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Judith Blackwood, formerly known as Leticia, is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Whitney Peak.

Judith is the daughter of Faustus and Constance Blackwood, the younger half-sister of Prudence Blackwood, and the older sister of Judas Blackwood. Zelda put up a masquerade to hide her for protection in fear of what her father might do to her.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

Birthed in Secrecy

Judith, who was named Leticia by Zelda Spellman, is the first born twin of Constance and Faustus Blackwood. Due to her gender and Zelda feeling as if it was her duty to protect Judith after being named her Night Mother, Zelda hid the existence of Leticia from Father Blackwood as he was expecting twin boys. After Lady Blackwood's death, Zelda tells Blackwood that only Judith's brother, Judas, survived the birth, claiming he must have devoured his weaker twin in the womb. She then takes Judith to the Spellman family home intent on raising her with Hilda's help.[2]

Raised by Dezmelda

Judith is still living with the Spellmans. However, after a run in with Gryla who nearly takes her away, Zelda decides to send Judith to live with Dezmelda. Zelda believed that she would be safer with her, raised in seclusion and being taught the old ways. The Spellmans couldn't keep her a secret from Father Blackwood forever if she was kept in close proximity, or if Gryla decided to come back to take the baby.[3]

Part 2

Reunited with her Family

In Zelda’s tarot card vision, she goes to Dezmelda to take back baby Leticia only to discover that the old witch had eaten the babe and absorbed her youth.[4]

Zelda enters the room, asking Blackwood how she may be of service. Also present are Prudence and two Judas boys. Prudence steps aside and Father Blackwood has Leticia in hand. Zelda is horrified to see that Faustus has the child and realizes what Prudence did. Blackwood denounces Zelda as a traitor and demands to know how long the Caligari spell has been broken. Zelda begs for the babe but Blackwood responds "You stole my daughter and left her to be raised by a wood witch!" Blackwood then orders the boys to take her away.

Prudence has dinner with her father and asks him about his plans for Baby Leticia. Blackwood responds that he plans to rename her Judith, believing that her twin birth is destined for greatness. He says that Judith will have the best of everything, including her own private tutors. She will also have her Dark Baptism at the age of sixteen. However, Blackwood then reveals his plan to marry Judith to her brother Judas to ensure the purity of the Blackwood bloodline.[5]

At the Academy, Father Blackwood is packing his bag. When Prudence inquires about this, he tells her to pack a suitcase for the twins and to bring only necessities. Prudence asks why they should run from the Dark Lord. Blackwood angrily responds that he will not bow down to a Spellman whore. Hence, they will be leaving Greendale by nightfall. Blackwood then reveals that he has poisoned the coven at Communion. Horrified by this, Prudence rushes to the Desecrated Church despite Blackwood's warning that leaving him now means leaving the twins forever. Taking a last look at her half-siblings, she vows to kill her father wherever he goes.[6]

Part 3

15 Years Later in the Temporal Church

Judas and Judith plead with Prudence not to kill their father

Prudence and Ambrose have traveled to Scotland in search of Father Blackwood. Prudence and Ambrose finally catch up to him near a river whilst he’s in the middle of a summoning ritual. Faustus calls upon the watery guardians of the west to rise. A creature known only as the Deep One rises from the water and gives Faustus some kind of large, transparent egg. As payment, Faustus offers the creature two teenagers as sacrifices. Prudence charges Faustus with a sword. In the time it takes her to reach him, he’s killed the Deep One and turned his attention to Prudence. Ambrose grabs the egg and threatens to destroy it. Faustus begs him not to. He’s spent 15 years inside a temporal church of his own making, purifying himself to wield magicks they couldn’t possibly fathom. While it’s been 15 years for him, it’s only been a month for Ambrose and Prudence. Prudence and Ambrose are at odds on what to do with Blackwood. Prudence wants to get through with killing him, however, Ambrose wants to take Blackwood and the egg back to Greendale for interrogation. As she’s about to finish him off, the two teenagers whom he was offering up as sacrifices plead with Prudence not to kill their father. Prudence realizes that the sacrificial teenagers are her siblings, Judas and Judith, formerly known as Leticia. Meaning Father Blackwood was telling the truth about higher magicks of time and space.

