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And there you have it. The story of three young women, old friends who found their way back to each other and who set off together towards magical, musical mysteries unknown. Do yourself a favor and remember our names. All three of them. Josie McCoy, Valerie Brown and Melody Valentine. 'Cause you're gonna be hearing from us again.

Josie and the Pussycats is a band that consists of Josie McCoy, Valerie Brown, and Melody Valentine. They are noted for their signature cat ears and being strong women of color. Due to Josie and Cheryl being good friends, she would occasionally sing with the band.[1] The Pussycats have also performed with Archie.[2] Unfortunately, Valerie and Melody disbanded the group after learning that Josie was secretly pursuing a solo career, which later resulted in Veronica reuniting the group without Josie, and for a time, they were known as Veronica and the Pussycats.[3]

Five years later, Josie reassembled the band under the same name in New York City with Cricket and Trula Twyst while signed with Cabot Entertainment.[4] However, within two years of reassembling the Pussycats, Josie went on to persue a solo career, ultimately becoming a multi platinum superstar. However, when she got news of her father's death during her tour in Berlin, Josie fled to Riverdale, where she made up with Val and Mel and resurrected the Pussycats once more to join her on tour while she investigates her father's death.[5]


Josie, Valerie, and Melody met at a young age. They became friends while working at Power Records, where they used to practice together. One day, Josie came up with the idea of calling themselves the Pussycats after showing up to practice with cheap cat ears from the Halloween store.[6] They were highly ambitious and even won Rockland County's Battle of the Bands during their freshman year.[7]

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Back-to-School Dance

Josie and the Pussycats during rehearsal

The Pussycats are interrupted during rehearsal of their song Fear Nothing by Archie, who is seeking to collaborate with them on their music. They refuse, however. Josie first addresses the fact that he's rudely staring at their costume shop, pussycat ears. She then goes on to explain how she and the Pussycats are building a brand, creating a signature look, and telling a story while doing so. Last year, they won Rockland County's Battle of the Bands, and Josie wishes to build on that success by continuing to tell their story with songs they write. In other words, Archie is wasting his time by coming to them, as the Pussycats only seek to perform their own music.

Later that evening, they perform at the back-to-school dance, covering Cyndi Lauper's All Through the Night at Cheryl's request, in honor of her brother.[7]

Pep Rally

For the annual fall Pep Rally, Cheryl asks the Pussycats to accompany the River Vixens, as she believes their cheer routine needs more star power. So, the band performs their song Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar) as the Vixens dance.[1]

Taste of Riverdale

Josie invites Archie to rehearsal

To repay Archie for corroborating her gunshot story, Cheryl asks Josie for a favor — to allow Archie to sit in and observe the Pussycats’ rehearsal for the upcoming Taste of Riverdale event at which they will be performing. Josie agrees, but informs Archie that they will be rehearsing every night that week in preparation. She tells Archie to quietly observe and learn from them. However, with Archie still grounded for two weeks, Josie's scheduling of rehearsal presents a problem that he will have to solve on his own.

The Pussycats rehearse

Archie sneaks out of the house to attend the Pussycats' rehearsal. While there, he learns that Melody is their technique queen while Valerie is the songwriter. Josie enters the room, asking what it is that Archie expects to gain from this sit-in. He wants the Pussycats to record and play his songs, making them better. Josie finds it to be quite amusing that Archie believes that he is qualified to write for the Pussycats, "divas of color," pointing out that his privilege will make it easier for him to enter the music industry. Riverdale is a small town, and while peoples' minds are opening up, there is still a lot of hate out there. Need she remind Archie of all the hate mail her mother received following her victory as mayor. They are called the Pussycats because they have to claw their way into the same rooms that someone like Archie can just walk into, so he is far off from being capable of writing her experience, to which Archie agrees.

