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You want a job, Harvey? I've got a job for you. In the mines. You'll start with a shift this week.
— Mr. Kinkle to Harvey[src]

Mr. Kinkle is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Christopher Rosamond.

Mr. Kinkle is the father of Tommy and Harvey Kinkle. He, along with his sons, own the Greendale Mines.

Early Life

Like previous generations of Kinkles, he was born in Greendale and brought up by his parents, especially his father who taught him the masculine way of life and that one day he would become the owner of Greendale Mines, continuing the family tradition.

During his adolescence, he attended Baxter High, where he joined the band, Satanic Panic. One night when he was alone in the garage, he was approached by the Dark Lord with a proposition. He said that he was a talent scout who had heard about Satanic Panic. Lucifer explained that fame required human sacrifice. He needed to kill a virgin girl and their rise to fame would come immediately. Mr. Kinkle informed his bandmates of the deal proposed, which he turned down. However, they proceeded to kill the homecoming queen, Peggy Lou Simcox. Mr. Kinkle went to Peggy Lou’s dad and told him that they were involved in her death, so the following day, Mr. Simcox burned Satanic Panic alive in a shed.[1]

After high school, Mr. Kinkle went on to become the owner of the mines after his own father retired and married a woman. From that union, they had two sons, however, she died of unknown causes years after that, causing Mr. Kinkle to become an alcoholic, which resulted in Tommy staying home from college to protect Harvey from the growing tension inside their household.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

Mr. Kinkle is a middle age man with blue eyes and brown hair, who often wears flannel and long sleeve shirts with jeans.


Mr. Kinkle was an abusive drunk for a large portion of Tommy's and Harvey's life, a direct result of his wife's death. However, ever since he was given magical eggnog from Sabrina, he's been sober and much kinder.


Harvey Kinkle

Harvey and Mr. Kinkle

For many years, Mr. Kinkle's relationship with Harvey has been strained due to his alcohol abuse. It began shortly after his wife died when Harvey was 5 years old. Harvey's only means of protection was his older brother, Tommy, who stayed home from college to ensure that Harvey was protected. The tension grew as Harvey got older and Mr. Kinkle continued to push him to start working in the family mines so that one day he could takeover and continue the family tradition. However, after a traumatizing event in the mines during his adolescents, Harvey had no desires to return and only sought to peruse his passion of drawing. Tommy died in an "accident" and Harvey was left to fend for himself. Fortunately, Sabrina intervened with a magic eggnog she conjured up to cure his alcoholism.


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  • In previous iterations of Sabrina, Harvey's dad was never shown and wasn't mentioned to be an abusive alcoholic.


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