Lodge is a problem. He lost his mojo in the joint. He went soft in the head, and in the belly. Others back home feel the same way.
— Poppa Poutine to Lenny Kowalski about Hiram Lodge[src]

Paul "Poppa Poutine" Boucher was a character on the second season of The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by M.C. Gainey.

Early Life

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

Turning the Tables

Poppa Poutine went to Riverdale for a poker game that Hiram Lodge, a peer, was hosting at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Carl Martin and Lenny Kowalski, fellow associates, also followed on foot. Poppa Poutine asked Hiram how his SoDale project was coming along, to which Hiram refused to discuss any business at his poker game event. He then greeted Archie Andrews, who was assisting at the poker game and serving drinks. Poppa recalled the surname "Andrews", querying Hiram if his wife knew someone with that particular surname. Mr. Lodge stated that Fred Andrews was one of his business associates. Poppa further interrogated Hiram, asking if it was his wife's decision or his decision to make Fred a business associate, considering that Hiram's wife Hermione and Fred Andrews had an affair behind Hiram's back.

Pop Tate, owner of the diner, handed dinner to the guests. Poppa Poutine immediately spat out the food after tasting it, claiming Pop Tate did not use Quebecois cheese curds in his poutine. He remarked that the food tasted like "vomit" and asked Pop if he owned the "dump". Hiram Lodge butted in, revealing that he actually owns the Chock'lit Shoppe. He ordered Poppa to apologize to Pop Tate for disrespecting him. Poppa retaliated by leaving the scene to "get a little fresh air", intimidating Pop Tate. Moments later, while cleaning out a toilet, Archie overheard a conversation between Poppa Poutine and fellow guest Lenny Kowalski, chatting about how lacking Hiram has been lately, accusing him of becoming "soft in the head". He further dictated that Lodge had been sloppy, giving an example of how he partnered with Fred Andrews who was "messing around" with his wife. Poppa suggested murdering Hiram right after his daughter's confirmation ceremony, saying he'll do it himself.

Poppa Poutine and Lenny Kowalski attended Veronica Lodge's confirmation ceremony, whispering to each other throughout. Archie later witnessed Poppa having a conversation with Carl Martin, who was another guest of Hiram's, possibly about assassinating Hiram. Archie feared for Hiram's life and decided to inform him of Poppa Poutine's plan. Hiram thanked the younger, dismissing him right away before making a call to an unknown person.

After the confirmation party, Agent Arthur Adams told Archie that Paul Boucher, known as Poppa Poutine, was found dead in his hotel after being shot in the head by an assailant. Due to the circumstances, this could very well have been the work of Hiram Lodge.[1]

Physical Appearance


Presumably a well-known name in crime, Paul Boucher was shown to be inconsiderate of others. This was repeatedly made known, first by Boucher insulting a diner owner, then by plotting against one of his associates.

Apparently, Paul believed that the faults of parents fell on their children, as he told his son that if he ever died his son would have to kill Veronica to punish Hiram.



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