They are planning a slaughter that I will not be party to. I knew love once, and I wanna feel it again. I... I am feeling it again, and I don't want what they want, not anymore.
— Robin to Sabrina[src]

Robin Goodfellow is a recurring character of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Jonathan Whitesell.

Robin is a hobgoblin who was traveling with Professor Carcosa's Phantasmagoria, searching for virgins for their sacrifices. However, he fell in love with his target, Theo and sided with the witches against the Pagan Tribe. Robin is officially invited by Harvey to join the Fright Club, of which he is one of the bass players when the club is not fighting monsters.

Character Description

A handsome young man with an 'elfish' quality to him, Robin is caring and sweet, but also a mischief maker—and perhaps something even more dangerous. He travels with the carnival that comes to Greendale, and soon develops feelings for Theo.[1]

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

Robin is tall and lean young man with broad shoulders and an athletic physique. He has strands of green hair. He is a hobgoblin and has pointy ears that he often covers with hair and a cap when among mortals.


Robin is kind-hearted and loving. He'd been seeking a family and thought that he found it in the pagans Phantasmagoria until meeting Theo, who he developed genuine feelings for. So much so that he turned his back on the pagans and helped the Church of Night defeat them.

Powers and Abilities

Robin is a hobgoblin. He is able to run at great speeds, far faster than any human could. This was shown when he saved Harvey, Roz, and Theo from Pan and Nagaina. Robin was quick enough that Harvey initially thought they had teleported.


Theo Putnam

Theo and Robin

Robin initially arrived in Greendale along with Phantasmagoria intent on seducing Theo so that he could be the virgin sacrifice for the rise of the Green Man. However, it doesn't take long before he begins to develop genuine feelings for Theo, which results in Robin not only coming clean to Theo about his affiliation to the pagans but also providing them with helpful intel that would help them defeat the pagans. Additionally, he and Theo had sex so that Theo couldn't be sacrificed as the ritual required a virgin. Robin's desire to protect Theo also extends to his friends, who after helping restore Roz to flesh, was welcomed into the Fright Club. After taking down the pagans, Theo sends Robin away during the arrival of the Eldritch Terrors to be with his own kind in the fay realm. However, during the battle of the bands, the two are reunited.


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  • He is loosely based on the hobgoblin of the same name, more commonly known as Puck.


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