You know what? I've heard it all before. You know, too soft, too fem, too gay, too skinny... Thank you, very much. But I don't care, 'cause I know I'm good enough. And, for the record, those queens in the village have more talent in their acrylic pinky nail than most of the people in this theater. If you all can't see talent when it's right in front of you, then I'm sorry, but you don't deserve to have me in your chorus. And mark my words one day you will know my name. Ginger Lopez. And you're gonna see it in lights! Carnegie Hall, bitches!
— Ginger to Mannequin's casting director[src]

Jorge Lopez is a main character on The CW's Katy Keene. He is portrayed by Jonny Beauchamp.

Jorge is an aspiring musical theater actor who moonlights as a drag queen named Ginger Lopez. He often performs at the local bar, Molly's Crisis, where he also bartends.

Character Description

By day, Jorge works at his family's bodega. By night, his drag alter ego Ginger bartends and performs at a local club. Jorge always has aspired to be a Broadway performer, but he's now looking to take his drag career to the next level.[1]

Early Life

Jorge is the youngest of six boys. He grew up with his brothers and parents, Luisa and Luis Lopez, both working at their bodega. Throughout his childhood, his dad used to point out Jorge's lack of masculinity, especially compared to his brothers, more fitting their stereotypical gender role. At 14, Jorge came out as gay to his parents and they didn't take it very well. They threw him out of the house. Jorge was taken in by his best friend Katy, who he's known since the 3rd grade, and her mom, Katherine Keene, and lived with them until he began to start talking again with his parents. Upon Katherine's death, Jorge and Katy continued living together. Jorge started working at Molly's Crisis as a bartender. He also performs there as a drag queen named Ginger Lopez while trying to get a job at Broadway.

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Audition for Mannequin The Musical

Jorge meets his new roommate, Josie McCoy as he is rushing out of his apartment late for an audition. Later that night, as Ginger, she performs a medley of Diamonds Are Forever / Material Girl at the nightclub.

Jorge auditions for Mannequin, the musical

The next morning, he and Katy are rushing to get ready as they are both running late for different things. At the audition, he is performing a group dance routine for Mannequin the musical. Jorge is disappointed when the director tells him that he didn't make the cut. That night, he briefly tells his friends how he thinks he's too gay for Broadway. Along with Katy and Pepper, he is shocked when Josie reveals that she has a meeting with Alexander Cabot.

Jorge is turned down for the musical

The next night, he is listening to Katy talking about not getting the personal shopper position and Gloria. He tells her that he thinks she should quit, but she disagrees. He adds to the bad news by saying he wants to give up Broadway. Katy encourages him to audition as Ginger to show the director a side of him he hasn't seen before. Taking her advice, Ginger auditions again for the musical. However, the director tells him that remembers from the other day and hasn't changed his mind. Jorge tells him off and vows that he will come to know the name Ginger Lopez.

Ginger welcomes Josie to the stage

Later on at night, Ginger and the others sneak into Lacy's. They try on clothes and jewelry until they hear someone coming. She, Pepper, and Josie run away as Katy stays. In the morning, he is there to watch the reveal of the display window that Katy helped create. When he overhears Katy being offered a job, he is excited and encourages her to take it. That night, as Ginger, she introduces Josie up on stage. She dances with Katy and Pepper as Josie sings.[2]

Audition for Cats The Musical

Katy doesn't know if she wants to marry KO

Katy reveals to Josie, Pepper, and Jorge how KO’s proposal was interrupted by who some are calling the Alphabet City Bandit. Pepper asks to write about it in her weekly column at the Daily Hail. Jorge wonders if Katy was going to say yes to KO’s proposal. Katy isn’t sure what her answer would’ve been. She couldn’t bring herself to say yes. Josie asks if Katy loves KO, which she replies that she and KO have been together since high school, neglecting to answer the question asked. Jorge advises Katy to lock KO down while she has the chance, but Josie sees the ring getting stolen as fate. It buys Katy some time to do some soul searching to determine if KO is the one.

Jorge tells Josie that she's short on the rent

Josie gives Jorge her share of the rent. However, she’s short. Jorge explains that they each pay $1000, though Josie was under the impression that it was to be split three ways between herself, Jorge, and Katie. Josie has her first shift at Plunkin’ Donuts today and plans to ask for more hours so that she may acquire the rest. Jorge reminds Josie she has to hustle to stay afloat. It’s why he works at the bar and bodega between auditions.

Luisa persuades Jorge to go to the audition

At Lopez Bodega, Luisa Lopez, Jorge’s mother, brings him an open call for Cats: the musical. However, Jorge plans to take a break from Broadway. He’s tired of being told no. However, Luisa explains that being told no is part of the job. She was told no numerous times when she auditioned to be a Rockette. She believes that he’s wasting time at the bar, when instead he should be taking classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Jorge concedes and agrees to go to the audition.

Jorge auditions for Cats

Jorge auditions for Cats. However, his performance is cut short after the casting directors discover his violent outburst during his Mannequin audition with the director, who happens to be a friend of the director for Cats. And so, he dismisses Jorge. Jorge returns home to discover from his agent that he’s been blacklisted. Blowing off a director has consequences. His agent is considering dropping him, but he gives Jorge one last chance with an audition for the historical rap musical, Jefferson. His agent offers to submit him so long as he promises no more antics and to tone it down.

Jorge auditions for the Jefferson musical, having completely changed the look and even lowering the base in his voice.

Jorge gets called to go on tour

While working at the bodega, Jorge gets a call from the director of the Jefferson musical. He got the part. However, they don’t want him for the Broadway. They want Jorge for the tour, it’s non-equity. Luisa assures him that he’ll make it through. She was on the road with Starlight Express before Jorge was born for over a year. It was in fact the best year of her life. She insists that this is worth celebrating and hugs her son.

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Jorge celebrate her buying a space

Pepper celebrates with Katy, Josie, and Jorge after finally finding a space for The Pepper Plant. A place where creatives like themselves can congregate to make magic. Josie then tells them how Chubby's Record Shop is closing next week. What it need is someone who can save it, Pepper comments. Josie does know Alexander but that would mean getting entangled with the Cabots. She remarks those siblings are more drama than Cheryl and Jason Blossom. If it all goes to hell, at least Josie has them to comfort her. Jorge then reveals that he’s leaving New York. He booked the role for Jefferson. Perhaps after a year or two, it could lead to a role in the Broadway production. And the bus leaves tomorrow. Pepper takes this opportunity to ask if she can sublet his room while he’s gone, claiming that a pipe burst in her room at The Palace. Jorge gives her the room and invites them to attend Ginger’s farewell performance at Molly's Crisis.

While getting prepared for his final show as Ginger Lopez at Molly’s Crisis, Damsel Washington questions why he’s leaving. Jorge reveals that he booked a gig with Jefferson. And he leaves tomorrow. Hedda Lettuce asks if she can have his Beyoncé "Crazy in Love" wig, but Jorge tells them that he’s taking all the wigs with him. Damsel warns Jorge that Ginger won’t be welcome in the Midwest, meaning Ginger is going back into the closet, as Hedda puts it.

Ginger performs

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Alexander watch as Ginger performs Million Reasons on the stage. Ginger becomes overwhelmed with emotion and runs backstage. Katy, Josie, and Pepper follow him into the dressing room. He explains that while performing, he looked out into the crowd at Katy and became undone. Josie surmises this is about Broadway. Jorge explains that he’s wanted to be on Broadway since he was a kid. If he’s going to give up his life in New York, it has to be worth it. He feels as if he’s running away and taking the easy way out, which isn’t him nor Ginger. So, Jorge decides to stay. He recalls giving Pepper his room, but she tells him not to worry about it. She’ll simply check into her room at the Waldorf. KO arrives and tells Katy that they caught the Alphabet City Bandit. He plans to go to the station to see if they found the ring. However, KO will have to go alone as Katy promised Francois she would work the overnight shift and help him finish the window.

Outside the bodega, Jorge tells his mother that he’s not leaving, causing Luisa to question what’s holding him in New York. Jorge explains everything he wants to accomplish is in New York. His heart is telling him that he has to stay. He asks his mother to trust him. "Of course I trust you," Luisa replies.[3]

Jorge is waking up in his bed next to Buzz. He mentions how his friends think he is a myth, but his boyfriend promises that they will all have breakfast together some day. Later, Jorge tells Katy that KO is in the bathroom, and goes to take a shower once KO comes out.

Meeting Bernardo

Katy and Jorge discuss Alexander

That night, he is hanging out with Josie, Katy, and Pepper. He is happy to hear about Alexander possibly buying Josie a gift. Katy talks about how she knows Buzz was in their apartment this morning. She goes on how they've been together for long time with just a sexual relationship. Pepper tells him that needs to end things with Buzz. However, Jorge says that although Buzz isn't his boyfriend yet, he's waiting until Buzz can come out at his job. Josie says that she sees smoke from the kitchen. He runs to the kitchen to get his wigs out of the over, which burns his hand in the process.

