I'll kill you for all that you have done whereever you go I will find you.
— Prudence to Father Blackwood[src]

Prudence Blackwood, formerly known as Prudence Night, is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Tati Gabrielle.

She is a witch who attends the Academy of Unseen Arts, with Agatha and Dorcas. Together, they form the Weird Sisters, with Prudence being the leader. At the end of Part 2, she and Ambrose embarked on a journey to find and kill Father Blackwood, out of revenge for what he did to them and the Church of Night.

Character Description

The Regina George-esque leader of a bewitching trio known as the Weird Sisters.[1]

A student at the Academy of Unseen Arts and the de facto leader of a trio of witches known as the Weird Sisters. Beautiful and cunning, Prudence nurses a deep, personal, and possibly life-threatening grudge against Sabrina.[2]

Early Life

Prudence is the illegitimate daughter of Father Faustus Blackwood. Her mother, who remains unknown, threw herself into a river after Faustus refused to marry her. Following this tragic event, Father Blackwood took Prudence with him and raised her as his own; which unbeknownst to Prudence, was due to the fact that she was his daughter. She grew up along with Agatha and Dorcas as an orphan in the Academy of Unseen Arts. After her Dark Baptism and initiation into the Church of Night, she became a student at the Academy and was put through the Harrowing. At some point, she met Sabrina Spellman, who she began bullying due to her dual nature of being half witch, half mortal.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


The Weird Sisters curse Sabrina

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, a trio of teenage witches better known as the Weird Sisters appear in the woods after hearing Sabrina Spellman summon a familiar. Having eavesdropped on Sabrina, they now know with certainty that she’s going through with her dark baptism and transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, as far as they’re concerned, Sabrina being the half-breed that she is, is not welcome. Prudence warns Sabrina to stay away from the Academy as she wouldn’t want what happened to her mother and father to happen to her. Dorcas and Agatha add that it would be tragic should the accident that took their lives also befalls Sabrina. The Weird Sisters then place a curse on Sabrina. Almost instantly, Sabrina’s nose starts to bleed.[3]

After learning the names of the boys who harassed her friend, Susie, Sabrina went into the woods to summon the Weird Sisters and ask if they'll help her get revenge for Susie by helping her mess with four mortal boys. The surmise that Sabrina summoned them to remove the curse they had previously placed on her, but they would only do so if she pledged not to attend the Academy. Sabrina explains that the curse has already been reverse, but she was still willing to strike a deal. If they help her teach the boys a lesson, then she won't attend the Academy. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha agree. However, Sabrina strikes this deal with her fingers crossed behind her back.


Sabrina and the Weird Sisters invite the boys to the mines

That night, Sabrina (dressed in a similar fashion to the Weird Sisters), Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha approach Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth outside a convenience store. They were hoping the boys would join them for a party in the mines. While they recognized Sabrina from Baxter High, they asked where her friends attend, presumably Riverdale High School, but Prudence simply states that it's a special school. Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha take the boys to the Greendale Mines, what some call "The Devil's Doorway." The mines run so deep that one shaft takes you down to hell. The girls lead the boys into the mines, though the boys start to regret their decision almost instantly.


Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas scare off the boys

Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha undress, quickly followed by Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth. The girls have cast an illusion spell on the boys to trick them into hooking up with themselves. The illusion fades once the flash from Sabrina's camera goes off. Sabrina tells them that the pictures will be posted all over school if they hit Susie or any girl ever again. When Billy becomes aggressive, Prudence takes charge. She cuts off the lights, and she and her sisters transform, taking on a ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray-green skin, glowing eyes, and black-rimmed teeth, causing the boys to run in fear. Salem watches from outside as the boys come rushing out.

Back inside the mines, Sabrina finds a steel cage with four birds inside sitting on the ground. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha took the boys' boyhood. Until Sabrina releases the birds, Seth, Ed, Billy, and Carl won't be rising to any occasion. Dorcas believes that a few weeks of impotence might teach them better manners. Prudence then states that Sabrina might be more suited for the Academy than they initially thought. They know Sabrina lied, but they helped her anyways because they enjoy tormenting mortal boys. Sabrina didn't want to leave with her friends still having to deal with the boys. Prudence questions why leave at all if she cares about her friends. Sabrina explains that with the visit from Father Blackwood, she wasn't sure she had a choice in the matter, which came as a surprise to the Weird Sisters. Prudence tells Sabrina that singing her name into the Book of the Beast is an even exchange. She gives up her freedom in exchange for power. However, Sabrina wants both.


Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina sprints through the woods in her mother’s white wedding dress. As she passes under the threshold, her once white dress magically turns black. Sabrina passes through the blue flames and arrives at her baptism, where Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, and many others are in attendance. Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina forehead and read Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.

