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There is no such thing as dead, Sister. We will be reunited again soon. I promise.
— Prudence to Dorcas[src]

Prudence Blackwood is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Tati Gabrielle.

She is a witch and Faustus Blackwood's illegitimate daughter, who desperately sought his approval and family name, as well as assisted at the Academy of Unseen Arts, with former students Agatha and Dorcas. Together, they formed the Weird Sisters, with Prudence being the leader. By the end of Part 2, she and Ambrose embarked on a journey to find and kill Blackwood out of revenge for attempting to kill the Church of Night.

After tracking him around the globe, Prudence and Ambrose found Blackwood in Scotland, where he told them about the arrival of the Old Ones and the Eldritch Terrors. They decided to return to Greendale with Blackwood and Prudence's younger siblings to deal with a new crisis — the coven's loss of power and a group of pagans conspiring to kill raise their old god, during which time the Pagans drove Agatha insane and turned Dorcas into stone. For this act against her sisters, Prudence killed the Great God Pan after the coven pledged themselves to Hecate. Unfortunately, Prudence would later discover that Agatha murdered Dorcas due to her mental state, an act that would result in Prudence breaking up with Ambrose, as she blamed him for not allowing her to kill Blackwood.

During the war with the Eldritch Terrors, Prudence reformed the Weird Sisters with Rosalind, who is a seer, and the voodoo priestess, Mambo Marie. Agatha later rejoined the group after she regains her sanity and Mambo Marie goes to the Underworld.

Character Description

The Regina George-esque leader of a bewitching trio known as the Weird Sisters.[1]

A student at the Academy of Unseen Arts and the de facto leader of a trio of witches known as the Weird Sisters. Beautiful and cunning, Prudence nurses a deep, personal, and possibly life-threatening grudge against Sabrina.[2]

Early Life

Prudence is the illegitimate daughter of Father Faustus Blackwood. Her mother, who remains unknown, threw herself into a river after Faustus refused to marry her. Following this tragic event, Father Blackwood took Prudence with him and raised her as his own; which unbeknownst to Prudence, was due to the fact that she was his daughter. She grew up along with Agatha and Dorcas as an orphan in the Academy of Unseen Arts. She always looked out for them because Agatha was always overly enthusiastic while Dorcas lacked confidence and had the tendency to stammer. After her Dark Baptism and initiation into the Church of Night, she became a student at the Academy and was put through the Harrowing. At some point, she met Sabrina Spellman, who she began bullying due to her dual nature of being half witch and half mortal.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

Prudence has flawless dark skin, and short wavy bleached bone white hair to contrast with her dark skin. She also has luscious lips and dark brown eyes. She is a girl of tall stature with a slim figure. Her attire used to consist of a lace-collared dark purple dress with black tights and shoes. She later started to wear less uniformed clothing, often leather or laced. In addition, she wears dark makeup to accentuate her dark witchy persona. When she traveled around the world in search of her renegade father, she often matched her outfits to her current location. Underneath her human appearance, she has a more ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray skin, glowing green eyes, no nose and black-rimmed teeth.


Prudence can be arrogant, proud, ambitious, cruel, and vicious, as well as intelligent and cunning. But she is also capable of compassion and kindness. Due to her upbringing, Prudence has a hard time expressing simple pleasantries. She is the leader of the Weird Sisters, and as such, believes in order and balance. After discovering that Agatha and Dorcas plotted to kill Harvey and Tommy Kinkle, she aligned herself with Sabrina and punished Agatha for her wrongdoing. Despite this, Prudence shares her sisters' hatred for the Kinkle family, as they are descendants from known witch hunters, to which Prudence holds a great amount of disdain towards.

Prudence also has a long-standing rivalry with Sabrina, consistently attacking her over her dual nature of being half-mortal and half-witch, referring to her as "half breed". In spite of this, Prudence has shown her will to put their differences aside to work with Sabrina on multiple occasions, such as when they punished several football players for their behavior towards women and tricking Constance Blackwood into confessing that she enchanted the ballot box to favor Prudence as Queen of the Feast of Feasts.

