I hope that you're not referring to your father, Archie. This man who broke rocks when he was in high school, to support his family when his dad was sick. A man who saw what had to be done and did it. And built a business out of nothing. One that pays for this house and the food you eat every day. And for your information, your father had and has a vision for Riverdale. One that doesn't, thank God, end up with everyone working in a penal colony. Now, you don't have to side with your dad, okay? You can side with Hiram Lodge, even though he's a crook, and has no intention of letting your father out of that contract, by the way. You can do that. That is your right. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit here and listen to you disrespect him!
— Mary to Archie[src]

Mary Andrews (née Maiden)[1] is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Molly Ringwald.

Mary is the mother of Archie Andrews and was the wife of the late Fred Andrews. They separated, and Mary moved to Chicago, but the divorce never carried through as Fred unexpectedly passed away. She returned to Riverdale upon Fred's passing and assumed legal guardianship of Archie.

Character Description

Having left Riverdale two years ago to follow her dreams, Mary returns to town in her family's hour of need. She not only reconnects with Archie and her husband, Fred, but also her former high school gal-pals Hermione and Alice, just in time for a homecoming dance. [2]

Early Life

Mary was raised in Riverdale and attended the local high school where she was friends with Hermione Lodge and Alice Cooper. She later went on to marry Fred Andrews and they welcomed their first and only child, Archie Andrews. Two years prior to the start of the series, she and Fred separated and began divorce proceedings. Mary moved to Chicago in that time, and while she wanted her son to go with her, he chose to stay in Riverdale with his father.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Returning to Riverdale

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Fred and Mary

Fred and Mary arriving home

After two years of separation, Fred thought it best to finalize their divorce, which required him to drive out to Chicago, where the two of them originally planned to have dinner together. However, they decided to wait until the following morning, when the lawyers would be present as, apparently, the relationship between Mary and Fred had gotten to the point of needing a mediator when in each other's company. The next morning, she and Fred returned to Riverdale, much to the surprise of Archie.[3]

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Archie and Mary (2)

Mary and Archie at the breakfast table

The next morning during breakfast, Mary explained the reason she returned to Riverdale was due to Archie and the divorce with his father. She always assumed Riverdale would be safer for Archie, and he assured her it was, he had a good life there despite the recent death of Jason Blossom. From Fred, Mary learned that Archie had been singing and song writing, she had hoped Archie would play her something before she left town, to which he informed her he would be playing at the annual Homecoming dance, the perfect opportunity for her to see him play live. Hoping to surprise Fred with lunch, Mary made an unexpected stop by Andrews Construction, where she ran into Hermione Lodge, an old friend from high school. The two of them briefly talked about Fred, Hermione's recent troubles and her mean girl status back in high school.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Fred and Mary in the kitchen

Fred and Mary prepare for dinner

Later that night, she and Fred had trouble figuring out what they were going to eat for dinner, up until Archie returned home and stated that they always had pizza, so the only other option left was Chinese food. Though two years is a long time to be separated from her family, Mary correctly remembered their usual Chinese food and pizza orders. While it was nice having everyone together, Archie commented that it was strange to see it again after so long. Just then, Jughead entered the kitchen, leading Mary to ask who else would be attending the Homecoming dance other than her, Fred and Hermione, whom Mary earlier invited. The following night at the dance, as Mary, Fred and Hermione entered as a threesome, she began having major Déjà vu of her high school years.

In the woman's restroom, she was confronted by Alice Cooper, who couldn't help but notice that Mary attended the dance with Fred and Hermione, even after their secret affair. Even though Mary had left, nothing much had changed, she saw straight through Alice's juvenile tactics, the same ones she had been using since Junior High. After watching an amazing performance on stage from Archie and Hermione's daughter, Veronica, Mary and Fred started to slow dance. She inquired about Archie and Veronica's current relationship status having noticed the flirtatious manner in which they performed together. They hadn't exactly had the talk yet, but Fred presumed that they were together, leading Mary to playfully caress Fred's face and state that the Andrews men were players.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Mary asking Archie to live with her

Mary and Archie after Homecoming

They returned home following the announcement that FP Jones was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. Knowing FP from back in the day, Mary stated that he always had demons, but Archie was under the impression that he was truly trying to change for the better. It's very hard for people to change, Mary said. After hearing Archie play, and before everything else happened, she was going to ask him to move to Chicago with her, he could study music there, and she just wanted him with her. Riverdale was not safe anymore, she felt as if the town was about the slide off a mountain's side, and she didn't want him anywhere around when that occurred. Mary at least wanted Archie to think about it, and she said all this while unaware that Fred was listening from the stairs.[4]

