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This article is about Lilith, the Queen of Hell. You may be looking for Mary Wardwell, a teacher at Baxter High.

Medea was a witch. Did you know that? I freed our son, and I freed myself. Rather he die than be raised by you. And as for me, well, kill me as promised, please. Do it, I beg you. Do it, please. I beg you.
— Lilith to Lucifer[src]

Lilith, also known as Madame Satan, is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Michelle Gomez.

She was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden. After her banishment, she was saved by Lucifer Morningstar and became his servant and concubine.

Many centuries later, she came to Greendale and killed Mary Wardwell, stole her appearance and took over her life. Initially acting as Sabrina Spellman's frequent mentor, Lilith simultaneously corrupted her to the Dark Lord's desires. However, their relationship took on a drastic turn after Sabrina discovered Lilith's true intentions. It's only when their shared desire to take down the Dark Lord coincided that the two come together. Together, they were able to seal Lucifer away and Lilith's goal of becoming Queen of Hell comes to fruition.

When the inhabitants of Hell discredited Lilith's claim to the throne, she called on Sabrina, who, as Lucifer's daughter had a less questionable claim to the throne. After Sabrina claimed the throne as her own, she named Lilith her Regent and left her to handle the day-to-day.

After Lucifer escaped his imprisonment, Lilith convinced Faustus Blackwood, Lucifer's host body, to impregnate her with Lucifer's child, in exchange for the Mark of Cain. Once the child, Adam, was born, Lucifer decided that he didn't need Lilith anymore and intended to take the child away from her. Lilith refused to let Lucifer get what he wanted, and killed the baby. Lucifer stripped Lilith of her powers for this.

After Sabrina Spellman trapped The Void in Pandora's Box, Lilith made a deal with the Dark Lord. In return for restoring her powers, she informed him about the death of Sabrina Morningstar, Sabrina's paradox, and how her body was being used to house Sabrina Spellman's soul. After the Dark Lord refused to return Lilith's powers, she used the Spear of Longinus to strike him down. She then drank his celestial blood and banished him from the Court of Hell.

Character Description

A mousy teacher at Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell is a smart, quirky mentor to Sabrina. However, her persona quickly gets taken over by Madam Satan at the start of the pilot, and she becomes a sultry, cunning manipulator. Essentially the Devil's Handmaiden, Wardwell's "lessons" are designed to corrupt Sabrina per the Devil's agenda.[1]

Mary Wardwell, Sabrina's favorite teacher and mentor at Baxter High. When she is possessed by the devil's handmaiden, Madam Satan, Ms. Wardell turns into a sultry, cunning manipulator, always trying to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night.[2]

Early Life

Madame Satan began her life as Lilith, the first wife of Adam. She refused to submit to him and was therefore banished from the Garden of Eden by God. She wandered the wasteland for a period of time before encountering the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, who helped her, and she in return healed the wounds caused by the loss of his angel wings, as she was not just the first woman, she was the first witch. She subsequently pledged her allegiance to him, becoming his handmaiden and calling herself Madame Satan in his honor.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

In her guise as Mary Wardwell, Lilith appeared as a Caucasian female in her mid-forties, tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. She preferred clothes in black or dark grey. In her natural human form, she takes on the appearance of a physically wrecked and jittery young teenage girl with filthy pale skin, matted greased hair and raggedy clothing. Her true demonic appearance consists of green skin, skull-studded eyes, no nose, and razor-sharp teeth.


Having lived for thousands of years as the first witch in existence, Lilith is a complex and somewhat morally ambiguous woman with many layers, at times willing to help others in an anti-heroic role if she sees it as benefiting her goals in some way while simultaneously remaining directly antagonistic other times. A formidable presence with an abundance of knowledge regarding dark magic, Lilith conceals this awareness with a relatively maternal demeanor, which makes her come across as truly nurturing and caring despite her often cold, calculating, and manipulative behavior. She is deeply determined to achieve her dream of becoming Queen of Hell and is often remorseless over her hand in most crimes she commits, regardless of how reprehensible they may be by mortal standards. Initially extremely loyal to the Dark Lord, Lilith eventually begins to tire of his misogynistic and abusive leadership, and after centuries of being lied to with the assurance he would make her his bride yet only finding herself baited into one devoted task after another, Lilith starts to play a major role in plotting against him in secret with the Greendale witches to foil his plans, challenge his power, and steal his throne for herself.

As a result, despite initially having no qualms about torturing and psychologically influencing Sabrina Spellman under the Dark Lord's command, with the purpose of forcing Sabrina to accept her identity as a servant of Hell, Lilith's disposition towards the young witch starts to change the more she witnesses Sabrina challenging the nature of Satanic witches and their customs, developing a hidden respect for the witch's intolerance of male dominance among their kind and assisting her in finding loopholes in ancient coven traditions. Lilith becomes inspired to respect her own femininity and overcome the Devil by using his own tactics against him, among these blackmailing him into allowing her to keep her powers and conceiving a son with him to maintain her social standing in Hell's court to prevent her own execution or banishment.

