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I curse you, witch, with humanity. You are stripped of your powers and banished from Hell to walk on Earth the rest of your days. You will age. You will grow weak as all mortals do. You will know strife. You will know sickness, disease, pain, but you will not die. You will writhe in grievous guilt for the choice you have made today, and you will wish desperately for death, for release, but it will never come.
— Lucifer to Lilith[src]

Lucifer Morningstar (also known as Dark Lord) is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Luke Cook.

He is the main antagonist of Part 1 and Part 2 and the secondary antagonist of Part 3. Lucifer is a fallen archangel and the embodiment of evil and free will, and is worshiped by satanic witches.

Lucifer is freed by Sabrina Spellman, the Herald of Hell and perversion of the Holy Trinity, with the deception of Lilith. Once on Earth, Lucifer tries to make Sabrina his Queen of Pandemonium but is defeated by the witches and imprisoned first in Nicholas Scratch and then in Faustus Blackwood. While captive, Lilith and the High Priest sire an heir for the Dark Lord.

Back in Hell, Lucifer must deal with the Plague Kings who back Caliban in claiming the infernal throne. When Sabrina Morningstar becomes Queen of Hell, Lucifer supports her marriage to Caliban to strengthen their kingdom. Lucifer curses Lilith to become human and powerless, eternally wandering the earth, after Lilith kills their son, Adam, rather than separating from him. Eventually, Lilith regains her powers by stabbing Lucifer in the back with the Spear of Longinus to drink his angelic blood, and banishes him from Hell.

Early Life

Before he became the Dark Lord, he was formerly known as the Archangel Lucifer Morningstar. However, he was cast down from Heaven by God. Wandering through the desert after refusing to submit to Adam, Lilith encountered Lucifer Morningstar, who helped him heal. In return for her eternal service, Lucifer promised to one day have her sit by his side on the throne of Hell.

Not long after the fall, Lucifer’s Angelic form began shifting into that of a beast with a goat-like head and hooves. At some point, he adopted the name "Satan" and was worshipped by witches, whom all wrote their name in his Book, exchanging their souls for power.

Millennia later, the Dark Priest of the Church of Night in Greendale, Edward Spellman, and his mortal wife, Diana, asked for the Dark Lord's help in conceiving a child, as they were unable to do so for themselves. The Dark Lord then managed to impregnate Diana through Edward, resulting in Sabrina Spellman, with whom his aim was to fulfill a dark prophecy to claim the world as his own.[1]

When Harvey Kinkle was a young boy, the Dark Lord appeared to him while he was exploring the Greendale Mines, terrifying young Harvey; a traumatic memory which continues to haunt him in his teenage years.[2]

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

The Dark Lord is a goat-like, humanoid figure. He has dark fur on its legs and upper body, with cloven hooves. He has a long face with sharp teeth and long, curved horns on the top of his head. In his angelic form, the Dark Lord is a handsome, well built man, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Additionally, he also has two wounds on his back where his wings used to be.


The Dark Lord is an evil being. His primary motive is to corrupt humans, gain control of their souls and fill the world with evil and sin. He is a tyrannical and terrifying individual who demands the utmost devotion and loyalty to him from his human followers, and will stop at nothing to have Sabrina Spellman follow his path of night and sell her soul to him.

Furthermore, as noted by Zelda in her dreams, the Dark Lord is said to be a carnivore, heavily implying he has a taste for the flesh of living beings on earth, especially humans. This is reinforced when he kills and eats Adam Masters.

Powers and Abilities

Lucifer survives stabbing

Lucifer Morningstar is a former archangel who has fallen and become king of Hell. He is very powerful and is able to grant powers to those he wants in exchange for their devotion, ie. witches. Lucifer can also revoke the powers of satanic witches as he sees fit. As such, the Dark Lord possesses all the abilities of witches and this includes telekinesis, control and manipulation of the elements, especially fire and hellfire. He can also teleport, read minds, and project one's thoughts into others' minds. Lucifer also has the power to disguise his physical appearance, known as glamour. This is useful to him because his evilness has corrupted his angelic appearance, turning him into a monstrous goat-beast. Once freed from Hell, the Dark Lord regained his human-esque appearance. Lucifer can also control animals, such as when he vomited a swarm of cockroaches to infect witches and warlocks at the Academy. Lucifer is extremely strong and has a high level of tolerance to restrictions and containments, such as when he freed himself from the Acheron Configuration.

