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This article is about Kevin Keller, who resides in Riverdale. You may be looking for his Rivervale counterpart, Kevin Keller (Rivervale).

Like, I love being a teacher, but it was never supposed to be my life's calling. This award is a painful reminder of all that I haven't accomplished, okay? I'm supposed to be in New York writing, performing, directing. Instead, I'm in Riverdale, still cruising the woods. Unlucky in love. Being named Teacher of the Year at a dying high school, okay? This can't be my life. It just it... it can't be.
— Kevin to Cheryl[src]

Kevin Keller was initially a recurring character on the first season of The CW's Riverdale. He has since been promoted to a series regular for the second season onward.[1] He is portrayed by Casey Cott.

Kevin was senior at Riverdale High School and the best friend of Betty Cooper. Along with that, he had become Veronica's G.B.F. (gay best friend). Kevin would often struggle with his sexuality, as he didn't have the same options as his friends did. This often caused Kevin to act recklessly at times. He dated Joaquin, as well as Moose Mason, but Joaquin left Riverdale, forcing their break-up and Moose was unwilling to be "out" like Kevin, forcing him to resort to other means in order to feel something. Not long after, he met Fangs Fogarty when the students of Southside High were transferred to Riverdale. This ultimately resulted in the two bonding over time.

Kevin would go on to graduate from Riverdale High and attend Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh, where he got his BA and date Fangs. After graduation, they returned to Riverdale and moved in with Toni, during which time they discussed marriage and children. However, they due to Kevin's commitment issues, they two have split.

Early Life

Presumably, Kevin grew up in Riverdale alongside Betty Cooper, his closest friend. Nothing is known about his home life beyond the fact that his father is the sheriff of Riverdale and his mother is oversea in the navy. Despite his parents being in different countries, they were still married up until when Tom started having an affair with Sierra McCoy.

Throughout Riverdale

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Kevin arrives at the apartment

Kevin arrives in New York City where his stepsister Josie introduces him to her roommate Katy Keene, who was sleeping. Josie teases Katy of having a sex dream but Katy denies and kick them both out of her room.

Kevin and the fab four discuss their day

Back at the apartment, Kevin is spending time with Josie's other friends, Pepper and Jorge when Josie arrives and tells them she has turned down Xandra's request to join the Pussycats. Josie is afraid that Xandra wants to ruin her show. They agree that it was the right choice. Meanwhile, Kevin reveals that he still lives in Riverdale and teaches drama at Riverdale High School. He thanks Pepper for hosting his reading in hopes that it’ll get him an agent. His play is titled "La Bonne Nuit." It’s a coming-of-age noir. Set in the small town of Creekdale, where a lot of people die and hookup. Katy arrives to find a package with her name on it. It’s a dress from Guy LaMontagne. He hopes to see her in it at Gloria Grandbiltʼs book launch. Her friends question if she’s having an affair with him, which she assures them she isn’t. However, she does worry about the message it’ll send if she wears the dress, especially after having a sex dream about him. Pepper informs Katy that sex dreams are manifestations of varying desires, not necessarily romantic. With that said, Katy is still unsure if she should wear the dress. Jorge then reveals that he had a threesome with Bernardo and Buzz. He thought it would make him feel powerful, but instead its done the opposite, leaving him vulnerable. Josie encourages Jorge to draw some boundaries to regain control.

Pepper informs Kevin about the play reading

At Chubby’s, Pepper informs Kevin that she’s assembled the guest list for his play reading, including Lester Darin, who Kevin is familiar with. He moved to New York City one summer to pursue acting. Lester is the reason that Kevin didn’t come back. They met during an open call. He promised to help Kevin out, but he ended up being a creep. Kevin’s entire life, he’s loved watching the Tony Awards, but ever since his encounter with Darin, he can’t bring himself to watch. Pepper offers to help Kevin expose him by writing a take down piece in the Daily Hail.

Kevin arrives at Chubby’s with lunch for Cricket and Trula. Josie’s manager at Plunkin’s wouldn’t let her off for rehearsal, so she had Kevin bring them some snacks as an apology. Kevin refers to them as the “new” Pussycats, which Cricket and Trula weren’t aware of. He tells them about Melody Valentine and Valerie Brown, as well as Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom, who also joined or at least performed alongside the Pussycats, making Cricket and Trula the fourth iteration. Leaving them to question what happened to the Pussycats before them.

