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I'm the Mother of Demons, the Dawn of Doom, Satan's concubine. I'm Lilith, dear boy. First wife to Adam, saved from despair by a fallen angel. I call myself Madame Satan in his honor.
— Lilith to George Hawthorne[src]

Lilith, also known as Madame Satan, is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Michelle Gomez.

Initially acting as Sabrina Spellman's frequent mentor, Lilith simultaneously corrupts her to the Dark Lord's desires. However, their relationship takes a drastic turn after Sabrina discovers Lilith's true intentions. It's only when their desire to take down the Dark Lord coincide that the two come together. And it's in stopping Lucifer that Lilith's goal of becoming Queen of Hell comes to fruition.

Character Description

A mousy teacher at Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell is a smart, quirky mentor to Sabrina. However, her persona quickly gets taken over by Madam Satan at the start of the pilot, and she becomes a sultry, cunning manipulator. Essentially the Devil's Handmaiden, Wardwell's "lessons" are designed to corrupt Sabrina per the Devil's agenda.[1]

Mary Wardwell, Sabrina's favorite teacher and mentor at Baxter High. When she is possessed by the devil's handmaiden, Madam Satan, Ms. Wardell turns into a sultry, cunning manipulator, always trying to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night.[2]

Early Life

Madame Satan began her life as Lilith, the first wife of Adam. She refused to submit to him and was therefore banished from the Garden of Eden by God. She wandered the wasteland for an unknown amount of time before encountering the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, who helped her, and she in return healed the wounds caused by the loss of his angel wings, as she was not just the first women, she was the first witch. She subsequently pledged her allegiance to him, becoming his handmaiden and calling herself Madame Satan in his honor.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


Mary runs into her students at the movies

As Ms. Wardwell, high school teacher at Baxter High, is driving on the road, she sees a young girl's figure creep into view, causing her to bring the car to a screeching halt. Ms. Wardwell gets out of her car to look around, where she finds the young girl begging for help. She decides to take the girl with her, and as they are driving, Ms. Wardwell promises to help the girl get cleaned up and to call a doctor the next morning.


Ms. Wardwell is killed

Ms. Wardwell is pouring tea for the mysterious girl at her cottage. When she inquires whether the girl was attacked, the girl simply responds by saying the "woods did". This prompts Ms. Wardwell to tell a story about the 1692 witch trials that occurred in Greendale, where thirteen witches were hanged and now haunt the woods as angry spirits. When the girl asks why Ms. Wardwell knows so much about witches, she answers by saying that she's Greendale's unofficial town historian, as well as a teacher at the local high school, Baxter High. The girl then asks about Sabrina, but when Ms. Wardwell questions her about knowing Sabrina, the girl's voice suddenly becomes distorted and she rambles about Sabrina's "bastard-of-a-father who broke sacred witch law when he married a mortal sow". The girl telekinetically flings a pair of scissors into Ms. Wardwell's neck, causing the woman to bleed to death. The girl kneels down and recites a Latin spell while touching Ms. Wardwell's blood. She takes on Ms. Wardwell's appearance and declares that she will deliver Sabrina to the Dark Lord.


Ms. Wardwell advises Sabrina to get rid of Hawthrone

Madam Satan invites Sabrina to her office to discuss the puritanical masculinity in Greendale, naming Principal Hawthorne as the worst of them all. Assistant Principal Ms. Glover would never turn a blind eye to the atrocities occurring, however. Sabrina simply wishes that someone would teach Principal Hawthorne a lesson. Madam Satan suggests that Sabrina be that someone. If Hawthorne were to take a sabbatical, Sabrina and her friends could come up with some way to help Susie. Madam Satan informs Sabrina that he is scared of spiders and that perhaps she could use that to her advantage. With that, Sabrina begins collecting items for a spell, starting with a photo of Hawthorne she rips from a yearbook.

Madam Satan gets word from her familiar Stolas of Sabrina’s plans to start a club. Madam Satan explains that the Dark Lord can sense Sabrina’s attachment to the mortal world and has sent them to ensure that his will is done.

Madam Satan learns from Stolas that Sabrina is in search of a Malum Malus. It would be unfortunate if the Malus were to show Sabrina something to dissuade her from her baptism, forcing Madam Satan to intervene.


Madam Satan agrees to be the faculty advisor for Sabrina's club

Madam Satan, still masquerading as Ms. Wardwell, wanted to speak with Sabrina after learning from Vice Principal Glover that she had been listed as the faculty advisor for Sabrina’s WICCA club. Sabrina reveals to Madam Satan that she’ll likely be transferring schools soon and that this weighs on her heavily. While it’s one of the best schools, she’s hesitant. Sabrina doesn’t want to leave her whole life in Greendale behind. Madam Satan believes that this requires further discussion and would like to continue after school with Sabrina, however, Sabrina declines, claiming that she's going apple picking.

Madam Satan, from her office, is controlling a scarecrow and making it attack Sabrina in hopes of scaring her away from the tree. Unfortunate, Sabrina is saved by her familiar Salem, who rips the scarecrow apart.[3]


Madam Satan advises Sabrina to take on the mortal boys

With the names of the boys who harassed Susie, Sabrina reports Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth to Madam Satan, who Sabrina still believes to be her teach Ms. Wardwell. Madam Satan suggests a sit down with Principal Hawthorne next week when he returns. However, Sabrina may not be there next week, so she must get this sorted out as she can't leave her friends in trouble. Madam Satan tells Sabrina is she truly wants to teach these boys a lesson, she'll have to "fight fire with Hellfire." Madam Satan advises Sabrina to seek help as taking them on alone may prove difficult.

Madam Satan learns from Mrs. Meeks that Sabrina will not be coming into school, as Zelda Spellman has taken the liberty to call Sabrina’s school and excuse her.


Madame Satan observes Sabrina's dark baptism

Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina's forehead and reads Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.

Madam Satan prays to the Dark Lord for forgiveness after failing to deliver him Sabrina. He approaches her and gives her another chance. She is gracious, so much so that she kisses his feet. Madam Satan promises that she won't fail again.[4]

Sabrina runs out Principal Hawthrone’s office and into the girl’s restroom to throw up. Madam Satan follows Sabrina into the restroom after watching her flee Hawthorne’s office. Sabrina insists that she’s fine and leaves.


Madame Satan and Father Blackwood blame each other

As High Priest, Faustus Blackwood is tasked with being the Dark Lord’s prosecutor. Zelda hopes they can settle this without a public trial, but Blackwood informs her it’s too late for that. However, if Zelda could get Sabrina to admit her wrongdoing and beg for forgiveness, then she may be excused. With her powers taken away, Zelda continues to age. As Blackwood strokes her hair, a lock of it falls from her head. Madam Satan watches from the Corner, though doesn’t expose her position until after Zelda leaves. She reminds Blackwood that Sabrina has been put in her charge. Madam Satan eased her to the alter, but it was Blackwood who failed to get her to sign. He denies this, blaming Sabrina’s reluctance to sign on Madam Satan, who informs him not to underestimate Sabrina.

Madam Satan pays Daniel Webster a home visit disguised as his dead daughter. She tells him that he should be spending his time getting ready to join her in hell rather than defending Sabrina.

Madam Satan, under her persona of Ms. Wardwell, informs Sabrina and Harvey that WICCA are making their voices heard. Rosalind and Susie are handing out lists of all the books that had been removed from Baxter High. Principal Hawthorne arrives on the scene to inform them that he called the PTA and the school board about The Bluest Eye. They were reviewing the matter and would come back to him with their thoughts.

Madame Satan cast a spell from her office. Time and space around Sabrina appears to freeze as she sits in class. She sees Webster’s daughter in the hallway and follows her to the library, where a book of article clippings pertaining to Webster awaits Sabrina. He was a criminal defense lawyer, helping the worst kinds of offenders, killers, rapists, and cannibals, get off.


Madam Satan plots against Sabrina's loved ones

Madam Satan is not impressed with the most recent ruling, stating that Father Blackwood’s half-victory is no true win. However, he did as promised by getting Sabrina to the Academy. Now that she’s under his watch and authority, he will either bend Sabrina to his will or break her. Madam Satan explains that Sabrina’s strength, the bonds that must be severed are those to the mortals around her.

Rosalind fears as her eyesight worsens. She looks into the bathroom mirror, and her eyes temporarily turn pitch black, though they restore to their natural coloration upon Sabrina’s arrival. She approaches Rosalind and brings her to the library, where Madam Satan, Susie and the ladies of WICCA wait to read The Bluest Eye. Sponsored by WICCA, the ladies had arranged a secret book club, which they hoped Rosalind would lead.[5]


Madame Satan in Father Blackwood's office

Prudence enters the office with Stolas she says that he spied on them, in the girls shower Father Blackwood tells her that he will take care of the bird. After Prudence is out of earshot he asks Miss Wardwell if he should kill the Raven or that Miss Wardwell removes it and herself, she tells him that Stolas doesn’t like being in a cage and that Sabrina is under her protection. Father Blackwood tells Ms. Wardwell that because Sabrina is away at the academy maybe she should use this time to have some fun with her friends and aunts.


Madame Satan performs a Scry spell in the Spellman household

Madame Satan visits the Spellman Mortuary, under the disguise that she’s come to make some funeral arrangements. Hilda puts her in the waiting room while she goes back downstairs. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell explores the Spellman house and casts spells on the mirrors. Zelda arrives home just in time to escort Ms. Wardwell out of the house.


Madame Satan spies on Sabrina

As Sabrina’s immersion is finally over, Ms. Wardwell spies on Sabrina through her bedroom mirror. Sabrina talks to Harvey on the phone and they discuss their weekends. Harvey wants to come over but Sabrina tells him that she'll see him tomorrow. Sabrina manages to solve her father's cube after having read his journal. It opens and red dust spills everywhere. Outside of her room, there is a loud noise and the door to her room bursts open. A demon stands there and slowly approaches. Sabrina screams.[6]


Madame Satan tries to stop Batibat

Ms. Wardwell spies the demon through the mirror in Sabrina's room and identifies her as the Batibat. The demon has put everyone to sleep and torments them in their dreams. Batibat spots her and recognizes her as Lilith, the Mother of Demons. Batibat laments that she didn’t help her when she was imprisoned by the Spellman. Lilith tells the Batibat not to harm a hair on Sabrina's head. She is trapped inside the mortuary, so she shall plunder their minds and orchestrate a symphony of nightmares until one of them yields and reveals the spell that unlocks the house. Then she will slaughter them one by one. Batibat smashes the mirror severing the connection and goes to hunt Sabrina’s familiar.