Legal Aid & Departure

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Mary and Fred

Fred and Mary discovering that Archie and Veronica broke into FP's trailer

After the dance, Mary, Fred, and Hermione were shocked to learn that Archie and Veronica broke into FP's trailer in search of any evidence that would connect him to the murder of Jason Blossom. They were even more shocked to discover that Alice was in on it. However, Archie, Veronica and Betty claimed that the gun used to kill Jason wasn't in the closet when they checked the trailer, it was planted after they left, meaning someone was framing FP, or so they claimed. Mary explained that Archie entered FP's residence illegally, so whatever he did or did not find would be inadmissible in a court of law. Going to Sheriff Keller with the information they claim to have would simply make matters worse.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Mary at pop's shoppe

Mary at Pop's shoppe

A couple days later, after spending the previous night at the Sheriff Station with FP, Mary met up with Archie and Jughead at Pop's shoppe to discuss FP's case. She passed herself off as his attorney in an effort to gain as much information as she could. Unfortunately, between FP's list of priors, the anonymous tip, the possession of the murder weapon, and his confession, it was looking pretty bad for him. She was with FP all night, and he never once changed his story, but he did use his one phone call to contact someone named Joaquin DeSantos, who Mary would later come to find out was a Southside Serpent and Kevin's boyfriend. She then advised Jughead to go see his father, tell him everything he wanted to say because once he was arraigned, the process would become much faster, and there wouldn't be anything left to do, so that would be his final chance.

Despite her best efforts, Archie turned down Mary's offer to move with her to Chicago because his friends need him, but he promised to visit for the summer. She hugged Archie, told him she loved him, and then exited the house.[5]

Season 2

Nursing the Wounded


Mary and Fred at Archie's graduation

Mary appeared alongside Fred during a dream-like hallucination, where the two of them joined Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica in the student lounge in preparation for their graduation. As Fred held up his phone to take a photo of the kids, Mary insisted that he hurry up because the ceremony was ten minutes away. Meanwhile, in reality, Mary received a call from Archie, telling her that Fred had been shot by a black hooded assailant during a robbery at Pop's. With the doctors being uncertain over Fred's survival, Archie urged her to come back to Riverdale in case Fred doesn't make it.

Mary appeared in yet another one of Fred's dreams, where she sat in the crowd at Archie and Veronica's Scottish themed wedding, during which time she winked at Fred. Though it remains unknown why, it should be noted that Mary sat with the Blossom family during the wedding.

Back in reality, by nightfall, Mary had arrived in Riverdale to take care of Fred, who had regained consciousness and was recovering from home.[6]

Mayoral Campaign


Mary surprising Archie

With Fred in dire need of her professional expertise to get out of his contract with the Lodges, Mary returned to Riverdale to assist. She was greeted by Archie at the front door. The two shared a hug and then they proceeded into the kitchen, where she went on to discuss Fred's contract. She wished that he had called her in sooner, before he gave the Lodges 20% of Andrews Construction. However, Archie was far from concerned. He was sure that Hiram would keep his word though Mary and Fred weren't so sure given their long-standing history with Hiram and Hermione.


Mary negotiating with the Lodges

Mary and Archie later had lunch at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. She hated to see him and his father fighting. Given that he was in his first serious relationship with Veronica, Mary wanted to ensure that he wasn't led astray to align himself with her family against his better judgment. Archie insisted that this wasn't the case.

After lunch with Archie, Mary and Fred sat down with Hiram and Hermione at the Pembrooke to discuss Fred's contract. Mary claimed the contract was exploitative and that Fred should be immediately released and compensated.


Fred and Mary at dinner

The following night, Mary had dinner with Archie and Fred. The topic of discussion — Riverdale and Jughead's crusade to save it. Mary had hoped to see Jughead while she was in town. Archie wrote Jughead's protest off as an act of lunacy. However, Fred defended it. While Archie may not have believed in what he was fighting for, Jughead's reasons were still valid. However, Archie disagreed, arguing that Jughead was mostly fighting against Hiram. As were a lot of people in town who were afraid of what had to be done. Mary was offended by Archie's comments. Not because they were directed at her, but because they were directed at Fred, who according to her, broke rocks in high school to support his family when his own father got sick. He saw what had to be done, and did it. Even making a business out of it. Furthermore, Fred did have a vision. One that didn't end with everyone working in a penal colony. While it was Archie's prerogative to side with Hiram, Mary refused to allow him to disrespect Fred.