Jorge burns his hand

As his hands is getting bandaged, he flirts with the firefighter. Luisa and Luis come in wondering what is happening in their apartment. He explains how the fire wasn't a big deal. He mentions to his father about how KO has moved in now, but is interrupted by his father asking how many people live there. Luis then says pretty soon Pepper will live there as well. After his parents leave, he talks to Katy about KO living with them. He tells her how she didn't even ask them, but she tells him that it is only temporary. This causes Katy to have KO sit with them and chat. Jorge gets bored once KO starts talking about one of the firefighters conversation with him.

Jorge and Buzz have sex

On Valentine's day, he is in bed with Buzz after having sex. He mentions what today is and Buzz asks him to be his Valentine. Jorge tells him that he's performing tonight as Ginger, which Buzz has no problems with. He asks if Buzz would come, but he says no. Jorge tells him that he knows what its like to be in the closet as his parents still do not know about Ginger. He once again for Buzz to come at 11pm to see him perform, which Buzz agrees to.

Jorge struggles with KO moving in

Katy and Jorge both scurry throughout the apartment in search of missing items. Katy says that KO cleaned up before leaving for his match. Jorge explains that he has disturbed a fragile ecosystem. Katy reminds him that KO staying with them is only temporary, just until she figures out what’s next for them. Unfortunately, the apartment is too small for all of them and Katy’s relationship problems. Katy promises to make it up to Jorge, starting with an outfit she made for Jorge.

Ginger performs

Ginger, Katy, Josie, and Pepper meet at Molly's Crisis, where Ginger is upset that Buzz has not shown up yet.  She performs Unbreak My Heart as her friends enjoy her performance. That night, he opens the door to Buzz trying to give him chocolate. He tells Buzz how upset he is at him not attending his performance. He tells Buzz to go home. Jorge tells Katy, Pepper, and Josie that he is back single.

The next night, as Ginger, she and the others go to the firefighter's station to give them all deli sandwiches. She sees Bernardo, the firefighter who bandaged her hand the other night and tells him how this is a "thank you" for putting out the fire the other night. She asks him if he wants to get drinks sometimes which he agrees to. She smiles at Katy as she is getting his number.[4]

Josie, Pepper, and Jorge propose a girls night out

It's been a week since Katy and KO broke up, and Katy has been feeling depressed, which hasn't gone unnoticed by Jorge, Pepper, and Josie. They’re worried about her, and so they propose a girls night out. They even brought Katy a brand new pair of sparkly red heels. Still, Katy isn’t up for a night out. Instead, she plans to throw herself into work.

Jorge and Bernardo make out in his room until being interrupted by the arrival of Jorge’s parents, Luis and Luisa. Jorge and Bernardo get dressed and meet them in the kitchen. They invite Bernardo down to the bodega to eat, but he has to leave, promising to take them up on the offer at another time. Jorge tells his parents that his relationship with Bernardo is new. Luis is in disbelief that Jorge managed to get a guy like Bernardo, a big, strong firefighter.

Pepper, Jorge, Josie, and Katy sing and dance

Jorge, Katy, and Pepper support Josie as she prepares to meet with Mr. Cabot. They’re all very impressed with her outfit. Katy asks if Pepper has heard back from Guy LaMontagne, which she hasn’t. Katy explains how her job is on the line. Should she fail to convince Guy to design a line for Lacy’s, she’ll be fired. Jorge then asks about his outfit, as he feels self conscious when he’s around Bernardo. Whenever he’s with Bernardo, he feels the same insecurities he used to feel when he was growing up with his brothers. Josie, Pepper, and Katy assures Jorge that he’s perfect and encourages him to invite Bernardo out. Josie, Jorge, and Pepper try to convince Katy to find a new man, but she refuses to entertain the notion. She’s more focused on her work. The four of them then start to sing and dance.

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Jorge arrive at Studio 34

Josie calls Katy, Jorge, and Pepper to inform them that she learned from Alexandra that Guy LaMontagne will be at Studio 34. Luckily, Pepper can get them in. Pepper, Katy, Jorge, and Josie arrive outside of Studio 34, where Josie informs them of her discovery that Alexander and Alexandra were high school sweethearts. Josie tells Pepper that she signed an NDA, and therefore, she can’t write about this in her column. They circle around the back of Studio 34, where hey’re greeted at the backdoor by Claude. Once inside, Jorge spots Bernardo and goes to join him.

Jorge and Bernardo at the bar

Jorge and Bernardo sit at the bar, where they get free drinks due to Bernardo being F.D.N.Y. Bernardo is approached by a guy who seeks to sit next to him, but Jorge interjects, sending the man away. Jorge reveals to Bernardo that he’s upset that he didn’t text him back earlier, and he's been spiraling since then. Bernardo assures Jorge that he only has eyes for him.

Katy drinks her sorrows away along with Josie, Pepper, and Jorge after failing to convince Guy to sell with Lacy’s. Just as Josie suggests they go home, KO arrives and sees Katy from across the club.

Jorge and Bernardo hit the dance floor. Jorge questions if attractive men hit on Bernardo everywhere he goes. Again, Bernardo questions what’s wrong with Jorge, who’s letting his insecurities show. The guy at the bar couldn’t even fathom that they were together, forcing Jorge to wonder why Bernardo is even with him. Before he can answer, Pepper interrupts and asks for their help.

Jorge and Bernardo pose as officers

Pepper arrives at her loft, where Raj worries that he’s losing filming time. Pepper is confronted by the landlady, who scolds her for shooting a porn film in her space. She warns Pepper to shut the production down before she calls the police. Just then, Jorge and Bernardo, disguised as police officers, arrive and assure the landlady that they’ll shut it down. Raj then asks Bernardo if he acts, as he’d be great for his next film. Bernardo turns him down, as it is Jorge who is the actor, but Raj isn’t interested. Jorge then tells Bernardo that he wants to end the night with his girls, leaving with Pepper.

Josie and Jorge at Brunetti's

Jorge and Pepper meet up with Josie and Katy at Brunetti’s pizza shop. Josie gets a call from Mr. Cabot’s office. He’s requested to see her at his club tomorrow morning. Katy then reveals that KO quit Molly’s Crisis for her. Even post-breakup, he’s still the greatest guy in the world by Katy’s account. Katy then spots Guy as he’s walking to his car. She tells him that his work was overrated.

Katy calls Josie, Pepper, and to inform them how she threw up in her handbag, on her dress, and her coat. So, Guy gave her his coat. She ran to the bathroom to clean herself up and by the time she came back, he was gone. Josie tells Katy, who’s laying down in the display window bed, to come home. Katy assures them that she’ll be home shortly but ends up falling asleep.

Jorge apologizes to Bernardo

Jorge invites Bernardo over to apologize for his behavior last night. He explains that growing up, he never felt like he was masculine enough for his dad. And then he met Bernardo and all those old insecurities resurfaced. Bernardo forgives Jorge. To answer Jorge’s question from last night, he’s with Jorge because he’s sexy and talented. He tells Jorge that he’s a star.

While fixing the sink, Luis asks Jorge if he’s going to see Bernardo tonight, which he isn’t, as he’s working. Luis tells Jorge to hold onto Bernardo because he won’t find that again. Jorge asks his father to stop making such remarks because when he says it, it makes Jorge feel like he doesn’t deserve to be with a guy like Bernardo. Luis explains that he’s only joking, however, it’s how he’s talked to Jorge his entire life ,and he’s tired of it. He knows that his father wishes that he would be more masculine, but Jorge isn’t changing for anyone.[5]

Confrontation with Katy

Since breaking up with KO, Katy has found herself with more time to perfect her portfolio for Parsons fashion school. With the application deadline looming, it is time to pick her three most heart-stopping outfits to submit. So, Jorge, Katy, Josie, and Pepper try on numerous outfits. It was Katy’s mom's dying wish to study fashion design, but she had put that in the backseat until now.

Josie, Pepper, and Jorge discuss Katy's admission to Parsons

Even if Katy is accepted, the only way she could afford to go is through a full scholarship. The last recipient got a hand-written letter from Tom Ford. Pepper suggests that Katy get Gloria Grandbilt to write her a letter of recommendation, as she’s the gatekeeper of the fashion business. An incoming polar vortex has New York City on standby for the next 24 hours. It threatens to shutter transport, close roads and businesses. Katy suggest they take this opportunity to stay in, huddle under the covers and watch TV. Jorge reminds Josie that she still owes him for the cable bill. Josie has been working double shifts at both her jobs, but she’s still struggling. Not to mention, she’s never even turned the TV on, so Josie asks why she should have to pay for the cable. Jorge remarks that was "very Marci of you." Josie asks who Marci is, but he doesn’t reply. Josie assures Katy that her three outfits will fit right in at Lacy's.

