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I'm gonna miss you, Kevin Keller.
— Moose to Kevin[src]

Marmaduke "Moose" Mason is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Cody Kearsley.

Moose was a student at Riverdale High School and a member of the varsity football team, the Riverdale Bulldogs. He is bisexual and has a relationship with Kevin Keller. However, Moose's reluctance to come out prevented this relationship from ever truly developing. Although they did date for a time, in secret in season 3

He, along with Midge, were attacked by the Black Hood though only Moose was harmed as he shielded Midge from the gun fire. With the help of Kevin, he was rushed to a hospital where he later made a full recovery.

Over the summer, Moose rekindled his relationship with Kevin, though they kept it a secret as he had yet to come out. After being strong-armed by Cheryl, Moose came out to his father about his sexual attraction to men. And though his father initially seemed to accept this, he later plotted with the other RROTC cadets to scare Moose straight. This resulted in Moose leaving Riverdale to stay with his aunt in Glendale. He has as since enrolled in Stonewall Prep.

Early Life

It is currently unknown whether or not Moose grew up in Riverdale. There's also nothing known of his home life, such as his family, other than his father is Marcus Mason. However, his closest friend appears to be Reggie Mantle, as they are almost always together.

Throughout Riverdale

Physical Appearance

Moose is an attractive young man with tan skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. He is tall, with an athletic build, due to his place on the football team. He doesn't put much thought into his choice of clothing, typically a jacket or hoodie with jeans.


Like Reggie, Moose embodies several characteristics usually associated with the stereotypical jock. He doesn't appear to be very smart nor does he seem interested in school. Football, and concealing his true sexual orientation are his biggest concerns. However, he has been known to have a more compassionate side; volunteering to help work at Andrews Construction following the exits of Fred Andrews' crew.

Moose is also very heroic, as he risked his own life to save Midge Klump, his girlfriend, from the Black Hood. Due to his sexuality and the conflict he faces because of it, he is quite understanding when it comes to relationships with other men, and can be very comforting towards those who share a similar struggle.


Other Relationships

Midge Klump

Guys, I gotta tell you something. The night of the show, Midge and I got into a fight backstage cause she admitted, she was seeing someone else, behind my back. {...} She let it slip that it was a Serpent.
— Moose to the Bulldogs[src]

Moose and Midge at Pop's

While it remains unknown just how long the two were together, Moose and Midge were boyfriend and girlfriend up until her untimely death during the school musical, though neither of them were faithful throughout the duration of their relationship. Moose wrote Midge’s name in the book of conquests and had a brief romance with Kevin Keller shortly before Midge began cheating on him with Southside Serpent, Fangs Fogarty. However, they did seem to care for one another nonetheless, proven when Moose shielded Midge from the gunfire of the Black Hood while at Lover's lane.


  • According to Kevin, Moose's "appendage" is considered "horse-like."[1]
  • Neither Moose nor Reggie Mantle were cut from the football team the way that Chuck Clayton and a number of other players were, when the scandal of Chuck's "playbook" broke, despite their names being clearly visible in the book.
  • Moose drives a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Z16, which license plate is: 3CL 678 as seen in "Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks". However, he drove a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger in "Chapter One: The River's Edge".
  • Moose had blond hair and brown eyes in the comics.
  • Just like the TV series, Moose is in a relationship with Midge Klump in most if not all comics iterations. In 2015 "Reggie and Me" it is revealed that Moose is the eldest of five children.


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