Later in the week, Mary and Fred celebrated after getting a call from Hiram that Fred would be released from his contract. In even better news, Mary would be sticking around and Fred would be running for Mayor against the Lodges.[7]


Fred and Mary at the student hall meeting

Mary and Fred attended the school hall meeting at Archie's school, where he and Veronica squared off against Jughead, Betty, Reggie and Josie. Afterward, Mary and Fred exchanged words in the hallway with Hiram and Hermione as Archie and Veronica played peacemakers. All of Riverdale was buzzing about Fred's decision to run against Hermione for Mayor. When Mary addressed the fact that they were still waiting for Hiram to sign the papers to release Fred from his contract to Lodge Industries, Hermione countered that they were still waiting for Fred and Mary to sign the NDA that they had sent over.

Upon returning home, Mary reminded Archie that his father was announcing his Mayoral campaign and that he needed to be there in support of him as Fred's campaign was based on promoting a wholesome view of Riverdale. Archie agreed to attend, and Mary assured him that it would mean a lot to everyone.


Mary and Fred during his announcement address

Later that week, much to Mary and Fred's disappointment, Archie did not join them on stage as promised for Fred's announcement address. Nonetheless, Fred was glad that Mary was by his side. And so he went on to make the official announcement with her at his side.

The following morning, before leaving for Chicago, Mary asked Archie what was so important that he couldn't be there for his dad. She recalled that he used to worship his father and play music. Not to mention, that he, Jughead and Betty were inseparable. But who he is now is someone that not even she recognized.[8]

Season 3


Mary, Archie and Sierra in court

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. Mary has returned to Riverdale to act as Archie's defense attorney as his trial is now in session. Archie is being prosecuted by District Attorney, Ms. Wright. She attempts to paint Archie as a bad person in her closing argument as Mary, Archie's counsel, attempts to shed light on all the good deeds Archie has done, such as helping solve the murder of Jason Blossom, providing the Southside Serpents with refuge as they hid from the police, and punching through a layer of ice in order to save Cheryl from drowning. With that in mind, Mary takes the opportunity to remind the jury that there were no witnesses, murder weapon or motive to the killing of Cassidy Bullock. After hearing from both the prosecution and the defense, the jury begins to deliberate.


Mary thanks Betty for her help

While the jury deliberates, Mary is praised by Fred, Betty and Jughead. Mary thanks Betty for her assistance over the summer as she was a great help in preparing Archie's case.

The Judge calls everyone back in to reveal that the jury is still deliberating, but he's also dismissed them for the evening. They're sequestered and he's instructed them not to read anything about this case, nor to discuss it with anyone. They'll reconvene all Tuesday morning after Labor Day. With that being said, the Judge advises Archie to spend the weekend with his family and loved ones.

As Mary, Veronica, Archie, Fred, Jughead and Betty leave the courtroom, Hiram makes a remark towards Archie, resulting in Fred punching him in face. The two are then separated before the incident can escalate.


Fred and Mary discuss Archie's case

Mary and Fred discuss Archie's trial. They tried to stack the jury in Archie's favor with women and mothers, but maybe it backfired. Nonetheless, Fred believes Mary did everything that she could. Even still, Mary can't help but think if she hadn't left Riverdale and gone to Chicago, she could've stopped Hiram Lodge from getting control of Archie, who then enters the room to tell them that they shouldn't blame themselves for what he did. Taking Hiram's side against Fred was the biggest mistake he ever made, but it's on him. Archie explains that they are the best parents anyone could ask for. Everything they've done for him, he doesn't think he deserves it. Whatever happens to him on Tuesday, that is what Archie believes he deserves. However, Fred will stand for no such thing. Archie is a good kid who was simply manipulated by a mobster. But, he does not deserve to be framed for murder. Fred gives Archie a hug and tells him that he and Mary will always love him.


Mary, Archie and Sierra return to court

Labor Day weekend is over and Archie's trial is now in session. Mary and Sierra continue to represent Archie. The Judge reveals the jury could not reach a verdict. They're deadlocked. Six-to-six. With that, the jury is dismissed. Archie wonders what will happen next. Mary explains that the judge will declare a mistrial and they'll have to do it all again. In lieu of another trial, the State is prepared to offer a deal for a lesser sentence, Ms. Wright says. Instead of prison, time served plus two years in juvenile detention, if Archie will plead guilty to the crime of manslaughter. Despite his mother's counsel, Archie takes the deal, much to the court's surprise. Archie explains that he can't put all the people he cares about through this again. The court accepts Archie's guilty plea and he is taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where he will serve out his sentence beginning immediately.