Madame Satan enters the Spellmans’ nightmares

From her home, Ms. Wardwell enters their nightmares one by one, looking for Sabrina. She runs into Ambrose first, but tells him he’s not the one she’s looking for. She’s in the wrong nightmare. Ms. Wardwell enters Hilda’s dream next to find Hilda sitting with Principal Hawthorne in his office. Ms. Wardwell interrupts and asks if they've seen Sabrina. The principal shoos her away and he asks Hilda out on a date.


Madame Satan and a voodoo doll of Sabrina

She finally makes it to Sabrina’s dream to find her entombed in a coffin. Sabrina asks how she is there in her dream. Ms. Wardwell says it's with a gin clear mind, self-induced sleep and clear intent. She tells her that she's going to wake her up and that after she must run from the house to safety. Ms. Wardwell wakes up and picks up the voodoo doll she made of Sabrina. She stabs it in the hand and Sabrina wakes up screaming.

At night, Sabrina visits Ms. Wardwell to confront her about what and who she is. Ms. Wardwell let’s her in and shuts the door.[7]


Sabrina confronts Ms. Wardwell

Sabrina walks into Ms. Wardwell's home. Ms. Wardwell offers her a seat and some cookies but Sabrina wants to get right to the point. Ms. Wardwell lies and tells her that she's a witch and that she's been watching her from afar for the sake of protecting her. She also admits she used a scrying spell on her mirrors and that that is how she knew that the Batibat was in her house and had her and her family at its mercy. This upsets Sabrina who tries to leave when Ms. Wardwell lies again and tells her that it was Edward who sent her to watch over her. She tells Sabrina that she was originally a member of the Church of Shadows, a witch coven in New Hamshire that's also one of Churches of Darkness, until she was excommunicated for falling in love with and getting engaged to a mortal man. After that, she sought out Edward Spellman who made her his student and his secretary when he was the High Priest of the Church of Night. Before he died, Edward asked her to be an invisible omnipresent circle of protection around Sabrina. She goes on to say that she agreed to do it because she fell in love with him. A still upset Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell to stay away from her and leaves. Later, in the cemetery, Ambrose tries to convince Sabrina to give Ms. Wardwell the benefit of the doubt but she says no and that she's going to clean all the mirrors so that Ms. Wardwell can't spy on them anymore.

At school the next day, Ms Wardwell walks up to Sabrina to continue the conversation from last night but Sabrina brushes her off.


Ms. Wardwell visits the Spellmans

Sabrina arrives home to find "Ms. Wardwell" sitting between Zelda and Hilda. Ms Wardwell tells Sabrina she came because she fears she's putting herself in danger. Sabrina asks her if her aunts know what she is. Ms Wardwell tells Sabrina she's told them everything. Zelda adds that she wishes she could say she and Hilda were surprised but they knew their brother well enough to know this is exactly something Edward would have done though she still finds it insulting that her brother wouldn't think they were up to the task of protecting his daughter themselves. Sabrina tells them that she will go to the Catholic Church and ask for help for her friends. "Ms. Wardwell" offers to help Sabrina with the exorcism by using one of Edward's spells that is a Church of Darkness counterpart to the Catholic exorcism. Hilda decides to go along as well and the three of them leave leaving Zelda behind.


Sabrina, Hilda, Lilith (and later, Zelda) perform an exorcism

Sabrina, Hilda, and "Ms. Wardwell" stand before Uncle Jesse. Sabrina says the spell but it doesn't seem to be working until Zelda arrives to help. Uncle Jesse throws up the worm and "Ms. Wardwell" quickly whisks it away. She throws it down a well along with a sealing stone to keep it there. Zelda tells Sabrina she came for educational purposes. However, she also tells Sabrina she's grounded for disobeying her. The four of them head home but not before Sabrina thanks Ms. Wardwell for her help.


Madam Satan kills Jesse

Ms. Wardwell comforts Sabrina and tells her that at least she was able to save Uncle Jesse's soul. In reality, Uncle Jesse only died because Ms. Wardwell had gone back to see him and killed him. Sabrina feels like she failed and wonders how she'll ever outwit the Dark Lord. Ms. Wardwell asks what she means.[8]


Ms. Wardwell assigns everyone the task of finding out about their family history

At Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell talks to the class about Thanksgiving. She tells them that their assignment for this week is to dig into their family histories. After class, Sabrina asks "Ms. Wardwell" if there is a way to stop the Feast of Feasts. Ms. Wardwell says that she doesn't know but will do some research.

Principal Hawthorne goes to see Ms. Wardwell. He invites her to hang out with him during the weekend but Ms. Wardwell rejects his offer. She tells him that maybe next time when she's really hungry.

In the school hallway, Ms. Wardwell sees Prudence and Sabrina fighting. She interrupts their fight and says that they shouldn’t be catty bitches she then asks Sabrina to introduce her to Prudence. She takes the two of them to her office.


Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell try to convince Prudence

In Ms. Wardwell's office, Sabrina says that she knows that the Feast is witch tradition, but wants Miss Wardwell to talk some sense into Prudence, and tell her that the Feast has no purpose not if the cost is precious life. Prudence says that the reward is eternal glory in the Dark Lords Heart, she then asks who Miss Wardwell is and why are they talking to her about their witch traditions, Sabrina tells Prudence that Miss Wardwell is a witch who got excommunicated from another coven. Prudence is surprised that Sabrina expects her to take advice from an excommunicate Sabrina says that Prudence shouldn’t be a snob and that Miss Wardwell is incredibly learned, Miss Wardwell tells Sabrina about the research that she did and that even though Prudence doesn’t want to take advice from an excommunicate. There is someone she should meet a witch who rejected the crown of being Queen. That she lives deep in the Greendale woods in Moon Valley. Prudence says that she'll go with them to meet her if she can bring the other Weird Sisters.


Sabrina, Madame Satan and the Weird Sisters visit a Feast of Feast ex-Queen

In the woods, Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell, and the Weird Sisters arrive at the witch's home. Her name is Desmelda. Sabrina asks why she ran from the Dark Lord. Desmelda tells her that she ran from her High Priest and that she was younger than she was when she participated in the Feast of Feasts. She fled into the woods because her High Priest tried to rape her the night before the Feast. Prudence asks what this has to do with her. Sabrina tells her that it isn't the Dark Lord asking her to do this but Father Blackwood. That he is only human and that he can have faults and be wrong about this. Prudence tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood doesn't have an agenda and that he is like a father to her. Sabrina says that's what makes it so insidious. Prudence tells her that she wants to be Queen and asks why Sabrina can't accept that.


Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha form a pentagram over the dead familiar

Suddenly, they hear a gunshot and Desmelda tells them to leave. They find a dead deer which was also a familiar. They make a circle around the deer and use string to make a pentagram over it. They become invisible just as Harvey and his family arrive at the site. Seeing that there isn't a dead deer they continue to keep looking. Prudence, upset by the kill, declares "Once a hunter, always a hunter." Sabrina tells her Harvey's not a hunter but Ms. Wardwell notes he certainly looks the part. Prudence agrees by stating his whole family is witch hunters. Agatha and Dorcas want to kill him for murdering the familiar. Prudence agrees by telling Sabrina that instead of letting Sabrina drag her all over the world she'll spend her last moments flaying Harvey alive. Sabrina tells her not to and that Harvey isn't a killer. Prudence asks why her faith in Harvey is so different than Prudence's faith in the Dark Lord.


Ms. Wardwell receives a pizza delivery

Ms. Wardwell is having a glass of wine when the doorbell rings. It's the pizza guy with her pizza. She tells him to bring it inside and closes the door behind him.[9]


Tommy's funeral

Ms. Wardwell arrives at Tommy’s funeral. Sabrina tells her about the protection spell that she put on Harvey. She had placed it after the Kinkles had killed the familiar because she suspected that the Weird Sisters might retaliate. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if she thinks that they did this. Ms. Wardwell says that people always want someone to blame but this was a natural occurring accident. Roz sings at the funeral before Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.


Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell discuss Tommy’s resurrection

Sabrina goes to Cerebus Book's with Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell her idea to resurrect Tommy. Ms. Wardwell tries to dissuade her from doing it but does tell her that she has a book about the dead at Baxter High. She also tells her that if she brings back Tommy, someone has to take his place. Ms. Wardwell tells her that Sabrina isn't a killer and wouldn't be able to do that part.


Ms. Wardwell watches as Sabrina performs the resurrection spell

Sabrina sneaks into Baxter High at night and goes into Ms. Wardwell's office. Sabrina finds the book and leaves unaware that Ms. Wardwell had been watching her the entire time. Later, in the woods, Ms. Wardwell watches from afar as Sabrina and her entourage perform the resurrection spell.[10]


Sabrina lies to Ms. Wardwell

At Baxter High, Sabrina tries to sneak into Ms. Wardwell's office to return the book she borrowed. Ms. Wardwell catches her and asks her if she felt the ill wind that blew through Greendale last night. Sabrina says no that she mostly stayed in last night. Ms. Wardwell tells her that if she wanted to borrow the Book of the Dead that she can just ask. Sabrina lies and tells her that she actually wanted to borrow the occult's almanac.

Sabrina goes to see Ms. Wardwell later at night. She explains everything that she did. Ms. Wardwell asks if she's sure that she wants to go to limbo when there is a soul-eating monster waiting over there. Sabrina says that Harvey would do it for her in a heartbeat. Ms. Wardwell tells her that they must go into the wood where there a portal to limbo.


Ms. Wardwell takes Sabrina into limbo

Ms. Wardwell and Sabrina arrive at the door to limbo. Ms. Wardwell wraps the string around Sabrina's wrist in order to keep track of her. Sabrina steps through the portal. When she returns, she reveals that it didn’t work out. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that there is one other path she can follow: she can tell Harvey the truth. Sabrina walks off to go tell him. Ms. Wardwell praises Satan that, finally, Sabrina's strongest tie to the mortal world will be severed.[11]


Ms. Wardwell talks about her plan for Sabrina and Greendale

Ms. Wardwell sits by the fire as she tells mysterious someone stories about Sabrina. She goes on to say that all the signs were there: a dead bird brought in by a cat, the spilled bottle of black ink, a broken mirror in an empty room, a loaf of bread split cleanly down the middle, and a blind woman knitting her own death shroud aware of what's coming. Ms. Wardwell continues to talk to the hidden figure. She tells them that she came up with a plan for a threat to come to Greendale in order to force Sabrina to make certain choices.


Madame Satan summons the Greendale Thirteen

Out in the woods, Madame Satan sacrifices a jock to summon the Greendale Thirteen. She tells them to seek out their revenge and to put an end to Greendale once and for all.

At the Church of Night, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.

Most of the mortals of Greendale gather at Baxter High, as a tornado approaches. Ms. Wardwell walks the halls, as Principal Hawthorne tries to get her attention. He wants to have a drink with her, but she ignores him.