Jorge, dressed as Ginger, crosses paths with his mother while leaving the building. However, she’s unaware of his drag queen lifestyle, so Jorge hides his face as Luisa gets closer. Luisa asks if she needs any help. Ginger tells her no and leaves.

Josie accuses Pepper of leaking the story

Katy returns to the apartment as the storm worsens. Jorge reveals how he left the house as Ginger and crossed paths with his mom. He ran out before she could say anything. Jorge wouldn’t usually risk leaving broad day as Ginger, but the venue he was heading to didn’t have a dressing room. Katy tells Jorge that Gloria agreed to write her the letter of recommendation only if she impresses her with a dress, which means that Katy has to put Jorge's Aida dress on hold. However, Jorge needs it for his act at Molly's Crisis tomorrow night. Katy retorts that Jorge has so many acts. Not to mention that she’s already at a disadvantage as the fabric store was closed, so she has to use whatever they have in the apartment. Josie arrives and informs Katy and Jorge of her latest troubles. The Cabots suspect that she leaked the story about Alex and Xandra being a couple, but Josie believes it was Pepper. Pepper arrives soon thereafter. Josie accuses her of being the Daily Hail’s source.

Jorge tells Josie about how Katy and her mom took him in

Jorge discovers that they have no food. Katy suggests heading down to the bodega, but all of Washington Heights got there first, according to Josie. Jorge then gets a call from his mother, who he fears recognized him as Ginger, so he ignores her call and asks Pepper to go downstairs for recon. Josie wonders what would happen if Jorge’s parents found out the truth. Jorge explains that when he told his parents he was gay, they froze him out. They didn’t talk for months, and they’re still healing from that. Telling them that he’s now doing drag could break them again. Jorge thanks Katy for her and her mom taking him in all those years ago. Katy says it was the best year of her life. They used to stay up all night and sing show tunes. Jorge then asks Katy once again if she could find the time to make his Aida gown, however, Katy’s too preoccupied with Gloria’s dress. Josie and Jorge suddenly feel the apartment heating up.

Jorge tries to fix the radiator

The radiator is broken. Jorge changed the dial so that the pipe wouldn’t freeze, but someone turned it up and broke it. Pepper returns with good news. Luisa suspects nothing as far as she could tell. She also brought back some homemade empanadas. With the apartment getting hotter, Josie suggests they go to Pepper’s hotel room, but she claims to have lent her room to Mable, the pigeon lady in Central Park, who Pepper brings a sandwich to every morning. She had nowhere to go, so Pepper allowed Mable to have her room for the day.

Jorge breaks Katy's sewing machine

Having grown impatient, Jorge tries to sew his gown himself, however, he breaks Katy’s sewing machine in the process. Katy reminds Jorge of her one rule; never touch her sewing machine, which she got from her mother. She reminds Jorge, Josie, and Pepper that she’s got less that 24 hours to impress Gloria with a dress. Her future depends on it. Katy grows upset and tells them all to get out her room. Jorge, Josie, Pepper exit Katy’s room. Jorge attempts to fix his mistake by buying Katy a new sewing machine from the shop down the street. However, it is extremely cold outside. Pepper warns him against it, but Jorge would rather risk his life to fix his wrongdoing than have Katy upset with him. Josie reminds Jorge of his mother, so he decides to sneak out the back.

Jorge returns after failing to buy Katy a new sewing machine, as the shop was closed. He fears Katy will never talk to him again. There’s nothing he can do to fix this. He can’t just sing Aida and make it better. With that, Josie, Jorge, and Pepper come up with an idea.

Jorge hides in the closet

Josie, Jorge, and Pepper interrupt Katy as she sketches her design and perform a musical number from Aida. Katy joins in and the four of them sing and dance in the apartment. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Jorge’s mom. Luisa enters the apartment to bring the sauce for the empanadas that Pepper had brought up. She asks about Jorge, who Katy claims is at Bernardo’s. In actuality, Jorge’s locked himself in the closet. Inside, he notices Josie’s bag and a check sticking out. Luisa notices that the apartment is getting increasingly hot and inquires about the radiator. She offers to have Luis to come down to take a look, but Katy assures him that they’re fine and rushes Luisa out.

Jorge, Katy, and Pepper asks Josie about the check

Jorge exits the closet. Josie rekindles her argument with Pepper. However, Pepper insists that she’s not the source. This time, she refers to Josie as Marci. Pepper reveals that Marci was the last girl who slept on the couch before Josie, claiming that she’s just a long line of girls sleeping on the couch for her first few months in New York. Josie questions if this is true., if this is really what the girls think of her as she thought they were friends. Katy assures her that they are. Jorge interrupts and reveals the check for $20,000 that he took from Josie’s bag, which she got from Mr. Cabot. Josie explains that she hasn’t decided if she’s going to deposit it yet. She didn’t tell them because every time she looks at it, it makes her feel like she’s being used.

Jorge confronts Katy for ruining his dress

Jorge confronts Katy after discovering that she destroyed his Aida dress. Katy explains that it was a dress that she designed and sewed with fabric she paid for. Katy has sewed over one hundred outfits on her machine for Jorge free of charge, and the one time she tries to do something for herself, he ruined it. Katy calls Jorge selfish. He knew how much that machine meant to Katy and her mom. Every piece of clothing that Katy has ever made was on that machine. But Jorge doesn’t get why it’s so important because even though he’s way too scared to, he can walk down the stairs and talk to his mom while Katy cannot. He broke the last part of her mom that Katy has left.

Jorge comforts Katy

Jorge enters Katy’s room and asks to approach her bed. He wonders how far she has come along with Gloria’s dress. Unfortunately, Katy hasn’t gotten far. One of the last things Katy’s mom said to her was that she wants Katy to go to school so that she may have a better life. She thought that when she died that Katy could use the insurance money to pay for Parsons, but it barely covered the medical bills. And Katy’s angry about that. It’s not an emotion she likes to associate with her mom. Now, Katy feels all alone. Jorge reminds Katy that she isn’t alone. She has him, Josie, and Pepper. He reminds Katy of just how much she’s accomplished. And that when she’s sitting on top of the world, it’s going to feel so much sweeter because she worked for it. Katy and Jorge have been friends since they were kids. She recalls how coming out was rough for him, but his parents will find out about Ginger eventually. Katy advises Jorge to tells his mother the truth. She then apologizes to Jorge for blowing up on him. Everyday that goes by, she feels her mother fading away even more. And all she has left of her is a box with her belongings that Katy’s afraid to open in fear of having an emotional breakdown. Katy’s simply trying to find a way to hold onto her. And so, Jorge tells Katy its time to stop avoiding the box.

Jorge, Josie, Pepper, and Katy go through her mother's box

Katy grabs the box with her mother’s belongings from the closet and goes through it with Josie, Jorge, and Pepper. Inside, they find photos and other sentimental items. Josie says that Katy’s mom was a classic beauty, much like Katy herself. Katy recalls how men and women would always stare at her mom like she was a magical creature. Inside the box, Katy also finds fabric. Her mother planned to use it, but then she got sick. Josie suggests that Katy use it to make her garment for Gloria. Jorge tells Katy to make something that would make her happy and her mother proud. Pepper and Josie add that she should make her strongest suit with her style in mind. Without a sewing machine, Katy is forced to sew the dress by hand with help from Josie, Jorge, and Pepper.

Luisa meets Ginger

Jorge comes out to Luisa as Ginger for the very first time. She questions what this means. Jorge explains that he’s a drag queen, and he performs at Molly’s Crisis. Luisa is almost speechless. Ginger reminds her of herself at that age. She says that she knew it was Jorge who she passed in the hallway. She accepts Jorge for who he is. However, Ginger would be too much for Luis and tells Jorge to keep it their secret. He then asks his mother for a favor for Katy.

Katy returns to the apartment to find that Jorge has replaced her sewing machine. He couldn’t afford to buy her a new one, however, he got the next best thing. An older sewing machine that belonged to his abuelita. Jorge apologizes and promises to never touch her sewing machine again. Katy then reveals to Jorge that she got the letter. Also, Francois told her that her mom’s sewing machine was manufactured specifically for Lacy’s staff. She wonders what else her mom hasn’t told her.[6]

The Washington Heights Pageant

Katy, Jorge, Josie, and Pepper celebrate

Katy celebrates her submission to Parsons at Molly's Crisis with Jorge, Pepper, and Josie. Katy always pictured sharing this milestone with her mom. She even imagined she was there at the mailbox with her. Katy also wanted to share this moment with KO, but she can’t. Josie, Pepper, and Jorge encourage Katy to pursue other men. However, KO is the only man Katy has ever been with. Katy then asks about Josie’s EP. There’s a listening party that Alex planned at Chubby’s, but Josie still hasn’t told him that her contract stipulates that she babysit him. Rival drag queen Deveraux enters Molly’s Crisis and alerts Jorge that the Miss Washington Heights Pageant has been moved to Molly’s. Winner gets prime time. The most lucrative time at the bar.

