Robert Phillips, also known as The Sugarman, was a recurring character in the second season of The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Robert Baker.

He was a teacher at Southside High and an adviser for the Red and Black, while also working as a drug dealer.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

The Red and Black

When Jughead Jones approached him to ask about joining the school's newspaper, since he was a former member of "The Blue and Gold" at Riverdale High, Mr. Phillips revealed that he was the former advisor for the school's newspaper, "The Red and Black", but due to budget cuts and students not having an interest in it, the school decided to shut it down. However, Mr. Phillips said he'd reconsider the restoration of the school newspaper.

He later met up with Jughead, granting him permission to reopen the school newspaper, under certain circumstances; no gangs and no Jingle Jangle. If he saw Jughead trafficking in either, there'd be no writing for the newspaper anymore.[1]

Jughead wrote an article and gave it to him to proofread and check to see if it's good enough for the newspaper to publish. He said it was great, but revealed to Jughead that he knows about his initiation into the Serpents.

The Sugarman

He was arrested and convicted of being the current "Sugarman", the supplier of drugs in the town of Riverdale.

He was later awoken in his cell to see the Black Hood holding him at gunpoint.[2] It was later revealed that Robert ended up dead by the hands of Black Hood. [3]

Physical Appearance

Robert Phillips was a man in possibly his early or late 30s, and had a quite defined jawline. He had black hair that was combed back. Robert had never been seen outside of school campus, so it's not known what he wore, but in school, he was quite formal, with a dress shirt that may be topped with a sweater with one part unbuttoned.


At first, he was portrayed as a noble person who disliked all of the crime happening in the Southside and he didn't want Jughead to be involved in it. However, it has since been revealed that this was all a front considering the fact that he was the Sugarman.



  • The character has the same first name as its actor; Robert Baker.



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