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This page features all minor characters that made an appearance during all seasons of The CW's Katy Keene. It spotlights characters that essentially received minor roles but were relevant enough in the story to which a page was needed to document their involvement. The characters below are listed in order of episode appearance for your convenience. Please use the Minor Characters Infobox when adding a new addition to the page.

Jimmy Dodger[]

Jimmy Dodger is a songwriter and composer. Jimmy approaches Josie as she plays the guitar at Chubby's Record Shop. He's searching for a Bob Dylan record. Josie moved that to staff favorites, explaining that she is staff. He likes her tastes and introduces himself. Josie tells Jimmy how Bob Dylan suffered from depression during his writing. Jimmy's well aware, telling Josie that he’s a song writer, clutching to the fantasy of living at the Chelsea Hotel. Josie needs help with the song she was just playing and asks Jimmy if he would be willing to help her write it. Jimmy agrees to help her with her song tomorrow so long as she helps him with his Bob Dylan rip-off. Josie has plans with Alexander but cancels them to make room for Jimmy, agreeing to meet him tomorrow at closing.

Josie and Jimmy meet up at Chubby’s as planned to work on her song. He plays the guitar as she sings. Alexander arrives with dinner. Much to his surprise, Jimmy is with Josie. Jimmy leaves, allowing Josie and Alexander to speak privately.

Jimmy returns to Chubby’s, where Josie gifts him a "free-day-old" doughnut from her other job. Unfortunately, Jimmy has come to tell Josie that they can no longer write songs together. He got offered a contract to compose music for TV and radio with Cabot Entertainment. He was offered the deal by Alexandra.[1]

Georgia Doorman[]

Gary, otherwise known as the Georgia Doorman, is a doorman for the Georgia Hotel and Pepper's adoptive father. Pepper arrives outside an apartment building, where she is greeted by Georgia Doorman. Pepper notices that the Jackmans are back together. The doorman informs her how Mrs. Jackman found out about her husband’s lover, and then he found out about hers, and they called it even. A proper cheat truce. He invites Pepper to grab a bite to eat with him, but she’ll have to take a rain-check as she has a date with Ms. Freesia.

Pepper later returns and gifts Georgia Doorman with the expensive watch that Richard purchased. She then heads off to Washington Heights in search of the fireman that she saw Jorge flirting with.[1]

Ms. Freesia and the doorman from the Georgia Hotel arrive at the Pepper Plant to wish Pepper a happy birthday. Ms. Freesia sends the doorman downstairs to retrieve Pepper’s gift.

The doorman returns the day after Pepper's birthday and brings her another cupcake, as it’s tradition. He’s still trying to figure out the exact day of the month that Pepper was born. He’s not going to give up because she deserves to know when her real birthday is. Pepper hugs the doorman and says "you’re the sweetest. I don’t know what I’d do without you, dad." She then asks if her father has seen Ms. Freesia. He reveals that Ms. Freesia left the Georgia Hotel with two bags and her cat. All she left was a forwarding address in Zermatt.[2]

Gary is visited by Pepper at the Georgia Hotel. She’s anxious for him to see the Pepper Plant. Given that she lacked her typical promotion and marketing, she was forced to result to social media: #WhatIsThePepperPlant. She promises her father that soon she’ll have enough money to move them into the hotel. Gary reveals that he has enough money to put down a down payment for the small studio on the tenth floor.

Gary attends the grand opening of the Pepper Plant. Pepper introduces him to Katy. He’s there supporting Pepper even though she’s hid him away for years, which she’s ashamed of. Gary gives Katy a big hug after hearing so much about her. Pepper then goes to take her father to meet Josie and Jorge.[3]

Pepper gets a call from the Daily Hail, hoping for an exclusive on her arrest. She claims that she’ll think about it. Gary arrives and tells Pepper that the board rejected his offer to buy the Georgia studio because of Pepper’s arrest. She promises that one day, she’ll get him the penthouse. He tells Pepper that he doesn't want her to live by means of stealing and scamming. Pepper admits that she pretended to have more than she did to get where she needed to. Gary tells Pepper that she should never have to pretend to be someone else and to call him if she finds herself in anymore trouble.[4]


Richard is a business man who sought companionship in Pepper Smith. Thanks to Ms. Freesia, Pepper, disguised in a black wig, escorts multiple men out on lunch dates. During which time, she meets Richard. She removes the wig and reveals to Richard how she’s a grad student at Columbia, who was cut off by her parents. She has to graduate, otherwise they’ll cancel her visa, and she’ll be sent back to Heathrow. She claims to need $20,000 to cover her last semester. He agrees to give Pepper the money but only if she does something in return.