Jorge informs Luisa that he lost his spot

Jorge informs his mother, Luisa, that he lost his slot at Molly’s Crisis and the only way to win it back is to win the Washington Heights Pageant. Luisa offers to help Jorge reclaim his spot, reminding him that she was Miss Puerto Rico.

Jorge registers for the Washington Heights Pageant and rehearses alongside Deveraux and the other queens. Jorge claims Molly’s as his own, but Deveraux insists that it’s deserving of a real queen, such as himself. He then informs Jorge that the legendary VeeVee Humble will be the special guest judge.

Jorge, Pepper, and Katy meet Sierra

Katy shares her discovery with Jorge and Pepper that KO is possibly dating Xandra. Pepper questions exactly where Xandra touched KO, and Jorge concludes that they must’ve met at Studio 34, as KO works there now. Katy can’t believe that he’s moved on so fast. Pepper points out that this is a sign that it’s time for Katy to move on. Pepper proposes that Katy ask out Will Buckingham, the photographer for the royal photoshoot. Josie arrives and reminds them that her mom is on the way. Moments later, Sierra McCoy arrives and greets Josie with a hug. Josie then introduces her to Katy, Pepper, and Jorge. Sierra asks them to fill her in on everything that’s going on.

Luisa gives Jorge her Miss Puerto Rico costume

Luisa gifts Jorge with her Miss Puerto Rico costume. Until she met Ginger, Luisa thought she would have to be buried in the outfit. Luisa has the perfect showstopper costume, but Jorge tells her that Katy’s already handling it. As for his Q&A, Jorge simply plans on being himself and speaking his truth, but Luisa tells him that pageants are about fitting into the mold, not breaking them. So, she helps him prepare.

Jorge, Katy, and Pepper attend Josie's listening party. Josie asks to talk to a drunk Alex in private, but he gets unruly and confronts Josie about dating him just because his dad paid her to. Pepper, Katy, Jorge, Chubby, and Mr. Cabot watch as this unfolds. Katy stops Josie from chasing after Alex and reminds her that this is her night and not to let anyone ruin it. Chubby welcomes Josie to the stage. Josie and Chubby then proceed to sing in front of the entire party.

Katy tells Pepper and Jorge about the worst kiss she's ever had

Katy returns home and tells Pepper and Jorge how her kiss with Will was the worst she’d ever had. Pepper recalls her date with Jared Leto, who only gives butterfly kisses. Jorge then inquires about Raj, who Pepper insists that she’s not dating. Their relationship is strictly casual. Pepper then gets a call from Raj. Katy worries that she might not be cut out for the single life, but Jorge reminds her that she hasn’t been single for long and that she’ll have to kiss a few frogs if she wishes to find her prince. There’s a knock at the door. Katy assumes it’s Pepper, but it’s Prince Errol.

Ginger interrupts Katy's conversation with Katy to inform her that he’s leaving. Katy invites Errol to the drag pageant. However, he’s worried that he might cause a commotion. Ginger hands Prince Errol a hat and tells him that "no one will be looking for a prince amongst all those queens."

Ginger freezes

The Washington Heights Pageant commences. Ginger, Deveraux, and the other drag queens take the stage. The special guest judge VeeVee Humble, turns out to be Francois, and he joins them as Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, Josie, Sierra, and Luisa watch from the crowd. Sierra tells Josie how she was in the East Village every weekend in her twenties. She’s plenty familiar with drag. VeeVee Humble asks Deveraux the first question. She then asks Ginger the same question, but Ginger rushes off the stage.

Ginger contemplates quitting

Katy and Prince Errol follow Ginger into the dressing room, where Deveraux has sabotaged the dress that Katy designed for her. She wishes to quit the pageant, but Katy refuses to allow her to give up and immediately begins fixing the dress while Errol gives Ginger a pep talk. His entire life, he’s been expected to be a perfect prince. But the more he tried, the more miserable he was. The problem was that he didn’t know how to be himself. He encourages Ginger to be herself.

Ginger sings

For the talent portion of the pageant, VeeVee Humble welcomes Ginger back to the stage. Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, Josie, Sierra, and Luisa cheer her on as she sings before the crowd. Deveraux tries to mess up her set, but Ginger continues her performance, much to the crowd’s amazement. However, despite her best effort, VeeVee Humble announces Deveraux as this year's Miss Washington Heights. Later, Katy, Prince Errol, Pepper, Josie, Sierra, Ginger, and Luisa take to the dance floor.

The following morning, after Katy's hookup with Prince Errol, Josie and Jorge are waiting outside her room. They ask what happened to her prince and how was the "royal treatment." Katy admits that it was a mistake and that she got caught up in the moment. KO shows up unannounced at the apartment. He was in the area and figured he’d come by to pick up some of his stuff. Katy invites him in for some cereal.

Jorge wants to do "Kiss of the Spiderwoman."

Francois finds Jorge at the bar and asks for a drink. He says that Jorge was a breath of fresh air at the pageant. However, he didn’t win and is now stuck with a terrible slot. While he may not have won the crown, Francois tells Jorge he was the only real queen on the stage. He was authentic. Once upon a time, Francois was where Jorge is now. New to the drag scene and lost. He offers to be Jorge’s "fairy dragmother." By the time he’s done with Jorge, his dreaded slot will he the best show in NYC. He asks Jorge what he wants his show to be. Jorge wants to do "Kiss of the Spiderwoman." A one queen musical.[7]

Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Jorge as the Spider Woman

Backstage at Molly's Crisis, Jorge is working on his musical production of "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Jorge flaunts his Spider Woman inspired dress, designed by Katy, to Francois and Pepper. Jorge explains that "Kiss of the Spider Woman" is the perfect showcase for his drag and Broadway careers. Between Katy’s costumes, Francois’ direction, and Pepper’s press connections, Jorge’s musical is bound for success. Jorge’s vision is to adapt the show and play both Molina and the Spider Woman. Additionally, he asks Pepper to help finance the musical. Pepper proposes they host a presentation at the Pepper Plant to impress potential investors.

Jorge's first show is a fail

Jorge prepares for his first show at the Pepper Plant. Pepper gets on stage and welcomes Katy, KO, Xandra, Josie, Alex, Francois, and Bernardo. As planned, Jorge plays both Molina and the Spider Woman. It doesn’t take long for the audience to grow unsatisfied with Jorge’s performance and exit.

Josie, Katy, and Jorge are startled by a spider

Jorge and Josie eavesdrops on Katy's conversation with the prince. She relays to them her current dilemma of the prince wanting to be with her, and Patrica wanting her to design the royal wedding dress. She asks for their advice, as designing the dress would be horrible karma. Before they can offer any advice, Jorge and Josie warn Katy as a spider drops down from the ceiling onto her shoulder. Katy panics and almost kills the spider, but Jorge reminds her that it’s a good omen.

Jorge is outraged with Josie playing Spider Woman

Jorge meets with Pepper and Francois at Molly’s Crisis to discuss potential investors. However, they didn’t receive any. Although, Pepper did manage to raise some capital with the Cabots. She first saw Alex, who agreed under one condition; Josie would play the Spider Woman. Pepper then visited Xandra. KO remarks that if anyone can make it happen, it’s Jorge, even comparing him to Billy Porter. Xandra values KO’s opinion and offers to invest. However, if "Kiss of the Spider Woman" makes it to Broadway, she wants to replace Josie as Spider Woman. Jorge angrily rejects Pepper’s proposal for Josie to take over as Spider Woman. The whole point is to give Ginger the spotlight. Pepper explains that there won’t be a show without the Cabots money, and they want a more traditional "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Francois proposes that once they open on Broadway, they pull a bait and switch and cast Jorge as the Spider Woman. Jorge reluctantly agrees to consider it but only because his father may not be ready to see him in drag yet.

Jorge gives Katy an idea

Jorge asks if Katy is going to design Patricia’s wedding dress. Katy doesn’t feel that she has much of a choice. She also worries that not designing the dress will send Errol the wrong message that she doesn’t support his marriage. Jorge suggests that Katy designs a wedding dress that underwhelms Patricia. That way, she’ll be the one to let Katy down easy. A masterpiece with a little crack to turn Patrica off. With Katy’s crisis potentially solved, Jorge addresses his dilemma of Josie playing the Spider Woman. Katy reminds him that when they were kids, Molina was the entire reason he fell in love with the musical to begin with. Jorge saw himself in him. Also, for Halloween in 4th grade, Jorge wanted to dress up as him. But his dad made him dress as Danny Zuko instead.

