addresses her friends and says that her father saw a world where witches and mortals can be together. Before she can continue, she is interrupted by Harvey, who tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Theo reveals that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see.

Inside the mines, Harvey and Theo show Rosalind, Sabrina, and Nick a mural of Sabrina around several candles. Harvey asks Sabrina what the mural means. Nick explains it's a prophecy. Sabrina realizes that she is the Herald of Hell and thinks that it means that she is evil.[8]


Harvey, Roz, and Theo discuss Sabrina being the Dark Lord's herald

At Cerberus Books, Harvey, Roz, Nick, Sabrina and Theo come to terms with the fact that Sabrina is the Dark Lord's herald. Roz thinks they should not worry, but Sabrina thinks that it is no coincidence that the mural depicting her is centuries if not thousands of years old. Nick says that it is definitely apocalyptic in nature while Harvey says that he should go and seal back Tunnel 13. Theo adds hide the white witch that he killed. Nick vows that he and Sabrina will get answers. Sabrina gets Harvey’s permission to show the drawing to someone that might help them.

Roz questions why Harvey said those specific words to Sabrina when she was on the roof. Harvey explains that Sabrina was going to jump off the roof and that he had to stop her. Harvey reaffirms his love for Roz and they kiss.


Roz talks with Mandrake Sabrina

Mandrake Sabrina visits Roz's house. Roz notices that she is upset. The mandrake says that she came to clear the air with her about Harvey. She claims that Harvey will always love her and that they should not fight over a boy because she is her best friend. The mandrake warns Roz to never come between them. Harvey touches the mandrake's arm and experiences a Cunning vision of the mandrake substituting another mandrake for herself during the ritual. Roz realizes that she is not Sabrina, enraging the mandrake who summons magic and her eyes turn white.


Roz sleeps next to her mandrake

Roz awakens in clearing with Theo and Harvey, as well as Mandrake versions of themselves, which Theo killed. Roz tells them that it is not Sabrina but something like a twin. Just then, the Mandrake approaches and lets out a high-pitched scream. The three flee as Mandrake Sabrina stumbles upon her dead "friends" and wails.

Theo finds that Sabrina is not receiving their calls. Harvey quips that he is not going to eat another vegetable. Roz tells Harvey that she loves him and the two kiss.[9]


Roz, Harvey and Theo offer to help out

Roz, Harvey, and Theo arrive. Sabrina reassures her friends that she is the real Sabrina and not the doppelgänger. Harvey demands to know what is going on. Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord is in Greendale and that he wants to jumpstart the Apocalypse by opening the Gates of Hell. Harvey deduces that the Gates of Hell are in the mines and offers to help. Nick advises him to sit this out but Harvey convinces Sabrina to let him and her other friends help. Despite Nick advising against, Sabrina tells her friends to locate the gate and find a way to keep the Dark Lord's forces from opening the doorway. Harvey suggests dynamite and Sabrina approves of the plan.


Rosalind and Theo prepare to go to Tunnel 13

Roz frantically paces as she asks Harvey how they will stop the Gates of Hell from opening. Harvey tells her that his dad has a lot of dynamite for controlled explosions. Assuming they can find them, Theo adds. Roz reassures her friends that she has the Cunning and that she has been practicing. Harvey tells his friends to grab everything they need. The three set out with guns.

Roz, Harvey, and Theo enter Tunnel 13. Roz touches Sabrina's mural and seizes a vision of the Gates. She says she can lead them to the Gates.


Roz uses her Cunning powers to keep the Gates of Hell locked

Roz leads her friends to the Gates of Hell. Theo doesn't think that dynamite will work. Harvey asks Roz to do her cunning vision. Roz approaches the Gate and touches it with her hand. Roz is overwhelmed until Harvey shakes her out. Roz says she saw runes and symbols on the gate and thinks that these will keep them locked, likening it to a protection spell. Harvey realizes that they can draw paintings to keep the Hordes of Hell of bay. He asks Roz if she can help. Roz tells him she can help and transfers her powers to him. Harvey rapidly draws several symbols while Theo pastes them against the gate.


Roz watches as the Gates to Hell open

Roz, Harvey, and Theo realize that the Gates of Hell are opening. Harvey proposes running, but Theo thinks they don't have enough sigils. Theo tries to block the gap of the gates but is almost grabbed by the demonic horde. Harvey and Roz free him. Theo asks if the sigils will work and if Roz's cunning is right. Lilith finds Harvey, Roz, and Theo have succeeded in using the sigils to hold back the demonic hordes. Lilith is pleased with the mortals for keeping the Gates of Hell from opening.