Pepper later calls Richard and tells him that she’s game. But she won’t just meet him at a hotel. She’ll text him where to go. They meet up at the Lacy’s event. She picks out a $6,000 suit and tells him that it’s perfect for him. She then encourages him to buy a watch as well. Richard purchases Pepper a very expensive pair of earrings. He says that he she can make it up to him later in the Empire Suit he booked for them at the Carlyle. They can watch the sunrise from Central Park while in the bed. Richard then spots his wife, Alisha, as she enters the store. Pepper called her at her publishing company. She told Alisha that she was Richard’s new second assistant and that he had epic Valentine’s Day plans for her. Pepper tells Richard just how fantastic his wife is and how she deserves to watch the sunrise over Central Park. And Pepper deserves the $20,000 without selling herself off. So, she takes the items that Richard paid for a leaves just as his wife approaches.[1]


Monica is an employee for Willcat Builders, a construction company. Monica arrives at Pepper's rented space to discuss interior building plans. Pepper wants a stage, as well as a dance floor. But first, she asks them to install a heating system. For $20,000, they’ll start on Monday, provided that they’re paid upfront, which Pepper remarks won’t be a problem. [1]



Portrayed By: D.J. "Shangela" Pierce

First Appearance: "Chapter Six: Mama Said"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Thirteen: Come Together"

Deveraux is a drag queen and Jorge's rival. Deveraux enters Molly's Crisis and alerts Jorge that the Miss Washington Heights Pageant has been moved to Molly’s. Winner gets prime time. The most lucrative time at the bar.

Jorge registers for the Washington Heights Pageant and rehearses alongside Deveraux and the other queens. Jorge claims Molly’s as his own, but Deveraux insists that it’s deserving of a real queen, such as himself. He then informs Jorge that the legendary VeeVee Humble will be the special guest judge.

The Washington Heights Pageant commences. Deveraux, Ginger, and the other drag queens take the stage. The special guest judge, VeeVee Humble, joins them. VeeVee Humble asks Deveraux the first question. She then asks Ginger the same question, but Ginger rushes off the stage. For the talent portion of the pageant, VeeVee Humble welcomes Ginger back to the stage to sing. Deveraux tries to mess up her set, but Ginger continues her performance, much to the crowd’s amazement. However, despite her best effort, VeeVee Humble announces Deveraux as this year's Miss Washington Heights.[5]

The city gathers for the Miss Subway coronation at Riverside Park. Deveraux crowns Ginger as the next Miss Subway. Jorge’s parents moved to the Heights with nothing but two suitcases. They left everything else behind. Washington Heights is the last place where they can afford to live. Ginger asks that they all sign the petition to stop the developers. Ginger, Luisa, VeeVee Humble, and Deveraux proceed to dance and sing.[4]

Will Buckingham[]

Will Buckingham is a well known photographer, who is hired for Prince Errol's royal engagement announcement photo shoot. Will takes several photos of Prince Errol and Patricia Kline together at Lacy's. He starts to take photos of only Patricia. He tells Katy that her idea to have them dress down will result in great photos. As the photoshoot wraps, Will tells Katy that he enjoyed working with her and that he’ll think of her next time he’s in need of a Switzerland. Katy gives Will her number and asks him to accompany her to Josie's EP Listening Party.