Sabrina attempts to escape but she becomes entangled in magical possessed vines, though she manages to narrowly escape. Ambrose and Salem are sitting on the porch as Sabrina comes screaming for help, with the coven not far behind her. Father Blackwood demands Sabrina’s signature, but she refuses. She believes that there’s another path for her, similar to that of her mother and father’s. When Father Blackwood orders Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha to take Sabrina, Ambrose informs them that a circle of protection rings the house, and no witch save for a Spellman may cross it. Any unwelcome witch that tries shall burn. With that, the coven retreats. Little did they know, Ambrose was bluffing. Zelda and Hilda brush right pass Sabrina and head inside.[3]

Physical Appearance

Prudence has flawless dark skin, and short wavy bone white hair to contrast with her dark skin. She also has luscious lips and dark brown eyes. She is a girl of tall stature with a slim figure. Her attire consists of a lace-collared dark purple dress with black tights and shoes. In addition, she wears dark makeup to accentuate her dark witchy persona. Underneath her human appearance, she has a more ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray skin, glowing green eyes, no nose and black-rimmed teeth.


Prudence can be arrogant, proud, ambitious, cruel, and vicious, as well as intelligent and cunning. But she is also capable of compassion and kindness. She is the leader of the Weird Sisters, and as such, believes in order and balance. After discovering that Agatha and Dorcas plotted to kill Harvey and Tommy Kinkle, she aligned herself with Sabrina and punished Agatha for her wrongdoing. Despite this, Prudence shares her sisters' hatred for the Kinkle family, as they are descendants from known witch hunters, to which Prudence holds a great amount of disdain towards.

Prudence also has a long-standing rivalry with Sabrina, consistently attacking her over her dual nature of being half-mortal and half-witch, referring to her as "half breed". In spite of this, Prudence has shown her will to put their differences aside to work with Sabrina on multiple occasions, such as when they punished several football players for their behavior towards women and tricking Lady Blackwood into confessing that she enchanted the ballot box to favor Prudence as Queen of the Feast of Feasts.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations.
    • Cursing: The power to put a curse on someone or something, causing them to phase incredible bad events, luck and/or harm.
    • Illusion Manipulation: The power to project highly realistic illusions into the physical world.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate and resurrect the dead.
    • Warding: The power to place protection spells and wards on places and people, shielding them from harm.
  • Teleportation: The power to move from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move things with the power of the mind.
  • Mind Control: The power to make a person unable to deduce what is real and what is suggestion. Prudence shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Telepathy: The power to read the minds of others and project one's thoughts into others' minds. Prudence shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Bi-Location: The power to send a witch to another location or to bring them back.
  • Precognition: The power to receive visions of the future through dreams. Prudence shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Longevity: As a full witch, Prudence ages at a slower rate than mortals. According to Tati Gabrielle, she feels like Prudence is in her late 70s.[4]


Weird Sisters

Prudence has a close relationship, with her sisters, Dorcas and Agatha. The three witches grew up together as orphans in the Church of Night. The three sisters look down on Sabrina Spellman for being half-mortal. Prudence has no qualms about punishing them, if they do something wrong; for example, killing mortals without Prudence's permission. Despite this Prudence cares deeply about her Sisters as she got worried when Agatha got sick, and was devastated when Father Blackwood poisoned them going so far to beg the Spellman‘s to save them.

Sabrina Spellman

Prudence and initially seemed to despise and look down on Sabrina for being half-mortal, evident by their numerous encounters, such as when she, Agatha and Dorcas put a blood curse on her, to convince her not to come to the Academy of Unseen Arts and put her through the Harrowing, a cruel hazing ritual at Academy. However, their relationship isn't always so antagonistic. When Prudence is selected as the Queen of the Feast of Feasts, Sabrina tries to convince her to decline the opportunity. However, Sabrina’s efforts are hindered by Prudence's suborn faith in the Dark Lord. Prudence also teams up with Sabrina to punish Agatha for killing Tommy Kinkle and gladly agreed to help Sabrina with her Seance. Despite this, Prudence doesn’t think that she and Sabrina are friends, as Sabrina only talked to her and her sisters when she needs something from them.

Zelda Spellman

Prudence has a great amount of respect for Zelda, for her devoutness to the Dark Lord and the Church of Night. She helps Zelda hide Father Blackwood's daughter Leticia to protect her. After Zelda marries Father Blackwood, she became Prudence’s stepmother. In that time, Zelda showed Prudence how Father Blackwood was a ruthless misogynist who would let her die if he had to.


Part 1

Part 2


  • Tati Gabrielle based Prudence's movements and walking on Eartha Kitt's distinctive movements as Catwoman from the 1966 Batman TV series. [5]
  • According to Tati Gabrielle, she feels like Prudence is in her late 70s.[4]
  • Father Blackwood considers Prudence’s mother a weak woman, and the child she left behind is the same.[6]


  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, the Weird Sisters are a trio of witches who can foretell the future. They predicted that if humans and witches didn't inter-mix that it would lead to the extinction of witchery.
    • A far cry from their counterparts who despise Sabrina for her mixed heritage alone.
  • Prudence is comparable to, Cassandra, a character in the Animated series Sabrina's Secret Life. Like Prudence, Cassandra is a witch who has a rivalry with Sabrina Spellman, and who is blood related to a high authority figure in the witch community.


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