Ms. Wardwell convinces Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beast

The witching hour comes upon them and the Greendale Thirteen attack. The witches all begin to chant protection spells. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that they aren't going to hold out much longer but that she has a plan. Sabrina rushes off with her leaving Hilda alone with Salem to hold down the fort. Ms. Wardwell takes Sabrina back to where her Dark Baptism almost took place. She tells Sabrina that she must sign because it's the only way she'll be strong enough to save everyone. She tells Sabrina that it's the only way she'll be able to save her family and friends. Sabrina finally relents and says that she'll sign. Ms. Wardwell disappears and the Dark Lord appears behind Sabrina. After she’s signed her name, becoming full-fledged witch, Ms. Wardwell reappears and Sabrina asks her what she do now. Ms. Wardwell tells her that the Dark Lord already showed her what to do. Sabrina thinks back to the vision she saw of the hanging witches and how the tree they hung from was on fire.


Ms. Wardwell watches as Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen

Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen with Hellfire from the Pit. As she does, her hair goes from blonde to white. Because the witches who summoned him had gone the Crimson Rider too disappeared.


Ms. Wardwell reveals she is Lilith

Ms. Wardwell finishes her story to Principle Hawthorne, who's tied up in the chair across from her. He asks her who she is. She reveals that she is Lilith or Madam Satan as she likes to be called. But that soon she'll have a new title. Soon she'll be Queen of Hell. She peels off her face and reveals the demonic features beneath. She eats Principal Hawthorne. After, her familiar asks if the Dark Lord isn't grooming Sabrina to stand by his side. Ms. Wardwell says that there's a very simple solution for that as she snaps her familiar's neck.[12]


Madame Satan prays to the Dark Lord

Meanwhile, Mary Wardwell prays to the Dark Lord and asks why he has not called her home to the Pit. She asks the Dark Lord to give her life meaning. Sabrina visits Ms. Wardwell and tells her that she saw her mother there. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if she could borrow her Book of the Dead so that she can conduct a séance. Ms. Wardwell consents but warns Sabrina to be careful. After Sabrina leaves, Wardwell talks to the taxidermized corpse of her late familiar Stolas. Ms. Wardwell decides to disrupt the proceedings in order to prevent Diana Spellman from telling her daughter "disturbing things."

On Christmas Eve, Ms. Wardwell eats a Gingerbread figure of Sabrina.[13]

Part 2

At Baxter High, Lilith, still under the guise as Principal Wardwell, punishes Billy Marlin for chewing gum by forcing him to swallow it.


Harvey, Ms. Wardwell, Roz, and Susie confront Coach Craven

Hilda meets with Principal Wardwell and asks about the changes in Sabrina. Wardwell attributes the changes to the dark baptism. Hilda thinks that Sabrina’s changes are a prelude to darker changes. Hilda asks Wardwell to suggests that Sabrina come back part-time to spend more time with her mortal friends. Wardwell says there is nothing she can do since Sabrina has chosen to study full time at the Academy. Susie, Harvey, and Rosalind request a meeting with Principal Wardwell to inform her of Coach Craven's refusal to allow Susie to try-out. Wardwell confronts Coach Craven about his refusal to let Susie try out for the basketball team. Craven agrees to allow Susie to try out despite her lack of skills.

Lilith attends Susie’s basketball tryouts. Sabrina also attends, but sits far from her friends. She uses her magic to help Susie shoot the ball through the hoop. Principal Wardwell notices Sabrina's incantations.


Ms. Wardwell saves Sabrina

In Baxter High's corridors, Sabrina is kidnapped by a third demon who takes her into the boiler room by a demon named Beelzebub. Before the demon can harm her, he is stopped by Principal Wardwell, who binds the demon. Beelzebub stood beside the Son of Dawn, before witch and mankind walked the earth, but he doesn't initially recognize Wardwell. As he comes to realize that she is in fact Lilith, she banishes him. Afterward, Mary suggests that Sabrina transfer back to Baxter High considering the constant threat she faces. Sabrina tells Wardwell about her campaign to be Father Blackwood's Top Boy, challenging the patriarchal tradition. Sabrina tells Wardwell that Nick Scratch is a friend. Wardwell tries to sow a wedge between Sabrina and Nick, suggesting that he may be trying to sabotage her.

From Mary Wardwell's home, Lilith summons the Dark Lord. She confronts him about withholding information about Sabrina's importance to his plans.[14]

Lilith summons the Dark Lord to Mary Wardwell's home and tells him that she cannot protect Sabrina if she does not know what his plans are for her. The Three Plague Kings asserted that the "half-breed must not ascend." The Dark Lord answers that Sabrina will be his prophet on earth and his herald. Jealous, Lilith tells the Dark Lord that Sabrina is not worthy as she will balk at doing evil. The Dark Lord suggests that they strike a wager to discover Sabrina's true nature; good or evil. He adds that when he is proven right, Lilith will have to resume her service to him and never question his will again.


Lilith stops Sabrina from stealing a pack of gum

The next morning, Sabrina enters Cerberus Books intent on stealing a pack of gum, as tasked by the Dark Lord. Lilith, still maintaining her persona as Mary Wardwell, stops her from doing it, telling her that it is not like her. She offers her money to pay for it, which Sabrina refuses, saying she does not want the gum anymore and leaves the store. Lilith casts a coin look over her shoulder at the Dark Lord, seated at a nearby table.


Lilith advises Sabrina to stay on the Path of Light

In the girls' locker room, Sabrina runs into Theo. He tells her that he still has to change in the girl's locker room because of Billy and his friends making fun of him. He asks Sabrina if there is "some witchy way [they] could take care of Billy." She gives Theo a small rope with the power to make Billy fall each time he pulls it. As Sabrina takes off her shirt, Theo tells her she has claw marks on her back, which she discovers from looking at the mirror. Ms. Wardwell inspects the marks and tells Sabrina they are called the "Devil's Claw". It's a physical manifestation of his grip on Sabrina's soul. Sabrina confides that she is defying the Dark Lord and Ms. Wardwell tells her she is right to defy him and that she should follow the Path of Light.

The next morning, Sabrina rushes off to school, where she asks Ms. Wardwell for advice. She asks the young witch if she has any outstanding spells, and Sabrina recalls giving the rope to Theo.

The same night, Sabrina walks the hall of Baxter High carrying a gas can. Lilith, hiding in Ms. Wardwell's office with the Dark Lord, tells him that Sabrina will not do what he asked of her.

At the Desecrated Church, before the entire coven, Zelda, Hilda, Father Blackwood, and Prudence included, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar, with Ambrose playing God, Agatha playing Stolas, Nick playing Lucifer, and Sabrina playing Lilith. From the back of the church, Lilith watches a romantic scene between Nick and Sabrina, tears welling in her eyes. Afterward, the coven cheer them on for their performance.


Lilith apologizes to the Dark Lord

In her cottage, [Lilith kneels in front of the Dark Lord and cleans his hooves as he reminds her he always wins. Telling her she must be lonely, he gives her back Stolas, her familiar, as a consolation prize before vanishing. With that, Lilith remarks that she'll be damned before Sabrina comes the Dark Lord's herald.[15]


Lilith plots to attack Sabrina's friends

At Baxter High, Lilith, who is posing as Ms. Wardwell, tears down a Valentine’s decoration. She despises Valentine’s Day. Lilith complains to Stolas about the indignity of remaining in the mortal world as a result of losing the wager with the Dark Lord. Stolas suggests poisoning the punch at the Sweetheart's Dance. Lilith agrees, seeing poisoning Sabrina’s friends as a loophole through the Dark Lord’s command not to harm Sabrina.


Lilith discovers that Mary is engaged

Lilith is visited by Mary Wardwell's fiancé, Adam Masters, who has been away for several months working for Physicians Without Frontiers. He promised her he would be back by Valentines Day. After he leaves, Lilith asks the secretary Mrs. Meeks about the identity of the man and learns that he is her fiancé.

Lilith returns home to find that Adam has prepared dinner, repaired her sink, and repositioned her cross. She offers him a neck rub. While chatting about how they've been together for three years and how Adam's often out of town, Lilith reaches for a knitting needle, however, she halts as Adam tells her he has brought a gift, which turns out to be a fetish doll from the Shona people. The two embrace and Adam offers to help her chaperone the Sweetheart’s Dance. At the Sweetheart's Dance, Adam stops Lilith from spiking the punch and invites her to dance.

Nick and Sabrina are joined by Lilith in the library, who summons them to her office. Nick confides that the werewolf is his familiar. She was given to him at birth. Amalia was all he had left after his family died. Amalia kept following Nick during his early Academy days, following him everywhere he went, watching him from the shadows. And when he started dating, she got jealous to the point of obsession. So, Nick banished Amalia to the dark forests of the Mountains of Madness years ago, which is on another continent. Sabrina asks why she is back. Nick explains that he has a connection to Amalia, and that he might be able to feel his connection to Sabrina. Lilith claims that her former High Priest at the Church of Shadows once had a cougar familiar who mauled the High Priest's wife and baby to death. She claims that the familiar was rabid with jealousy. Lilith advises Nick to "put that bitch down."


Adam gives Lilith a foot rub

At the cottage, Adam gives Lilith a foot rub and tells her he is home for good and intends to treat her like a goddess. Stolas does not like Adam, but she tells him to ignore the raven.[16]

It is a rainy day in Greendale. A gust of wind blows the door open and a lady named Mrs. McGarvey enters the bookshop seeking refuge from the rain. Dr. Cerberus invites her to sample some of her spare wares, but she says she has no cash. However, she offers to do a tarot reading in the store.

Sabrina and Nicholas then enter the store, having just come from the movies. Hilda asks Sabrina if she is alright. Sabrina confides that she has been feeling weird about Nick since Lupercalia. Hilda suggests a tarot reading for clarity Mrs. McGarvey then offers to do a tarot reading for Sabrina, which she accepts. Sabrina explains that Nick lied and is a bit of a "bad boy." She fears that she is walking down a "darker path" with Nick and does not know whether to trust him. Mrs. McGarvey presents a card showing a handsome magician and explains that the cards tell her that Nick is a handsome trickster which few women can resist. She presents a second card and says that three swords pierce his heart. The third card shows an upside down tower.

Sabrina has a vision. In this vision, Sabrina greets Nick as he is flirting with the Weird Sisters, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Prudence asks Sabrina if they are taking part in the Academy's talent show. Nick explains that they hold a talent show each year to blow of some steam. He tells her that he is thinking of being a magician this year and asks if Sabrina would like to be the magician’s assistant. Prudence offers to lend her some fishnet stockings. Nick tells her to shut up, but Prudence responds that she was not the one who killed his familiar Amalia and didn't fulfill Lupercalia tradition by having sex.

