Before I sold my first song, I was in the studio all day. Waitering and bartending all night. There's no short-cuts, unless you're a prodigy.
— Oscar to Archie[src]

Oscar Castillo is a guest starring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Raul Castillo.

Oscar is a songwriter and musical mentor, who was willing to assist Archie Andrews in his music, but decided against it due to a lack of connection between the two.

Character Description

"A serious, successful songwriter from New York who is also a visiting professor at Carson College, located in Riverdale."[1]

Early Life

Oscar is from the big city, New York. It was not easy for him growing up. Before he made it big, as a songwriter, he would spend all his time either in the studio or working. There was no time for anything else. Music was his passion. He took no short cuts in achieving his goal.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1


Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Oscar wants music notes

Oscar and Archie's meeting

Through his connection with Valerie Brown, Oscar met up with aspiring musician, and Riverdale local, Archie Andrews. He interviewed Archie, hoping to get a better perspective on what he hopes to accomplish. He explained to Archie that there's no room for anything else in his life, like football, he would have to put all his time and dedication into. Oscar's job isn't to teach performers, he teaches songwriting, by focusing on craft, composition and lyrics. If the two of them are to have any kind of relation in the near future, they'll first need an understanding of how things work.

During their next meeting, he was not impressed by Archie's skills, Oscar referred to his music as juvenile and repetitive, each one was a break-up song. Unfortunately for Archie, Oscar can not help him, as the connection is not there. He doesn't believe he can reach Archie, the same way his former music teacher did. [2]

Physical Appearance

Oscar is an older man with tan skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. He's made only one on-screen appearance, thus information on his choice in clothing is limited. From what was seen. Oscar is a fan of thick wool sweaters and scarfs.


While Oscar is very intelligent, judging by his role as a professor at Carson College, he can also be a bit obnoxious, He's fairly casual, preferring to be called by his first name rather than his last, and he's exceptionally skilled in music, which he is very dedicated to. Before he even sold his first song, Oscar spent every day in the studio, he's an extremely passionate individual.


Season 1


  • Oscar shares the same surname of his actor.
  • Oscar is not a character from the Archie Comics.



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