They were blank. It was like there wasn't even a person behind them. He was like Michael Myers. He had the devil's eyes.
— Midge describing the Black Hood's eyes[src]

Midge Klump was a recurring character on the second season of The CW's Riverdale. She was portrayed by Emilija Baranac.

She was a student at Riverdale High School and the girlfriend of Moose Mason.

Her fate, along with Moose's, was left unknown after the Black Hood fired several rounds into their car before taking off into the night. It was later revealed she survived due to Moose shielding her from the Black Hood, causing Moose to be hit by several bullets, and admitted into the hospital, where he later made a full recovery. Unfortunately, that would not be Midge's last run-in with the Black Hood. He supposedly murdered her after she was cast to play "Carrie White" in the school's musical.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

While discussing his relationship with Moose, Kevin Keller mentioned to Veronica Lodge that Midge was Moose's official girlfriend.[1]

In the playbook that members of the football team recorded their 'conquests' in, Midge's name was seen next to Moose's, her worth being a total of six points.[2]

Season 2

After hearing that Archie's father, Fred Andrews, was shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe by a black hooded assailant, Midge joined her boyfriend, Moose, and the rest of the Riverdale Bulldogs at Riverdale General Hospital in support of Archie and his family.[3]

Deadly Days at Lovers' Lane

Midge looking at Reggie for Jingle Jangle

Midge approached Reggie by his locker looking to score some "Jingle Jangle", a new drug that has found its way onto the north side of Riverdale. After instructing Midge to keep her voice down on school property because the simple mentioning of the drug can land them both in a lot of trouble, Reggie asked who was Jingle Jangle for, to which she replied that it was for her and Moose. Reggie told her that he'll see what he can do.

The following night, Midge and Moose attended Retro Night at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where Reggie delivered the Jingle Jangle in the diner's parking lot as planned. Unbeknownst to them, they were being photographed by Alice Cooper. Midge and Moose later drove out for a secluded tryst in the woods that night, where after taking the Jingle Jangle, they began kissing. However, they were attacked by a black hooded assailant, who shot at repeatedly, and left them for dead.[4]

Having been spared of any injuries due to Moose's heroic actions in using his own body to shield her from the gun fire, Midge, who was covered in his blood, got out of the car immediately following the shooting and screamed for help. Fortunately, she and Moose were discovered by Kevin soon thereafter.

Midge telling Archie and Reggie about the Black Hood

The next day, as Moose received a visit from Archie and Reggie at Riverdale General Hospital, she told them that the shooter's eyes were blank, as if there wasn't even a person behind them, comparable to Michael Myers or the devil.[5]

In the days leading up to Christmas, Midge and Moose entered the student lounge at school to find Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and Josie opening presents as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange. Midge and Moose were welcomed back by hugs from Josie, Reggie, and Kevin.[6]

As she learned that Southside High was being closed down and that some of their students would be transferring to Riverdale High, Midge approached Cheryl, who was devastated to learn of the incoming transfers.[7]

Midge and Moose at Pop's with Kevin

Midge and Moose entered Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe to find Kevin eating alone. So she invited him to join her and Moose in their booth. She asked if he was meeting anyone at the Bijou, but unfortunately, he wasn't. Which Midge thought was unacceptable. She offered to help him find a date, suggesting one of the new Southside Serpents that had recently transferred to Riverdale High following the shut down of Southside High. She had heard that at least one of them was gay, Fangs Fogarty. However, Kevin noted that he didn't think he could date someone named "Fangs". Moose interjected that Kevin should at least give Fangs a chance given that he was attractive though Midge disregarded his comment. She then asked how Kevin and Moose became friends. Kevin told her that they were lab partners in Biology.[8]

Midge at the student hall meeting

Midge attended the school hall meeting where Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Reggie and Josie squared off for student body president. The second question of the night came from Midge whose question pertained to Veronica and Archie's parents being on opposite sides of the Mayoral election. She asked if this would cause problems for their election campaign. However, Veronica and Archie adhered to the old maxim that politics are never discussed at the dinner table. They were apparently on the same page about everything, even her parents building a prison. In the meantime, they were committed to improving the quality of life at Riverdale High.[9]

A Killer Musical

In the school gymnasium, the River Vixens rehearsed one of their routines while singing "In". Midge, Toni and Cheryl led the squad.

