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You won't be asked any questions about your father's business arrangements. We just need you and your mother to speak to his character. It'll humanize him. Which could mean a lesser sentence. If you don't make a statement, well, that's problematic and damaging.
— Paul to Veronica[src]

Paul Sowerberry is a minor character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Lane Edwards.

Paul is the attorney of Hiram Lodge.

Early Life

Nothing is known of Paul's early life, however, he appears to be quite successful within the small town of town, owning his own business.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Prepping the Lodge Ladies

As Hiram Lodge's attorney, it was Paul's job to prepare Hermione and Veronica Lodge for their statements and assist at Hiram's upcoming court hearing. Paul explained to a resistant Veronica, that she would not be asked any questions pertaining to her father's business arrangements, he only needed the two of them to speak to Hiram's character, in an effort to humanize him, which could possibly mean a lesser sentence. Veronica's refusal to make a statement was both problematic and damaging. Unfortunately, Veronica would not concern herself with the problem that her father brought on himself.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend The Law Offices of Paul Sowerberry 1

Paul meeting with Veronica

The next day, he received a surprise visit from Veronica, who had done quite a bit of research since their last meeting. She had uncovered that the Blossoms had previously agreed to pay Lodge Industries a perpetuity fee, however, Cliff Blossom had recently attempted to end the payments, but when Hiram refused, Cliff got him arrested. The reason for these payments being kept secret was due to the possibility that Hiram would become the latest suspect in the Jason Blossom murder case. Even in the wake of this revelation, Veronica still refused to testify on her father's behalf, which Paul had already informed Hiram of. Under the impression that his daughter was feeling conflicted about the hearing, Hiram sent her a message, in which he essentially threatened Veronica and Hermione.

At his office the following day, Veronica finally agreed to go on record about how much her parents love her.[1]

Physical Appearance

Paul is a middle-aged man with pale skin, short black hair, and hazel eyes. As an attorney, he is expected abide by a certain dress code in the workplace, that being business suits. However, it is currently unknown what his everyday wardrobe consists of.


Unfortunately, due to having such a minor role, an accurate description of Paul's personality could not be given. Although, he is at least a driven and capable lawyer, considering that he owns a law firm.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4




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