The purpose of our gang isn't to air out your petty grievances or pursue your personal vendettas. It's for protection and community.
Toni to Cheryl[src]

The Pretty Poisons are a gang of girls led by Toni and recruited by Cheryl to create the family that Toni lost after being exiled from the Southside Serpents.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 3


Toni and Cheryl form a new gang

Toni is disgusted with what Major Mason did to Moose and Kevin. Cheryl informs her that it's a result of the Sisters' conversion therapy. It twisted his soul. Cheryl recalls the day that Toni (and Veronica) saved her from the Sisters and says that she'll never forget it. Since Toni has done so much for her, Cheryl wants to repay the favor. Call it step four of her mega plan. They enter a classroom to about half a dozen female students, one of which being Peaches 'N Cream. Cheryl informs Toni that it's her new gang if she wants it to be. Cheryl knows how much Toni misses being a Serpent as they were her family. So, she found some other girls who were looking for support or community or even fisticuffs. With this gesture, Cheryl would like to start a new family. Toni is extremely grateful, referring to Cheryl's gesture as the most bad ass and romantic thing she's ever done. Peaches 'N Cream inquiries about the name for their newly found family, to which Toni falls on the name "Pretty Poisons." Pretty by day, poison by night.[1]


Cheryl trains the Pretty and Poisons

Just outside Thistlehouse, Cheryl teaches an archery class to the Pretty Poisons. Toni returns not long after to inform Cheryl how Jughead attempted to convince her to rejoin the Serpents. He had the audacity to call them a vanity project, which still angers Toni, and so she plots on a way to put him in his place. Cheryl draws her bow and arrow, and fires, telling the girls that it's time to show Jughead just how poisonous they can be.


The Pretty Poisons surround Fangs and Sweet Pea

Cheryl, Peaches 'N Cream , and the Pretty Poisons approach Sweet Pea and Fangs as they are leaving Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Sweet Pea sarcastically remarks that that he and Fangs don't want any trouble from their sorority. Cheryl demands respect, to which Fangs questions the consequence of should they not. Cheryl explains who they are and why they're there. They've come to deliver a message to the Serpents, that they're not to be dismissed or trifled with. The ladies proceed to surround and attack Sweet Pea and Fangs, who choose not to defend themselves.


Toni scolds Cheryl for attacking Sweet Pea and Fangs

Toni approaches Cheryl after learning that she and the other girls jumped Sweet Pea and Fangs. Cheryl explains that she was sending them a message as the Serpents needed to know that the Pretty Poisons aren't to be trifled with. Toni is furious. The purpose of their gang isn't to air out Cheryl's petty grievances or personal vendetta. It's for protection and community. So now she questions who's truly leading the gang, her or Cheryl. Cheryl says that it's Toni's gang, and in that case, Toni tells Cheryl to never deploy the Pretty Poisons that way without first consulting with her.[2]



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Season 3

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