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My love, you're treating liking two people as if it were some big moral quandary, but it really isn't. Take me, for example-- I've made it perfectly clear to both Raj and Didi that I'm seeing both of them.
— Pepper to Jorge[src]

Pepper Smith is a main character on The CW's Katy Keene. She is portrayed by Julia Chan.

Pepper is close friends with Katy, Jorge, and Josie. To them, she was a well traveled, high profile, New York City socialite, but in reality, she was a con artist who made her way by scams and other dishonorable means. However, she has since sworn off that life and denounced all illegitimacy, dedicating herself to the Pepper Plant and the rise of young artists.

Character Description

A New York City "It Girl" who is at the epicenter of all things trendy. As the funny, magnetic life of the party, she dreams of opening her very own version of Andy Warhol's Factory. But behind all the outrageous noise, no one quite knows where she gets all her money — or if she even has any.[1]

Early Life

Despite claiming that she grew up well-off and privileged in London, Pepper was actually born and raised in New York City. As an infant, she was left at the Palace Hotel and later adopted by the doorman. She continued to live in the same building and eventually met Ms. Freesia.  Most days, Freesia would find Peppa doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. With Ms. Freesia's teaching, Pepper eventually learned how to successfully con people out of money.

At some point, she met Hannah Melvey and got married. Eventually, Pepper betrayed Hannah in Morocco and stole $30,000 from her.

Throughout Katy Keene

Physical Appearance

Pepper is a young woman with a light complexion, short blonde hair, and bright brown eyes. She often wears bright and flashy clothing.


Pepper is a glamorous, charismatic, confident and intelligent young feminist, who is well-versed in the social setting. Pepper is considered the most connected person in New York City. She often flaunts to her friends about her wealth and glamorous lifestyle while she is hiding the fact that she actually has no money. Pepper is also extremely loyal to her friends and would never sell them out.


Katy Keene and Jorge Lopez

Jorge, Pepper, and Katy

Pepper, Katy, and Jorge have been friends for a few years. They became close in that time. However, with the life Pepper lived, her friends didn't know much about her, and what they did know of Pepper, most of it was a lie in order for Pepper to maintain her high profile socialite image. But in reality, she'd run scams and commit fraud in order to get by. After Katy and Jorge learned that Pepper had been lying to them since they first met, they began to question their friendship. More so Katy after she learned that Pepper's dad was alive and that she had been hiding him away when Katy on the other hand would do anything to know her own father. However, Katy and Jorge would eventually come to forgive Pepper.

Josie McCoy

Pepper and Josie

Pepper and Josie just recently became friends after Josie arrived in New York and moved in with Katy and Jorge. She welcomed Josie into their group with open arms, but they experienced a brief falling out after Josie discovered that Pepper had been lying to them all and that she was a scammer and con artist. Pepper asked that Josie not tell Katy or Jorge. However, she did just that, which put a strain on their relationship as well as the group as a whole. Pepper questioned why Josie betrayed her as she felt attacked, though Josie explained that she was simply trying to help. Fortunately, they would come to forgive Pepper and mend their friendship.


Didi and Pepper

Didi was initially Pepper's friend. They met at the Palace hotel, where Didi worked at the front desk and would even help Pepper in her scams, to a lesser degree. When Pepper was kicked out of the Palace, it was Didi who retrieved her belongings and returned them to her. After being fired from the Palace for helping Pepper, Didi joined Pepper at the Pepper Plant. She was even offered a week’s salary in advance. Pepper valued Didi’s friendship and didn't want to lose her. Didi accepted the job under one condition: Pepper had to teach her everything she knew about the art of scamming. Didi would go onto help Pepper for weeks, during which time, they were romantically involved. However, she would later quit the Pepper Plant and leave Pepper after taking a job working for Hannah after learning what Pepper did to her.

Raj Patel

Pepper and Raj

Pepper met Raj through her friendship with KO, as they were roommates. Raj was looking for a space to rent as a filming location. He was working on a thesis about the intersection of organized crime, homo-eroticism, and American cinema, and wanted to use the Pepper Plant. Despite warning Raj to keep a low profile, a neighbor saw what they were filming through the window and called Pepper’s landlady, who threatened to shut them down. Fortunately, Raj managed to finish the film. This initial agreement blossomed into a romance.


Gary and Pepper

Gary is Pepper's adoptive father who works as a doorman at the Georgia Hotel. He's raised her since she was a new born baby. Many years ago, a woman entered the hotel with a baby in a basket. She placed the basket on the floor and exited the hotel, never to be seen again, leaving her child behind. Gary adopted Pepper and raised her as his own. Pepper loves her father greatly and regrets having ever hid him from her friends, especially Katy, who never got to know her father.


Season 1


  • In the Archie Comics, Pepper was Josie McCoy's best friend until 1969, when she was replaced by Valerie Brown.
  • In the comics, Pepper is a witty, brunette tomboy with a sharp tongue. Despite she briefly dated a boy named Sock, Pepper "preferred to remain emotionally reserved when it came to boys".[2]
  • Pepper prefers Eloise over Madeline.[3]
  • Pepper has her own Gossip Column called Pass The Pepper.
  • While her friends have all one passion and calling. Pepper has multiple interests and talents which makes her a Jack of all trades.
  • Pepper frequently name drops celebreties.
    • She once went on a date with Jared Leto.
    • She introduced Shawn Mendes to Camila Cabello.
    • She prepared a quick dish for Gordon Ramsey.
    • She went to Art Basel with Childish Gambino.
    • She starred in an Indi with Lupita Nyong'’o and Kristen Stewart.


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