Josie and the Pussycats perform at the Taste of Riverdale

In the music room, Josie, Valerie and Melody struggle with the lyrics for the song they intend to perform at the Taste of Riverdale. Admittedly, Valerie, the Pussycats' songwriter, is immensely talented, but the lyrics she has written up make little to no sense. Josie demands a catchy hook. When Melody's suggestion falls flat, Archie suggest they change the lyrics to "paintings on her skin." With this, he seems to win Josie over, as she's pleased with his suggestion and asks if he has anymore to offer. Later that week, the night of the Taste of Riverdale event has arrived, and the Pussycats perform All For Me, co-written by Val and Archie.[8]

Variety Show

Valerie quits the Pussycats

At Pussycats rehearsal for the Riverdale High School's 75th annual Variety Show, Josie's diva tendencies are heightened, where she accuses both Valerie and Melody of failing to secure their parts, forcing the girls to question what is bothering Josie. She informs her fellow Pussycats that they are to always perform at 150%, regardless of where they are performing, whether it be Madison Square Garden or Aces Bowling Alley. This leads to a massive fight between her and Valerie, leading Josie to give Val a choice between her and the Pussycats or Archie. Val quits the group, ultimately choosing Archie over Josie’s "diva crap." She hands over her kitty ears and walks out of the music room, leaving a helpless Josie behind.

Veronica joins the Pussycats

The next day, Veronica arrives at school prepared to rehearse with Archie only to discover that he has given her spot to Valerie, which Veronica doesn't appreciate, referring to Archie as a "Ginger Judas." As Veronica grows more upset, Archie offers to talk some place private or even grant her back her part, but she isn't interested. Instead, Veronica finds Josie and Melody in the music room to inform them that their search for a new Pussycat is over, as she will join them as Valerie's replacement. With that, Josie, Veronica, and Melody strut down the hallway in Pussycat ears, passing by Archie and Valerie.

Josie performs at the Variety Show

Archie enters the music room to find Valerie rehearsing their song. Archie admits that while it sounds perfect when she plays it, he would rather see her perform with the Pussycats. He doesn't want to be known as the guy who broke them up. Valerie's a Pussycat, and she always will be. The night of the Variety show has finally arrived, and Valerie tells Josie that she's not singing with Archie. While Veronica may be pretty, there's no way her voice blends with Josie's the same way Valerie's does. With that, Josie happily agrees to let Valerie back into the band as they reconcile their differences. However, occasionally, Valerie would like to sing co-lead, which Josie agrees to just before giving Valerie her Pussycat ears back. Valerie changes outfits and the four Pussycats perform a rendition of Donna Summer's I Feel Love. While many seem to enjoy the performance, Josie's dad walks out disappointed halfway through, though this doesn't stop Josie from finishing the performance.[6]

Season 2

Retro Night

The Pussycats performing at Retro Night

Accompanied by Cheryl and Melody, Josie confronts Betty on why she posted all over social media that the Pussycats would be performing a free concert at the diner. Betty knew that had she asked Josie to perform, she would've said no, so instead, she decided to force Josie's hand into performing. If Josie's mother even hears that she stepped foot in the diner, she'll be in a lot of trouble. Disregarding her mother's feelings, Josie cares about the shoppe, and Betty knows this to be true. Even if Josie wanted to help, she explains that they are one Pussycat down because Valerie has a norovirus. Luckily, Cheryl is willing to fill in. If Josie can be a Vixen, then she can be a Pussycat, Cheryl explains. With all in agreement, the Pussycats stand on top of the roof of Pop's diner to perform Milkshake for the crowd below.[9]

SoDale Gala Opening

The Pussycats attacking Nick

Josie and The Pussycats are invited to a party by Nick St. Clair, which he is hosting in his hotel room at the Five Seasons. The following day, the Pussycats perform a cover song, Out Tonight, at the SoDale Gala Opening but leave in order to save Cheryl from being raped by Nick St. Clair, who has lured her into a hotel room after drugging her. Fortunately, the Pussycats intervene. As Josie checks on Cheryl to ensure that she is unharmed, Veronica, Valerie, and Melody viciously attacked Nick, like a pack of wild animals.[10]

Disbanding the Pussycats

Josie confronted by the rest of the Pussycats.

In the ladies' locker room, after finishing her eucalyptus steam to help heal her vocal cords, Josie is confronted by Valerie and Melody, who they don't look happy. Josie asks what is going on. Valerie asks if it's true that Josie is going to ditch the Pussycats and is pursuing a solo career. Melody explains that someone put a note in her locker. Valerie reminds Josie that women are supposed to treat each other better than this and that they're sisters. She accuses Josie of clawing them both in the back. Josie is on the defensive and says that it's not as black-and-white as it seems. She reveals the opportunity just fell onto her lap. Valerie questions why she didn't tell the rest of the band. Melody backs her up, saying that she probably wants to try it as a solo diva. Melody tells her to go ahead, as both she and Valerie quit the Pussycats. Before she leaves, she says "Pride cometh before the fall, Josie." Josie is close to tears but doesn't cry.[11]

