Hermione, Polly is a teenager. She hasn't even finished high school. The father of her baby has been murdered. You want to play house with her, and throw her a baby shower, fine. But the very next day, all of those things will still be true. And she's supposed to what? Raise a child?
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Polly's Baby Shower was held for Polly and her unborn babies with the late Jason Blossom.

Initially thought up by Veronica, the plan for the shower was to get Polly and her mother together in a public setting where they would not fight to try and mend the rift between them caused by Polly's teenage pregnancy. Polly also wanted Penelope Blossom to attend so that she could prove she would be a good parent to her future grandchild.

The event was organized and hosted by the Lodges and Betty Cooper with help from Betty's boyfriend Jughead Jones.


Guests' Arrival

Convinced by Hermione to attend, Alice showed up and told Polly how happy she was that Polly and the baby were safe, and they shared a hug before the Blossoms interrupted. Cheryl arrived with a very expensive stroller and a request to be the baby's godmother, not knowing that Polly had previously asked Betty. Penelope Blossom apologized for not initially embracing Polly and asked for forgiveness, taking her hand. Alice was restrained by Betty before she could interfere.

Baby's Gender Ritual

Nana Rose Blossom, who had dementia and gypsy blood, performed some kind of ritual where she hovered a purple crystal pendant over Polly's hand. She claimed it could read the baby's aura and predict its gender. According to Nana Rose, Polly would be having twins, one of each gender. Alice was skeptical, commenting that this was occultism at its most "ludicrous," but still expressed her gratitude to be present at her daughter's baby shower.

Gift Opening

The gift opening portion of the night had come. Alice gifted Polly the night light she used as a little girl, which she had saved from Polly's childhood. Alice knew how much her daughter loved it, and she wanted Polly to be able to pass it down to the baby one day. Archie then crashed the shower, having just found out that Jughead's father was the leader of the Southside Serpents, which he angrily revealed to Betty and Veronica. Veronica told them they had to check themselves because it was Polly's day, and Archie left.

Penelope and Cheryl presented Polly with a family heirloom that great-grandfather Blossom had played with: an antique children's rocking horse. They then invited Polly to stay with them at Thornhill, vowing that neither Polly nor the baby would ever want for anything. Disgusted, Alice insulted the Blossom's gift and asserted that Polly would never set foot in their home. Penelope accused Alice of being ashamed of Polly and the baby. They argued before Polly interrupted, declaring that she and Jason were supposed to be together and that the pointless feud between the two families was what had gotten him killed.


After the guests left, Polly told Alice that if not for her sending Polly away to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Jason might have lived and that she was alone there. Alice apologized, stating she had never meant for Polly to feel unwanted and unloved. She promised she would never let her feel that way again and begged her to return home. Polly considered this but questioned returning because of her father, Hal. Polly then revealed that, unbeknownst to Alice, before Polly was sent away, Hal had made an appointment for her to get an abortion to get rid of her "mistake."[1]



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