At Dorian's Gray Room, Sabrina asks Nick if he told anyone else about killing Amalia and that they didn’t have sex on Lupercalia. Nick reminds Sabrina that the Weird Sisters are telepaths. Sabrina asks Nick how long did he date the Weird Sisters and if he is cheating on her with them, but he denies having other girlfriends. Sabrina does not believe him and storms off, adding that she also won’t serve as his magician.

At the talent show, hosted at the Desecrated Church, Nick discovers that his audience consists solely of adoring female fans. A frowning Sabrina is watching in the background. For his first act, he picks Agatha and Dorcas as volunteers. Nick gets Agatha to lie in a box which is then sawed in half. When he opens the box, Agatha, to the horror of everyone, is sawed in half, with her guts spilling out. However, Nick and Dorcas soon reveal this was a trick and Agatha steps out of a large box.

For his second act, Nick picks Prudence and asks her if she has traveled beyond the astral realm into the feared Other Realm. He asks if she will dare to venture there. Nick places her inside the cupboard and chants an incantation. Nick opens the door and finds that she has disappeared. He asks if she can hear him. Prudence says she doesn't like it and tells Nick to bring her back. He chants an incantation but she doesn't reappear. Prudence panics and tells him that something is troubling here. Sabrina panics but Prudence reveals that this was all a trick and that she bi-located.

For his third and final act, Nick calls for the bravest lady in the room. Sabrina volunteers for this trick. Nick asks her if she has experienced true weightlessness and tells her to trust him. In private, Nick whispers that he will not do anything to hurt her. Nick uses a magic trick to levitate Sabrina into the air. However, he struggles to control his powers. Sabrina initially thinks that the Weird Sisters are behind this. While Nick struggles to find a spell to bring her down, Sabrina floats through the roof into the sky. Unable to control the spell, Nick accuses the Weird Sisters of sabotage. Sabrina finds herself floating through outer space, completely frozen.


Mrs. McGarvey tells Sabrina not to fear Nick

Sabrina awakens from her vision conjured up by Mrs. McGarvey's tarot cards. McGarvey claims that they don't read the cards but that the cards read them and whisper secret truths. She warns Sabrina that it is not Nick nor the Path of Night that she needs to fear. Nick reappears and tells Sabrina that he has found a book of Houdini’s stage tricks.

Theo visits Cerberus Books and is startled by Mrs. McGarvey. She claims that her tarot cards can provide answers to his questions. So he looks into the cards, they look back into him. The first card depicts a knight. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he is on a quest to seek the grail that is just out of reach and find himself. Theo asks if he will get there. Mrs. McGarvey presents a card showing a compass; the wheel of fortune tarot.

Theo experiences a vision of himself in his room. While coming to terms with his new masculine identity, Theo is visited by his aunt Dorothea, who tells him that Putnams do not settle. Theo says that no doctor in Greendale who can help him. Dorothea suggests turning to the witches and taking what he needs. Theo sneaks into the Spellman household in the late hours of the night and steals a "gendered spell of metamorphosis." He mixes the ingredients into a paste and applies it over his body. Theo is unsure whether the spell will work, but Dorothea tells him to sleep and dream of the boy that he will become. The following day, Theo is awakened by the alarm clock and finds himself having more masculine characteristics.

At Baxter High, Theo is praised for his sporting prowess by Billy Marlin, Carl Tapper, and the other basketball players in the locker room. When Theo is alone, he notices that his right hand and arm are turning into wood. Theo returns to the Spellman household and confesses to Hilda that he stole one of their spells. Examining the situation, Hilda tells him that his flesh is petrifying into wood and that plant-based spells can be tricky. Theo asks if there is a way to stop it. Hilda says she can either reverse the spell's effects or just cut off his infected arm. She tells him that it is a "Sophie’s choice." Theo refuses to give up his new body. Before ling, his dad arrives with an ax and asks his son if he is sure about it. Hilda gets Theo to bite on a piece of rubber while Joe chops of Theo’s infected right arm. Later in bed, Hilda reassures him that he will be better. Theo finds that his legs have turned to wood.

Theo is horrified by his vision. Mrs. McGarvey reassures him that it is a warning not to steal. She counsels him to seek help from others that can help him reach the prize that he covets. Theo thanks her and take his leave.

Rosalind enters with her father guiding her as she has gone fully blind. He tells her to wait while he goes to the bank. Mrs. McGarvey visits Rosalind and offers to read her tarot card. Rosalind admits she is blind. McGarvey tells her that she is a "cunning" woman. She reads in the cards that Rosalind feels guilty about something that has not yet come to pass but is about to. Roz tells her that she has a decision to make about an operation which she feels is not worth the cost. McGarvey shows her a card with Lady Justice wielding a sword.

In the vision, the doctor tells Reverend Walker that the operation is difficult and expensive. He warns that it is not entirely successful. Rosalind says that it is okay if they cannot afford it. Her father says he supports any decision she makes. Roz consents to the operation. Following the operation, Roz can see her dad and all her friends. She is embraced by Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo.

Rosalind returns home. She makes out with Harvey in the kitchen. Harvey asks her if everything is okay. He is happy for her and praises the doctor as miracle worker. Reverend Walker responds that God is the only miracle worker. He tells her to be grateful to the congregation for their prayers and donations.

Later, at the school library, Rosalind apologizes for her dad's behavior. Harvey understands given his relationship with his father. Harvey sense that Roz is sad, and she confides that she has struggled with her faith for a long time. She tells him that she doesn’t have issues with God but that she doesn't believe in her dad. Roz explains that her dad got the church to pay for the operation. Harvey says they raised money for the operation but Roz expresses concern about the influence that her father has over the church, saying that the church gave him money to buy a new car or to pay off for their house. Roz says that she thinks her dad takes money. Harvey reassures her she can see again and suggests that she try to pay it forward.

Rosalind toys with volunteering at a home for the blind. She visits a blind girl named Audrey, who is blindfolded. Roz offers to read or keep her company. Audrey says she's only been there a couple of weeks. Roz asks Audrey how she became blind. Audrey turns her head and tells Roz that she stole her eyes. Audrey angrily replies that Roz stole her eyes and removes the blindfold. Roz' father paid Audrey's father with the church money and took her eyes. She demands back her eyes.

Rosalind panics, and Mrs. McGarvey reassures her that her fate is not fixed and that she still has a choice to make. When her dad returns, Roz tells him that she does not want to take money from the church to pay for her operation. Reverend Walker counters that it is expensive and that without the church, they won't be able to pay for it immediately. Roz says that patience is a virtue. He respects her decision and the two leave together.


Mrs. McGarvey wins over Zelda

Zelda visits the shop. She rebuffs Dr. Cerberus's greetings and demands to see her sister. Zelda chides Hilda for not being at home where Father Blackwood was waiting to taste the seven wedding cakes she had offered to bake. Zelda is frustrated that she is trying to derail their wedding. Hilda suggests that Zelda do a tarot ready with Mrs. McGarvey. Zelda is initially hostile, but McGarvey comments that the former is a powerful woman and wins her over. After picking the High Priestess card, McGarvey tells Zelda that an obstacle stands between her and the altar; a secret. McGarvey shows her a card of a female hermit.

In the vision, Hilda is dressing Zelda in a black wedding gown. Zelda says that she can't marry Father Faustus without telling her the truth about what she did with baby Leticia by hiding her with Dezmelda. Zelda believes she can make Faustus understand.

She visits Dezmelda to fetch Leticia. She is greeted by a young Dezmelda, who tells her that the Goddess of Youth blessed her and made her young again. Dezmelda turns out to be 400 years old. She explains that the Goddess blessed her after she consumed the marrow of an infant witch. Zelda is horrified that Dezmelda consumed the baby and became young again. Dezmelda demands that Zelda invite her to the Black Wedding in return for keeping her secret.

At the wedding, Zelda is congratulated by Agatha and Dorcas. She asks them about the whereabouts of Father Blackwood, but they don't know. Ambrose and Prudence tell Zelda that Blackwood is inside his office. Zelda finds Father Blackwood caressing Dezmelda. He claims that Satanic law allows him to snog as many women as he wants on his wedding day. Zelda demands that she stops but, Blackwood demands one good reason to stop. Several wedding guests laugh from the outside.

Zelda is upset and dismisses it as a filthy trick. McGarvey warns her that some secrets should remain secrets.

Harvey visits Mrs. McGarvey and asks if she tells fortunes. She shows him the card of a fool. Harvey remarks that the figure in the card looks like him. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he hangs between two futures; one in Greendale and one in Rhode Island. She then displays the Hanged Man card.

At the Baxter High library, Harvey is drawing a hanged man when he is confronted by Rosalind and Theo. The former has experienced a vision and learned that Harvey has received an invitation to a summer internship in Rhode Island. He doesn't want to leave Roz behind, but she pushes him to attend. In his quarters at the Arkham Colony for the Arts, he is greeted by his roommate Howard. Harvey is impressed by his horror art. Howard tells Harvey that he keeps strange hours as he starts to unpack.

Later that night, Harvey wakes up to find Howard communing with demons. Howard tells him to go back to sleep. Harvey sees Howard’s demonically-inspired paintings including one of the Dark Lord. Howard is angry that Harvey is looking at his work. Harvey tells him that he saw the Dark Lord and asks what are the creatures in his drawings. Howard claims that he is visited by Harbingers of the Void (demons and gods) and that his closet is a portal to the demonic underworld. He warns Harvey that the demons are planning to emerge. By painting them, Howard thought he could bind them.

That night, a frightened Harvey watches as Howard paints while a blue light emerges from his closet. The following morning, Harvey awakens to find Howard hanging. Harvey opens the closet and only sees clothes. As he prepares to leave that night, he finds that the closet is a portal to the underworld.


Mrs. McGarvey warns Harvey he will suffer for his art

Harvey asks what the vision means. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he will suffer for his art, but that he does not need to leave home to do so. She tells him that he will dig deep to unearth his true calling and shows him a card of the Ace of Pentacles. Harvey realizes that his true calling is in Greendale and thanks Mrs. McGarvey.

Ambrose visits the shop, and Mrs. McGarvey tells him that many questions hang over him. Ambrose disagrees and says he is blessed with talent, good looks, and a hot boyfriend. Ambrose's boyfriend, Luke Chalfant, is away on business, he explains as she draws the Hierophant from her deck, followed by The Devil card.

In the vision, Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that he wants to induct him into a secret brotherhood known as the Judas Society in return for absolute loyalty. First, Blackwood requires some assistance in the desecrated church. On that night, he claims that he will forge Ambrose's future with sacred and arcane metallurgy and alchemy. He tasks him with crafting a tool that will unlock his full powers. Ambrose forges a tool while Father Blackwood tells him his secret agenda to reverse Edward Spellman’s damage to the Church of Night. Father Blackwood offers to mold Ambrose in the Dark Lord’s image in return for correcting his aunties and his cousin Sabrina. Father Blackwood gives him the forged weapon and tasks him with putting his house in order.