Powers and Abilities

Prudence possesses the standard abilities associated with witches. She once placed a curse on Sabrina, who she disliked due to her dual nature, often referring to Sabrina as a "half-breed." Prudence also shares abilities with her sisters, such as telepathy, mind control, and precognition. She also participated in the death and subsequent resurrections of Agatha after she and Dorcas killed Tommy Kinkle. Additionally, As a full witch, Prudence ages at a slower rate than mortals. According to Tati Gabrielle, she feels like Prudence is in her late 70s.[3]


Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters

Prudence has a close relationship, with her sisters, Dorcas and Agatha. The three witches grew up together as orphans in the Church of Night and often walked hand in hand through the halls of the Academy. Faustus Blackwood took the three young witches in because orphans weren’t uncommon, though Prudence was actually his biological daughter. The three sisters looked down on Sabrina Spellman for being half-mortal. Prudence has no qualms about punishing them, if they do something wrong; for example, killing mortals without Prudence's permission. Despite this, Prudence cares deeply about her Sisters. She was very concerned for Agatha when she got sick and was devastated when Father Blackwood poisoned them going. Desperate to save her Sister, she begged the Spellmans to save them. However, their bond was forever fractured when Agatha was driven insane by Pan and killed Dorcas.

Ambrose Spellman

Ambrose and Prudence

When Ambrose started working at the Academy of Unseen Arts, Prudence began a temporary affair with him during Lupercalia while his boyfriend, Luke, left the country on behalf of father. After the strange death of Luke and the imprisonment of Ambrose in the Witch's Cell, Prudence was his ruthless overseer. They had despised each other for a long time, but her attitude toward Ambrose began to change for the better when he decided to stay at the Academy to warn the witches about the witch-hunters' attack.

Later, Prudence begs Ambrose and his aunties to help her Sisters and reveals that her father poisoned the entire coven. After the coven is saved, Ambrose asks Prudence how her sisters are and tells her that Blackwood used them by exploiting their desire for a father and he blinded them to the family that they already have. After defeating Lucifer, Prudence and Ambrose embark on a quest to hunt down Father Blackwood. Before leaving, Prudence beheads Blackwood’s statue and tells Ambrose that her father won’t be easy to hunt down and to kill. Ambrose vows to seek his true destiny as a witch, something shared by Prudence. Unfortunately, following the death of Dorcas, Prudence broke up with Ambrose.

Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina and Prudence

Prudence initially seemed to despise and look down on Sabrina for being half-mortal, evident by their numerous encounters, such as when she, Agatha, and Dorcas put a blood curse on her, to convince her not to come to the Academy of Unseen Arts. They also put her through the Harrowing, a cruel hazing ritual at Academy. However, their relationship isn't always so antagonistic. When Prudence is selected as the Queen of the Feast of Feasts, Sabrina tries to convince her to decline the opportunity. However, Sabrina’s efforts are hindered by Prudence's suborn faith in the Dark Lord. Prudence also teams up with Sabrina to punish Agatha for killing Tommy Kinkle and gladly agreed to help Sabrina with her Seance. Despite this, Prudence doesn’t think that she and Sabrina are friends, as Sabrina only talks to her and her sisters when she needs something from them.

Zelda Spellman

Prudence and Zelda

Prudence has a great amount of respect for Zelda for her devoutness to the Dark Lord and the Church of Night. She helps Zelda hide Blackwood's daughter Leticia to protect her. After Zelda marries Father Blackwood, she became Prudence’s stepmother. In that time, Zelda showed Prudence how Father Blackwood was a ruthless misogynist who would let her die if he had to. When Father Blackwood poisoned the entire coven, Prudence immediately went to Zelda and her family and begged them to save Agatha and Dorcas.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  • Tati Gabrielle based Prudence's movements and walking on Eartha Kitt's distinctive movements as Catwoman from the 1966 Batman TV series. [4]
  • According to Tati Gabrielle, she feels like Prudence is in her late 70s.[3]
  • Father Blackwood considers Prudence’s mother a weak woman, and the child she left behind is the same.[5]
  • One of Prudence’s favorite pass times is to astral project herself to mortal boys completely naked.[6]
  • Prudence specializes in creating luck charms. [6]
  • When Prudence was younger she had longer hair, which got caught in Nick’s shirt buttons when he tried to cuddle with her. She cut her hair to free herself and bleached it afterwards.[7]
  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, the Weird Sisters are a trio of witches who can foretell the future. They predicted that if humans and witches didn't inter-mix that it would lead to the extinction of witchery.
    • A far cry from their counterparts who despise Sabrina for her mixed heritage alone.
  • Prudence is comparable to Cassandra, a character in the animated series Sabrina's Secret Life. Like Prudence, Cassandra is a witch who has a rivalry with Sabrina Spellman, and who is blood related to a high authority figure in the witch community.


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