Will and Katy attends Josie's listening party at Chubby's Record Shop. Being out with Katy reminds Will of his early days in the city, running around with a camera on his shoulder, not knowing if he was going to make it. As much as Katy likes her day job, she would rather be getting paid to design. Will retorts that Katy’s job can’t be that bad if she has a prince pinning after her. Katy insists that Prince Errol wasn’t looking at her though. After the part, Will invites Katy back to his studio, but she turns him down. He agrees to call her and gives her a kiss goodbye.[5]

Mateo Lopez[]


Portrayed By: Josh Segarra

First Appearance: "Chapter Seven: Kiss of the Spider Woman"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Eleven: Who Can I Turn To"

Mateo Lopez is Jorge's brother and an NYPD officer. Jorge and Bernardo retreat to the apartment after being jumped, where they are comforted by Katy, Josie, Pepper, KO, Luis, Luisa, and their sons. Bernardo recalls three to four attackers. They reported the attack to the police, but there isn’t much that can be done without any eyewitnesses. Jorge’s brother, Mateo, knows some of the guys at the precinct and offers to give them a call. KO went to Molly's Crisis to ask if anyone saw anything. He tells Jorge that they’ll always be family, before leaving. Later, Mateo attends Jorge's gay pride rally.[2]

Mateo stops by the apartment to check on Jorge. He tells Jorge to come over because it’s killing their mom to see the family at odds, but Jorge still hasn’t forgiven their father. Mateo explains that their father only wants what’s best for him and that he’ll need time to process Jorge in drag as he only just found out a couple weeks ago. Jorge tells his brother not to make him feel as if he’s something that people have to get used to.

Mateo informs Jorge that a suspect was just arrested for beating up a drag queen and his description matches that of Jorge’s attacker. Mateo brings Jorge down to the police station to ID the attacker. Unfortunately, their suspect wasn’t involved in Jorge’s attack. Bernardo arrives and asks if they got the right guy, which they didn’t.[6]

Gal LaMontagne[]


Portrayed By: Cadden Jones

First Appearance: "Chapter Nine: Wishin' & a Hopin'"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Twelve: Chain of Fools"

Gal LaMontagne is Guy LaMontagne's sister.

Gal informs Guy that they’re contractually obligated to present Gloria with five executed garments. And if Guy can’t deliver, then Lacy’s will never believe he can deliver an entire collection.

The following day, Katy introduces herself to Gal and asks if she can help her with something. While Gal doesn’t need Katy’s assistance, she does give her a bit of advice. She warns Katy that Guy is tough, so she’ll have to be tougher. Later that evening, Guy tells Gal that they need to postpone the preview, but they can’t. Gal explains that they need the fifth dress. Otherwise, they won’t get funding for their production. Every time Guy tries to sketch the fifth dress, he becomes paralyzed. Gal reminds him of the designs that he started on but threw away. She tells him to sleep on it and finish the final look in the morning. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Katy stands quietly in the corner. She waits for them to leave before grabbing Guy’s design from the trash.

Gal arrives the next day and mistakes the dress that Katy designed as Guy’s work. With very little time left before the preview, Guy has no choice but to go along with Katy’s dress. Katy, Guy, and Gal present Gloria with all five dresses. She is amazed with each dressed except for the one crafted by Katy. Amanda agrees, adding that it lacks sophistication. Guy takes the blame for the dress and agrees to do away with it. Gloria still needs to see one more garment before Mrs. Lacy can give him the green light, but Gloria can tell that he’s on the right track.[7]

Gal and Guy discuss his gown design for Casey Wilson to wear at the upcoming Meta Gala. Gal disapproves of the train, and Katy suggests trimming a foot off, to which Guy agrees. Casey tries on Guy’s dress, however, she isn’t impressed and asks if he can start over and make her a new dress. Katy suggest making alterations to the gown, but Gal assures Casey that Guy will come back with something new.

Katy calls Guy without answer. She hasn’t seen him since yesterday when KO punched him. Gal calls as well, but he ignores her calls. Katy suggests that he may have already been spiraling when he got into with KO. Gal informs Katy that while KO may have punched Guy, the worst thing a person can do is bruise Guy’s ego. His recent behavior is about his career and the Meta Gala. When he gets into a creative stump, he goes on an Irish pub crawl. Gal tasks Katy with stalling Casey until she find Guy.