Ambrose returns to the Spellman household. He is greeted by a growling Salem. Ambrose kills Zelda first. He runs into a startled Hilda and ends her as well, leaving her body in the hallway. Ambrose then enters Sabrina’s room and kills her. A blood-stained Ambrose returns to Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts, who inducts him into the Judas Society and pins a badge on his jacket.

Ambrose realizes that Luke was not in his vision. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that in this case not knowing the truth is better. He demands that she shows him that card, but she refuses. So, he takes the card, and when he sees what Luke's fate entails, he leaves the store, bumping into Dr Cerberus on the way out.


Mrs. McGarvey leaves the shop

Mrs. McGarvey thanks Dr. Cerberus and Hilda. Hilda says she hasn’t had her reading yet, but Mrs. McGarvey says that she has to leave. She is pleased to see Cerberus and Hilda as a couple.


Lilith is Mrs. McGarvey

Mrs. McGarvey returns home and is greeted by Stolas. McGarvey reveals that she is actually Lilith and tells Stolas that she has been manipulating Sabrina, as well as her family and friends. Nobody can be trusted in the coming war, she explains. Lilith talks about the coming Apocalypse and all hell breaking loose, adding that it's every woman for herself. As the fire burns in the fireplace, Lilith gazes at a card of the Empress, hinting at her ambition of supplanting the Dark Lord.[17]


Lilith plans to take down the Church of Night

At the cottage, Lilith tells Stolas that it is time to move the "little half-breed" further towards the Dark Lord's prophecy. Stolas agrees. Just as Sabrina performed an exorcism and resurrection in perversion of the Nazarene's miracle, she must now bring down the Church of Night. Lilith vows to set the bricks tumbling. Adam Masters enters the room and says he heard her talking to someone. Still posing as Mary Wardwell, tells him that she will be joining him in bed shortly.

Sabrina approaches an apparition of her father, who says he has come to warn that Faustus Blackwood brought down the plane that killed her mother and him. Edward tells Sabrina to stop Zelda from marrying Faustus because he will do the same to her. He also tells Sabrina to complete his manifesto before disappearing. Sabrina takes a deep breath and walks away to tell Nick. However, unbeknownst to Sabrina, the apparition is an illusion created by Lilith, who remarks that Sabrina will "bring down the temple."


Lilith advises Sabrina

Since "Ms. Wardwell" was purportedly her father's secretary, Sabrina visits her and recounts her encounter with Edward’s ghost. Sabrina asks about the circumstances of her parents’ death. Lilith claims the Witches Council's inquiry into the plane crash was a whitewash orchestrated by Father Blackwood. When Sabrina asks why Father Blackwood would kill her father and what work Edward left unfinished. Lilith claims that Edward was traveling to the Vatican Necropolis to deliver his manifesto to the Anti-Pope, which she describes as a bold doctrine to reform the Church of Night. Lilith also claims that the manifesto is lost beneath the ocean. Sabrina asks where the plane crashed. Lilith tells her that the plane crashed somewhere in the Devil's Triangle. Sabrina offers to retrieve the manifesto, and Lilith tells her that her parents would not have died in vain. Sabrina vows to finish her father's life work.

Adam asks Lilith about Sabrina's visit, praising his fiancée for her dedication to her students. Adam proposes that they marry, shocking Lilith.


Adam and Lilith kiss

At the cottage, Adam and Lilith have dinner and raises the subject of marriage. Lilith replies that she has changed her mind and that she is not the same woman anymore, alluding to the fact that she's not truly Mary Wardwell. She pours him some wine and asks him to consider what a marriage is. Adam replies that it is two people declaring their love for each other for the world to celebrate. Lilith responds that marriage is only a blessing for a man and is a primrose path to a woman's destruction, describing it as the obliteration of a women’s personhood. It takes everything from her and gives nothing in return. So, Lilith declines his marriage offer. Adam takes this surprising well. Even if she doesn't want to get married, he promises to stay by her side and never hurt her. Lilith says that her former lover was cruel to her before kissing Adam.


The Dark Lord orders Lilith to kill Adam

While Adam sleeps, Lilith enters the living room with a pitcher of water. She is startled by the Dark Lord, causing her to drop the glass and for it to shatter across the floor. The temple has yet to fall and the Dark Lord is convinced that Adam is a distraction, and he wants Lilith to get rid of him. He reminds Lilith that she belongs to him and only him.


Lilith protects Adam

Lilith casts a spell on a protection ring for Adam. Stolas protests, but Lilith responds that what the Dark Lord knows won't hurt him. Adam returns and Lilith tells him to wear a ring and never to take it off. Adam does it out of his love for her.[18]

At the cottage, Adam tries to convince Lilith, whom he still assumes to be his lover Mary Wardwell, to spend the day with him. She claims that she has her duties as a principal. Adam says she is under appreciated and pleads with her to go on holiday with him. She says she has to make arrangements at Baxter High before spending the rest of the day with him.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-47-Lilith-Adam

Adam asks Lilith to come with him to Tibet

Lilith walks with Adam in a park. Adam asks her if she would consider accompanying him to Tibet for a Physicians without Frontiers posting. He says he would not consider taking it unless she wants to come along. Lilith says she will consider it and let him know tonight. While standing by the bridge, Adam asks Lilith to make a wish. She throws a pebble into the river.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-76-Lilith

The Dark Lord kills Adam

Lilith is having dinner with Adam and compliments his cooking skills. When she asks what is for dessert, he replies that dessert is her reward for saying yes to Tibet. Lilith points out that she has not said yes yet, but Adam reiterates his request that she goes. Lilith acquiesces and then spits out a ring. The Dark Lord appears and reveals that he has killed Adam, serving his head as dessert. He reminds Lilith that their bond is eternal and that there is no escape to Tibet. He orders Lilith to eat Adam's head, distressing her.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-98-Lilith

Lilith realizes that Stolas is a spy

Lilith sobs over the death of Adam and asks how the Dark Lord discovered them. She says that the ring should have hidden Adam. Stolas caws, and Lilith realizes that it was him who reported to the Dark Lord. She realizes that Stolas has been reporting back to the Dark Lord and burns him to death with her mouth. Lilith vows revenge against the Dark Lord for killing Adam, saying that he is not omniscient and omnipotent.[19]

A bitter Lilith thanks the late Adam Masters for reminding her what she truly is. As it was because of him that she had grown too comfortable being Mary Wardwell. She then burns the fetish doll from the Shona people that he gave her, saying that it is time to birth a monster.


Lilith talks to her creation, Adam

Lilith lures a man to her apartment and allows him to use her bathroom. She tells him to freshen up while he is at it. The man enters the bedroom and sees a figure in the tub. Lilith then clubs him unconscious. Lilith cuts out a rib from her own body and fits it into the straw poppet in her bathtub. Lilith speaks to her resurrected scarecrow poppet, giving him orders. She explains that she's it's mother and it will do as commanded. And since she made it from her rib, she decides to name it Adam.[20]


The Scarecrow must obey Lilith

Lilith tells the scarecrow "Adam" that the fire won't hurt him and that he must obey her orders because her rib is inside him. Lilith then tells Adam that his primary purpose is to rip the flesh from Sabrina’s bones and she vows to derail the Dark Lord's plans by stripping him of his Herald. Shortly later, Sabrina and Nick knock on the door. "Ms Wardwell" tells them she will be ready.


Lilith confirms the prophecy

Sabrina shows Harvey's drawing of her as Satan’s herald. Posing as "Ms Wardwell", Lilith says that the drawing seems to suggest that Sabrina is some Herald of Hell and that she will bring a key role in bring the Apocalypse, which will see the tribes of witchkind and mortals enslaved by the hordes of Hell, with the Devil presiding over everything. When Nick asks her how she learned this knowledge, "Ms Wardwell" claims to have been a student of Nostradamus. Lilith explains that the End Times is usually preceded by the opening of the Gates of Hell. When Sabrina asks why she was picked as the Herald of Hell, Lilith says that it is because her half-witch, half-mortal identity she represents the two tribes to be tyrannized. Sabrina realizes that her identity as Satan's Herald explains her newfound powers and energies. Sabrina thinks that she can't be killed but says that she doesn’t want to fulfill the prophecy.

Sabrina asks how she can stop the prophecy from happening. Lilith advises her to divest herself of these powers and claims there are many ways to do so. Lilith suggests using the mandrake spell, while warning that it would cause Sabrina to lose many of her witch powers, rendering her essentially mortal. Nick objects to this as being a witch is who she is but Lilith points out that Sabrina is a half-witch. Sabrina is open to the idea but Nick insists on finding another way and leaves. Before Sabrina leaves, Lilith tells her to consider her suggestion about the mandrake spell. After Sabrina has left, she orders Adam to follow her and to kill her once she is vulnerable and alone.


Lilith is confronted by Sabrina and Nick

Later, Sabrina and Nick return to confront "Ms Wardwell" about her role in Jesse's exorcism, going into limbo, signing her name in the Book of the Beast, and manipulating Sabrina into conjuring hellfire to consume the Greenwood Thirteen. Sabrina asks "Ms Wardwell" whose bidding is she serving, the Dark Lord, her father, or her own. Nick presents her the rib which she had been using to control the scarecrow that tried to kill her. Sabrina tells "Ms Wardwell" that her manipulations are over and demands to know where her doppelganger is. Ms Wardwell claims that she doesn’t know what Sabrina is talking about. Sabrina reiterates her demand but "Ms Wardwell" says she doesn't know. Nick tells her to bind "Ms Wardwell" while she goes out to kill her double. She vows to kill "Ms Wardwell" when she returns. "Ms Wardwell" tries to talk to Sabrina but Nick restrains her by tying a rope around her rib.


Lilith and Nick discuss the prophecy

After Sabrina has left, Lilith tells Nick that he can't end the prophecy. Nick dismisses her statement as just her having sour grapes that Sabrina's going to end her hopes of an apocoplyse. She tells him that she doesn’t care if the world ends and that she will survive either way. Lilith asks Nick how he figured out the loose chain of Satanic miracles. Nick replies that he read about the prophecy in the Codex Prognostica. Lilith asks if there was an entry about Sabrina and Nick replies that it was a footnote about a half shadow girl. She asks Nick what he knows about the prophecy and dares him to read it to her.