Kevin argues with Josie

Later, Josie blames Kevin for Trula and Cricket’s dissertation. However, he retorts, saying he just told them the history of the band and calls out Josie for ignoring her past and thus making the same mistakes she did with Melody and Valerie. Kevin tells her that just because she’s starting up the old band doesn’t mean she has to revert back to the old Josie. As for Trula and Cricket, they were unhappy before Kevin spoke to them as Josie’s too controlling. Josie, on the other hand, comments on Kevin still stuck in the past back in Riverdale High while she moved from all the Riverdale drama.

At the reading of La Bonne Nuit play

Pepper and Kevin convene as Lester Darin arrives at the Pepper Plant for his play reading. Pepper introduces Kevin to Lester, who doesn’t even remember him. The play reading at the Plant begins. Katy portrays Betty. Jorge portrays Veronica. Pepper portrays Cheryl. And Josie portrays herself. Afterward, Lester approaches Kevin, impressed with his play. He wasn’t expecting such an evocative piece from someone with a "baby face" like Kevin’s. Adding that he "looks so fresh and innocent." He’d love to discuss the play further and how he might be able to help. He slips his card into Kevin’s front pocket. Pepper watches from afar as Lester exits.

Lester makes a pass at Kevin

Kevin has a drink with Lester Darin at Molly's Crisis. He’s heard urban myths about Riverdale but is doubtful that the Gargoyle King terrorizing the town is a true story. However, Kevin promises him that it is. He never thought he would survive high school let alone live long enough to write a play. Lester places his hand on Kevin’s thigh and asks if they’ve met before. Kevin removes his hand and continues to discuss his play with Lester, who asks Kevin to come back to his place, where they’ll recreate the bunker scene and maybe he’ll consider work-shopping his play. When Kevin asks what that’ll entail, Lester whispers into his ear. All the while, Pepper watches from the bar.

Josie, Trula, and Cricket get dressed backstage as they prepare for their performance. They exit the dressing room to find Xandra performing their song. Katy, Pepper, Jorge, Kevin, and Alex watch in shock.

Kevin and the fab four investigate Leo Lacy's mystery

Katy, Josie, Pepper, Jorge, and Kevin return to the apartment. Katy offers to call KO and see if he knew anything about this, but Josie advises her against dragging him into this. Josie remarks that the good thing about cats is that they always land on their feet. Jorge also accuses Xandra of using auto tune. On another note, Kevin thanks Pepper for helping him expose Lester Darin. Kevin also asks about Bernardo. Jorge admits that he may have messed up the best relationship he’s ever had. Kevin suggests that Jorge make a romantic gesture to show he cares. Josie recommends a simple letter. Katy then reveals that she plans to quit Lacy’s and stand with Gloria. Lacy’s doesn’t feel the same that it once did. She then shares with them the love letter from Leo Lacy to Gloria. He said that he would always love her. The letter is signed L.L., just like Katy’s sewing machine. She wonders if her mom and Gloria were dating the same person.[2]

Physical Appearance

Kevin is a handsome, young man with an athletic build, approximately standing somewhere around 6'0. He has short, dark brown 'slicked back' hair and light green eyes. He often wears button up and polo shirts.


Kevin is a nice, loyal, very outgoing and charismatic student who knows the social scene of Riverdale very well. Kevin has a tendency to make very blunt and honest statements about people and events, including an interest in fashion as he often comments on people's outfits he approves or dislikes. This is generally aimed at Josie's, Veronica's, and Cheryl's outfits, but he didn't shy at commenting Hermione Lodge's fierce heels. Kevin is also very active on social media, posting pictures of events like when the "Hot daddies of Riverdale" (FP Jones, Fred Andrews and his own dad, Tom) saved the day.