Katy and Francois presents Guy’s altered dress to Gal. Francois explains that it was Katy’s vision. Gal loves the design, but it only fixes one of their problems. Guy is still missing and he has to walk Casey down the carpet. They arrive at the Meta Gala. Casey is thrilled with her dress, much to Katy and Gal’s pleasure. Casey asks about Guy, who has still not shown up, wondering if he's upset with her for some reason. Casey can stall no longer. Guy hasn’t arrive, and she must walk the carpet. Gal assures her that her brother would want this, with or without him. Katy is tasked with helping Casey with her train as she walks the carpet. Katy is certain they’ll love the dress and see the real Casey.[6]

As Gal and Katy prepare for Guy's collection, Gal comments that this is the calmest she’s ever seen Guy during Fashion Week and it’s all because of Katy. Gal is completely aware that Katy and Guy are hooking up. Katy assures her that she’d never allow her relationship with Guy to get in the way of her work. Katy then notices that the dress she was sketching the day before is now a part of Guy’s collection. He designed it without her permission.[3]

Lester Darin[]


Portrayed By: Wayne Pyle

First Appearance: "Chapter Ten: Gloria"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Ten: Gloria"

Lester Darin is illustrious director in new York. Lester in invited to Kevin Keller's play reading by Pepper. She introduces Kevin to Lester, who doesn’t even remember him. Unbeknownst to Lester, he met Kevin several years ago. They met during an open call. He promised to help Kevin out, but he ended up being a creep. The play reading at the Plant begins. Katy portrays Betty. Jorge portrays Veronica. Pepper portrays Cheryl. And Josie portrays herself. Afterward, Lester approaches Kevin, impressed with his play. He wasn’t expecting such an evocative piece from someone with a "baby face" like Kevin’s. Adding that he "looks so fresh and innocent." He’d love to discuss the play further and how he might be able to help. He slips his card into Kevin’s front pocket.

Kevin has a drink with Lester Darin at Molly’s Crisis. He’s heard urban myths about Riverdale but is doubtful that the Gargoyle King terrorizing the town is a true story. However, Kevin promises him that it is. He never thought he would survive high school let alone live long enough to write a play. Lester places his hand on Kevin’s thigh and asks if they’ve met before. Kevin removes his hand and continues to discuss his play with Lester, who asks Kevin to come back to his place, where they’ll recreate the bunker scene and maybe he’ll consider work-shopping his play. When Kevin asks what that’ll entail, Lester whispers into his ear. All the while, Pepper watches from the bar.

As Lester washes his hands in the men’s restroom, Pepper confronts him with the recording of him and Kevin discussing the exchange of sexual favors and funding his play. Pepper demands $70,000 or else she’ll share the recording with her editor at the Daily Hail. He later calls Pepper after she publishes the article despite him paying her off.[8]



Portrayed By: Clem Cheung

First Appearance: "Chapter Twelve: Chain of Fools"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Twelve: Chain of Fools"

Dickie is a small business owner in New York. Pepper goes to pawn the purse that she stole from Lacy's. She asks to see Dickie, speaking in their native language of Cantonese. She offers Dickie the diamond purse, assuring him that it’s worth more than all the purses he has, combined. However, Dickie worries just how difficult it will be to sell something so expensive. Pepper makes him a deal he can’t refuse. She gives him the purse for half the price, which he accepts.

Pepper returns to Dickie to buy back the diamond purse she stole. She tells him that she’ll lose everyone close to her if she doesn’t get it back, though Dickie isn’t concerned. He’s already sold the purse, but he offers to buy her Gucci outfit off her. Pepper reluctantly agrees and ends up leaving in a sweatsuit and sneakers. While the money she got from Dickie isn’t enough to buy the diamond purse in full, she suggests a payment plan to possible retailer but none would hear her out.[3]

Francesca Arnault[]


Portrayed By: Traci Wolfe

First Appearance: "Chapter Thirteen: Come Together"
Last Appearance: "Chapter Thirteen: Come Together"

Francesca Arnault is the dean at Parsons. Francesca attends Katy's fashion show at the Pepper Plant. Gloria introduces Katy to Francesca, the dean of Parsons. Out on that runway, Francesca not only saw Katy’s talent, she saw a designer who lifts up other designers. So, she offers Katy a spot in this year’s incoming class at Parsons. Pepper, Jorge, and Josie congratulate Katy. While this is the best news she’s received all year, all she wants to do is share it with KO. Katy now realizes that she wants him back. Raj interjects and informs Katy that she’ll have to be quick because he’s moving to Philly after accepting the offer to train at Joe Frazier's gym.[4]


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