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Riverdale would no longer be 'the town with pep'. From now on it would be known as 'the town that dreaded sundown'.
— Jughead in narration[src]

Riverdale is a small town located in Rockland County, New York in the United States, founded in 1941.


Riverdale was founded in 1941 by General Augustus Pickens and bankrolled by Barnabas B. Blossom. The town is divided into two parts: the north side, where the rich live, and the south side, where the poor live, the home of the Southside Serpents.

The Northside appears to be more livable and prosperous, and crime rates are significantly lower than the Southside, according to the USA 2010 Census Bureau. On the other hand, the Southside is rougher and tougher for the citizens who live there. It is also home to several criminal gangs such as the Southside Serpents and Ghoulies, who are involved in drug trafficking and other illicit activities that come secretly across the Northside boundary. Because of this, the Southsiders are usually frowned upon by the Northside, due to the way they live and are generally accused of criminal activities that occur on the Northside of Riverdale.

Both sides generally kept their noses out of each other's business. However, things changed when a dangerous criminal known as the Black Hood started committing violent crimes, generally occurring on the Northside only, and towards sinful people. For this reason, relations between the two sides of the town have become noticeably harsh, assuming complicity on the part of the Southsiders. After recent events, however, the tensions between the two cause riots to break loose.

Tensions between the Northside and Southside eased following the untimely death of Fred Andrews and the Farm's role in brainwashing most of Riverdale under false pretenses. Some time later, the town was overshadowed for several months by disturbing VHS tapes left on the doorstep by an Auteur, re-enacting the town's darkest moments. This was revealed to be the work of teenagers influenced by Riverdale's dark and violent history.

Seven years later, Riverdale is a ghost town. Most of the citizens have moved, leaving behind abandoned buildings, plundered or used as shelters by the poorest or gangbangers left in the town. Parks and avenues have become Skid Rows. La Bonne Nuit, once an elegant speakeasy, was bought by the reformed Serpents and turned into their new base, called Whyte Wyrm, operating under the long-standing Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Riverdale High was privatized to stay open, despite Hiram Lodge succeeded in stripping Riverdale of its township.

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