Prudence and Ambrose show Judith and Judas to their room. Ambrose assures them that they’ll be safe and entertained. Prudence promises to check in on them from time to time. Ambrose performed a living-doll spell to ensure that they won’t realize the passing of days nor feel hunger or pain.[7]

Mambo Marie teaches Judas and Judith

At Prudence and Ambrose’s behest, Mambo Marie teaches Judas and Judith the way of Hatian Vodou, such as how a mèt-tèt is a guardian spirit that watches over them from the moment they are born. They each have one, as everyone is worthy of its guidance. Prudence and Ambrose look on from the edge of the room, where Prudence admits that while she may have invited Mambo Marie, she came for her own reasons. Until they’re revealed, Prudence wants her to teach them her ways.[8]

Faustus performs a ritual

In the Greendale woods, under the starry abyss of night, Faustus performs a ritual in the woods with Judas, Judith, and Agatha after retrieving his egg. He calls upon the eldritch terrors in the name of the Void. He is their vessel and their priest. He stabs into the egg with a knife, and they are deafened by an ear-piercing shriek, falling to the ground in pain. By the time they get back to their feet, the creature inside the egg is long gone. Agatha questions what have they birthed. Faustus replies "The beginning of the end, Agatha. The end of the Spellmans. The end of all things."[9]

Part 4

Arrival of the Weird

Judith and Judas join their father, Agatha, and Mary at the Pilgrims of the Night Church, where they await the arrival of the third Eldritch Terrorthe Weird. When they arrive, they order Blackwood to serve them, as they seek a new host of warm, wet, red flesh. They require a powerful body, specifically Sabrina Spellman, as she bested both the Darkness and the Uninvited. With her, they will colonize the Earth.[10]

The Perverse

Judith and Judas are at the center of Blackwood's warped reality created by the Imp of the Perverse. Prudence arrives at Dorian's Gray Room and asks Judith why Mad Agatha isn’t dressed yet. Judith explains that Blackwood said that she can stay home for the day so as not to upset the schoolchildren on their visit. Prudence then instructs Judas, another loyal soldier in Blackwood's army, to fetch their father’s Imp. Judith and Judas later accompany their father to Blackwood High and to the Academy of Unseen Arts.

The following day, the executions are to take place. Blackwood orders Prudence to begin the stoning. She places a wooden board on top of Nick and piles large stones on top of him. Sabrina makes her presence known and distracts Blackwood while Ambrose destroys the Imp, but they discover that it's a fake. Sabrina and the Order of Hecate trap Blackwood in place. When Judith and Judas attempt to intervene, Melvin and Lilith hold them at bay. Prudence then comes to her senses and reveals that they have to wish on the Imp not destroy it. The real Imp is kept in a safe at Dorian’s. However, they discover that is true as well. Sabrina realizes that Anubis is the Imp and wishes the world back to normal.[11]

Worshipping Blackwood

Prudence and Roz teleport to the Pilgrims of the Night Church, where Blackwood’s corpse has begun to rot and is infested with maggots. They find Judith and Judas bowing down at their father’s feet, almost as if they were worshipping him.[12]

Judith and Judas reunite with their father, who is in need of help. So, they take him to the Wardwell cottage and Mary ask for her help. Fortunately, she manages to sew Blackwood’s head back onto his body. He tells her to keep the doors of his church open and to continue spreading the good news of the Eldritch Gospel he’s been writing.[13]

Physical Appearance

Judith seems to take after her late mother's appearance; however, just like her half-sister, Judith is biracial. 


Judith, as a baby, seems to have a happy nature allowing her to feel bliss rather than ignorance. As a teenager, she is completely compliant and follows strangers without resistance.

Powers and Abilities

Judith possesses the standard abilities of a witch, such as spell casting, longevity, and telekinesis, though she has yet to preform any notable feats.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Her name comes from the biblical character of the same name. Judith is also the feminine form of Judas, the name of her twin brother.


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