Nick reads the passage from the Codex Prognostica aloud: “And a half-shadow girl shall be born of witch and mortal. And in mockery of the Nazarene, she shall perform Satanic miracles and profane acts. Her final perversion will allow the Dark Lord to return to Earth in His true form and open the Gates of Hell and enslave the tribes of witch and mortal.” Nick vows it will not happen and says that once Sabrina finds and kills the mandrake, it will stop her from performing the last perversion. Lilith laughs and responds that is exactly what she will be doing: re-enacting the final perversion. Lilith explains that the Jesus's final act was sacrificing himself so that the Holy Spirit would be unleashed and that the ultimate perversion of giving up one's own life so something Holy can be unleashed is taking one's own life so something unholy like the Apocolypse won't be unleashed. Lilith mocks Nick that he cannot beat the Dark Lord at his own game. Nick finds that the prophecy mentions that the girl will rule by Satan's side once he walks on Earth and that the new Dawn will begin. Lilith repeats the passage. She tells Nick that they must stop Sabrina before she dooms them all.


The prophecy has been fulfilled

Just then, Nick arrives with Lilith just as Sabrina kills her doppelganger. Sabrina says it is over but Nick responds that it is the last act. Lilith adds that it is the final step in the prophecy. Just then lightning strikes a stone table. Lilith says that the prophecy is being fulfilled and that the End of Days is upon them. She vows that the Dark Lord will walk the Earth in its true form and that she will sit by his side and rule as his Queen. Thunder strikes and Sabrina experiences a vision of herself as Satan's Queen.[21]


Lucifer encounters Lilith in the wasteland

The episode unfolds with a narration by Lilith. In the beginning, Lilith had been wandering the wilderness for months, if not years when everything outside of the Garden of Eden was still a stony wasteland. She encountered Satan, whom she describes as a beautiful angelic man with two wounds on his back. He lifted her up and in return, she healed the wounds caused by the loss of his angel wings. For she was not only the first woman, but also the first witch, Lilith, and he Lucifer, the Morningstar, soon to be their Dark Lord. She was his handmaiden and he was her master.  


Lilith is unhappy

At Dorian's Gray Room, Dark Lord arrives demanding Lilith’s whereabouts, so she surfaces. The Dark Lord expresses surprise that she did not greet him in his angelic form. Lilith claims she's been busy preparing the way. Nevertheless, she doesn't seem ecstatic to see him and the Dark Lord notices this too. Lilith is unhappy that Sabrina is inheriting the Throne and Crown that was promised to her. But it is not her turn yet. Lilith sips her drink, mumbling "not ever". The Dark Lord promises that she will lead the armies of Hell when the gates open. Lilith is not satisfied, however, and asks why he chose her of all people. Avoiding her question, the Dark Lord claims he is bored with her self-pity and orders her to bring Sabrina Spellman immediately. Lilith fearfully obeys, leaving him to go do his bidding. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord will be attending to certain wayward members of his flock.


Lilith comes to retrieve Sabrina

Lilith warns them that nobody can run from the Dark Lord, as she's experienced that herself. Startled by her presence, they all turn to her as Sabrina explains how "Ms. Wardwell" has been plotting against her with the Dark Lord. When asked how she got past the onions, Lilith explains that she does not have the same aversion to onions that the Dark Lord has. Lilith tells Sabrina to come along but her aunts and Ambrose assume a defensive stance. Terrible odds for a witch, Ambrose says. But she is no witch, at least not a full witch. Sabrina deduces that "Ms. Wardwell" is actually Lilith, which means she killed her favorite teacher and has been posing as her to serve the Dark Lord. Lilith reiterates the Dark Lord's demands and warns that the Dark Lord will destroy everything and everyone in his path should she resist. Sabrina acquiesces despite her family's protests. She explains that she needs answers about her father and mother. Hilda warns Sabrina that she will be like a lamb led to the slaughter. Ambrose volunteers to go with her but Lilith says that Sabrina can only take her familiar Salem with her.


Sabrina and Lilith sit as they wait for the Dark Lord

Back at the Academy, Lilith tells Sabrina that the Dark Lord won't be long and that he will want everything to be perfect. Sabrina recalls her role as Lilith in the Passion Play, she always wondered why Lilith bends to the Dark Lord and does his bidding. Lilith explains that she promised; serve him faithfully and she would become Queen of Hell. And you believed him, Sabrina questions. Lilith scoffs and merely tells her she wouldn't understand. At first, the Dark Lord was kind and gentle. They would spend their days near the place he'd fallen and hit Earth, where thousands of years later would become the town of Greendale. Maybe that's why Greendale's so messed up, Sabrina remarks. Lilith explains that Greendale is a nexus and a cursed place. When Sabrina asks what happened next, Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord turned into a dark, horned creature after the fall of humanity. But Lilith continued to serve the Dark Lord because that is all she ever knew. Sabrina dismisses her for being weak.


Lilith watches The Dark Lord and Sabrina from the door

Dorian arrives to inform them that the Dark Lord is ready and takes them to the Gray Room. At the far end of the mahogany table, the Dark Lord welcomes Sabrina and her familiar Salem. Lilith observes from the door. Not bothering with small talk, she asks what he wants from her. The Dark Lord demands respect and love but settles for gratitude. Sabrina asks why she should be grateful to him. The Dark Lord says that he gave her beauty, strength, and power above all other mortals. However, she did not ask for those things, but the Dark Lord thinks otherwise. The truth is that she's loved the power he has given her, reveled in it. He compliments Sabrina for her wrath and describes her as the fit consort He has been waiting for millennia.

When Sabrina suggests Lilith, the Dark Lord responds that Lilith knows that her purpose is to serve. Sabrina's purpose, however, is to blow the Horn of Gabriel for him, opening the Gates of the Pit for the aristocracy of Hell to attend her coronation. She will wear the Crown, sit on the throne, and remake the world in Hell’s image once they have danced the Mephisto Waltz. He vows that all the demonic hordes will be freed and that the two of them will reign over Hell on Earth for all eternity. Well, that's certainly not an option for Sabrina, she has school to attend. The Dark Lord laughs and reminds her that she said no every step of the way and yet here they are. It's about time she accepted that the Path of Night is her only path and that every choice that she has made has led her here. He says that He has made quite sure of that and reveals that Nick Scratch has helped advance his plan.

Nick appears and tells Sabrina that the Dark Lord told him to befriend her but admits that he fell in love with her. Sabrina spits in his face. Nick says that he would never hurt her but that he did not know he was advancing the Dark Lord’s agenda. Sabrina is angry but the Dark Lord tells her not to blame him because it wasn't his choice; there is no such thing as choice, there is only his desire. Sabrina asks if her father conspired with him but the Dark Lord reveals that Edward Spellman is not her father, he is. Sabrina experiences a flashback to the vision of the twins and her father offering her to the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord tells Sabrina to submit and to blow Gabriel's Horn at sundown in the clearing where she signed her book. Sabrina flees and Nick tries to stop her. Salem hisses at Nick. The Dark Lord tells Nick to leave her be and that his work is done.


Lilith tells the Spellmans how to kill the Dark Lord

Back at the Spellman house, Zelda questions why they should trust Lilith. Lilith responds that Sabrina's defiance has given her hope that her story isn't finished, but they're not buying it. Lilith cuts out the act and states plainly that all she wants is the Throne and Crown, and if that means she has to gut the bastard then so be it. Sabrina says that Lilith is at least being honest. Hilda asks how they can defeat the Dark Lord since he is kind of a "god". Lilith points out that the Dark Lord has never been a god but is merely a fallen angel, a creature of the cosmos. While the Dark Lord is powerfully ageless, she reassures them that she has seen Satan bleed. She tells them that she knows his weak spots if they wish to listen. As Sabrina is currently powerless, the Spellman family will be the secret weapon. The Dark Lord will be expecting her in the woods alone, but Lilith reassures Sabrina that she won’t be alone and unarmed. She asks if anyone here knows how to smelt. They turn to Ambrose, who wields a blade of pure iron. Lilith says the blade won't kill the Dark Lord but will distract him and that they have to do exactly as she says.


Lilith's plan to kill the Dark Lord fails

In the woods, Lilith tells Sabrina to exploit the Dark Lord's greatest weakness: his arrogance, pride, and ego. She must flatter the Dark Lord and be in his thrall and should keep him facing her at all times. Lilith explains that the Dark Lord has two wounds on his back which have never fully healed, where his wings were ripped from His body. Lilith’s plan involves Sabrina trapping his foot with a horseshoe so that her aunts can stab him in the back with daggers forged in Megiddo, where Christianity was born. The Spellmans carry out Lilith's plan but the Dark Lord reveals that only the Spear of Longinus can kill him. He points the daggers at Zelda and Hilda's neck and throws Ambrose to the ground. The Dark Lord forces Sabrina to pick up Gabriel’s Horn in return for sparing the lives of her aunts. Sabrina grabs the horn from that altar and blows Gabriel’s Horn. The Devil says that the damnation game begins. He warns Sabrina not to defy him again and tells the Spellmans they are expected at her coronation. Ambrose asks now what. Sabrina says that we pray that Harvey, Theo and Roz are nowhere near the Gates right now.


Lilith helps Sabrina get ready for the ball

Back at the Spellman household, Lilith apologizes for the failure of their plot and says that she has been sent by the Dark Lord to prepare Sabrina for the ball. Lilith tells Sabrina she will make a wonderful queen. However, Sabrina says that the fight is not over and that she has been looking through the spell books on ways to fight the Dark Lord. She tells Lilith that she has been reading her father's journals. Sabrina says that Edward Spellman is more her father than the Dark Lord. Lilith leaves to prepare the demonic aristocracy. Sabrina tells Salem that she will find a way.

Later, Lilith finds Harvey, Roz, and Theo have succeeded in using the sigils to hold back the demonic hordes. Lilith is pleased with the mortals for keeping the Gates of Hell from opening. Upon Lilith, Roz, Haarvey and Theo's arrival, Sabrina's hope for the future is restored. She will require everybody's help. Nick's task is to fix the Acheron Configuration. She and her friends will proceed with a "glamour to end all glamours." Finally, Lilith's job is to trick the Dark Lord into thinking that everything is going according to plan.


Lilith at the ball

At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. Lilith claims that the aristocrats of Hell and Sabrina are awaiting her word. She has arranged a treat for Satan, a "bal masqué" of the flamboyant flavor he so loves. When signaled, the glamoured guests come down the stairs singing and dancing with their masks on. Afterwards, the Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her Sabrina Morningstar, Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows, and Queen of Hell. The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.


Lilith restrains the Dark Lord

Lilith finally steps in and restrains the Dark Lord before he can harm Sabrina. They will need a stronger prison, and the answer to that is the human body, as it was created by the "False God". Nick volunteers in Sabrina's stead, reasoning he is the best binder and conjurer since Edward Spellman so he will be able to contain him. He confesses his love for Sabrina a final time, before trapping the Dark Lord in his body. The demon-possessed Nick tries to attack Sabrina but is knocked unconscious by Ambrose's sleeping spell.


