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This article is about the shadow town. You may be looking for its counterpart, Riverdale or the "eventized" story arc of Season 6.

Rivervale is a parallel universe to Riverdale, where residents live in an alternate pocket universe, where the supernatural is rampant.


Harvest Sacrifice

The Maple Harvest Festival

Rivervale is slowly recovering from years of tragedy. To get the town back on its feet, Archie Andrews and the town council chaired by Alice Smith, Toni Topaz, Tabitha Tate and Frank Andrews organize the planting of maple trees so that every citizen has their own resource of maple syrup. This sends Cheryl into a rage because they're putting at risk her business, and the Blossom bombshell conspires against the townsfolk. Already intent on returning to the Old Ways with the girls she is educating in her Blossom Ministry, she organizes a Maple Harvest Festival.

Archie is sacrificed

Taking advantage of the hardships of her fellow townsfolk - Alice and Frank's romance, Toni and Fangs' concerns over baby Anthony's health, and Betty's infertility - Cheryl hosts a fair where everyone can have a good time. However, she has baked a pie that will atone for Rivervale's sins. Under false pretenses, Archie eats it and is sacrificed as King of the Harvest. Deceptively lured into the woods where they are all gathered, Cheryl cuts his heart out of his chest.[1]

Vengeful Spirits

Serpents vs Ghoulies

Rivervale is the center of a feud between Southside Serpents and Ghoulies. The two gangs clash over the forbidden love between Xandra and Daniel, who belong to the two rival gangs. In one of the battles, Toni accidentally kills Darla Dickenson's son, Daniel. Some time later, the vengeful spirit of La Llorona haunts the town, attacking the children after rising from the waters of the Sweetwater River. Arriving in town, the ghost tries to drown Juniper, drowned Lucinda's daughter, killed Betty's unborn child, and kidnapped Baby Anthony.

Meanwhile, Tabitha and Jughead are haunted by the ghosts of the previous tenants of their apartment. The couple tries to take possession of their bodies and reenact their murder-suicide. Tabitha and Jughead, however, survive.

Toni becomes La Llorona

Betty and Toni hold a séance, conducted by Cheryl and Nana Rose, during which they discover the identity of La Llorona. She was Martha Mellon, a nurse killed for witchcraft along with her kids. Betty and Toni realize that La Llorona has been summoned by Darla for revenge. To save Baby Anthony and free Martha, Toni offers to take her place and drowns herself in the Sweetwater River.[2]

Souls Collector

The Devil comes to Rivervale

The Devil comes to Rivervale to collect souls. He introduces himself as Louis Cypher and tempts the townsfolk to sell their souls to him in exchange for whatever they desire. Mr. Cypher show up at the hospital where Pop Tate is admitted after a heart attack. Pop Tate sold him his soul years ago to keep the Chock'lit Shoppe open and save his father from an eternity in hell. Tabitha, however, manages to trick the Devil with the help of Raphael, the Tate family's guardian angel. However, the Devil secures Kevin's soul in exchange for Broadway fame and the sinful soul of Nick St. Clair, a corrupt senator. After sowing discord between Reggie and Veronica who sell each other out, the Devil drags Reggie to hell.[3]

The Blossom Women

Abigail and Thomasina reunite

Three blossom women, one story, echoing across time, starting with Abigail Blossom, later moving on to Poppy Blossom, and ending with Cheryl Blossom, the latter two merely being personas created by a lonely Abigail Blossom to conceal the secret of her immortality after being cursed by a warlock. In an attempt to move on to the Sweet Hereafter, "Cheryl" and Sabrina perform a soul transference spell during Bailey's Comet on a dying Nana Rose, moving Cheryl's, or more accurately, Abigail's soul, into Nana Rose and moving Rose's soul into Abigail's body, allowing Abigail to finally find peace and reunite with her lost love Thomasina Topaz in the afterlife.[4]

Saving Riverdale

Jughead reads the comics

After Jughead's doppelgänger is murdered and turns up in the coroner's office, Jughead becomes aware that they're existing in a parallel universe to Riverdale and begins investigating, an investigation that is furthered when he discovers that his collection of comic books now detail events about him and his friends, which supposedly happened in the town of Riverdale. The first 95 issues are called Riverdale and are set in a town called Riverdale until an explosion, and suddenly it becomes Rivervale, leading Jughead to believe that the explosion is the origin of it all.

Ethel and Jughead discuss the universes

However, when events described in Riverdale begin to contradict Rivervale, Jughead digs deeper and discovers that Dilton Doiley is the reason that Riverdale and Rivervale are expanding and bleeding into each other. Dilton was curious and wanted a front row seat to their destruction and to become the first scientist to document a prime and pocket universes collapsing in real time. After he is poisoned by Ethel Muggs, she and Jughead devise a plan to save Riverdale by separating the two universes, which consists of Jughead and Veronica having to recreate the circumstances of Rivervale's birth by hooking up in Archie's room with a bomb under the bed.

Jughead saves Rivervale

Unfortunately, Veronica is killed by Archie before she and Jughead can enact their plan, the reason being that everyone comes back to life in Rivervale, which Archie is hopeful extends to his father, and it's for that reason that he can't allow for Jughead to separate the universes. Archie attempts to kill Jughead but is killed by Betty first. Shortly after, Narrator Jughead comes back to life and tells them of a way to save both Riverdale and Rivervale, by Jughead becoming a living battery and story generator that powers Rivervale by writing stories to fuel the universe so that it doesn't have to keep leeching off of Riverdale. In doing this, both universes are saved, and Jughead calls Betty in Riverdale to warn her of the bomb before it explodes under Archie's bed.[5]



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