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This article is about a magical plant. You may be looking for Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake, the episode featuring it.

The Mandrake is a magical plant used in a spell to create a doppelgänger. Sabrina explains that the mandrake siphons darker energies and that it grows using those energies.


Mandrake is a magical plant used in a spell to siphon energies from a host, mortal and witch alike. Once the energy is absorbed, the root grows to human size to form a doppelgänger, an evil twin. This doppelgänger has all the abilities and powers of its double, including memories and feelings although not inhibited by any construct or social norm. The doppelganger also has all the weaknesses of its double, and can be killed accordingly. During the siphoning, the Mandrake creates a cocoon made up of thick roots and branches around its host, draining it and making it extremely weak and pale. The doppelgänger is also slightly different from its double, having blueish eyes and grey skin.

Dangerous Plan(t)

Sabrina, the Herald of Hell destined to bring about the Apocalypse, was tricked by Lilith into using this spell with the help of her cousin Ambrose, despite Nick disagreeing. Sabrina wanted to siphon her dark magic, thus thwarting the prophecy but becoming mortal at the same time. After stealing one of Aunt Hilda's mandrake roots, Sabrina and Ambrose cast the spell but thought they had failed. The next day, Sabrina's doppelgänger began turning her friends into mandrakes. Mandrake Sabrina visited Harvey, Roz and Theo questioning Harvey's love, accusing Roz of stealing her boyfriend, and having a "fun idea" to turn Theo into a real boy. Later, Mandrake Sabrina killed Judas Society boys sent to assassinate the real Sabrina Spellman. In the Greendale Woods, Theo awoke in the middle of the siphoning process just in time to crush the three mandrakes draining him and his friends. Meanwhile, Ambrose came face to face with the two Sabrinas back at the Spellman household, and prevented the doppelgänger from killing his cousin. He proposed a pistol duel. At the witching hour, Sabrina shot the Mandrake dead.

Ambrose and Sabrina believed that they prevented the prophecy, but Nick and Lilith appeared in the woods as a lighting bolt struck the stone altar, and Lilith confirmed the prophecy was fulfilled because Sabrina committed suicide by killing her double. [1]

Known Mandrake Doppelgangers


Part 2


  • The Mandrake is based on the Mandrake, a poisonous plant connected with magical rituals and believed to scream as it was pulled from the ground, killing anyone who heard it.
  • A Doppelgänger is an apparition or double of a living person in folklore and fiction.
  • The killing of Sabrina's doppelgänger fulfilled one of the perversions she's required to perform to unleash the Apocalypse based on a prophecy contained in the Codex Prognostica.
  • Mandrake Sabrina devoured pancakes doused with Blossom Maple Syrup.
  • According to Ambrose, Mandrake Doppelgängers process emotions like newborn babies.