Afterwards, at the Andrews house, Mary prepares to leave for Chicago. She's already written the appeal and will file it from Chicago. Fred, Tom and FP assures Mary that they'll get Archie home.[9]


Mary returns

Mary returns to Riverdale, arriving at the Andrews house, where she is greeted at the front door by Archie, and from there the two plan to have dinner, and briefly discuss Archie’s passion in boxing. Mary claims that she hasn’t come back to talk him out of boxing, but that she simply wanted to see him again while Fred was away.

Mary brings Archie up a snack, hoping that he’ll take a break from pounding on the punching bag in his room. Archie then asks her to sign his application to compete for the Regional Classic tournament. However, Mary is very much against Archie boxing given its brutality. While she understands that Archie’s been going through a lot lately, she can’t support him getting beaten up.

Mary knows that Archie’s upset with her for not allowing him to enter the tournament. And while he may not believe her, she is happy that he’s found something that he’s passionate in, which is why she’s called an old friend of hers who is a recruiter from the naval academy, which has a boxing program, along with scholarship. Archie could box and get an education.


Mary and Archie sit down with the recruiter

Mary invites her friend and recruiter for the naval academy, Brooke Rivers, over to meet Archie. Mary and Brooke were roommates freshman year at Sarah Florence. Archie states that he might be interested in boxing for the naval academy. Brooke explains that the academy’s physical education program requires all to midshipmen to participate in boxing, so there will be plenty of competition, and as a member of the boxing club, Archie will train with the best. The academy will also train Archie for life outside the gym. Over four years, during which time he’ll get a great education, a college degree, and a job. Upon graduation, he’ll serve five years active duty. However, by the time he finishes, his prime boxing years might be behind him. This is why Archie needs something real to fall back on, Mary explains. Brooke adds that many of their boxers go on to have professional careers. But first, Brooke wants to see Archie in action. Archie agrees to set up an exhibition match with Fangs.


Mary finds out that Archie can't make the fight

Mary, Brooke, and Fangs await Archie's arrival for the exhibition fight. Veronica arrives at the gym to inform that Archie has food poisoning and that he can't make the fight. However, Archie comes out the back geared up and ready to fight. Archie faints and hits the canvas as he enters the ring.

Mary watches over Archie as he sleeps. Before long, he awakens. Archie regrets double booking the fights. Mary scolds him for also forging her signature and lying to her. Not to mention that he risked his health. Archie explains that he wants to box more than anything else. And with his mom being so happy about the recruiter, he wanted to at least give her way a shot, but he doesn’t want to go to the navy or college. He wants to see how far fighting can take him. However, Mary doesn’t think Archie’s looking far enough into the future.


Mary supports Archie boxing

The following morning, Mary and Archie discuss the return of the Black Hood and the murders that occurred while they were at the dance. It’s because of this that Mary decides to stay in Riverdale a little while longer. She doesn’t want Archie alone in the house while Fred is away. Archie then gets ready to head out for a run. Mary sees his commitment to boxing. Archie explains that he tried music and football, but it wasn’t for him. Mary remarks that with the world being as dangerous as it is, it’s probably a good idea that Archie learns to defend himself. If this is his path, she wants to support it, so long as he does it the right way. Archie promises that there will be no more crash diets or double bookings, but he’ll need her help in convincing his father.[10]

Mary and Archie learn from Veronica of Hiram’s plan to buy Riverdale. Veronica then comes up with an idea to frame her father for all the illegal activity that occurs in the speakeasy as his name is on the deed, thus making him liable. Fortunately, Mary is well connected and knows of someone who might be of assistance.


Mary and Agent Ardelia

Mary’s aforementioned connect, a federal agent she attended Sarah Florence with. Agent Ardelia explains that they’ve had their eyes on Hiram Lodge for quite some time. He served less than a year for embezzlement, so whatever they charge him with, it has to be big. Veronica informs her of the serving of minors, illegal casino operations, and book doctrines, but Agent Ardelia is very much aware that these are Veronica’s crimes. No worries, they only want Hiram, not Veronica. Archie asks what they’ll have to do in order to put Hiram away. She tells them that their only chance is to catch him in the act of an illegal crime.