Musical rehearsal

Midge ran into the auditorium with Cheryl, Toni, Betty, Veronica, Archie, Josie, Ethel, Kevin and Moose. They got on stage, where they continued to sing and dance before being joined by Fangs, the assistant director. The cast then began introductions, starting with Archie who portrayed "Tommy Ross", the boy next door. Betty played "Sue Snell", the good girl. Veronica portrayed "Chris Hargensen", the mean girl. And Cheryl would be playing the iconic role of "Carrie White". As for who would be portraying, "Margaret White", Carrie's mom, that role went to Alice Cooper, which came as a surprise to almost everyone. Kevin explained that while her casting was untraditional, to him, there's nothing more amateur than age-inappropriate casting. Alice was both looking forward to playing Margaret and spending more time with Betty. Chuck Clayton joined them late after mistaking that rehearsal was in the music room.

Moose and Midge at rehearsal

Cheryl interrupted rehearsal after hearing whisperings that some of them, mainly Ethel and Josie, didn't think she's fit to play the role of Carrie White. So to settle the matter, she began to sing "Carrie" to prove them wrong. Her singing removed all doubt as Midge, Archie, Veronica, Betty, Ethel, Josie, Alice, Toni, Moose, Jughead, Kevin, Fangs, and Chuck gave Cheryl a round of applauded. As Cheryl headed back to her seat, a heavy sand bag fell from above and nearly crushed her.

Toni, Veronica, Ethel, Betty and Chuck rehearsed in the auditorium, where they sang and performed "The World According to Chris". Midge, Archie, Fangs, Kevin, Moose and Jughead are highly impressed with Veronica as they applauded the routine. Betty credited Veronica's performance to her being the literal embodiment of Chris, the character she's portraying. Never had a role been so perfectly type-cast, Betty remarked.

Midge is the Carrie understudy

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Kevin informed Midge, Toni, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Fangs, Ethel, Alice, Moose, Betty, Chuck and Josie that Cheryl will no longer be playing Carrie. When they asked why, Kevin simply replied that Penelope Blossom wasn't much of a stage mom. In the meantime, Cheryl's understudy would assume the role, that being Midge, who Kevin appointed after the sand bag incident.

On stage, Midge portrayed Carrie White while Alice portrayed Margaret White. They sang "Stay Here Instead". However, Alice's performance began to seem a bit too realistic and more so directed at Betty than Midge. Alice then looked to Betty in the crowd and told her not to leave her like everyone else, before running off the stage in tears.

Opening night, in the dressing room, Midge, Toni, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Moose, Alice, Chuck and Ethel sang "A Night We'll Never Forget". Afterward, Midge went into her dressing room with Fangs, where he was supposedly giving her last minute notes.

Midge is killed by the Black Hood

The crowd was packed when the play began, and Alice started to sing "Evening Prayers". Toni, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Moose watched from backstage. When Alice cued Midge, the curtains raised only to reveal that Midge had been murdered by the Black Hood. She had been stabbed with knives and scissors and pinned to the wall. On the wall, written in blood was a message. "I Am Back From The Dead. All Those Who Escaped Me Before Will Die... B.H." When Alice screamed in fear, the crowd realized that this was not part of the play and the auditorium erupted in panic and chaos.[10]

After her funeral, Midge's secret relationship with Southside Serpent Fangs Fogarty was exposed. Chaos ensued in Riverdale as people suspected he was the copycat killer of the Black Hood, and had killed her in a crime of passion. Midge's own mother, Mrs. Klump, took justice into her own hands and shot Fangs.[11]

Midge's killer, the Black Hood, was unveiled to be Hal Cooper; he was incarcerated. It's also revealed that Fangs had survived Mrs. Klump's assault to avenge her daughter's death.[12]

Season 3

Kevin hallucinates seeing Midge after eating brownies given to him by Evelyn. Midge is pinned to the walls with knives and a message written in blood that says "All Your Fault. You Killed Me, Kevin".[13]

Physical Appearance

Midge was a young woman with fair skin, short, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She had been seen to wear turtleneck sweaters occasionally.


Midge was a kind and friendly person. She showed willingness to help when she could, offering Kevin companionship when she noticed him sitting alone at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. She was also caring and supportive, seeing Moose through his recovery following the Black Hood shooting. As mentioned by Moose, Midge "likes to get a little crazy sometimes". This could imply Midge was a daredevil who liked to take risks.


Moose Mason

Guys, I gotta tell you something. The night of the show, Midge and I got into a fight backstage cause she admitted, she was seeing someone else, behind my back. {...} She let it slip that it was a Serpent.
— Moose to the Bulldogs[src]

Moose and Midge at Pop's

While it remains unknown just how long the two were together, Midge and Moose were girlfriend and boyfriend up until her untimely death during the school musical, though neither of them were faithful throughout the duration of their relationship. Moose had a brief romance with Kevin Keller shortly before Midge began cheating on him with Southside Serpent, Fangs Fogarty. However, they did seem to care for one another nonetheless, proven when Moose shielded Midge from the gunfire of the Black Hood while at Lover's lane.


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