After Sabrina is revealed to be the Dark Lord's daughter with a direct stake to his throne, Lilith decides to aid in the witch's ascent to power rather than attempting to murder her, highlighting how much Lilith has come to develop an affection for her and misleads the legions of Hell via lies and misdirection to carve a pathway to Sabrina's victory, including the existence of Sabrina Morningstar, which Lilith's opts to keep hidden. Although this alliance gradually becomes evident to the Dark Lord, resulting in Lilith seemingly backstabbing Sabrina by revealing their secret plans and putting her life in danger, Lilith merely uses this as a means of self-preservation to buy herself enough time to find a way of foiling the Dark Lord and saving them both, much to the chagrin of Sabrina's relatives who view Lilith's actions as self-serving. Lilith, however, expresses genuine gratitude towards Sabrina, as demonstrated by her restoring Sabrina's witch powers and returning the real Miss Wardwell from death (whose body Lilith stole while on Earth) due to recognizing she was Sabrina's favorite teacher at Baxter High. After the death of both Sabrinas, Lilith is in attendance of their funeral and, despite having successfully banished the Dark Lord from Hell and no longer having a rival to the throne, looks on the procession with sadness.

Powers and Abilities

Lilith performing a sacrifice

Lilith possesses the powers of both a witch and a demon, including but not limited to spellcasting, telekinesis, necromancy, and shapeshifting, which she's displayed on a number of occasions, appearing as both Mary Wardwell and Adam Masters. She also possesses the ability to spy on people and places by using mirrors. She spied on Sabrina to watch over her on the Dark Lord's orders. She also shown the ability to dream walk, entering the Spellmans' dreams to find and save Sabrina from Batibat.

Lilith once used poppet puppetry to manipulate the movements of a scarecrow to chase and stop Sabrina from obtaining the Malum Malus. And she's also been known to resurrect the dead, the most recent case being Mary Wardwell as a gift to Sabrina. However, arguably her most useful gift is her longevity. Lilith ages at a slower rate than mortals. Furthermore, she is as old as Earth itself as she is the first witch and first woman in existence.


Lucifer Morningstar

Lilith and Lucifer

Lilith met Lucifer on earth after wandering the wilderness for months, if not years. She had been banished from the Garden of Eden by God after she refused to submit to Adam, her fist husband. She described Lucifer during their first encounter as being a beautiful angelic man with two wounds on his back. He lifted her up and in return, she healed the wounds caused by the loss of his angel wings. For she was not only the first woman, but also the first witch. Since then, she spent centuries serving as his loyal foot soldier in hopes that he would one day make her his queen. However, upon learning that he intended to make Sabrina his queen instead, Lilith joined forces with the Spellmans to stop Lucifer.

Sabrina Spellman

Lilith and Sabrina

Lilith and Sabrina have a complicated relationship as it was bred from deceit. She killed Sabrina's favorite teacher and took on the persona of Mary Wardwell in order to get closer to Sabrina and guide her down the Path of Night as the Dark Lord commanded. She presented herself as Sabrina's trustworthy mentor, first advising her in school and later as a witch. Lilith, still acting under the guise as Mary, claimed that she was originally a member of the Church of Shadows until she was excommunicated for falling in love with and getting engaged to a mortal man. After that, she sought out Edward Spellman who made her his student and just before he died, he asked her to protect Sabrina. However, Sabrina would later come to discover that this was all a lie and that Lilith worked for the Dark Lord.

Adam Masters

Lilith and Adam

Adam was Mary's fiancé, who she dated for three years before Adam proposed to her. His work at the Physicians Without Frontiers took him away from home for several months at a time. During his most recent stint, Lilith killed Mary and took on her persona. He returned on Valentines Day unaware that his actual fiancé had been killed and taken over by a demon. Lilith initially had plans to kill Adam, but decided to spare him after he showed her kindness and never ending love. Unfortunately, when Lilith refused to kill Adam, the Dark Lord took it upon himself to rid her of this obstacle, presenting Lilith with Adam's head on a plate.


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  • Kevin Keller mentions Madame Satan by name in "Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil".
  • Lilith cast the first spell on the show.
  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, Madame Satan whose real name is Iola, took over Evelyn Gardenia, a teacher at Baxter High, under the alias of Ms. Evangeline Porter. [1]
  • "Lilith" is a female demon figure in Judeo-Christian mythology, supposedly the primordial she-demon (and alternately first wife of Adam).
  • The name for her familiar, "Stolas", comes from one of the creatures in the "Ars Goetia". Coincidentally, the creature in the book is also portrayed as a raven.
  • The first depiction of Madam Satan was on the cover of Pep Comics #15 (May 1941), but the character only appeared in issues #16–21 before being cancelled to make room for a humor strip featuring new character Archie Andrews in issue #22.


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