Lochlyn Munro is a Canadian actor. He portrayed Hal Cooper on The CW's Riverdale.



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  • Lochlyn shares the same birthday as fellow cast member Drew Ray Tanner.
  • Lochlyn and co-stars Marisol Nichols and Kerr Smith were on the WB's Charmed, though at different times. Lochlyn and Smith were in Season 2 as Jack and Jeff Sheridan and Season 7 as Kyle Brody respectively while Marisol guest-starred as the Phoenix Witch Bianca in Season 6. 
  • The identity of the Black Hood was kept secret from everyone, including Lochlyn, until the day the revelation scene was shot.[1]
  • Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness is Lochlyn's favorite episode due to the scenes he had with Lili Reinhart's character, Betty.[1]


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