Mary watches the fight

Mary confronts Archie as he is on his way out the door. Whatever it is that he and Veronica have planned, she knows that it’s going down tonight, and she wants to see it happen herself after everything Hiram did to their family and to Riverdale. Mary takes a seat in the crowd as the fight is about to commence. Archie and Hiram touch gloves, and the fight begins. Hiram and Archie trade blows, both landing their fair share of punches, but after Hiram starts cheating, they decide to disregard the rules and gloves all together, resulting in a bare knuckle brawl. Hiram delivers blow after blow, eventually knocking Archie down to his knees. As he prepares to end Archie, he reminds him that he asked for this. Hiram goes in for the finale punch, but Veronica pleads with him to stop, and so he does. FP then arrives at the fight and places Hiram under arrest for conducting illegal activities at his establishment. As he's taken away, Mary comes down to ringside and asks Archie if he’s okay as Veronica holds him close, reassuring Archie that they finally beat her father.


Mary thinks Archie and Veronica are endgame

Mary and Archie returns home. In the kitchen, as Archie holds an ice pack to his eye, Mary inquires about his relationship with Veronica, referring to them as a dynamic duo. Archie, however, doesn’t know what they are. Personally, Mary thinks they’re endgame, but what she thinks matters little, and so she suggests that Archie go ask Veronica what she thinks.[11]

Archie gets a call from Veronica, who informs him that he now legitimately owns the gym. While this is a very generous gift, Mary is still interested in where Archie and Veronica stand romantically. There’s a knock at a door. Archie answers only to find a black gift box sealed with a red ribbon, with a letter attached.[12]

Season 4


Mary cries over Fred's death

Mary and Archie discover that Fred was killed on his way home. FP informs them that while Fred was driving home to Riverdale, Fred pulled over to help someone’s car that had stalled on the side of the road. Another vehicle came at them speeding and hit Fred. Mary bursts into tears as FP fights to hold back his own. The driver of the vehicle that struck Fred didn’t stop, making it a hit-and-run.

Mary, Archie, and Veronica make funeral arrangements. They’ll have Fred buried in a plot next to his father Arthur "Artie" Andrews. Since the service will be transporting the body across state, there’s an additional cost of $9,000, which Veronica agrees to pay. However, because of the holiday, they won’t be able to bring Fred home until July 5th.


Mary in Archie's dream

Mary appears in Archie's dream. She sits at the table alongside Jason, Cheryl, Pop, Penelope, Clifford, Reggie, Hiram, Hermione, Alice, Hal, Kevin, Tom, Sierra, FP, Jellybean, Toni, Jughead, and Betty in his dining room. Archie asks where his father is, to which Arti replies that Archie was supposed to go get him.


Mary speaks to the funeral home director

Mary gets a call from Archie, who has traved to Cherry Creek to bring Fred home himself. However, the funeral home director won’t allow it as Archie’s underage. She tells Archie to put her on the phone with whomever is in charge, and within minutes, Mary arranges for Fred to be released to Archie.

Cheryl and Toni give their condolences to Mary after learning of Fred’s passing. Cheryl knows the loneliness associated with the death of a loved one. Her world was only darkness and despair when Jason died. She doesn’t want Mary or Archie to experience the same pain. So, with Mary’s blessing, Cheryl would like to do something for them when Archie returns.

Mary waits outside with Tom, Sierra, Josie, and Kevin as Archie returns with Fred's body. Mary hugs Archie and expresses how proud of Archie she is.


Mary at Fred's funeral

Fred’s funeral is held. Mary, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, FP, Cheryl, Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, Nana Rose, Pop, Josie, Kevin, Tom, Sierra, are in attendance, along with many others. Josie sings "Amazing Grace" as Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Kevin, FP, and Tom carry the casket. After the town pays their respect, Archie says a few words, ending with Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale.

Archie finds her looking at old family photos and tells her that it’s time for the fireworks show. Mary and Archie join Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Josie, Reggie, Cheryl, and Toni in the backyard as the show begins. Archie imagines if everyone in the world was even half as good as his father was.[13]


Ms. Weiss and Mary discuss the gym

Mary, Archie, Veronica, Munroe, and Ms. Weiss discuss the future of the gym. Archie and Munroe will group the kids for boxing and MMA lessons according to their age. They’ll also keep the gym open until 10:00 PM, so the kids have somewhere to go after school to keep them off the streets. Ms. Weiss explains just how much work this will entail. Archie informs them that he has help. Tom will be there during the day. However, before they can proceed, the gym will require an inspection and updates if it’s truly to become a community center, starting with adding a second bathroom.