Veronica and the Pussycats

Veronica and Josie planning a one-day revival of the Pussycats

At the Five Seasons hotel, Josie asks Veronica why can't the two of them sing a duet at Pickens Day rather than reviving the Pussycats and searching for new members. Veronica replies that it could be just the two of them, but the Pussycats are a brand that shouldn't sit fallow. Just then, Sierra returns home to the sight of the two of them with audition posters. Whose idea was this, Sierra asks, to which Veronica claims responsibility. Sierra is displeased to hear about their plans to reunite the Pussycats given that Josie is supposed to be focusing on her solo career. Hoping to avoid any further conflict, Veronica suggests that they bill it as a special event, one-night-only. However, Sierra rudely replies that she was talking to Josie. In fact, she'd rather they continue the conversation at a later time, once Veronica is gone. And later, when Veronica and Josie reconvene, she tells Veronica that she no longer wishes to revive the Pussycats.

Veronica and the Pussycats at Pickens Day

At Pickens Day, Fred gets on stage to welcome everyone in attendance. On behalf of Lodge Industries and Andrews Construction, they kick the party off with "Veronica and the Pussycats" i.e. Veronica, Valerie and Melody. Everyone in town watches as the Pussycats perform on stage, with some being more enthusiastic than others. Unfortunately, their performance is interrupted by the Southside Serpents, who march into the park as a protest with duct-tape covering their mouths and signs that read 'honor this land', 'defend this land' and 'sacred land'. With Sweet Pea and Fangs at her side, Toni, who is seemingly leading the protest, stand in front of the stage to announce that they represented the dead and the silenced.[3]

Season 5

Pussycats Reunion

Mel and Val catch up with Josie

Melody gets a call from Josie. She panics and hits decline, at which point Josie calls Valerie, who answers. Josie invites Melody and Valerie to the Whyte Wyrm for a drink and to catch up for lost times. Val has been doing art and getting involved in political activism, while Melody has spent a lot of her time writing and becoming a YA novelist, having just gotten her first book published. When Josie begins to discuss the film adaptation of her book with Tyler Perry and it's lead, Melody cuts her off and asks what brings Josie to Riverdale. Josie reveals that she needed a break from her tour. She figured it was time she finally started writing about her hometown, and with the two of them being so influential in her experience, she'd love for them to join her on one of the tracks, that's assuming they still perform.

Melody and Valerie's performance

In jaw dropping disbelief, Josie watches from the crowd as Melody and Valerie perform Dua Lipa's 2020 hit "Physical" on stage. Valerie then pulls someone out of the crowd as she performs "Go On" solo. After their performance, they reconvene with Josie, revealing that they both still do a little bit of music on the side, as it was both Melody and Valerie's first love, which is why it was so hard when Josie disappeared on them. Leading up to her going on tour with her dad, Josie stopped calling and hanging out with them. The irony being that her dad was like them — a side man. They figured that Josie of all people would've respected her side women a bit more. Josie apologizes for her past wrongs, insisting that she knows the value of what they both brought to the band. As for recording a song together, Mel and Val will think it over together.

Josie, Melody, and Valerie plan a return

Melody and Valerie find Josie rehearsing in the music room after learning from Sierra that Josie's dad died. And had they known, they wouldn't have been so hard on her, but Josie admits they were right to be. Watching her dad spend his entire career just outside of the spotlight is why she became so obsessed with getting it herself, but now she would give anything to simply play with him one more time. The same goes for the Pussycats, who she would also like to play with at least one last time. Fortunately, this is precisely why they came; Melody and Valerie wish to take Josie up on her offer about recording a song. Josie then comes up with an idea to bring the Pussycats back together for a one-night only concert.

The Pussycats performs

Josie, Melody, and Valerie find Archie in his classroom, where seeing the three of them together again brings him back to high school during their sophomore year. Josie reveals that they're going to help save Riverdale by doing a one-night only Josie and the Pussycats reunion concert at the Wyrm, with all the proceeds going to reincorporate the former town of Riverdale. And so, that night, Josie, Melody, and Valerie take the stage for the one night reunion and perform "Get Up." After their performance, Josie states that there is no better spot to play than at Pop's, as Riverdale nourishes artists like herself, Mel, Val, and even Jughead.

