PTSD from when I was a kid. I don't know. Things were always messed up at home. Usually because of my dad. And then there was this arbitrary day, that we would just get together and pretend things were great, we were normal. And it just made me feel really lonely.
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Jughead's 16th Birthday Party was a late night party hosted by Archie and Betty at the Andrews house, in celebration of Jughead's 16th birthday.

Despite the fact that Jughead hates to celebrate his birthday, Betty thought it best to surprise him with a party regardless, in hopes that he would appreciate the gesture.



For the last few years, on Jughead's birthday, he and Archie would go to the Bijou for a double-feature, it became their tradition. However, since he had a girlfriend this year, Archie thought it should be Betty who accompanied him to the movies. Betty agreed, but at the same time she insisted that Archie and FP join them. Unfortunately, both Archie and FP declined the offer. FP explained when Betty called him that the one thing Jughead liked less than surprises was his birthday, and that he had never even had a birthday party, which spawned Betty's idea to throw Jughead a surprise party. Veronica and Kevin were immediately on board, deciding from the start that the party would consist of the inner-circle only, and that the party would take place at Archie's house upon his agreement. After visiting FP in person Betty was ultimately able to convince him to attend.


The following night, as he was putting up party decorations, Archie received a call from his father about his mother and their divorce that left him upset and he started drinking. Later, Veronica arrived, upset as well as she had just come from her father's lawyer's office where she had received a thinly-veiled threat from her dad. Just then, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Joaquin and Ethel surprised Jughead as he returned home from the double-feature with Betty. Regrettably, Jughead was less than thrilled about his party. However, this did not stop the party from commencing as Betty slipped away to bring out Jughead's hamburger-shaped cake from the kitchen. She sang him 'happy birthday' and told him to make a wish; he wished it were just the two of them. Archie and Veronica stepped away and commiserated with one another before being interrupted by Jughead, clearly not happy about the party.

Unexpected Arrival

Just when Jughead thought the night could not get any worse, the doorbell rang and the entire school was at the front door, led by Cheryl and Chuck, all ready to party and despite knowing Jughead was upset, Archie let them enter. As expected, Jughead quickly grew tired of the party atmosphere and slipped away to the garage where he stayed with Vegas, the Andrews' pet dog. Archie came to find him and Jughead confronted him as to how the party came to occur, as Archie knew he hated his birthday. Archie explained that he just went along with Betty's idea, and as she was Jughead's girlfriend, he would have a party whether he wanted one or not. They were interrupted as FP arrived, gift in hand, to celebrate with his son and revealed to a confused Jughead that Betty had called him.

Secrets & Spies

As FP went inside the house to put his gift with the rest of the presents, FP found Joaquin making out with Kevin and pulled him into Archie's room to talk. They were seen going past by Veronica, who only just then discovered that FP was Jughead's father. FP wanted to know what Joaquin had learned from spying on Kevin, who revealed that Veronica thought her father was connected to Jason's murder. Unbeknownst to either of then, Alice Cooper was spying on their conversation through the window in Betty's room.

In the kitchen, Betty confronted Chuck and asked him to leave, however, he was angry as his suspension had destroyed any chance he had of playing football for a good school. Sarcastically, Betty apologized that sexual harassment had actual consequences for him. Chuck remarked that the Betty he had seen that night was the real Betty, the dark Betty and then began to make a lewd comment before Betty slapped him and stormed out. She went to see Jughead in the garage and they argued as Jughead felt that Betty should have known the party was the last thing Jughead would have wanted. He then began to list all the reasons they didn't fit together and angrily wondered if Betty would dump him if Archie changed his mind and wanted to be with her. Shocked, Betty went back to the party with tears in her eyes. She passed by Archie in the backyard, who had just found Valerie and attempted to speak with her but she had no interest, leading her to throw her drink in his face in front of everyone when he wouldn't let her past. Drunk and upset, Archie went to his bedroom and drunk dialed his father. Wishing to avoid any further altercations, Jughead attempted to leave, but found his way blocked by Cheryl and Chuck, who announced that they were all going to participate in a game they called Secrets & Sins.

Cheryl started the game off by attacking Veronica and her family, revealing to the entire party that her father, Hiram Lodge secretly purchased the Twilight Drive-In. Veronica quickly turned the game back on Cheryl, accusing her of having inappropriate feelings for her brother, Jason, and murdering him when he chose Polly over her. Hoping to change the tone of the evening, Dilton Doiley volunteered to go next, in which he revealed what he had previously told to Betty and Jughead in secret; Ms. Grundy's car was at Sweetwater River the day that Jason disappeared. Suspiciously enough, Grundy quit her job and left Riverdale approximately two days later. Dilton reminded everyone that Archie was at the river that same day as well. From that revelation, Cheryl and Chuck deduced that Archie had been having sex with Ms. Grundy, which also accounted for his sudden interest in music.

Last, but certainly not least, Chuck decided to reveal a secret of his own, what truly happened between him and Betty the night that led to his suspension. She dressed up like a hooker in a black wig, drugged Chuck, handcuffed him to a railing, and almost drowned him until he said what she wanted him to say. For a moment, Betty even though she was Polly. Hearing all this for the first time was too much for Jughead to handle, and he lashed out by punching Chuck in the face. However, Chuck came back much harder, and sent Jughead crashing into a table. FP then stepped in, grabbed Chuck by the shirt collar and escorted him bodily out the door and onto the street.

Party's Over

Everyone else in attendance followed to watch and FP turned to them and announced the party was over, forcing everyone to leave. Jughead attempted to leave with the tide of people but FP forced him to stop and convinced him to go back inside the house to his friends and fix things with Betty. As the party came to an end, Alice confronted FP on his way back to his vehicle, she wondered what he was doing on her side of town. FP told her not to act so high and mighty, she may not live on the south side anymore, she may not dress like she's from the south side, but they both knew the truth, snakes don't shed their skin so easily, FP said.[1]




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