Despite both his dad and close friends being supportive, Kevin has trouble navigating romance as the only out and proud gay guy in high school. This led to him hooking up in Fox Forest, heedless of the risks of both casual sex and serial killers on the loose. This recklessness led him to clash with Betty, his best friend. Kevin pointed out how Betty was allowed to date guys out in the open, taking her time to decide if she liked Archie or Jughead more. And also to experiment with her "Dark Betty" BDSM side. While he had to make do with anonymous hookups. In fact, Kevin's love life was quite disastrous up to that point. He initially had a secret on and off relationship with Moose, who was in the closet and was still figuring out his sexual orientation. Moose eventually came out as bi, but not before hiding all of this to his girlfriend Midge, despite Moose telling Kevin otherwise. After Midge's death, they briefly dated but Moose left town after family problems, leaving Kevin heartbroken. During one of the off periods with Moose, Kevin was able to enjoy an open relationship with Joaquin, and even going to the prom together even though Joaquin was a Southside Serpent and Kevin the sheriff's son. But when Joaquin was revealed to be involved in the cover-up of Jason Blossom's death, things went bad and Joaquin had to leave town. Joaquin briefly returned to Riverdale before he was killed, but Kevin never openly discussed how he reacted to this. Kevin eventually began a relationship with Fangs Fogarty, another southsider. Their relationship has had ups and downs, mostly due to their involvement with the Farm, brainwashed into the cult.

As a friend, Kevin is very supportive and willing to help out in any way he can. He often aids Betty and Jughead by providing them with tips and insights into current investigations. Kevin also has a friendly relationship with both Archie and Reggie, spending time with them both on partying and in more drastic and dangerous vigilante moments, like when he joined their Red, then Dark Circle. When Kevin and Josie found out that their parents were engaged, the two became even closer and over the years they have become step-siblings with a great relationship.


Tom Keller

Tom comforts Kevin

The relationship between Kevin and his father, Tom, is undeveloped, but loving. They share a close bond, so close that his father is both aware and accepting of his sexual orientation. Due to the threats constantly facing their town, they have a lack of interaction, but they undoubtedly care for one another. This is proven after Tom received word from Betty in regards to Kevin's recent activities, which included late night cruising of Fox Forest. Upon learning this, his father became worried for his son's safety, admitting that there were certain things that they never fully talked about, such as Kevin's sexuality. However, given all that was occurring, Tom was willing to start trying to be more involved in Kevin's life, as a concerned parent should be.

Moose Mason

Main article: Kevin and Moose

Kevin and Moose

The complicated relationship between Kevin and Moose has had ups and downs. They secretly hooked up when Moose was still in the closet and was figuring out his sexual orientation, but Kevin immediately made it clear that he wasn't going to be a secret lover or someone's experiment. When Moose started dating Midge, initially to fight his feelings for boys but then realizing that he was bisexual, Kevin wasn't very keen on the idea that he had lost the chance to have a relationship with Moose. After Midge's death, Kevin and Moose started dating again, also helped by Cheryl who prompted Moose to come out. After a brief but close relationship, the two broke up due to problems that led Moose to leave town.

Betty Cooper

Main article: Betty and Kevin

Kevin and Betty rescuing Archie

The friendly relationship between Kevin and Betty is recovering, having recently come to terms with betrayed trust. They were best friends who shared all their secrets and time together. In the recent years, however, they have gown themselves apart. Kevin felt misunderstood and jealous of Betty, who could experience and play with her sexuality without problems while he as struggling with being the only openly gay guy at school. He also felt sidelined when Betty became involved with solving the town mysteries without him, who by then was just a on-off informant for The Blue and Gold. On the other hand, Betty felt betrayed when Kevin joined the Farm and conspired to hurt her. Recently, Kevin and Betty are trying to overcome their past disagreements and rediscover the old confidence they had in each other, starting by helping to take down the Farm.

Joaquin DeSantos

Main article: Kevin and Joaquin

Kevin and Joaquin's goodbye

The romantic relationship between Kevin and Joaquin began as a way to get information about investigations on Jason Blossom's death, since Kevin's dad was the Sheriff in charge. Kevin, on the other hand, seemed thrilled at the idea of dating a bad boy from the Southside. Over time, Joaquin actually became emotionally involved with Kevin but their love was destined to end due to the constant fights between rival gangs in town, and Joaquin's criminal activities coming to get him. Joaquin's death caused by the Gargoyle King has completely canceled any possible development of their love story.

