The Lodge Family represents one of the main families in Riverdale.

The Lodges are the owners of Lodge Industries as well as having recently purchased Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe and the Twilight Drive-In, the latter of which they are redeveloping via the SoDale Project, advertised in the open house. The family once lived in New York, until Hiram Lodge's arrest for fraud and embezzlement. Due to his assets being frozen, Hermione left with Veronica and they moved back to Riverdale. Once Hiram was released from prison, he came to join them and they currently live at The Pembrooke.


Hermione and Hiram both were born in Riverdale and grew up together there. Hermione was dating Fred Andrews while she was going to Riverdale High School. However, she broke up with him to be with the "rich kid", Hiram. The couple later got married and moved to New York, where they had their daughter Veronica.

Years later, while living in New York City, Hiram was indicted and arrested for fraud and embezzlement. The Lodge's assets were frozen, leaving Hermione and Veronica broke. Hermione, with no other choices, left with Veronica and headed back to her hometown, Riverdale. There, she owned a small piece of property that was in her name and not Hiram's, and took a job working at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe as a waitress. Later on, she was hired by her ex-boyfriend, Fred Andrews, the owner of Andrews Construction, as a book keeper. She also had to take care of some unfinished business that Hiram left behind, while she instead had to pay off their debt to the Southside Serpents.

Family Members

  • Hiram Lodge — Hiram is the father of Veronica Lodge and the ex-husband of Hermione Lodge. He is also a business man, who is the owner of Lodge Industries. Who was former business partners with Manfred Muggs, and current business partner with Fred Andrews, currently working together on the SoDale project.
  • Hermione Lodge — Hermione is the mother of Veronica Lodge and the ex-wife of Hiram Lodge. She was also a shareholder of Lodge Industries. She was also the former girlfriend of Fred Andrews, currently she is partners with him working for Andrews Construction, working on the SoDale project together. She was also a former employee at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, until she resigned.
  • Veronica Lodge — Veronica is the daughter of Hiram and Hermione Lodge, and the former girlfriend of Archie Andrews. Like her mother, she is a shareholder of Lodge Industries, while also currently being and student at Riverdale High School. She is also a River Vixens cheerleader.

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