Katy takes Jorge to Lacy’s, where Francois awaits them. Katy tells Jorge to consider this a refresher in the joys of being and playing a window dresser. Katy and Francois then proceed to sing and dance. Jorge agrees to share the stage with Josie. Katy encourages him to invite his dad to show him just how much of a star he truly is.

Luisa insists that she's not ashamed of Jorge

Jorge returns home to find his mother and father spraying pesticide. Luis and Luisa inform him that four units have reported spiders. So, they’re taking precautions to prevent an infestation. Luisa then advises Jorge from walking alone at night as she’s heard about a string of attacks on gay men in the neighborhood. To lighten the mood, Jorge tells his parents about how he’ll be starring in his own musical production of "Kiss of the Spider Woman", which Luisa has seen on Broadway twelve times. Jorge invites them to the opening show, and Luis assures him they wouldn’t miss it. After Luis leaves the apartment, Luisa questions if this is a good idea. She asks if Jorge is playing Spider Woman as Ginger, as she worries how Luis would respond. Jorge tells her that he’ll only be playing Molina but questions if his mother is ashamed of him. Luisa replies that she’s never once been ashamed of Jorge and starts to sing. Maybe one day Jorge can tell Luis about Ginger, but Luisa is certain he’s not ready now.

At Molly’s Crisis, Francois and Jorge watch as Josie rehearses the end of the first act flawlessly. They cheer her on with Francois insisting that she’s a star.

Jorge explains why he has to play Spider Woman

Jorge and Josie rehearse their lines at Molly’s, where they get into a dispute over their lines. Jorge is regretting ever allowing Josie to take up the role as Spider Woman. However, Josie informs him that Alex got the talent booker from the Apollo to come and see her perform. Josie reminds Jorge that he has the biggest role in the show and questions why he won’t just allow her to play Spider Woman. Jorge explains he wants his dad to see the real him as Ginger in drag. Francois interrupts with an idea.

Backstage at Molly’s Crisis, Jorge and Josie prepare for the show. Katy arrives with the costumes. As luck would have it, she has two dresses for the Spider Woman’s final look and asks who she is fitting.

Josie and Jorge perform side-by-side

Josie performs on stage briefly before being joined by Jorge, who is also playing Spider Woman. The two share the stage both as Spider Woman, concluding the show with a kiss. Afterward, they receive a standing ovation.

Luis and Luisa express how proud they are of Jorge. Luis’ favorite part is when Jorge kissed Josie. He then tells Jorge to change out of his costume and take the makeup off. Bernardo interjects that he thought Jorge was amazing as both Molina and the Spider Woman, and he never wants Jorge to change.

As they walk home, Jorge asks Bernardo what was his favorite number. He replies that it was anything with Jorge in it. Bernardo tells Jorge not to put so much thought into what his dad said earlier. Jorge’s just glad that he got to share tonight with his friends and family. While making out alongside a building, they are approached by four thugs.[8]

Coming out to his Father

Katy comforts Jorge as Bernardo recounts the attack

Jorge and Bernardo retreat to the apartment after being jumped, where they are comforted by Katy, Josie, Pepper, KO, Luis, Luisa, and their sons. Bernardo recalls three to four attackers. They reported the attack to the police, but there isn’t much that can be done without any eyewitnesses. Jorge’s brother, Mateo, knows some of the guys at the precinct and offers to give them a call. KO went to Molly's Crisis to ask if anyone saw anything. He tells Jorge that they’ll always be family, before leaving.

Jorge reveals that he's a drag queen

Luis can’t believe that the hospital released Jorge in the condition that he’s in. However, it was Jorge’s idea to avoid any medical expenses. Luisa is thankful that Bernardo was there to protect Jorge, to which Jorge replies that he got a couple good swings in with his high heels. Luis questions why Jorge was wearing heels. Bernardo claims that he didn’t have time to change. Nevertheless, Luisa tells Jorge that moving forward, he is to put on his normal clothes when walking home. However, Jorge refuses. He reveals to his father that he’s been out in public dressed as a woman many times. Katy returns, and Jorge looks to Pepper and Josie for reassurance before revealing to his father that he’s a drag performer. Luis is outraged, even more at the fact that the rest of his family already knew.

Jorge, Katy, and Pepper help Josie send out her EP

Jorge, Katy, Pepper, and Josie convene in the basement of Chubby’s, where they assist Josie with sending out her EP to every local radio station, against Mr. Cabot’s wishes. With Josie going rogue, Jorge suggests she drop a music video, and Pepper recommends Raj Patel as the director. Katy then tells them how she wants to be real friends with KO, but Jorge, Pepper, and Josie advise her against it. While Josie keeps in touch with Archie, she adds that he’s all the way in Riverdale. Meanwhile, Jorge hasn’t talked to Buzz since they broke up on Valentine’s Day. As for Pepper, she never thinks it’s worth the work unless there’s benefits involved. Katy explains that she misses him and that seeing him at the apartment the night before reminded her that he too is a part of her family. Josie asks if Katy’s apprenticeship means she’s quitting Lacy's, but it doesn’t as it's an unpaid apprenticeship, which doesn’t bother Katy because after the dilemma with Patricia, she could use a mentor. Pepper remarks that Guy is amazing and that she is considering coming by the store to buy herself something in preparation for her birthday, though she isn’t sure if she’s having a party, especially after what happened to Jorge. Although, Jorge insists that he’s fine and that Ginger is ready to party.

Jorge meets with his manager, Marlie, at Molly’s Crisis to discuss their next plan of action regarding "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Marlie suggests that Jorge take a week off as Deveraux has offered to fill his role, but he is reluctant. Jorge then makes a call to someone to ask for help.

Buzz offers to help Jorge

Buzz arrives at Molly’s to discuss Jorge’s attack. He’d been reading about the recent string of assaults over the last few weeks, but until Jorge called, it didn’t seem real. It’s for reasons like this that Buzz hasn’t come out as gay yet. Jorge tells Buzz that being himself and being seen out in public with someone who wants to be with him is worth being beaten up. Buzz offers to help Jorge; give legal advice to him or anyone who’s been assaulted, free of charge. Unfortunately, anything that Buzz does as a lawyer is reactive, he wishes they could do something proactive to prevent these things from happening.

Luis begs Jorge to stop dressing as a woman

Jorge calls Pepper after learning that she’s having a party after all. As he’s getting his dress prepared, he is approached by Luis, who apologizes for walking out before. He sees Jorge’s dress and says that he’s always known that Jorge wasn’t the same as his brothers. He was always more sensitive. Whenever Luis was tired and stressed from a long day at the Bodega, Jorge’s brothers would barely notice, but he would still have to act strong even when he didn’t feel like it because Jorge would know and it would upset him. Luis is scared for Jorge. He was attacked because he was dressed like a woman. He begs Jorge to stop doing drag because he doesn’t want to lose him.

Jorge isn't attending the party as Ginger

Katy reveals to Jorge and Josie that she invited Xandra and KO to Pepper’s party. Despite all the bad that she’s done, Katy is hoping that this will turn out to be good for all of them. Hopefully, she can get Xandra drunk and happy enough to hand over Guy’s dress. Jorge’s decided to go as himself rather than Ginger, which alarms Katy and Josie, but he claims that he simply didn’t want to upstage Pepper.

Jorge and Bernardo arrive at Molly's to celebrate Pepper's birthday. She’s surprised that he didn’t come as Ginger. Pepper tells Chad that Jorge’s drag show is the hottest in town. He asks if Jorge was ever on Drag Race, to which he replies "not yet." Chad then asks what Bernardo does, and he answers that he’s a firefighter.

Katy, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad gather around the stage as Jorge proposes a toast in Pepper’s honor, who has dedicated herself to building a safe haven for artists of all stripes.

The party gathers around Ms. Freesia as she reveals her past with Pepper

Jorge, Katy, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad listen to Ms. Freesia tell stories of her past. Katy asks how they have never heard about her aunt before. Pepper replies that it is because Freesia isn’t actually her aunt. However, she has known Pepper since she was a little girl. Ms. Freesia reveals that Pepper and her father lived in her building, but he was always away on business. Most days, Freesia would find Pepper all by herself, doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. Katy and Jorge recall Pepper telling them that she grew up in London. Pepper claims that she did live in London up until a certain age. She spent time in London and New York. Ms. Freesia then tells Chad about Jorge’s musical that Pepper produced. She missed it but promises to cheer them on during opening night on Broadway. It’s then that Xandra reveals her deal with Pepper that ensures that she will play the role of Spider Woman should the play make it to Broadway. Alex grows upset and accuses Pepper of running a con.