In her father's honor, Josie performs Nina Simone's "Stars" as Sierra watches from the crowd with tear-filled eyes. Josie then looks out into the crowd, where she imagines her father watching her sing. Midway through Josie's performance, Toni goes into labor and the concert comes to an end.

Mel and Val agree to join Josie on tour

Josie, Melody, and Valerie joke that in typical Riverdale fashion, the Pussycats are always getting upstaged by something, this time being Toni's baby, which Val remarks is better than a dead body. Still, they admit that it felt good performing again, so much so that Josie suggests they come on tour with her, as she wants to drive around the country and honor her dad's final wish. The three of them would be headlining together, rather than being her backups or opening acts. While both Mel and Val are overwhelmed with joy, this is something Valerie has to discuss with Alan, as well as the fact that she's not ready to get married. Much like with Val, Melody has to talk to Nancy, but she's willing. And with the movie on pause, this can also act as a book tour.

The next day, Josie, Melody, and Valerie pack their tour bus and prepare to leave, but not before saying goodbye. After agreeing to allow Sweet Pea to join them on tour and learning that her father may have been murdered, Josie boards the bus, where Mel and Val await with celebatory champagne.[5]

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Resurrecting the Pussycats

Raj documents the reboot of Josie and the Pussycats

Raj is hired to document the reboot of Josie and the Pussycats. They start with the history of the Pussycats and why Josie decided to resurrect them now. She explains that it was Mr. Cabot’s idea. However, Josie is having mixed feelings. Getting the band back together makes her feel like she’s going backwards to who she was in high school, and during that time, having a band brought out the worst in her. She was spending more time worrying about band politics as opposed to focusing on what truly mattered; the music. Although, she’s more mature now, so she’s certain it will be different. She and Raj then prepare for the auditions.

Josie plans to hold an audition without Alex's blessing

Josie, Alex, and Raj arrive at Chubby's Record Shop to find that Mr. Cabot has already hired two girls to fill the spots, Priscilla and Corinne. He claims they’re good singers with the help of some auto-tune. They’re actually models from the Caboture fashion label. Josie asks to talk Alex in private to express her displeasure with Mr. Cabot's choices in band partners. Josie, Alex, and Raj head back to the apartment, where Alex promises to get the girls lessons. Josie reminds him that they’re the Pussycats and not "The Pussycat Dolls" and that she will not be dancing on top of a car in a mini-skirt. She demands actual musicians, not models. However, Alex argues that his father is a successful businessman who has built an empire, so they should trust his instincts. Josie suggests going through with the auditions to find actual artists to bring to the recording session on Friday. Alex advises her against it, not that this is any concern of Josie’s, who plans to go through with the auditions nonetheless.

Josie welcomes Cricket to the Pussycats

Afterward, Raj inquires about Josie’s feelings towards everyone that’s auditioned thus far. Josie believes that everyone is talented in their own way, but just not Pussycat material. Suddenly, she hears someone singing from the bathroom. It’s one of the girls that got on stage to audition but ran away before performing. Josie interrupts and asks why she didn’t sing on stage. She introduces herself as Cricket and explains that it’s easier for her to sing when she’s at home in front of a mirror. Josie assures Cricket that she’s very talented and the best singer that she’s heard all day. Josie then officially welcomes Cricket to the Pussycats and gives her a hug. However, they still need one more Pussycat.

Josie and the Pussycats rehearse

Josie calls Trula back after watching her perform on the drums. Josie saw her protest videos online. She questions what inspires her. Trula replies that the drum beat represents their collective heartbeat, and she’s dedicated herself to going against big companies who have forgotten their humanity. Raj asks how Trula would feel being on a label owned by Cabot Entertainment. Trula is willing to make the compromise, though she adds that she might wear a ski mask on stage. Later Josie, Trula, and Cricket practice for the first time as the Pussycats while Raj continues to document. Mr. Cabot interrupts their rehearsal and asks what happened to Priscilla and Corinne. Josie’s assures Mr. Cabot that she, Trula, and Cricket sound better together, though he’s not interested in what Josie has to say. Nevertheless, Josie refuses to get rid of Trula and Cricket. When Mr. Cabot threatens to pull funding, Josie tells him to keep his money, as she’d rather start over and stay true to herself than compromise the integrity of her band.[4]