Nick, Harvey, Roz, and Theo is disguise

Upon Lilith, Roz, Harvey and Theo's arrival, Sabrina's hope for the future is restored. She will require everybody's help. She and her friends will proceed with a "glamour to end all glamours." At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. The Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her Sabrina Morningstar. The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.

Lilith restrains the Dark Lord before he can harm Sabrina. They will need a stronger prison, and the answer to that is the human body. Nick volunteers in Sabrina's stead, reasoning he is the best binder and conjurer since Edward Spellman, so he will be able to contain him. He confesses his love for Sabrina a final time, before trapping the Dark Lord in his body.


Roz, Harvey, and Theo in Tunnel 13

As she leads them to the Gates of Hell, Lilith explains that Nick will have to remain in Hell with her, as it is the safest place. She alleviates any fears Sabrina holds for Nick's wellbeing, by vowing to take good care of Nick. As promised, Sabrina hands over her crown to Lilith, making her the new Queen of Hell. As the newly self-crown Queen of Hell, she bestows upon Sabrina two gifts. The first is restoring her witch powers and tells her not to give them up. When Theo asks about the second gift, she responds they will soon find out. Finally, Harvey hands the demon-possessed Nick to Lilith, who then carries him through the Gates of Hell. Sabrina rubs her head against the Gates of Hell and weeps for Nick.


The Fright Club

At Cerberus Books, Roz, Sabrina, Harvey and Theo reconvene. Sabrina tells them that all her life she believed that she was half-witch, half-mortal but that she has realized that she is something else. Sabrina doesn't know what's next but will figure it out including finding out about her mother's side of the family. Sabrina thanks her friends for saving the world and says they can work together against the forces of Satan. Theo thinks they are like a club now. Harvey proposes the name the Fright Club. The real Ms. Wardwell enters the shop and tells them that she woke up from the most vivid and incredible dream. All she recalls seeing the Night of the Living Dead. Sabrina realizes that this is her second present from Lilith. Sabrina tells her mortal friends of her mission. Salem meows, prompting Sabrina to call her group five. She tells them that her mission is to go to Hell and get her boyfriend back.[10]

Part 3


Physical Appearance

Roz is the tallest among her girlfriends at 5'5 and has natural curly hair. She has brown eyes and wears thick clout glasses due to her slowly deteriorating eyesight. She stopped wearing her glasses after Sabrina healed her eyes. 


Rosalind is Sabrina Spellman's best friend. She is very self-confident, loyal, caring, and intelligent. Rosalind fears the day she loses her eyesight like all women in her family, though she remains strong, and even begins to have an understanding of this affliction that has haunted her family for years when she learns from her Nana Ruth that the women in her family have the gift to see things that others one can not, such as ghosts. She is initially skeptical until she starts receiving visions of her own. It was through her visions that she discovered that Sabrina was a witch. Nonetheless, she accepted Sabrina despite her many secrets, speaking to Rosalind's character.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Cunning: A term coined by her Nana Ruth, which allows Rosalind to see things that others can not, such as visions and ghosts. All the women in her family possess this ability, which doesn't manifest until after they start to become blind.
    • Visual Linking: From practicing her cunning abilities, Rosalind can share her Cunning Visions to others at will.
    • Mediumship: From practicing her cunning abilities, Rosalind can see ghosts.
    • Precognition: From practicing her cunning abilities, Rosalind can see future events.
    • Psychometry: From practicing her cunning abilities, Rosalind can see an objects past events.


Harvey Kinkle


First kiss of Rosalind and Harvey

When Harvey dating with her friend Sabrina, Rosalind were just friends with him. After his parting with Sabrina and her departure to Academy of Unseen Arts, Harvey and Rosalind began to get closer and experience each other's mutual sympathy.

After the Lupercalia, they started dating. Rosalind supports his dream of becoming an artist and leaving Greendale. Harvey, in turn, was willing to give up his desires in order to be near his girlfriend when she went blind.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, Rosalind is a Caucasian redhead who's little more than an annoying Sabrina Spellman's classmate at Baxter High. In the TV series, she's an African-American young woman, and she's described as "the brash, empowered and outspoken daughter of Greendale's minister and Sabrina's best friend at Baxter High."[11]
  • Rosalind has been compared to Dreama of the 1996 Sabrina the Teenage Witch series because of their supernatural abilities.


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