Jorge worries that he's losing his family

Katy tells Jorge that she thinks Xandra may be good for KO. Whe let her unresolved feelings for him screw up her apprenticeship. Katy then asks if Jorge is okay, as they haven’t talked about him getting attacked. Jorge is angry that he can’t walk down the streets without looking over his shoulder and angry that there’s nothing he can do to find the thugs that attacked him. Worst of all, things are really bad with his father. Jorge isn’t scared of being attacked. What bothers him is that he could lose the support of his family. Katy reminds Jorge that she’s his family and that family isn’t just his blood. It’s who he chooses.

Luis runs into Ginger as she’s leaving the apartment building. He calls her Jorge and reminds her of the conversation they had. However, Ginger doesn’t want to give up her passion just because something bad happened. Luis explains that Ginger is putting herself in danger and if something bad happens to her, it happens to all of them. He calls what Ginger is doing selfish, but she replies that "It's not selfish, Dad. This is me."

Ginger leads the gay pride rally

Katy, Pepper, KO, and Josie meet up with Ginger and Bernardo at a gay pride rally. They’re impressed with the turn out. Pepper promises to write about it in the Daily Hail so that the whole city will know. Ginger then gives a speech. She refuses to hide herself and insists that the city see them as they really are. Katy tells Ginger that she loves her and gives her a hug. Buzz arrives and reveals that he came out at work. Ginger then introduces Buzz to Bernardo. Katy, Ginger, Pepper, and Josie watch as a public transportation bus passes by with a Caboture promotional ad on the side with KO as the model.[9]

Becoming a Throuple

Jorge auditions for the Pussycats

Josie holds auditions at Molly's Crisis as planned. Alex joins her. Raj films each audition. However, none of them impress Josie. Jorge even tries out, but Josie doubts he’s truly invested, reminding him that he could barely share the stage with her for "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Jorge admits that he simply wants the stage time and proceeds to sing.

Jorge and Bernardo make out in the hallway leading up to his apartment. He thanks Bernardo for walking him home and reveals that he’s hanging out with Buzz tomorrow but strictly as friends.

Jorge gives Buzz a drag makeover

The following day, Jorge invites Buzz over. He’s been looking through every assault report in the neighborhood and keeping his ear to the ground for similar cases. He wants to catch the guys that attacked Jorge. While he would like nothing more, Jorge would rather focus on the huge win they had with the rally. Buzz admires Jorge and Ginger, comparing them to super heroes. Buzz wonders what it’s like. So, Jorge spends the next four hours dressing Buzz in drag. It’s more than just hair and makeup. Drag is also about an internal transformation. He asks Buzz about his favorite divas. Buzz replies Kelly Clarkson and Elle Woods. With that, they settle on the drag name "Prosecutie." Jorge then takes photos of Buzz. Jorge remarks that he and Buzz spent an entire year together, and he never really got to see him until now.

Bernardo asks about Jorge’s hangout with Buzz. Jorge shows Bernardo the photos he took. He’s proud of how much he’s grown. Bernardo starts to get a little bit jealous. However, Jorge assures him that he shouldn’t be concerned.

Pepper gives Jorge advice

Jorge reveals to Pepper that he can’t stop thinking about Buzz. Bernardo is the man he had been hoping for his entire life. He finally has him, and now he can’t stop thinking about Buzz. Pepper relates her situation with Didi and Raj to Jorge. She’s made them aware that she’s seeing both of them, and recommends to Jorge an open relationship or maybe just a threesome. She then gets another message from Hannah Melvey, who’s continuing to threaten Pepper, forcing her to arrange a meetup.

Bernardo, Jorge, and Buzz have a threesome

Jorge, Bernardo, and Buzz grab drinks at Molly’s Crisis. Bernardo complements Buzz on his drag makeover. As he grabs another round of drink, Bernardo apologizes to Jorge for getting jealous the other night. Jorge admits that he doesn’t mind it, sporadically. Bernardo not only admits that the three of them getting together was a good idea but that Buzz is attractive. Buzz returns to the table with the latest round of drinks. Jorge and Bernardo share a kiss before returning home, where the three of them have sex. Jorge awakens the following morning after their threesome to find Bernardo snuggled up with Buzz.[10]

Jorge reveals that he had a threesome

Josie returns home and tells Pepper, Jorge, and Kevin how Xandra asked to join the Pussycats, all of whom agree that Josie made the right decision in turning her away. She feared that Xandra would ruin her first show. Moving onto Kevin, who reveals that he still lives in Riverdale and teaches drama at Riverdale High. He thanks Pepper for hosting his reading in hopes that it’ll get him an agent. His play is titled "La Bonne Nuit." It’s a coming-of-age noir. Set in the small town of Creekdale, where a lot of people die and hookup. Katy arrives to find a package with her name on it. It’s a dress from Guy. He hopes to see her in it at Gloria’s book launch. Her friends question if she’s having an affair with him, which she assures them she isn’t. However, she does worry about the message it’ll send if she wears the dress, especially after having a sex dream about him. Pepper informs Katy that sex dreams are manifestations of varying desires, not necessarily romantic. With that said, Katy is still unsure if she should wear the dress. Jorge then reveals that he had a threesome with Bernardo and Buzz. He thought it would make him feel powerful, but instead its done the opposite, leaving him vulnerable. Josie encourages Jorge to draw some boundaries to regain control.

Jorge suggests that they make boundaries

Bernardo asks Jorge to join him on his workout, at the very least come running with him, but Jorge decides against it. Bernardo asks him to at least give it a chance. He then gets a text from Buzz. Jorge grows concerned having learning that Bernardo and Buzz are texting outside of their group chat. Jorge questions if Bernardo likes Buzz. Since they had a threesome, he’s starting to feel left out. He worries that what started out as a casual hookup is now turning into a throuple. Jorge suggests that they establish rules and boundaries.

Bernardo and Jorge call Buzz over to set ground rules

Jorge and Bernardo invite Buzz over to set ground rules for their relationship, starting with making them an official throuple. While Buzz is flattered, he only just came out of the closet. As much fun as he had with them, he wants his first relationship to be with one guy. Jorge takes offense as he recalls the fact that they were together for a year.

The play reading at the Plant begins. Katy portrays Betty. Jorge portrays Veronica. Pepper portrays Cheryl. And Josie portrays herself.

Bernardo breaks up with Jorge

Jorge gets drunk at Molly’s Crisis as he and Bernardo await Josie’s performance. He explains that he always gets drunk after a break up and one of the girls holds his hair back while he pukes. It’s tradition. Bernardo is concerned. While they both wanted to make things official with Buzz, he doesn’t consider it a breakup. Bernardo draws the line at comforting Jorge through this. He wonders if he’s not enough for Jorge, and if that’s so, then they shouldn’t be together. As Bernardo leaves, Katy approaches, and Jorge informs her that Bernardo broke up with him.

Xandra steals Josie's spot on stage and performs her song with Xandra and the Kittycats. Katy, Pepper, Jorge, Kevin, and Alex watch in shock.

Kevin, Pepper, Jorge, Katy, and Josie match the initials L.L.

Jorge, Katy, Josie, Pepper, and Kevin return to the apartment. Katy offers to call KO and see if he knew anything about this, but Josie advises her against dragging him into this. Josie remarks that the good thing about cats is that they always land on their feet. Jorge also accuses Xandra of using auto tune. On another note, Kevin thanks Pepper for helping him expose Lester Darin. Kevin also asks about Bernardo. Jorge admits that he may have messed up the best relationship he’s ever had. Kevin suggests that Jorge make a romantic gesture to show he cares. Josie recommends a simple letter. Katy then reveals that she plans to quit Lacy’s and stand with Gloria. Lacy’s doesn’t feel the same that it once did. She then shares with them the love letter from Leo Lacy to Gloria. He said that he would always love her. The letter is signed L.L., just like Katy’s sewing machine. She wonders if her mom and Gloria were dating the same person.

Taking Kevin’s advice, Jorge plans to surprise Bernardo on his morning run. However, he turns away after watching him meet up with Buzz.[11]

Breakup with Bernardo

Pepper, Jorge, and Josie learn that Katy wasn't accepted into Parsons

Katy returns home and shares with Pepper, Jorge, and Josie just how much she’s enjoying her apprenticeship under Guy. It’s been twelve days since Jorge and Bernardo broke up, and Jorge has yet to take off his FDNY sweatshirt. He asks Katy what helped her get over KO, however, Katy doesn’t think she’ll ever be over him. Katy then explains the reason she didn’t quit Lacy's as planned is because Gloria asked her to stay after learning of her new position. Katy receives a letter from Parsons. Unfortunately, her application was denied. Tears run down Katy’s face, but she insists that she’s fine.

Mateo stops by the apartment to check on Jorge. He tells Jorge to come over because it’s killing their mom to see the family at odds, but Jorge still hasn’t forgiven their father. Mateo explains that their father only wants what’s best for him and that he’ll need time to process Jorge in drag as he only just found out a couple weeks ago. Jorge tells his brother not to make him feel as if he’s something that people have to get used to.

