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Riverdale High School is the local school located on the north side of Riverdale, which was founded in 1941. In an effort to prevent the school's closing, Toni privatized Riverdale High with help from the remaining staff and funding from Cheryl.


Riverdale High was founded in 1941 and is the school attended mainly by the residents of the north side of the town. In the 1990s, the then principal, Felix Featherhead, was found dead from cyanide poisoning at the same time that some juniors famous for their time often spent in detention - FP Jones, Alice Smith, Fred Andrews, Penelope Blossom, Sierra Samuels, Hermione Gomez - became obsessed with Gryphons and Gargoyles, a role-playing game. They shared their passion with Tom Keller, Marty Mantle, Hiram Lodge and Darryl Doiley.[1]

Under the guidance of Waldo Weatherbee, Riverdale High scored many academic and extracurricular successes holding the competition high with Baxter High and Southside High.[2] The 75th annual Variety Show, Semi-formal, and the Homecoming and Reunion weekend being good examples of school events. But the school was also the site of tragic events including several arrests made on the premises, cyberbullying and sexual harassment by Riverdale Bulldogs against female students like Veronica and Ethel that caused the expulsion of several team members such as Chuck, Coach Clayton's son [3], a case of statutory rape between Geraldine Grundy, the music teacher, and a student[4], and a janitor with killer instincts.[5]

The tension is increased when the Southside High School students are transferred to Riverdale High following the closure of the school, which is now considered uninhabitable.[6] The enmity between Northsiders and Southsiders that characterizes the town is also reflected in the school corridors. The Dark Circle (a vigilante group of Bulldogs and other male students) and the River Vixens are immediately at odds with the Southside Serpents to the point of dramatic events until their differences are set aside to fight common enemies.[7]

In 2018, Riverdale High is not safe from the influence of the Farm, a new age support group that is influencing many Riverdale residents. The group appears at the same time as the renewed interest in Gryphons and Gargoyles, a game that becomes more dangerous than it was in the 1990s due to being played on a larger scale. The Farm soon takes control of the school thanks to new student Evelyn Evernever's incessant proselytising and even Principal Weatherbee succumbs to the influence of the cult.[8]

As stated by Mr. Honey, the new principal who took over from Mr. Weatherbee, proms and musicals have an unfortunate history at Riverdale High.[9] During Carrie: The Musical's performance, Midge Klump was killed by local serial killer Black Hood and pinned to the wall on the stage.[10] Most of the students of Riverdale High quarantined due to a widespread case of mono, compromising the school's production of The Crucible.[11] For this reason, Mr. Honey banished both school parties and Halloween decorations and costumes from the school property, thus securing the dislike of many students like Cheryl and Kevin.[12]

Ms. Doris Bell has been working in the school’s office for over 50 years and in all that time, she has outlasted eight principals, and Mr. Honey was the best thus far according to her. She reveals to Archie and the Gang that only in the year he served as principal alone, Mr. Honey personally arranged for six low income students to go to college on full scholarships. Also, the school’s GPA is higher than it’s been in decades. And more seniors will be going away to college than they have since 1956. Also, no students have died under his watch. This made Jughead Jones reconsider his opinion of him. In particular, after reading the recommendation letter that Mr. Honey wrote for him to send to the University of Iowa.[13]


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