Mary asks Archie to come back to Chicago

Mary wants Archie to come back to Chicago with her. He can finish out his senior year there, but Archie would prefer to stay in Riverdale. His best bet at going to college is through a football scholarship. Otherwise, he won’t be able to afford it, or so he thinks. Mary reveals that she and Fred started a fund for Archie when he was born. She was reluctant to tell him because she figured he would want to use it on the community center. As noble of an idea as that may be, Mary doesn’t believe it’ll make much of a difference in Riverdale given all the crime. Riverdale isn’t safe. However, Archie has no intentions on giving up on the town like his mother did. Mary claims she moved to Chicago because she couldn’t find a job in Riverdale. Archie, much like Fred, doesn’t believe Riverdale is a lost cause. Archie refuses to leave and he assures his mother he’ll make a difference. Archie heads upstairs into his room, where he lets his frustrations out on a punching bag before grabbing a bandanna and a baseball bat and sneaking out his window.


Mary declines Veronica's kind gesture

Veronica stops by the Andrews house to talk with Mary. She hands Mary a check for $40,000. It’s for the community center. She tried to give it to Archie herself, but he was too proud to take it from her. While she appreciates the gesture, Mary can’t accept the money while knowing it would put her in debt with the Lodges. Not to mention that putting that money in the center keeps Archie in Riverdale and away from college. Veronica explains that she’s investing in Archie as she believe in him, and he makes her want to believe in herself.


Mary plans to stay n Riverdale to help with the community center

Mary watches as Munroe teaches a boxing class at the gym. She then joins Archie in the office and tells him of her plans to stay in Riverdale for the time being. She’ll be focusing more on pro bono work, and her first order of business is to get the community center declared a 501[c][3]. A nonprofit, meaning that Archie can ask for donations and apply for grants. He also won’t have to pay for taxes. When asked about Chicago, she tells Archie that she canceled her flight and doesn’t intend to leave Riverdale anytime soon. Happy with this news, Archie hugs his mother.[14]


Mary and Veronica prepare Hermione for her trial

With her trial approaching, Mary meets with her client Hemrione Lodge and informs her that the district attorney is pinning her entire case on linking Hermione to Hiram’s would-be murderer, Tall Boy. There’s also the issue of the large sum of money the police found in Hermione’s bag in Tall boy’s apartment, though Hermione swears she’s being framed. And so, FP will testify that he searched Tall Boy’s apartment after he died and that there’s wasn’t a bag of money. Veronica has a full week ahead of her between her school work and both her parents’ trials. Her goals for the week is to get her mother out of jail and ensure her father remains inside his.

Hermione's trial starts. FP gives his testimony during Hermione’s trial, and Mary cross-examines him. FP arrived at the cabin alone. Tall Boy got violent and resisted arrest, forcing FP to shoot him. And later when FP searched Tall Boy’s motel room, he didn’t find any bag of money, meaning it was planted after the fact. The District Attorney follows up with her own line of questioning and then reveals that the cabin where FP shot Tall Boy is in Hermione's name.


Mary and Veronica discuss Hermione's options

After court adjourns, Mary is back-channels with the DA’s office. Afterward, Hermione shares the whole story with Veronica and Mary. Unfortunately, Mary has no moves left. The more the prosecutor digs, the worse off Hermione will be. There’s no magic wand to make this go away, Mary explains. Veronica claims that there just might be a way to make this all go away. Her mother would have to change her plea to guilty though. She should admit to what everyone already knows before something worse comes out. Either way, Hermione is possibly facing life in prison. Although, Veronica believes she can get Governor Dooley to pardon her mother.

Hermione’s trial resumes. Mary announces that Hermione would like to change her plea. Hermione pleads guilty to all charges against her. Hermosa exits as the court erupts.[15]


Mary and FP help Archie and Eddie

Mary and FP assist Archie in getting a street kid named Eddie off the streets and away from Dodger. Archie arranges for Eddie to start working at Pop’s diner for Pop Tate and Veronica. He even serves Archie and Mary.

Archie arrives on his doorstep to find a black mask pinned to the front door with a knife. He enters his home and tells his mother that they need leave immediately. Mary questions why. Archie explains that not everyone is happy about what he’s doing at the community center, and he’s made some enemies. A car pulls up outside and opens fires, shooting up the Andrews house as Archie and Mary take cover.[16]


Archie and Mary visit Fred's grave

The town of Riverdale is celebrating Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, for the Andrews, rather than giving thanks for what they have, this year is a time about loss for Archie and Mary as they visits Fred’s grave.

Mary tells Archie that she would like to join him at the community center for Thanksgiving. She assures Archie that feeding the local kids is the right thing to do. She’s more worried about the storm than she is Hiram. Mary then starts to cry, overwhelmed by Fred’s absence. Archie assures her that they’ll making to through the holiday.