Xandra asks to join the Pussycats

Josie and the Pussycats rehearse at the studio. However, Trula and Cricket aren’t pleased with their roles in the band. They feel like Josie’s background props and propose that Josie rearrange the song so that they can all sing. Josie reminds them that the songs belong to her, but when they start creating new material, she assures them both that they’ll be a part of the creative process. Xandra interrupts the Pussycats’ rehearsal and asks to join, however, Josie turns her down. While they may have started off on the wrong foot, Xandra wants to be a part of what Josie’s building. She recalls Josie complementing her sing when she ambushed Josie’s song. Xandra explains that was simply to piss off her stepfather, as he is the one who discouraged her from music. And now that Alex has cut ties from him, Xandra plans to follow his lead. While Xandra could be a genuine asset to the group via her connections, Josie turns her away nonetheless.

Trula and Cricket asks about the previous Pussycats

Kevin arrives at Chubby's Record Shop with lunch for Cricket and Trula. Josie’s manager at Plunkin’s wouldn’t let her off for rehearsal, so she had Kevin bring them some snacks as an apology. Kevin refers to them as the new Pussycats, which Cricket and Trula weren’t aware of. He tells them about Melody Valentine and Valerie Brown, as well as Veronica and Cheryl, who also joined or at least performed alongside the Pussycats, making Cricket and Trula the fourth iteration. Leaving them to question what happened to the Pussycats before them. Trula and Cricket arrive at Molly's Crisis after learning about the history of the Pussycats from Kevin. They’ve decided that if Josie wants to sing her own song by herself, then she can do it without them.

The Pussycats confront Xandra

Josie asks Trula and Cricket to meet her at the rehearsal studio. She's considered their feedback and has worked them into the song. She admits that they’re just as important to the band as she is and asks them to come back. Later, Josie, Trula, and Cricket get dressed backstage as they prepare for their performance. They exit the dressing room to find Xandra performing their song. Josie, Trula, and Cricket confront Xandra backstage for stealing their song. However, Xandra informs Josie that she recorded her songs under a deal with Cabot Entertainment, and thus they own it. Furthermore, Josie would be breaking the law if she performed any of the songs she recorded with them. Xandra tells Josie to take it as a compliment. She wrote great songs that’ll be perfect for Xandra and the Kitty Cats. And one by one, Josie will watch as each song rises on Billboard, sung by Xandra.[12]

Meta Gala

Josie and the Pussycats perform at the Meta Gala

Pepper offers Josie and the Pussycats the spot as the Pepper Plant's house band. In an effort to bring the Plant and the Pussycats more notoriety, Pepper comes up with a plan to sneak the Pussycats into the Meta Gala to perform. Pepper lets Josie, Cricket, and Trula in through an emergency exit. The Pussycats set up their equipment and perform their brand-new song in front of the entire Meta Gala, interrupting Xandra’s own reveal of her band. She and KO leave as Katy and Pepper cheer Josie on. Josie, Cricket, and Trula celebrate after their performance at the Met Gala. The Pussycats are trending. Alex interrupts and reveals that Pepper has been lying to all of them.[13]

Performing at the Pepper Plant

The Pussycats perform at the Plant

While preparing for their performance, Josie is approached by Alex, who has been drinking. He reveals to Josie that he became a majority stockholder in the Pepper Plant, making it a Cabot asset. Josie realizes that Alex is working for his dad again and wonders what it cost him. Trula and Cricket arrive as they near their performance. Josie and the Pussycats then perform at the Pepper Plant. A detective and two officers then enter the Pepper Plant and place Pepper in handcuffs.[14]

Josie and the Pussycats perform at the fashion show set up at the Pepper Plant by Katy. Gloria sits in the crowd with Francesca Arnault.[15]








Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

Season 5

Katy Keene

Season 1


  • Josie and the Pussycats is one of the most famous elements of the Archie Comics universe, having gained considerable success through spin-offs and adaptations, such as comic series, animated series, and a film.
  • The signature as a strong women of color band was launched with Riverdale. In the comics, Josie is a redheaded white girl, Melody is blonde, and Valerie is the only black girl.
    • Riverdale tie-in comics kept this change, while series from the New Riverdale imprint kept the girls' original appearance, ie. 2017 Josie and the Pussycats comics reboot.[16]
  • As in Katy Keene, the band is managed by Alexander Cabot in the comics. His twin sister (step-sister in the TV series) Xandra Cabot antagonizes them, instead.

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