Jorge agrees to sit down with her father

Francois helps Jorge with his next musical production. Luisa prefers that Jorge start auditioning again, which he surmises is due to the fact that she doesn’t want him performing in drag. Luisa insists that she’s proud of Jorge. She saw his play 17 times, which he claims was only done so that she could critique his work. She reminds Jorge just how hard and messy life is. Jorge and Luis not talking to each other is taking a toll on Luisa, and she urges Jorge to fix it. Francois backs her up, reminding Jorge that they’re too many battles in the real world to best wasting time fighting with family.

Josie, Pepper, and Jorge advise Josie to make Casey's dress

Josie returns to the apartment after rehearsal with the Pussycats, during which time they laid down their first new track. She notices Pepper and Jorge labeling and packaging bottles of water. It’s all part of her plan to expose the Pussycats and Pepper Plant to the world. She asks Josie if it would be alright if she called her mother for legal counseling. Katy calls every Irish pub in Manhattan but has no luck with finding Guy. The Meta Gala is tomorrow, and they don’t have a dress for Casey Wilson. She asks Josie, Pepper, and Jorge for advice. They suggest she make Casey’s dress, but Katy tried that before and it didn’t end well, referring to herself as nothing more than a Parsons reject. Katy then asks herself what Gloria would do in this situation and storms out.

Jorge blows up on his father

Jorge has dinner with his parents. Luis and Luisa ask about Bernardo, who Jorge reveals broke up with him. Luis then apologizes for how he reacted to Jorge in drag. He’s trying to fix things between them, but all that he’s asking is that Jorge not walk home dressed as a woman for his own safety. However, Jorge doesn’t want to live by his father’s rules, but Luis says that he will if he continues to live under his roof. In that case, Jorge is prepared to move out, to which Luis replies "good luck out there." This triggers an emotional reaction from Jorge as that’s precisely what his father said to him when he kicked him out at 14. For Jorge, sometimes that wound feels as if it happened yesterday. It was extremely difficult for him to come out to them in the first place, only for them to kick him out. Eventually, Jorge crawled back home because he wanted his family back. And after all was said and done, Luis didn’t even bother to apologize. Mateo arrives and reveals that a suspect was just arrested for beating up a drag queen and his description matches that of Jorge’s attacker.

Mateo brings Jorge down to the police station to ID the attacker. Unfortunately, their suspect wasn’t involved in Jorge’s attack. Bernardo arrives and asks if they got the right guy, which they didn’t. Bernardo asks if they can go somewhere to talk. Guy is then brought into the precinct for day drinking. He calls Katy and makes her aware.

Jorge tells Bernardo that he has to work on himself

Bernardo and Jorge grab drinks at Molly's Crisis. He reveals that he went to the park to surprise Bernardo and saw him with Buzz. Bernardo reveals that they hung out a few times, but that's all. Jorge says it’s fine, but Bernardo knows that he’s hurt and asks him to stop pretending. Jorge admits that he’s scared of being abandoned again. So, he tends to cling too tight or self-sabotage. Bernardo refuses to abandon Jorge and offers a fresh start. However, Jorge has a lot to work through and believes that it would be better if he does that on his own. Bernardo kisses Jorge on the cheek and leaves.

Luisa loves Jorge unconditionally

Luisa sits Jorge down and tells him that there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about the year that they kicked him out. She blames herself for not protecting him. Whoever he loves and however he dresses, she loves Jorge unconditionally. Jorge wishes that his father felt the same way. Luisa insists that he does, he just has a different way of showing it. He loves Jorge so much that when they had to raise the rent of the other units, he couldn’t bear the thought of Jorge and his friends leaving so they have been covering Jorge’s share for the past couple of years. He wants to keep Jorge close, but business at the bodega is slow, and they can barely afford the mortgage. Jorge offers to pay back whatever they owe, but Luisa doesn’t want his money. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices so that Jorge and his friends can live their dreams. Jorge and Luisa then start rehearsing lines for the Hedwick auditions in the paper.[12]

Stripping at Molly's

Jorge reveals to Katy and Josie that his parents have been under charging them

Josie returns to the apartment, where Katy and Jorge wait for her so that they can have their "roommate meeting". Jorge reveals that his parents have been under charging them for years. Subsequently, they’re behind on their mortgage payments and the bank is threatening to foreclose. Jorge refuses to be the reason for them losing the building. He also doesn’t want to make them feel like he owes them anything. Jorge needs more money fast, but he can’t even take on more gigs as Ginger because Molly's Crisis is now doing go-go boys nights. Pepper claims that she would offer to help but her money is tied up in the Pepper Plant. Katy offers to get him a job at Lacy's.

Jorge dances at Molly's

Amanda hires Jorge on a trial basis. Jorge asks who does he go to about picking up his first check, to which Amanda replies that they can discuss it in two weeks, after his trial period. However, she tells Jorge not to expect much. In the need of fast cash, Jorge joins in on go-go night at Molly’s Crisis, where he dances in nothing more than short shorts.

Jorge works as a floor salesman for Lacy's, selling perfume to customers. He makes a sale to Debi Mazar, who asks if he’s single, informing him that she has three daughters. Jorge asks if she has has any sons. Instead, she jokingly offers to give him her ex-husband’s number. Pepper then gets off the elevator and breezes right past Jorge.

Jorge pays Luis back

Jorge pays his father back some of the money he owes after learning they are behind in the mortgage payment. Luis tells Jorge not to worry about it. Jorge insists that it’s as much his problem as it is there’s. He grew up in the building. It’s where he had his first kiss. Jorge wants to help and doesn’t want to feel like he owes them. Luis reminds Jorge that they’re family and that no one is keeping track. He’s taken care of Jorge for everyday of his entire life. Jorge hands his father the money and pleads with him to take it, which he reluctantly does.

Jorge learns the truth about Pepper

Katy calls Pepper, but she doesn’t answer. Katy fears that Pepper has been lying to them about everything. Josie worries that Pepper might be in trouble. She reveals that not only is Pepper married but that Alex discovered that Pepper was skimming from Jorge’s Kiss of the Spider Woman production, approximately 90% of the investment. Katy wonders why they’re just now learning of this. Josie explains that the last time she came for Pepper, they all ganged up on her, so she didn’t say anything because Pepper asked her not to. Josie goes on to say that during the polar vortex, she discovered that Pepper got kicked out of the Palace Hotel. Josie learned from Raj that Pepper has been living at the Plant. Jorge recalls Pepper telling him that there wasn’t enough money in the production to pay them. Katy comes to Pepper’s defense, assuring them that she’s not a thief, however, Jorge does a google search of Pepper only to turn up a mugshot of her, using the alias Rosemary Woodhouse.

Katy and Jorge confront Pepper

Pepper arrives at the apartment, where she is confronted by Katy, Josie, and Jorge. He shows her the mugshot he found online. Pepper claims that was merely the result of a drunk and disorderly at a bar. Rosemary is simply a fake ID she used in London. Jorge then confronts her on embezzling the money from Kiss of the Spider Woman into the Pepper Plant. Pepper looks to Josie and accuses her of lying. Katy then proceeds to confront Pepper, demanding that she be honest with them. Pepper simply claims that she’s an entrepreneur and everything she’s done was to benefit them as well as the Pepper Plant. Katy asks if she stole the diamond purse. Pepper admits that she did, however, she no longer has it in her possession. Katy worries that she’ll lose her job, but Pepper reassures her that Lacy’s has insurance. Katy reminds Pepper that unlike her, she has a real job and people to answer to. Pepper questions why Josie is doing this to her. Josie explains that she’s simply trying to help, but Pepper feels as though she’s being attacked. She promises Katy to get her purse back and tells Josie to tell Alex that she’ll get him his money. Katy then follows Pepper into the hall.

Katy retreats into the apartment, where Jorge and Josie comfort her. She suddenly grabs her jacket. It appears this confrontation with Pepper has made her realize that she’s done allowing people to take advantage of her. She intends to confront Guy for stealing her design.

Jorge gives a private dance

While working the bar at Molly’s Crisis, Jorge is approached by one of the guys who tipped him for his go-go dancing. He asks for a private dance. Jorge tells him to meet him in the dressing room. As promised, Jorge gives the guy from the bar a private dance. Luis barges in on them and realizes that this is where Jorge has been getting the extra money from. Jorge admits that he doesn’t often give private dances, but he’s doing what he has to in order to pay off his family’s debt. Luis came by to tell Jorge that their back mortgage payments are settled. Pepper wires money into their account. Unfortunately, that only buys them time as they’re still losing the building. The city is forcing the entire block to sell.