Queen Lilith carries Nick through the Gates of Hell

As she leads them to the Gates of Hell, Lilith explains that Nick will have to remain in Hell with her, as it is the safest place. She alleviates any fears Sabrina holds for Nick's wellbeing, by vowing to take good care of Nick. As promised, Sabrina hands over her crown to Lilith, making her the new Queen of Hell. As the newly self-crown Queen of Hell, she bestows upon Sabrina two gifts. The first is restoring her witch powers and tells her not to give them up. When Theo asks about the second gift, she responds they will soon find out. Finally, Harvey hands the demon-possessed Nick to Lilith, who then carries him through the Gates of Hell.[22]

Part 3


Lilith learns that Sabrina and her friends have arrived in Hell

As she sits upon her throne in Pandemonium, Lilith learns from her demon minion that Sabrina and her friends are in Hell, following the blood-red road. Lilith surmises that Sabrina’s come for Nick, who she has chained up at the feet of her throne after having removed his tongue. With Sabrina’s next destination being the Forest of Torment, Lilith asks if the Woodsman is well-oiled.

Upon discovering that Sabrina and her friends have escaped the Woodsman, Lilith devises a plan to teach them a lesson by bringing in some "old friends."


Lilith wants Sabrina and her friends to be brought to her

Lilith is informed by her demonic minion that the Plague Kings have returned. She refuses to have her sovereignty challenged by them yet again. However, this time around they’ve brought the Hordes of Hell. Between Sabrina infiltrating Hell and the Plague Kings attempting to dethrone her, Lilith devises a plan to kill two birds with one stone. She orders her minion to tell the kings they will be heard before the day is out and to bring her Sabrina, safe and alive.

From Hell, Lilith can hear the Church of Night’s prayer to her. Not long after, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo arrive. Sabrina finds Nick chained to the feet of Lilith’s throne. Lilith informs Sabrina that certain protocols must be followed. As for Nick, who seems to be incognizant, Lilith explains that he and the Dark Lord are struggling for power on the inside.


Lilith wants Sabrina to officially crown her

Lilith invites Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo to take a seat at the dinner table. Roz advises her friends from eating the food as she can see what it truly is through her cunning; rotten and maggot-infested. Sabrina questions why Lilith still looks like Wardwell, to which Lilith replies that she’s grown comfortable in Wardwell’s skin. She offers to show them her real face, her green one, but Sabrina declines. She only wants to free Nick and Jesse. Sabrina assures Lilith she'll find a different prison for her father. Lilith agrees to allow Sabrina to take Nick under one condition. The hierarchy of Hell is in a state of turmoil. The Infernal Kings refuse to recognize Lilith’s authority because she’s not a Morningstar. But it would calm the dark waters if Sabrina publicly crowned her the Queen of Hell to legitimize her seat. Sabrina reluctantly agrees.


Lilith and Sabrina get threatened by Caliban

Lilith introduces Sabrina to the underworld community as Sabrina Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. In his absence, Sabrina has come to declare Lilith the official Queen of Hell. Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson, the Plague Kings, object, claiming that Lilith is a concubine, not a queen. The realms are in chaos. The Earth, the Pit, the Heavens, and the Cosmos all reject Lilith's claim. The Plague Kings propose that Caliban, Prince of Hell take the throne. He’s been molded by the clay of the pit itself. Native son of the inferno. Since the Dark Lord’s desertion, the Nine Circles of Hell have been breaking down, and Caliban seeks to restore stability, conquer the earth, remake it as their tenth circle and enslave the tribes of mortals and witch.


Lilith gets appointed as Sabrina‘s regent

After a moment, Sabrina claims the throne for herself. Harvey, Roz, and Theo watch on as this occurs. Sabrina then takes her seat at the throne. The Plague Kings denounce Sabrina as queen as she lives on Earth and is a child. Nevertheless, Sabrina insists that she will rule with Lilith as her regent. Caliban disputes Sabrina’s claim to throne, reasoning that monarchs rule by divine rights, and Sabrina is half-mortal. As Caliban prepares to challenge Sabrina for the throne, Lilith reminds him that there are rules to be followed, such as him needing a certain number of signatures. Sabrina’s eyes turn white as she warns Caliban to back off.

As queen, Sabrina dismisses the Infernal court. Harvey, Roz, and Theo support Sabrina's claim to the throne. She then informs Lilith that she’s ready to take Nick home, as well as Jesse Putnam, who Lilith releases and sends off to Heaven. Lilith warns Sabrina that while she may have bought herself some time, the Kings and Caliban will return to challenges her. Afterwards, with the evil flower in hand, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo return to Earth with Nick.[23]


Lilith informs Sabrina about her first duty as Queen of Hell

At Baxter High, Sabrina and Roz have joined the cheerleading squad; the Baxter High Ravenettes, led by Lizzie. Billy, Carl, and the Baxter High Ravens watch from the sidelines and cheer the girls on as they rehearse a routine. Afterward, Lizzie compliments Roz and Sabrina on their performances. They’re both generally excited for the upcoming pep rally. Lilith, having watched on from the crowd, intercepts Sabrina as she has royal matters to attend to.


Lilith tells Sabrina that she has to bring souls to Hell

As regent, Lilith has come to begin Sabrina’s job training. Starting with dragging souls to Hell. Sabrina refuses, but Lilith informs her that dragging souls to Hell is her primary duty as queen, and with the Kings of Hell watching, it’s vitally important that she carries this out. If she fails, she’ll lose the throne to Caliban, and he’ll declare war on earth. Sabrina will escort the souls by hand and a path to Hell will present itself. Her first soul to collect is that of a man named Robert Robertson. Should the need arise to use force, Sabrina is being accompanied by the Infernal Bailiff.


Lilith promises the court that Sabrina will bring the next soul to Hell

Lilith arrives and portals Sabrina to Hell, where the Plague Kings, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Purson watched in disbelief as Sabrina failed to claim Robert Robertson’s soul. Lilith insists that Sabrina is still learning and that it was simply a momentary lapse of judgement. Caliban proposes that Sabrina answer why she relieved the mortal. Sabrina explains that he wasn’t worthy of damnation and decided to show him mercy, much to the Kings’ dismay. Lilith explains that Sabrina still has one more soul to claim. A man by the name of Jimmy Platt and insists that Sabrina will get it right.


Lilith decides to check on Sabrina

In Hell, Caliban and Lilith await Sabrina’s return. Lilith assures him that Sabrina will return successful, having dragged Jimmy Platt’s soul to Hell. Lilith then orders her demon minion to fetch Caliban and the Plague Kings something to drink. She whispers that he should feel free to add his own piss and bile.


Lilith rescues Sabrina and Lucy from Jimmy’s ice cream truck

Lilith arrives to save Sabrina and Lucy after being filled in by Roz of Sabrina’s antics. Lilith was able to find Sabrina because of the psychic trail she left behind, "like a slug leaves slime." Lilith questions why Sabrina didn’t just drag Jimmy Platt to Hell as she was tasked. Sabrina explains that she was trying to use him to save Nick. Lilith agrees to take Lucy home so long as Sabrina does her job and drag Jimmy to Hell.


Lilith brings Lucy Home

As promised, Lilith brings Lucy home to her mother. Mrs. Anderson embraces Lucy and then asks who Lilith is, to which she replies that she’s Mary Wardwell. A teacher at Baxter High.[24]


Lilith informs Sabrina that she is needed in Hell

Lilith appears outside the Spellman home to inform Sabrina that she’s needed in court. Sabrina then reveals to Nick that in order to get him from Hell, she had to claim the throne as Queen of Hell. Lilith reminds Sabrina that she threatened the Infernal Court with a reformation, and now they’re demanding to hear Sabrina’s plans. Sabrina refuses to go, as she already planned to spend the day with Nick, but he convinces her to see to her royal duties. Afterward, they can meet up at the Academy.


Lilith is sure that Sabrina will win the challenge

Sabrina returns to Hell with Lilith, where the Plague Kings, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Purson, surround a table and demand an audience with Sabrina. Sabrina outlines her reformation, starting with a grand accounting of all the souls in Hell. Until then, she requests that all deal-makings with mortals come to an end. As for pre-existing contracts, Sabrina will decide which they collect on only after viewing each contract on a case-by-case basis. Caliban interrupts to challenge Sabrina for seat on the throne. He’s gathered 666 signatures of the highest born of Hell to endorse his challenge. By infernal law, it must be accepted. Caliban challenges Sabrina on a request for the "Unholy Regalia." Lilith explains that the regalia are the three most powerful occult objects in history. Relics that have been lost to the ages. Whoever collects the relics may take their seat on the throne, whether they be Morningstar or not. They begin with having to find King Herod’s crown.


Lilith tells Sabrina that no one knows where the Regalia are

Sabrina questions if the contest is rigged. Perhaps Caliban and the Kings already know where the regalia is and this is just a setup. Lilith admits this could be a setup, however, no one, not even the Dark Lord knows the locations of the regalia. Lilith explains that King Herod’s crown is only one of three of the regalia. She surmises it’ll likely end up being the best two out of three.


Lilith hears the demons chanting Sabrina‘s name

Lilith watches as Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Purson, and the demons of Hell cheer Caliban on as he places King Herod’s crown on his head. Sabrina arrives and punches him in the face. He didn’t help her because it’s a competition. He was quietly watching her every move, and he knew King Herod would come for his crown as he’s a guardian. Caliban assumed that either he would kill Sabrina or Sabrina would kill him. He then asks if the crown suits him, and Sabrina punches him for a second time. She then assures him that the second and third challenges will be won by her. She'd sooner slice his throat before she let Caliban take the throne. The Kings and demons then proceed to chant Sabrina’s name.[25]


Lilith explains where their magic comes from

Ambrose accompanies Sabrina in Hell as her privy councilor. He is amazed at what he’s seeing. Sabrina informs Lilith how the Dark Lord is withholding his powers from the coven and how she needs Lilith’s help to restore it. Unfortunately, Lilith can’t help her. She explains that their magic does not come from Hell. They’re Lucifer’s own gifts that come from within him. They originate with him and he dispenses them as he sees fit. Lucifer’s powers come from him being an angel. As his daughter, Sabrina concludes that she must have the same essence, but as Lilith explains, Sabrina’s is polluted and diluted by her mother’s mortal blood. Leaving them with only one option. They have to find an angel.[26]


Lilith tells Sabrina that everything is her fault

Sabrina heads into the woods, where she is informed by Lilith that it’s time for the second challenge of the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina and Lilith arrive at the Academy to find Prudence, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Elspeth, Melvin, the Plague Kings, and Caliban awaiting her. By Infernal Law, the Kings declare that the second quest begin. Sabrina and Caliban must seek and retrieve Pontius Pilate’s Pontius Pilate's Bowl. Sabrina attempts to postpone the challenge, but Lilith informs her that by not accepting the challenge, she threatens the existence of the Church of Night. Sabrina is at fault for that the balance of the cosmos being tipped, the pagans returning, and her coven’s loss of power. It’s all a direct result of Sabrina’s refusal to claim the throne. However, if she can uncover the Unholy Regalia, she may stand a chance of replenishing her coven’s energy. Sabrina is reluctant, but with an attack front he pagans nearing, Zelda orders her to accept the challenge and win, for the sake of the coven.