Lucifer's forked tongue

One of his powers is demonic possession, which typically consists of foam at the mouth and blood-stained eyes, demonstrated when he took possession of Principal Hawthorne to threaten Sabrina. Lucifer also sired two children by possessing two warlocks, Edward Spellman and Faustus Blackwood, perverting the Immaculate Conception. Lucifer's possession for extended time has nasty side effects; when Lucifer was imprisoned inside Nick's body or "flesh Acheron," the side effects ranged from negative thoughts, mood swings, and aggressiveness, to malformations such as cloven hoof feet and forked tongue, to even more severe remnants that leave the Devil's residue in the body of the possessed. The Devil's residue is black blood that must be detoxified in a ritual that lasts about thirty days, but Ambrose knew a method to speed up the ritual in Nick's case.


Lucifer chained with Damascus steel

When he threatened Sabrina, Lucifer claimed to be immortal unlike witches and humans, who burn in hell after death, but that doesn't mean he can't be hurt or weakened. Lucifer has an aversion to onions and horseshoes, which keep him at bay. Zelda and Hilda used these to protect their household.

Special daggers forged in Megiddo can injure the Dark Lord as well. The power of the daggers derives from being forged in the place of origin of Christianity. Similarly, he is susceptible to Damascus steel, a particular steel smithed in Damascus, the place where St. Paul was converted to Christianity and has the power to restrain demonic beings. When he was caged, chains made of Damascus steel were used to keep him imprisoned.

While there are many ways to temporarily trap or cause the Dark Lord pain, the only known way to actually kill the Dark Lord according to himself is to use the Spear of Longinus. Lilith used this spear to mortally wound him, stabbing him where his wings once were in never healed wounds. Eventually, she decided to spare him and condemn him to wander the Earth. Lucifer himself is therefore susceptible to witchcraft and curses.



Lilith and Lucifer

Lucifer met Lilith on earth after wandering the wilderness alone. Lilith had been banished from the Garden of Eden by God after she refused to submit to Adam, her first husband. Lilith found Lucifer, who she described during their first encounter as being a beautiful angelic man with two wounds on his back. He lifted her up and in return, she healed the wounds caused by the loss of his angel wings. For she was not only the first woman, but also the first witch. Since then, Lilith has spent centuries serving as his loyal foot soldier in hopes that she would one day become his queen. However, upon learning that he intended to make Sabrina his queen instead, Lilith joined forces with the Spellmans to stop Lucifer. For her betrayal, Lucifer intended to kill Lilith but issued a stay of execution upon learning that she was pregnant with his child.

Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina and Lucifer

Lucifer, or as he's known to his followers, Dark Lord, is Sabrina's biological father. Although Sabrina wouldn't come to know this until well after her 16th birthday. Sabrina's mortal mother, Diana Spellman, and witch father, Edward Spellman, couldn't conceive on their own, so they went to the Dark Lord for help, and nine months later, Sabrina was born. However, the Dark Lord agreeing to help them was simply a part of his plan to instigate the apocalypse and rule the world. He wished to pervert the Holy Trinity by siring a babe of witch, mortal, and infernal blood. Because of this, Sabrina is described as being the "Herald of Hell." She hates her father and wishes to be rid of him, viewing him as pure evil.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  • According to Harvey, the Dark Lord smells like brimstone.
  • According to Madam Satan, he has a preference for extravagant things like masquerade balls.
  • Issue 6 of the Riverdale tie-in comics introduced a character who was heavily implied to be the devil and by extension, the "Dark Lord". If this is indeed the Dark Lord, this would make his first appearance in the shared universe of Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
    • His physical features were that of a middle-aged man of African descent. Seemingly ageless throughout the years, his reflection on the mirror shows him having horns.
    • Sometime in either 1975 or '76', he introduced himself to Pop Tate as someone who came from Sedona and was on his way to attend to some business with a couple of women in Greendale.
    • It was implied he had burned down a restaurant to the ground due to a stated wish by Pop Tate.
    • According to Pop Tate, he had heard of others who had crossed paths with the man, and that successful dealings usually cost those others their immortal soul.
  • Lucifer's weaknesses are based on those mentioned in the horror film series The Omen.


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