Archie approaches Dodger's family. Darla claims that she doesn’t want any trouble as she slams a gun on the table, explaining that they’ve come for Dodger’s attacker. Veronica, Munroe, Mary, Malcolm, Eddy, and Toby watch as this unfolds. She has a feeling either Archie or one of his friends nearly killed Dodger, and they don’t plan on leaving until they find out who.


Mary at the Thanksgiving dinner

Archie and Munroe want to fight back against Darla and her family, but Veronica advises them otherwise as Darla has a gun. Nevertheless, Archie wants to get to the drawer full of weapons he has in his office that he’s confiscated off the kids. Veronica tells him not to in fear that the kids will get caught in the crossfire. Mary remains quiet during the discussion. Malcolm brings Darla and her boys a dish. He sits it down on the table and reaches for the gun, but is unsuccessful. Archie and Munroe intervene, explaining that he’s just a kid. Fagan punches Archie in the face, certain that he’s the one who put Dodger in the hospital. Darla agrees with him. She thinks Archie beat Dodger into a coma and then called the ambulance so that no one would suspect him. She then points the gun at Archie and forces him to his knees.


Mary chases the Dickenson family out

Darla demands that Archie admit to beating up Dodger. Archie will admit to it only if Darla agrees to let everyone else goes when he does. She agrees to his terms, but before Archie can admit what he’s done, Eddie, Toby, and Malcolm all claim they’re all responsible for putting Dodger in the hospital, but Darla isn’t convinced. Just as she is about to shoot Archie, the deep fryer explodes, causing a distraction long enough for Archie to disarm Darla. As Archie takes out her sons, Munroe orders the kids into the office. Veronica assists in the take down by pinning Bill Dickenson to the table by stabbing his hand with a carving fork. Mary grabs the gun, bringing the altercation to a head. She gives Darla, Bill, and Fagan five seconds to leave the center or the else. The three of them scurry as she starts counting down. As they leave, Eddie and Toby lock the door behind them. Archie, Mary, Veronica, and Munroe then investigate the cause of the explosion.

At the community center, Mary, Archie, Munroe, and Veronica sit at the head table. Mary starts the evening by stating they were never a particularly religious house. But the one thing Fred always liked to do when they sat down to eat as a family was to say grace. Archie takes the lead in blessing the food and then they eat.


Mary is proud of Archie as he honors his father

Mary tells Archie how yesterday was undoubtedly the strangest Thanksgiving she’s ever had. It’s a far cry from their usual tradition of making fried turkey and watching football. Mary has been thinking about that deep fryer exploding when it did and how it saved them. She believes it was Fred watching out for them, which gives Archie an idea. With the memory of his father in mind, Archie puts up a plaque in his father’s honor at the community center. Betty, Jughead, Veronica Kevin, Reggie, Munroe, Cheryl, Toni, Mary, FP, and Alice attend. Mary assures Archie that his father would be honored and so proud of him.[17]


Archie and Mary watch the video

After a brief hiatus, a second round of video tapes are left on the residents of Riverdale’s doorsteps. Mary and Archie watch the video. Just like before, it consists of hours of footage of their home. Only this time, the camera was much closer.

While Archie doesn’t want to give up on his work on the community center, he doesn’t want to continue to put Mary's life in danger either. So, he’s moving out and into the center until Dodger is captured.[18]


Mary tells Archie that Vic wants to buy Andrews Construction

Mary reveals to Archie that Vic, Fred’s foreman, came by. He wants to by them out of Andrews Construction. Archie refuses to sale. Taking it as far as threatening to fire Vic. He then gets a call from Toby, who tells Archie that Eddie and Malcolm went looking for Dodger and his brothers and got beat up when they found them. Eddie was beaten up so badly that he was hospitalized.

Mary finds Archie sitting in the dark in the dining room. She notices the bruises on his face as she gets closer. He explains that he did it to himself. The Dickensons were done. They were leaving Riverdale, but Archie wanted revenge. It doesn’t make any sense to him how predators like Dodger get to live while his dad died doing the right thing. The worst part about it is that some of the kids from the center saw Archie standing over Dodger. Covered in blood, like a monster. He’s never felt further from his father than he does now.[19]

Mary is displeased to learn that Fred's brother, Frank is back in town. Mary questions why he didn't attended the funeral. He claims to have been on a crab boat and didn’t get the news of Fred’s death until a month ago. Archie is hoping to give Frank a job at Andrews Construction. Mary reluctantly agrees and cautions Archie over Frank’s tendency to avoid hard work.