Veronica Lodge

Main article: Veronica and Kevin

Kevin standing by Ronnie's side

The relationship between Kevin and Veronica began when she moved to Riverdale from New York. Veronica immediately said that Kevin would be her G.B.F. (gay best friend), initially putting their friendship in a stereotypical pigeonhole of mean girl and gay best friend. Over time they became close friends, sharing a passion for cinema, theater and art in general. They also bonded over their interest in boys, though not as Kevin and Betty were during sophomore years. Both Kevin and Veronica have little tolerance for bullying and prejudice, such as when they teamed up with Toni to save her girlfriend Cheryl from conversion therapy at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl comforts Kevin

The relationship between Kevin and Cheryl is currently under-developed given the lack of interaction between the two of them. However, they have been shown to be seated next to each other during multiple occasions. Despite the drastic differences between the two, Cheryl is fairly understanding of the daily struggles he faces with his need for validation, even at the cost of his own life. They have shown to care about each other on multiple occasions, such as when Cheryl and Toni broke up and when Cheryl helped comforted Kevin during his relationship with Moose.

Josie McCoy

Josie and Kevin watching Ethel pour a milkshake on Veronica

The friendship between Kevin and Josie has seemingly grown closer since the two of them discovered that their parents were having an affair due to Kevin's mother being overseas and Josie's father constantly being on the road. With nearly identical household drama, the two of them started to spend more time together both in and out of school. They've been seen sitting together at lunch and going to the movies together. However, before recently, Kevin and Josie had very little interaction though they always appeared to be friendly towards one another given that they run within the same circle of friends.

Fangs Fogarty

Kevin and Fangs’ kiss

After a brief interaction in the student’s lounge and Fangs joining Carrie: The Musical as the assistant director, they began to grow close, eventually sharing a kiss during a farm ceremony headed by Evelyn Evernever. Afterwards, Kevin and Fangs started to hang out more and kept in touch when Fangs left with the farm despite Kevin being upset about being left behind. After the Farm went into hiding, Fangs secretly met up with Kevin as Edgar and the rest of the Farm no longer trusted him. This would put a strain on their relationship, but they reconnected when they became business partners in making "tickle videos" and started dating once again by the end of senior year. After graduating, despite Kevin attending Carnegie Mellon University and Fangs attending the University of Pittsburgh, the two remained boyfriends for seven years and moved in together after returning to Riverdale. However, Fangs and Kevin have since broken up due to Kevin's inability to commit.

Reggie Mantle

Kevin and Reggie are up to no good

The relationship between Kevin and Reggie is undeveloped but friendly. Despite the common idea that jocks and gay students are natural enemies at school, Kevin and Reggie seem to get along quite well and often spend time together, whether it's going to watch a Drag Race, defending town from thugs from the Southside as vigilantes or just having a party, usually at La Bonne Nuit. Reggie and Kevin started spending more time together after starting to play G&G together and investigating their parents' past as The Midnight Club. Their friendship, however, can cause some trouble with school authorities when they decide to do some pranks.



Season 1

Season 2

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Katy Keene

Season 1


  • In the first season, Kevin was the only recurring character to appear in multiple promotional images.
  • According to Kevin, before Joaquin, he had never had a proper boyfriend as he usually hooked up with closeted guys like Moose Mason, cruising in Fox Forest.
  • Kevin implies he is the only openly gay student at Riverdale High School.
  • Like many of the characters, Kevin can sing, as seen in "Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night".
  • Riverdale created an Instagram account for Kevin Keller, named @thekevinthwonder, to see exclusive content through Kevin's eyes.[3] The account is sponsored by AT&T and new content is announced by virtual advertising during certain episodes.[4]
  • In the Archie Comics, he had blonde hair with blue eyes.
  • Kevin came from a military family and aspired to be in the military in the comics.
  • In the Life with Archie revival of 2010, Kevin is a newly elected United States Senator who won on a platform of stricter gun control legislation. Archie was shot dead while saving Kevin from an attempted murder.
  • Cheryl's description of Kevin previously being a "lonely, awkward, fat boy with acne"[5] is relatively close to how his comic book incarnation was shown to look as a child/pre-teen; The only difference being that he was never shown to be overweight.


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