Jorge tells Katy and Josie that they have three months to find a new place

Jorge reveals to Katy and Josie that they’ve got three months to find a new place to live. Jorge then tells them that it was Pepper who paid off his family’s overdue mortgage payments. Josie presumes that instead of paying Alex the money back, she gave it to Jorge. She chose friendship over the Plant. Katy still doesn’t forgive Pepper as she’s yet to return the purse, and she’s been lying to them. Admittedly, Pepper lied, but Josie reminds them that Pepper is always there for them when they need her. It’s going to take some time before they can forgive her, but Josie at least wants to be there for the opening of the Pepper Plant.

Katy, Josie, and Ginger watch as Pepper is taken away

Jorge, Katy, and Josie arrive. Pepper takes them on a tour of the Pepper Plant, starting with the stage, which as promised, belongs to the Pussycats, who have been guaranteed a spot as house band. Then, Pepper takes Jorge to the area where his performance as the Spider Woman is projected onto the wall for all those in attendance to see. Later, A detective and two officers enter the Pepper Plant and place Pepper in handcuffs. Katy, Jorge, Josie, the Pussycats, Raj, Alex, and Gary watch helplessly as Pepper is taken away.[13]

Miss Subway

Jorge and Josie bail Pepper out

Pepper is released from the New York City Police Department on bail, with help from Jorge and Josie. They inform her that the Plant made more than enough to cover her bail. After she called, they raided the bar for her bail money. Pepper asks about Katy, who didn’t show up.

Luis and Luisa return to the bodega and inform Jorge that the city contacted the developer, who is forcing them to sell. Luis has been fighting this for years but all the other buildings on the block have already sold. Luisa tells Jorge to let it go, but he refuses. He says that his uncle would rollover in his grave if he found out they were giving up so easily. Jorge then hears Xandra and the Kitty Cats playing over the radio and calls Josie, who returns to the apartment just in time to hear her song being sung on the radio by Xandra.

Jorge learns that Alex is using again and that Xandra and KO broke up

Katy reveals to Jorge and Josie that Guy offered her the role of lead designer at House of LaMontagne. As someone who had her art stolen, Josie advises Katy against it. However, Katy is still unsure given that Lacy’s is closing. Josie then tells Jorge and Katy that Alex is relapsing. It’s moments like this that sometimes she wonders where she would be if she never met Alex. She’d likely be at the bottom, but at least her voice would belong to her. Katy sympathizes, explaining that she often wonders what her life would be like if she accepted KO’s proposal. On the same note, Josie reveals that Xandra and KO broke up. Katy asks about Pepper. She isn’t quite ready to forgive her.

Jorge asks for Buzz's help

Jorge invites Buzz to Molly's Crisis and asks for his help in saving his parents' bodega. Buzz reveals that the only thing that can stop an eminent domain takeover is political action. If Jorge gathers enough signatures, he can bring the petition to a city council meeting to block the sale. He needs at least 10,000 signatures.

Jorge stands on the street and tries to get passerby’s to sign his petition, however, he doesn't receive much support.

Pepper helps Jorge get more signatures

Jorge retreats to Molly’s Crisis after only getting 200 signatures for his petition. Pepper tells him that it’s his lucky day. The Daily Hail approached her to be the guest editor on their upcoming issue, and now she knows what article to write about. Pepper asks Jorge is he’s familiar with Miss Subways. A current recipient just relinquished her crown and Pepper wants Ginger to take her place. They can have the coronation at Riverside Park, as well as a performance, gaining the attention of press and people. Jorge knows how his father feels about Ginger and worries how he’ll feel about Ginger in front of the entire community but goes along with Pepper’s plan regardless.

Ginger at Miss Subway

The city gathers for the Miss Subway coronation at Riverside Park. Katy, Pepper, Josie, Xandra, Bernardo, Buzz, Francois, Luis, and Luisa attend. Deveraux crowns Ginger as the next Miss Subway. Jorge’s parents moved to the Heights with nothing but two suitcases. They left everything else behind. Washington Heights is the last place where they can afford to live. Ginger asks that they all sign the petition to stop the developers. Ginger, Luisa, VeeVee Humble, and Deveraux proceed to dance and sing.

Luis tells Jorge about his uncle

Jorge arrives at the bodega with all 10,000 signatures. Luis is nearly left speechless. He commends Jorge on how brave he is. He tells Jorge that his uncle would’ve been proud to see Jorge up there. It was his idea to buy the building, but he had secrets that he kept from the rest of the family. Luis is ashamed as he kept those same secrets from Jorge. Jorge’s uncle died of aids. He was gay and he didn’t tell anyone, and by the time Luis found out what was wrong with his brother, it was too late. This is why he reacted the way he did when Jorge came out. He’s afraid of losing Jorge as he did his brother. Jorge assures him that everything is okay and that they’ll always protect each other. Jorge then invites his father to a fashion show.

Josie and the Pussycats perform at the fashion show set up at the Pepper Plant by Katy. Gloria sits in the crowd with Francesca Arnault. Luis and Luisa attend as well. Jorge rips the runway as Ginger. As does Katy in one of her original designs.

Pepper, Jorge, and Josie congratulate Katy after she is offered a spot at Parsons. While this is the best news she’s received all year, all she wants to do is share it with KO. Katy now realizes that she wants him back. Raj interjects and informs Katy that she’ll have to be quick because he’s moving to Philly after accepting the offer to train at Joe Frazier's gym.

The Lopez' meet Hiram Lodge

Jorge, Luis, and Luisa celebrate at the bodega after learning that they have enough signatures to save the block. Hiram Lodge enters the bodega. He is the out of town buyer. He was so close to buying the block, but they stopped him. He was born in the Heights and he feels it’s time for him to come home.

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Jorge walk down the street of New York as Katy explains how she couldn’t tell KO how she truly felt because she didn’t want him to give up her dream because of her. Josie proposes that they all vow to stay single for at least a year so that they can pursue their dreams.[14]

Physical Appearance

Jorge is a young man with olive skin, short, curly black hair, and brown eyes. He often wears revealing clothes, specifically crop tops. Ginger on the other hand is much more extravagant and flashy, wearing bright color dresses and colorful wigs.


Jorge is an aspiring musical theater actor who moonlights as a drag queen as the local bar, Molly's Crisis. He often expresses how free he feels Ginger Lopez.


Luis Lopez and Luisa Lopez

Luis, Luisa, and Jorge

Jorge has a complicated relationship with his parents. He is the youngest of six boys and the least masculine, much to his father's disappointment. Throughout his childhood, his dad used to point out his lack of masculinity, especially compared to his brothers, more fitting their stereotypical gender role. When he was 14 years old, Jorge came out as gay to his parents and they threw him out of the house. Jorge lived with his best friend Katy until he began to start talking again with his parents. While his mother was far more accepting of him being a drag queen, his father was initially much more reluctant but has come to realize that he must accept Jorge the way he is.

Katy Keene

Jorge and Katy

Katy is Jorge's closest friend from her childhood. They met in the 3rd grade and have been best friends ever since. Jorge even stayed with Katy and her mom for a period of time after being thrown out by his parents when he revealed to them that he was gay. They grew up together and their friendship continued. As they became adults, they moved into an apartment together in Jorge's parents' building. In spite of everything, Katy has remained supportive of Jorge and often designs his dresses for his drag shows.

Pepper Smith

Jorge and Pepper

Jorge and Pepper are close friends, though he hasn't known her nearly as long as he's known Katy. He met Pepper well into adulthood and became fast friends. However, Jorge didn't know as much about Pepper as he thought. In fact, he knew very little, and what he did know of her, most of it was a lie in order for Pepper to maintain her high profile "it girl" image. In reality, she'd run scams and commit fraud in order to get by. When Jorge discovered this, he began to question his friendship. However, Jorge eventually forgave her.

Buzz Brown

Jorge and Buzz

Jorge and Buzz had a slightly complicated relationship as Jorge wanted to make their relationship official, but Buzz was still in the closet and afraid of what coming out might do to his reputation and his job. They'd been together for long time with just a sexual relationship, and Jorge wanted more. So he invited Buzz to his drag performance at Molly's, but when Buzz didn't show, Jorge broke up with him, though the two remained cordial. They'd even go on to have a threesome with Bernardo.

Bernardo Bixby

Bernardo and Jorge

Jorge met Bernardo after burning his hand in the oven one evening. The fire department was called, and Jorge was treated by Bernardo. Jorge joked that this would be the end of his hand modeling career, but Bernardo assured him that he’d be fine. Not long after, he and Bernardo began dating. Shortly after meeting Buzz, the trio would have a threesome and begin discussing the possibility of going public as a throuple. However, Buzz had no desire to move forward. Jorge eventually began to display jealous tendency and didn't take well to all the attention Bernardo would receive. This would cause a strain on their relationship and lead to them breaking up. Bernardo later approached Jorge hoping for a fresh start, but Jorge wanted to work on himself.



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Katy Keene

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