Lilith tells Sabrina where to find Pilate's bowl

Lilith and Sabrina relocate to the Desecrated Church, where Lilith informs Sabrina that Pontius Pilate’s bowl is located on a hill just outside Jerusalem. Otherwise known as the "Place of Skulls." Where the Nazarene was crucified. Sabrina asks Lilith to teleport her there as her energies are insufficient. Lilith informs Sabrina that the bowl is locked in an eternal time loop. Almost impossible to reach unless Sabrina has mastered time magic, to which Sabrina informs Lilith that she had access to time magicks. There’s a painting at Dorian's Gray Room. It’s a portal to Jerusalem. Sabrina will use it to get there with Lilith’s help.


Lilith brings Sabrina to the Place of Skulls

Sabrina meets Lilith at Dorian’s, who performs a spell that allows them to portal to the Place of Skulls. She advises Sabrina to make her way to the temple of Jerusalem as quick as she can, retrieve Pontius Pilate’s bowl, and get out. The slightest misstep could have her trapped in a time loop forever. Sabrina then douses herself in the egg water and recites a spell that takes her back in time to where the temple of Jerusalem stood. As she approaches the temple, she is apprehended by Pontius Pilate.


Lilith congratulates Sabrina for getting the bowl

Sabrina makes it back to Lilith with Pontius Pilate’s bowl. She tells Lilith that Caliban was there, to which Lilith replies that he’ll hopefully be stuck in the time loop forever, which Sabrina didn’t want. Before returning to Hell to claim victory of the second challenge, Sabrina needs to help Nick and her coven.


Lilith learns that Lucifer has escaped

Lilith and Sabrina return to Hell with the bowl of Pontius Pilate. When the Plague Kings ask about Caliban, Lilith tells them that Sabrina’s victory over Caliban was absolute, as Sabrina isn’t sure he survived. However, Caliban enters having survived the ordeal. He reminds Sabrina that he’s made of clay and that he waited under the dusts of the ages for 2,000 years after Sabrina cheated, stole Pilate’s bowl and left him for dead. With each having won a single challenge, it’s sudden death. The winner shall reign over Hell for all eternity. Lilith promises to reign by Sabrina’s side forever. Sabrina then tells Lilith that Lucifer escaped from the Academy, and no one knows here he is. Lilith is in fear for her life as the Dark Lord will kill her for betraying him.[27]


Lilith receives a message from Lucifer

Lilith receives word from her demonic minion that after searching all nine circles, the Dark Lord is nowhere to be found. However, he did send Lilith a message in the form of a fetish doll. The same doll she was gifted by Adam Masters. Lilith concludes it’s a warning from the Dark Lord that he’s on his way to seek revenge for her usurping him and imprisoning him. She orders her minion to pack her belongings, as she must seek safe haven before he manages to separate from Blackwood.


Lilith seeks shelter at the Academy

Lilith arrives at the Academy in search of safe haven from the Dark Lord. However, Zelda informs Lilith that they’re more concerned with the pagans at the moment. Lilith offers to help, but Zelda doesn’t trust her and turns Lilith away. Lilith, no longer seeking the help of the Church of Night, realizes she needs the help of a good Christian if she's to hide from Lucifer.


Lilith is found by Lucifer

Lucifer, still trapped in Faustus Blackwood’s body, poses as a Christian priest to gain access to Mary Wardwell’s home in search of Lilith. He claims that he’s visiting the homes of good Christian folks to warn them that evil is afoot. The Devil has come to Greendale. Mary admits to having felt his presence and the fact there's so many things she has no explanation for. He tells Mary that Satan has allies in the form of witches, such as Sabrina Spellman and her family. He informs Mary that they seek to destroy her and make her unholy. He tells Mary how the Devil can disguise himself as loved ones. Hearing this, Mary begins to suspect that Adam is actually the Devil. Lucifer asks for Mary’s permission to confront him, which she gives. Lucifer goes in the back and finds Lilith, he then forces her to reveal herself to Mary, who runs out the door in shock.


Lilith has a plan to ensure that she and Faustus will remain Alive

Lucifer sits in a bathtub as Lilith pours water over his body in preparation for the separation ritual from Blackwood. She puts Lucifer to sleep and wakes up Faustus, allowing him to gain control of his body for the first time. Now that Lucifer is asleep, they have business to discuss. They must both perform an act to ensure they both remain alive after Lilith separates him from the Dark Lord.[28]

Lucifer awakens in his body, free of the flesh Acheron. He confronts Lilith, who he plans to kill for the part she played in usurping him. However, Lilith reveals that she gave Blackwood the Mark of Cain before he left, which means no one can hurt him. And in exchange, he gave Lilith the Dark Lord’s seed. She is pregnant with his child. A male heir to his throne. He tells Lilith that she has not been pardoned, rather a stay of execution. He then orders her to summon the Infernal Court and tell them that "Daddy’s back, and he’s very, very angry."

Sabrina returns to Hell to tell Ambrose, Prudence, and Melvin that her father is no longer bonded to Blackwood. Lucifer and Lilith arrive and inform Sabrina that the Plague Kings have called for the third and final challenge. It’s up to Sabrina to retrieve Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver and secure the throne of Hell for the House of Morningstar. However, Sabrina would rather attend to her aunts. Ambrose and Prudence tell Sabrina that they'll deliver the effigies to Hilda and Zelda and protect them from Blackwood until they recover. The power siphoning might have worked, but Ambrose fears it is only temporary, and with a war brewing with the pagans, they’ll need power, which Sabrina could gain in winning the Unholy Regalia. Lilith reveals that she’s pregnant and that Sabrina has a little brother on the way. Sabrina tells Ambrose and Prudence to protect her aunts while the rest of the coven stay hidden in Hell.

As Caliban receives counsel from the two remaining Plague Kings, Beelzebub and Asmodeus, Lucifer and Lilith prep Sabrina for the final challenge. Lucifer tells Sabrina that only Judas himself knows where the silver is. And Lucifer is the one person who can take Sabrina to Judas. Lilith warns the Dark Lord against interfering. Should the kings find out, the challenge could be deemed a forfeit.

While Sabrina was dashing off, collecting trinkets, Caliban was arranging a coup. Caliban then reveals to Sabrina that Lucifer and Lilith have been embedded into the stone walls right beside her.[29]

Lucifer, Lilith, and the Plague Kings await the return of Sabrina and/or Caliban. Past Sabrina returns to Pandemonium with the silver to claim her throne as Queen of Hell. Lucifer congratulates Sabrina for bringing honor to the House of Morningstar and tells her it is time for her coronation. Sabrina says that she’s ready to be married to Hell. In her last act as regent, Lucifer orders Lilith to prepare Sabrina for her coronation. As Sabrina prepares for the throne, all cross the realms, things returned to their natural balance.

ucifer and Lilith watch as Sabrina Morningstar claims her rightful seat at the throne of Hell. Her disciples, including the Plague Kings, kneel as she approaches her throne. They then applaud as she reaches the top of the staircase, looking down on them.[30]

Physical Appearance

In her guise as Mary Wardwell, Lilith appeared as a Caucasian female in her mid-forties, tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. She preferred clothes in black or dark grey. In her natural human form, she takes on the appearance of a physically wrecked and jittery young teenage girl with filthy pale skin, matted greased hair and raggedy clothing. Her true demonic appearance consists of green skin, skull-studded eyes, no nose, and razor-sharp teeth.


Lilith is a cold, sadistic, and deeply determined individual who is extremely loyal to the Dark Lord, and is completely relentless and remorseless over any crime she commits. As the very first witch in existence, she is also a formidable presence with an abundance of intelligence and cunning, though she conceals it with her relatively maternal demeanour, which makes her come across as a truly nurturing and caring façade.

However, Lilith's most defining feature would be her capacity for vengeance - despite her initial devotion to and love for the Dark Lord, she had absolutely no qualms with turning against him upon the realisation of his lies, and subsequently played in a major role in foiling his plans. She was also capable of expressing genuine gratitude, as demonstrated by how she restored Sabrina's witch powers and returned the real Miss Wardwell after Sabrina helped her to defeat the Dark Lord.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations.
    • Scrying: The power to spy on people and places or receive information by using mirrors. Madam Satan spied on Sabrina to watch over her on the Dark Lord's orders.
    • Dream Walking: The power to enter another person's dreams. Madam Satan entered the Spellmans' dreams to find and save Sabrina from Batibat.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate, and resurrect the dead.
    • Summoning: The power to summon another witch, a familiar or being from one location to another. Madame Satan summoned the Dark Lord.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move things with the mind.
  • Shapeshifting: Madam Satan is able to change her appearance.
  • Poppet Puppetry: The power to control non-sentient beings and physical events through the use of poppets. Madam Satan used a poppet to manipulate the movements of a Scarecrow to chase and stop Sabrina Spellman from obtaining the Malum Malus.
  • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
    • Umbraportation: The power to move through shadows.
  • Glamour: The power to disguise a physical appearance.
  • Levitation: The power to propel oneself into the air and hover.
  • Pyrokinesis: The power to generate, control and manipulate fire.
  • Familiar Communication: Madam Satan was able to communicate with her familiar Stolas.
  • Temporal Immobilization: Madam Satan was able to temporarily hold the Dark Lord in place long enough for his imprisonment in Nick's body.
  • Power Restoration: After becoming the Queen of Hell, Madam Satan was able to restore Sabrina's powers with a kiss.
  • Resurrection: For her "second gift", Madam Satan fully resurrected Mary Wardwell.
  • Longevity: As a full witch, Lilith ages at a slower rate than mortals. Furthermore, she is as old as Earth itself as she is the first witch and first woman in existence.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, Madame Satan whose real name is Iola, took over Evelyn Gardenia, a teacher at Baxter High, under the alias of Ms. Evangeline Porter. [1]
  • "Lilith" is a female demon figure in Judeo-Christian mythology, supposedly the primordial she-demon (and alternately first wife of Adam).
  • The name for her familiar, "Stolas", comes from one of the creatures in the "Ars Goetia". Coincidentally, the creature in the book is also portrayed as a raven.


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