Mary grounds Archie

Mary confronts Archie after learning about his fight with the Stallions from FP. She’s even more bothered that instead of calling her, he called Frank. Archie questions why she hates him so much. Mary explains that Frank is the classic ne’-er-do-well. The straw that broke the camel's back was when Fred took the blame for Frank’s DUI. Unofficially, Fred wasn’t behind the wheel that night. After Frank went on a bender, he crashed their car into a telephone pole in Sycamore. It was the third strike against him, so he would’ve done jail time, so Fred covered for him. And Frank repaid him by skipping town the next day. Lastly, before leaving, Mary grounds Archie for a month.

Mary late attends the state finals game at Riverdale High between the Riverdale Bulldogs and Stonewall Stallions. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs lose the game by one point.[20]

Physical Appearance

Mary is an attractive middle-aged woman with pale skin, dark brown eyes, short red hair, and a beautiful smile. She is of slightly above the height of the average woman, around 5′ 8″ with a slim figure. Mary's wardrobe is very neat, and well put-together. She often wears casual and non-revealing clothing such as turtle-necks and long sleeve shirts in varying colors.


Mary is a kind and loving mother. She cares deeply for Archie, only wanting for him to aspire to be his best self. With the rise in dangerous activity throughout Riverdale, Mary only sought to protect Archie by getting him out of town. However, against her best wishes, he decided to stay. While she was accepting of his decision, she did not agree with it. Mary's compassionate nature has also been shown to extend to Archie's friends as well. Upon FP Jones's arrest, Mary posed as his lawyer in an effort to gather information, which she would then relay to Archie and Jughead. More than just compassion and love, Mary is also quite intelligent, possessing the necessary skills and intellect to become an established lawyer. It was these skills that allowed her to pass as FP's attorney as well as explain the legitimacy of Archie and Veronica's find after illegally entering FP's trailer.


Archie Andrews

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I want you with me. I don't think that this town is safe anymore. I feel like Riverdale is getting ready to slide off of a mountainside and I don't want you anywhere around when that happens.
— Mary to Archie[src]

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Archie and Mary (2)

Mary and Archie talking in the dining room

The relationship between Mary and her son, Archie is close, but not nearly as close as he is with his father, whom he lives with. Mary hadn't seen her son up until she returned to Riverdale after leaving, and moving to Chicago two years prior. She and Archie spent quite a bit of time together while she was in town, and before she left for Chicago again, Archie promised that he would come spend some time with her over the next summer break since he chose to remain in Riverdale with his father after Mary offered him the chance to move to Chicago with her.

Fred Andrews

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You Andrews men are such players!
— Mary flirts with Fred[src]


Mary and Fred in Fred's dream

Fred and Mary's relationship dates back to their childhood, with both of them growing up in Riverdale and attending school together. They later went on to marry and welcome their first and only child, Archie.

Two years prior to the start of the series, Fred and Mary decided to separate and began divorce proceedings. Mary moved to Chicago at that time, and while she wanted her son to join her, he chose to stay in Riverdale with his father. Fred and Mary's separation was not an amicable one as, according to Archie, they cannot even talk without a mediator present. Despite this, they have been shown to enjoy each other's company, so much so that Archie and Jughead began to speculate if they were going to rekindle their relationship.

Alice Cooper

You have been playing the same game since junior high, and it was tiring back then.
— Mary to Alice[src]

Mary and Alice Season 1 Episode 11

Mary and Alice doing their makeup

Not much is known about Mary and Alice's past history, though they did meet before the start of the series. Their relationship dates back at least to their adolescent years. Mary left Riverdale some years later, after she and Fred decided to separate. Two years after Mary departure from Riverdale, she returned, where she had a run in with Alice at the Homecoming dance, which she had attended to see her son perform given his new interest in music. She came face-to-face with Alice in the woman's restroom, where Alice couldn't help but notice that Mary attended the dance with Fred and Hermione, even after their secret affair. Even though Mary had left, nothing much had changed, she saw straight through Alice's juvenile tactics, the same ones she had been using since Junior High. Furthermore, she and Fred were no longer together, so he was free to do as he pleased.

Hermione Lodge

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Homecoming Fred Hermione and Mary

Mary and Hermione entering the gymnasium with Fred

Mary Andrews and Hermione Lodge were friends in high school. The history between the two of them is unknown at the moment, but the fact that Mary invited Hermione to accompany her with Fred at the Homecoming dance shows that she doesn't have a problem with her at all.


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